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Published by: Dimitar Dochev on Mar 16, 2011
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- Left from the entrance to the city (and to the left of the coach house), you'll see a building with
a glowing purple door blocking entry. Behind the door is a silver key, but you can't pass through
the door. Head forward through the village square, and just left of the bridge you'll notice that
you can descend a path along the face of the hill. Do so, then jump into the water at the base and
swim to the left. You'll find a wooden dock here, just before a watergate. Under the planking is
a rippling bit of water. You can dive to find the back entrance to the room with the key and
collect it for your use.

- In the furniture shop (get there from the entrance by crossing the bridge and then heading right
in the square with the clock tower), head downstairs and to the cellar doors, which are shut and
look like flat planking. Open them and head through to find a purple, glowing door. Behind that
door waits a silver key. Turn around and look above the stairs you just descended. There's a
glowing switch there. Shoot it to make the door open so that you can collect the key.

- Enter the alley next to the inn. There is a Dig Spot here where your dog can find the key. He
might not be able to find it until you've maxed out his Treasure Hunting Skills, though.

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