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BobHoffman-York-Advanced- Barbell trainin

BobHoffman-York-Advanced- Barbell trainin

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Published by Stephanie Clayton

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Published by: Stephanie Clayton on Mar 16, 2011
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1. The Single Progressive System.
2. The Double Progressive System.
3. The Three Days a Week Training System.
4. The Five Days a Week Training System.
5. Irregular Training.
6. Limited Programs.
7. Other Schemes of Progression.
8. The York Heavy and Light System.
9. The Compound System.
10. The York Set System.
11. Upper and Lower Body Systems.
12. Flushing the Muscles.
13. Overload System.
14. Specialization.
15. The Thousand Exercises.
16. Advanced Routines.
Of these advanced training methods, all but the single progressive, the three day a week and
the limited program were originally and exclusively Bob Hoffman training principles. They have
all been contained in the original York courses which have been offered to the strength and de-
velopment seeking public for more than a score of years. We have lead in all phases of Body
Building, others have followed.

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