Math Journal Prompts

One day Harry the dirty dog had a cat friend visit. They sat down to enjoy some afternoon sunshine by a window. How many legs did they have in total? Draw your answer. In the story The Pet Show two pets won prizes for being the smallest pet and the largest pet. Draw a picture to show what you think they looked like.

One day the old woman who swallowed a fly decided to eat only desserts. She really was not a very healthy eater. First, she ate a cake. Then she ate a candybar. Lastly, she ate an ice cream cone. Draw the desserts she ate in the correct sequence.

One day the little red hen baked a cake for her 8 chicks. She sliced the cake into 8 pieces. Her chicks each got a piece. Draw what this looked like.

Cinderella washed all the floors at 10:00 in the morning. Draw a clock to show the time of day.

Oh no! The three little kittens are having trouble with their mittens again! They went outside and one of the kittens got his mittens all muddy. Draw a picture to show how many clean mittens were left.

Use these pictures to help you with your work.

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