The Chicken and the Pig

As I was walking my half mile on the treadmill last night suffering through the pain in my lower back and my legs, I thought about something I heard or read somewhere from days gone by. It is a story about a chicken and a pig and their contributions to breakfast. There are two things involved in this: Commitment and Dedication. How does this fit into my desire to get myself in shape this year? Well, let's take a look at the chicken and the pig. The chicken you see was Committed to contributing her part in the breakfast by supplying the eggs. The pig on the other hand was Dedicated to the breakfast because he supplied the bacon. Now am I going to be the chicken or the pig? Only time will tell but for now I would say when the pain is bad - I lean towards the chicken side. There have been times when I have broken through the pain and pushed myself into being the pig. Now you can take this with you and apply it to your own situation in your life. Are you the chicken (Committed) or are you the pig (Dedicated)? It does not matter what your situation is when you will have to make a choice to be one or the other. I believe God wants us to be His Pigs. I know some of you think being called a pig is not a compliment but in this case ask yourself this question. Do I want to be the Chicken or the Pig? David L. Newman 3/16/2011

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