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Research Papers from the Caucasian Centre of Iranian Studies (Yerevan) (edited by Garnik Asatrian)
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Vol. II, 1998, vi, 260 pages Softback ISBN 964-90368-4-9 List price (Institutions) EUR 64.List price (Individuals) EUR 40.Content: Shushanik Khachikian (Yerevan), Typology of the Trading Companies Owned by the Merchants of New Julfa. Elena Inozemtseva (Makhachkala), The Role of the Armenian Tradesmen in the Development of the XVIII-century Russian-Dagestanian Economic Market (Russian). A. Kalantarian (Yerevan), Trade, Money Supply and Crafts in Dvin between VI-XIII cc. (Russian). Alexander Khachatrian (Yerevan), Towards the Interpretation of Eagle Relief Carvings on Saljuq and Armenian Monuments. Manuel Hasratian (Moscow), The Kurds in the USSR and in the CIS (A Brief Account). A. Hambartsoumian (Yerevan), On the Mysterious Name of Centaur Piurid. Garnik Asatrian, (Yerevan), Armenian xoygolowt’lwn (Tracing Back an Old Animalbreeding Custom in Ancient Armenia). Victoria Arakelova (Yerevan), Owl Worship among the Iranian Peoples (Russian). Simone Cristoferetti (Venice), The Kurds and The Sade. M. Musaeva, M-Z. Kurbanov, A. Magomeddadayev (Makhachkala), The Customer Clothing of the Turkish Dagestanis (Russian). A. Abdalian (New York), R. Amirbekian (Yerevan), The Qadjar Miniatures of Matenadaran (Russian). Dan Shapira (Jerusalem), An Aramaic-Irano-Armenian Note. B. Ragimova (Makhachkala), The Peculiarities of the Bride-choice among Dagestanis Settled in Towns (Russian). Michael Chyet (Berkeley), Kurdish Lexicography: A Survey and Discussion. R. Amirbekian (Yerevan), The XV-centuary Miniature Protrait of Bahadur-Xan Baykara (Russian). Vardan Voskanian (Yerevan), Some Mazandarani Materials from Firuzkuh. G. Melikian (Yerevan), Concerning the microtoponymic system of Artsakh (Karabakh) (Russian). Virgil Strohmeyer (Yerevan), A New View of Galanus: There is More Than Met Schroeder’s Eye. Jahanshah Derakhshani (Tehran), Die Arier in den nahöstlichen Quellen des 3. Und 2. Jahrtausends v. Chr. OLD PAGES Hrachya Adjaryan, Gyorans and Tumaris (A Newly found Secret Religion in Persia). see also: Vol. I (1997) Vols. III-IV (1999-2000)

Vol. V (2001)

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