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BobHoffman-York-Advanced- Barbell trainin

BobHoffman-York-Advanced- Barbell trainin

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Published by: Stephanie Clayton on Mar 16, 2011
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14. It’s important to breathe as much and as deeply as necessary. Usually inhalation takes
place during the hardest half of the exercise, exhalation as the weight is lowered.
15. You are sure to register satisfactory gains by training progressively with weights as out-
lined in this book, providing you follow the major rules of health. Obtain sufficient sleep, rest
and relaxation, maintain a tranquil mind, eat a wide variety of good food at meal times only and
obtain a good share of fresh air and sunlight.

York Advanced Methods of Weight Training

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16. The chief benefit derived from weight training is the stimulation of the internal works of
the body. Speeded up respiration and circulation assure that the blood will be properly oxygen-
ized so that each cell received its share of oxygen and glycogen or blood sugar, and the waste
products of combustion are removed. To insure that the body is obtaining plenty of oxygen walk
around between exercises and breathe deeply. It is the habit of the author of this book to walk
around and take 25 to 30 deep breaths between exercises. This walking about and deep breathing
has become generally known as the Hoffman Walk, and should be an important part of your

17. We have suggested that you keep yourself warm while exercising where it is cool and
there are drafts, but if you are training in a warm room or in the sun on a warm day, you should
wear as little as possible. Perspiration is always beneficial and the alchemy of the sun’s ray is a
great aid in health and muscle building.
18. Although you must constantly strive to handle more and more weight, you should not
work on your nerve too often. Except on your limit day of training, you should train well within
your capabilities, in other words train, but do not strain.
19. Warming up is most important, it means to start the blood circulating vigorously through
the muscles before exercising strenuously. By warming the muscles in this manner, possibilities
of strains and sprains is eliminated. It is not wise to suddenly stop exercising at the completion of
a very hard exercise, better to taper off with a few moderate exercises before discontinuing train-

20. There are so many pieces of good, result producing, health and muscle building appara-
tus, that it is not possible to use them all in one tinkering day a week. Therefore it is wise to have
two tinkering days each week, if possible. The various muscle building appliances, expanders,
health shoes, giant crusher grip, wrist roller, pulleys, head strap, etc., are a pleasure to use, de-
velop the muscles from many different angles and build a really outstanding physique.
21. The regular York courses with their 11 barbell exercises and 7 dumbell exercises will suf-
fice for any beginner, but advanced men can practice more exercises as they develop the ability
to keep going, to practice a great many more exercises. The most ambitious trainees follow at
least two complete courses of 12 exercises each, or the equivalent in set training. There are some
men who can do more, practice each exercise three times or 36 exercises in all. Some practice
their favorite exercises five times and thus have a workout of at least 40 exercises. Only you
know how much you can do and still make gains, this must be determined by the progress you
make and how you feel.

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