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Published by: Prabhjot Singh Gulati on Mar 16, 2011
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INTRODUCTION The quality of working life is a generic phrase that covers a person s feelings about every dimensions of work, including economic rewards and benefits, security, working condition, organizational ad interpersonal relationships and its intrinsic meaning in a persons life The term refers to the favourableness or unfavourableness of a total job environment for people. QWL programs are another way in which organisations recognise their responsibility to develop jobs and working conditions that are excellent for people as well as for economic health of the organisation. The elements in a typical QWL program include open communications, equitable reward systems, a concern for employee job security and satisfying careers and participation in decision making. Many early QWL efforts focus on job enrichment. In addition to improving the work system, QWL programs usually emphasise development of employee skills, the reduction of occupational stress and the development of more co-operative labour-management relations. QWL means having good supervision, good working conditions, good pay and benefits and an interesting, challenging and rewarding job. High QWL is sought through an employee relations philosophy that encourages the use of QWL efforts, which are systematic attempts by an organisation to give workers greater opportunities to affect their jobs and their contributions to the organisation s overall effectiveness The concept of Quality of working life  Process by which an org. attempts to unleash the creative potential of its personal  The essential component of any QWL improvement program is the existence of a genuine opportunity for individuals or task groups

 It is a degree to which members of a work organization are able to satisfy their personal needs through their experience in the organization Scope of QWL Work plays a central role in the life of the workers in a productive org. and the society PRINCIPLES OF QWL  Principles of security: working condition must be safe. It has an impact on a) Shaping his personality b) Determining his performance c) Commitment to fellow employees d) Commitment to the org. employee does not have fear etc  Principles of equity: eliminate discrimination between people doing same work  Principles of individualism: individual have the opportunity to develop his potential  Principles of democracy: greater authority & responsibility to employees Approaches to QWL There are number of factors involved in improving the .

.QWL as below Flexibility in work schedule :-Employees want flexibility in work schedule with regard to. 1 2 Job redesign and enrichment. Each team perform activities and are rewarded individually and group performance. Job enrichment:-It attempts to design job in such a way so that it makes work more challenging and interesting.. Working hours. Effective leadership and group behaviour. Participation:-in decision-making Specific issues in QWL  Pay and stability of employment  Occupational stress  Organisational health programmes  Alternative work schedule  Participative management and control of work  Recognition Techniques for improving QWL:Self managed work teams:-also called autonomous work teams. Autonomous work group:-Employees must be given freedom to choose there work teams. working days etc.

Administrative justice. Participative management Quality circle Definition :. Job security. 2.a quality circle is a small group of employees doing similar or related work who meet regularly to identify.3 4 5 6 7 Career development. . Alternative work schedule. A quality circle is a voluntary group. The concept of quality circle emerged from quality control. Features of quality circle 1. It represent a collective effort. analyze and solve product quality problems and to improve general operations.

They bring back the concept of craftsmanship. it can be devastatingly powerful and enables the enrichment of the lives of the workers or students and creates harmony and high performance in the workplace. which when operated on an individual basis is uneconomic.sex and position  Concept of Quality circles Quality circles are an alternative to the dehumanising concept of the division of labor. but when used in group form (as is the case with quality circles). and improvement in the workplace and manufacturing processes.3. . It intends to improve the quality of output. where workers or individuals are treated like robots. improving product design. It has no discrimination among age. Typical topics are improving occupational safety and health. 4. It coordinates activities of members towards improving the quality of work in workshop.

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