Biography of Abbelle Johanna Bakr

Abbelle Johanna Bakr was born in Georgetown, Guyana which is on the Continent of South America to parents Rita and Abu Bakr. At the age of 6 years old she moved to the Bronx, New York where she attended Our Lady of Angels Catholic School. Outgoing and athletic, Abbelle played basketball, softball and held many school positions including honor society. At age 13, Abbelle and her mother moved to New Jersey where she attended St Vincent s Academy , Clifford J Scott and then Rutgers University, where she attained her Bachelors of Arts Degree. During these years Abbelle enjoyed writing short stories and poems, competing in track and field and participating in various clubs to include: modeling and science clubs. An aspiring Doctor Abbelle began as a pre-med major, however changed her major in sophomore college year to Psychology and Education. This was mainly due to her fascination of human behavior and after recently giving birth to her first daughter, a desire to educate and mold young people. Abbelle continued in the field of Education, working with young children and counseling disadvantaged youth in her neighborhood. After being promoted to the School Director, Abbelle became certified in Accounting and Business Management. All of this has lead to the journey or path that she continues to pursue at present. Abbelle currently works in the field of Financial Management and Consulting. Since moving to St. Croix with her family (which included her two daughters: Chena and Adynah). Abbelle has perused a career as an entrepreneur. Abbelle Bakr is currently owner and operator of IBCVI &Co., a local accounting and financial management firm as well as recently founding Integrity Women In Business Center, Inc. a nonprofit organization that supports local women and women-owned /and or disadvantaged business-, through offering seminars and workshops , technical assistance, financial planning and marketing assistance. She currently operates a Business Center, is affiliated with many groups to include: BPW and St. Croix Chamber of Commerce (locally), and is a co-contributor to the talk show Money Talk and More!