Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money

Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money
TODAY, I want you to identify your top 3 invisible scripts about earning you more money.
I encourage you to TURN YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN OFF, clear your desk, and simply think for 5 minutes. In Earn1K, we call this the 5-Minute Straitjacket Technique. Think about what’s holding you back from earning money. Identify the “code words” that you use. For example… “Selling is sleazy” “I have no time” “Nobody would pay me” “I don’t know what to say” “You can only charge if you have a PhD” “Networking is dirty” “I need to get good at X before I could ever dream of charging” Then, share your 3 MOST PRESSING INVISIBLE SCRIPTS below in the comments. Don’t just write down 3 sentences. Explain them. Tell me a story about each one. How did you realize you had this script? How has it manifested itself in your life? What would you do to change it? Be honest and admit that there are tons of tactics online for how to earn money…so there must be something deeper…these scripts. Share your 3 scripts — plus analysis — below. (NOTE: TAKE ACTION NOW. We know from testing that the people who follow the pre-launch course are most likely to be successful with Earn1K.) { 568 comments… read them below or add one } Thomas Brown February 9, 2011 at 6:17 pm #1 I’m not meant to be an entrepreneur – I’ve always been a follower of sorts and the fast paced extremely risky entrepreneur lifestyle doesn’t really seem to fit me. Also, what if I fail? #2 I can never think of a good business idea – I’m not really creative enough to come up with good ideas. Even after looking at your “idea generator tool” I come up with nothing. I’m good at IT but that just seems like every other lame PC repair guy trying to sound more important than he really is. Those are my two big ones. Reply Ben February 9, 2011 at 6:22 pm #1 I fear that I’m not an authority so therefore I wouldn’t be as good as others selling the same product. #2 I fear that I’ll put alot of effort into building a site and trying to sell an ebook and nobody will buy it. #3 I fear letting people know all about me because I have a day job and can’t afford to lose it if they think I’m working on something else. Reply Nathan Strange February 9, 2011 at 6:22 pm Oh, this is an easy one. I can do this! 1) My ideas are worthless I *know* this is patently false. If they are worthless, why do I have friends of friends calling/emailing me at all times of day and night for instructions and advice? But yet, I have difficulty believing that someone would pay for that advice – after all, I wouldn’t (Google is free!). On the surface, I know that most people do not have the intense NEED to do research that I do. I could spend hours in a library or online and love every second of it. I’ve developed a knowledge base that is extensive in my areas of passion and I love sharing that knowledge. I just need the confidence that it takes to charge for it. 2) I do not look like a professional. This is ridiculous, but all my life I have focused on the fact that I do/don’t look the part, whatever that part is. I don’t know what I expect that to look like, or why I don’t look it, but it is repeated over and over in my head. There are a couple of ways to fix this. One would be to try to completely ignore it and convince myself that looking the part isn’t important. However, after all these years of trying to do that I know that it won’t work for me. So instead of griping and letting it hold me down, I have to embrace it and foster it. After all, it would be kinda fun! 3) I don’t have the money. This is everyone’s, isn’t it? We spent many years trying just to make ends meet, but so has everyone else. A successful entrepreneur friend of mine once said “Its JUST MONEY.” She simply refused to allow it to hold her down. She knew that there were various ways to get out of trouble if she got in it, namely filing for bankruptcy, She wasn’t afraid of it and made it a game to defeat it. She tried a number of small business before she found “the one” that has now made her a multi-millionaire doing what she loves. And no, she never had to file, but she also didn’t allow the thought of it to scare her out of jumping in and giving it a go. Anyway, those are my three biggest scripts. I am looking forward to reading what others have to say! And thanks, Ramit – these exercises are amazing! Reply ana luiza rabello February 9, 2011 at 6:23 pm I’m afraid of getting to a point where I don’t know how to do things, like being successful and having to go some other direction.

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Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money

I don’t have enough time. I have a good idea but don’t know how to sell it. Reply Emma Chace February 9, 2011 at 6:29 pm I find all of the content you send to be valuable, and I know that the Earn1K course would be valuable. However as a current MBA candidate I feel like I am spending all this time and energy learning how to “be great” at ______? I “fear” I will learn too much about how to do things without determining what to apply these skills to, and therefore the knowledge will be useless. Money and time are also issue since I’m student, but I realize those are just excuses. Reply Jack Thelen February 9, 2011 at 6:32 pm 1. I don’t have any good marketable product ideas. 2. Between my full time job and three kids, I don’t have the time to do anything extra. 3. In my current industry I fear going out on my own because of the necessity to travel and leave my young family behind on a weekly basis. Reply Jeremy February 10, 2011 at 2:55 am Similar thoughts. 1. Waa…Any time I spend hustling/moonlighting is time away from my family, job, or sleep. Second kid is days away! 2. Waa…I am not sure which of my skills are valuable. 3. Waa…I am do not have networking skills and cannot find clients. Reply Kathleen February 9, 2011 at 6:33 pm 1. I am not cutthroat enough to make it in business. I learned this from hanging out with business people. They are like smart sharks, quick opportunists. I think of these types of business people I would be up against instead of the few calmer, more sane people who are more like me, and who were just as successful. 2. I might make enough to be tempted to quit my job, and then I would have no safety net in case things got hard. This is true, but also not true, if one develops multiple streams of income. Most self employed people I know have several options for making money if one way dries up temporarily. 3. If I tried really hard, I might be successful, and then I would know what I was capable of, and would be free, which is a strange and scary idea, to have no boss, no one controlling my time except me. It’s almost too good to be true, and I wonder if it is just a daydream, if I am a sucker for trying. Reply Cole February 12, 2011 at 9:10 pm #1 – I’m not really smart enough. I’m a relatively successful person… I’m a high-ranking executive in my mid-sized company, and I still feel like I won’t be bright enough to get my own company started. Even though I launch all sorts of ideas/initiatives/campaigns in the company I work for, I somehow can’t believe that it would work if I were to do it for ME. #2 – My ideas won’t make any money. Again, even though I have ideas all the time that can and do make money for my company, I feel like starting from scratch on my will fail because my ideas aren’t strong enough. #3 – The initial investment would be too high. Considering that I haven’t actually made any attempts at investing any of my money in my own project, this is a dumb one. I mean, I really don’t even know yet what the initial investment would be and I’m still afraid that it’s too high. I know I’m late to the ball game, but I read many of the comments and it feels great to know that I’m not alone in these thoughts. Reply liz london February 9, 2011 at 6:33 pm If I do what I am supposed to do to make these things happen in my life then I will have to be responsible for them and I think I am afraid of doing that, being responsible for other things happening because what if they don’t ? Then I will look bad or like a failure. OR if they do then I will have to repeat the same thing again to prove myself. I don’t like doing things to prove myself to others. I guess I am afraid of people finding out that I do not know what I am doing. Which if that is true then if I am doing it and it fails then I will have learned something, huh? If I earn more money then I have to be responsible for doing that and I do not know if I can do that or not. This has manifested in my life by me not doing things to keep my income stream open and flowing as much as I would want it to. OR at least that is what the other side of me tells myself when I am not in my script. Perhaps there are two scripts that are counter opposed, one that is negative and one that is more positive and they both cancel each other out and the nothing gets done either way! Reply Tim Brauhn February 9, 2011 at 6:34 pm 1. I am, quite simply, not a good networker: No matter the event or the number of beers in me, I am not at all capable of starting a conversation or inserting myself into a group of already-talking people. Seriously, it’s the simplest thing. That being said, if someone comes and opens the conversation with ME, the sky’s the limit. I can talk up a storm, be engaging, even line up interesting opportunities. But a conversation self-starter…nope. 2. In the social sector (my home), I’m called upon to do lots of good things and volunteer my time and energy. My costs are usually covered (travel, food, etc.), so I don’t tend to lose money on hanging out and helping, but damnit, someday I’d like to be thanked financially. Not much. But these are conversations that are very hard to bring up: “Hey, do you think you folks could reward me for the work that I feel deeply compelled to do even at great cost to myself?” 3. People like Ferriss and even you (Ramit) are outliers. You’re not common, and your success pisses people off. It’s important to remember that your successes can be replicated, but the bar to taking that leap is so high that most people don’t even get their feet off the ground. 4. Thinking about that last script made me think that it is a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. The people who actually follow your plans become outliers, too. OK, I’m a sissy. 5. There, I said it.

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Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money


Thank you.

Reply Chris B. Behrens February 9, 2011 at 8:52 pm You and me both on #1, man. I’m an engineer, a fricking great one, but I can’t chat up a room. I can deliver a speech, a presentation, fine, but I don’t know how to network. Reply Michelle February 9, 2011 at 9:27 pm Networking can be learnt! I’m an engineer too and 5 years ago I couldn’t have walked into a function and struck up a conversation if my life depended on it. But I practiced and got better at it. Now it still scares me but it can be done. (There are tactics drop me a line and we can chat further) Reply Addy February 10, 2011 at 3:09 pm Michelle is 200 percent right. Since I’m painfully shy (no one would guess it bc once I get to talking I don’t stop) I attend as many gut-wrenching conferences, talks etc alone. I try to do a lot of things alone actually to get rid of the – what if people are judging me ?! pain. Reading “How to Make Friends and Influence People” helped me a bit (all you need to know from there is that people like to talk about themselves) but really it’s just doing it over and over and over again that counts. For me, the fear falls away just as soon as the conversation is started. Fake it till ya make it! Reply Zack February 10, 2011 at 3:32 pm The first step to growth is to be honest with yourself. You have done this with this post. I applaud you. Reply Justin February 9, 2011 at 6:35 pm 1) I have no fear, just need a kick in the ass to get started…bring it on Ramit…can’t wait for the course! Reply Amy February 9, 2011 at 6:35 pm 1) I won’t stick to an idea - I can’t tell you how many ideas I’ve had, gotten excited about, started working on, and gave up on before I ever really tried them. At some point I just lose the enthusiasm because the reality of the idea suddenly seems too complicated or too hard or I rationalize that I don’t have time. Recently I started a blog, and so far I’m actually following through with it. I think it’s a great idea and is filling a genuine need, and I’m a little shocked that it has held my interest this long, but a part of my mind is waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m doing my best to focus and commit to this project. I might set some kind of time limit… where I give 100% of my effort towards this project, and if it’s not working, then I can drop it… but not before. 2) I need a partner -The idea of having a partner, whether it is going to the gym or starting a business, seems very important to me. I have gone about a lot of things on my own, but if I am the only one excited or passionate about something, I burn out. It feels like I need someone there with me to help motivate me and to be excited about a project when I no longer am. The problem is of course that finding a good partner to work with can be HARD. I have done plenty of projects on my own and I can again. I do well with independence. But I feel vulnerable and scared to do it alone, because ultimately I don’t think I can hack it by myself. I need to start small and build some successes, and if a partner comes along, great, but I can’t be reliant on that to get started. 3) It’s not the right time -A year ago, I was working full time and going to school at night, so I was waiting until I graduated with my MBA. Six months ago, I was job hunting, so I was waiting until I found a new job and transitioned. Now, I’m waiting for… something. Until I earn a better emergency fund? Until I figure out what I want to do? Until my boyfriend graduates so we can go into business together (something I want and he doesn’t)? When exactly WOULD be the right time? Like you said Ramit, it all comes back to fear, and I need to stop being afraid and try SOMETHING to at least get the ball rolling. Reply Dan February 12, 2011 at 1:45 pm I completely understand what you mean with both #1 and #2. Regarding #1, I won’t stick to an idea, I can totally relate to what you said. Furthermore, I have too many related-but-too-different-to-combine interests that I keep jumping between. One day I think “Ok, Ithis is it. I’ll forget about X and Y and from now on, all my time and effort will be devoted to Z.” and it works great for a day, a week, maybe even a month, but eventually X and Y creep back into my mind and I have a cool new insight or feature or whatever that would makes that idea so much more interesting, inticing or profitable that I find it hard to block it out and continue focusing on Z. The thing is, at least one if not more) of my interests could make a great startup, but the thought of shutting out the other things that I love to spend time on – the ones which I have no idea how to monetize – scares me. I want to work on all of my cool ideas, but can only work on one, so I get very little done on any. As for number 2, I have tried both ways. I have worked with people, I have worked alone. My conclusion: I work a lot LOT better with somebody else. When I’m on my own, I can (sometimes) get really focused and “in the zone” and get phenomenal amounts of work done. When I’m with someone else I can get distracted and do something else instead.. At least,t hats what I always told myself. BUT when I’m alone I get just as distracted – I’ll check my emails, check the latest hacker news post, see if anyone replied to my comment (BRB, checking right now – yep, got a reply), or I get overwhelmed with the amount of work I have left to do, get distracted by the latest doodad or shiney piece of technology, or I learn something new and want to redo something I already did to apply this new piece of knowledge (this happens a lot because I spend a lot of time learning and I’m too much of a perfectionist to do something thats “just good enough”) or I lose motivation (probably because all the prior things I listed). On the other hand, when I work with somebody else, I can avoid some of these problems. If that somebody else is physically here with me as we work (rather than working remotely), then I can avoid all or close to all of these problems: I won’t check emails or messages or comments because somebody else is relying on me to get my work done in a timely fashion (and will probably give out to me if I don’t). I won’t get overwhelmed at the workload because I know I won’t have to do it all myself and that I have help and support. I won’t needlessly redo or redesign something thats already done, without a good reason to, because I have somebody else to discuss it with and to decide with if its worth it or not (and to drag me back to reality when I need it). I won’t lose motivation as easily either because I have emotional support from somebody who is in the same situation.

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which would really hurt my budget. By the end of today. I should be able to do the same. So. This is a fear of asking people for help and appearing dumb. -I have taken action on this one already. 2011 at 6:43 pm 1. like you said. by starting to slowly purchase the equipment and supplies I need for one of my ideas. Which only reinforces that I can’t do it alone making it even harder the next time around. sis. Our work together ended with her immediately putting $1K into a savings account. I am not going to censor at all when I have an idea. I also listen to people like Ramit and Tim Ferriss talk about the 80/20 principle and focusing on big wins and realize that a typo in the copy of 30 page website is not a big deal. since I really didn’t do anything that she couldn’t have done herself. but it would just not be a really good excuse. -I already earn some money playing in a band a couple times a month. I feel i have to be really passionate about your ideas to put them trough … 3)Somewhere down the line … it will fail Fear of failure should not impede capacity to create or come up with a good idea and a way to put it forward in the “wild” … but it does. I don’t know anyone that can help me out. 2011 at 6:44 pm 4 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . My skills (administrative in nature) don’t immediately jump out as something people will pay top dollar for.) I don’t really have any marketable skills and I’m not really the right personality type to strike out on my own as an entrepeneur. I need a large safety net to get started. “but I can’t be reliant on that to get started”. how can i give it a twist so that my version can be more interesting. I regularly talk to small business owners as a freelance web designer. 3) “Don’t have any good ideas/my skills don’t translate into freelancing”. I can start working and developing my skills. It probably ties back into my first fear of being seen as stupid. It’s an irrational fear because most of the time in school I was bored or not there to learn the material. I would really like to be a personal organizer or personal financial coach (see fear 1). automated savings which will have another ~$2K in there by the end of the year. It’s really a dumb fear because right now there are people down the hall from me that are making 6-figure salaries easily. I got to where I am now and can most definitely do it again. This one came about from just a lifetime of missing tiny details and not doing that well in school. It really doesn’t make any sense to me because I grew up poor and know that most people use that as an excuse to not change their ways. especially since I really need to move slowly to not break the budget. mentally).I actually got his one yesterday when I helped my younger sister get her finances in order a little bit. 2) “There are too many people doing it already. Reply Eric February 9. I could blame how I was not raise with entrepreneurship values.. 2011 at 6:43 pm 1) All my ideas are already being exploited … I would only do what as already been done If the idea already exists somewhere. or not … might just convince me that the idea is not worth the trouble … or maybe i have’nt found anything that really gets me in a passionate way. 2011 at 6:40 pm 1) “Nobody will pay for you to do that.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I will have a list of (at least) 25 good/upon initial consideration.”.) I would have to invest too much time and money into my ideas before I would see any return.I DEFINITELY kill myself with this one. Even writing this I am telling myself that those are both dumb ideas. Reply Eugene Kuhns February 9. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. but at the end of the day I want there to be some plausibles on the list. on whatever she wants. However. And I can’t think of anything else at the moment. with a plus value ? The minute I see that my idea is already made and exploited … i drop it … maybe i should’nt do that … 2) I’m sure someone around me will just destroy my ideas … Someone that knows better. Once I have some equipment. Reply John February 9. This one comes from growing up without much and finally having a few things going in my direction and being scared of losing it all. Also. if I can’t charge and there are too many people. 3. the idea instantly looses it’s shining … it’s like a bad habit i have to drop … Script 1 and 2 are linked somehow with my fear of being judged. they could do it themselves for free. then the idea that I really like is worthless. I know I have to try and accept that some ideas will fail. however I don’t even know what I mean when I say that–just fear of the unknown? Reply D. With details it’s because I am trying to focus on the bigger goal of the project. Thanks. a more personal touch than just the book. So. -This goes along with #2. I know some of my friends have read IWT and still haven’t done anything. or how much she could spend on things she likes to do. had no idea how much money she actually had. Having to miss certain family activities has caused some strain in the Starting a business on the side would take too much time away from my family who would then become resentful and unsupportive.”. MacDonald February 9. how do I tackle these? I am gonna start with the easy one (#3.I suppose this one stems from the first two. because if I am (and right now. At the end of all that. I have no interest in dealing with the legal complexities of running my own business. She was 2 months behind on some of her bills. These people ask me for help and advice. IMO). I somehow find it hard to start working on an idea while knowing it could be a failure. I’m not sure yet how to deal with the time aspect. I’m afraid that what I create won’t be worth anything to anyone but me. Knowing that makes it so much harder because I don’t have someone to work with right now and every time I go to start something I think “I shouldn’t do it alone” and then I don’t even try. I’d love to have a cofounder to work with. I sort of am. 2. and my blockage on trusting my instinct … Thanks Ramit … I somehow feel like i went and confessed some dreaded sins Reply Sarah February 9. I never will get started. and she knows that she can spend $90/wk. 2011 at 6:39 pm My 3 most pressing scripts are: I’m not smart enough.. but just never gotten around to doing. what they really need is a motivator buddy. she STILL said that she wasn’t sure how I could charge anybody for it. because the interwebs are full of personal coaches like that. some efforts will amount to nothing … I have to try and accept potential failure. I’m slowly starting to change this by realizing that I’m smart enough to be trusted with one of the world’s largest brands on a daily basis. viable ideas for freelancing.

that I need to keep reading more. Android apps) to do two things a) get happy doing something apart from my day-job b) Make money while doing so. Ramit! Reply WD February 9. Reply Jane February 9. Having said this. 2011 at 6:47 pm 1) I have no time! 5 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . 2011 at 6:45 pm My 3 invisible scripts: I don’t have marketable skills.Fear to have to get back to a job I don’t like because of bankrupcy. Reply Paul February 9. I actually have more (who doesn’t) but these are the top 3. I’ve gotten into a better position with this. While I have been reading a lot of stuff related to the stuff I want to do. 3) I dont have the time. all I want to do when I get home is lie on the couch with my cats and watch all my DVRed episodes of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. During the hustling course you got me to get off my ass and do something so I applied to (a got) a $500 scholarship). I’m afraid of finding out that I suck at something. I deal with the latter issue as well. But I realized that for some reason it still feels relaxing to me to sit in front of the TV with my laptop — as long as what I’m doing seems interesting and fun. So I work on my freelancing while I relax. Thanks for your motivating emails. It’s fun. I am a software engineer and would like to write applications (web-apps. I’ve prioritized being rested over maximizing my potential.but I never get to that point 2) I fear that my current visa status in the US (I am on a H1-B) does not legally allow me to make money on the side – that I can have only one employer and one source of income. 2011 at 7:02 pm Come to think of it. and being overwhelmed at my day job. I actually joined Earn1K last year but haven’t been taking the course seriously and been putting it off waiting for “when I have time. and the latter will help you find the areas that need improvement (and also hopefully at some point give you some level of “approval” from someone who you think does do good work).) What skills I do have. 2011 at 6:44 pm Hey Ramit! I wanna share 3 of my invisible scripts with you: . 2. but it doesn’t feel so much like work. so there’s no way I can differentiate myself among the legions of other writers who are better or more experienced than me (I’ve only been writing professionally for 10 years). no one would pay much for. I’m not even sure what to list third since these two are so crippling. crippling insomnia. So the fear of looking poor (or being poor) is keeping me from doing what I really want. I’m afraid I’m not good enough to charge people for web design.. I’m afraid of not being to keep up (materially) with my has sparked my interest in Android. still the script remains. 2011 at 7:00 pm Sarah — I know exactly… EXACTLY… what you mean about not being sure that you’re “good enough” to charge people for web design. How do you tell if you’re good enough? I can barely get it together enough to finish my (paltry) portfolio of work online because of this crippling fear that I will embarrass myself. learning better tools (git. I’m also exhausted all the time. But still that wasn’t enough to get me going so here are my fears: 1. If I pick an idea and it doesn’t work out or my client isn’t happy with the result it will mean I suck at it. and here’s what helped: 1) Practice and actively work to improve your skills. (I know objectively this is false. I know that it is important to get started and ship that 1.Fear to finally not be the entrepreneur I think I would be (deception). Reply Amy February 10. Reply Jenny February 9. the last two weeks have not been so bad. Thanks for what you are doing. 2011 at 6:44 pm Hey Ramit.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. the following are my assumptions/fears 1) I fear that my current level of knowledge is not good-enough. Also I have been thinking about a couple of other side projects that I need to mock-up and start developing. This of course is not true – I think I am just plain lazy and have not been managing my time effectively.” I’m a full time student with two part time jobs (one of them doesn’t really add any value but it pays) so I always use the no time excuse. setting up my project environment and am on my way to my first commit to Github. so I’m still engaged and productive. Reply pj February 9. github for instance). and 2) Find people who are good at design and ask them to honestly critique your work The former will help you feel more confident in what you’re doing.. Your recent emails and Gina’s new Android project (http://www.0 version of the product even though it it not perfect. I’m afraid of failing and becoming a loser. . . My primary skill (writing) isn’t “special” or “spectacular” enough. 3.todotxt.I could spend the money it took me so hard to save without seeing any result. I truly appreciate it. 2011 at 6:45 pm Hey Between long commutes. I want to start a business (or freelance gigs) and not get a “real” job after I graduate but I know that I will most likely not make as much as I used to at least initially. My family sold a relatively large business back when I was a kid. After we sold the business we went were quickly marginalized because we no know longer have that base. Reply Amy February 10. I have made measurable progress in learning Android.

when someone asks “what do you do?” and I reply that I have an online business of some sort. 2011 at 6:52 pm #1 – I don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Ramit – I’m really glad you wrote I can support my clients by being there for them. I can’t imagine asking other people to pay for my advice or services. I offered to do one project for free for a long-time friend. etc. other businesses we account for. because I felt obligated.” So while they execute. I was less confident in my skills and was unsure who would pay me for my service. I think marketing and selling stuff online is kinda sleazy…and moreover. 2011 at 3:35 am You just wrote my list. Last month we pulled in $2300 extra from a grand total of 31 man-hours. Without a design portfolio. having just signed a 1 yr lease on an apartment. Reply Pinja February 11. since I personally wouldn’t shell out the money for that sort of thing and would just try to go it alone. I really WANT to charge more now. These folks show up too busy with executing to do the “business” stuff. If I’m on my own out there. 2011 at 12:20 pm Mike’s #1 is my exact worst fear. And now. Reply Mike Forrest February The business owners had gotten used to me doing work for free and had come to rely upon it. Just completed the project–she is extremely satisfied. #3 – I don’t have enough experience in my industry to strike out solo (this is a real biggie for me) Honestly. I am not an expert at anything anyone would want to pay me more than $10/ hr for. because I never look down on or judge entrepreneurs making a lot of money in their field. “I’m a seamstress” not ” I am a business person providing sewing and tailoring services and products. respond to the “Whether you can answer “Yes” or “NO” (swamped with success?) we can demonstrate how to get to where you want to go! Call Jojo for an initial consultation and references. long term and by modeling good practice to them. I have been pushing myself with Ramit’s challenges and been picking up accounting jobs. basically. I am a cog in their machine that can easily be replaced. and largely unsuccessful. 2011 at 6:47 pm 1. and plans to recommend me to all of her clients. We’re narrowing our niche down to “swamped with success?” .Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. it’s ME they are judging. and he’s working full time with 3 side gigs. So why not recapture that 1 hr a day and spend it on focused effort to diversify my revenue streams? Reply jojo miller February 11. initially from a once-a-week. I realized this. And the internet has taught me that information should be free. – The company I currently work for is not that stable so I am fooling myself. He took accounting 1&2 course at tech school. old house. I buy a fair amount of books. I have an intense fear of the kind of judgement I’d receive at. so now the wife helps out too. just because I enjoyed it and then later. where we shop locally. Instead of giving up or changing my idea. not my work persona. Asking for more money than you need to “just make a living” is a bad thing. and quickly saw much better results. and I’m one of those people (Ramit would call “losers”!) who doesn’t often “invest” in myself by paying for online info products. I couldn’t believe how ashamed I felt – it was a huge blow to how I perceive myself as an employee. I’m looking forward to more quality posts! Reply 6 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . you should give away what you can and only charge enough to support yourself. 3) I don’t have the skill set for [insert awesome new job here]! Continuation from #1–I am currently job searching (now that it’s on my own terms.. OK. I have applications in with a couple of very different companies and a recruiter from a large tech company even contacted me. My youngest son who works at the local grocer behind the meat counter steers people to me all the time. I have something to put in my portfolio. after-work department “mtg” at our local pub. cocktail parties. my company was considering closing down the location where I work and I was frantically on the job search. People wouldn’t pay for what I have to offer. – 1 wife. I get bored too easily. This let’s us build our business two ways. and I almost wish it was one of your first posts in this series. They ARE swamped with success and we ease the stress of the success. I started networking and setting up meetings with people. we document and steer them to their goals with better information through the numbers. not my company’s) and am looking to leave the industry I am in now (interior design). part-time business I want. wants to work with me more in the future. Reply Nan February 9. say. 2 kids. This seems difficult given the economy. (Note: My company did not shut this location down and I am still working for them. all these take time to manage and end up taking all my time when not in the office. In addition they do not have my best interest at heart. so I can’t do freelance graphic design! I started Earn1K last summer/fall wanting to do freelance graphic design. But I’ve been raised to do most work charitably. – I am a jack of all trades and I love learning new things so I learn the core of something then get bored with it and move on to something else rather than stick on one thing a deepen my knowledge there. I think other people around me think that too. They say. I’m getting to the point now where I know I’m going to be raising my rates after Feb. This might be tied into my “online businesses are sleazy” fear. 15 because we need to narrow down our tax season base.. but almost nothing online. but see #3) 2) I don’t have a graphic design portfolio. 2011 at 6:50 pm #1 My skills are too general in scope. that would hold my interest in the long term to enable me to make money from it #3 is the age-old fear of failure. 2. Although I’ve been taking some legitimate action with your exercises the past few days. or for free — I spent a large part of my youth providing free labor to various businesses in my field in exchange for the learning experience. and despite the fact that it wasn’t my fault. I really haven’t had confidence enough to do much more than “go through the motions”. This meant that almost every night I would scour job websites like Craigslist looking for new opportunities to apply to. to be judged for something far more personal to me than my performance at work. so we’re getting by just fine – It just further deflates me knowing that I’m not actively contributing to our future. The other folks that respond to our little 5. Luckily my husband is a natural at this “multiple streams” concept – he has at least 4 at any given moment. information-based. I’m an extremely frugal person by nature. and thought about how I could better use my time to look for new/better opportunities through people I know. I lack a lot of confidence as a professional. #2 – I don’t love any one thing enough to be truly passionate about it and make money. it’s not $100/hr but we aren’t stressing from it and we are helping a lot of people out. I’m worried about the judgement I’ll get from my peers if I actually succeed at having the type of online. This one ties with: #2 I don’t have a good enough idea. I too love to learn and research new things but I’m not the “one specialty” type of person. This was a time killer. other than a very small “reasonable” amount. First. We’ll be glad to help!” Those ‘no’ people want answers for why their great idea isn’t going so well. 3.5″ x 8″ laminated hand bills placed where my kids’ rock bands play. it was all good. and I’m not worth selling myself. but I’m not letting that stop me. some people have great services or products but don’t realize they are business people providing those items. So I have a really hard time overcoming this bias and imagining myself actually asking for serious money for my services. I was laid off recently. She told me yesterday she had to delegate to the oldest boy for some spread sheet stuff but when I went through it. barber shop. #2 If I go out on my own I will jeopardize my families security. 1 dog. where I was afraid to do that before. That has caught on fire. My skills are much more transferable than I originally thought! Reply Andrea February 9. About a year ago. took a step back. As a result. This is a weird one. #3 I don’t have the time/energy to add one more thing.

And practical. and while its true that there may be some annoying parts about dealing with the technology needed to put on an online course (ie.. #3: The technology side is going to be a pain. or spend all my time in the evenings working on it and feel too exhausted.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. designer. have my wife think I’m a workaholic or never want to spend time with her. etc). is preventing me from freelancing just hourly. Every quarter I get extremely high marks in the student feedback.feel that I’m simply not smart enough to do what they do. The world doesn’t need another folk singer. Analysis: I don’t have experience with marketing online courses. Reply Zaid Rasid February 9. I could take a weekend plus maybe 2 vacation days and get everything created for the online course. I realize it’s ridiculous and irrational. of course. No clear idea of what “it” is. Analysis: I already have the whole class laid out based on my in-person class. Or if I really can’t then. Despite having advanced degrees (from real schools) and having worked on large start-up projects for other entrepreneurs. gardener. 2011 at 6:52 pm First off my idea is to sell an online course to small business owners. etc. #6. my first reaction is a sort of visceral dread about how much work its going to take. This invisible script is more about the fear of the unknown than my first script. 7 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . but beyond that I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get anyone else to join the class. I tell myself that I can do it and it won’t actually take that much time/energy). etc. (And 2011 at 9:49 pm http://www. #5. but I feel like I should be doing something product-based. I would just have to record myself teaching it using screencasting software. I will have to sell and I don’t much like talking. always learning more than I need and not applying it. but every time I think about this project. in taking on new freelancing projects or clients. I don’t need to reach every small business owner out there – if I even reach only a tiny fraction of them. which. hmm. but don’t think I can. I will overcommit and over-promise. Something important. and it’d look weird. painter. Thus. and then either not be able to deliver. 2011 at 1:42 am I know of other professionals that use Freshbooks and they recommend it. 1. I can easily hire someone on elance. Reply Brett February 9. decorating) would be more embarrassing than happifying. so clearly my course is high quality. Here’s my invisible scripts: #1: Its going to take a ton of time/energy and I’m not sure the payoff is going to be worth it.. Reply Jeff February 9. Will be taking money from my family/children while I get anything off the ground.. I should have been a neurosurgeon or computer geek. payment processing.lack of focus on the big picture–get sucked into small busy tasks rather than dedicated time to planning & executing big projects on a daily basis (some days are better than others!) . Will get halfway in and then realize I either hate it or suck at it. which was more about laziness I guess. I’m sure its stuff that I can figure out ways around. I want to work on products. 2011 at 6:54 pm #1. my best gig to date came from some volunteer work I did for a networking event (which put me on their site as a sponsor) that landed me a 7-day $20k+ project! I have not been able to replicate any projects that size in the past 2 years. then I’ll be able to get enough students to run my course and make it worthwhile for me financially. Its based on a class I already teach for small business owners in the extended learning program at a local community college. setting up a website. but that first gut reaction still comes Reply Dawn February 10. 2) I fear invoicing. but there have been completed projects that I’ve let be un-invoiced for months on end. That. that makes it harder to invoice. hosting videos. I am busy with a fulltime job and teaching at the college on the side. Not good. 3) I fear that I can’t think of any compelling /products/ to offer. I know that it wouldn’t actually take that much to get the class content created. but the fact that my physical class at the college is in such demand that 40 people signed up for a class with only 20 slots means that clearly there is demand out there for what I’m paralysis — not sure which way to get ‘started’ marketing my photography business to ad agencies / pr firms — cold calls vs personal email vs e-flyers … I have not had much success with last 2. but thats no excuse. but I think it has been helpful in writing them down more concretely and analyzing them. 2011 at 6:52 pm 1) I fear I don’t have enough time management skills. webinar services. I know I can offer my services (programming & web development). #4. Its time to motivate and start hustling! Reply Dmitri February 9. I’ve been thinking about these invisible scripts since Ramit first wrote about them in January. I -for some reason. that freelancing at hourly rates is just a treadmill. too. As for payoff – thats directly related to my invisible script #2: #2: I have a list of 20 people who couldn’t take my class at the college because it was full so I know they would probably be interested in taking this class online. much less negotiating and persuading. I am always in a state of preparation. 2011 at 6:52 pm My main 2: .com for just a little money to do it. The next thought I have is usually about how that visceral reaction is wrong (ie.). because why didn’t I do it earlier. Success at anything I am good at (for example. Matt February 9. Analysis: I’m a very web savvy guy. :-S Reply j donahue February 9. writer. This invisible script is more like #1 in that fundamentally its about being lazy and wanting to avoid doing work. #3. #2. 2011 at 6:55 pm Here are my three scripts/beliefs..

Then the money spent on the program will end up being a waste. Conditions were perfect. Oh WAIT we are back to fear number one again. 2011 at 6:55 pm #1 – I’ll be excited to get started in this program – then I’ll let something get in the way and I won’t follow through (like I have done with SO many other things in the past).. It will start out slowly making money then I’ll scamper off to another idea that’s shiny and new…like a puppy with anew toy…! Reply vivian February 10. you are definitely not alone in #1! I like FlyLady’s theory that we often get super excited about starting new habits. That being successful requires “people skills. the rates. Reply Suzie February 9. It’s practically impossible to change multiple habits at once without burning out. I had the client list. and I blew it. Reply Michael Enquist February 9. you can be happy and 8 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . 2011 at 6:55 pm “I want to have proof of performance before charging for consulting in a new field to me” This means that I do not have something to show to my very first prospect/customer identifying proficiency in this subject ie some form of past performance or an experience I can share as to previous client interactions and successes. I got depressed.” I have an idea of the groundwork to begin a foundation yet some phases such as mapping out the actual service and tools that will aide in accomplishing the clients goals are still vague (getting clearer as I do more research and action with social media related topics yet still at the point where I am not pulling the trigger as much as I should and rolling out some of the campaigns I have thought of such as advertising on craigslist). Why did I not make it work? What makes me expect to do any better this time around? Why waste money and effort when I know it won’t work out? 2. Basically it’s a fear of failure…What if I do follow through and one day turning it into a viable business that gets more complex. 2011 at 6:55 pm 1. You’re not given a finite amount. but the work is minimal. Reply vivian February 10. it’s a long hard road to riches and you’ll lose most of your friends and family on the way. and get down to the deepest reason for WHY you are starting this new project or habit. How many 'second chances' do I get?? Reply Karlos Laws February 10. ignore your loved ones and friends. letting things like regular exercise and sensible meals slide). the business cards. getting on a dance team. exercise. I had my chance. I won’t know how to handle it if it gets too big. as far as maintaining interest/excitement/motivation — go back to Ramit’s 5 Whys. If you are born with it. and so we tell ourselves we will change our ways all at once. #3 – I’ll lose interest half way through it. 2011 at 1:42 am Re 3 – You can create as many second chances as you want. function on minimal sleep.” I just got fired from my tutoring job because I wasn’t able to “connect” with the students. Get back on your feet and try again.” It seems to be one of those magic things that a person either knows how to do or does not. You can’t possibly expect to make a living straight away. I get started all gung-ho to start then…the excitement just goes away. 2011 at 12:37 am Yasmin. We’re only human. And then remind yourself of that reason. Reply Cameron February 9. got into debt. treat social occasions completely as marketing opportunities. I was on a part-time job so I had the time. it doesn’t mean we’re a total failure and we should give up. got scammed by an ‘advertising’ firm.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. Another project unaccomplished…please tell me there’s others like this…what do I do to fix it? #2 – My ideas won’t ever amount to anything. Reply yasmin February 9. 2011 at 7:15 am I share your fear of success coming at the cost of personal relationships. but I didn’t make it happen. and to recognize that just because we slipped up once. Ramit’s comments on what he had to sacrifice to get the IWTYTBR book written and published does little to allay my anxiety on this one. Living a life of ”quiet desperation” while tucked away in an industrial cubical farm. “I have yet to confirm my key target niches to offer services to ie foundation paralysis” In terms of offering social media consulting services for companies and individuals to attract their target market and increase exposure there is a very wide range of possible niche markets yet I am still stuck in the initial phases of thinking about who to tailor services too. 3. ended up going full-time at the job. Especially if it brings in no money for all the time I’ve spent trying to build it up. At first my concept sounds great. every day. I don’t know how to manage others. Maybe because high-earners have always tried to justify it by saying how hard they work? I'd rather they said how smart they worked! 3. angry. It makes me nervous. The last word going through my brain at night and the first word entering it in the morning is “LOSER!” 2. hire people. 2011 at 12:39 am Also. whatever. I feel that I have to learn to do everything myself. Heck. it’s hard to even change ONE habit for 28 days! So we need to allow ourselves to really focus on just one or two small things at a time. Reply Stephanie February 10. Biggest fear: that I am going to fail at this (whatever “this” is) the same way I’ve failed at everything else. run a business…stress…Exactly what I’m trying to avoid to begin with. I'm the girl who at 16 got invited to freelance artwork for an international magazine and screwed it up. No one in the company was able to explain what they meant by “connect. <—.. and be able to execute those things flawlessly. potentially at the cost of your health (little sleep. “ I do not yet feel comfortable with all the steps involved in consulting to marketing myself. This is my most tangible fear…I have problems following through: dieting. or why I think like this. To be successful you have to work 20 hours a day. I still have clients.I don't know where this one came from. 2011 at 6:56 pm 1.

such as tutoring. “I coach clients to greater focus and success”. because they require the magical “connection. learn how to really delve into customer’s needs and focus on those activities that lead to improvements in one’s business and income. If I feel nervous when I am saying it. I love your idea of a button “If you think yourself a loser. Ramit. Fine and dandy. or “Where do you work?”. “Well. I don’t have enough experience/credentials to pitch myself as an expert. post and repeat aloud daily positive affirmations. My supportive nature makes me believe that YOU CAN SUCCEED. for example. my situation. So. From what you post for free. Ross February 11. I really feel like I don’t. I either get fired from the ones I really like.” with links to ideas for losers to learn how to not be losers. But I know that if I want this. and energetic career coach”. Those are important roles to play in the market. and be able to put together a tab on your website entitled “If you think yourself a loser. come home and be a parent and when the kids are in bed I start doing dishes and cleaning up from the day’s chaos. I find that positive affirmations help to change my thinking. I mean does this really happen for people? Not all that often. I have plenty of experience in the music industry as a former audio engineer. So. Thanks Tom Siegel Reply Raf February 9. So I might ask. I would have been able to find some website about how to stop being a loser and used what they wrote. and therefore. too!” That’s my analysis then: Knowing that all of you have similar fears and believing that YOU can do it helps me believe that I can. 2011 at 7:31 pm After reading all the other post so far. Why would anyone want to be a part of my club? I know that the information that I find and convey to friends and people I meet is valuable to them… They’ve told me so. “How old are your children?”. but not the “new” music industry and I haven’t been working in audio for years now. look here. focused. You make lots of promises about how your course will help people rise above what’s holding them back. look here. But I need to know if you know how to “connect” with a client like me. and all the rest that came in while I was reading down to my post. practice has really helped. you just need some encouragement. (see note. that I will sabotage my own efforts because being successful does not comply with my self-image. Reply Michael Enquist February 9. if I think THEY can do it. or I laugh.. I start by asking the other person an open-ended question. Why should it happen for me? This is the worst one. I am usually able to think of a follow-up one. send me a message via my blog: https://iteachbiologymath. “As a man thinketh. As you say above. who struggles every day with the self-fulfilling prophecy that no matter what I do. I don’t have time. after all this time of working with all these smart people. As Carnegie says. work more efficiently at my job and maximize my energy. I also write out. volunteer work. or get-togethers with other families.” or I quit because they are so dull and soul-crushing that I take out my frustrations on my family when I get home – and that certainly isn’t fair to them. I make sure that I put myself in a lot of social situations. 2011 at 9:36 am Michael. I often have this feeling that this stuff isn’t really feasible. for me.” I can really relate to that feeling. I have read. a belief in planning. so is he”. there isn’t much energy. such as “I am a creative. There isn’t much time left over and if there is. I will fail. and their fears are just as encumbering to them as my fears are to me. that you would have met or at least heard of people who DO have the interest and ability to help losers like me. For me. a one-year-old and a five-year-old. Here’s the problem: I’m impoverishing my family because I cannot keep a job. You say on your website that you would rather help A-’s become A+’s in 3 months than help C’s over 3 years. All of these help me to get out of my fear. by Dale Carnegie. Here’s why: All you folks have many fears that are exactly the same as mine. I know there are nooks and crannies in my time. I can see that you are an excellent aggregator and synthesizer of the ideas of others. if not. It just always seems hard to line all that up. But I would think. When these questions are answered. best wishes with creating new “self-fulfilling prophesies”! Reply Tom Siegel February 9. be they church. 2011 at 6:56 pm 9 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . But neither is it fair to keep my family in near poverty because I can’t figure out how to live in a world where people expect you to “connect” with them. Following on from #1: If I am partly successful at the beginning of an endeavor. 3. I know that it is exactly the thing I need to be saying out loud. 2. people like to talk about themselves. I just have a hard time basing an entire business plan on that.wordpress. As far as “connecting” with people. There are others that have more expertise than me. Fair enough.. I think it comes from growing up where parents were hypercritical. below) Believing that about YOU gives me a ray of hope through the clouds of despair. what to do when we feel as if we’re losers? It has helped me to read and do the exercises in books such as “Dare to Win” by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen and “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. so if one or more of you folks posting here is willing to help. 2011 at 6:56 pm 1. I have to say this exercise is very encouraging. and/or a success buddy. but I have a full time job.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. too bad for you! 3. Note: I know I need a success buddy. just as important as being a creator of completely new ideas. This is a pie-in-the-sky idea. and “I daily attract people who want to work with me”. I go to work. then I guess I can do You’ll notice that my blog has not been updated much… another one of those things I started and lost interest in because I thought it would make me look foolish – just like many of you! Reply Heather E. if looking on the internet were enough. like Tim Farris. I have to actually use what I have for time.

– I tried things in the past (See #3) but I was not successful enough then. I can always figure it out. 3. Everyone will find out I am a fraud. I’m really starting to look at sites to start freelancing (elance. Reply Lauren February 9. partly because the day job paid a lot more. My wife will be pissed when I sink a bunch of money into a business idea that fails (especially since we’re having a baby in 2 months…) #3. I don’t know where to start. No one cares what I think. I think there are an endless number of scripts for anyone at any stage of their life. the networks etc. Seems to be an overriding fear of failure. I like to have some hand-holding so the future doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I actually did have some savings which I’ve put towards my own small resume-writing business. #2 Worrying that I’ve wasted too much time already – too late to start on something amazing #3Telling myself I could be deluded with some of my plans – like I couldn’t actually get them done. #2. I am scared that the money won’t be steady and I won’t be able to sustain it.. which should be an income stream which covers the bases for the next few years while I try to build up other income streams and finish off uni. married. I am working on my degree and wonder if anyone would actually pay me to write or consult for them. 2011 at 6:59 pm 1) I’m just a college student. 2. not just random income. no one would pay me. I am gaining skills and techniques to overcome my fear. I don’t know what I want to do… Reply Daniel Goffe February 9. blah blah blah. just lazyness probably Reply Brian S February 9. but lots and lots of interests – and I want to find a way to put investing. my fear scripts are pretty much the same as yours: 1) Never having worked full time as an employee. – With any new project I am always unsure of where to start. My time to do things is limited as I am using some spare time now to take a class and to teach a class. 2011 at 1:03 am As another college (university) student. I’m not sure I can take away from my “me” time to try and make more money. old (“I’m too old to start again”). 3. No actual fear. and the business i picked was hard to do on lunch hours. We just have to go for it. When I am in my comfort zone. I think trying to find the idea is the hardest thing. 2011 at 7:03 pm My scripts: 1. My ideas are lame. 4. Reply Lauren February 9. Hmmm. I tried a side business and had only limited success. 2) I have no savings. Reply Greg February 9. 2011 at 6:58 pm #1. I am not sure i have a good idea or any idea. I think just sharing what I am afraid of helps to minimize the fears and allows me to address them. What happens if I don’t succeed? Will I be able to deal with those consequences? Reply Naomi February 9.) 2) I have no savings. I am revisiting the time management techniques and a post on ideas to help me move forward. because the fear of failing happens in multiple ways. By reading Ramit’s blog posts. (So don’t have the know-how. weeknights. constant content) and am figuring out that the start up cost is really just the “cost” of watching tv. with kids. All of these are based on fear of failure of some kind. writing and social entrepreneurialism together. and weekends.. 2011 at 7:07 pm Forgot to add what I would do to change things. I don’t know if I know enough about any one industry to begin freelancing in it. This is huge for me. I have no one thing that I’m passionate about. Reply Alex February 10. 3) You need to get a “real” job to support your self. #1 Getting on the phone and calling up people and see if they are interested in what I offer #2 Going out and actively searching for places and DJs that would have me jam with my jazz flute on top of their music for 100 euros. I want to make sure I have time to decompress and enjoy my social life without giving up the things I am doing now (See #3 for the cautionary tale). I already have a million and one things to do. Reply Sona February 9. I’m not an expert at any one thing in particular. 2011 at 7:05 pm 10 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . Spending money trying to freelance is a waste and you need to save. 2011 at 7:00 pm I don’t have enough time. be it young (“I’m too young to go solo”). The next thing to do is to test the assumptions I have and the ideas I come up with. – I was unable to grow past a certain point. Could be just masking a fear of failing. so do i have a good idea or should i try to find a new idea.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. regardless. 2011 at 7:03 pm #1 not knowing what to focus on – so I try to do too many things – with lower results.

#3 The projects I worked on were basically failures. 3) Mavericks always draw some sniggers from the regulars. with no experience and trying to catch up with all the changes to my profession that happened over the period I was living abroad. as the saying goes. Reply N February 9. actually I just have a crazy amount of stage fright. Chris Brogan. and they worked for my team when they followed my lead. at what I want to do. The reason is that at work. I’ve decided to get some of my ducks in a row. just do it. so I have nothing to show prospective clients/employers. No luck so far. since if I leave. My fear is not being taken seriously by conventional 2011 at 7:08 pm Ah. I’m afraid to leave this job. “Some people are born to do certain things – speaking is yours. next!” I’ve decided my initial plan of action to get in front of people and see how it works. and later a student came up to me and said. Now. I fear that a market in my country. which includes conquering these scripts. I’m afraid to charge a large price for my products and services. etc.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. someone with skills.000+ people read to be successful. both online and offline. Merlin Mann. “We need sales or we close. I haven’t been on anything that was a “hit” yet. What keeps me awake now is self doubt. but I have no teaching experience. Now. No luck so far. 2011 at 7:08 pm 1) I need all my ducks in a row before I make a huge push to find more work. When I was growing up I collected comic books. (b) been a sales and marketing manager. it’s practically-impossible to return. and dreams. I reversed this when I got to the start-up and was told. (c) been a keynote speaker. irrespective of their success.I also can’t think of any ideas that would suit this… . Also. Thanks for making me do it (really). I fear that I will have tough time selling my service either to doctors or dentists. I have little interest in keeping up with the Joneses when it comes to material possessions. 2011 at 7:09 pm . Steve Crescenzo. I routinely see huge amounts of money spent on relatively-worthless things made by sleazy companies. I’ve also gotten so much positive feedback when I give talks. the less capable I felt. Despite straight As/scholarships/awards I still live with this fear. This will be unpleasant. Reply Theo February 9.” 3) I may never be as good as Ramit. Second guessing myself. When I first got into sales I spent my first 6 months just selling. Jonathan. What if they steal my idea ? I need to build network with software engineers. Deep down I want to be admired/respected by those in the know. right? I’ve been doing baby steps and I’m already getting more done. stand back. They helped me tremendously. And I need to remember that not everyone has – or needs – a blog/e-mail list 50. Serbia. I’ve told myself for a long time that I would never be able to start charging for music lessons because nobody would 11 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I’m living in my country again. I actually got smart about sales and marketing to the point where I came up with ways of doing things I’ve never read about. I’m going to struggle to find start-ups and small businesses who want to hire me for marketing/sales consulting and speaking. full disclosure. Reply JR February 9. Reply Jonathan Vaudreuil February 9. #1 My services aren’t worth paying big money for. I forget you were all like me once. but would not be able to afford even a domain registration at the moment. and my second 6 months trying to learn everything about selling because I started to realize I could get better. They’re supportive. 2011 at 7:08 pm 1 – I don’t have any sellable skills to go freelance: I’m an accountant who has never worked with accounting. I think its moreso I’m afraid of committing to the investment and taking the risk. will show no interest in the service – which is online schedule app for patient appointments at the doctor’s or dentist’s office.Its not that I don’t have the time. Reply Marko February 9. I’m afraid to use my research projects as a portfolio to employers since most if not all of them are obscure and/or shelved by management. one’s own perspective. Reply Jason Lee February 9. “It’s easier to find a job if you have a job. 3 – It’s hard to set up an online business without technical knowledge: I’m kinda afraid of hiring someone. Baby steps. 2) I feared the ‘conventional’ – especially the overworked near-meltdown existence of most professionals I met.. It’s the perfectionism in me. 2011 at 7:10 pm 1. and I’m afraid of being one of those companies. #2 Leaving your extremely stable but unfulfilling job is the worst strategic mistake you can make.” I also don’t know how to explain the gap in my resume to a prospective employer if I have to resort to a 9-5 again. . I am affraid that I will not be able to gain steady monthly income. I have a tough time presenting ideas in front of people. 1) Looking back. so what did I do? Study sales concepts more. I’m a good musician. -> I’ve been studying a lot and reading lots of job descriptions (of all areas) to try to find a position that matches my skills. I did my part on them to the best of my ability and produced good work. Some people around me don’t really get what I’m trying to do.. Since I am in market research for idea. (Is it a fear or an actual obstacle ?) -> I’m searching for a job or a capitalist partner.Lastly. I just need to do my thing and find my people. The more I learned. and therefore may never really make an impact with my businesses (let’s not even bring up LORDGODKING Seth Godin here).” The time will never be perfect. but research is very hit-or-miss. My professor was blown away. but my best friends do and my wife does. 2) Even though I have (a) run another person’s start-up. Pam Slim. experience.. 2. 3. but I feel so inadequate trying to build an e-mail and blog subscription list up when I see such a gulf between me and the people I look up to. 2011 at 7:10 pm 1. One big night was when I gave a talk for 150 people at my alma mater.I don’t have money to set up a business: I have ideas. And hard. I spent over two years doing crappy jobs abroad to pay my bills and fund an English course. and (d) started my own business. my constant fear has been ‘the fear of inadequacy’. 2. and if a series I read had an issue with multiple covers I had to buy them all. just enough to say “looks good.

2011 at 7:14 pm 1. I want people to come to me. I start working on something passionately for a few weeks before losing interest and starting something new. We can have very different blocks. I worked 7 days a week. What if I commit to doing something for a few months but I find it so boring after a couple of week that I can’t bring myself to continue? 2. I’m very bad at networking and even at staying in touch with my friends. But as you must know by now. Funny thing. great pay. this is tricky. There is already someone out there doing this. (I mean. but truthfully. want to pay someone who has never taught before. and I’d be embarrassed to bring students in for lessons. So there’s a weird obstacle there that is hard to figure out. what are they going to do. FEAR: There is not enough money/customers/suppliers/etc. This post has really made me think. There must be some way around it that works for my personality. 2. rather opting for what I thought was a safer. I really am not a networker.I’m afraid that I won’t live up to other people’s expectations I want to be the best at what I do and this is often paralyzing. People won’t want to be my friend anymore. contacts if/when I don’t succeed. co-workers. but you still never know. 3. which is just way more important for me. On the one hand. That was a very specific kind of situation. contacting people and such. On the other hand. Reply Carolina February 9. and meditation to overcome and I am almost there. do a wonderful presentation. 2011 at 7:15 pm 1. No one will want my product/service. and I can’t duplicate it. Ramit! Reply GG February 10. 2. In a marriage. I won’t know who my real friends are.. Reply RamitGroupie February 9. Meeting new people is very hard for me and I never know what to say and what to ask them.I’m afraid of making a commitment to a client I’m always thinking of new projects I can start. Ugh. 3. to tailor my income production to the way I want to live. 2011 at 7:12 pm My top 3 scripts: 1. I had a very sweet government in the world so why bother. 2011 at 3:26 am Totally get what you mean in your first one. and that it entitles you to be the boss. What if it takes up too much time? – If I’m programming applications for people. reading.I have strong ideas about money and could be a bully. it’s great to be an equal partner. family will ask me for favors and want me to pay their bills. but still my mind brings it up every time. I know that is antithetical to the old “every ‘no’ is a step closer to ‘yes’!” and “at least you’re trying!” approach. Its frustrating. I will often avoid doing things if I don’t think I can come up with the perfect solution. 2011 at 7:13 pm My main two are: * I think I wont have enough time to do it or respectiveley that it will consume too much of my free time.relief! It’s not like I don’t know what hard work is. 3. Perhaps this is not the forum. However.Arnaud February 9. FEAR: Success. #2 and #3 have taken lots of therapy. no matter how strong of a performer I might be. but we are talking honestly about our blocks to making money. Hope you and I find a way to get over this issue. 2. but it is hard to struggle for something that I used to have easily. yes. not harder. The guy I took lessons off of in high school was great at what he did. somewhat of a different flavor. but time and again he would mention that he sometimes had a tough time making a living at it. opportunities wont come to knock our doors by themselves. and things were set: until I got married and moved away where I have to start from scratch. meaning I never finish anything. either legit or “emergency” changes from the user. * The other one is fear of failure. my interest in them is fleeting. The idea of having to reach out to people to find clients is terrifying. I’ve always been afraid I couldn’t make much money giving lessons. Intellectually I know its complete bullshit. both my husband and I are pretty traditional and I don’t know how things would be if I started raking in money and throwing my weight around. it is a major block for me. I think. I think. Same here. Reply Joseph Erickson February 9. My place is a dump. which at the time seemed heaven-sent. Reply Phil St. how do I make sure that I don’t get called at all hours for support issues. I’ve always been good about not letting work cut into my family time. never turned down any way to make money. FEAR: Failure. but I don’t know what that is. #1 is still an obstacle but it is easier to trudge on when failure is considered an acceptable outcome. fire me?) I fully unit test all my applications and rarely let a bug get by me in general. I was a divorced mom and worked my ass off for a few years before I got that job. and then that job came up. I have actually missed a couple of freelancing opportunities because of this last year. That made me so afraid that I decided not to major in music in college. I hate having to sell myself and be aggressive to get business. 3. 2011 at 7:12 pm 1. more employable major (poli sci. I will look like a fool to my family. Reply Eric L February 9. I think I have that tendency. which has turned out to be much more difficult to find meaningful employment in than I would have ever thought going into college). Thank you! 12 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . 6 weeks vacation.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I should look at my life now as an opportunity to do even better..there is an ambivalence in me because I feel like money equals power. but not so much fear of failing at earning money on the side but more that I talk to my first client. Luck. This is what you get for letting women in. I really would like to work smarter. I’m afraid it’ll be the same with my freelancing idea.I’m afraid that my lack of social skills will prevent me from finding clients I have terrible social skills. he hires me and then I totally fail to deliver what I promised. I’m afraid going freelance will make me more of a slave to these emergencies than I am now at my corporate job. friends.

Yes. spell out your working hours in the contract. It’s just not going to happen. 2. who would listen to me? There’s lots of people out there who know more than I do about anything I’m good at. No one would actually pay money for my skills.or whatever markup you need. especially since I’m finishing university and have been paying my own way through I don’t have the extra income to start a business. That either means I learn to deal with it or try another field? Strategy I am implementing: Not sure on this one.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k.. But for now. Reply Jonathan February 9. setting up an LLC is a pain come tax time since I’ve had one before. I use a program like TaxAct to help me. (or better yet. I’m not sure what to do. People will think I am weird. I don’t know where else I could have spent it). I’m not ready. 2. This is because I read a lot of stuff about everything that I’m interested in. I’m afraid people wont like me.This stems from being a DIY person and wanting to control all aspects of business. – I find this mostly true in both businesses I can’t exactly pick my customers. Also spell out that “off-hours” or “holiday” support will charge X. I actually think this is masking something at a deeper level. I’ll just keep going. 2011 at 7:16 pm 1. Reply Dawn February 10. I’m making profit but what if there was a better option? Strategy I am implementing: I set a deadline and will re-evaluate then . 3. and often times even if I want to jump on something and take the lead it stops me. What if someone sues me and I lose everything? What if my application or the server the application is running on blows up and deletes all the user’s data and it gets blamed on me? I know I can set up as an LLC to try and prevent this but I still fear losing everything. I didn’t make any money with that one so I wasn’t too excited about paying a CPA to help me either. Entrepreneurs or freelancers find it hard to explain to the fam that what we are doing is worth something. you are presenting the benefits of your solution. I have an LLC and I have never seen it as a hassle come tax time. but in the end you are providing something for their benefit. #3 – Perhaps think of it more as you are *helping* them solve a problem. #2 – You can put legal jargon in your contracts that limits the amount that people can sue you to. Either you file a 1065 partnership return and get a schedule K or file via your personal 1040 with a schedule C. I’d actually like to know how often this happens because I really don’t know. Restructuring my workday might help with this. and couldn’t honestly pitch anything. solve a pain point. What if I spend a ton of time on a bunch of non-sales? What if I sink a ton of time setting up materials and presentations and doing the sales thing (which I hate) and I can’t get people to sign on? I could have spent that time elsewhere instead (without sales. I’m a really private person and don’t like attention. I’m wondering if the 2nd business is the right one. which are usually worthless activities since programming is definitely a focused. but then I always tend to go back to “being normal” and look for a corporate job just to prove I am worth something. 13 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . Eventually it will get easier & easier the more I do it and give myself permission to do so. Take a look at any of those “Click accept to agree and continue” things no one reads and clicks through. high energy activity for me. 2011 at 1:50 am #1 – When you start a contract with people. “Nobody likes a pushy salesman (and ANY selling is being a pushy salesman. 2. If I create a side business I could miss out on other areas of my life I need to improve on. 3. the client knows in advance that they are paying a premium for you to fix something NOW.” “practice more. This is probably a family thing. Maybe how much energy gets drained when I talk to people trying to sell my services? I find any kind of sale call or client communication very draining and then I just want to do low energy activities the rest of the day. Reply Marvin February 9.” and plan at least a year or some shit ahead of you.” 3. workweek since then I could designate a certain day to client follow up/new sales activities). I hate facing the “i told you so” line. I don’t like to self-market and I am introverted – I’ll do it but not as much as I should.” Grew up middle-class and I’m used to living paycheque-to-paycheque. Dealing with people is a hassle. Also.5 or 2x. a big plan) and increase my social skills.)” An attitude holdover from the networking marketing business I tried – I was terrible at it because I KNEW people didn’t need this stuff. Reply Alexander February 9.) I worry I won’t be able to handle two businesses. I’m also a musician and I want to make it a professional career but my parents are like “what?” every time I talk to them about it. 2011 at 7:19 pm 1. I hope this helps. I’m totally scared of failing in front of everybody. Reply Shannon February 9. (My husband and I already own a FT business but I want to do something MYSELF on the side which I already started. 2011 at 7:16 pm 1. 3. Most would suggest raise prices but being product oriented that probably wouldn’t be a good idea. It’s about managing expectations.” “get ready. This way if you *are* disrupted by an emergency.. meaning 1. as opposed to waiting until the next morning. I’ve started to automate my finances though to make sure I’m saving each month. but I don’t know what. Strategy I am implementing: Start with baby steps (b/c they work vs. Pathetic i know. so i always end up on the sideline of it. “I’m not actually meant to be rich. 2011 at 7:17 pm I don’t have the time. 2. But then again. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to handle the business as it grows. “I’m just a young guy. I feel I have a disadvantage being an introvert and don’t have the right connections. Also. and people and “experts” often tell you on all those things that “you need to gear up. just another step and there I am.

I don’t need that much more. I don’t have a mind for money Since I was a kid. Of course. 2011 at 7:21 pm .. I’ve got a place to live and do my office work. If avoiding being publicly mocked by Ramit isn’t enough to motivate someone to hustle. maybe not. that all my fears/invisible scripts are bulls**t. They’re definitely worth testing. I become easily distracted but the novel shiny ideas. or change my client base. 4) As the big 3-0 draws close and recent personal events leave me gasping. Hell. It’s somewhat variable. How can anyone possibly make money!? There are too many people calling themselves photographers! Their quality can’t match mine but I’m not making any money and they are! waaaaaaaa!” After last night’s webinar. A fresh start. I don’t have time/money/location/equipment. I’ll be busting my ass not to be that guy who was making 800BPS (That’s nearly $1600 folks!) and quit because he was scared. As far as equipment.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. it means people are making money. 3. Withdrawing to heal. 1. and it seems like every other post is “waaaaa…. pays me a lot less than I’m really worth. I write nonfiction and fiction and I’m also good at tech stuff. Why would I want to do X on the side when I’ve got a pretty good career ahead of me doing Y? or Z product is just a ridiculous idea. but what I really want to make my money with is photography. So. 2011 at 7:19 pm (Enthusiasm. It also tells me. either because I fear it will be revealed as lacking or that I will miss the boat on something better. I can probably start my own business since I’ve read tons of books about it. when Dad can use the help. I fear that I may have made too many bad decisions. I’ll be taking these as positives. Plus. I work about 20-40 hours a week helping my father run his farm as he’s getting out of a strenuous part of the business due to both economics and injury. that’s exactly the problem. I read and know a lot of stuff and people tell me I’m good at them. Acceptance of self. I’ve been living in this tiny. Nice. Reply Audrey February 9. and computers that will do the job. on my back. I bought into the starving artist mythos. Selling sucks. 2011 at 7:25 pm 14 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . That is my problem. they’re not paying photographers who aren’t providing value. Accepting that the bad decisions weren’t all mine and do not reflect all of me. Perseverance. If the market has plenty of people in it. But really. and I will have wasted time and money. I don’t have the skills.The product offerings I think up I fear would take a lot of money to develop. I’ve got a few other ideas. in high school I purposefully ignored any advice regarding finances because I believed the mythos so fervently (Rather dramatic. I can always run that groupon or some other promotion if I really need the equipment upgrade. only to fail. $200 more would make life a lot easier. But I fear that I may have lost my way/ meandered too much to get there anytime soon. 3. I don’t know what is. Burying self doubt. I fear that to do them would take up all of my free time. and most of my weekends free. I’m afraid that I might not be able to do other things once I devote my time with a single but we’ll see. I’ve got one stream of income. . It comes from having to sell Girl Scout cookies and band fundraising products in my neighborhood as a kid. What am I really afraid of? Keeping my current standard of living. I spend a little time every day (less than an hour) skimming photography forums. I play the guitar. 2. It all depends on if I can find a way to make it profitable. being applied already: Introspection. though an extra $20. I’ll have Ramit & Co. Reply Steven February 9. Corrective measures. 2011 at 7:24 pm I’m a photographer.000 worth of equipment would be nice. I’m not a master of anything. 5) I’d like to be an expert at something. As an adult. I can always make money doing that. so a few months more or less aren’t a big deal for me. and leaves me living in the middle of nowhere. I have found it difficult to shed that belief and allow myself to become really good and smart about wealth. they do not give you a selling class in Girl Scouts either.. I just need to dominate these complainer’s sorry butts at marketing. I can’t focus on one thing. Reply Efan Bruder February 9. I have some service packages in mind that I believe will provide value.Many of the ideas I come up with are service offerings. I’ve got enough equipment to do the job. I’m twice the photographer that a lot of these people complaining are. I realize that’s actually a good sign. I compose my own songs. 2. Finally. I could do it. Maybe I’ll run a groupon for a $250 package “discounted” from $500 and accept that none of these customers will be repeats (groupon customers being notorious for that). Am I afraid I’ll lose money? Of course. niche-finding. but maybe throwing some cash at something that doesn’t quite work right. . I sing. a nice lens. Hit enter tad soon) Further. there was nothing worse than having to ring a stranger’s doorbell and ask them to buy from me. if I DON’T do something I’m going to be in the same place six months from now. It does provide me with rent-free living arrangements (hooray for old farms and hired hands quarters). no one would buy that! Reply Jen February 9. No one is paying photographers anymore! Wrong. They’re saying that worse photographers than them are making money? Then I should be able to make money. 2011 at 7:24 pm 1. with the only downside being that I’m in the same place 6 months from now? Hell. I cannot focus I have a lot of interests and am an idea generating machine. but it’s generally enough for me to keep eating and going out with my girlfriend. World best. anyway. As a shy kid. And if not. In fact. I can live with all that. Reply N February 9. Not a pleasant trait. Or I’ll come up with a better package of photography services and/or products. right?).I fear what others would think of some of my ideas. and providing value. right there in their complaints. I hate selling. cramped apartment long enough that I don’t really mind it that much. I’m a decent writer and researcher. This puts me on-call at some rather awkward times. but may not technically need it? I have pizza with the girlfriend instead of a steak dinner a couple more weekends than I might otherwise? I keep my crappy car an extra year? You know what. I struggle with following through on any one idea. what’s the worst that will happen? I stay and run a planter or a combine one more season. That snowballs into secret self-doubt. but isn’t really necessary. I’ve got a good camera. Maybe that’ll wind up being my freelance business.

I found you by accident a little bit before the 30-day course on hustling toward success and never stopped reading your emails since then. I find opportunities that line me up for my prospect and am worried that it will be something I really don’t enjoy. so that’s fairly simple.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. All of my knowledge is self-learned or learned on the field. I will make a fool out of myself. 15 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . and if paired with a really good Briefcase Technique-style pitch. The only thing is when I am doing school work I think about freelancing. 3. Reply Efan Bruder February 9.” Yeah. 2011 at 7:29 pm My venture as a lighting engineer/technical designer for the stage with no hopes for the future. but this email was like a slap in the face. expecting to fail some of the time. For federal tax purposes. money and energy into something that fails (usually because it is ridiculously stupid). … Ramit. 1. fear #1: I fear that I underperform when making music. It was PAINFUL at first. I just don’t get where the problem is coming in? Reply Michael Enquist February 9. Reply Ryan February 9. etc. meeting people. etc. Just file a Schedule C (I think) and be done with it.. I want to get some locally. Great work. it’s exactly the same as a sole proprietorship. apparently I have issues with people liking I’m not afraid to work hard. so the profit or loss just goes on your tax return just as a sole proprietorship would. I am afraid to sell to people (especially on the phone). and I know how I think about them (immature. My third fear is that I’ll end up losing all my free time. So I’m forcing myself to go to events and start conversations. Reply amandalee February 9. etc). #3: I’m afraid to talk to other people and create a network. But I know I’m not going to get any better unless I get beyond it and try.” Which is obviously false – I have sixteen live sites that I’ve worked on at my day job. but they’re a good example of the skills that I have and the types of sites I’m used to handling. I can’t seem to focus on just one thing at a time. No. I’m not good at it. and will be fully exposed as the fraud I am. They will think of me as scummy or selfish and will secretly dislike me. but am worried I won’t like it later on down the road. Dealing with it like a PUA deals with it helps – having practiced good openers. I perceive that the only gigs I will get won’t make me happy and create more stress in my life. 2011 at 7:29 pm Here are my three fears: #1: Not smart enough to carry on my idea or plan. and it’s never going to bring me the wages that freelancing as a webdev would. but it’s not going to get me to where I need to be.. and that’s the problem – it’s easy cash. Thanks for the great content! Rafael Boselli Reply Zyon McCalley February 9. as well as work with more higher-profile clients. So I’ve been going to networking events. I am really good a being a technician for a theatre. 3) “It would be so much easier to get a bartending job. My first two fears are essentially the same as the first post (Thomas Brown) except that I’m not in IT. I know people who have dedicated time. but I want to work less – not more.” I moved to a new city a month ago and while I still have clients from before my move. disappointing the people who hired me. I didn’t design them start to finish. People will think like that about me. I have no education or certification (highschool dropout even!). State taxes tend to just go off your federal return. I’d probably be totally fine. and one day people will find out and any business idea i start will come crashing down. I’m afraid of that my venture of a lighting engineer will only put myself into a small profit/starving artist rut. fear #2: I fear that my career as a classical singer turns out to be an illusion. a single-member LLC is a disregarded entity. 2011 at 7:26 pm I’ve been very impressed with all of this material so far. 2) “I need to get a portfolio site set up before I start finding clients. I’m afraid of putting myself in action because I think I should be focusing on school instead of freelancing. 2. 2011 at 7:25 pm 1) “I’m an introvert. … Wow. #2: I don’t have enough experience: I know I will become an architect one day but I’m afraid to start because I’m already 24 and never practiced architecture before. I feel that I will one day take on a project that will be out of my range. 2011 at 7:30 pm @Joseph Erickson How is an LLC a pain at tax time? If you’re the only member of the LLC. fear #3: I fear that I can not meet my own expectations. They will not trust me. irresponsible. That was painful… Reply Rafael Boselli February 9. Reply Joe P February 9. I have this weird idea that I am a fraud. 3. I’m afraid of having to decide. 2. 2011 at 7:27 pm 1. 2011 at 7:58 pm Efan. I have to be honest with you that I’m already changing the way I see and think about my life and fears by reading and trying to truly understand your ideas.

Carl February 9. Reply T. I let this fear take me away from calling my friend to see if he knows anyone with more work for me. 2011 at 7:32 pm 1. I don’t necessarily think that I could do the jobs that I see. 3)I’m afraid of what people will say when I ask them to pay for my service. Reply Speed February 9. I think that these fears are slowing down my progress though. above: I didn’t think I’d be able to earn enough extra to make a difference to my life. 16 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . And freelancing needn’t be about giving people my ideas for them to execute. and I can always suspend freelancing when I know I’m going into a crunch period. even if we think it’s stupid and obvious to us …. 2. or worse that I will be challenged in a way that I don’t know how to answer and will “be exposed as a fraud” 2. Not everyone is a math person. There wasn’t the urgency to earn more money as I was getting by OK. but I know that I need to push through with my “permission to suck”. 3) “It will take up too much of my time to get and serve clients. this didn’t cut through my fog of BS in my mind clouding me from going out to find more of this work. and vice-versa. Reply Michael Enquist February 10.” This is the most empowering statement I’ve read so far. 2011 at 7:32 pm 1) “My day job won’t let me contract on the side” – While this may or may not be true.I fear that I will not be able to be organized enough to deliver in ways that will impress the client 3. Co-workers might think I’m less committed to the cause. 2011 at 7:31 pm My invisible scripts are perhaps: 1) I don’t have anything of quality to offer. When I look at Elance. This is a great revelation for me. Somehow. but it’s one that I’ve always had running in the back of my head. and I got $3000 for it. these fears are based on some of my experiences since taking E1K last year. I don’t have enough time. I’m afraid that I have no marketable skills. I do have some confidence that I could learn and get up to speed. You need to execute on ideas. I fear that what I produce will not be seen for the value it provides but as a cost that can be cut I will tell you the truth. they may think I’m slacking. It took two hours of my time. I have had some wins too and I certainly do not regret taking the course – it is the most comprehensive and spot-on course you will ever take on the subject.. I am currently making anywhere from 200-500 per month on the side. 2011 at 12:23 am Which is why people need the service we can provide. two weeks in a row. What may seem obvious to you and me may be obscure to other people. 2011 at 4:07 pm Stephanie. I fear that when I pitch. 3. and vice-versa. 2) “Ideas are worthless. And its not untrue – but the interpretation is very strict. Reply Michael S February 9. I’ve let this one thought stop my from pursuing anything external. just doing this has given me some clarity on why I’m not on the Hunt for more business.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. and 2. It would take very little time to look up the employment contract or contact HR to find out an explicit answer to any non-competes I have and what they entail. I was too comfortable and afraid of upsetting my routine. But yet. I will not be taken seriously. or they are worthless. The problem here I think is that I was looking at the headline figures – thinking in terms of stocks rather than flows. and/or ridicule me if/when I fail. above in that my priority wasn’t money or my career. I was worried about adding more pressure on my life in addition to my fulltime job and study commitments. This is related to 1. 3. honestly its more about helping them understand and refine their ideas in ways that will make it easy to execute and increase the return on that execution. Thank you! Reply Prithvi Raj February 9. “Fear of tax forms” is just as widespread as fear of testing. 2011 at 7:32 pm 1. and besides who would I even get?” – I actually did some freelancing for an academic friend. y’know. 2011 at 7:33 pm 1. Thanks Ramit Reply Kerry NZ February 9. I need to internalize this to move forward. Reply Jordan February 10.. a mantra (invisible script) that is passed around a lot are that ideas are worthless. Now I’m no longer in fulltime employment and realise that my savings will only last three years. Reply Stephanie Fraide February 9. Monday’s seminar helped me get rid of this one. but my studies (which I wasn’t thinking of as a potential money earner but as a interest thing). but I fear failure. so who would pay to hear mine” – Especially in the field of Game Design. finances must become the priority. Related to 1. To really change things financially. 2011 at 9:52 pm “What may seem obvious to you and me may be obscure to other people. I have faced these situations in my quest to earn 1K. 2) The service I’m offering is available for cheaper elsewhere. If they see I’m spending time elsewhere. My hours are incredibly flexible.

3. who cares? I don’t want to be a mid-level manager. ever. My fears/scripts: 1. 2 – I’m afraid I will fail at my idea — which makes me think that I will then have to come back to my shitty job. That is an absolute death sentence. FIRST. No options about it. 2. it’s not true. but I always had food on the table. The payout will not be worth the effort put into it. and I-don’t-know-what-else that results from not having gone to school in this area. as I really do not have much to offer to them (Senior Marketing student at a Univ. laid off several times. 2 – It will be just another waste of time. networks. 2) I don’t think I will get paid. tail between my legs. but that I suck at doing the things that are most important to me. 3) I don’t have time. I am shy at networking events and when I do speak to people. and have done so ever since. 3 – I don’t know how to sell PS – I’m taking Optimism classes from Eeyore. 2011 at 7:33 pm 1. 3 – I’m afraid I will succeed at my idea — which makes me think about all the stuff that happens when great ideas really take off (which I KNOW is the case with my idea). 2011 at 7:36 pm 1 – I’m afraid that I will get my idea completely set up. Ramit. Everything I do think of has already been done better by others.. Reply Leah February 9. I’ll get bored with a business idea before it can blossom I throw myself so completely into things that I burn out quickly. 2011 at 7:34 pm 1. So I need to put one foot in front of the other and begin the leap. I teach classrooms full of adult students.) Reply Benjamin Williams February 9. worst thing possible. May February 9. etc. and I’ll run smack up against a wall created by my lack of authority. Objectively. a bit of $$ will start coming in. like less time for my family. I never can figure out what to say. which was ugly by times. I can’t think of a good idea. Reply Alex Ball February 9. which is of course directly related to the first. with all the evil nightmares that entails. 3. I don’t have “management potential” Skimming over the comments so far. 2011 at 7:33 pm First off. 2011 at 7:34 pm 1) I can’t afford the gamble. growing too big too quickly and having everything crash down around me… which brings me back to fear #2. which will make me hate myself and my job even more than I do now… AND that then people will know that not only am I barely good enough to be a secretary at a lame commuter school. I’m seeing a lot of people with variations on my #1 invisible script that I’ve had since childhood: fear of being “found out” to be inadequate. I am not a good networker. getting that to register emotionally. Reply Kiko February 9. Another invisible script is the fear that I’m going to run out of money. I’m too young to be taken seriously I’m only 23 and have only been in my first “real world” job for a year now. Reply Jennifer February 9. but the fear remains. and there’s always been enough. I try to keep two answers in my head to the idea that I am not “management material”. I supported myself through university. I know I can go work on an ambulance. I don’t have the talent to do it. Then what? Reply Ms.. and there’s food on the table and savings in the bank. and quit a couple of jobs. or not having gotten prior experience in this area… even though I know in my head and heart that it ain’t rocket science. unprofessional. which undermines my confidence at every turn. managing project teams is cake. I’ve been fired once. I do not know how much time I would be able to invest in the business while working a pay-the-bills full time job. As for the third.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. people will discover that I’m actually incompetent. the guilt of having to juggle kids and a husband with my dreams and passions. a fraud. They’re going well. but it never seems to register emotionally with me that I am. there are more important things to spend money on like tires for the car to take me to my “real” job. again. In the 15 years of my career. That was a pretty cool surprise. SECOND. and it all works out just fine. or if it hasn’t been done well yet. I don’t have enough expertise in any area to sell it. people would think my ideas area awesome and would find them by word of mouth. I know that I’m very good at what I do (ultra-technical writing). I own my company. 2011 at 7:33 pm 1 – When it’s just me out there offering my services. The effort needed will take away from family and/or downtime for myself. The trick is. as well. I don’t have the money to invest in myself. If all else fails. and ask for my crap position BUT all of these completely pale in comparison to the fear that I will have to raise a family as a secretary at a crap commuter school for the rest of my working life. 2. Reply 17 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . and that everything will run great. Inadequacy 2. Running out of money 3. and manage teams of rescuers on training exercises and actual incidents. by comparison. thanks for quoting me in today’s email. or. being exhausted. I hate selling products and I’m scared of selling myself In my perfect world.

I’m afraid that my product won’t help people as I intended/marketed it to: It’s becoming apparent to me (now) that I’ve have had this invisible script telling me if I fail once. I’m not sure my idea is worth the time investment to get it started – I know it can make me a bit of money but I’m still hung up on the idea of money per hour. and therefore won’t be able to network or find clients. or if I got negative feedback about something. I’m living with my mom and have no job. Anonymous February 9. I don’t feel comfortable posting them but two of the three I have control over and the third fear. or damned if you don’t” succeed kind of script!! I hate it. 2011 at 7:40 pm Fear 1. 2011 at 7:40 pm 1. most of whom are related to me.. I could put myself out there and even getting a minimum wage job to bring in something even if it’s not ideal. Even writing this I realize this all one big fear ball. 2011 at 7:48 pm 1. tips. 2) I don’t know in what field to Reply Dave February 9. I’m afraid to put myself out there.” Why would someone let a 22 years old give them advice or help them with their problems? I know this is wrong since I can look around and identify numerous young professionals making money through freelance gigs. but it’s still a fear. I read books over books. and devoted a lot of time and emotion to them without actually taking much action. 3. But today I would hate to go back to translating. 2. Can I make it through this period without giving up? I keep stalling until “I’m ready” to handle this hard work. I’d find it hard training someone else: I don’t even know why I think this! It’s like a “you’re damned if you do. 2011 at 7:37 pm Wow. Reply Chelsea Rae Schmidt February 9. *I know that having more experience/knowledge/wilingness to do the thing the person is paying me for is enough. 2011 at 7:46 pm 1) “I have no money to invest in myself” I recently filed bankruptcy. For over five years. made me see I need to have more faith in the people around me. I’ve got to say. Once they know. I was a perfect student when I had a professor to impress but if I work for myself I’m afraid I will just end up wasting all my time and feeling like a loser in the end. I’m an exhausted mother of 3 kids. No one will pay me solve a problem when I’m not an expert*. that the whole venture is a failure. In the beginning it will be a lot of work with little money coming in. 2. Feels like a step backwards. age 3 and under (1 toddler. It worked. I have a network of about 5 people. 3) I feel like a complete failure in the job department since having the kids. I’d see a lot of “mucking around” time that could be used more effectively! Fear 3. Ramit – thank you. I did the exercise and three very specific fears came to the top. thanks for pointing this principle (fears before tactics) out Ramit. 2011 at 7:46 pm 1. 3. 2) “I have skills but I very little patience” I can do a few things better than most people but I always feel like trading those skills for money will be frustrating and hard work and I get scared of putting myself out there and getting bad clients 3) “I don’t know how to communicate my value” I know how to save money and I know how to create more value in a business and I get scared of putting myself out there and people not understanding what it is I can do. I can’t prove any results/success yet ( Maybe because I haven’t started…?) 3. once I typed it out. I focus too much on the lack instead of how much free time I have. I even took a few years off to live in the caribean. I don’t have a good enough idea. 2 baby-twins). I’m a great mama Reply Kurnik February 9.… but I never start) 2. Ramit) even though I LOVE the material. 2011 at 7:41 pm 1. taking my two best customer’s business with me. 8 years ago i was a successful freelance translator. Fear that I cannot change my habit of giving up on ideas without actually seeing them through to reality. Although. I think if I video’d my life. I don’t have the will power to follow through – In order to get started I would have to tell people about my idea. Fear 2. That should the business be very successful. I don’t have the time to devote to it: I see this as a fear that has been holding me back in the past… but it’s really untrue. I need still more preparation before I can start. Reply Valérie February 9. Reply Erica February 9. But of course. (But I know I am… hopefully) Reply Chris Montone February 9. (Thats my greatest fear since years. I’m too young for people to trust me with their money or time – I graduated university less than a year ago and still haven’t had a “real job. websites. I always just eventually write off each idea as being too hard. Maybe I am not good enough.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k.. 2011 at 7:44 pm 1) i have no time. Just writing down these scripts has deflated their power. or having 18 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I have thought of “great business ideas” and get-rich-quick schemes. Reply Melissa February 9. your Failure Expectation is helping me get my head around this one quite well too. I fall asleep when I read Ramit’s e-mails on my laptop (sorry. they can all be there to watch me crash and burn.

I am too busy/stressed between my job.. Fear of wasting a large part of my savings on a course and not having it actually help me earn back the money (and more). Unsure of spending savings on an idea/business. and I sure as hell won’t set a bad example for my kids. 2011 at 7:50 pm 1. –But I never actually try. If I make a major shift it will require sacrifices from my first 2 priorities which I am not sure I can give up nor do I want to wreck the successes of the first two. month off. Some days I feel really capable. So far. No offense. essentially. My father doesn’t work like that. too many competitors. could be over taken by my 3rd priority (biz). why can’t I think of something like that? 2. I do good by doing well. enough of these scripts. and uncomfortable. I don’t have a car. So. Also. Average people don’t have a plan.” bullshit. My husband has made the priorities of #1 family. other people are there for support. Reply Shannon February 9. normal people have nothing and can’t really affect the world. nothing will ever change. I have failed. they don’t have a mission. forget fitting in. Mind just seeks the negative. it would be a heavy blow (financially and mentally). I’m hesitant to start. which he is really not in love with) so that I could be home with our kids and build an art business from home. 3. I have worked so hard for so long to come from a poor background and accumulate savings and remain entirely debt free. without a parent. even if my work might be totally worth a higher rate. and my 2nd priority (God/service).com/privatelist/invisible-scripts/?awt_l=MKZRB&awt_m=. making me fear I am unworthy of charging more because I walked to this job agency place. Therefore. Continuing from above – I decided (for a few reasons) that I needed to start bringing in an income. I suck at networking and selling myself and my ideas. Ramit–not trying to call you a scammer. Be extraordinary. a bit scary. 3. month on. and for recruitment: they are not there to LEAD YOU LIKE A FARM ANIMAL. will the money stop coming? Will my idea be obsolete? Reply Adam Hayes February 9. 2011 at 7:54 pm #1 Not enough money/resources. I don’t like to work like that. and if I were to be “scammed” and give that money away without improving my life. and will land me my dream job of Foreign Service Officer. I got them on board with me. got 2 full time offers. my husband decided to take an overseas job. it’s all in your head. My part of our plan was to build and make enough of an income to bring him home from the rig work.0 every semester from here on out. I feel guilty about it and am worried my guilt would overcome me and I would offer a lower rate. Reply Darryl February 9. and it won me the Presidency of the Radford University Hillel-B’nei Beryth. I don’t want to charge you to much. #2 Afraid of starting due to many “What if” scenerios. but most days I overpower my confidence with negative self-talk before I get out of bed in the morning. #2 work. for advice. 2011 at 7:54 pm 1 Fear – I afraid that my 1st priority (family. I’m trying to transition from stay at home mom to major financial contributor. 2011 at 7:50 pm 1.. I like to make things. it feels like I’m paralyzed sometimes. I deleted this script two weeks ago. Reply Al February 9. 19 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . Can I continuously make money? — What happens if I mess up. they don’t think in term of “I will do”. You won’t fit in by being Ambitious: This governed my life until I realized who I was trying to fit in with: the average people. and we now complete our complementary goals together. I need to finish my degree before I am worth more pay in my job or able to attract clients in a freelance business. so I never actually know. When I started taking responsibility for myself. but they put at risk our first priority (family) because the five kids would be left alone. We have a spectacular marriage and family and it didn’t get that way by accident. even though I have studied for a year. “This will ALL change” Reply Dave February 9. Fear of actually charging a high rate. I am weak. I don’t want to look bad or hurt your feelings. I brought out the best in people. one can only UNDERSELL THE EFFORT THAT ONE IS WILLING TO PUT IN. 2011 at 7:50 pm I am not qualified enough. one CANNOT oversell themselves. I thought that the commandment “Wrong no one in buying or selling” meant “Don’t oversell yourself”. stay at home mom). #3 God/service. As the fellow above states. and so I prefer the idea of having a product-based business to a service-based business. (oil rigs. 2011 at 7:52 pm Shameless Salesmanship is Morally Wrong: I follow Torah. they think in terms of “wouldn’t it be nice if I could do…but I can’t. 3. will get me a 4. I tried to negotiate with the one job for shorter hours or a different arrangement and they almost did it but were afraid of what it would do to the rest of the workers.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 2. because I walked to this job interview. Sounds risky + fear. I’m afraid on how to get started — It’s something new. It was choices. It sure is hard to know who to trust these days. because I don’t know what my services are worth. so at the surface. You need to listen to what everybody else thinks you should do: Bullshit again. I don’t think I have an idea good enough — I always see these neat ideas like Groupon that seem to take off. We’ve been married 28 years (8 kids) and that has required tons of time and energy. if I don’t do anything. this is WRONG. 2 Fear – I’m afraid of not being able to actually do it. 2. the #1 goal is to improve my situation and free myself from working for others. When I charge to the extent of what I actually deserve. and let me increase our influence in the Community. I give more. etc. everyday for hours. Reply Doug February 9. Looked for a job. and my family to focus on new projects. sacrifice and handwork. my schoolwork. However.

After moving and now with the economy. so trying to get involved in another activities will cause struggle in my job. It was there that I realized I hated doing the same thing over and over. I can most likely FIND a solution for them. and doing art on demand. Probably grad school baggage between fine art & lowbrow illustration. working on computer art. which has brought some success but not the successes that equals a steady income. This fear I have means I don’t network. I hardly ever saw them.) Call it being spoiled but I want to find something to do that’s new and creative on most days. I’ve also felt this way about all sorts of things I’ve done. I’ve always considered myself ‘lucky’ instead of smart. I am scattered though. I could probably go on but this is all the soul searching I can do at the moment Reply Molly February 9. I could easily wake up earlier than her or even just schedule a time to have it for myself. actually. 2. If I choose to focus on illustration should I specialize in natural history illustration or just general whatever? Then I do research see plenty of people worse than me and better than me. 3. when in reality I can do plenty of work offline. and have had VERY spotty internet (though lately it’s been great. Before moving. It’s pretty much trial and error and I keep getting no where. not many people want my art the way I’m doing it. Freelance illustration. a set style (would be a strength to most). the same way they got theirs. because I think I do not have the “credentials” i. I guess that is my final analysis. This can come back to haunt me because one’s reputation can be permanently ruined if this gets out on the internet. and reduction in my performance 3. creatively speaking. 2011 at 7:56 pm My scripts. I also used that as an excuse. Reply Paul February 9. I had started to make connections in the art world and had an art biz plan. Even getting your hat in the ring can yield more opportunities down the line when something does come up that they need. Spirals into. In a way I think I’m afraid of finding out how easy this all is. I think that i have lot more than three. I’m also learning that when I think others are working ‘hard. It’s embarrassing. I should have already started and been successful at this. Reply Andy February 9.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. but what I WANT to be doing for myself is what I did for years already at my past job (quit in Nov). Also. whenever I wanted. I tell myself it’s too late and I’ve already screwed it up. this is often the case. consulting. I feel scattered. Somewhat of a continuation of above. I’m foregoing the experiences required to reach social maturity. teaching art classes. by not socializing. just like my old job. By the time I’m successful it will be too late. and not sure if these are the bigest: 1. don’t contribute to forums (or even pay attention to them). ha. and I think I’m getting my dad’s ADD. The crazy part is.) I’m getting way too late a start. It’s severely holding me back.e. or even try to talk or discuss with upper management levels. Somehow all my work ideas are something I hear someone have tried in other place. selling related items on Etsy. I’m just waiting for the right idea.’ Reply Heberth February 9. I’ve got so much to do. or industrious. She loves hitting up facebook and perusing her emails as anyone and I let myself use that as an excuse to not be productive when I go online. since high school. even if I don’t immediately have it and give them an amiable deadline later than ‘right now. I should be a genius when it comes to business sense. When I wanted to learn how to paint I went back to school and got a degree in illustration. even though I know that it’s not true. hooray!). and then take advantage of a connection when I get one by simply uploading it. * There’s no point in wasting lots of time making something marginally better if nobody cares about quality. especially about money. It’s true: every adult I’ve descended from owns their own business. I have been able to do whatever I have wanted. I feel like the rest of my life is just “catching up” financially and I don’t deserve to take a financial risk. 3) “I won’t have the necessary skills/product to fulfill my clients’ needs” – I’m so afraid that a client will call me and I simply won’t be able to help them. and feeling like a total jackass for not making a go of it sooner. * Everyone in my family is a business owner. 2011 at 7:55 pm 1) “It’s too much work and I am not a hard enough worker” – sounds strange. New state. As a result of being a stay at home mom. Yet. 2) “I don’t have the proper equipment” – I’m currently sharing a computer (hers) with my fiance. and I have. because there is a lot of family tension and nobody talks to each other. how successful I can be.) I’m not good enough. and because of this I do not seek upper management backing me up. My friends tell me these are all connected and in the same vain. 2. 4 Fear – I’m afraid of being stuck doing something I hate. new 25 acres of country living. don’t have facebook or linkedin. I get discouraged and give up without trying. I do not have a master degree. I’ve pretty much figured out how to do most things but I can’t figure how to make a go of the things I love. this is good enough.’ they’re probably just doing busy nonsense. or tried on another scale.) I don’t know what to focus on I have so many ideas. new job for my husband who leaves out of the country every other month. My ideas are just or below average: I do not have “brilliant” or new ideas to offer. Further. my obsession with branding and having things feel cohesive/have integrity. 3 Fear – I’m afraid of not having a clue of how to do it. Continuing from above – A few years ago we moved several states away from our home of 15 years. We’ve also been traveling since Nov. 2011 at 7:55 pm 1. or I do not have deep knowledge of the theme. There are 2 problems here: 1) When do results trump quality? 2) I don’t get to push myself to do better if I never get to the hard stuff. In one regard. How would I know how they actually started their business if I’ve never been able to talk to them about it? I’m afraid to The truth is I’ve read a lot of books that improve my value and have gotten good and efficient at working. Although I know I’ve done tons of difficult things in life and all I need to do is work at this.Why did I go into SO much debt to get an MFA when I could have been making money doing illustration. but I wasn’t taught or mentored. I stunt my own career growth by not participating in and exploring future opportunities. but in my head they are compartmentalized and separate. 20 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . But I’ve just kept on doing things. (So I went more in the direction of fine art. I do not have enough preparation: I stop myself to participate in specialized groups. For some reason I was always of the belief that things ‘just came to me’ at that job (increases of sales by 20%+ every year). or share too much information with other people because I haven’t learned how to play nicely with others.. Every time I decide on one area to focus on. I can be too. I do not have enough time to participate: I am too much involve in the day to day stuff.. 2011 at 7:57 pm * I have to be careful not to get too close. or to jump on leadership certain projects. Just like you mentioned this week I am doing too many things and while I am working on all of them I am not getting results as I never focus on one thing long enough. I just open up a deeper level of uncertainty which includes second guessing that decision..

Perfection is not the same as high Reply Olga February 9. Guess what brain? You can’t suck more than what you’re currently doing if you practice because practice surprisingly improves things even if you think you’re going backwards! 3.. 3. Because I need to improve my portfolio doing anything else besides work related tasks or portfolio tasks is a waste of time even though I’d rather do something else so to assuage my guilt I’ll just do nothing instead. 2. I’ve been following your monthly posts and have started to take some action so if I ever reach that “B” class I’ll be ready to join eark1k8. By cutting corners on one project. There are too many projects. This isn’t wrong of the company provide them (it is about to be an independent direct seller) .. I’ve never being an ‘action person’……I ‘ve always been too thoughtfull and afraid. How the hell else am I going to improve anything if I don’t do anything? I need to suck this up and deal with the pain of doing a bunch of crap work in order to improve instead of imagining how good I’d be if only this or that. 2. 3. Now that there’s more pressure on me. I have an idea in mind to develop a youth career counseling service and I THINK I know what that market wants. Reply David February 9. “Get ‘er done!” is the motto. I’ve internalized a lot of his complaints so that I don’t get motivated by any wins at work. Which I don’t even separate mentally as a day job like he does. I haven’t accomplished anything that’s worth accomplishing. The hard part about working in academics is the lack of rigorous guidelines. My boyfriend is constantly upset about the lack of side work because he’s a workaholic. It seems odd that scientists are expected to follow precise protocols. Reply Cat February 9. It’s going to take so long to improve my portfolio because I have to work on these new skills that I may not be able to understand properly because I didn’t automatically absorb them while in school. 21 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . and thinks that if I mention wanting to do something I better do something about it.0 Keep up the great work and here’s to your continued success. I always screw-up so i’ll screw this up also. . 2011 at 8:11 pm 1. 3. especially because it’s been YEARS in relation to the story.but it is hard for me to take actions…. I’m afraid that I will not live up to the new set of expectations of my supervisor if I’m focusing my efforts on a side hustle. I’m a shy introvert who speaks as if he has marbles in his mouth so how will i ever be able to rustle up fears include: 1.I have this great business ready to take action in and ready to start working on it with all the free tips. 2. but as a result I feel that he doesn’t acknowledge the career progress I’ve made in my day job. I need to accept that we’ll not see eye to eye about this and concentrate on getting the baby steps in one at a time. I’m afraid that I don’t know what my customers want.This is a mix of internal and external pressure. How about I actually do the work involved first instead of worrying about imaginary critics? 4.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. ideas and tips that work because I’ve seen others applying them and being successful. but the products and services that they depend on are not subject to strict requirements. I’m too stupid to become successful. fear of sucking and fear of pain. Reply Tyler February 9. In the end the only person who’ll see the bad work is me. Now I see why psychologists and priests will never go out of business. Which I find incredibly hypocritical of him to be lecturing me about because I strongly believe that it’s more important to get what you spend 40 hours a week on in line with what you want rather than scuttling away at night for the rest of your life. but nobody will no the difference or seems to care. What if something terrible were to happen to me tomorrow. and the product works because I’ve tried on me but still not selling it because I am not good at dealing with people. I’m in that “C-” class that you look down upon.This is utterly irrational but always a constant problem. Reply Stephanie H February 9. how would I handle it and how could I not be a burden on those around me.. I’m afraid that I don’t know where to begin finding out what my customers actually want and am afraid that what they want won’t align with my skills. I can’t start drawing this story until my skills improve more because I don’t want to be like the people who show a remarkable amount of improvement over time but are stuck with a shaky start. but still not taking actions because I am scare of failing. Because I haven’t done any of the above on the side. I love the product . 2011 at 7:57 pm My Fears: 1) I am scared that I will be wasting my time doing another awful job. . 2011 at 7:58 pm Hi Ramit.This is a fear based on public humiliation. 2011 at 7:58 pm 1. trainings etc etc…. 2. Thanks for all the great info. 2) I am afraid of jumping to something new. Everyone is ready to share their fears and hangups at the drop of a hat. I know these three BS excuses are mostly pychological ones. Related to the first point. Anyways…. . While I’m personally pretty damn happy about what I do for money. 2011 at 7:57 pm 1. I’m afraid that developing a second revenue stream would detract from the quality of work I’m doing at my full-time job. cause I have a product that works and all the tips in the world…. I’d love to take your course Ramit but sad as it is for me to admit. scratch that. .. The amount of arrogance behind this fear is ridiculous since it hinges on being successful enough to even get an audience. I can proceed on to the next. what if shomething terrible were to happen to me today.. I have 2 full years of work scheduled ahead of me (job security). I am scare of approaching to a person I do not know and talk about the product…. without there being a “new” net to catch me 3) MY FAVORITE: “What if”. This is also an insane fear based on the remotest possibility that anyone would actually see or care about my work. I’ve spent the last year working really hard to get a promotion – which I got! – but I know that I want to and need to develop multiple income streams. I need to improve my portfolio because that’s the only way I’ll be able to get the jobs I want.Fear of trying and failing..

Fear Factor Number Two: My head is blurred with business ideas. right?). give the time I need to my “real” job (like doing something on the side wouldn’t be “real”. Then two different family members screwed me over and tainted the whole thing (as well as drained almost all of my capital). I wouldn’t know how to price my products correctly..3 is fear that i won’t be able to makes something really outstanding alone Reply Zaid Rasid February 9. I want to maintain this lifestyle. 2011 at 8:10 pm No1. and I have designed things so that I minimize my interactions with others. deliver incredible value. then not have it go anywhere. 3: I wouldn’t be able to make a sale/get any clients. I’m afraid I will have to fight with my wife to get into the course. What do I try to do about these? Hmmm. putting money into the idea. How do I go back to qualified leads with a totally different approach or offering? 3. Because of my fear of people. 2011 at 8:04 pm 1. I was very successful and I love technical analysis. I’m afraid that my whole industry is seen as a necessity to minimize and not a value to maximize. too. 2:I don’t have anything valuable to offer. I instantly see the benefits. Alone. too. My fear is that freelancing will just expose me to more and more people. no coworkers. I am too kind and easily fooled. If i screw up. and no customers. years ago I quit my job as a highly-paid IT professional and started day trading full time with my own capital. a full-time employee (plus change). My family doesn’t have a lot of extra cash laying around and waiting for me to say.2 is fear of responsibility No. “Hey. I organically grew in new career directions and after 3 years I am now a highly paid professional in a totally different IT field in a new country. but there are countless people offering similar things (*cough* etsy) and I don’t know how to differentiate myself or have high enough prices to make it cost effective. as a pure challenge. I love to do crafts. I’ve never been good at selling and don’t have the presence /shark sense/communication style to be good at sales. No. and still make money. I’ve been down this road. or even a month into things. Fear #3 – I don’t know what to do to get started. . Fear #2 – I’d have to spend too much money to get started. I’ve gone through a period of unemployment when i first started my career and I did not like the stress of finding a new job. get respect. Okay. this is scary. Every time Ramit explains ways to interact with others in more effective ways. I am intimidated by what my competition might be. I have a feeling that CEOs or clients will have these impractical 22 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I had a It was heaven. What I want from a freelance career is to find a way to further minimize my interactions while maximizing my income. I’m afraid that my solutions will not be seen as valuable. owes back taxes and has to pay fines for not getting permits or other silly things like that. and then be left alone until the next month. 2011 at 8:13 pm 1) I’m afraid that if I work free-lance. and I’m worried that this will become another one.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 2011 at 8:01 pm Fear #1 – I’m too busy to be an entrepreneur. i won’t have a continuous source of income regularly. My dream job is to interact with clients once or twice over email. 3) I don’t feel like I’m specialized enough to charge large rates. I’m afraid of people …. I’d like to start a business today!” And I have a history of getting excited about something. “You wasted our money!” We already had a fight over a $100 book … 2. get paid a ton of cash. (5) I’m afraid my dream is a fantasy… Reply LAR February 9. Can I add a fear about posting revealing crap I because I’m afraid everyone will think I’m a loser? Reply Maria February 9. Reply Nicki February 9. is fear of my own self judgement. and when I try to research it I get overwhelmed. that can’t happen. And then fight with her if applying the course does not end up profiting us. I decided to start all over from the ground up.. I’m afraid I’ll be the person that five years into things. Gave everything away.. i tend to hate myself unresonably. and require more and more interaction. be with my family. Reply Anton February 9. 2) I’m afraid I’ll make less that I make now. I would feel less worthy if I made less monthly. I’e worked hard to reach a certain salary level.. I enjoy the job security of regular income. Fear Factor Number Three: I am scared of failing. I have started a lot of small projects and sometimes have trouble carrying them through. Reply Jordan February 9. I’m afraid that I will lose credibility with my market if I start in one direction and have to change it if turns out badly or wrong. This is related to my above point. With no bosses. My desk is in a corner. This one I almost didn’t want to submit here. Reply Jordan February 9. I’m a mother. behind a large plant. and got a job in a temp agency as a temp receptionist to see what it took to get somewhere from nothing. I don’t know the legal stuff I have to do. 2011 at 8:23 pm 4. Then. and I wouldn’t be able to have any fun ever if I tried to start another job on the side. 2011 at 8:09 pm 1: I don’t have the internal focus to carry this through.This is a big fear of mine since I have a steady pay check at the moment and live a comfortable lifestyle. and it is difficult to decide on which one to focus.. lived out of my car. and I feel that if I go free-lance then there is the possibility of losing a regular pay cheque and not being able to meet rent. 2011 at 8:03 pm Fear Factor Numero Uno: I am not an entrepreneur type. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have any time to sleep. then recoil because it means that I would have to actually do it ….

– Analysis: Current employment is covering my expenses. but in the end. Thanks btw for this exercise. at whatever rate is realistic for me. plus a solid hour or two on the weekend) means that I can focus intensely for those five hours. that I can position myself as an expert in. While I have more than 3 invisible scripts. i fear spending that much money. It will give me hope that after this current contract is over. I realized that the concept of “yesterday’s weather” is actually holding me back. then enjoy the rest of my non-work time feeling like progress is being made. I’m thinking about my customers. Besides my salary this will be my second stream of income. which is very much appreciated and your perspective is most helpful. i know have the skills and intellect to live a rich life on my terms but it’s hard (maybe more surreal) to leap at the opportunity when it’s not packaged the way we’re used to seeing a results laden program. i fear not capitalizing on my potential. i’m all about challenges and i want to learn how maximize my potential correctly. #2: “Some of my friends think I am greedy because I share with them my business ideas. Reply Eric February 9. goals they need met. However. 2011 at 8:15 pm #1: “I don’t have enough experience.. $100. Fearfull of a major change and getting out of my comfort zone or habbits with my present work condition. starting this new endeavor part-time is realistic and something I can do currently.” I know this comes from working with established professionals early in my career. I need to obtain better marketing skills. 2011 at 8:13 pm Fear #1 – Convincing my husband that this time is different and it isn’t some hair-brained idea that I never end up following through on. they all occurred in small steps. 3. end of. Not only will I have a better idea. i just keep pushing myself to take those small uncomfortable steps to change the results to what i want them to be. I also realize that it is a great learning opportunity to be around seasoned pros. 2011 at 8:14 pm Ramit…Thanks for your support. i’m spending time. money is money and until you can find a way to multiply it wears on you when you spend money you don’t think you have. I was rushing around all the time. because I don’t know for sure whether my free-lancing idea will work. 2011 at 8:18 pm 1. Over the last week I have made much progress on my iPhone app than I have in the last month. 2011 at 8:17 pm 1) I’ve done my idea before and it ended up sucking. who are more like me than they used to be (because I’m getting older . 2. That I will put in a lot of time and Committing to five hours/week (which I can do a half-hour at a time after the kids are in bed. I promised my family I wouldn’t take on anything else until my current full-time contract is over. and not one big jump. Reply Will Lien February 9. – Analysis: This has to do with marketing. February 9. and also have some savings as a cushion. so I’m afraid to compete against them. Or let’s say a CEO has an expectation to get ranked first in Google for all of his keywords. screw it – i’m using my tax return and whatever money i can get my hands on to facilitate getting this course. i need to get that first big win. i make sure i do all the challenges and post because it takes me out of my consumer mindset 2. Fearfull of being poor. I’m afraid of those types of expectations. Reply CL February 9. I need to identify the exact type of client who will pay for my services and set a goal of obtaining 1 new client a week/every 2 weeks/ every month. I got paid too little. energy and money on myself.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. Focused action gets results. I’m afraid that there are people out there who are probably better skilled than me in these fields. etc.” I don’t need more time I just need more focused attention on my projects. encouragement. here are the current top 3… 1. Reply Becky February 9. Reply K. i fear that investing in myself means that i’m giving myself an ultimatum. nothing has changed. 2011 at 8:23 pm 23 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I despised the people I was working for. and if I pile too much stress on myself I could risk a relapse (an ongoing illness over the last five years that I don’t really want to get into details about).” I realized this when my ex-girlfriend said that my ideas were just “money making schemes. this is a new learning curve. which I won’t be able to deliver. 3. #3: “I need more time. This is not a sink-or-swim proposition. I think I realized this when the people around me are all older. I’m not 100% convinced I can solve it.000+ plus families that are eager to have a very specific problem solved. period.” What I have come to realize is that rich and successful people must GIVE to their clients and take care of their needs and problems. Through reading the ideas already presented. I’m tired to the status-quo. and the money-back guarantee should help my customers and I both feel like it’s low-risk. but I can choose to do things differently this time and have the experience be different. – Analysis: Looking back at past life changes and prior successes. Fear #3 – This one is the biggest. The reality is that suffering through my current contract and vaguely wishing I could “do something” is causing me a lot of stress. while not taking the time to plan effectively. I will have already made the first $1K and have proven to myself that it works! Reply david February 9. when I stop to think about it. 2) I can’t charge $100/hour when I see people on Craigslist and in the classifieds charging $20. I have submitted my idea and design to the developer and am waiting for it to get started. Afraid of not getting enough work or clients to pay my expenses and have a good quality of life. and waist my time and effort. 3) I already have a fulltime job. and I do have contacts for freelance work if needed. I can take advantage of thousands of double-income. and by the end I hated every minute and was glad to give it up as soon as I had the excuse of a full-time job and not needing the extra money. but by over-preparing I think I can give it a good shot. Let’s take my SEO and PPC skills for example. I’ve also realized that tend to loose my perspective of my past successes. Fear #2 – That I will spend money that we should be saving instead. not having enough money to pay for expenses or saving for retirement. and insightful information. Objectively. I realize that by “niching it down” and focusing on the neighbourhood just south of me. The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour.. I won’t have to feel pressure to take another contract that I don’t want.

2011 at 8:29 pm 1) I am no good at marketing. I am an introvert and prefer to work alone. but the first two are pretty big in my life. The bottom line is I’m afraid I can’t pull it off. I hate it & don’t want to do it 3) I like the job I have now. podcaster and travel blogger. 3) What Will People Think if I don. The job I have now is pretty close to ideal: I work at home. “I don’t know how to do it” … whatever. Reply Struggling Musician February 9. particularly with regard to not making money 2) Despite disliking “corporate” gigs and desiring the more free nature of freelancing. but I think I’m starting to come around to this idea. complicating. I’m sorry I can’t think of a third at the moment. I had a paycut at my job so I negotiated relocation in order to manage my living expenses since I’m only going to be getting 10 hours from my current employer. “It’ll cost too much”. tinkering. etc. Reply Jason February 9. I’m totally confident. expanding. I need to either learn the skills for myself (i. and the perfectionism doesn’t get so carried away as to make me miss deliverables or overcomplicate things. they’re always super satisfied. make it more complex. tell me I can’t pull it off. which would then mean that I’m incompetent and therefore worthless (yeah I know that’s totally absurd). I’m realizing other aspiring bloggers are not a great place to make money. The only downside. the structure that a “corporate” job provides is comfortable and low-risk 3) My background is in a niche market that caters to very few people. and all “freelance” or “side” businesses require some kind of marketing 2) Even if I was good at marketing.” If I actually get moving on a project. What’s funny is for my client work. and expand the idea until it is a perfect. and it’ll be right. however. incredibly complex thing which no man can do.. really. Running a business isn’t the same image I have in my mind’s eye of being a successful musician. Who’s to say that won’t happen again? #3 I don’t want to spend the money I’ve been saving up because that’s what the point of the whole last two years of my life was. 2011 at 9:19 pm The story behind these: Like others have commented. shiny. etc. Fortunately. This insidious little script prevents me from starting in the first place. You can look at something and say to yourself “That’s good!” but then this script can kick in: “But it’s not perfect!” So back to the drawing board for endless iterations. I fear: 1. But I’m not sure how to identify who will pay me. To compensate. right? Otherwise you either flounder or you let possibly shady people govern your career. pick up a book and spend time working on one of my ideas) or find someone who has the skills and is willing to help (for a cut of the profits or for pay). I have had this job for many years and it is very comfortable. is the risk Ramit cited last night – it is a single income stream that could be terminated at any time with a layoff. “It’ll take too much time”. Reply Josh February 9. These scripts barely have any influence at all. business. 2) I’m not sure how to identify who will pay me: I’ve been tossing around the idea of targeting surf travel companies to do their social media work since I’m a surfer. and I don’t want to do anything that might compete with it Reply Jason February 9. Fortunately. Really simple: #1 – “You can’t pull it off. If I spend the money on anything other than something big (like a down payment for a house or graduate school). flexible. 2011 at 8:30 pm Top 3 Are Simple: 1) I perceive the risk of starting something entirely new to be too great. Part of what’s difficult with how I read and try to relate your material to my life is that I think music and having a successful business are two mutually exclusive goals. Reply 24 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . Then they rule me. I’m in an industry where you have to be an entrepreneur in order to get ahead. Working in a corporation my whole life and not being my own boss. The work is both interesting and self-directed. I pull off crazy complicated stuff that blows my clients away. #3 Related to #2 (or the same script in a different guise) is: “It’s gotta be perfect”. but I find myself hampered often by people who tell me that I shouldn’t. It’s only on my PERSONAL projects that these scripts kick in. 2011 at 8:24 pm #1 I don’t have the skills necessary to start working on my projects. because it can kick in even on things that are good. 2011 at 8:24 pm I have two fears that I wrote down as I was reading your email. there always comes a point where I get completely disheartened when I look at what I’ve done and I feel like it’s not good enough for public consumption. But I’m afraid of whether or not I’ll be able to add the next income stream and bring in more freelance income to compensate for what I’ve lost. #2 I’ve tried this before and I just kind of puttered out after spending hours mired in details. I can live on that and save some cash in CR. and it pays pretty well. Wasting my youth and being no closer to the being a full-time musician than I was when I first started out.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I don’t like having to “win friends and influence people” – what I do I do well & the facts/results either speak for themselves or they don’t speak at all. This is worth mentioning on its own. and it pays really well. I like doing things for myself.” This gets cloaked in a variety of other excuses: “It’ll be too much work”.e. 2. Whereupon script #1 can take over. But I wonder what people might think if I don’t make it especially among the Indian community where people have so many expectations.t Make it: So my move to CR is impulsive and crazy. Why shouldn’t I run it as a business? After all. I’ll usually overthink the thing. blogger. There’s a perception that the opportunity is limited. so I can abandon the project I started. Reply Aaron Yoshitake February 9.. 2011 at 8:27 pm 1) I’m afraid of failing: I’m currently in the process of relocating to Costa Rica. That fear (the possibility of a layoff) is not enough to overcome the fear and loathing with having to meet and influence people that a side/freelance effort would seem to require. my employer recognizes good work without me having to personally “promote” it other than a yearly write-up which is fine. what did those last years get me? Reply Srinivas Rao February 9. #2 – “It’s not good enough.

“I haven’t succeeded because I haven’t been trying hard enough. What if I can’t find enough clients one month? What if a project gets put on hold the next? Then I’ll be up a brown. “The market is already over-saturated. 2011 at 8:36 pm 1. I’m relying on a less consistent income stream to pay the bills and that scares me. I am infinitely further along on my two projects of this year than the fifty of last. so I keep saying what I always tell myself. I fight (and sometimes lose) against the urge to give up and find something else. time slots. I know. that I could do it if I would just try harder. and I have a girlfriend.” If I take on more freelance work and reduce my corporate gig. but I’m assuming that it will be substantial) and I won’t be able to take full advantage of it because I have not read your book yet (its in the mail). It hurts me monetarily now. This builds on the idea that I am going to pour hours of my time every week into your program as well as the large initial cost (you haven’t released it.” I have a few ideas I could pursue. And I know that I work hard for what I I crunch the numbers and let it marinate until it drops off my radar because I don’t want to “waste my time” working on anything but the One Great Project that will keep me fat and happy until old age. 2011 at 8:30 pm Fear #1 – I do not have enough time. The way that I am trying to address this is to focus on single-tasking. but there is no guarentee for free lancing… well except for your program… Fear #2 – I am not ready for the program. my service is more specialized and I do offer results that clients are seeking—-BUT my fear is that since everyone loves “free” they will balk at paying anything more than that. Fear #3 – I don’t have skills that people will pay for. going through a divorce–I’m going to look at this as an investment in my sanity. and automating the process of tracking and reviewing my projects. there’s no room for my product/service. Reply Alison February 9. #3 “This won’t make me enough.” Unsurprisingly. the president of my fraternity. when really I need to start developing my freelance business. I was just able to purchase a car that I love with all the extra bells and whistles and my commute time is now more enjoyable than ever. yes. even when I can’t see that movement from where I am. irrational even. Who am I to make extra money on the side when everyone else is struggling to make ends meet? I live a pretty comfortable life as it is right now. my best idea so far is to point to the real successes I’ve had. because I have never freelanced before.” This comes first. After reading your blog I realized that I needed to get off my ass and start applying to scholarships. how could what I make possibly be better than what they make? Of course there are other ways I can make my service succeed (e. I donate. so I know that people are willing to hire me… but what can I charge for? What could I do well enough and without being physically there that people would actually pay for? (Tutoring isn’t a very good option because there are tons of free tutoring services at our campus) Reply Zoe Lindsey February 9.make the rates with practical time spent writing for even a meager paycheck… all the theory in the world doesn’t cover next month’s rent. Silly. and pass/fail standards). I am afraid of spending time doing the wrong thing. My job is (mostly) secure. as evidence that my abilities have not changed and that my efforts at development continue to progress. but there you have it. and it seems that 80% of freelancers do the above. I am working full time as a co-op. then I will have cut off a potential source of clients. I put off writing for a content creation company for over a year because they would “only” pay me $15/article.” I want to move to Japan. Leigh February 9.. as I’m the only one who does what I do here right now. because I don’t have a ton of money to invest. and starting this side business–definately an investment with longterm payoffs)—but I’m afraid that I am taking on too much all at once and that I am being overly optimistic about what I can handle. 2. and when I try something and immediately don’t excel at it. that if I hope to make progress. ADHD might as well be my middle name. and I do have a good paying job. but this is where the scripts start kicking in: #1 There are only a few lead generators in my area for the type of clients that I am targeting (ie: the ones who can afford and need my service)—so if I don’t get my initial contact with these people right. I will be sending out my first appication this week. I am a Chemical Engineer in undergrad at Georgia Tech. and I know I’m worth more than that. As an example. I am not a particularly good writer. Without belief in myself. 2011 at 8:32 pm Alright here we go I have actually done my homework and identified my target market and who my lead generators will be etc. nor do I know any computer languages or any marketing. there don’t seem to be a bunch of people lining up to hand me paychecks for jobs I can do from anywhere I want.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I know that if I apply and spend time applying for scholarships I will get at least a couple of $1k or $500 scholarships. #3 I have quite a lot on my plate at the momment besides a full time job (studying to be member of my Order–investing in myself. niche it down even more or provide better customer service) but I’m too scared I’ll be the laughing stock of the marketplace to continue. 3. I guess more specifically. I cannot convey my belief in my product. 2011 at 8:32 pm #1: “People will not like me because they immediately know I’m transgendered. before and since transition. #2: “What’s the point of doing [x]? I’ll probably get distracted by something else before I finish anyway. I let myself be miserable until I was going to kill myself before I dared to face it. Reply Ray February 9. 2011 at 8:30 pm 1. If one way of asking for sponsorship isn’t working. So instead I tell myself the timing isn’t right or that consistency is safer. Well. I need to balance my time spent building a business where -I. since I’ve moved them past the theoretical stage.. I was so scared of this. Whenever I do find a lead. because when I allow it to affect my confidence I don’t sell as well. but I can’t find a visa sponsor. 25 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I always struggle with the I have more than everyone around me feeling. because it’s by far the biggest fear (that I’ve identified) that has held me back. Of course. smelly creek with no means of transport. Reply Justin February 9. To overcome this fear. not just look for more sponsors to ask. establishing boundaries on tasks and projects (deadlines.” This is a pessimistic “the past is the future” thing – I grew up being told I was “gifted” and with way too many screens to choose from. but I’m so scared of not being good enough to make it abroad that I overcompensate by convincing myself trying harder is the answer. “I won’t be able to make a consistent paycheck. but I’m afraid to begin developing them further for fear the competition will crush me. but I feel as if some people just get all the bad luck while others don’t struggle.. Susan’s time management strategies reminded me that more is sometimes just more draining. The truth is. #2 Even though there are a lot of non-profit orgaizations offering a similar service. I should try another or tweak my approach to get a different result. however.g. So I bought a scholarhip book (my school counselor was worthless) and have begun to go through it. It seems really obvious now. but it doesn’t feel like I donate enough. so I am fairly intelligent. there are already competitors in my field.

but that wouldn’t be for a little while. 2011 at 8:37 pm Please tell me what to do. Reply dharma February 9. payments. it’s not for you. What if I get too bored working from home? Too lonely? Too depressed? I’d love to work from home. Just leave it to the ‘professionals’ you have a family to look after. (Fear of taking responsibility for myself and my choices –manage myself] This is not like a ‘real job’. 2011 at 8:42 pm #1 I fear being laughed at. so why even test my idea just to hear everyone (including family) to pinpoint my mistakes and say.I’m not the ‘selling’ type of person plus I just can’t charge… I fear that no one would pay for any of my ideas.. Why someone would want to pay ME for such an idea? There are too many people doing it already. How do I get to do what I really love while skipping the rest? Would it really be worth it to be on my own. and there are some people who are SO TALENTED and FAST that it boggles my mind. [I fear criticism] Reply Richard Ford February 9. but I’m just not sure where to look and find that information. This fear is pervasive in animation. I don’t feel like I’m fast or good enough to charge top dollar. I still need to be creative. big fear. a full-time job. late payments. such as maintenance. and I feel that my demo reel is mostly B material. . I’m afraid that if I branch out on my own. 2) My industry chases the low dollar.Z. I noticed this when it was suggested to me that I find another job. because I would still be unhappy. 3. my attitude and feelings change. but since I’m prone to depression. everyone perceives it as work that can be easily outsourced overseas. perhaps time might I know that there is a premium market in CG–the trick is getting in and staying in. I can get nothing done anyway. Ramit. etc. How to fix it? I think donating more than just money.Y. How to fix? I might be able to find someone to take on the tasks I would not like to do. 3) I don’t have time for freelancing on the side. I have had experiences that actually felt like I was being laughed at and it comes up for me when I take on something new or risky. Independent projects I’ve started to build up my reel never go anywhere. I can do X.” Why would I be different and better? I’m going to fail. deadlines. changes. 3. Or just start to think about how we all make our own luck. I can’t make up my mind on what to focus. 2. I’m talented. hosting issues. I get excited and start thinking about it and always promise myself to find ‘some’ time to focus. at which point. etc. #2 I fear that I’ll sign up and then do everything but what I need to do for the course and I’ll end up failing at it and wasting time and money. Doing what I love (designing) comes with a bunch of things I don’t enjoy doing as much. I love your philosophy and approach. as right now I have people who somewhat help with the things I’m not as interested in doing? I love designing websites. phone communication. I tend to fritter away my time until someone else comes home. but I don’t feel like I have AAA skills. email communication. that I will be so bad people will literally make fun of me. I originally thought I wanted something completely different. Thanks for these challenges! Reply Adam G February 9. but even as I type this. The rest is spent on maintenance. I cannot just be a working drone. My number one insecurity. #3 I fear that it will go great and I’ll make a lot of money but instead of eliminating my crushing debt or a house I will spend it on other stuff and be right where I started. If I could get together with some and have lunch a few times a week. I’ve got a family. Then I would have to explain to myself and my wife why I threw money away at another hair-brained scheme. people like working with me. Worse. Now. Reply 26 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . But that’s probably about 10% of my actual work load where I am now. Tell me what I’m good at and I’ll do it. and I need seven hours’ sleep. my skills are not the appropriate. it’s more complicated than I thought… maybe I should leave ideas to others or SOMEONE can give me the plan an I’ll execute it.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. One or two days I’m fine. because now I have to keep track of invoicing. it’d be better than being home alone each day. I realize this every time I’m home alone for a day or even a few hours. it’s not feeling like that would really change anything. I’ve tried in the past to do work on the side but I always end up exhausted. In my evenings I have perhaps an hour of brain power left to devote to freelancing. I work in computer animation. by opening our eyes to the opportunities that surround us. I did a very expensive course in the 90′s that resulted in losing money. 2011 at 8:45 pm 1. Trying hard to stick with the course. Specifically. But then I just don’t have the time. I am self conscious of speaking to people and concerned that if I flub or present unclearly I would lose potential clients. I lack the confidence that I have the skills to see them through so I save myself the disappointment by not doing anything in the first place. 2011 at 8:44 pm 1) I’m not good enough. Anyway I could never leave my job (that I care less) and loose my safety net. 2. Reply Neal February 9.. my goal is to give up my job so I can work from home and spend more time with my family. I’m afraid I’ll get too lonely. I procastinate. after I’ve already started making enough money to pay them what they’re worth. I’ll have to handle more of the stuff I really don’t want to handle and my “design time” will actually be reduced. In the future. Too many ideas.. maybe I need to take some courses but I don’t have the time or money. and other “crap”.. How to fix? I’d love to find other freelancers in the area. but after that. I can give myself all the logical reasons why I should complete a task but generally end up putting thing off even though there would be a benefit to me for completing it. Plus ‘selling’ it’s a dread… I just can’t talk to people. So many people want to get into this industry that hordes are willing to work for free and most studios & artists lowball themselves. then realized (while panicking) that wasn’t the real issue. That’s my big. If I’m by myself. I’ll just fail. just to keep work coming in the door. I have some good ideas for products and services but I feel inadequate of putting plans into action.

My fears are 1) Being stuck in a normal job for the rest of my life. 3. and there are so many different directions I can take with my studies.” Since I’m not looking to quit my day job. 2)I’m scared that I will just be that kid who was born different and never did anything special. 2011 at 8:48 pm 1. and identify one job for each skill that someone. I’ve always been dedicated. How to fix this: identify how working on projects/revenue streams outside of my job will directly benefit me at my job (e. somewhere. because I already don’t spend enough time improving my job-related skills. but always with a clear goal in front of me. I’m a rocket scientist. Now the fears: 1) “Automating this business to run itself while I am at work is going to be near impossible because I won’t find the right people to handle daily operations. focused.I have two websites (mscareergirl. In sports. developing computer programs will make me better at understanding the programs that I use at my job). See above – I have a really awesome job building rockets. I fear dealing with people in uncomfortable ways. and it takes more effort for me to bring myself to initiate contact. By the way. Yes. 2011 at 8:49 pm 1) I’m afraid I’ll spend a lot of time developing a kick-ass software product that nobody will pay for. Career Girls of the world. 3) I’m scared that people won’t take me seriously just by looking at my appearance. 3: I don’t have time to work on any other revenue streams. I have a few hobbies like writing. Joel February 9. and driven. or Chicago Dog Lovers. I work at wal-mart and my goal is to quit wal-mart this year. I want to start a freelance business that pays the bills and let’s me work in my free time on films. 2011 at 8:47 pm 1: I have no marketable skills outside of my job. 4) I’m really scared that I will never find someone to love me I’m taking action on all areas to challenge my fears. if anybody reading this has a system and all they need is software that does it – let’s talk. so I assume that this will be the case with everyone I hire. in that I expend most of my energy at work. it’s getting 27 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I haven’t had a great time with interns and hired help. How to fix this? List off my skills in detail. In high school.g. managing a small budget will make me better at managing budgets at work. I fear that I’m not focusing on the important things. read. I was born with a condition called moebius syndrome. How to fix this: set aside specific time on specific evenings (like Monday and Wednesday nights from 7p-9p) to work on developing additional revenue streams. 2: I love my job too much to want to focus on other revenue streams. I want my life to have meaning. My dream is to become a filmmaker and I have taken many steps to achieve that. Reply Connor February 9.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I have no fear or doubts about delivering the goods – I just don’t know how to sell them. So I tell myself that I shouldn’t spend time improving skills related to other revenue streams. I’m a college student.. would want to pay me for. That at the moment of my death I will just be one more of the crowd. and employment. but I don’t do them often enough that I feel like I do them well enough to make money at them. 2011 at 8:52 pm 1) That I won’t preservere through the tough times. I also rearranged my schedule to help with batching most of my classes in just a few days of the week to develop more time on other days as an experiment. There are too many unreliable and uncommitted people out there. and it’s just about everything that I’ve ever wanted to do. I feel a little embarrassed for having them Reply Tim February 9.” 3) “There is so much to do! Where to I start?!” Reply Bryan February and chidogoan. I’ve been bad at dealing with people in new situations. As long as I can remember. and most of my skills are used at my day job. I’ve tried to counteract this by getting involved with new organizations. 2) I’m afraid that I won’t be able to find people to sell my freelance work to. and then when I come home I’m too tired to want to do anything other than make I try to overcome this fear with overloading on classes and obligations. This ties in to #2. I’ve come to the realization that a lot of what I do is not all that important. and watch TV. Reply Chris B. my extra-curriculars. 2011 at 8:52 pm Preface: I’ve taken the preliminary steps to entrepreneurship. I’m currently developing a low-information diet as suggested in the 4-Hour Work Week to help with that. Reply Nicole February 9. my team is essential to earning me a few extra paychecks per month. While I work towards that dream I want to have multiple streams of income so I can work on what I want which is to make films. 3) I’m afraid of not having the time to devote to a freelance project to do it right. reading. the goal is to maximize your talents and to win. I have a facial paralysis which doesn’t let me both of which I have invested money and time into developing & promoting. I fear that I’m not doing enough to be successful. and occasionally computer programming. 2) “I I don’t know how to use the technology required to create and promote good products to sell that relate to the Ms.. but I always have this fear lingering… 2. Behrens February 9. 2011 at 8:45 pm I already now my three scripts.

2011 at 8:56 pm I’ve been a VA for the past 3 years – the business is doing ok. 3) I have no idea how to start writing as a job – Still true. Not the worst problem to have. This ties back to my tendency to over-analyze. where do I start? 1) You need a degree to make a living (PhD. innocent people whose lives literally depend on my decisions and actions scares the shit out of me. By it’s very nature. then want their money back? My clients love my advice on this subject. but also persistent enough to recognize and push through the hard times. Most recently. It took a while. in small groups. It was then that I realized the ignorance of money was probably more evil than the love of it. yet I act as though they exist already. I’ll stop at the first sign of resistance to my idea. Reply Tamara February 9. If. etc. And that’s the funny thing – those opportunities aren’t even there yet! I know I could make them happen. How I realized I had this script: I sat down about 30 minutes ago to do this exercise and it hit me like a punch in the face. How I realized I had this script: I didn’t call it a “script” at the time because I was only 20 but I watched my parents. while I’m pursuing this new business. wanting to make *more* money.” This is a big one.. my idea doesn’t work out either. what price you should charge. In college. 1. so maybe they should count as one. I learned a lot. I end up doing nothing. but it’s a nagging thought simply because I’ve never personally created my own business before Reply J Griffin February 9. not a VA. Just got my first freelance piece accepted. so “Money is the root of all evil” and several other useless maxims were drilled into my brain at a very early age. after years of mis-handling their finances. As a result. Helluva motivator. full-time job (that I actually enjoy). but it seems like I’ll be getting both. “Wanting to make money. and I won’t be able to compete. in return for a referral. I’m constantly struggling internally with what my life could look like if I pursued the corporate route 100%. but it’s true – comfort breeds complacency.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. good grades to get into college. “I couldn’t live with myself if I let {insert important person} down. But there’s still this lingering uneasiness when I have to deal with anything that’s related to finances or business. largely due to the many opportunities I “could” make available in the corporate world. worked my ass off and eventually got back onto solid financial footing. But it absolutely kills me if someone else is depending on my work and I fail them. Sometimes those ideas aren’t so crazy and might actually go somewhere.” Every day I fail at something. 2.” Because I currently have a job I enjoy. sometimes it would just come out of the retainer package. But entrepreneurship is a different beast. thanks. How I realized I had this script: I’m not really sure… I think it’s just a result of getting older and maturing. my wife really wants to have kids but I’ve been reluctant because the thought of tiny. They ended up living in my grandmother’s basement for 10 years. Actually. But I’m scared of a few things: 1) What if this new business doesn’t take off? There are others offering if. at the same time. I’ll be back to square one with both businesses! 3) What if my coaching and training isn’t good enough? What if people start the courses. 2) You’ll never make a living writing/doing art – Again. Probably more than anything else I am afraid of wasting my time. it’s learning as much as possible and making yourself an attractive applicant for your future line of work. How it’s effected my life: Jeez… How has it NOT effected my life? I’m sure I’ve missed out on many professional opportunities for fear of being the weak link in the group. How it’s effected my life: My ADD brain spits out a crazy idea every minute of every day. Reply Jules February 9. You have to be nimble enough to change course. as webinars… I’m not always 100% confident about doing it – I fear I would make a 28 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . How it’s effected my life: I didn’t know anything about finances during college and was leery of discussing it with anyone. Why can’t I have the same mindset with my entrepreneurial ideas? 3) There’s an “expert” out there doing this better than me. lose nearly everything they had. but I also think there’s someone else out there who knows exactly what they’re doing. 2) What if. ). 2011 at 8:53 pm I feel like I should start this with “Bless me Ramit for I have sinned” or something. right? Don’t screw it up. mom and dad. my VA business fails? I won’t have the regular income any more and I’ll lose my reputation/brand. as a matter of fact. ironically. 2011 at 8:54 pm Hehe. with more experience and better known. or followed a personal passion of mine in an entrepreneurial way. “I don’t want to spend all of this time and energy on the wrong thing. these two go hand in hand with each other. I worry that since I have a comfortable. I have a ridiculous number of things I’d like to do but because of my fear of doing the wrong thing. got enough clients to keep the practice busy. going out and starting my own thing seems like the next logical step and it’s a step I really want to take. since no one knows everything. and it’s even being paid for (I offered to do it for free.. Side note to Ramit: This little bit “We know from testing that the people who follow the pre-launch course are most likely to be successful with Earn1K” is absolutely BRILLIANT. You only have one life. is evil. but working on it. So. How will I be able to position myself and ensure I offer a course comparable or better in value? I’m afraid to fail and feel it on a more personal level than I should. but I’m finally getting used to it… Not happy about it mind you. MD) – My parents gave me this one. who your best customers will be. especially when it comes to risk taking. and paying higher fees? 4) (bonus fear for you!) I’ll have to do a lot of public speaking – either as 121. 3. and fear I would constantly second-guess myself if I were to strike out on my own. Sometimes they pay for it separately. you can’t really predict how the market will react. But I grew tired of what I’m doing and want to move into coaching and training. I’ve achieved all those things. However would they treat it differently if they were hiring me as a coach.” I grew up in a pretty religious area. 2) I could be missing out on the proverbial “other opportunity. and not push through to achieve my entrepreneurial dreams. as part of the service we offer. Which. Somewhat irrational. I made some pretty big mistakes. or even worse. is the ultimate waste of time. I’m also employing 2 other VAs as subcontractors. I also tend to over-analyze risky and important decisions. just used to it.

. 2011 at 8:59 pm 1. moving to a new place and keeping up with my current work schedule I have no time to pursue anything new. I’m not allowing myself to provide information to anyone about how great I think Pilates is. Otherwise I’m stagnating and not developing myself professionally any What if I don’t perform by producing results? Simple enough – I like to think that I’d be good at something. #2 I’m too old to start a new business. won’t find it useful. I grew up dancing (not stripping! I’m a well trained dancer. I love it! I could always give presentations in school with no problem. This keeps me from attracting new clients. thank you) in front of hundreds of people. I am working on changing the belief that things have to be hard and that once you get ahead something always comes up to put you back down.I won’t be able to successfully market 2 separate businesses . heart racing). Reply Paige Makoski February 9. but I don’t have any acheivements or qualifications to point to. mess of my presentation. #2 I hate marketing myself. What if I’m asked to do something for a cause I can’t in good conscience support? Reply Kelsta February 9. I’m so inspired by the work and love my job but you’d never know unless you’re my client already because I won’t say anything. Otherwise.. But thanks to your 30-day hustling course I’ve already made a lot of progress with getting everything started. Just by cutting those times in half I free up 3 extra hours a day. but what if I’m not. 2011 at 8:59 pm #1 If I fail. Between getting pregnant a few months ago. with more clients than I can handle. 3. My kids are almost grown up. I haven’t tested any theories or tried much. so I don’t try many things outside of my comfort zone. Keep up your brilliant work! Thanks.I don’t drive and will have trouble with finding local clients for new business/attending networking events . It saps my confidence to know that I wouldn’t even employ myself for consulting work. and 2. because they don’t want to pay for this service? #4 I only want to use my skills to help causes I believe in. promoting my business to a group I’m a mess.I’m very busy with my business and my family . So what gives? When it comes to me. Why will anybody pay me when for the things I’m good at (writing “please send money” letters. This time wasting keeps me from getting necessary things done and moving on with my life. Sure I am super busy with all those things. I wouldn’t hire myself. I’m trying now to create alternate income streams from work that is not exclusively service based. My “to-do” list gets pushed off yet another day and the stress mounts and the wheels start spinning. and the time and effort I put into creating something will be just another piece of noise on the internet marketplace. And I also know that this coaching could in a round way benefit the VA business by getting some clients to cross over and purchase other services. I have brainstormed ideas. These “few more” keep me from moving forward because I’m not sure the best way to find them. I’m not used to failure. I realized I had this script over the last couple of days in this course. or I wouldn’t be looking to earn extra. but I’m willing to try! 29 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . The internet is full of ebooks for just about everything already. 2011 at 8:56 pm 1. regardless of my intelligence – I’d want to see a portfolio or some hard evidence of success. I honestly thought this excuse was valid. #3 I have no time. Honestly.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 2011 at 9:08 pm It’s probably worth noting that I already have a successful freelance business. 2011 at 9:06 pm #1 I need to secure my freelance income before I focus on other ideas. I don’t want people to think I’m talking myself up just to get them to buy my service. and I charge someone for subpar work? It occurs to me that providing a hard and fast guarantee would help there. because I believe that I could be. will ask me a question I don’t know the answer to…. I get most of my new clients through referral but would like to pick up a few more. Reply Jessica February 9.” I don’t know if the course works this way. #3 I work in the non-profit realm because I want to make a difference. photography) etc. However I know that in order to keep growing and developing – I’ve got to do it.etc.5% currently). since I would satisfy myself (and a client) that I earned the money. February 9. public relations. I’m afraid they’re judging me and I will be discredited for “selling”. I’m a pilates instructor with a studio out of my home and I make $4. My freelance business is my only source of income currently. attendees will lose interest. My concern is that I spend money to make money…and then never make any money. other than the corporate job I’ve had for 6 months (hardly significant experience). I just need that “kick” to stop making excuses like: .everybody will know–it will be shameful or folks will say. To be successful you need a niche idea in an crowded market place. I get physically nervous (palms sweating. and I may be better off just leaving my money in the bank (cash deposit rates in Oz aren’t too bad at around 6. How can I expect others to hire me? 2. I’ll be distracted and spin my wheels. outlining what I need to develop and how to market it. “what did she think she was doing?” . So this prospect feels daunting. not implemented them and stressed about getting new clients. Tamara Reply Kelly O February 9. I’m not qualified enough to charge. newsletters. This is a tough one. I grew up poor and continue to watch my parents make the same mistakes over and over blaming everything and everyone for their shortcomings.000 a month. I would have to invest a significant amount of time & money for some of my ideas. reports. I realize I waste 30-90 minutes a day on facebook and I’ve been watching tv from 7-11. web content. I’m quite intelligent and diligent. I translate “Earn 1K” into “Earn 1K doing something other than being paid as a graphic designer by the hour. I’m not in college. Over the last 2 days I’ve monitored what I spend my time and energy on. forget something.. Folks will think I’m silly for trying.(For other personal reasons) money is tight right now and I can’t invest anything into the new venture . Reply Mary P. I fear my idea will fail. planning the courses. What if I invest capital and receive no ROI? Simplest – I’m not exactly flush.

Women in this company can make six figures. I’m afraid my ideas and talents aren’t good enough even though I know that I have value to offer. one for a feature short that will be broadcast if not just nationally. 3. I’m afraid that I will have nothing of use to add. LOL Here are four of my invisible scripts. globally. 2011 at 9:17 pm Greetings everyone. 1. #1: I have no spare time: I’m afraid if I turn down current clients.V. etc. It’s maybe why I’ve advanced as far as I have. It’s easier to sit back and no fail than make an effort and experience some form of failure. #2: I’m already really good at something: I’m afraid that I’ll be less successful if I try something new or different and that I’ll continue to be successful if I just keep doing what I am doing with my freelance business. I can’t decide which one of these I would like to dedicate the majority of my time. I’ll never be one of the top sellers or team leaders (and underlying this is the assumption that it’s tacky to compete and excel. But I still don’t fit the match for what you see on T. Just from writing this short exercise I see that this is more a lack of self confidence than anything. Or my friends who have jobs that require them to travel everywhere updating their facebooks and emails with gorgeous pictures of places I didn’t even know existed. I never finished my college education. But I do struggle with fears. I have a family and am frightened of not having a consistent stream of income.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. When I worked on web related stuff I saw myself becoming a slug and looked more like a typical stay-at-home worker that didn’t change out of sweatpants. but I want more more more. and I have done the math to set my own goals. After I write this list I will read every single one of them to see how our scripts compare. But I can pick them up and put them down as I see fit because I’m not obligated to do so (no pay = no contracts). I’m afraid of coming up short and and not having what it takes to make it in the entrepreneurial world. Analysis: This is an ancient script from my childhood. I have had a few experiences as acting like a stylist. Thanks. People are too stressed by money and too busy to want to throw a party for my clothing line. How could I create something that others would value? 3. The company I’m selling for provides a lot of support and tools for overcoming our fears. #3: It’s already been done: I’m afraid that other competitors / mentors / masters in my field will criticize or laugh at what I do. it was without effort (smart in school. Some people say yes! And nobody so far really hates me for asking. 2. Also. and one for freelance writing and photography. 30 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . then I’ll regret not having that extra income later. #1. But then again. I’m terrified of failing. I have no solid credentials to base my business foundation. Also. it’s more romantic to be a talented loser than a success. Reply Elizabeth Gage February 9. Just reading this blog makes me feel stupid for doing so. For writing and photography – well this goes back to #1 – not enough cred. And people keep asking me to do more. 2011 at 9:16 pm *I am writing this list before looking at anyone else’s list. However. but a big concern is the loss of my work family. As I said before. 2011 at 9:14 pm I am currently developing a business as an independent fashion consultant. Reply Bud Hennekes February 9. I currently do these projects for free. I’m an intellectual/artist. It’s a lot more comfortable to sit on the sidelines and not be judged than to get on the court and risk … … failing. having a family takes up such a large part of my time.) Analysis: more ancient scripts. a good girl steps out of the way for others and a good girl never exerts herself. People will hate me for asking them to have a party. Although I do all of these currently for free. Selling and the home party model are tacky tacky tacky. Ramit. How could I walk away from such an amazing and currently blessed for fortunate life? Obviously. selling clothing through the home-party model. 2. Reply George February 9. This one is a biggie. How am I going to pay for my insurance? I have glasses and have the luck of the draw for weird medical I have three great ideas – one for a stylist. Holy shit… did I just say that? 3. Do not have enough experience/expertise to charge a business for my services. We attend eachothers weddings and funerals and births. Reply Stephanie Fraide February 9. Also. I have worked my ass off twice as hard as the guy next to me for that reason. #3. one for new media consulting. I do not want to lose the security of my paying “traditional” job even though I envy the freelancers working at the local coffee houses. In truth the home party model provides women with a lot of fun and fellowship and the group dynamic encourages women to buy. There is always something that I need to learn or do first – and THEN I’ll be ready. There are similar stories for the freelance writer/photographer as well as a new media consultant. And the circle continues. commonly five. Analysis: This is an excuse. who’s going to pay when you don’t have credentials? See fear #1. but so very real. 2. for a week long SXSW showcase for a band. And I do. I’m a loser/failure. 20+ years of dedicated service. many times when I have excelled. Reply Gregg February 9. for free. I can take into account the increase of expenses and create rates that include this lifestyle. I work for a company that has LIFERS. Ego cannot handle rejection that usually comes with working on my own.. Most of this has to do with logistics of paying for life. 2011 at 9:14 pm 1. I have made it to the position I am in (which should have a college education requirement) and many others in the past. The intellectual/artist label may be true but it doesn’t need to inhibit me.) so I never learned how to apply deliberate effort to a task or goal. I am not-wired-to-be-happy / don’t-deserve-to-be-happy – so what’s the point in ‘taking action’ to try to make my dreams come true? I’m not ‘ready’ to take action. My parents would never approve. I should never do something so common. #2. Silly fears of course. I noticed that when I focused alot of my time doing fashion/style work I saw myself becoming superficial. 2011 at 9:09 pm 1. I’m afraid my parents won’t be proud of me. My clients look at me like I should know more. Ramit’s remarks really resonated with me – so much so that I’ve included some ‘bonus’ examples.

Preventing myself from giving it the best I can and maybe missing out on the last mile of the marathon. 31 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . Find a meet-up group on entrepreneurship (or start one). 2011 at 9:21 pm 1. yet I feel that I give up at the very end. but wasn’t interested in what I was selling from the get go. The reason that I shared this example is because it seems SO OBVIOUS to me (and I assume most men and probably even women) why men hardly ever approach a woman in such a situation – and it has nothing to do with ‘not having the right introductory line’. which is a social network for health therapist (in Quebec only) the business model is subscription base. I feel like a weirdo when I meet people. However. 2011 at 9:25 pm My problem and maybe fear. This by far is the Dominating Fear. FREAKED OUT. I need to “get out” and talk about it. I fear I will lose money and not get any customers. I’m afraid the project is not good enough. Hope to get feedback from them soon! Reply zachary February 9. Gregg Reply Kevin E. My partner and I own a web development company. To the contrary. 3. Suppose a man sees a woman. energy and sometimes money in a project but I don’t finish it because at some point halfway through the project – I’ll rationalize why it makes sense to abandon the project that I’m working on (I’m a world class talent in this area) in order to pursue an even ‘better’ project. —Explanation: Running an eBay business allows me the luxury of having traffic built in. I’ve certainly been there and imagine every man has experienced this exact situation. it’s in a non-socializing and non-recurring The vast majority of men in such a situation would find it to be a very intimidating – or at best quite ‘challenging’ situation – one that requires a good bit of confidence and emotional courage. but I am BORED as shit by it & can’t seem to find my passion. but learn some things along the way that worked. I find myself bouncing from one thing to the next. If I start a new venture. I rarely do because … halfway through the new project … Ramit’s remarks about how most of us always want to ‘learn new tactics’ rather than confront the hard psychological truths about why we don’t take action really hit home for me.) #3 I can’t talk about my “entrepreneur life” because people around me don’t understand. He has skills and went to the university in IT. photography. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees in our personal lives because we’re so heavily invested in our daily routines and outlook. jealous me. I hire 10 representatives to do the job for me. I don’t consciously abandon the first project – I just tell myself that I will ‘get back to it’ – AFTER I finish the new project. he can’t expect to run into her again – this is his one and only chance – and the situation is such that striking up a conversation with her would be unexpected socially. by using calendar reminders or scheduling a time in my day to contact my friends & family. From attending the multiple streams on income webinar. Popular. Action: locate interest & fucking go! 2.. I started my eBay business with the #1 intention of making money (& I did). Becoming more and more successful simply sets me up for a fall from even greater heights when I fail – which I will inevitably will. I figure a new venture won’t cost much more than 5K…worst thing that happens. I can’t keep long lasting relationships. February 9. I lose 5K. I would like to find people (in person-not just online) who I can meet up with on a regular basis and discuss entrepreneurship & psychology. Of course. but I am unclear how that applies if you want to create something tangible and not info product based? —What I Could do: test my assumptions. improv…nothing has stuck. #2 I have another company. if you don’t know this – men REALLY agonize over those first few words). #1. do my 9-5 job. no customers.. and lose money. However. I worked like 80 hours a week and was having less and less social interaction. judge. it’s about the difficulty of taking action when your self-esteem is on the line – and there is significant uncertainty as to whether or not you will ultimately be successful. I fear I will lose interest quickly and once again have to look for my “passion” —Explanation: In 2008 I started an eBay business selling rare books and have profitably ran it to today. follow the status quo. I’m afraid I’ll bother people. I tried filmmaking. I began to outsource my repetitive tasks through Elance yesterday. I need people to kick my ass (like Ramit and Tim). I know you say start freelancing before starting with a product. I fear if I sink money into a new venture (I want to start a business selling quality American-Made T-Shirts) – I won’t get any attention. I get a lot finished and achieved. I’m very happy and I also started to send proposal to potential clients in order to upgrade their web identity and website. try to “put sense” in my head. I’m freaked out right now because nobody made a sell yet. I was afraid at first but find out it’s really fun to do. The reality is that the vast majority of men would NEVER approach a woman in such a situation – even though they are wildly attracted to her. I love the time freedom of my business. who he is unusually attracted to. Reply Marie-Pier Joubert February 9. In other words. lose some time. See the “degradation of social skills” by The Oatmeal (http://theoatmeal. It seems the majority (another assumption) of people I meet are “follow the herd. I have read Cal Newport’s series on passion. For awhile I got caught up with some non-friend friends and went through a bout with depression. If I start a new business. Does the product is crappy and I need to realize it??? 2 years of my life and 50 000$ after…. but I am still dismayed and can’t seem to find something I REALLY care about. design courses. I have a job (in which I control) so I have a safety On an happier note. I love my I do now but don’t feel comfortable enough to talk about it outside our office. 2011 at 9:24 pm #1 I’m afraid of selling my self and my services because I feel like I am an imposter. I’m afraid I’ll be rejected. (Since I really need sells. I need new friends who live the “entrepreneur” life. —What I Could do: start another business with a passion & go deep. drawing. acting. Most men will rationalize their decision to not seize the moment due to the fact that they couldn’t think of the ‘right thing’ to say. and clock out mentality. massage therapy and I drop my psychology classes after 1 1/2 year.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I’d like to throw out a different kind of example that I imagine most men can relate to. What should the man’s very first few words be? (Ladies. I invest significant time. For a long while. I wonder why I didn’t do it before. —Explanation: I used to have close relationships back in the day (as in sophomore year of highschool back in the day). Follow up and consistently keep in touch with those who do. Cheers. I studied in fashion design. I have been completely bored by it so I have tried out numerous other things to find my interests. For whatever it’s worth. —What I Could do: drop the people who don’t give a shit about me and are flakes. It drives me nuts…and my contrary view in past hasn’t exactly made me Mr. but since have drifted from different relationship to different relationship. I’m so shy… For the last 2 year.

once written down this fear seems ridiculous to me.” It doesn’t really matter if I think the idea is good or not. but it causes me to loose confidence and to doubt my ability..” 2. i am outside your target audience. I have to make myself get out in these uncomfortable situations to do business and succeed! Reply Casey Margell February 9. That once I hit extreme levels of income. and what’s so wrong with having an agenda to network? Many times networking leads to opportunities that you couldn’t have gotten any other way. Reply Robin Gerhart February 9. i was a linchpin for a long time.” This is downright silly. Once I have reached out to one person I am over it. I realize that failure is natural and healthy but it still struggle with this. Back to the long term route. 3) I’m afraid that I’ll do the wrong thing and / or wasting time. because I am not tracking where I do spend my time. you are just a slave to your own business and that scares the hell out of me. which was wonderful. 2011 at 9:32 pm 1. The script that stops me from pursuing this idea is to the effect of “You’re not an inventor. real estate. etc that make money while I sleep are encouraging. I can’t create a sell-able product that people will actually want to buy. learning from you!] 2. This. but turned not so wonderful & i totally burned-out because i stayed too long when i should have moved on. This might be crazy. I tend to use getting/being busy as an excuse and will cite things like my family or my young kids. a musician would rather pay $100 bar tab than spend $50 to promote their music to get more people at the show which would get them a free bar tab. but am here. I don’t have the dedication to follow through with it. 2011 at 9:27 pm “I have to invest a lot of money up-front. 2. Reply pattir February 9. In the music industry. but the keep the money rolling in answer is hell. What gets measured gets managed. But they aren’t holding me back. This phrase is really a cop-out for not wanting to do more research into the market. That my market won’t pay for quality info. I don’t want to have to launch a new product every year (month/quarter/whatever) just to keep my income levels consistent. or launch a new course every year for 50 years. There is enough for everyone. I am. and only the people who have tons of experience get paid for it. once I look at it. I am not always good about keeping track of things and tend to try to keep track of it all in my head and I just end up forgetting things. All of the advice I’ve gotten here so far hasn’t required a dime. The easy answer is no. 2011 at 9:36 pm 1) I’m afraid of saying No to people or giving the “wrong” answer I often have trouble saying no to things or making a firm decision. “I’m way to busy to have enough time for this. Again. 3. Nobody has really figured out how to make near a full-time income from a sports blog without posting over and over again every day. if you have something you want to achieve and work at it. do I want my ideal client to have such a mindset. Ramit. Growing up my mom learned that when asked something and I say “I don’t know” what I really mean is “no”. and doing something professionally means making money doing it. She would call me on it and cite that “it had a no in it”. I just want to hang out and be normal. 2011 at 9:31 pm 1. I waste a lot of time doing meaningless things. You can’t charge for writing. 3.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. What makes you think that you can come up with something that’s better than what’s currently out on the market when there are designers and engineers that could be working on this. using these launches to get into passive streams through 3 things I am fearful of: 1. i am too old – [okay. 2011 at 9:44 pm I always like to look at the abundance in life. I’m somewhat disorganized in some areas and not in others. Then again. is probably the dumbest thought process that I’ve ever noticed in myself. 2) I’m afraid that I won’t be able to manage or keep track of things adequately. The only way to get that “experience” that I talk about is to write professionally. Everyone brings some kind of agenda to everything that they do. Everyone can write. 3. I don’t care who buys it as long as they do and use a little but of it and come back for more. BUT. This leads to me not trying things because I’m afraid they’ll fail and I’ll have wasted time/energy/money. 3. 2. buying stakes in startups. they will stop and I won’t know how to replenish. they just don’t always seem like that at first. in corporate. 32 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . that is no more fun than working at a shit job for the same time. I have an idea for a product that I think could be quite lucrative.. But…there is always something in the back of our minds that makes us doubt ourselves. i cannot/will never find a marketable niche / skills out of date / etc Reply Greg Rollett February 9. Reply Adam February 9. “My ideas aren’t good. 2011 at 9:37 pm 1. 2011 at 9:35 pm I get real shy walking into a room or meeting someone for the first time.” In reality. 100 years old and still needing to sell of a podium to pay for my million dollar estate. If you had to write a new book. Reply Drew February 9. but there are hot times and cool times and riding a high can blindside you when a launch goes south or your recurring payments stop and you need to do it all over again. I do have good ideas. I don’t want to bring in a “networking” agenda when I meet people. I still have trouble making decisions sometimes though I’ve gotten better. but still the fear is that I’ll be Zig Ziglar. Reply George February 9. I’ll start and not finish. or getting bought-out by a bigger organization. it matters whether the market thinks it is worth paying for.

break down. Seth Godin always talks about just shipping ideas and products to get them out. I’m just a kid. I was struck by how EVERY THOUGHT started with “I’m afraid ______. and working over and beyond my day job is a quieting proposition. Thanks for the push. passive-aggressive manner in which my last employers laid me off. Conclusion: Something is intangibly wrong with me and no employer will give me the time of day. but I have yet to be able to support myself independently. #1 I will have no time to seriously commit to earn money on the I’m not usre if I have the time to devote to quality work. I’ve had a string of bad luck (and. like Tim (above) I’m afraid that I’m just too shy to network. This is purely the result of the past 14 months of unemployment. Several times now in my life I’ve thrown myself into something wholeheartedly. Being spoken down to by a 14-year-old – in public – is just… This makes me feel like a joke (and also sometimes makes me want to buy an AK-47). When people approach me I can hold my own like a champ. I *have* credentials. and this is my biggest fear. I will make it work. This includes people who are less educated than I am. which eats all my motivation as I have to demand the people do the work they are getting paid for etc. image-manipulation etc. I’ve reached a point now where I’m afraid to commit to any big ambition or idea because chances are good that I’ll end up being miserable with that decision and have to backpedal for months (if not years) just to get to a place where I can try going in a different direction. Ramit. the rest of the evening is occupied with my wife and daughter. It also doesn’t help that I literally look ten or so years younger. I am a perfectionist and greatly fear the release of sub-par materials. I already followed your first release of Earn1k.. Much needed. Finally. *OVERALL ISSUE: I have the self-confidence of a bowl of jello. So where do I get the time? #2 I do have no actual product-idea I do have some other skills i could potentially market like pc-support. made several bad decisions) and have no evidence of success upon which to build confidence. That’s a hell of a lot of rejection to take. my main fear is that I don’t have the skills to be a profitable freelancer. that the things you show are not really working in europe. but in the end i was afraid. and I was personally invited to be a researcher for an international law think-tank (on a volunteer basis – for now). for one thing. thinking that this was it. People have threatened to confiscate my (real) ID as a “fake”. 2011 at 9:56 pm I fear that I do not have enough time in the day to successfully launch a side job.! Reply Dennis B. I can’t do this.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. This time I already organized with my wife. Not to mention that I need and want to spend quality time with my wife. yes. or turn out to be Not What I Want. I left computer programming to be an attorney. Flippin awesome series so far Ramit! Reply Alex February 9. people ALWAYS AND WITHOUT FAIL assume that I’m about 12-15 years old. but there are a lot of identity politics wrapped up in that – which leaves me wondering how well a white girl would be received in that field. Cheers from Switzerland Dennis Reply Oz February 9. even if 03:00am GMT+1 is normally not my time. No one wants to hire/work with me. I work in the IT-Departement of a swiss bank and am responsible for the anti moneylaundering systems. I just fear that I don’t have the stomach for it. 3. I *have* changed my tactics and I *have* developed some kickass interview skills. 2011 at 9:59 pm Going through this exercise (thinking about the prompt ‘What’s holding me back from earning money’). This makes me work on things until they are 100% complete before I show anyone or even talk about it…and most things never get done. I’m fascinated by indigenous law and legal issues.” I’m afraid that I’ll never really be accepted as an expert in the field that interests me most. I am an an attorney that needs to focus on billable hours. Reply AD February 9. 2011 at 9:49 pm I love how Ramit is completely honest and will always kick our asses when we drag our feet. Any sane person would reach the conclusion – at least subconsciously – that they’re unemployable or have some form of social leprosy. that I’m not alone with my fears. 2011 at 9:50 pm 1. this was what I wanted to do with my life… only to have it backfire. Sometimes it includes actual teenagers. Actually I’m nearly 26. The answer continues to be the same.. I know it’s bullshit – I got an amazing score on the LSAT. I *have* skills. and the dishonest. I’ve executed several of Ramit’s get-hired tactics – I’ve even used his exact scripts. I was fascinated with the stuff you gave away for free.than to start something new. I always make the wrong decision. that I will sign up. I am afraid that the only skill I have for a side job (or only skill I think I have atm) is something I won’t enjoy in the long term. #3 Why should I risk my full time job? It’s too easy for me to just work from 7:30 to 17:00. In law school I somehow bought into the intense push towards big-firm jobs and forgot that it’s not even close to the limit on what can be done with my skills. partly because I finished college and started looking for non-minimum-wage work *just* as the economy collapsed. and just the prospect of it gives me a negative physiological reaction. and even when I correct their misperception.” 33 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . so i didn’t sign up. homepage-programming. I just feel really awkward doing the approaching – I don’t know what to say.. I fear releasing something that is sub-standard. 2. and I make great soup…but somehow there’s this nagging sense that I’m “not good enough. but I didn’t find a (for me) profitable idea yet. After that. Reply Jim Coutinho February 9. I love being an attorney. but know I could make money as a database designer on the side. 2011 at 9:50 pm Hi everybody It’s quite encouraging to read. February 9. they continue to treat me as such and talk down to me. with ZERO response. Like many people.

so I only get to be Dad for 2 hours per day. but not have to read like I was getting my PhD. My wife is no longer working. 2011 at 10:03 pm 1) I won’t be able to afford health care/care for family if I really commit to going alone. I get home at 5pm and my 14 month old is getting sleepy at 7:30. 2. This is a big one for me.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k.” I have to set the standards. I also have dreams of traveling for months with the fam. I have a problem with jobs in general. and need to be present at the office. I research too much because I don’t want to seem dumb or unqualified. I have no time and no spare money. Reply Joshua February 9. I’m not sure that I ended up with scripts per se. I need to know everything about X before I make a move. I just don’t know how to let it go. already automated my finances and paying down CC debt slowly. Reply Tom King February 9. not look like an idiot. I have tried side businesses and failed. 2) I am scared I’ll lose any personal capital…I’m paying off debt and should focus on that first... but I KNOW that I’m capable of much more. But now I also know that I have this sinking fear that if I fail. Even you say this in your exercises Ramit. This idea was drilled into my head during art school and before that in all my high school art classes. I’m proud of what I’ve managed to do so far. I assume you get what I mean]. I am at the point where I am realizing it might be a dumb idea (website is up and nobody buying). Thanks Ramit. “…I’ll put in a lot of effort and get no clients” “…that people will find my efforts online (I have a google-friendly name) and I’ll be laughed at” “…I’ll fail and not try again” * When I thought over my ‘results’ as a whole. meet them by a certain deadline and just ship. so telecommuting would only work a day a week or so. Summarizing. I actually love my job. I am afraid that we are un-insurable if I try to buy my own insurance. I believe in high quality and having high standards. Reply Syms February 9. now that I think about it. my boss is great. and because of the new house and unexpected medical bills ($500 per month medical formula) I am in CC debt for the first time. The website/product/idea/text needs to be I have a few tricks up my sleeve. 2011 at 9:59 pm 1. My ideas will not work. Now to fix that. I also must be present because most of what we do requires a machine shop and lab. This would not work with most full time jobs. Fine. my top 3 would go: 1) fear of failure 2) fear of rejection 3) fear of abandonment * . Artists don’t make a lot of money. Will be changing from Chase to Schwab soon. I lose attention to detail and things go kaput.yikes. 2. and eventually stopped trying. Thanks. I am not the type to wish for things and do nothing. I guess the fear is it won’t be “good enough. * My dad started his own business when I was in 2nd grade. Perhaps the first two are more Only half of my work is on a computer. what more could I want? Really. especially due to my mom’s medical bills. I’ve have to turn this script off to make money. 3. I think he abandoned us. since they seemed to be more individually-sourced than cultural. The asterisked points go together and represent a crazy revelation to me. and I think he abandoned himself. Ramit. What next? My goal is flexibility of location and time. I might have lost him then. Reply Alex February 9. and I’m NOT waiting for retirement. and it was sold (failed) when I was in 8th. he let me know that he was going to move back to India. That would I would cover my bases. 34 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . and the night of the funeral. four hour work week style. Cut to today – my mom relapsed and passed last year. stopped working. Specifically. 3) I am scared that people I know well and in my market will scoff and sabatoage any money making attempts…I’ve seen others do it before. I plan to put the CC payment into an IRA once the debt is gone. My mom ended up being the breadwinner between them for a few years on a part-time salary (she was also in a weakened post-cancer state). I have started a side business (no money yet). 3. Persistence is my weak-point 2) The rest of my life will fall apart. and I get paid well. I want to spend more time with my kids. http://www. I’m a manager. I have a 14 month old and a pregant wife. He went downhill from there. Artists aren’t good at business.protoboardenclosure.. I have no problem with my job. but I know when my perfectionism stops being effective. sinking into a major depression. 2011 at 10:00 pm 1. Everyone thinks that artists don’t have money or that artist can’t make money. I’ll abandon myself. Reply Pauly February 9. 2011 at 10:02 pm 3 main invisible scripts: 1) I’ll quit on the last mile. I’m making dinner for 30 minutes. but I’ll be killing this thing in 3 weeks if they don’t work. 3) I’m not smart enough. I could probably learn more if I took an expert out to lunch and asked them where I should look. I think he was ashamed of turning out a “failed immigrant” [my term. My parents quickly ran out of funds. 2011 at 10:00 pm 1) I keep believeing the market I want to get into is too small and competitive. This is also tied to being a perfectionist.

why do I have problems? (I know that’s silly. but will I know when to stop building my portfolio? I could ask them for a percentage of profits (and have. but I think my nature is to assume that a confrontation always results in a fight. I’d have all the freedom I want. 2) I’ve had this happen once or twice. for example) how will that affect my relationships? How will it affect my ability to get a REAL date – I know I could pick up girls. Will I make the right decisions to achieve this? Or will I continue to lock myself in a cycle of failure? Are there even career options out there for someone like me to fall back on? Is there a “9-5er” that will offer me the appropriate mental stimulation and project diversity to keep me happy? Or will I become dependent on medication to force my creative. The idea of locking myself into any one career. crazy. That I need to find the “happiness within” and I wonder why I can’t seem to find it. and are my business/freelance goals just furthering my confinement to a desk? Can I figure out how to take my strengths as an intelligent. 2011 at 10:07 pm Addendum: 1) This is my problem with academics. I seem to find ways to drag my feet until the last possible second. who has the maid raise my children? A Ferrari isn’t worth the social sacrifice. and I desperately. and possibly sanity to build a business on the side of working a full time job that I hate – will this just be a recurring theme throughout my life? Will my pursuit of success limit my ability to have strong. my procrastination is getting worse. or drive? Intelligent people that I respect around me. They’ll think I’m a money monger. or ultimately evil. I’m very. I wasn’t always like this. a habit that I seem to cover up enough to have it reoccur. and stability? Or will I be the ever-busy businessman. Sometimes. stupid. I get bored too quickly and easily to see a project through long enough for it to become “passive” or mostly passive income. stable. The general public thinks that being “successful” is bad. but is that the wrong approach this early in the game? What skills of mine are most marketable. So I usually just say nothing. and know that when I’m on the “downswing” I just need to ride it out. or muse is borderline frightening to me. I need to learn how to harness my “hyper-focus” and extreme bursts of motivation when they’re there to create dramatic results. but why did I take them on as free anyways? I don’t think they’ll pay. I consider them portfolio builders. mentally stimulating. or is this truly going to be liberating.. I hate desk jobs though. or the work starts to feel like a burden. My “career” jobs have never lasted longer than 6 months. friends. my band. love. my performance will drop to nearly 0%. and I’m sure you’ll go back to your career path a different person” – Am I missing something? Is my dream truly impossible. This is relatively minor. Reply Mark Herrmann February 9. and they seem receptive) but how do I do the paperwork behind that? I love the idea of getting paid for results. it’s not going to be something that I care enough about to continue doing. I have too many “pressing” issues at once that I burn out and hole up. I am scared of being told no. It’s sometimes hard for me to get past a disagreement. leave ‘em in the dust 3) make my dad proud 4) give myself more freedom and 5) gain knowledge and skills that will help me for the rest of my life. upon discussing my goals and intentions seem to scoff or balk at my ambition and motivation – “It’ll be fun for a while. sort of. Other times. very. but how would I know they’re not just gold-diggers? Can this level of success prevent creating sustainable relationships with the “average” person? Why don’t people seem to ahve the passion. If I get bored. but I’m realizing more and more that to be successful I need to operate in a dramatically different technique than most people. My first three clients [and only ones so far] are friends. I need to set up a routine to work on that (28-days-makes-a-habit style). powerful mind into what society deems it should be. as everyone around me seems to believe? Have they searched for it. wrong. Let’s rock! Reply Martin February 9. self-sustaining lifestyle if I can’t get myself an income that’s at least somewhat automated. Reply Alex February 9. life. will it be psychologically confining? Will I know when to take a break? Will I have the time to pursue life. I HATE it… But I really like the financial stability that being a Mechanical Engineer provides. and well automated. or will I break free of the mold. before wanting to move on to the next thing. outright. just the mind-specter that comes up when I’m on the verge of exhaustion. I have a hard time saying anything I think the other person will find interesting. I can’t lead a long-term. how long will it take before I can have my health. afraid it will become boring and depressing before it’s up-and-running. but as I get older and accrue more responsibilities. 3) I was told I was smart by my parents. This goes for social settings and professional networking. But there’s going to be some crunch time during the freelance ramp-up. job. and free-time back? I know myself well enough to know that I can get completely engrossed in projects. I’m excited to 1) beat the sh*t out of my remaining student debt 2) smoke my peers. and show the world what I’m really capable of… am I really capable of something? If I’m not. rather than what it truly is. 3) I am worried that devoting my time to earning more (taking E1K and the actual freelancing) will cut into my time for my GF. in the long run? And in that case. I’m afraid that once I do find an idea that I can sell. 2) I am afraid that I will choose the wrong thing to work on. 2011 at 10:10 pm 1) I’m sure that I could find some kind of a marketable idea (although I haven’t tested any yet). I take it personally. love. Will this really make me happy? Will it make life better? If I reach a significant level of success (and can afford to buy a brand new Ferrari. I guess this is where the psychology of motivation comes into play! 2) I am pretty terrible at starting/holding a conversation. and my hobbies. So I try to work on lots of things instead of committing to one. health. I can’t explain it. and I’m helping them for free… I’m planning on not offering my services for free anymore. I’m too ADD. and give them my time. or screwing other people. painfully. I guess I don’t know how to deal with the aftermath of being told no. and what can I charge for? I know I’m GOOD (I’ve got lots of credentials) but how do I apply and focus this into a profitable.. at the detriment of other aspects of my life – will I be able to healthily balance being an entrepreneur? 2: I’m not good enough to charge. 3) I have a fear of confrontation. and it’s been 6 months + 3 weeks. 3) That I won’t find a way to make side money that is compatible with my employment agreement. 2011 at 10:18 pm my 3 invisible scripts are: 35 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . is it even a problem? Reply Jerrold February 9. no matter where I go. I don’t consider being “adult ADHD” a detriment. not time.) Reply Mike February 9. family? Will I be a good father to my children. depressing every-man job? By the way. close relationships? Even if it’s financially freeing. 2) I have a fear of being rejected. my product/service will be of poor quality and the whole thing will fizzle 2011 at 10:06 pm 1) I have a fear of finishing a task. and I’m afraid of locking myself into something specific. The flip side is that if I can earn enough to actually quit my 9-5 and be my own boss. I have too much I want to do. since I know that when put in a circumstance where something isn’t stimulating enough. but more often than not. liberating FULL income – not just side? 3: Failure. but if I’m so smart. 2011 at 10:15 pm 1: People who are close to me will lose respect for me. positive. awfully want to get out. Familial fall-backs tend to be my excuse. and foudn it doesn’t exist? Or have they not even tried? What makes them so sure that this isn’t a better path to happiness? I’m already sacrificing personal time. I get frustrated that I was not successful. except the one I’m in now.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. Will I continue down this path of stifling what makes me powerful and unique to bend to societal norms. but possibly Adult ADHD person to create a strong income stream to replace the dull. I never even asked. motivation. They think I’m nutty. Unless I actually plan ahead of time. and I can envision it becoming worse when dollars and cents are involved. is that the path I’m headed down.

but I think it stems from narcissism and self-hate – who am I to think I am going to have the “perfect solution” so I can “shine” in front of peers.? Who am I to expect others to unconditionally like me if I just tear myself down constantly? Is pity what I really want? 2. She’ll point to my past history of getting infatuated with skills I’ve gained through courses but never used them and just wasted money. one more big fear that undergirds those other fears: the fear of actually being in control of my destiny. but who ironically became fairly successful and later had much more time and money to spend with us – we took nice vacations and he was able to send my brother and I to pretty elite private universities. who am I to think that I should be “perfectly complete” person before I march onto success. I have been doing one for the past month and will be adding a second and increasing my hours with the first over the next month. it’s difficult to control these urges and I fear that that can severely undermine my business ventures. but had a great customer base and great lateral business relationships. 2) “Nobody would pay me” I always used the excuse that my potential clients would probably get their 14 year-old nephew to do the same work for free for which I want to charge them. Since this semester started. and abandonment. Actually all these fears are big excuses to do nothing. My idea(s) will be weak and not very useful. Reply Thea February 9. My goal is now to spend a fair amount of my time doing that (because it’s what I love). enough respect. and many burn out before they can make the contributions they hoped they would. I have had a lingering feeling of guilt whenever I think about earning more in my off-work time. but I will blame myself endlessly even if the situation was out of my hands. its a focus issue. All of their feedback points out that I’m just a really nice guy who gets pushed around easily and is extremely vulnerable to criticism. A few months ago (when I was laid off).? Who am I to think that a less-than-perfect solution means I will have to just give up and label myself a complete failure. and consulted with friends and family about my strengths and weaknesses. 2. 3) “I have no time” What I really mean is that sometimes I have trouble focusing on one project to thoroughly test whether it can be profitable and dump it if not or dig in further if it is. and I don’t deserve to be here”. to stay stuck in my comfort zone. enough lack-of-obligations (especially family). I’m still in college and have had very few good friends throughout my life. Reply Mihir February 9. and thus I have been chronically underpaid. but also diversify my income sources by doing other things I enjoy and am good at so that I have better chances of earning enough to meet my personal goals. 1) ““I need to get good at X before I could ever dream of charging” I’ve had several ideas about freelancing with accounting and computer repair but failed to follow through because I didn’t have enough confidence in my abilities to believe I could earn money on the side with my accounting and computer skills. enough training/degrees/credentials. I know that I am much more comfortable speaking beside someone else rather than meeting a client one-on-one (which to me is awkward). so this fear is central to my limiting beliefs. “I’ll lose my friends”. etc. huh? Someone up above mentioned that. There is a script among nonprofit workers that since we’re doing “good” things we shouldn’t expect to get paid well for it. because I think I’ll make a mess of it. Of course it’s irrational. A fear of emptiness? Incompleteness? Again. Weird. I don’t have “enough” – enough time. never mind the fact that this may be the case for some of my potential client base but definitely not all of them. 2011 at 10:20 pm OK. because a lot of people in my field are accustomed to working for less than I want. leaving something behind. They will pat me on the head but then brush me aside.. I see that they are exhausted and often resentful. and I completely agree.” and finding multiple sources of income so I can give back to my community while having a sustainable lifestyle. I’ve met new friends and fostered stronger relationships than in previous semesters. then act on them later. I played tennis for one year in high school and I still recall losing to a bulky football player simply because I handed him nearly every opportunity to win points. and I fear that starting a business and advocating it in front of them will alienate me. They might laugh at me and not take me seriously. I think this is fear of being the abandoner. Reply Adam G February 9. I am working on changing this script to “If I am paid well I can make my best contribution to changing the world. My spouse will think I’m wasting time and taking time away from the home & family. 2011 at 10:22 pm 1.. This is a sort of addiction for me. #2 – It’s cheating on my full time job to make money on the side I had a job once where the contract I signed when I was hired required me not to do consulting or even pro-bono work on the side. I’ve taken personality quizzes. potential clients. and my potential employer ended up backing out of the job offer. I want someone dependable to help me figure things out (my mind wanders a lot) but I also prefer working alone because I feel that no one else cares as much as I do about my project. Last month I tried to ask for more in a job offer situation (over 50% more). Perhaps I should just have faith that things will work out and I won’t be short-changing my family – I may actually be helping them by taking a risk or two. The more I talk about it the stupider it sounds but it’s there. But after years working around people who believe that. And he wasn’t a doctor or some other high-earning professional – he owned a run-of-the-mill small business. I think this is fear of ridicule. read up on my zodiac symbol. Even though that hasn’t been the case in jobs that I’ve held since. my goal was to get a full-time. My decisions rely too much on my intuition and gut feeling instead of logic and rationale. etc. 3. My last full time job was seasonal and ended a few months ago. 2011 at 10:26 pm #1 – I shouldn’t ask to be paid well for my work I have spent most of my working life working for nonprofits. saying “I understand you want to make a living 36 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . This also suggests why I feel that I need to balance out my moodiness by working with a partner (#3). 2011 at 10:19 pm 1. enough information. “I’m just too nice”. or people just won’t see any value in my ideas. “I don’t want to do it alone”. 3. enough “quality” experience. and instead of just looking for another full time job. 4. Isn’t that kind of backwards? It’s almost the opposite of the “testing” Ramit talks about – it’s backwards to expect that I have the answers first. I would never wish anything evil upon anyone. loser. I enjoy both that no organization “owns” my time and that I can pursue several of my interests and build a diverse skill set. and that any attempt to actually make a decent living is selfish if not Strange as it is. Perhaps somebody has already built a better moustrap. something that is unlikely because most people don’t make much money doing it. Perhaps it’s fear I’d be like my dad who worked long hours for many years when I was a young child. schools and other organizations that are chronically underfunded. and the consequences will somehow be even worse. I’m afraid to truly be in control of my circumstances. humiliation. enough money to invest/jump-start. superiors. “I’m an in-the-moment kind of person”. I’ve never been able to fit in with any closely-knit group of people. that if I do succeed it will take so much effort to stay successful that eventually I will fail. She’ll say just focus on your work and spending time home. Reply Pramit February 9. enough deep professional connections. and maximize my earnings from it as best I can. A sort of narcissism again? It’s really just a big excuse to do nothing. #3 – I don’t have enough experience or skills to charge more than $X/hr I am afraid that people will say no to me if I ask for what I think my time is worth. well-paid job in my primary field. Sometimes I just walk away from a social gathering because I begin to think “I don’t belong here.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I have been focusing on finding multiple part-time opportunities.

-do not slow down when I get home: walk the dog ASAP and at least start housework before sitting down. i don’t value the time i do have 3. i don’t have time 2. it takes time but I am trying as hard as I can. it is a fact I have not been able to avoid. I still fail to move forward with them. but it was not something I was able to fully pursue due to poor choices on my part combined with bad cirsumstances. furniture stores. deep down. I have always been distracted by the first serious stumbling block and moved onto something new and shiney. I frequently run my ideas past people and even if they say they ARE good. I’m worried I would be seen as underqualified. and I already feel I don’t commit enough time to improving my signing. I’ve found a good time for studying and regular homework in the morning. I pride myself on my trustworthiness. 2011 at 10:41 pm 1) My ideas aren’t good enough.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. and all I see are extroverted people who can network the hell out of any situation. I’m not sure where the resources will come from to build this business – I’m in school full-time studying to be an ASL interpreter. and caring nature. it seems much easier to move on to the next thing instead. -limit nap to 30 minutes: I need naps to function properly. and I had to quit my full-time benefitted position to do this. I am borrowing money from my parents to go back to school. I want to hone this love back into a living. Reply Emily February 9. -once I know more. etc. Sure.. Now I am happy to exercise my skills at the local zoo. “I don’t want to do sales” Really means – “I’m an introvert which makes sales and networking hard. 3. which helps greatly. To remedy this: -research her role in more entirety to know more about exactly what she does. 2011 at 10:31 pm I have an idea and I am working on. and defering them until I can know with certainty what the repurcussions are. and never get shit finished. “This is a much better idea” Translates as – “I have a fear of failure. Worrying about money wastes my time. comprehension. Reply Brad February 9. and I never do. and none has gone anywhere because I just won’t do sales. The tenuous balance between sanity. I shouldn’t be wasting my time working for someone who’s never going to pay me what I want to earn. This is my first love. I worry that it takes that long to get to know me. but they have known me for years. To remedy this I will utilize: -word of mouth from friends: ask for written testimonials from friends. Reply kitty February 9. and am slowly getting there. this is a much better idea!’. Since then I have been applying to part-time and service industry jobs (coffeshops. There may be a position coming open in a few years. prep dinner. To top it off. If the idea that I’d put a huge amount of time into failed. the client was really happy with the work. but skill improvement is always tucked in wherever I can squeeze it in. i don’t think i can justify charging people Reply Marylin Goldner February 9. Between time and money I feel constantly pinched. If I take naps for 30 minutes without exception and without the TV my chances of regaining momentum may be significantly higher. but I think it’s a good failure. schedule an appointment to discuss the role and what the requirements are. There is too much competition for me to get into the pet sitting business – I look around at other professionals in the field. I’ve started trying to change my scripts.” In some senses that is a failure. I believe my phobia of sales stems from a fear of ridicule and rejection from the people I’m trying to sell things to. I rationalize things by saying to myself ‘Oh. MONEY -earn a little extra money by doing at least 5 Amazon mechanical turk projects a week. -ask local yarn stores/Ravelry designers if they pay for swatch knitting. and scholarships. Since then I’ve started a few things. relationships and quality work is constantly shifting. then I would feel like a failure. get permission to have their contact info on a referral list -website -networking on PSI 2. This research leads to more research to infinity. Given the chance. and/or a vulture circling the body before it’s cold. “I don’t fully understand this” Translates as – “I don’t want to be responsible for my decisions” So often I’ll be on a roll getting stuff done when I back off and decide to do more research. and voicing skills. I have even seen some idead that 37 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . My parents are already doing me a huge favor. I just don’t know how to market myself. but I guess that. Reply Adrian February I was honored to be asked to teach formal interpretation to the new docent students at the zoo. and worrying about time distracts me from making money. I’m sure this is me not wanting to take responsibility for my actions. who came through a friend. To remedy this: TIME -Set aside “project time” a few nights a week (lining up with my boyfriend’s “project time” so we are equally occupied and not distracted by each other – MW 7-9pm). helpfulness. and we wanted to go into business developing games for companies websites. it’s a fear the earlier idea may not have worked.. We only ever got one client. I feel I could easily prove this to anyone. 2011 at 10:35 pm 1. but I am not sure how to pursue it and court the current job holder (my supervisor) for information. 3. So I get stuck in a feedback loop of more and more research.” I start up new things and never push through on them.” A friend and I used to do really nice internet based games. but it never went anywhere as neither of us were willing to do sales. I have several friends who trust me more than anyone with their critters. 2011 at 10:38 pm 1. see what I can do to attain any that I do not have. 2011 at 10:30 pm 1.). Also. wage and I just can’t afford that. and I don’t want to strain the relationship with my wonderful boyfriend. but it’s taking time… 2. -once skill sets are identified. I worry about losing my natural resource interpreting skills – my BS degree is in Natural Resource Interpretation. due to my educational history I am ineligible for financial aid. but my school schedule and out-of-class requirements apparently make me unhireable.

todo managers and looking into motivational tips. There’s less social proof behind a nontraditional track. Reply Kellie February 9. I am horrible at networking. Reply ruth k February 9. and I felt like I was totally making it up as I went along. I have a degree in molecular genetics. of committing). or I would look like an idiot and fail my students (see #2). and I’ve been missing the point. they will lose all respect for me or laugh behind my back. Anyone know any successful entrepreneurs who start aged 40+? 3. I remember one summer I spent in Costa Rica teaching English a few years ago. and I can think of no way outside of academia where I can use these fields (and academia doesn’t want people with only BAs). 2011 at 10:54 pm 1. and for some reason I’m afraid that. etc. and I totally bomb at it. (A fear of standing out or getting it “wrong”. Maybe it’s that feeling of being totally on your own with no backup system. Richard Branson etc etc) are the young whizzkids full of energy and ideas with nothing to lose. which leaves me feeling a bit ungrounded. 2011 at 10:48 pm 1. If people (friends. 3. working on my EMT. 3. This has hurt me in numerous ways. I felt like I couldn’t do a good job. I’m afraid that it’ll fail. (And likely explains why I’ve only had modest success in my industry even though I’ve been earning a living at it for almost 10 years!) 1. Read: I can’t afford to fail. (Linked to #2 below) 2. “What if I get a freelance opportunity and it turns out I can’t deliver?” I’ve never failed on the job. I’m more interested in marketing. but these aren’t coalescing into a track to follow. like there would be at a regular job. I have thus far pursued a nontraditional career track working as a researcher. and by devoting time to something that’s going to fail. This is a combination of my self-doubt and my fear of missing good opportunities (which is to say. I have over 15 years of experience as a computer network engineer. Even if I succeed. because it’s straight from your list: I have no ideas. I have had enter the marketplace a few years later. Reply Patrick Fink February 9.. I never know what to say to There was no curriculum. Reply 38 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . “I will look like an idiot. My ideas aren’t good enough. and I felt like I had to know the answer to every single question. 2. and I had to be able to pull it out of my ass fast. People who succeed in business (Ramit. but there are always people out there that are smarter than me. but I don’t want to work in a lab. 3. 3) I am so disillusioned with corporate life. Read: I’m not good enough. I don’t have knowledge or expertise in marketable areas. outdoors leadership instructor. a few things to think about! Reply Jess February 9. I don’t have what it takes to keep it up. I’ve tried using your tools to find ideas. 2. In these fields I don’t feel like I have the know-how t get going. Writing down these fears really makes it clear that I have some underlying cynicism that is the root of why most of my ideas never get past the point of implementation. programming. but never committing myself to one of them to become truly excellent. okay. So. Reply Chris L February 9. I don’t have any skills that will generate the level of income that I want. 2. I’ve left it too late. but I’m self-taught in my field. Nevertheless. I hold a BA in anthropology with a minor in linguistics. I am afraid I would leave too early if I had a small success and I would not have enough money for my family. It will never last. February 9. and even negative incentive to remain on a traditional track.” I’m afraid of looking totally incompetent. I had marginal contact with most of my professors in college and feel I do not have enough people who would write recommendations for me to apply to grad school or a job I would actually like to do.. for instance I’ll get a job doing SAS/SQL coding. but I guess I am not creative enough or self aware enough to turn my skills into coherent and tangible plans of action. I’m not good enough at PR to do it as a sideline (although I’ve been working in the field for 20 years) – in my day job these days I spend too much time managing people and budgets and not enough on the coalface actually getting media coverage. “I don’t know everything about the subject. I didn’t feel confident. 2) I am not good enough to charge money. 2011 at 10:53 pm 1) I depise the thought of having to sell something to someone and I hate cold calling (will avoid it at all costs) 2) I need more time to prepare before I’m ready to move forward with an idea 3) I’m terrified of being in charge and not deferring difficult decisions to my boss I’m sure I could list about 50 more! Reply Noelle M.) 2. I’ve started to write an ebook on nontraditional marketing for small businesses. 2011 at 10:49 pm This exercise is fantastic! When I get overwhelmed I always focus on changing up my productivity tools. 2011 at 10:45 pm 1. This must be a very common fear. 3. I should devote my time to a real job that will give me a salary and professional development before I try to earn my own income. family) see what I am doing. I’ll ruin my marriage as it will take too much time and my husband won’t like it if I’m preoccupied with earning money. even when I had a subject I knew very well (English). In my life this has manifested in my exploration of a number of topics sahllowly. which will reflect poorly on me.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k.” I used to teach test prep. etc. Read: I’m afraid to take a nontraditional track. 2011 at 10:48 pm 1. I’ll waste valuable time and other good opportunities. and it was scary. technology.

The two I suppose CAN go hand in hand. “I have too many ideas floating around in my head” Over the past year or so I have written down over 20 ideas that I thought I may like to do on the side and eventually full time so I don’t have to work for anyone (except my clients). But I guess if I get it started out here and I can use those people as references no matter where I live. I recently landed a $1300 side job which I am quite proud of but i recognize it kind of fell into my lap. Jordan February 9. After listening to the webinar however. When Earn1K opened last time I told myself that I have to prove I can earn money on the side BEFORE I buy the course. business is tough. 2011 at 11:06 pm That I will fail and: a. I don’t want the embarrassment of having my peers seeing my weaknesses.. “I don’t want to start with the “wrong” idea. The primary fear here I think is of what others would think of me. I’m better off staying in my current job because I’d be a complete idiot to walk away from the income I’m making now as a 26 year old without a family yet or ANY form of outside commitments… Deal with a “less than ideal” situation now and make some bank so that when you do have a family you can have more options (as if I don’t have enough already). Reply Ryan Bannan February 9. I get to use my professional skills… But I have this really great idea and an itch to do something MORE with my life. according to someone elses rules. 2011 at 11:08 pm #1 I don’t want to fail. and am afriad to try to start something just to get it up and running and then leave to go home. The rent is due. I ran a Kumon franchise for three years. This boils down to fear of failure for me. Even though I spend the majority of my time working as 2011 at 11:08 pm #1.. 2011 at 10:55 pm 1) Running a business is a really hard way to make a living. I procrastinate a lot. 3. #2 My (lack of) social skills / networking abilities will give me a hard time finding new clients. What made him think that he could pull it off? What an idiot! Serves him right for thinking he is better than us. 2011 at 11:00 pm 1) I need more balance in my life. That “people” will laugh at me (That was a stupid idea. but this idea lends itself to another block: 2) I HAVE to choose the right thing and take the right action so that I don’t waste my “precious” time. “I live in a new area.) c. policies. at least I would be moving toward finding the idea that I want to stick with and what helps me make side income. I generally research the crap out of something and read up about every possible way to succeed. I never want to do this!” 2) I have already failed at running a business – I’ll just fail again. Reply Stephen Halter February 9. the same thing will happen. 2011 at 10:56 pm 1. or the time/money/expertise to properly exploit it. I am paralyzed with too many ideas. Example. I’m scared that if I start a business again. and waste time on it while I could have working on one of my better ideas” I would just hate to waste time (yea I know it sounds like #1) on an idea and not know when it is a dud. and expectations I think that I’ll find the contentment and satisfaction I want by trying to modify my life AROUND my current “workscape” as opposed to designing a workscape around my lifestyle.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. That I don’t have an original idea. I will waste the time and money b. test it.I have been fearful of failing. We started very young and since then everything has always seemed urgent. 2011 at 11:04 pm #1 I’m a college student. and don’t have many contacts” I am living in a different state for the next 5 months. But I know it it better to start something and fail. I guess I took this script on when I first started working in a small business straight out of school – I’d see how stressed my boss always was. how miserable he looked all the time. I was researching all the ways to create a network testbed. move to the next one. #2. But for too long I have let the fear of the urgent keep me from ever doing anything important. #3 I’m a nice guy. The 39 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . electricity bill is late…etc… My fear of failure is not so much the fear of looking bad. #3. I want to add more legs to my financial table and have it stuck in my head that there’s no way I could hold down this job while successfully building another stream(s) of income. therefore I never start any of them. but not the usual kind. 3) I already earn a fine salary in my jobs – what’s the point of pushing myself to do more? I work in two part time jobs which are stimulating and enjoyable – I get paid ~$60 per hour to work these jobs – they are hard enough to be challenging. I realized that I can start one.I have always been a bit of a perfectionist and I fear that when my product is finally launched that I will not be satisfied with it and it’s affect on my reputation in my field. clients won’t take me serious and/or pay serious money. and wasting time on a bad one. and move to the next one…I fear not knowing when to move to the next idea. I work with mostly cool people. and if it doesn’t work. 2011 at 10:59 pm I’m scared that I won’t follow through. how the bank account was always in overdraft. Reply Dorothy February 9. I’m so concerned about hosing the right thing in the right way that I take no action and waste more time while living less life (because I’m always stuck in my head about all of these possibilities I have) 3). One of my ideas has to be a money maker! Reply Benton February 9. Reply Cody February 9.I’m afraid of falling short on my responsibilities and waisting a bunch of time and money I can’t afford to lose on a “pipe dream”. Reply Ben D February 9. I have a wife and three kids and we have struggled financially for years. I paid too much to buy it and ended up after three years $8000 in debt. 2. then to do nothing at all and never know. Reply Jan February 9. In fact I decided I will only buy the course if I can pay for it using money I earned on the side. I’m scared I won’t be able to repeatedly land such commissions. It made me think “sheesh.

This have been working since I’ve actually been going through Ramit’s email and doing the exercises 3. no time for me. I’m not an expert and don’t deserve to be paid for what I know 2) I’ll get caught up in the side job at the expense of my day job 3) I’m not “that kind of person. I still feel guilty even thinking about charging people for the kinds of things that I do and know how to do (assuming they are good enough in the first place). of course) a “real” job. and helping people are the biggest 4 but who is going to pay me for any of these things when there are so many people with deeper levels of competency? What if they laugh? What if Ramit laughs? What if they are right and I am fooling myself even trying? #2 – assuming I was good enough when would I fit in the time for earn 1k on top of my maxed credit hours (trying to finish up my first degree) and two dedicated engineering projects or the actual business of running a side business? (This go round I have the money to pay for the course and would be happy to do so). all of this following some of Ramit’s philosophy and views) Reply Hsiao February 9. This is simple. Being rich would make me another one of those fat old black men in bmws that “forgot where he came from” plantation stock from Charelston… I know this isnt true mentally. my personal life dwindled and the wife meter goes into emergency red alert badly needs attention. I told them I could do it and I knew how exactly to do it. did you say 3? i seem not to be able to choose the top 3 – or am i too perfectionist. if i try to earn more. I’m afraid of spending too much time. this is a bad moment for the economy (in the whole world). to make me start. Well he had given me 2 weeks to figure out and because I read about the stuff too much I only had less than one or two days to implement. I need this certification and that class or that degree before I can even think about being “that kind of person. company wanted to know how to create a VOIP testbed. it’s okay to fail just as long as I try and do my best. The customers don’t want to do the extra work of figuring out how to get the job done. i’m not able to stop people bothering me – when i used to work at home. 2011 at 11:10 pm #1. That’s why they hire people to get the job done. I researched the technologies to death — reading post after post. I know my shit but that gets the best of me. 2011 at 11:16 pm well. 2011 at 11:13 pm 1. reconfiguring. I had to stay at work longer. Then use the remaining days to test and implement. software/programming. but the script is still running amok… All of these things still play in my head despite having had more successes (Negotiated a higher wage on a temporary job. for them. A successful person? An ambitious person? Perhaps lucky? Cut-throat? I think it boils down to lack of confidence that ties into script number one. I need to realized. but i don’t know what to do first (or what to do and what not). There’s always someone else out in the world that knows more than me on any subject so why would anyone want to pay me to do something? I’m not an expert on anything. i miss something. Bluntly I just afraid of what they think. #3 Selling things you ought to give away is evil. entrepreneurial enough to succeed independently as a freelancer or entrepeneur. And at least I would have learned something along the way too. i’m not able to make people pay me (enough. 2. if i try again. Days passed and the lead was still expecting the testbed fairly soon. Every time I get home. I was able to get it done on time but I could have finished it a long time ago if I only devoted one day to plan just something instead of planning several alernatives. landed a work study AHEAD of people who were in the ques for months. day and night. I’ve been burned alot and I guess that is what is crumbling my motativation. The worst part: I can’t even identify specifically what “that kind of person” means. since I will ramble on and that loses the client’s interest. I spend too much time on the tech but not enough time to really understand the customer. my marketing skills are zero. I don’t have enough discipline to come home after work to work on a freelance idea. I’m just afraid of failure. I realized this and have started going to coffee shops to work so I am less distracted at home. Reply elena February 9.I have several areas I am really passionate about (enough to where I have spent close to 15 grand investing in courses to improve) illustration. and it was such a disaster that i’m still paying money for it. managed to get in on 3 research and design projects within my college each more challenging and ambitious than the last. #2 I will spend too much time on the projects. 2011 at 11:22 pm 40 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . the blog doing some of the exercises and KNOWING I can’t actually do any of the big pie in the sky things I want to do without capital and human resources. Reply Ian February 9. How do engineers remain dominant when interfacing with “upper ups”? Wrap up. I don’t have enough knowledge in anything to be able to charge anything. I’m highly aware of the type of person I’m acting as. I am afraid that I am not at the skill level in any one field to make a profit off of it. I am afraid I do not know how to handle my time well enough to put the work that needs to go into this down into it. I’ve never envisioned myself as being creative. and since I’m introspective. Once I finally started putting components together I had so many oh shit moments. #3 I can’t find the right people to interface with. or at all) for what i do. If I have to dumb down my geek speak to people with money then I feel very uncomfortable. ideation. Despite reading the book. they called me every two minutes.. I want to make side income but I don’t want it to be the main focus of my life. 2011 at 11:21 pm 1) I don’t know enough about anything. I seem to be distracted by everything and anything that doesn’t have to do with work. I need to realize that people just make sure they know more than their customers and you’re set. I am married with a full time job. i’m afraid of causing even more troubles.” Reply Courtney February 9. I don’t like to fail and have my family and friends say I told you so. my family want me to find a good job – working as a freelance was being jobless. as things went so wrong. last but not least: i have plenty of ideas. energetic. tweaking just to get it to work. I’m comfortable talking about tech with engineers. I do have a flexible schedule but there are times when I go full steam on extra work around the house or get involved with random projects. i’m not able to find clients. and they were always bothering me as they wanted me to look for (and find. i tried to work as a freelance 12 years ago..” I tend to typify people. testing. as i always do more than i’m asked to? Reply Brock February 9. i’m only going to lose more money.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k.

Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 1 and 2 are pulling me in the opposite direction that 3 is. What changes as a result of success? ECOLOGY: impact on self and those around you. Why take a chance and risk being seen as an unrealistic dreamer who was stupid enough to think that this thing (whatever it is) would actually and on. but…somewhere in this one lies why i never do it. But. It’s a super obscure theory that was taught to me a few years ago. It says: What I think/feel/perceive affects how I act. I’ll never have the courage to really make this happen and then I’ll regret not doing it. Reply Chris February 9. 2011 at 11:47 pm 1) I don’t want to appear stupid by asking about something or throwing something out there that isn’t relevant. i always find typos on blogs (including yours) and envision myself editing and sending in corrected content and proposing myself as an editor for hire.” I hate getting pity looks and I really hate constantly having to explain why I don’t “just get a real job. I’m scared that I will fail and end up in a lot of trouble. Running a script about not being good enough or at least good enough for people to pay. and you let that affect what you’re thinking/feeling. Barlotti’s Box is a theory of perception where four stages continuously feed one another. and on. I’ll never leave home. The way the other person acts towards me affects what I think/feel/perceive. 2. I don’t know what to do. 2) I don’t know enough about this vertical (marketing) to make money through my ideas. although I believe it’s a great quality to have as an entrepreneur. which i could unravel just by re-reading some of the e-mails i have received on the insider list… really. you’re going to get stuck in that loop forever! Reply Matt P February 9. and other obligations. etc. 3. Reply NP February 9. 3) People don’t respect my leadership. I avoid pitching new clients or marketing myself because I fear that I won’t live up to my client’s expectations. i don’t have proof to show potential clients (and therefore would feel like a fraud trying to convince someone to pay me to do what i can do in my sleep). #1. I know if I wait until all the lights are green. even though i know i am really good at writing and editing. 2011 at 11:44 pm 1. or what kinds of work to solicit or accept. They won’t take me seriously anyways… I worry that my clients won’t take me seriously. i don’t know how much to charge. What if I get myself in over my head?! I’m petrified by the thought of over-promising and under-delivering. it makes me think that one day I will bite off more than I can chew. then I would feel like a chump because I can never get the time I spent back. Ramit’s post on “expertise being construed” has put paid to that little doubt. creating an endless feedback loop. a wife. I’ll get made fun of behind my back if I fail. 2011 at 11:23 pm My three invisible scripts that are holding me back: 1) I don’t think that I have the time 2) I don’t know how to start it 3) I don’t think it will be profitable enough to spend my time on Even as I list these I know that they are excuses. 2. Reply mrsthor February 9. This really is fear that I’ll throw everything I have into this and then fail. and on. This makes it really to just keep reading and buying courses and put off taking action. those three little things. Responses: Rewrite the scripts: Time to (F)ace (E)verything (A)nd (R)elax! Reply Ross February 9. I don’t have enough time to do this. If that happens. 4. kids. not good enough. I am very ambitious and. Script about CREDIBILITY and credentials. 3. This one is inconsistent with the two above. Fear of success more than fear of failure. where to find clients. What if I fail or don’t make any money? I avoid really going for some of my business ideas or opportunities because I think “how is this going to look to my family/friends when I have to explain that this didn’t work out?” I worry that every time I say “the business didn’t work out” they will automatically translate it as me saying “I’m a failure. 2011 at 11:34 pm 1. but one that I will never forget.. those three things are holding me back. given that I have a job that takes a lot of time. What the other person thinks about me affects how they act towards me. People sometimes think that I am much younger than I actually am. #2. I even tell myself that. 2. 2011 at 11:49 pm 1. perhaps the stupidest one: 3. i don’t know how to make sure i properly document extra income for tax purposes. Some of the comments people have made about how old I look (even those that were not meant to be offensive) just wreck havoc on my self-confidence – not good when you’re about to deliver advice on how they should do business! Note: I try to use “Barlotti’s Box” to change my “invisible script” from #3. This is made worse by the fact that I actually am young. which is weird to me. If someone treats you like you’re too young.. Reply 41 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I just need to find a way to move past them and not use them as excuses.” #3. How I act affects what the other person thinks about me or the way they perceive me.

in a field in which i know i dominate. [Short version . or below. Reply Lindsay Myers February 9. items 2 and 3 are things i could easily research online. Reply Q February 9.. 3) I need to wait for something until I can start. I don’t know anything about business. this is what i want -to do work i enjoy. 3. I’m afraid that I will never be extraordinary.. I don’t have the skills – I’ve never mastered Accepting thanks and friendly smiles comes natural. 2011 at 11:59 pm 1) I don’t know if I’ll enjoy freelancing any more so than my 9-5.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. but I don’t really want to teach or sit in a tin can and translate). Reply Colleen February 10.] This script is fed by feelings of scarcity and obligations to others with a pinch of martyrdom thrown in. Reply Christa February 10. but the fear is stupidly strong. I don’t have any good ideas.Risk adverse combined with fear of not having money. that these two are just props to support number one. I have no experience. and… the feeling of being a loser for working these admin jobs just permeates everything i do. I have some confidence issues. True. though. but having success also means knowing how to get there.Perfection required. We did that dream thing the other day and out of nowhere I decided I wanted to be running some adventure tourism company in Bali which was exciting until I thought . 2011 at 11:55 pm 1) I don’t deserve it that other people are paying me. What should I pick? What do people want? 2. it sounds so simple. my number one reason is my only reason that holds any water and the only true fear – not being respected in my field. I’ve been working on changing my mentality. and being able to get there again. I don’t want to be like those people but I want to earn money like they do… Reply Marielle February 9. I always shy away from situations where I could mess up and look like an idiot. I would just freeze and give up. It all comes back to confidence. even in better economies.. but the feeling is strong that it isn’t time yet. 3) My education is in the completely wrong field for what I want to do (I’m an Arabic Language major. I have valuable skills and can deliver real value in solving other people’s problems. what if I actually did it? That kind of scares me too. 2011 at 12:04 am 1. I find most “young professionals” super shallow and obnoxious to be around. (Fear/Script 3) – I’ll commit resources to an idea once the idea is perfected. 42 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . Its too hard – I’ve been wanting to do something for 10 fricking years but every time I try I just get stuck and overwhelmed.] This script allows me to walk away without having to fail…or even try. mrsthor February 9. There’s too many options. I have always been successful at things I have tried.I have been a student for most of my life and feel caught in the catch-22 of needing to get experience and no one wanting to give me a chance because I’m inexperienced.0 in english). I learn quickly. not seeing myself as being someone that actually do it. 2011 at 12:00 am #1 – My storytelling skills are lame – no one will buy an article from me #2 – I’m not funny enough. Reply Tom February 9. 2011 at 12:08 am I’ve had a think about my codewords and fears…do I have 3 fears to list? No.” Most of my friends are involved with social services. and after years of this thankless work i am just soul-sucked. as you have pointed out. and people regularly tell me that I am more gifted than most people. Of course I do. (Fear/Script 2) – The opportunities in my geographic area at the level I am in my profession are scarce. honestly. or sales or anything. [Short version . my confidence is on the ground. but money is different. 2) Having success means having a lot to loose.] This script is fed by presumptions with a healthy dose of inflated ego.Assumed small pool of opportunity. I dropped out of university after 1 year. I had been trying to get into affiliate marking at the end of last year but I would get stuck when it came to picking a niche. i realize maybe i didn’t leave enough analysis on these. They all link back to just two big ones. nonprofits. Reply Camille February 10. and get paid well for it. i think. 3. since i graduated from college (with a 4. No idea what I’m waiting for. I am scared this isn’t true or I will disappoint those who believe in me. I am afraid of “selling out.or that I am extraordinary and I will never realize that potential. just because there is information online does not mean we are going to do anything about it. or marketing. 2011 at 11:56 pm sorry. #3 – No one would be interested in what I have to say. I always worry I’m doing something wrong. what do I have to offer? I definitely am more of a follower. 2. higher education. i have constantly struggled in administrative type jobs that don’t utilize my talents or even my full brain power. Maybe I’m just worried I’ll fail. etc. Or it won’t work and I’ll look stupid. 2011 at 11:50 pm 1. Compounded with the fact that my BA and MA have NOTHING (very little) to do with what I actually want to do. 2) I don’t think I have skills people will pay for. cash flow will suffer and I will not be able to pay the mortgage which will mean I am not “taking care of” my family. 2011 at 11:57 pm (Fear/Script 1) – If I reallocate my energy/time to a new venture/idea/opportunity without a “guaranteed” level of income. [Short version .

And friendship is more than shared interests. Thank you. I’m not sure I’m good enough. I already have $300-$400 a month that just goes into savings. I’m actually already restraining myself and I do need to reach out and adjust my social circle because I’m feeling constrained. Your emails have prompted me to take more action and think harder about the direction my life is taking than I have in a VERY long time. And even if the first idea what’s going to be different THIS time?!’. I think the actual “doing” itself would be a boost in self-confidence. I’m afraid that if I am successful. And again. Reply Rufus February 10. 2) Once I get into it. I will then have a lot of knowledge in my “portfolio” to allow me to re-group and do something else. What would I do with $1k more? Reply Dawn February 10. will mean more important things will not get done. and I’ll have to make new ones. I fully funded 401(k) and IRA. it’s better than doing nothing at all. and educate myself on excellent implementation stategies. 43 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I’m aware of my faults. I dont think I’m good enough therefore can’t charge what I worth. The only one holding me back is me – and I’m the hardest one to convince to let go. But I’m 26 now. and inconsistent themes in my marketing. Because even if I fail. Give it to me? Reply Amy February 10. has no real bearing on who & what I am anyway. went to pay for the wedding. Boosting my self-confidence would be good. I’m never going to lose my true friends. 2011 at 12:15 am 1) The fear that I will invest time & money into my idea & discover that it was the wrong thing. All the money I saved while working an internship and then permanent offer last year. I have many skills to offer and I know I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to. 2011 at 12:11 am I have one: I don’t need the money. And I’m changing. If I want something I can buy it or easily save for it. nearly 27 and I realised the small amount of money I managed to save while I was studying. Reply Don't Want To Admit February 10. “You need to learn more about investing/starting a business/admin of it all. (One should never resent a friend. Here I think I need to educate myself in the actual “doing” and keep learning – for example. 2011 at 12:10 am 1)I think too much before doing and sort of keep telling myself that I’ll never actually ‘do’ because ‘hey. I’m afraid that even if I succeed at all the things I put off due to (insert codeword here – lack of time/money/effort) that I will STILL not be happy.THEN you can start” 3)And the latest addition since getting married and moving to job with a LOWER salary from Switzerland to the UK. I have some that I am more outgoing when I don’t have one of my long-term friends with me. at the very least. I’ll be overwhelmed & not be able to handle it. I doin’t even know why this is such a big deal. too. I have a 6+ month emergency fund. I really like my job and have a plan to turn it to freelance once I get sick of working 40 hours a week. But it needs to be said because I’ve realised that I’ve crippled myself financially (and in other areas of my life) so that I can’t achieve the so-called lofty goals of earning more. 2011 at 12:14 am 1) There’s nothing I can offer that someone would pay me for – I’m not smart enough or everyone else is just smarter. Apparently (so I’ve discovered today) I’m not worth much to myself let alone anyone else. This is a big one – it’s the reason I’m still at the same job years after I realised I needed a change. I DESPERATELY want to rid myself of these scripts. which as a company of one. “there simply is no money and you are too inexperienced to charge for freelancing.which I finished doing a year and a half ago.etc” . I will lose my friends because we will no longer have similar life goals/ interests. But also. #3 I’m also worried that I will put off potential customers by not seeming professional enough. I just haven’t acknowledged it to myself. Again. I’ve been involved in business and finance for years. I realize this is ridiculous — what other people think. Like less-that-top-notch brochures. 2011 at 4:58 am Help others — donate to charity. to research well. especially if I fail. 3) The third one I only just figured out: The fear that I will look like a fool – that I’ll look stupid – if this fails. I make more than enough in my current job. Leaving me with newly developed fears of never getting started with creating a business ever. 2011 at 12:21 am #1 I’m afraid that no one will want to be the first customer. even if I do fail.. Take an extra vacation.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money ways think too much. core fear that I’ve been struggling with for a long time. is STILL not invested! 2)Which brings us to script 2. #2 I worry that I will spend time on the wrong parts while starting the business. 3) Afraid that I will fail. 2) Afraid that it will take time away from the family I hope to start. But I realized actually.. That I’ll crash & burn… and all this is because really. You learn from doing. 1. 3) I don’t even know what questions to ask to lead me to what to do next. 2) I might commit to something that I later discover I don’t want to do. They know that. Analysis: I am actually shy when I’m not behind a computer screen. Reply Kate Ressman February 10. FEAR is well and truly set in. These fears quite mortifying to write down – especially in a public domain. learning truly good marketing techniques and actually implementing them. I think the strategy to overcome this is to just do it (that alone will boost self-confidence). Reply Regina February 10. I’ve *always* been interested in something different than they are. Reply Chris February 10. I conquered the fear of doing. 2011 at 12:24 am 1) Afraid that I’m not as good as everyone says I am. 1. They wouldn’t actually be friends if they don’t understand that I need time to do things. weighing less etc I’ve enjoyed the Year of the Hustle so far. 2011 at 12:29 am 1.) This is a true. And besides. I’d just put it in the right place! Reply Amanda February 10. I think the only way to get over this one is testing and doing some serious research. I have no debt.producing more fear that it will never leave. just do it.

My life is over” way. This year is looking to be a bit calmer than last year and I think I can justify to my partner that if we really mean to expand the business. leading workshops in 3 different fields. Actually. Even if just to do the filing! 3. in reality. see #1. If I build multiple income streams and build the reputation. Whenever I got an assignment of any kind it was like my whole world closed down and all I could think about was whatever the assignment was. Analysis: I am a bit of a control freak and it’s come to the fore recently because of some personal things that cannot be controlled. 2011 at 12:36 am 1) Whatever I choose to do will take over all my free time and I will be overwhelmed by work. My goal from Monday was to be able to work no more than $4 hours a day and make at least what I make in a month every week…but I’m still worried (even when people call me to have me do additional legal work)! I also would like to be able to pare down my work with this guy – keep the money coming in – but make some new time. I get like that whenever there’s any kind of deadline-related task I have to do. gaping holes in my then this isn’t an issue. I don’t know if I can deal with having only one new outlet without having others to keep me feeling even about it. I also have big. 3) Fear of Failure: After being laid-off twice (and not landing a cushy summer position when I was in school. 2) Whoever my client is. and multiple clients within each business. I have a massive backlog of ideas that I wish to pursue.) I will lose control of a project – a project with multiple partners (or customers. #2 – “I have too many ideas to commit to just one at a time. but an “Oh. Reply Shaun February 10. I don’t even have any way of keeping track of money. thanks! All of the above looks like a load of crap from here. I will never be able to relax because there will be some deadline looming. I feel so young (even at 30!) to be telling people in their 50s & 60s how to do things and such. What if I screw it all up in the process or adopting a new system? Extra Bonus Fear: My fears don’t seem to look like anyone else’s. but it’s a little different. there are at least 5 serious new businesses I’m on the brink of taking on. sound healing training venture). Whew! Feel better already. this is the silliest since I’m essentially becoming afraid of my side business being a rousing success.. I feel like they won’t believe me or pay me (even though I know my stuff and can learn new things almost immediately).. 2. I hate being yelled at: It shuts down all my motivation and all I want to do is get out of that situation. That doesn’t stop it from lurking in the back of my head. emotionally outrageous (as an experiment). and might need to scale back some of what I’m already doing to do so well.) I will get myself into legal trouble – I won’t file for a proper license or I’ll step on a trademark claim and expose myself to civil litigation. I have skills. I’m scared to take money away from people who need it more than I do. partially because I’m fearful of amassing too much. I’m afraid that I’ll become so successful that I’ll have more work than I have free time. I think that one comes from my high school/ university years. 2011 at 1:01 am 1.” I am already in a constant juggle between multiple business (solo music act & several band projects. Reply Sam Rogers February 10. I can’t charge as much as I want / No one will pay that much. 2011 at 12:41 am Thanks for challenging us all to verbalize this. 44 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . 3. or an audience) will become too big for me to handle and I won’t know what to do. Reply Jerry February 10. and not in a good “I can’t wait to get on this” kind of way. but I didn’t. 2. they’re gonna be unsatisfied with what I’ve done and they’ll confront me. It’s sad – because we have a bizarre work/friend/brother-like relationship.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 3) I’ll get in over my head and be overcommitted. Ramit! #1 – “If I’m taking more than I need to get by. no. though. #3 – “I’m already too far along to backtrack” I have multiple income streams. It can only get better the more control I have over my life. despite being in the top 10% of my class) I’m kind of scared to take the risk of being on my own to make money…even though I am! Reply KP February 10. eLearning Development/Consulting. and then if I make more. This one kind of relates to the first one. and I _KNOW_ he can make me money – but I also want to fail or succeed on my own. So I have a separate goal of reducing my workload as well! 2) People won’t take me seriously – even though people automatically go into serious mode when I tell them I’m a lawyer. I’ll be perpetually living with that “in high school with a big assignment that’s due Monday” anxiety hanging over my head. I am being selfish and wasteful. I never really make it to break even and stay in debt and behind financially. I have little problem asking other people for things that I find personally. I worked in a call center for a long time and I’ve dealt with a lot of angry customers. I will have *more* flexibility in my life. 2011 at 12:50 am Top Three Fears: 1) I can’t afford it – I’ve got a guy paying me $4K a month but working me like crazy. we’ll need to bring in someone outside of our current circle of family. Of all my fears. I’m like most people. but I’m scared to take apart what I’ve got mostly working in order to maybe put back together even better. as well as every other delightful challenge you present. I’d love to tell him to go away and leave me alone to focus on my plans. Or it would be a waste of everyone’s time if they were. I’ll lose control of the business and the quality will suffer. give more to even out the balance. Analysis: If I’m doing something I love. It just made me associate business situations with being yelled at. I’m afraid that if I hire someone/delegate tasks. You’d think I’d develop a thick skin from the experience. I’ve already seen how freeing simply devoting an hour to cleaning and an hour to business and an hour to writing has been.) I will let people down – what if I am not good enough to meet the customer’s expectations? What if the customers/audience want something completely different and I can’t tell? Reply vivian February 10. each of which are in wildly different arenas. 2011 at 12:58 am 1.” I tend to work to perceived breakeven only. But based on yesterday’s call I get the idea I could only do one effectively. so I’m a weirdo and they won’t be addressed. I’m afraid that I will not have time to travel/play/read because all of my time will be taken up by my various business interests. but I can’t do it because I want to be able to afford food & shelter…even though I’ve got $12K in the bank and $60K in stock savings.

clear ideas of where my limits are. I did it once before. especially including looking at and finding my market. how to control future developments This is something related to the fact that I want to give a great value added service for my clients. They’re valuable friends because we challenge each other. I think of an idea. So this clearly shouldn’t be a fear. I am afraid of dropping the ball. (My expertise was being a parent in search of childcare for two children under 6 years old. – see no. I was sure these positive responses had to be an anomaly. and then end up not having freedom to do the things I intend to do with the money. I should note that I pitched well enough — and have been keeping in touch — so she personally offered me another chance to quote on another project. most everybody tells me that.) I’m afraid that if I am successful I’ll have to justify it to my family and friends. Other times I’ve had a lot of money I’ve been very poor at managing it. wrong niche… 2. But now wondering if I should even take that on. as I am sure I will invest money and time. Lesson: Wrong niche. and it never even gets beyond that. The valuable friendships – I think I need to honour more – they’re probably acting like that because I scared them. and before I go in. convinced a few local bookstores to carry the guides. So it would SEEM that this would not be a good niche. and figuring out how I can serve them. This has kept me from starting with some ideas. so I don’t feel ready for the next step and unprepared to actually propose to potential clients 2. I know customers value good communication. yet i hide behind it. as I believe I have to be an expert in something before I can offer my services for hire. I don’t have any follow through. proof in the pudding really. I have a tendency to quietly admit that I’ll probably just spend everything and figure I might as well enjoy it. 2011 at 1:27 am 1. I need to tweak what i have learned here. if i don’t try selling. Reply cal February 10.) Reply Michele February 10. Time is needed to tweak the tactics. I only recently really bought back the discipline my parents taught me from young about how to do it. but the first thing I fear is that I must show great confidence in what I do. They taught me about being an entrepreneur also. I would need to go through some research. 2011 at 1:11 am 1. And. just let the book fade. But he was always exhausted in his spare time. Truth is some of those friends I probably should have lost a long time ago – we’re going different places. 3. I am too lazy and I will fail to deliver good results. as I never followed up to take the book any further. but i dont really listen. I will not wait to be “granted” the right to back myself. I’ve lost a few friends during times that I’m doing well. As far as the intimidation and confidence issues…I am not really sure. Reply Holly February 10. but it seems like publishers are always trying to pay as little as possible to freelancers. and then. it’s really not that bad. doesnt seem to come naturally to me at all! Reply Kei February 10. trying to create something like a “mission statement” and a list of service offered. Often I never finish the planning. First steps – I have a few negotiations to walk into this week. i won’t fail 3) i am not from the US. I don’t deserve to be a success. spoke at a couple of libraries (sold to almost everyone who attended and got a very positive response). and/or blow it all in some ridiculous way and get myself into deep debt that I have no idea how to pay off. This one is very interesting – there’s a quiet inevitability to it – danger is that its quiet. If i don’t try. Woohoo Reply Kim February 10. i cant sell/network/communicate because i stammer. people would realize I was not an expert in childcare. 2011 at 1:02 am 1. either. a step by step plan on how to proceed. and it would be so much more constructive if we nurtured each other too. and they gave me an amazing education – but we never had much money and they were constantly stressed about it even though they tried to shelter it from us. I love designing nice restaurants. honestly. creating a bad reputation.. so I blow the money and pretend like the fact that I did it knowingly makes it ok. and they’re not actually great friends – our friendship is predicate on us sitting around complaining. and I would be exposed as the FRAUD/FAILURE that I was. Last sentence there says it all really – I’m afraid of people being disappointed in me or angry at me. I need their approval and it keeps me trapped. nice car. Mine will never even get to see the light of day”. #3: I’ll only succeed if I work really long hours on it.) I am so afraid of/intimidated by competition that I won’t even start something. she wasn’t able to justify paying me that much. and my head screwed on with regard to my attachment over the outcome. What all of this hides is that I don’t have to be busy – I just have to be choosy – and being choosy could piss off some people – thats what I’m really afraid of – the anger/disappointment. 2011 at 1:04 am I second guess myself a good portion of the time and suffer from a lack of confidence. not organized enough. I don’t know WHAT my niche should be. because again. When I start to succeed.. there are already 10/50/200 companies/blogs/services/products that do that. #2: I’ll get lots and lots of money and turn into someone I hate. and although she loved my portfolio. and I am afraid I won’t keep it up. i’ve heard much much worse. or I start the groundwork and then just let it die on the vine. 2011 at 1:18 am 1) selling is sleazy – i am just scared of rejection when i approach people. the customer that I dropped the ball on before apparently still had a good enough impression of me that she rehired me for another project. Once I got out into the “real world”. I wrote a small Childcare guide about 20 years ago. I have actually had a potential client tell me that I was quoting twice as much as anyone else. blame it for just being afraid of going out and trying something different 2. Always worked long hours and did all these interesting and exciting business deals – nice suits. It just keeps me in this loop. i won’t fail 2) I just cannot afford the time – i am just scared of failing. This holds me back. Unfortunately this is quite paralyzing: I spend a lot of time researching information. 45 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . 2011 at 1:03 am #1: I’ll fail and my friends will be quietly thinking “silly Holly and her silly ideas – serves her right”… and my frenimies thinking “HA! Awesome!! She’s such a fraud – I hope she suffers”. I’m going to be ready – analysis/research done. (Although I have so far. since actively putting this in my pitches. The first “rich” person I was really close to was a boyfriend in University – he was a very successful business man – but not self employed. I have to have a plan about what to do. Seemed to counteract the whole point. and caused a bit of tension in some really valuable friendships. To change these scripts.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. how to sell it. only to see it wasted. 2 Reply Amber February 10. “Oh. and I loved all of that.

Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money

2.) I’m afraid of making more money than my boyfriend and he’ll leave me. 3.) I’m afraid of being dumb with the money and having to pay too much in taxes or making bad investments. Reply Roberto February 10, 2011 at 1:27 am 1. I’m afraid to make a commitment. I’m afraid if I commit I’ll later change my mind and I’ll be trapped somehow. I tell myself I’m busy, I don’t have time. I know this is nonsense and it has caused me a good deal of grief in my life, but I also know I carry this fear around and I need to constantly look at it and stare ir down. Not commiting to going in is in fact commiting to staying out. 2. I’m afraid of failure. Isn’t everyone? A little voice tells me if I don’t really play I can’t really lose. For a long time I told myself that selling was beneath me, to hide this fear. This is also nonsense. Pretending not to play is just playing a different game, one I can never win, like tic-tac-toe. It’s pointless. 3. In a twisted way, I’m afraid if I do much better I will prove my father wrong, and a part of me doesn’t want to prove him wrong, because I loved him. Is that sick or what? Oh, well, that’s nonsense, too. I know he did the best he could, he loved me, and he would have wanted me to fulfill my ambitions. 4. Here’s a bonus: worthy people sacrifice and suffer. What tripe! And yet I have to struggle with this notion. There’s nothing noble in not having what you want. It’s just stupid. So now what? It’s good to bring these fears out into the light of day. The truth is I’ve accomplished more in my project in four weeks of the hustling course than in the previous year, so this is all gravy. I’m afraid I won’t be able to affort Earn1K, but then again, while I was writing this someone called to refer a client. Reply david February 10, 2011 at 1:31 am #1 the usual “not enough time”. I know I love this fear because it gives me an excuse not to do the important things I care about, and not confronting them. I am just doing “everything”, which actually leads to nothing. But that’s when I was a loser. Now that I know Ramit, it’s a different story. I am actually forcing myself to cut/get rid of things I use to hide my fear. Emails a great for me: I can spend hours doing nothing but emails that lead to nothing. Except lately when I have done great great great emails “Ramit style” with a response rate of 5 of 7 sent. #2 dont have the network I need (in photography) Go get to know the people, would say Ramit. That’s what I am doing at the moment. We only understand things by DOING them. #3 Fear of spending 100 years doing small jobs or worse: shitty jobs, before getting the big ones. That’s my biggest fear. How long will I have to persist until I get to the next steps? is the question I ask myself all the time. Well, writing this to you gave me a bit of an answer: “Go get the big jobs, dont be a loser and stay there, go get them!!, and be faster on the small jobs. The faster you are, the faster you’ll get to the big ones. Well, thanks again for your unvaluable material Ramit. AND I HAVE TO SAY TO ALL OF YOU WHO FOLLOW THIS PRIVATE COURSE, THAT I AM AN ACTUAL EARN1K STUDENT: IT’S MORE THAN WORTH IT. FOR THAT PRICE??!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? PS – My true life example: In 4 days, with 2 emails (Ramit style), 1 meeting and 1 phone call, I got a 960 dollar job. Thanks Ramit. Reply Dan February 10, 2011 at 1:34 am 1) I’m 16 – I can’t legally own a business, or sign. Any work that I have to do goes through my parents. It makes me feel slow, and not in control of my own business. 2) I have no idea how the legal and finances work, honestly, those topics are kind of demoralizing because up to this point in my life, I’ve never dealt with ANY of them. 3) I have sub par negotiating skills. I have always been the one to be happy with what people give me. I have never been adept at hard negotiating. added bonus: I’m in junior year. This is probably the busiest year of high school to date. Everything from SATs to driving lessons, to boy scouts to ski racing. Life is hectic enough, that I just can’t sit myself down at the end of the day and concentrate. Reply Garrett Daun February 10, 2011 at 1:40 am Greetings Ramit and other readers: My three invisible scripts: 1. “I’ve tried for so long to get my business ideas going, but they just aren’t moving as fast as I would like.” Jeez, not even sure I worded this one the way it plays out in my mind, but I need to get something down here. I have put in a lot of time and effort at learning a system of bodywork, breathing, and relaxation called “Radical Undoing.” I have gotten so good at it that I finished the DVD series my teacher began. He died and the publishers called on me as the only one who had studied enough with him to do it. I didn’t even believe I was “the guy” for the job at that time, but I did an amazing job, and all reviews I have heard were glowing. Every single client I have ever done a session for has given me great reviews and accolades. It never fails. But when it comes to me trying to explain, package, and market myself and the sessions and/or the materials within it, I keep not taking action, and I keep backing off and letting it fade into the backdrop while I do other freelance activities for money. I am willing to take consistent, steady action to overcome this. I am willing to rewrite the script, whatever it takes. I am ready to win. 2. “I’m not good enough to find clients here in California for $250 + per session.” This one is funny now that I have written it too, because one prospective client assumed my rates were between $250 and $300. I met with some resistance when I told a couple friends I wanted to charge $250 or more per hour. I let them and my fear guide me to accepting trade and $50 and sometimes $100 for my services, and then I stopped trying to find clients altogether. Again, I am willing to overcome this script, rewrite it, and start taking on clients at the rates I want and feel I am worth. The experience people report having with my sessions are some of the most valuable experiences they have ever had (according to them). I am willing to put myself out there and risk embarrassment and anything else it takes to get these clients and overcome this script. 3. “People want someone more professional looking and more elegant than me if they are going to pay top dollar for my services, products, etc.”

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Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money

I keep thinking that I don’t have it together enough, or that I am crude, sloppy, or just not a professional that people would want to pay a lot for me to assist them. Whoa. one dominant script just popped into my head, so I’ll share it here: 4. “I have difficulties with my relationship at times, and with other aspects of my life, so how could I ever possibly help anyone else?” This seems absurd when I read it, but it definitely guides my behavior and my feelings. I have a hard time, feel down, sad, angry, confused…. and then I stop taking action because how could a down, sad, angry and confused man ever help other people to live the lives of their dreams and to start pursuing their self-defined true joy? My experiences with clients run directly against this script, but it still dominates my behavior and my emotional life. I am willing to do ANYTHING to get over this script and to finally start taking massive action to live the life of MY dreams, and to find MY own success. Wow. Thanks for this inspiration, Ramit. -Garrett Reply Sarah February 10, 2011 at 1:41 am 1. I don’t have any ideas. I wouldn’t know what to do to start a freelance business. 2. Marketing/selling is sleazy and scammy. I feel guilty taking other people’s money even if I’m exchanging it for a service. 3. My time is more precious to me than money. I work a job that’s full-time plus, I’m newly married, and I don’t have the energy to create additional revenue streams. In fact, I’ve ended two additional sources of income in the last year because I felt overwhelmed by the demands on my time. Reply FM February 10, 2011 at 1:44 am 1. Fear of Rejection -I tend to put myself in situations that minimize rejection but then I’ve slowly realized that there’s so much more to do out there such as meeting new people or even approaching someone I like that I tend to miss out on all because I fear getting rejected and looking like a fool. 2. Fear of not having an idea that’s profitable or good enough -I’m excited for earn1k but at the same time I’m really nervous because I’ve been trying to think of something I can do for a week or so now (also downloaded the free idea generator tool of Ramit’s) but I can’t seem to think of anything that I can make money off of. I just started my first ever full time job back in September and right now, I can’t wait to quit and move on to something I really like and also start freelancing on the side. I’ve read Charlie Hoehn’s recession-proof graduate e-book and I know I have strengths but I can’t seem to see these become skills. Most examples here are all about marketing consulting or web development and I really have no idea how to do those. My background has been in business and I love investing and finance but I don’t have any solid skills or deep experience in this due to gaps in employment and deeper education. Plus, I have to admit, I was out of the investment loop for a while as well. 3. Fear of the unknown -As I mentioned in number 2, I do love investing and finance but what if I find out later on that it’s not what I actually want? Then I go back into that deadly spiral of not looking forward to work when I wake up in the mornings. There’s also the problem of paralysis by analysis – I can reflect all I want if a certain career path is right for me (e.g. finance/investments) but it’s either I do nothing or I do something. Then again, if I do something, I may end up wasting so much valuable time as it may not be right for me. Reply Jeremy February 10, 2011 at 1:44 am 1) I don’t have any good ideas. I guess I am stuck on what can I do that is a good idea, and will actually make me money. This is something that can/should be easy to overcome, but just testing my ideas before-hand, which leads me to number 2. 2) I don’t have time. Well, this is just nothing more than excuse. If all this takes is 5 hours a week, i have plenty of time and then some. Who doesn’t spend 5 hours a week surfing the internet for stupid stuff or watching tv? This is just an excuse because i am afraid of failing, losing everything, and ending up living with my parents again. 3) Failing. Well, this one is easy, but once again it is an excuse. If i never try, i will never be sucessful. So what if i fail, I liked that quote about if you are going to fail, so what just let me fail quickly so you can move on to something else. Every time i fail, i learn something, and become a better person. So the only thing to do now is to stop making excuses, stop worrying about what could or could not happen, and just dive in, what is the worst that could happen, i make money on the side…doesn’t sound too bad to me! Reply Purti February 10, 2011 at 1:56 am Hi Ramit, 1. I think my visa issues will stop me from doing freelancing and making money on the side. 2. I am a biotech professional and know wide online marketing techniques although not an expert in either of those areas. So, I don’t know if I can find clients in this industry ready to pay for independent consulting for marketing. But I know that this is why I am here reading, listening and implementing your techniques slowly but doing! Reply DD February 10, 2011 at 2:02 am If I turn to my friends for help, they will have a negative opinion of me and perceive me as weak and incompetent. I like to think of myself as the one others turn to with their problems so a role reversal would be uncomfortable and humiliating to my pride. I can’t get things done because I have other more important things to do such as care for my son who I often stay home with during the day. If I fail, I will lose the love and respect of those I love and care for the most. These are the people I would do anything for, but if I were to fail I would prove myself ultimately worthless to them. They would have no use for me and replace me with someone smarter and more successful. I’d have nothing but shame and sorrow to show for taking a chance on something. I’ve failed before at other similar ventures so why would this be any different? How many crazy ideas can my wife withstand before she eventually tires of my pursuits and ultimately me? The truth is sometimes it feels like I’m drowning in fears of all kinds. I’ve been afraid until now to even admit it let alone actually seek out help for all these fears.

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Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money

So how do I change? First by acknowledging the fear usually lurking in the back of my mind subtly suggesting that I can’t do this or shouldn’t do that or that they would think this if I ever actually did that and so forth. Time to put it on the line and call it like it is. Time to confront it eye to eye and tell it that I have no more use for it anymore. Just admitting that it exists and that it has held me hostage up till now means I deal with it before I take on the things from which it holds me back. I suffered a really bad defeat a little over a year ago and just haven’t really been the same since. These fears and self doubts have gotten in the way to create other setbacks to the point that it’s probably cyclical. Everything I touch turns to shit because I get to a certain point that I’m too afraid to go any further so nothing ever becomes of that latest “thing.” Everything up until now has been about how to do this or how to do that ie the tactical side Ramit put more eloquently. The real issue is that voice in my head saying “why even bother you know you’re gonna just fuck this up.” My plan of action is to start a winning streak. I’m going to count all my wins no matter how small and allow myself to feel good about them for once even if it’s just creating a new habit or ditching something of no use. I went through my inbox and unsubscribed from a couple dozen email lists that were doing nothing but sucking up my time with some rehashed opportunity and all its unrealistic promises. That’s a win for me today because I got my precious time back, and now I feel committed to myself again. Enough of all the cyber-noise. Enough with the fear. Time to “hang up my hang-ups.” (great hustle music hear by the way) To getting my “groove” back! Thanks Ramit!! DD Reply Dustin February 10, 2011 at 2:02 am I don’t need three. I have thought about this all day and welcomed any excuse to get my mind off of it. 3/7 is the first to give me pause. My fear is to confront my fear. I also saw fear as an exterior influence rather than just being my own saboteur. I cut down all of my own ideas after I got to the point of no return on a business idea. I start out excited, I research, and I meet with people who do well in the industry. About 3 or 4 reasons along, I brand it as unprofitable or too time consuming. I haven’t started one business after years of ideas. My goal is to overcome my obstacles without over analyzing (fearing) them. I have had too many great ideas get thrown to the scrap heap without ever actually trying one. Great post! Reply Brian February 10, 2011 at 2:03 am Here we go … not just keeping me from earning more, but keeping me from taking any kind of action. 1. I don’t know whether I should pursue a fiction writing career or the entrepreneurial life. Either way, I’ll choose the wrong path, waste my life, and forever regret not choosing the other. 2. Honestly, I don’t think anyone will consistently pay me to do either. Certainly, the chances of them consistently paying me enough to live on is zip — especially if I don’t want to work 90 hours/week. 3. And I worry that, if I let both these goals go — or even if I “step back and examine my reasons for wanting” either goal — I’ll grow old as an average guy who missed out on the life he had, let alone the life he wanted. Reply Karlos February 10, 2011 at 2:03 am 1) I’ve tried too many times, am too old to change, and will never be as successful as I’d like. I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly 10 years and it’s always been a struggle. I’ve studied many books on marketing, have implemented what I’ve been taught, teach what I’ve done and have tried to start other revenue streams but I keep ending up with just one: my consulting and writing services. It’d be great to replicate, automate, and multiply myself, but I just can’t figure out how. (Actually, I founded a business in 2001, and took a job in 2005. Going in-house and having a boss is the most humbling experience. I was fired twice and realized I’m not meant to work for anyone else.) 2) If I’m successful, it’ll take time away from my existing businesses, my family and my fiction writing. I’m involved in two businesses – one is my own, the other is a nearly full-time consulting gig that doesn’t preclude me from starting other businesses. In addition, I have three kids and I write books for kids. I know this script is bullshit because I’ve been able to juggle the business and my wife and kids and writing beautifully. I always schedule time for each. At the beginning of this course, I started taking an afternoon off to take one of my sons out of school to therapist. I was worried my schedule wouldn’t accomodate it, but it did. I use the time while he is with the therapist to brainstorm, then pull a “Steve Blank” and either head back to the office after dinner, or work later. So, this to me proves that this script is one I’m ready to discard. 3) I don’t have the right network. I should know better. I have one of the top 100 LinkedIn networks and live in New York City where it’s easy to meet people. I also know I’m good at it. Again, at the beginning of the year, and spurred by the course, I decided that this was the year that I would prepare myself for the publication of one of my fiction books. I started emailing and calling everyone I know that is in the children’s publishing business. I had coffee with an editor and an author. The parent of one of my son’s friends runs the education division of one of the largest publishers of children’s lit. I haven’t tapped into her yet, but I will. I started a blog that will document the process and include interviews with authors and editors. And you have to be a smart networker to accomplish anything. I have been a lazy networker, just going through the motions and building a large following. Now to move from that. Reply De February 10, 2011 at 2:11 am 1. Not sure I actually *want* to spend the time to do all the work required to make my idea/business work 2. Afraid that I’ll do all this work and get nothing from it 3. I seem to have getting-started-itis and not sure of the source. Sometimes I feel lazy and not sure why. Reply wilson February 10, 2011 at 2:14 am Great time spent so far reading everyone’s posts and thanks for bringing me focus this week. 1.) Lack of time management. How to spend time on other streams of income when I feel i could do much more for my primary stream if i put my mind to it. Now the reality is yes I could do more but i my return would be minimal compared to additional streams and opportunity. 2.) I have done side work in IT support and I have trouble charging people because i feel its too “easy” but its still a huge time suck. I have pushed back from this freebie work but still have the obstacle of taking on work that i don’t enjoy because i am good at it and I feel its something i can’t charge a lot for 3.) I am the single source of income for my family, so i have a fear of screwing up and putting my family in a tight situation.

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In other words. except that I’ve been successful in those areas. I’m afraid to approach clients in the field I plan to study because they’re too professional and too in demand for the likes of me who has no related Reply Keltie February 10. I guess this is because i have to discover and learn new things while execute the idea and I’am not sure if i can do it. and I am determined to cling to that knowledge and push forward. I’ve found a big one that I’m still navigating and struggling with overcoming. Every one I know I’ve helped out for free before. and I’m laying the groundwork to do it. but I really don’t think I could get paid for this. Reply George February 10. I’ve actually been dealing with recognizing my own self-defeating beliefs and fears. I can’t charge for the consulting services I could easily offer…Similar to #1 and #2. and am also creating a way to do virtual instruction. and are co-workers or family/friends. Fluffy needs some serious work. Revising this logical framework is the real. Since this is the case I lack confidence in even things that I really WANT to do. even though I know (intellectually) that people actually value things they pay for much more than free things. I do. I’m hesitant to take any sort of risk in practically any social situation. even though I have prior teaching experience. let alone much experience as a freelance writer. Not a huge one. critique. sporadically. GIVEN away my services. that possibly get no result. and advertising. I’ve been told by almost every writer I’ve worked with that my insight is helpful in their development. 2011 at 2:34 am #1 I’m afraid that I’m really not smart enough to start and run a successful company #2 I’m afraid that if I do decide to leave my job. 2011 at 2:23 am I don’t have any idea what people would pay me what to do: I am a librarian. but as I progress I find that it is a LOGICAL FRAMEWORK that allows me to believe in them and to fear them. before the degree is finished. I would not know where to find people who would actually pay me to do this type of work. there are several local opportunities that would allow me to teach with a provisional license as I’m finishing my final MFA semester. and I find it hard to step up and actually CHARGE.. a bachelor’s degree in teaching. setting up a “menu” of services and prices. I’m afraid to make an honest commitment. Again. The easiest way I’ve learned to cope with some fears is to understand them as purely EMOTIONAL. because theres a chance to get turned down. I haven’t yet fully understood this fear. I don’t think I’m good enough at any side skills to get paid for them: freelancing librarian? really not a popular need.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I wouldn’t know how to find clients: If I did do some sort of animal training/grooming walking. with a background as a vet tech. in most cases… Reply Megan February 10. Not going to be very popular at work if I say “Sure I’ll help you out…. etc. He would happily accept more articles on a regular schedule which would mean I get paid more but then he would come to “expect” this regularity and what if next week I’m really. The next thing I plan on doing is taking a risk. 2011 at 2:30 am I totally agree with identifying one’s fears before jumping into new behaviors. People call me all the time for dog training advice and “what does this sound like?” questions about their pets.for $25/hour. 2011 at 2:19 am 1) I have to wait until I finish my MFA (and publish several stories or a novel) to pursue teaching positions…I’ve convinced my self that I will not find a part-time teaching position (high school or college level) until I’ve finished my Masters. but a costly one. but the biggest side effect I’ve noticed is that I don’t feel like I should be taken seriously / that people will ever take me seriously. So I don’t wan’t to work on things. #2 Fear of Rejection I fear selling a product/service to someone. functional part of addressing fears. 2) I have to wait until I finish my MFA (and publish several more stories or a novel…sound familiar?) before other writers will pay me for editing. My portfolio is one client. I have downplayed that success because 1) I was in the public and non-profit sector when I achieved those things and 2) I have. I’ve begun reaching out to two of those. her behavior is not as cute as you think”. #3 Fear of getting older/dying I know how precious my time is. and a number of fine references. 3) Finally. message development. for years. Reply Alex February 10. but: 1) I’m afraid of raising the bar with this particular client because then he would hold me to that higher standard. Thanks to everyone for sharing! Good luck this week. and moving forward. Reply William February 10. 2) I’m also afraid of sinking in too much effort with this particular client because my long term goal is to go back to school and eventually work in a completely different field and I’m afraid I’ll get “sucked in” by being good at what I do here and forget or put off my dreams while developing the wrong kind of expertise. maybe I’ll better understand the environment that allows them to thrive. really tired or stuff comes up or I can’t think of any topics for articles. 3) Because I have no formal training (though years of experience) in business.. If I at least push back against all of my fears. and apply it here. however. As it stands I submit articles whenever they’re “ready.” Read: whenever I get around to it. The reality is. 2011 at 2:29 am #1 Fear of Execution Got a lot of ideas but i actually fear the execution. as I mentioned before get hit up for all kinds of free advice and “can you come over and help me out with Fido” on various and sundry problems. mapping out strategies. Without getting paid of course. I have something to offer. I’ll fail and lose everything #3 I’m afraid that no one will actually pay for the product ideas I have 49 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I’m preparing a web-site. I let other people define me. Reply Eric Wyatt February 10. and craft instruction services…see the thinking in #1. 2011 at 2:15 am I’ve already gained one client as a freelance writer.

but I don’t do “pretty” well. But I’m just afraid that I won’t get others to understand their usefulness and pay me for it Reply Fem February 10. Reply Brian February 10. if I create a paper/proposal critique/review consulting practice. I’m afraid of talking to people. 2011 at 2:39 am I fear that 1) Once I set my mind to an idea. am socially awkward and horrible at small talk. or not taking a nap in the afternoon. Reply Barry February 10. And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it to be. so I probably don’t need as many sick days as I do now. since I meet hundreds of customers each working day. of the same party. and I have worked my way up to shift manager. I’m disabled and it is progressive. Realization: I am punctually challenged i. and doing “crazy” things as typing a few pages. and pitching myself or my ideas is even worse. I’m great at simplifying business process but I don’t think I’m that good at the presentation of it. And I know this is true of other areas of my life as well. Get past it and do what works and makes you happy. I did however decide a couple of months ago that I want to get more involved in politics. I’m afraid of telling people what I really think. able to get up at 6 am yet be consistently late for a 9 am meeting. This fear is not really rational. 2) I’ll be mocked or laughed at because the idea isn’t any good or won’t make any money. 2011 at 2:47 am Analysis: #1 Although I write what could be considered enterprise software for my employer. Reply Peter February 10.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I’m not shy. when I’m not feeling well. and I’m overqualified for my current job. I’ll dump it / think it’s not worth it / find some other reason to quit it after I start it…. they didn’t seem to hate me. I just don’t like people that much. 2. Still. so I keep making up excuses not to things that involve meeting people. Reply George February 10. In fact. Which makes me feel that for co-workers. I know I have to get moving on important things but usually am on the scenic route when it comes to seeing them through.g. 2) I fear that I won’t have a way to differentiate my business from the competition. but potential customers will think it’s crap. because I probably will have less possibility to skip work and come in another day. I’m terrified when I have to go somewhere where lots of strangers gonna be. I’m 27 now. I did two studies in college. set your own hours and work online doing something meaningful to you. 3) Someone already came up with the idea / does it better than me. Manifests as: * Being late for customer meetings or for picking up my wife. Another fear is that I’m socially akward. I consider myself to be an above average coder. I’m afraid that if I fail. So I leave it at two for now (maybe something pops up tomorrow) Reply Dustin February 10. for example. or alternatively taking on a task that will take more time than I’m willing to devote to it. You can’t get further in life with a career you don’t like. 3) I fear that I won’t be able to cut through the clutter of the competition. (And it’s strange.e. However. 2011 at 2:36 am 1) I fear that I don’t have enough money to get a new business off the and a bonus 4) I’m not good enough at any one thing to make money doing it. I get good feedback that what I develop is easy to use but I don’t think it “looks” good on an aesthetic level. 2011 at 2:36 am 1. because an office job would require less from me. “your idea sucks”) and losing business/credibility/goodwill Reply Ben February 10. detoration is caused by ignoring my limits. 3. thus wasting my time. they seemed to find me inspiring and it got me an interview for a local newspaper. I still work in the supermarket where I started at age 16. If the only thing holding you back is the disability. or just think that I was of their time. I’m afraid of being honest (e.. 2011 at 2:48 am My mom has the disability mentality. or go to work a couple of hours later. In other words. This is true even for the meetings or events I actually want to be on time for. not finding customers for my ideas. so I went to a couple of meetings of the local green party and to the work group for chronically I’ll and disabled. But I’m afraid that in an office job I might fail. and I’ve studied abroad. I really hate meeting new people and it really scares me. Best of luck. kid and other family members * Important goals end up taking longer to accomplish because of the lack of focus 50 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . and I really don’t have a problem with that. I feel very bad about it later on. 2011 at 2:39 am Script # 1) There is yet time……. I find it scary. smaller fears (such as not being able to put enough hours in. not being able to execute my ideas because it takes too much effort) are all related to those two big fears. I feel there is a lot I don’t know. what I do is good enough. 2011 at 2:35 am My biggest fear is that my body will fail me. The people where kinda nice. Such as. not finding partners to work with. I’m afraid of my time being overly consumed by demanding clients.) I think that my other. I will put our finances in serious jeopardy #3 I have a lot of great ideas and can imagine how I would tie a suite of products together. physical. #2 Although I’m not the sole bread winner..

I would do anything to stand out.000+ people. All of has helped me improve but not to a level that I am satisfied with.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I chose to work at a smaller company (< 10 people) so I will be forced to take responsibility for my work and actions.. SCRIPT 2. and I’m lazy to follow plans. but it’s do it or die in the attempt. I spent weeks researching it and interviewing many people in the business and outside. teach someone. * Do an 80 – 20 time analysis and do the habits that I decide are good for 28 days so they stick Script # 3) I don’t trust myself Realization: How else do I explain the fact that I have about 10 years of work experience in the software industry. I’ll never make money selling a service based around a free product. that support my work. tailored tutorials to individual needs. I decided against it but have not had the inclination to look for another opportunity looking at how hard such a decision can be. however everyone I talk to who uses linux just tells me it will never work because people are already confused by windows. So I wait till the last day and rush to complete them. There is no hiding here. I won’t have a budget to do real advertising. Manifests as: * Lots and lots of time spent on research before making a decision – e. and they don’t want to learn anything new. This has become an ingrained habit that is hard to change. Recognizing this. I’m not convincing enough. I’m taking action at least by doing the writing homework of the private list I’ve realized how deep I’ve fallen. SCRIPT 1. I was thinking about taking up a franchise. explanation> I don’t feel confident to charge more for producing content with the same standard equipment. I read inspiring books. At least there is a thrill of having a deadline to beat though I am not able to do my best work on it. I have a day planner and do frequently plan out my daily tasks/appointments. I mostly think they’re full of shit and don’t have the experiences I do. * Deadline driven behavior that doesn’t allow me to do my best work. I don’t have money to pay them. and that it is also a great value. I can do this! 2. I do know that my mind has a mind of its own which often doesn’t want to stick to any plans but just goes with the flow of the moment. they would love to work for his mentor and we would build a common dream. it’s stressful and annoying. I meditate regularly and try to observe myself without judging. I use the Pomodoro technique sporadically. home/remote support. and none of them have returned to me for support since that time. * For the intangible things like moving to a career that fits “like a glove”. Solution> To improve my portfolio and the way I show my product. I know I can do it. blogs etc about how other people took risks and succeeded. I really want to earn income on the side by converting home users and small businesses from windows to linux. have a dual Masters (MS in Engineering and an MBA in Entrepreneurship) and am still fearful about whether I should venture out on my own. 3. buying disability insurance) I set monthly time limits to get them done. more focused on my client. I have committed to complete 2 programs to identify goals that are important to me and share them with others to hold me accountable so I will take some action. I believe that the product and services I am selling are very much worth the money I would charge. i’m frightened. (e. I’d go safer if I owned better hardware and a team very good at Reply 51 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I see so many difficult challenges in the world that are screaming for the attention and hard work of someone with the belief that they can make a difference. I need to teach everything I know to somebody to work with. better planned. but instead would have to rely on word of mouth. So I intend to do something about it this year – like small experiments to explore what could make me more money while finding the activities enjoyable and fulfilling as well. Reply Justin February 10. it’s time. and to deposit my trust in him. This is by far my biggest worry. SCRIPT 3. Solution: Be creative to trick myself. Reply Ricardo Salgado February 10. Script # 2) It has to be perfect Realization: I am uncomfortable with making decisions especially if the stakes are high.I don’t know how to engage professionals to work in my start-up. * Dreams of being a fulfilled and wealthy entrepreneur comfortable with taking risks – something that has not yet seen the light of the day. Solution: It is around the same point that the previous. I would ask my clients to spread the word to any one they know fed up with windows and looking for alternatives. * Read a lot of books and surf the net for self-help material so I can “think” my way to get new ideas for life satisfaction How to change: * For tangible goals. Putting in most of my life savings to start a business makes me sweat and sets up a lot of unconscious resistance. 2011 at 2:41 am Saludos desde Colombia. but I worry that I won’t be able to overcome basic objections as to why they should give a new OS a shot. But reading and thinking are not the same as doing. teaching someone who loves to learn could be a tactic. The hardest thing for me is to take my own plan seriously when it comes to time management.. I can work harder in the right things. I know. I know that if there is someone to conquer or to impress.g. working harder in preproduction and creative thinking. How to change: Let’s just say this is a work in progress. there is no trusting people to work with. I’ll just have to come up with ways to monetize the service around that product: installation. * A tendency to avoid or procrastinate on tasks that I don’t feel like working on because I may not be able to do a good job on them. Sometimes I just don’t see how I am going to get there from here. Manifests as: * A tendency to look at the obstacles in my life and allowing them to pin me down instead of looking at creative solutions to get around them * A tendency to look to others for advice and guidance * A belief that I need to work with an experienced coach who will “teach” me to unlock my potential * Lack of trust in what I already know and can do * Yeah buts when I come across success stories of people who have struck out on their own How to change: * I completed an MBA in Entrepreneurship which demonstrated that I can work hard at something if I truly believe in it * I used to work at a much larger company with almost 400. I’ve successfully converted 4 people in the last 2 years. 2011 at 2:40 am 1. So here I am working for someone else in a small software company saying that this experience will be a stepping stone to my goal of doing something that I truly care about on my own. I know. I try setting alarms ahead of time to remind me that I need to be someplace by a certain time. * By April 30.I don’t have enough equipment to sell better quality in my product. I’m stuck thinking and reading year after year. build professionals.I’m afraid of overwhelm myself. A couple of years ago. Advertising/getting enough clients. besides that.g purchase of a TV or insurance.

for failing. compared to the average College student. Fear of deviating from the traditional salaried income with a wife and kids to support. (Like now) #1 I am afraid of being alone. make art). Change: I am forcing myself to see failure as a learning experience and a badge of honour for actually doing something instead of sitting around on my ass. I need to give myself the freedom to explore areas and make mistakes. And the people who once loved and rspected me will no longer do so. write a book. 2011 at 2:59 am 1. I’m a lot of talk and not enough action to execute. 4) I don’t have enough time: No. I must commit to stop wasting time and start creating (see: stop reading and start doing). And by looking stupid I feel vulnerable and self-conscious. and usually I lost a few friends that were not healthy relationships and gain a few friends who knew a huge amount about a topic I was interested in. that it is my mission to destroy in the next 2 months. or too corporate and business-y. I’ve always been able to tell people when I am getting to a threshold of stress that is going to make me just shutdown on everything and stop completely. I handle a MASSIVE amount of stress and still come off to people as incredibly easy-going. yet. and I hope that Earn1k 2. not for everything. I’m afraid to spend a lot of time on something that ultimately becomes nothing. Many people have agents who hustle on 52 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . Reply JB February 10. It’s why I stopped blogging. 2)I don’t know what I want: I know elements of what I want from my job and lifestyle. I face my fears as often as I can. 2. but not really with money. but I’m scared to do the work to figure out what I actually have TO DO to make the vision a reality. I want to be my own boss. 2. Meaning: I have an idea or course of action that I bail on because I fear looking stupid in the process if I fail. 2. it was my fear that instead of making life easier. #3 I have the idea that I can’t handle stress. but there are some that still control me. Now that I am wanting more independence from my family. And I felt smart. And if I fail once then I am sure to fail again. I have found this to be wrong a few times now and faced it. it didn’t work but that’s ok. I realized today that. 2) I hate confrontation: I get very anxious at even the thought of a confrontation…working myself into a frenzy over things that HAVEN’T EVEN HAPPENED AND PROBABLY WON’T.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. This is my biggie.D. get a Ph. I have lots of ideas all the time. it was my fear of having to live life tighter and better. I would just make life hard to live up to. piece by tiny piece. on that fear.. 2011 at 2:44 am The only things that have kept me from making money is that I did not care about making money. but yes for what is important to me. Wow. though. 3. But I always talk myself out of doing anything because I’m afraid my ideas are stupid or that they couldn’t possibly make money because no one would pay for the services and products I dream up. I proved my negative assumption wrong. i’m just gonna keep making my way down the list of ideas until it works”. they’re stupid! But. but it still creeps back up. It has happened one or two times. 2011 at 2:57 am 1. Reply Eric February 10. Every one of my fears comes from my fear of the Unknown. I am starting to believe that the only thing that makes me look stupid is not trying. Reply Laura February 10. I don’t want to end up isolating myself because of my increasingly obsessive style of studying a subject or area that is interesting to me. It’s fun.0 plays a part in this path of mine. I realized this a year or so ago when working on character refinement. What if I’m wrong? What if I’m not good enough? I’m afraid to fail and be humiliated. I recently talked to someone at a party about some business failures but shrugged them off with “yeah. 4) I have no ideas: Though it’s really that I don’t want to commit to follow through on the grunt work to turn ideas into reality. and for admitting it. I fear I am not “cool” enough to work in my industry and that by being particular or ambitious I will come across as desperate. 3) I’m choosing the wrong thing/there’s something else I “SHOULD” be doing: I end up not taking action because I worry it’s not the right action. Reply Dan February 10. My biggest obstacle wasn’t my bad habits. it’s just fear that I don’t know what I’m doing and that I’ll wind up a destitute freeloader. Mistakes are not the end of the world and are great opportunities to learn how to improve. 2011 at 2:48 am 1. it’s usually because there’s an issue I’m avoiding addressing because resolving it will be difficult/challenging/scary or involve a confrontation (see #2). to write those thoughts down. trying too hard to please.. I didn’t think that anyone could really be interested in what I have to say — even though I write WAY BETTER than most of the blogs I read or that other people recommend to me as great. #2 I am afraid of living life at a high caliber and level. And the other person looked at me with admiration. I need to understand the reasons behind this or I’m never going to progress in anythiing. I can see my life as a business owner clear as day. I have the skills to do what it is that I choose ( start a I assume people will laugh at me and point out obvious mistakes I made that led to the assumed failure. Once again. Meaning: In my industry [photography + advertising] everyone seems so laid back and cool and on top of trends and really casual. 3) I’m not qualified: Who is? Everybody learns. I can’t seem to prioritize my time to accomplish anything of value these days. However. Someday I will conquer it. Harper February 10. I am still working. 2011 at 2:48 am My four fears: 1) I have no time: This is the oldest one in the book. when I strip away all the BS. I have also faced this fear a few times. I’m just plain afraid that I’m not as good as I think and that I won’t earn money without a regular 9-5 job. isn’t it? When I find myself thinking that I have no time. 2011 at 2:57 am 1)Mistakes: Quit avoiding them. I fear looking stupid. if I choose it. even though generally speaking the wrong action is better than no action. I am more interested and looking for the right and interesting places to teach me to do better. I’d rather jump off a cliff then be dependent on other people. honestly. I can do it. Reply Sam February 10. it still catches me by surprise. So it comes from some self-esteem issue.

or by doing pretty much anything with a pen. Looking at the media kits for major music magazines shows 82% of readers are hobbyists and not professionals. Oh man. am a bit slow. They buy that book because they see it as an escape. I know the writing isn’t the only thing — it’s just the beginning. there may be hard times. This is despite having a good job where I’m respected. And I realized how much it was appreciated and that I was bringing specific and rare value to our relationship by treating it as an important business and forgetting about the high school drama. Reply Heidi February 10. One magazine even showed 46. so ideally I would spend no more than 5 hours a week earning extra income. #3) No one will pay hundreds of dollars an hour for personal tutoring/instruction in music recording and production. I do not want to quit my job. supportive friends and loving family — plus determination and a willingness to work to have the life I want. and hey — even getting paid for it. Solution B: Find 3 clients that want 3 hours a week and work more in the beginning. I. more profitable and a helluva lot more fun. and then nobody will like/love/approve of me anymore Reply Brian Speronello February 10. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. I’ll fail.” For me. then build the product based on that experience. and that things I do don’t turn out but also the messaging that tells these folks. I want to be more of a take charge entrepreneur but have a fear of being sneered at. 53 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I was surprised to see him respond with “thanks for looking out for me and letting me know your schedule. I’ve always sold myself short. Then pick the one that’s most fun.. boat anchor and stalled engine that I’ve used to keep me from getting off my arse and set in motion additional projects and services that would be more fulfilling. I have lingered too long in timid dreams. I want side income that compliments my work and my lifestyle. they’re pretty easy to solve though. as a bigger part of my life and what drives my days. Yes. I’m serious about hitting my other targets. or a broke lonely eejit. And for every dollar spent at Amazon. Change: Just the other day I emailed a client to check up on whether they might need me for a job in the next few weeks and I was afraid of looking like I was trying too hard to please but I have been booking up my days quickly. #3 If I work for myself. If I made $100/hour and worked 5 hours a week. The imagery and messages are of endless struggle with rewards constantly just out of reach. #2 Nobody buys fiction. I have other goals that I’m working towards as well. 2011 at 1:51 pm So I’m terrible at math. And they spend an average of more than $5K a year on equipment. their behalf but I do all my own hustling. apparently. Or work more hours to start and try to find efficiencies (if getting paid a per-project fee) to cut the hours down.6% have previously attended a course and 33. but I don’t want it to negatively impact my achievement in other areas too much. People aren’t buying a book or turning to an author’s products because of the book or the author. The challenge for the writer who wants to be successful — however that writer defines it — is to craft not only damn good writing. #1) I can’t charge enough per hour to make $500 in 5 hours per week. Now that they’re visible. Solution A: Try finding one or two clients that will pay for 3 hours a week. I’ll wind up either a workaholic doing tons of hours just to stay afloat. with all work and personal life just barely in a precarious balance that can snap at any time. this script runs in my head. but there is also the joy of doing what you love. here are my “invisible” scripts. Still. and I can be a successful author. millions of manuscripts mildew in slush piles. as a solution to a problem. It has been a big restraint. I constantly think that I am not good at providing solutions to people or organizations. Right this way. But I also feel I can find the audience who will want what I write. $500/month at 5 hours/week would be roughly $25/hour. I am working hard to negate this script. you don’t find this type of customer service much”. because someone else can do it way better than I can. there will be lots of work — but much of it will be done with a smile. and offer them an “exclusive” on my freelancing at a higher rate and more time per week. setting more of your own terms.3% have not yet but would consider it. but I’ve got an amazing spouse. #2) No client will pay for just 1-2 hours of my time a week (this is assuming I target 3 clients like Ramit suggests). Despite being able to turn grain. as new information they were lacking. There is work and struggle and sometimes precariousness. This is despite being a blogger/writer who lately has had editors coming to him for assignments. 2011 at 3:02 am My biggest are. This only makes everything seem more achievable though! Reply Anthony February 10. I also suspect it of tying my shoelaces together. I want to put more of my writing and editing skills to work for fiction and non-fiction projects that are of my own devising. or by writing fiction. I’m not just using other nebulous goals as an excuse to say I don’t have time. to my own definition of success. My wife is an entrepreneur. For example. Suck it up and work 5 hours at $25-$50/hour and then raise rates. I’ve got what you’re looking for. heaps of people say you just can’t make money as a writer. #1: I’m too busy/have too many responsibilities already!!! #2: I don’t know what to say/write/do #3: I’m not ‘qualified’ (which also masquerades as “I can’t charge for that” And my personal favorite. I’ve absorbed a lot of societal scripts about people working outside regular jobs. Solution: Don’t start off making $100/hour. but the webcast last night is making me think I should start teaching in person instead. yeast and water into damn tasty beer. I *know* they’re all focused on the wrong thing. or needs the most work done. I could also try to get them to compete with each other on price to make even more money. I work full-time and enjoy what I do. I believe it’s important to really fulfill the client’s needs and instil trust. For every book on the bestseller list. I take great pride in what I do but I sometimes hold back out of fear.. why would they buy mine? For every successful author. Yes. I was looking at this for a product idea I was testing (a la 4HWW). “Hey! You! That’s right. #4: If I try. I want to make progress in earning extra income. not per month. Yet. hops. I have much I want to make real. that’d be $500/week. 2011 at 3:09 am #1 Nobody would want a solution I offered. does this one alternate between gnawing on my courage and kicking my ass. two weeks ago I had a milestone on one of my fitness objectives when I weighed in under 10% body fat for the first time. or as a way to look at the world differently. either. 2011 at 3:06 am First let me say that going through this exercise made it really obvious how to get around the things I perceived as obstacles. Of course. Eliminate the other two. Let me start with some background and basic assumptions. thousands only dream of success.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. With those constraints in mind. Solution: This is just fear. Reply Brian Speronello February 12.

Solution: Don’t give them access to my work contact info. get home. And EVERY blog. the short term delivery is not there. and that’s the tough part. IDEAS + NO ACTION = NO MONEY. and I don’t usually have the confidence to ask for more. website. I’m afraid of focusing my time and energy on freelance art projects that pay well now. This holds me back more than anything else. “You’re on my list of people who…”) #3: I’m afraid of charging too little.” My fear in the invisible script is that I need to be experienced in order to do anything. create a separate e-mail address that I only check while home (not even my personal account which I will look at occasionally at work) and make it clear that I’m only available during off-hours. 2011 at 3:09 am 1. 2011 at 3:12 am #1: I have trouble getting started on complicated things. You might find the script wasn’t true. products and inventions. When I start feeling anxious. Ramit. –If I charge more for my freelance projects. “If I just get experience in this. so I can BE a professional.) #2: I worry about pushing back against the bureaucracy at work for fear of getting on “a List”. The other invisible script I see in myself (especially since I’m an artist) is “I need a website to get my art noticed”. and being confident when I interact with clients and other professionals. I’ve been afraid of what I would hear.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. even though the stock market still mystifies me. products. Taking steps to manage my time will help with this a lot. the old ones are not as interesting. I have a notebook full of ideas for services. ever since being forced to do the day job thing. But I’ve been changing that. I lose interest (or have another idea) and it falls by the wayside. and that gets me some experience.” The solution that Ramit suggests is: realize the script. I’ve fought that as hard as I could. The question is HOW. and that’s the ultimate invisible script I need to fight. It drives me up the f$#%ing wall. Reply Tracy Douglas February 10. 3 – Being disciplined and consistent (or the lack of it) keeps me from reaching these goals that I set for myself. work out. Got my tax refund and put 2/3 of it into savings. I’m sure my underlying fear is that “My art will never get noticed on the internet”. saying this in your “Multiple Revenue Streams”) is to tell myself “I don’t need the experience. Reply Brian Speronello February once a new idea comes in.” I just have to make THAT my automatic script. I just need to be myself and be reliable. 2011 at 3:11 am Just thought of this too: #4) My freelance gig will call me during work or jeopardize my full-time job in some way. Reply Chris L February 10. If they can’t agree. one that I just deposit automatically from my paycheck.” or it seems to me “My current job won’t approve of me working on the side. #2 – Not enough time. –I will change this by finally talking to a doctor and take positive steps forward. On the other hand. The long term vision is there. Too many years of low-paying work does not equal much savings. and what-have-you I read and see preaches that I need a website for my art to get noticed and sold. I keep challenging myself to try new things. I’m always thinking to myself. I’m afraid of investing too much time in “long-term” projects that don’t make me any money in the short term (no pay day for at least a year or more). I can only assume it’s fear of failing holding me back. I’m afraid no one will pay me an amount of money that is worth my time. as far as tangible outcomes are concerned. But the more important thing for me to do (and I remember you. Reply Ryan M February 10. but management says stuff like. I have two savings accounts. slowly but surely. But I still “need” things. Paying off a credit card. Reply Kelci February 10. (The BJ Fogg seminar really helped with this. a lot thanks due to your columns. 2011 at 6:21 am Your script is “My freelance gig will jeopardize my full-time job. I’ve started asking myself. Still. I have not gone from point A to point B with any of my ideas. Now I just write one line of code. But I am making a point of managing my time better lately. 2011 at 3:15 am 1 – I have too many ideas and not enough action. like a professional digital camera. Commuting sucks. 2011 at 3:15 am #1 – I am not good enough. So over the years. realize the assumption you are making and systematically test the assumption. too. and all my invisible scripts trace back to two invisible scripts that haunt me: “I don’t have the experience for (fill in the blank). I’ll be golden”. I’m afraid of pushing myself physically to a point that I can never work again due to health problems I currently have. and make roots for long-term projects. –I can fix this by researching niche markets and marketing myself as valuable. even though I have these grand plans for the things I want to do (building businesses. I’ll do some research and figure out the idea that is the cheapest to get up and running. (never seen one. Being an artist mean being your worst critic at times. Then at some point during the process. etc). not to mention seeing others’ work that is better than yours. 2. My problem is that I get caught up in the moment of whatever’s going on right now. 2011 at 3:18 am I’ve thought and thought. then I can take less work and have more time for my long term projects. 3. Started a Sharebuilder account. “What could go wrong?” This has helped me Identify my fears. So it is really hard to work in opposition to all of those things which seemingly are apart of the nature of the person that I have come to be. then they can’t hire me. I’m still trying to figure out how to fight that. 54 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . it’s almost time for bed again. Some I have looked further into to see if there is a market or something already in existence.. “I don’t have the experience for becoming a social networking consultant” or “I don’t have the experience for becoming a freelance illustrator” or “I don’t have the experience for writing press releases. and see how I feel after that. and having projects ballooning. but that do not help further my long-term career.” This is what keeps me from freelancing into any kind of area. (Thanks to “The NOW Habit” for this one) Reply Matt February 10. #3 – Not enough money. 2 – Focusing is a challenge for me especially as it pertains to having so many ideas. inventing.. by the time I leave work. I keep telling myself. Reply John February 10. The problem that I have is that. Story of my life. eat.

I should start now and make my mistakes now. I did something really stupid and made a fool of myself in front of a crowd of people who I wanted to work with in the future. Fear of the cost in time and effort 3. Is it possible to be afraid of being successful. Even recently. rather than feel unworthy of the responsibility. I have trouble doing anything that involves financial risk unless I’m convinced that it is a good investment. or back in middle school when I had no friends and got treated badly. Reply Tim Barnes February 10. Reply Paige February 10. Reply Michael February 10. Fear that I might be overestimating my abilities. I am afraid that people will get the wrong idea about me. It stems from my introverted nature and lack of self-confidence. (There’s an invisible script right there. because “I’m only a freshman” and “I should wait until I’m older”. This fear manifests itself in my difficulty admitting mistakes and in my reluctance to take on projects where I’m at risk of failing or doing something wrong. or demeaned is unfamiliar and therefore disturbing. She’s the “work at one company your whole life and then retire” kind. For the most part that’s a good thing. There are many moments that still haunt me. I’m still trying to figure out ways to combat these with measurable results. I don’t trust myself or my instincts any longer 2. Because I do stupid things all the time. mindless activities that serve no practical purpose (like reading celebrity gossip or playing flash games or watching youtube videos). then I might never start and regret it later. When I get over tired I become useless and can’t function properly. 2011 at 3:27 am 1. I have a tendency to feel like the youngest person in the room and act on that feeling. and so forth. but I 55 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I often have to fight an inward feeling that I’m “faking” my abilities — that at any moment something bad could happen and it could turn out that my skills are actually shallow and people who have learned them through the “conventional” route have some kind of deeper ability that I lack. 3. I don’t buy something unless it’s the “perfect” item. I’m probably wrong to assume that social awkwardness is a fixed aspect rather than able to be changed. But. even when it’s totally expected. I’m worried that if things pick up. I turn to totally time-sapping. 2. I am afraid that I won’t have the energy to keep going. It definitely started the process. Fear of ending up poor. even from middle school. Part of the reason I was really into the hustling series was that if I can break these. 2011 at 3:29 am 1. Because I tend to pick up skills without much formal training or official qualifications. but somehow knowing these makes me MORE terrified that I can’t beat them. My fear causes me to be quiet and prefer inaction over action because I’m afraid of appearing stupid. or working on my ideas. Because of this. when I don’t start my work. Even in high school. I never started any club or project because I thought it was out of my league. 2011 at 3:29 am 1 My wife will hate it. I just imagine them thinking bad things about me and I just avoid them (unless I have a reason to meet them.) I’m also uncomfortable with starting new things and looking like a beginner. 2011 at 3:26 am 1. skills. It’s often said. Just like her dad did. might get rudely or angrily rejected. which leads to me holding off and either buying it when it’s overdue to make an impact or not buying it at all. and haven’t had a lot of experience being criticized at work. 2. I would do anything to fix them. Fear of people not understanding my motives in pursuing these things Reply Jon February 10. I’ve seen it happen before in my life where I want to meet up with friends and I can’t mentally focus because I’m exhausted. I know I can do anything. Reply Anna February 10. I’ve known that I’ve had that fear for a while but I just finally realized it’s also holding me back from making money on the side. but it means that the idea of having my ideas and abilities criticized. It’s a fear that leads to some positive things.. and anything I can do to help myself. looking back. Additionally. where I regret something I did and feel like I could’ve behaved differently. no matter how hard it might seem now. so I fill up my calendar with events instead of or I’m introduced). I’ve worked in some very friendly workplaces. I’m afraid of making an irreversible mistake that sways away from perfection. I think that’s probably in the pile too. 2011 at 3:26 am 1. I’m just afraid to be alone.. I feel intimidated by older people or people who seem older than me. but I’m scared to go through that path because I know it will take time. but hate the feeling of lacking control that comes from not having it. This leads me to hold back from expressing my ideas to people who have power to act on them. if it is. I don’t actually spend very much money. In all of these. And I feel like maybe I just should have not spent time with them in the first place. rejected. I imagine that’s why it’s so hard for me to meet strangers. I know that eventually I’ll be making more money with less time. I could’ve totally done it. 2011 at 3:29 am I am afraid that making money on the side will cut into my time with friends and family. I need to learn how to understand other’s needs and take care of other people as an equal. “I’ll look stupid” I think I was just born with social awkwardness. meeting with people for lunch and dinner. But it also holds me back from taking risks. I will take on too much and everything will fall apart. I’m afraid of wasting more time and even more money than I already have. I’m the last to get into a trend because of my fear of taking risks. etc. “I’ll make a mistake and then it’s over” I procrastinate A LOT and it stems from a fear of not finishing or wasting my time. Like fashion-wise. I don’t want to be just like him. It’s just my nature. Ironically. I’m a college freshman and I keep holding back on things. “People that can’t teach rather than do.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. and instead talking about them to people who won’t or can’t do anything. like spending time going on trips with friends.” 3. Reply Jaime Barriga February 10. “I’m too young/inexperienced” This one is really bad. My dad was a small businessman. while I’m young. when really. That they’ll say “Who’s this guy? He just wants my money! He’s not worth it!” Maybe this stems from a lot of putting myself down in the past. is something I’m going to try. I’m also afraid of making any moves with my money because I’m scared of losing it all in a fatal error. 3. Fear that my suggestions. Fear of failure – I couldn’t really put these ideas off 2.

I should be dealing with before any other professional projects Reply C February 10. I know. I wake up at 5am.” This is lame. #2. #2 – “It’s supposed to be harder than this. Now. and write them down.. I’m afraid to fail. What I DON’T do is figure and figure out if they’re actually GOOD money making ideas. While I am extremely good in getting grades. 2011 at 3:35 am #1 – “People won’t like me if they have to pay me. my street smartness is almost close to zero. Can I risk this as I have a family? I am a married man.. force myself into a position of accelerated learning. Reply Timothy Johnson III February 10. I’m also going to invest in myself. working far too many hours at work only to be underappreciated and underpaid. It really is exhausting. extremely afraid of risk. it has to be done. I’m afraid to fail. go. No seriously. no matter how late. I work long hours. Other more experienced people are struggling. In addition. I don’t know anyone that can help me out. everyday is go.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k.) “I often feel like I get distracted or can’t focus. Between them and my job.. By taking your Earn1K course. The best way to learn something is to experience it. but my dogs are my family. I need to break free but where do I start? I’ve been reading your stuff and like you said. And there is no one to blame but myself. No. #3. This is the big one for me because I work in a family business and I totally fear the “I’m not happy here / I need more” conversation that I’ll have to have with my parents when I begin to make money on the side. I know this.) “I’m not an expert. and lots of people ask me for tech advice. reading your stuff is great but like you said. The last thing I want to do after spending 13 hours in front of a computer is sit down in front of another one.” Hogwash! When I actually sit down to focus on a certain task with no distractions (can we say. Like brushing my teeth before going to bed. fight traffic and then come home to take care of my 2 dogs. how do I expect to start from scratch? 3. I have tried to make money off stock market trading but the returns have been very limited. go. action. I sit down and make a habit to read your email. 2011 at 3:29 am #1. And the biggest thing is I’m going to give myself deadlines. I have some ideas but I’ve always had ideas. I think that they will see my trying to do something on the side as a signal that I am unhappy because of them or that their business isn’t good enough for me. Reply Tesy February 10. 2011 at 3:35 am 1. try to unwind from yet another brutally grueling day that has me tears and I just can’t do it. go. This is all me. 2011 at 3:37 am 1.3 I have too many self-esteem issues. Because this is something that is not formula driven. and then teach someone else.1 I’m not good enough at what I do. I am not sure if I will repent later. So either way right now. I’m working on time analysis to see where my time is going and what I can do to get at least one hour out of my day back to me. Duh. PS Thanks for the self-therapy session Reply Suresh February 10. I should know enough of a particular [insert topic/skill] here to get me started. I have no time. Really worried if I can take such a risk. you name it. I can’t even leave the house without a cup of caffeine in my system. But what good are they in my head? Enough is enough. If I lose money on this side venture. I am too busy earning a living to make any money. Then I come home. I can feel the mental block of everyday life that has me stuck in this rut. I do anything and everything to meet it because as I said in #3. If I have a deadline. want to have the freedom and sense of worth that comes from making your own destiny. I feel like I need to know EVERYTHING about it before I start. I’m exhausted. I’m spent. with a kid. I have no time. How can I make them help my cause? Reply Eugene February 10. now that I’m doing an internship as a corporate lawyer in a successful firm.1?) No. because the answers and the information is constantly changing. everywhere. I’m don’t feel that I am good enough / skilled enough to make money doing what I want to do – when will I feel like I am at the level that deserves to get paid? 3. Creating new habits has helped with this. I’m screwing myself. Every night. 3. The irony here is that not doing anything is also all me.” I almost always sink hours into a problem rather than looking for the simplest and most effective ways to solve it – probably because I’m ashamed to say that actually Getting Something Done is valuable. Because that’s what’s always worked for me. I’m super smart but there’s definitely a psychological fear that has deluded me. By the time I sit down it’s past 10pm and I’m supposed to be inspired at that hour? But the irony is I know it’s all in my head. I’m a creative individual and work in the creative field so of course I have ideas. But I’m scared that I’ll stop being their friend if they pay me. 2011 at 3:35 am No. I graduated last month from Law school and while I got top marks all my life. But I remember my college days and being able to stay up all night without the help of coffee. Everything..2 I don’t feel passionate about anything.” Whenever I’m about to start a project. But you can’t have ALL the answers. (Maybe this should be no. Reply AM February 10.” I love to help others. Ramit that you hate pets.) “I don’t have a solid idea for a product. as others have said. and start conversations about [insert ANY topic here] can be turned into tangible ways to make income. and learn the rest of it as I go. So what am I going to do to change this? Yes. I always think that people don’t want to help me. The reality is that I haven’t set aside time to reflect on how my ability to connect with people. I come up with ideas all the time. unplugged!). I feel like my wife and family won’t support me. Like a lot of the others I use the “I don’t have time” excuse to tell myself that I can’t do anything on the side 2. open up. I feel like I know less than every other person in the firm. 2011 at 3:34 am I’m not street smart enough. at work. At school. 2. reading is one thing but it’s all about action. I get the task 56 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM .

com/privatelist/invisible-scripts/?awt_l=MKZRB&awt_m=. I’m ready to come home and relax. Reply Jessica H. 2011 at 3:39 am 1. I try to get projects done around the house or take the kids for a few hours while my wife finally gets some “her time” and does the grocery shopping. I have contacted and spoken with famous/successful people for insight into what I’m doing. etc. 2011 at 3:38 am 1) I can’t think of anything I’m good enough at (that I like) that anybody would be willing to pay top dollar for.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I have found a mentor on campus to help me. (I’m an alum. For example. After 9 hours at work. and I think Earn1K will help you do it. my current boss has been really nice and needs me (but I hate my job). Or find someone who already does custom computer builds and see how they get paid. if it fails. 2011 at 3:44 am 1. talking to hot girls. I’m afraid of not knowing how to set up all the tech stuff exactly right on websites and I put off doing it because it takes so long to figure out Reply John February 10. I hate asking for favors. 3. 2011 at 3:46 am #1. I have no experience. i guess i’m fearful of being viewed differently.I can’t effectively communicate with people.I am a college student and only have class 2 days a week. 2011 at 3:46 am 1.” Or hook up with a case-modder and sell customized computers to interior designers that match their clients’ interiors.” I hate ask again and again for something. I’d love to build computers for people. On the weekends. which is not scaleable.) already know how to do this themselves or aren’t willing to pay for the service. 3. but they are usually for crazy inventions or a blog that initially won’t earn money 3.. I’ll channel Ramit and add that you shouldn’t be assuming – you should be asking. You could build specialized computers for academic research groups to their custom needs. “This is not the right time” I always find an excuse to delay things. I think you are wrong re: #1. I’m worried that it will take a long time (if ever) to make as much as I do now as an Electrical Engineer ($6. 2011 at 3:39 am 1. I’m afraid of not deserving to achieve my goals. etc. Reply Mark February 10. 2. can’t think of any ideas that will actually earn money: ideas come. but it’s a tough situation to willingly get into. as in getting more jobs. etc. though I can´t seem to be able to make professional contacts. day to achieve it and tho I could easily say what the goal was and what i “planned” on doing each they don’t pay me to promote the program – I can just already see how Ramit’s ideas will be helpful for you!!!!) Reply GG February 10. I have also reduced my credit card APR and cell phone bill using Ramit’s scripts. I knit and crochet handmade items to sell. 3) Tying in to #1 about freelancing being worthy my time. but when i had to say what I would actually do each day I really got nervous and uncomfortable and I didn’t finish it. I’m not capable/organized/dedicated enough to pull it off and make consistent income this way Reply Drew February 10. the ideas I come up with involve working more. I don’t know why it made me so uncomfortable. DONE in record time. nervous about stepping out of my peer group’s/family’s norms: nearly everyone around me is on a pretty usual path – grad school or office job. I’ve also thought about tutoring math/science as my degree is in Electrical Engineering. 2. I will be told I suck and will never be able to make a steady income from my freelance writing…part of me will believe it 3. I could be using that time to REALLY hustle and I sit around and think of things I can do and read about different things and growth material (I read a lot and I am taking a lot of action as well. These are all markets that can’t or won’t do it themselves. dont have time… and the list goes on. but still have a top-notch gaming rig. I know… opportunities wont come by themselves… 3.000+/month). I know this because in one of your posts or downloads there was an exercise about stating your goal and then writing specificaly what you would do each month. and having my peers and family judge whatever business idea i start pretty harshly. Reply JM February 10. i look like a jackass. I know I want to develop some kind of muse or create something that I can use to generate disproportionate results. Unfortunately. The question is how you can find and target them. Ask a few dozen people about how they make their computer-purchasing decisions and I bet you will learn some very useful things.. and I am doing the 12 week transformation challenge on bodybuilding. maybe i need more practice. 2011 at 4:12 am Hey Mark. I have family issues. 2. underconfident in uncomfortable situations where i’m trying to make my case: selling. I need to complete more jobs for more clients before I can go full bore 2.I don’t know what to do. 2. Im at grad school. negotiating. 2011 at 3:38 am 1. “Someday my perfect job will come to me and we´ll be happy ever after. You could start a service for parents who want their kids to grow up technically savvy. I have invested in Peak Potentials and their training. but that’s as far as I get. Reply Janet February 10. but I always underprice because I think noone will pay the larger fee. Reply Carlos February 10.I don’t know where to market it at. but I can’t see how I’d be able to do enough tutoring (typically done in the evening) to make freelancing worth my while. 57 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . No. week. I really think what you want to do is possible. “I am not a networker” Im not such a social fiasco. as the only one around stepping out of the box. but the people who want computers built for them rather than buying “boxed garbage” (like a Dell. Job hunting is a nightmare to me. you could target gamers who would like to pay less than the cost of an Alienware. and I’ll teach your kid how to put it together. February 10.I’m not good enough. “Buy my custom computer kit. I’m afraid to charge too much for my products. There ARE people who would pay for custom-built computers but don’t have the skills to do it themselves. 2) I’m worried about the schedule I may have when starting up freelancing.

I decided to take MASSIVE action and dive in head first. girls’ night. in hospital gift shops. genius children have their own legit business at age 23–where I am. #1 Time…Full time job. or even three jobs “makes me poor and struggling to make ends meet. I am unable to follow through. Reply puja February 10.I can’t spend money on anything. #2 Fear…this one is big. mostly video game ideas. Truth I know lots of business owners but I hate to ask for money fro from people I know Reply Andy Corey February 10. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. I graduate in May and if worst comes to worst I move back in with my parents and work until I can pay everything off and get back on my feet. 2011 at 4:14 am I feel the same. in me and get paralyzed when it comes to writing. I worry Also I worry I’ll ask stupid questions or not get the point of the Earn1k lectures. He even invested in a $3k HD camera. wife. and between his family and World of Warcraft I don’t see him following through with his dreams of being a writer.) One of my roommates moved out and the rest of us have to pick up the difference in rent and utilities 3. or even 5x the cost of the supplies that went INTO the gift basket. I’m worried that I’ll never finish a project. or two. I havent explored. I network for a living and can give a speech in front of over 400 people. Taking action after hitting submit and claim my domain name… See ya! Gotta go get it done. 2011 at 4:00 am It’s kind of a dream of mine to have a business selling gift funds. That maybe. I guess I’m finally thinking about them more concretely. It would be easier/faster to get raises than to freelance I’m too young to be taken seriously Reply Jim February 10.” Isn’t this what we see every day on the news and on tv? Why aren’t our full-time careers enough to support us? My day job (forensic scientist) is more than enough to keep me afloat and even saving for my future. either. Reply Angela February 10. you name it. I have this friend who wanted to be a writer. It only seems like those crazy. I guess this one kind of goes along with my age–would people pay ME. I have a few e-books.) I am not generating enough income to pay for even the basics. Chinese auctions.. But I also teach on Saturdays and dogsit when I’m able to. I received a bad rating at work in 2009 with any number of excuses to fall back on (i. no one would even know my age.) I have a lot of travel expenses to go to Peak Potentials training 4. the economy. The second is that having more than two kids under 3 with one on the way. #3 I don’t have experience. When he graduated college and had to get a job he stopped producing.but I don’t take action. I didn’t have anything to ask after Ramit’s video yesterday.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. Investing in Peak potentials now may not have been the greatest idea. those prices? I know you’re trying to make us think about the things that are holding us back. People come to me for advice and guidance all of the time.) I have invested in Peak Potentials training 2. and that worries me. super-motivated. but I still have that instinct that. Reply 58 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . that other people don’t. #2. Reply Z February 10. 2011 at 3:49 am I worry that I don’t have the skills to freelance. I’ve wanted to work on side projects. They can go for hundreds of dollars… way more than 2x.exercise. I love personal growth and helping myself be the best person I can be and I want to help others do the same. I dont have any freelance skills. 3x. the bell curve rating system. what if I start something and I get bored of it – it will be waste of money and resources. etc. I worry. But since I’d like to sell them online. #3 I need to learn more about what I want to do before I can start taking action… Analysis Paralysis get out of the way. 2011 at 3:47 am I dont have enough to connect to those options. Now he’s married and has a kid. a 23-year-old scientist (as opposed to a 35-year-old interior decorator). I test them on my friends with great results…. The kind you find in raffles. I know I’m NOT too young. In high school and college he had a band and wrote their songs and wrote and filmed an unpopular youtube series. The 85% rule is my new mantra. I dont have the rigjt contacts. 2011 at 3:49 am I work up these great ideas that I am convinced will make it. with multiple themes–movie night. Sometimes. I know thete are ways besides banks to. If I’m not qualified for my job how can I possibly earn income on the side using those skills? More than that though. I feel like people would judge me for doing gift baskets on the side like I’m struggling to make money.I want to pursue a career as a life coach/image consultant and I feel like I don’t have the knowledge or experience to get clients. but I figured now is the best time because even if I go broke I have nothing to lose. My first invisible script is that “I’m too young” to have my own side business. but where does the credibility come from? Reply Suzan February 10. social life yada yada yada! I know that I could manage my time better and squeeze at least an extra hour per day. but I worry that I’m just not qualified. being a young employee on a highly skilled team). or finish what I start. 2011 at 3:48 am I don’t have a product/service to sell.I can’t spend money on anything because 1. I tell myself “why in the hell would anyone want to read what i have to say” This is false. get well. The third is.e. since I was in college and never did. “Would anyone even pay ME what typical gift baskets go for?” Gift baskets AREN’T cheap. and wouldn’t take my gift baskets seriously. I flush them out in detail. maybe even a book. Also. since I don’t quite “feel” like an adult yet.

Reply Brian February 10. but I admit it the least. I am very happy with my day job. I’m an Earn1K alum and I’ve had remarkable success applying its techniques to my day job! I am also quite content with my financial situation. I am a very happy person right now. 2011 at 4:09 am 1. I’m afraid that If I decide to freelance as an engineer. Reply Jana Mlejnecka February 10. But that doesn’t mean I have to make the same set of choices. since I won’t be as successful as my father? My father turned himself from an academic into a wildly successful. Invisible script #3: I’m not hungry enough for this. I’m never going to have a business like his. I’m almost afraid to admit this one but in the spirit of being honest… I’m afraid of being made fun of or ridiculed. I actually have told this to clients and referred them to other attorneys.. because I have referred many clients to those attorneys or used those resources to answer questions for some of those clients. Instant collaboration. I’ve been talking to a lot of people to get second hand experience to over come this one. I study languages and sail and write plays and. I am an avid reader. Somehow I bit my teeth and made it through those 5 years of struggle. This is not just a made-up fear – it’s something I see in the lives of the people around me. Everyone in my family has had a traditional 9-5 in the past and most of my friends are currently having trouble finding jobs. But that just means I have to make sure that my Earn1K goals (whether relating to my day job or my freelancing) are PART of what makes me happy. Invisible script #2: Why bother anyways. So I think I obsess over producing the perfect product so that I will continue to maintain the “high grades” that distinguished me in the past. I have a fear of committing to 100% and watching it fail. I launched a business right after school (art school). The other way is to utilize the list serve and pose newbie questions and I will get help. Your challenge got me to examine those assumptions. Do I *really* need the best job in my field? Do I *really* need to be earning money on the side? At the end of the day. am paying for an online course to learn how to freelance and one day quit that career. Paul February 10. How to change this? There are two expert treatises updated annually to purchase. and actually use instead of intellectually gathering. it’s really helpful to do this exercise again and see how my answers are different from the ones I gave in the first week of the hustle course. I know failure is part of the game and ultimately part of the learning process but knowing this doesn’t make the fear go away. Reply Jessica H. I can see the looks and hear the comments now when I tell them that I. Ferriss. spend time with my amazing husband. its absolute murder in the mental stimulation department. 3. the techniques that the aforementioned “time management” experts practice. oh yeah. 2011 at 4:10 am #1 – “My business attempts are doomed from the start”. with poor results. I feel that there’s an element of I have to be superior and produce an excellent product because its important to me that my work reflects my alleged intellectual superiority over others.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. work. Remedy: #1 get over it! #2 Get good malpractice insurance. Ramit. so I have to get it perfect. Also. It involves some of what he had. Yes. #4 I know a legal document or agreement doesn’t have to be perfect because I know there is no perfect anyway. I started 59 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . and a social life. In 2011 at 4:05 am 1) Juggling school. because it will steal all my time. Most days I read books or blogs at my desk and the ‘work’ I actually do is mind numbingly boring and barely could be considered actual engineering. But I don’t have to define success based on my father’s life … I can define success on my own terms. After some time in an emergency regular job. but also some things he didn’t. Barring a lightning strike. one-in-a-million entrepreneur. I’m afraid I’ll make a huge mistake for the client who will suffer drastic financial loss if I screw up. that I’m not running the United States of America. If I do fail. I’m afraid that I’m not actually good at what I do. 2. I know that I could make the time if I wanted to. #3 Have routines to follow so I don’t miss anything. otherwise you are a dilettante and will give the client a valueless or harmful result rather than the most beneficial result. I worry that professional and/or freelance success means giving up all the things I love about my life. 2011 at 4:39 am #2 – I have that same fear. no knowledge of business stuff and no money at all. the kind of success he had isn’t something you can reasonably plan to achieve. So one way to deal with the script is to set up practice routines from the start to gather the information necessary to analyze the legal situation so that I can find the right way to find a solution to the problem. Ramit! I will trust that others have dealt with this problem. I know this is all an illusion from reading Covey. 3) What if I do fail? General fear of failure I guess. In short. but thanks. 3. I know what kind of life I want. I won’t remember how to do actual engineering. I work as a school counselor – and sometimes I hate having people sit in with me when I’m working with students – I’m more worried in those moments about what the person observing is thinking of my approach rather than how well I’m helping this student with his/her issue. Reply Elizabeth February 10. then what? Where do I go from there? Are the consequences worth the risks? Reply Rick B February 10. This one is probably the most powerful. so that they are a net benefit to my life and I’ll want to keep doing them. It makes me feel like a failure from day one. So I feel like I could easily just give up when things get hard.. the area of law is complex and yet I do have some familiarity with the area. One has a blueprint how to analyze the client’s legal problem with questionnaires to pinpoint the legal issues. and yes. 2011 at 4:03 am Invisible script #1: The only way to be successful is to let it take over your life. I know I know more than the typical general practitioner about this field and I know many resources to rely on to obtain information and assistance in this field of law already. even when they’re hard. In fact it happened before. February 10. but that’s the biggest excuse 2) I don’t have the experience for it. with no experience. While I believe success follows from action and hard work. 2. You have to have practiced in this area of law exclusively for years before you can take on a case in this field. now I’ve got to challenge myself to disprove these. I can defend my life and my time if I need to … and I can give up some of that time if and when the rewards are worth it. tough stuff. Among other things. 2011 at 4:00 am Invisible scripts: 1. I always feel like I’m not really good at what I do or I’m just winging it. I love my day job. I’m so overwhelmed by all that I have to do that I don’t have time to do the things necessary to make this transition. the only one with a solid career. I’m currently working as an engineer for a company that pays me pretty well to do a whole lot of nothing (boohoo right). I felt like I was inferior in everything else. Although this sounds great to most people. It makes me feel like I will just give up on these goals and projects when they get challenging. This is a probable childhood script I believe I hung onto because the only thing I had going for me as a schoolchild was high grades. Yeah. it’s hard to find the time.

If I choose the wrong one. charge more and earn more – for the rest of your life. Tell me a story about each one. with all the languages I learned so easily! I identified 6 major things I’d done fundamentally wrong and try to avoid them now. Highlight my experience and skills and how I can transition that into helping the company achieve its goals. But hell. Also considering partnership in another project. “I just need to get a bit more organized and then I can get started. those are my dreams and I’m gonna reach them or die trying. And what if it’s not the right one? How do I decide which one(s) to focus on. 2011 at 4:24 am So. Don’t just write down 3 sentences. I study a lot and implement what I learn. analyzing and trying to identify why. begin offering value. -I endeavor to focus on improving my skills instead. wake up dreamer” I’ve been told that as well. but my real strength and gift is speaking. After your webinar last night. Very powerful thought. Can’t be that stupid. The story repeated itself. now I’ve set myself back X amount of time 60 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . not everyone has this habit. It is also true that once I accomplish a dream or a plan. I’m a school counselor and want to work with students/parents as an education consultant working with them to help their students figure out the ideal major/college or career for them. have more experience and more money” Some will probably have much more knowledge as well. “Yeah. getting into their heads and determining needs). I have too many ideas to narrow down and focus on just one. 1. deep inside. I know there is a *need* for this since guidance counselors only see their college bound students an average of 38 minutes/year for college search/guidance.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k.” 3. I do not know a group who would pay more for my skills than Im paid now If I invest in a product no one will buy Ill have wasted money that could have been used toward better things and proven my inability to myself. After researching their website and finding out about them (i. mostly by people who never failed and never accomplished. 2. this can’t be true about most of them. #3: If I don’t earn $1k on the side. It’s extremely hard to regain confidence in the face of evidence^^ -I spent years researching. I’m not good enough or experienced enough to perform/charge for the service I would like to give. February 10. and your blog video it is evident that you earning money on the side can come from a variety of different sources including products and other services that are not necessarily IT again. Apart from that I invested in a couple of courses and launched a few affiliate sites. 3# – “My ambitions are too unrealistic and childish. I have some ideas (which aren’t worth anything until I action them) that I will test. No matter how much I’m aware of this script and how destructive it is. But the fear is there. I realize it’s not smart to get married to one particular idea before it gets tested. but not moving forward with the knowledge I’ve acquired. right now its just hypothetical Reply Nick February 10. My fear is that I don’t have enough knowledge (really.000. this time in shorter version. you have yourself a legitimate freelancing gig that you can grow. #2: Earning $1k on the side is more likely if you have some technical experience e. 2011 at 4:32 am Then. any attempts I make toward that goal will be a failure. training and facilitation – I can’t possibly do that while maintaining a 9-5 job since training would be required at the same time that I need to be at my job. etc. But sometimes I still feel like a shrimp among sharks. there’s already the next one waiting in the queue. Ask to take the VP out for lunch or coffee. Explain them. I see myself in most all of these comments – but I’m going to add mine here because I’m tired of reading without action – I’m good at that. working for 3 different clients. Reply Brian February 10. programmer. The ‘aha’ moment for me was when Ramit stated that the bar is to get 3 paying clients.e.” 2. Sketching the map to get there Reply Jason February 10.. I am self-employed now. BC. 2011 at 4:20 am My three gems that keep me firmly on ass in chair… 1. How would I change this? After getting these preview e-mails.g. How would I change this? I realized that it’s ok to start small – perhaps only making $200 a month to begin with. I realized I had this script when I caught myself thinking that it’s a linear process where you go from making $0 on the side in a month to $1. I realized I had this script at the launch of your first Earn 1k program. once i have the right computer and software and install my whiteboard… then I can start. It really didn’t matter what you were charging them but if you could get 3 people/companies to pay you. How would I change it? Begin to target companies I want to work for in Vancouver.” Reply Rob K. my three fears If I loose money or take a chance on an idea or a job the consequences could be irreversably negative and considering I have a professional job right now it would be foolish to risk it. web design consultant. of researching and paralysis by analysis. #2 – “Most of my competitors are tougher than I. How did you realize you had this script? How has it manifested itself in your life? What would you do to change it? Top 3 Invisible Scripts that Prohibit Me from Earning More #1: I need to have a Masters Degree and other certification to earn more money and do interesting work. Provide suggestions on improvements to their website. True or not. share your 3 MOST PRESSING INVISIBLE SCRIPTS below in the comments. I realized I had this script when I began taking jobs just for the money – thankful that I was even able to get a decent paying job doing menial work with little to no impact. let’s call it what it is – confidence) to help these families and charge them. “This is a blue collar city and there’s not a lot of call for my training/writing/course design skills… and the Internet is full of people who can do it better and know more about this than I do. Once the pencils are sharpened. I took particular note of the case studies you highlighted where people made money providing their expertise online as a programmer or web consultant. 2011 at 4:32 am the more I think about this the more I realize how many of these scripts I run in my head..

This idea may not make enough money. 2011 at 4:38 am 3 Fears or scripts: 1. 2. but I can’t seem to get past it. That’s an obvious load of crap. 61 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM .com/privatelist/invisible-scripts/?awt_l=MKZRB&awt_m=. Reply Jeff C February 10. Reply Scott February 10. but sometimes I feel like I am just a wannabe designer.I am destined to become my father: constant spouting self-help techniques. But I fear anything that I would do would take away from the little bit of time we have as a family now. When it comes down to it. In general. this is scary. If you need more. only to realize that it’s not making any money. and I am afraid that once I start getting serious about it. 2 little kids. Reply Nancy February 10. 2. I also think I need to change my way of thinking and use my fear and doubt as a way to motivate myself to get better as opposed to letting it swallow me up and hold me back. or the crappy Mets. I don’t have a good idea. I don’t think my work is even comparable to the talented designers out there. I can’t find people for to sell my services to.. but never able to actually become a success. then I’m afraid of driving to that state in bad weather. I have the same fear about me and my freelancing – that it won’t stand out. a third on the way (in 2 months) – wife works full time. I’ve even got fears about my fears. I can have one of these two things. I know though that if I took a true inventory of my time I would find TONS of wasted time (su ch as the hour spent watching Law & Order. Other than weekday evenings and when school is out of session. but the following things hold me back: 1. Would this negatively affect my family time? Do I want to give up time with my family just for some extra money. I was too afraid. 3. If I become a full-fledged entrepreneur. 3. they will see me as incapable of doing the job. and that I’ll start spending time there that I should be devoting to my full-time job. For example. people (and perhaps myself) will discover that I am just another average person who THINKS they are creative and can design but in reality have no talent for it. I do not have the looks or personality to be a freelancer. There are others. I can only hope that it is successful. 3. But I worry that I don’t have the time. Yeah. but not both. If I start the company in state that I’m moving to. 2. 2. We chose this setup so we wouldn’t need daycare. and I could go on but you asked for 3…so those are just simply three that I fired off. or service to provide. I won’t have to be accountable to anyone and I will just slack off. 2. I’m afraid to succeed. 2011 at 4:34 am 1. (but now we have 2 cars – so I guess I can’t hide behind that). I’m preparing to sell my house and move to another city in another state. that’s reasonable. Stop consuming and start producing. I think I am a creative person and I enjoy graphic design very much. Reply Jay February 10. I can make a comfortable living. I don’t want to waste money implementing something that does not work or is just wasting my time and money. My wife works as well so we juggle between daycare and work. sucks…plus for the longest I’ve dreamed of being my own boss (even if it’s my own boss on the side). but I don’t know if it will be or not. 3. I need to just do it. * People are so right when they say “you are your toughest critic. Am I qualified to do this? Is it lame to be a computer guy. I fear I will like it too much. What would people think.The only way that I can only successful is if I have someone else to report to. Ramit. Here are the first three that come to mind: 1. I realize I have A TON of self-defeating scripts running through my head.I can enjoy what I do for a living. I’m afraid that my fears won’t be original and worthy of standing out. and I plan on taking some classes to improve my skills. She works as an RN and is scheduled on Thursday nights and Sat and Sun. Speaking of time – I don’t have enough time needed to invest in something for it to be successful. 2011 at 4:36 am Damn. My first is lack of time because of a full time job plus a kid. I fear I won’t like what I choose. But I never gave a single one to anybody. but I get fired from my full-time job because I neglected it. Last year I decided to do some computer work on the side and I got some free business cards from vista print. 2011 at 4:43 am I would love to do graphic design as a freelance career. my biggest fear is that I’ll let people down: -clients -my family -me I just picture myself handing out refunds to everyone and being a social pariah because I didn’t do a good enough job. I enjoy my fulltime job (middle school counselor) but really the pay here where I live. I can easily give you more! Brian Reply Janet February 10. How do I market myself.. or surfing Facebook – even the time wasted on my lunch breaks).” I know that I just need to build up my confidence and that is why I’ve been doing a lot more research to look for inspiration. I don’t have a job and I’m afraid of funding a company on my social security. we don’t have family days like most normal families. I’m afraid to start in one state and have to pay for attorney advice in both states. Reply Jeremy February 10. I fear people will discover that I am a sham or that I won’t deliver a service worthy of what I charge (and that those people will be acquaintances who I will have to see regularly) – that everyone who has told me “you should charge for this” is just a blithering idiot.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. product. I am not good enough to charge for my work and I fear that once I have a client. Coordinating our 1 car life with my wife would be an inconvenience to her. 3. The timing is bad. 2011 at 4:36 am Holy crap. 2011 at 4:32 am 1. I have tried to brainstorm ideas but have not find anything that I feel is worth pursuing further.

’s my demeanor would change.. After losing job to company closures twice.I’m very introverted. What should I do? Go make a movie. my fear is that I might fail and cause my parents to not only be disappointed but also to constantly worry about me for having such an “unstable” career. This was a great exercise. 2011 at 5:01 am 1) I have too much on my plate already.D. * As for looking really young.. level. Reply Lex February 10. Or follow the alternate route: write a great screenplay (-invisible script: easier said than done-) that will attract financiers. 2) I don’t know absolutely everything there is to know about the field I want to get into. listening to podcasts and I haven’t taken action. subscribing to websites. I confront this fear by examinining areas where I have had success and areas where I have had bad overworked and blocked from other things I would like to do. attempting to do projects that I have no business doing and eventually somehow be revealed as a fraud. 3. But there are great examples out there about people who made movies for ridiculous amounts. 3) I’ll be super successful. I need to think high entertainment. even though they never treated me that way.” The irony that I failed to realize for a long time is that if John Doe is making that much then it means my company is willing to pay that amount. and get in over my head. * My family is much more open-minded now because the recession has shown them no job is forever stable. even though I taught the subject for two years at a university with good ratings from students and fellow instructors. etc. It also doesn’t help that I am a natural introvert and can’t initiate conversations very well.” Usually this is accompanied by the “isn’t it unfair how much John Doe makes for doing nothing. Everyone has seen the one legged skier who speeds past the two legged people. Freelancing income was what made it a lot less painful financially until I found next job. Clerks. At this point. Fear of discovering that I’m mediocre. but I find it very difficult to introduce and open myself to anyone.. as if I was automatically the dumb one. I am fine when people approach me. before going out and making the movie actually I need to write the screenplay. My family was never wealthy. Yes. I’m scared of disappointing my parents and won’t be able to provide for them. our best teachers were not necessarily certified or Ph. 3.… because I used to be (well. and therefore any service I could offer would not be worth very much. I could film it myself with my little DV camera and edit it in my Mac. Support obviously helps with building confidence and I think that is my main issue. A good idea can overcome the huge investment barrier. Just typing all these things out has already made me more aware of what my problems are and the possible ways to tackle them. I am often mistaken as a 17 year old even though I am currently 23. I would feel small and insecure. It’s the same with A level execs. I actively sought out information to see if my fear was justified. I’m afraid I will succeed. produce and direct a movie. and the first thing they might think when they see me is “she’s just some dumb kid. honestly I’m still…) very judgmental about other people… in the end I’m afraid everyone will be as judgmental about me as I am. that even if I do have success with freelancing at some point.I need to read a lot of books/websites/magazines/etc. 2. circumstances made it clear how much more vulnerable a single source of income is. Though this may come as a blessing in 20 years. before I can successfully write. faster. so now that I’m done with school and out in the working world. Reply Anonymous February 10. I focus my efforts in areas where I have a decent chance at getting good results. but that wasn’t what made them great. Thank you Ramit. I’m afraid I will be overwhelmed and unable to accept the discipline required to see the project through. People still think and treat me like a naive and innocent student. I constantly research what successful people have done and compare it to my processes and situation. Paranormal Activity. If I’m mediocre. The way I faced this fear was to talk to a few friends who taught as well if their best teachers were certified etc.. I find that they are often down to earth and easy to relate to.) If I choose to be a freelance graphic designer.” 3. There are great certified teachers who are. Somebody else could do it that I won’t be able to maintain the stream of income. 2011 at 5:03 am I’d say: 1. Now) 2. I’ve got him already thinking about my high value before compensation is even mentioned. Reply Chase February 10. Monsters. but it’s hard when I imagine myself meeting a potential client. 2011 at 4:46 am I’m afraid no one will want me or trust me to do my work. with the family and full-time job.. Reply Sully February 10. 2011 at 5:03 am 1. and it turned out that for all of us. I have some friends who say looks don’t matter and that I just need to have a lot of confidence and prove myself to potential clients. tell them my plans and hopefully they will support me.I need a lot of money to make a movie. I’m honestly not too sure how I can solve that. I’ve spent a lot of times reading a lot of books. what I say. My ego wants to believe that I am above average. (Well. It’s actually a bit of a relief to see that typed out. I used to feel intimidated but after getting to know many of them. It was me stopping me. *I’ve gotten better at speaking up since I started at my current job. or formal certification. Due to my Chinese genes. low budget. Always worrying about what people will think about me. I look much younger than my actual age. Fear of not being good enough because I don’t have a Ph. So what do I have to do? Demonstrate clearly how my accomplishments have helped him excel and what is in the pipeline to continue to deliver that high value. and there’s no way I could ever fit extra work in consistently enough to make it profitable or worthwhile.D.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. My solution for this problem is perhaps to communicate with them more. Fear of “unstable” income. I’ll be the best mediocre I can be and get over it.D. not them. Now. 2011 at 4:49 am Worst violation is my Water Cooler Script: Bitching with my coworkers about how “there is no way to move up because the company is too flat” which leads into how “we will never get the pay increase we deserve without the corresponding titular promotion. stellar. What to do? Still working on it… 62 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . The Blair Witch. It looks a lot less threatening. I noticed that every time I was in a room with all Ph. so I suppose these things just take practice. I want to be able to help my parents (or at least not make them worry about me. Reply Steve February 10. my physical aspect (I’m not very fit).

I’ll be doing some tests this week. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to learn. Reply robbie February 10.. Even though I know how important it is to do it right now. but there are always more urgent things to do.There is so much I want to learn and do that I constantly worry about if I am spending my time correctly.. ” Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. You have to be practical. “This is unreliable. Once I do get my business off the ground. I need something simpler. block anything that could distract me: Facebook. 2. people will know about it. And safe is smart. “You will fail. I’m also a quite perfectionist. and then they will see me fail. all the people I admire most are risk takers. This was really a huge barrier for me. Instead of teaching myself to program or start a blog. 2011 at 5:26 am 1. 2011 at 5:47 am 1.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 5. This has a lot to do with the previous email: time management. You’ll never stand out from the others in this field.Bonus: Broken barrier: I need to go to film school to be a filmmaker (It would have helped. podcasts. I’m so not focused right now. fear of finding enough time to hustle on the side – specifically that the people who are devoting 24/7 to music production would always triumph if i’m just freelancing after work. facebook. 2011 at 5:52 am 1. treat it as a contest or a game. Bad business idea.” I’m sure there’s so much more to learn once you get started. I am allowing insecurity (and likely some false humility) to discount things I’ve been told by others throughout my adult life. but I know many of us do.. I thought packing in some knowledge would help me to get started. as they’ve been disproven countless times in my life.e)Use the parental controls to create an account exclusively for writing. Reply Justin February 10. I need to learn something to get started” Because I was so afraid to fail. my behavior have much improved. I really want to write my screenplay. So. mail. Be 2. Messenger. Fear #1 is worth 2 fears for me.5 years ago and i’ve always lived close to home. you don’t want to work one place forever. but I got rejected) Moved on to Plan B: self-study. and it will simply die. Reply Natalie February 10. Reply Kate February 10. This leads to my next fear. 4.. Make the “writer” user only be able to open the most essential apps and websites. i feel stronger that before but still have a creeping doubt that if something that is more immediately exciting comes along it would make me lose focus on my long term goal of hustling on the side to make music and break into that industry or maintaining a diligent and hard work out routine. blogs and magazines as I could. I endlessly debate which would be better and end up making little progress in both areas. I try to stay in my comfort zone. the underlying fear is that I will ultimately fail and it will be embarrassing because I’ll have started something up. 2. and absolutely it certainly would help in variety of ways. “Everyone can do this. They remind me good things happen when you play by the rules… but you have to make good things happen. websites. Now. 63 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . and scared to fail. Competing for low prices designing web pages led me only to a lot of work with very little profit. In fact. I tend to do this more as priority gets higher. It basically involves tracking time using a kitchen timer because it’s easier to be concentrated for small chunks of time rather than for large ones. 6. You’ve never failed before. “O man. 2. c)Schedule writing time. I also admit that I was more focused on finding tactics. Of course. checking mail. 2011 at 5:51 am 1. nothing else for some time everyday. 3. news… so I can focus on writing. – Already tried: GTD (Getting Things Done) – too complicated for me. As something very important I should do NOW. Some of the filmmakers I deeply admire didn’t go to film school. Make educated decisions. Options: Write the old way – pen and paper. but it’s safe that way. and most of the time I end up not doing it at all. I am afraid that by fully attempting to utilize my potential and learn as much as I can I will be too different from my friends and slowly lose touch with them. I spend too much unproductive time in front of the screen. why start now?” I fail every time I give up before I begin. My product is not good enough. (Second only to paying taxes and credit cards on time) d)Try a technique I’m reading about called the “Pomodoro Technique”. 3. takes too much time. However while I’m learning I don’t have any areas where I can apply my knowledge and actually use it. And trust in the skills you’ve developed and/or been blessed with. I decided to read as much filmmaking books. 3.. I won’t be able to sustain (for any number of reasons). I’m too young to have older people pay me to do anything for them. then transcribe. 2011 at 5:37 am 1. So it’s better off taking action first. You’re not the only one who has these talents and abilities.” These statements are untrue. I’m just gonna do it later” I keep making excuses and avoid things. Now that I’ve written this out I’m embarrassed I let this cross my mind. Isn’t it?” No! No. Reply Masaki Omura February 10.(This one was the doom of my previous business) I can’t charge too much money on my services because I live in a third world country. After I applied a few simple tactics from the time clinic. fear of leaving family – dad passed away a 1. Fear of standing out. Work hard. b)Use the Parental Controls on my Mac to block out some sites so I won’t be able to access them. 3. it’s not. fear of losing sight of goals – have fluctuated in the past with sticking with goals and then something comes along that derails it. Fear of wasting my time. have a worry that if i lived too far away i would regret the lost precious time with mom and fam as i obviously wish i had had more time with my dad. In many ways I like being able to fit in with my friends who are working on regular coursework and not too worried or interested in making a remarkable career for themselves and teaching themselves skills.Bonus.. “Before I do anything else. 2. Sure.I’m a huge time waster. “ Is this really the best way to do this? What if it’s wrong and I’ll end up being like everyone else” I have always had fear of being ordinary people doing ordinary things. 3. Downloaded and tried several software: also too much trouble.

How you dress might be selling the opposite sex on how attractive you are. 2.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. but I can’t get myself to spend it. This one has been bugging me for a while. Ramit? Reply Don V February 10. 2011 at 5:58 am #1: Time – Well. kind of. I find myself saying things like “I don’t know if you’ll like this” or “I don’t know if you’ll agree. There is someone in mind that i’ve been too afraid to ask to lunch because I know he won’t bother. It’s also ridiculous to think I’m missing out on life since creating a new revenue stream in my field would almost certainly mean new adventures and meeting amazing people that will improve my life. Because I want it and I owe it to my partners. Moreover. It’s delusional. I’m afraid my work will be considered mediocre or laughed at. 2011 at 5:59 am What blocks me on starting a side project is the belief that I should invest 100% of myself in my company. sales are a part of our daily lives. I’m too young for anyone to take me seriously. I forced myself to work through my twenties because I thought I was lazy. just create and come up with new ideas. Reply Chris K February 10. It’s not that I don’t have time. selling can be a creative art if you want it to be. it’s my fear of missing out on things like friends. Maybe I just need to spend more time around the right people and less time around people that will never get it. I can’t start my first revenue stream (passive income) because I don’t have enough money. #2: Being Different – As much as I say I like being unique. better flaunt it” and really go for it. I have a grand total of $100 in the bank to spend on this – and if I can’t succeed quickly. 64 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . 2011 at 6:05 am 1. 2) Supporting my family – I have one child entering college next year and two others. How in the world can I abandon a steady income stream for something that _feels_ more nebulous? 3) Am I motivated enough? I know I spend plenty of time screwing around. Reply Emily February 10. because there’s always that uncertainty that I will lose it all. Same with working out. because I’ll be responsible for this little life. #2-People won’t like my idea. Even suggesting a restaurant to friends is technically trying to make a sale.” I’m afraid of being shot down. and because I don’t have experience. I am afraid that a second stream will weaken my performance because it frees me. Ask me and I’ll tell you. Reply Fiona February 10. People want someone with more experience. 2011 at 6:04 am I need out of my salaried job. #3: I’m Not Cut Out To Sell – Since I fancy myself a creative. or experience I need to be able to see my ideas take flight. It is better to keep my own shoulder on the wall. I can do that with a salaried job where I only have to concentrate 8 hours a day – not so much where every hour I screw around is an hour I don’t make money. I already started (a lot thanks to you. Reply Kiran February 10. but I need to try. so thank you!). Making friends? You’re selling you. I need to find another way to support myself and my family. just because most people are settling for the safe and secure. it’s not getting me anywhere. we’re talking almost a six-figure income so I really have to ramp up the side work before jumping.. Is mine fear or a legitimate moral behaviour? What is your opinion. 2011 at 6:10 am 1. I have an intense fear of asking for what I think I’m worth. You see. I’m afraid I don’t have enough knowledge to be successful and to feel like I can charge people what I want to charge them. I KNOW people making their dreams happen and I’m not jealous of a single person from back in my HS days and where they are now. and make 36 cents a month. That’s scary to me. I’m different. or that I don’t know the subject well enough to describe it to people who have way more knowledge than I do. I can’t ask a CEO out to lunch. I could easily get a job. Being good at sales means you spend less time doing it and more time enjoying life. 2011 at 5:54 am #1. This is ludicrous. Basically. However. it’s a feeling of inadequacy. They keep asking more and more time from me with no more pay so I’m making a huge push to be out of there by year’s end.. relationships and having fun that I perceive will be impossible if I devote time to developing skills and a new stream of income. knowledge. I was afraid that my life would change and I would be free of the bullshit routine that a regular stop entails. #3. I can say that. It is not morally correct spending energies on side projects. and like Tupac said “if you got it. sometimes I doubt living the life I want is sustainable. or people will label me out of the loop and dismiss me when I talk to them. #2. Why? (and here’s where the fear/invisible scripts kick in): 1) Health insurance – my wife had cancer and I’m afraid getting insurance without an employer subsidizing it is going to kill me right off the bat. Also. There’s a back story. I will ignore what I just said and work on it on weekends. 3. My solution is simple. they’ll look to someone else. #3-That I won’t live up to my audience’s expectations. Reply David February 10. It’s worth the $500-$1000 to fail. I am afraid I won’t have the dedication. How important is seeing that viral video the second it comes out? Even if it’s great and I’m the first to share it in my network. if not sooner. I tell myself I’m not cut out to sell. I need to get over it. to support my baby when she’s born – this scares me so much. “Great business can not be build while keeping an eye on the exit door”. I always think that I don’t have enough information to write something. 2011 at 5:56 am #1-I’m not an expert. I am afraid I won’t be able to make the money I need (as a busy college student). But I know that i’m passionate enough about his line of work that if I can get the chance to talk to him. Reply Dio February 10. The fact is though. I’m a social media addict that thinks I need to keep up with every last thing.

I was given ownership of a particular module. 2011 at 6:23 am 1. then the gig will come to you. washing dishes. Reply Joshua Birch February 10. I’m bogged down in the second draft. That is definitely left a regret in my mind that I think about to this day. I just couldn’t see the potential for the income I need to achieve my goals. just like any other job. I find I have a lot less fun doing it. whether the tactics involved are noble or not. I know that the main thing is that I just need to dive in.who is working on this with me. I would like some ideas on challenging this script. not by thinking about it. I can learn how to manage and reduce my stress. even though I don’t have my degree. 3. This one is semi-related to #1. I won’t be good at marketing it. Reply Christina February 10. But that’s almost never the case. I can learn how to keep it under control so that it doesn’t overwhelm me. I was asked by our sales team if I was comfortable running a demo for a prospect. even though it isn’t accurate to real life. and I do trust his judgment. This is just flat out that I’m afraid to put myself out there. Intense fear of striking out on own mu and letting it all hang out. and get instruction from people that don’t get results. Stress management is an important skill to have. a couple of them freelancers. I doubt if I can support myself financially as a freelancer. I feel that I can learn as I go. I usually work with artists who are already low on funds and I have trouble getting the kind of commitment and funds I need from them to make a living. I know that it can be done. 3. It won’t be good enough. This is one that I have struggled with for a while. and had to sell themselves in one way or another. The only way that I’ll learn it is by doing it. I like driving for long periods. it’s still better than most. I have no experience as a freelance writer so I need to improve my writing skills and do more research before I do anything. a catch-22 company policy. I should try and take things I do anyway. even though I practically knew the module inside and out. I have to stand up for myself..”. in fact the opposite occurs more frequently. 2011 at 6:11 am 1. In fact. 2011 at 6:38 am 1. I can set boundaries. This is also ridiculous. I can learn to be assertive and stand up to adult bullies. About a month into being its champion. people pay garbage loads of money to listen to music that isn’t very good.. When I think about it logically. I don’t know where this fear comes from. I don’t even want to look at it. man. and make money at them. Reply Nicholas Wyman February 10. almost everyone that gets the jobs they want had to network somehow. If they can do it then so can I! 3. 2. Now one to to blame for my successes. and teaching marching band from old jobs I had. 3)More than anything I think that I’m not good enough at what I do to charge. No one will want to read it. Even if my product isn’t the best. 2011 at 6:17 am 1) I often think of sales as being sleazy in and of itself. I experienced enough of it working in retail hell under the thumb of a toxic boss. and violent customers with no I am only known for my writing on my blog so it will be difficult for me to break into the world of writing books. This is so ridiculous. I’m afraid to disappoint my clients/co-workers. There have been a few members of my family who have run their own businesses. 65 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM .. After overcoming some of my biggest hurdles and finally actually writing the first draft of a book. it’s just hard to get around. I think a lot of this thinking comes from my musical background. I can tell myself that I do a good job and I know what I’m doing. This one is almost certainly not true either. I froze up and quietly stammered “I don’t think I can do that. and not just in my professional. A year into my current job as a web developer. The life lesson that I learned when I left was that I don’t have to take that crap from screwed up people. Maybe to challenge this script. and some people are probably dying for the info I have OR the attention to detail I put in OR my ability to learn quickly. My fiance. but there is always that small part in my brain saying the opposite. where the attitude is if you are good enough. sometimes when I start earning money doing something. I’m still just having trouble visualizing real success. What was going through my head at the time was the instant fear of the risk of letting down my co-workers with a bad demo. I’m really probably just making mountains out of molehills. I get overwhelmed when I suddenly have to find ways to pull in money in a very short period of time and am currently on a rollercoaster every month figuring out if i’ll make rent. I still feel the uncertainty of performing under-par. 2. and I do know that I tend to be way too hard on myself. 2. 2011 at 6:21 am 1.toxic people and how to handle toxic work environments. I know exactly what I need to do to market this successfully. 2) I sometimes equate earning money with having to do something I don’t like to do. No safety net.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 3.thinks we’re off to a great start. The reason we’re writing this book is because people we know have expressed a desire to read about this stuff. To challenge this. and they did very well for themselves. and my failures… Man I love this stuff! Reply Erik February 10. no one is so good that things just happen. I think I should just automatically charge standard rates. But that isn’t true in all cases in my life. Even after doing a kick-ass job on a project for my full-time career. never mind be able to invest in a new program. I’m just not good enough… This one has plagued me for as long as I remember. these seem really harmless when thought through even a little bit… Reply Michael Roderick February 10. 2. A fear of being overwhelmed by stressful situations.

I have ideas but don’t know the correct way to implement them. I’ve been carrying this feeling around with me my entire life. this comes with a lot of eye rolling and the constant refrain that I need to get a car. When you don’t make enough. I have actively worked (maybe extra) hard to show that I am still capable of getting things done. Reply Tom Gamble February 10. It keeps getting less and less worth it. and it makes it hard to believe in myself. 2. and prevents me from putting myself out there professionally (or personally) all the time. However. I feel like I’m missing a huge skill-set based on talking with others (potentials mentors. I am afraid I will do it wrong. my fatigue is overwhelming so don’t ask me to exert any extra effort” and they just stop participating in life. I keep telling myself I have a million dollars and yet I cannot really feel it in my body what it would feel like. just one more internet marketing course and I will be ready. “I’m already making a sufficient living with a little bit of progress each year — it’s ungrateful/extravagant/unnecessary to want to earn much more.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 2011 at 6:55 am 1. Reply Kate L February 10. as each case is individual and I feel like my case is (thankfully) less severe. having these same thoughts racing around inside the noggin. Number 1 is definitely the most pressing and paralyzing right now. I don’t know enough. I can’t really imagine myself earning lots of money. I recognize some truth in it. so.” I realized this when I started keeping a centralized list of all the career ideas I wanted to pursue. but the time I have to spend to get to it never changes. testing. 2. To change it. Reply Tiff February 10. I do not mean to disregard those who really do experience it. and that brings me down. What I *would* do? Find a job/income source where I can avoid those kinds of interactions. Feeling like an outsider has manifested itself into my entire life. although I’ve asked my friends to borrow a car occasionally. the script says “There is NOTHING you can do from this point. It’s definitely kept me frozen and prevented me from trying anything at all.. or there’s already somone offering this service that “everyone” uses about even though I’ve thoroughly researched the competition. (???) someone else is already doing it. 2. life will go on. and I will get to organizing the damn closet eventually.” I realized this walking by a homeless person in the subway on Monday. so why not apply that attitude toward my next ventures? While in college. so very stuck. It also manifests as me just going to my workplace and being so stymied. but it still holds me back. I feel like now that there is more space (in my head) the idea of the fatigue is creeping in and undermining me. This all manifests itself as me being inside my head too much. and so I’m not skilled enough in any one area to making money from it. I never doubted myself that I would finish college. 3. or food. experts in the my field. This has really been a therapeutic journalling exercise. then you can’t really save up to have a cushion of leisure time. I am confident that I will succeed. and I can always go back to my dilettantism. Reply Peter February 10. I have to get all my ducks in a row before I start anything new. #3 – “Whatever you decide you want to do. But I can’t expect to make my life perfect before starting out on an idea. There may be some truth in this one. I have multiple sclerosis. After that. not surprisingly. my peeps don’t seem to take my ideas seriously. So why is it bugging me now? I think because now it’s related to money. I can’t pitch this idea to people because I don’t know the “right” way to do it. The whole time since I was diagnosed. how do I get to the places I need to get in order to talk to the people who could help me?” NOTE: I have no idea who these people are. As long as I know where the damn Q-tips are in the hall closet. I didn’t really give much thought to what my friends and family thought about it. because “perfect” is an unattainable goal whose parameters are constantly changing. I’m not even sure they are three different scripts. but now that it is done. My life will never be perfect. it is increasing my power to give back and to help others. or what I am talking to them about or how they could help me. 2011 at 7:04 am Here are mine: 66 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . Thank you for the kick in the butt. Reply ka February 10. but because I haven’t yet. I can use my time and energy wisely on things that give the big returns and disregard the unimportant things. I know this is crazy because I can learn. 2011 at 6:42 am 1.. I need to finish implementing GTD so I can effectively manage my damn email (pardon the French). If you can’t make more money. 2011 at 7:02 am #1 – The first thing and only thing I think about all day long is how I am so broke that I can’t even get enough money scraped together to make $1. How can you do it better if you have no start up funds and no damn car to drive yourself around in?” Describing these scripts as circular is kind. Nope. probably not. and more practice is probably the thing to do to change it. and seeing it all together made me panic and freeze. or I will spend my whole life trying to make it perfect and never get around to the fun ideas. I have actively strived against the “overwhelming fatigue” that comes with it. I don’t know how to put this one into words very well. and it’s like a dead weight that prevents me from taking action and moving forward.). I need to organize my hall closet before I spend time on the next exciting idea. potential clients. My disease saps my energy and I won’t be able to put in the hard work required to execute my idea. “I have too many diversified interests. I suppose if I wanted to change things I could quit but then I would really be up the creek without a paddle. or everyone knowing what I should be charging but me. I would change it by focusing my attention and building my skills in one area. 2011 at 6:39 am 1. Practice. That is no small fries for me. I feel like everybody (friends and family) doubts me. consoling myself than I am not choosing a career for life. right? Even if I do feel more sapped. 3.” Like. I can do it now. and no car. that is. that’s how deep-set it is… it’s this feeling of “everyone knowing something that I don’t. You just HAVE to make more money…somehow. as in. or a home.000/month. Thanks Ramit. One thing I know for sure is that there is no way to get paid more at this job. there are many out there with MS who automatically default to “oh. etc. that no actual thought about what I can do gets done. seeing as how I just (again!!) had my hours cut. I am so. I realized that what’s really holding me back is a feeling that I don’t deserve great financial successes when there are people who don’t have a job. I really have to know that my making more money is not taking it out of the pockets of other people. making money versus just squeaking by as a working student. how on earth are you supposed to earn more money on the side?” #2 – “If I don’t have any money. my life does need to be in a certain level of order for me to be able to focus on something new. What if I pick the wrong product to focus on and it completely fails? I know that the way to get there is to just start one thing and then the focus will come to me and yet I can’t seem to take that first step. Even my scripts are stuck. I need to get my personal finances in order before stepping out into a new venture. I worked my way through college. If I did it then. This is my Dad’s teaching: you have to do all your chores and pay all your bills before you have any fun or spend any money on anything interesting/fun. This is faulty because I have succeeded already: I worked my way through college.

but then used that investment against myself. something I’ve always believed and that I can’t get over. I always get stuck on the first question: “What do you want?” (Hence a challenging but ultimately rewarding day #1 in pre-Earn1K. 2011 at 7:08 am 1. #3 I fear looking silly.. and tons of email. there is the word: Pivot. which have been paying great results. In the world of entrepreneurs. but going back to number one. I’ll use up my savings from my “real job” and have to move home again. Next I need to give myself hourly deadlines for these exercises and other tasks. I’ll work really hard and sink a lot of time and emotional energy into a project only to have it ridiculed. 2) Even if I had an idea or skill. I use the familiar scripts: no time. too tired. I am rewriting this script to: In every change there is an opportunity to learn. so I have to hustle all the time. and I’ll end up having a conversation learning their situation better. “I need to change everything — job. and the pain that went with those mistakes. because I realized that jumping into opportunities to monetize my skills will improve them far more quickly than sitting back and “learning more” by not actually putting them into practice. But even deeper. So I fear not having enough time to earn more. But so many ideas. I’ve spent tens of thousands on Tony Robbins events.. #2 Earning more on my own is risky–while trying to freelance/start a business. I’m not that great with people. and have actually made progress in setting it aside. I’ve got tons of ideas swimming in my head: products to create. If this is the case however. 3. It occurs when you learn what you can from your present approach and keep the things that work and iterate the things that don’t. and I also have a job where I work near fulltime hours. athletically challenged. I wouldn’t be competent enough to go through with it. relationships. To those ends. This is one that I’ve been trying to break out of lately. Whenever I start a career change or personal improvement program. 3. but to transform myself and every aspect of my life. It’s manifested itself in a never-ending quest — not to improve myself. so what makes me think this time would be different?” Others see me as successful: highly respected. therefore ensuring that it will always be true. I guess this stems from just not being a confident person in general. when it comes to talking I will only learn by opening my mouth. friendships. 3) I’m not good enough to compete with the pros. I am developing scripts and measuring responses. my performers. but getting past the mindset that I will have more time later is lethal whenever I let it seep into my head. without one that seems most compelling or promising. To change. and I can barely manage my schedule as it is. 3) “I’m already running on empty. works for a Fortune 50. I am a student. Trying to compete is essential to improvement. TV. so networking attempts would be a nightmare. Earn1K might be the right thing at the right time. My goal is to get 3 bookings for my new show over the next year. What’s crazy is that I’m self-employed in my day job too. I’ve started to end the paralysis through “bursts” of energy at work. 2. here’s what I think is going on: 1) “I haven’t been successful to date. Looking deeper. 2) I don’t have enough time. 2011 at 7:14 am #1 My ideas aren’t good enough to make money/I don’t know enough about anything to charge money for it. Already the advanced tools from day #1 are helping. Reply Landon Ellis February 10. I don’t have an ‘it’ to try. owns a house. and how could I convince anyone to pay me for something when there are other alternatives out there who are more experienced and professional? Looking at this I just tell myself ‘so what. and unproductive. Those are my (TOP) three scripts. However.. When am I going to do all this extra stuff?” Completing this assignment at 2:00am.” The thought that everything needs to change has paralyzed me from making even one change. 2) “I don’t know what I want. I’ve recognized this one within the past six months. I’ll have time then. etc.) Underneath it all. I’ll get everyone all riled up about a project. questions on how to make money from my talents and passions. my indecision is perhaps fear of repeating past mistakes. finances. But I think in some ways I still see myself as that person. home. and highly perfectionistic. higher standard that rests even farther from where I am today. 1) I don’t have any skills or ideas that could make me money. And it’s great to look at everyone else’s scripts to see the other excuses I’ve made to hold myself back.. body. I’ve said. by comparing myself to a newer. In my current job (first one out of school) I am only occasionally engaged in. In the past year. I’m afraid to sell myself and my work – going out to venues to get booked or telling my audience members about upcoming performances in time for them to make plans to go – it’s like I don’t want to let anyone know about it until I’m absolutely certain it’s perfect. with friends. I won’t know what to say/I’ll say the wrong thing. even after going through the exercises in the 4 Hour Work Week and Ramit’s idea generator tool. Reply Greg February 10. In their place I’ve made time for the gym. It felt really good to get those off my chest and look at them in writing. Reply Nathan February 10. location. I am afraid to pick something I will end up hating. Emotionally. Since being here. I tend to be a quiet person.” Being multi-talented is a blessing and a curse. and then not be able to pull through and ultimately let everyone down – everyone being myself. try it anyway’. 2011 at 7:09 am 1. Wouldn’t you think it would be easy by now? Reply garrett February 10. As for what I could do to change it. I’m not sure. 2011 at 7:05 am On the surface. I need to focus on my psychology first. and then on the skills. Realizing this has made me try despite the 67 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I’m afraid I wont know the customer’s problem/can’t improve their current state. This one is bullshit though. I just don’t think I can do anything that would make me money freelancing. I’ve eliminated news. or that freelancing would take time away from university and my results would fall. (ok. keeps me doing nothing to earn more money.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. and fear that this will stop me from taking chances and allowing myself to make mistakes. so I can finish everything and still get a decent night’s sleep! Reply Malinda February 10. I’m worried that looking from the outside in at a company’s technical problems that I will not know their problem as well as they already do. this really did happen – in the New York Times – twice) 2. I say these things because I feel overwhelmed. tactics and tools. services to offer. This is the biggest one. no energy or motivation. listening and learning. they wont pay me. I just need to wait until I graduate to try to start a business. I have worried that every change since could potentially be worse. unfocused. and now these exercises. This script has stopped me from trying. but more usually unchallenged and not thrilled. 3) The time thing. 2011 at 7:16 am 1) I need to spend more time honing my skills before I actually try to make money with them. and at the gym. I’m leaps and bounds better than I was as a child: socially awkward. perhaps I’m finding my answer? This year I’ve been doing a good job of elimination (thanks to Tim Ferriss). and the venue. I just wasted most of etc. sought after. throughout last semester I did the same thing and still had loads of free time.

Basically afraid that I don’t have the abilities to do it and incapable. This would help to leverage my business income and time. I know the going rates. Plus. if I can’t succeed with something small and actually sell a relatively simple product to a group of people. I can start with one small success. not handing them off to somebody else. I feel like I can’t believe in myself to do something on the side. appreciating my skills (gratitude). Moreover. I don’t want my current business to grow so much that I have to start hiring people b/c they’re a liability. and make a boatload of cash doing it. charge the going rates. each time building upon the experience gained with prior experiments (successes & failures). (But when will I be ‘good enough’ and how will I determine that? And isn’t that focusing too much on me and my needs to be ‘good enough’?) Reply Carise February 10. 3. online courses. The thing is. marketing strategy. publicize the results I get for my clients. Analysis–Time excuse–I have many times that I didn’t use the time well–or on things that didn’t matter. and I’ve had many experiences where people have told me that I’m too expensive. my work has always been the 2011 at 7:36 am 1. 3. and live workshops. I could also just start increasing my rates and see what happens! Reply Mike February 10. Reply Anna February 10. I still feel inadequate. instead of one to many. bar none. That gets old. 2011 at 8:19 am 1. and my income is limited by this model. 2011 at 7:17 am 3 Invisible Scripts 1. I realized how much employees cost and how much I didn’t want to deal with them. but for being a successful in what I’m doing and told by most people around me that I’m very bright and capable–so that’s just self-doubt) Reply J February 10. I fear if I can do it 68 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I’m not good enough (yet) at what I do. 2. test. 3. etc) has to be perfect before I try to sell or people won’t buy. When I took a class on small business. I’m not genius enough and need to get more education in order to start charging more premium rates. However. 2 – “No one will buy my product because I’m not an expert – I don’t have the background that people look for in a product like this. I’m afraid that if I charge more. I know that learning from failure breeds success. possibility of failure. As Tim Ferriss attests in his new book.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. etc. master of none. The only way to fail in the long term is to not try to compete. multiple revenue streams are actually preferred to a single source due to diversification. I need someone to pitch me an idea and then I can run with it better. offer a money-back guarantee for every type of client I work with (I work in 3 different careers) and start generating more publicity for myself (big “ugh” inserted here). textbooks and whatever else they could put their hands on. when I actually see them–I’m like: those are not neccessary true! (Well maybe the last about abilities. thanks Rammit.. 2. love to problem solve. This being said.. Looking like a failure–I’m going to a grad school in a great profession that pays well and is fairly prestigous. I am lazy to start it. if I want to make an impact on people’s lives. I don’t have ideas. 3. test. I’m too fat to make money. and I absolutely hate being a manager. No one ever takes me seriously. Hence. Time–I’m afraid it will take 20hours/week I don’t have. Yet I see these internet marketing folks charging $25. I don’t have time because I can’t cut the responsibilities I have in life right now. Somehow it will make me look bad as a professional. and leverage that into my next success. However. I like working with my clients. Or I feel like it will affect my performance elsewhere. and as I learned in last night’s webinar. people wouldn’t work with me. I should be focusing on prepping for grad school. the smaller failures will provide me with the experience needed to have greater odds that the big ideas will succeed. I need to start with *something*. The truth is that everywhere I have worked. even if it takes 10 or 50 tries to get there. because I do my best. 2011 at 7:28 am My 3 deepest fears: 1. working. I could change this by taking their course—not! I’ve been scammed and do not wish to take a chance. I’m not like that. only people in lower-level jobs will free-lance. 2011 at 7:27 am 1 – “Some ideas are too small to try” – I think this script comes from a fear of failing at something small. Wow. Maybe they’d be open to talking with me instead. Reply Jessie February 10. rinse & repeat. let go or improve. take continuing education and am extremely competitive. then I won’t be able to succeed with the big ideas I have that I think will really make a big difference in people’s lives. I could change this by reminding myself of all the people I help (gratitude). let go or improve. I could change this by putting together online group coaching sessions. 2011 at 8:14 am 1. and plus my memory doesn’t store that much information.000 per year for coaching and I know that I can be in that circle. just because I don’t have a credential does not mean that I don’t have something of tremendous value to offer. studying. So. I don’t trust them and they’d never care about the business like I do. Reply Aparna Naik February 10. it’s because of his objective perspective (because he’s not confined by the politics and expectations inherent in being part of a specific group of “experts”) that he is able to write so freely and reveal truths and insights that otherwise are buried in the rest of the industry’s “common knowledge” and “acceptable deviations”. Failing–and having a breakdown–basically overwhelming myself so I have a melt down–and being depressed. 3 – “Everything (the product. I saw my mentors reading about the latest research articles. cost too much. Analysis–unless you’re a porn star or running a porn site no one else cares! It’s the afraid of what people will think. 2. right now I am limited working one to one with clients.” This comes from a fear that people will not buy unless the product is perfect. I know that working for perfection will take longer than the time I have left on this earth.” This comes from a fear of rejection. I have so many techniques in my back pocket that sometimes I feel like I am a jack of all trades. When I was in school. 2.

I lack the skills to manage an idea to completion… I start a project and attempt it for awhile then lose focus and interest. and I have wasted loads of time. 3. I get tired of doing things pretty quick and end up moving to something else. 2011 at 9:10 am I always said I will never be rich as I’m not “shark” enough. when I try to rationalize this fear it seems that hours appear all over the week. it is hard to see where I could fit this into my schedule. 69 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . 2011 at 8:31 am 1. I always have the feeling my customer won’t accept my rate and will question (I hate to question) #2: descending from #1. I waste hours every day on the Internet or watching TV. I have a good. Ha! This week I have learned that motivation is not my friend. If I cannot even land a job in the field why would anyone pay me for work I do on the side? 2. great exercise! Reply Mercedes February 10. I settled for a steady day job that isn’t as fulfilling as my dream job. P. I don’t have a portfolio. Wait to finish up and go. 2. Reply M Lemmon February 10. I do not know how to turn my skills into a viable commodity. The position I am in now is my worst case scenario. I am just a graduate with research skills fluent in two languages. 2011 at 9:03 am My assumptions: 1. I am not a seller. 2011 at 9:14 am 1. so people would not pay me for doing it for them. 2011 at 9:24 am 1. for me and my family. I don’t have the time to do this… With a baby on the way. Reply CJ February 10. 3. and I need to detox. Reply Shafiq February 10. Why would somebody want to spend their precious time getting help from me? 3. Indeed this idea carries 2 fears: #1: I value my knowledge/skills lower than I should. I feel guilty to charge. 3. 3. I would not have anything tangible to show it. I have commitment issues. I will study the other 5%. of mismanaged time and being duped by motivation. Sales people annoy me and I do not want to be that way. However. and a portion of my weekend to fill in the rest. This assumption has allowed me to stop trying to compete for the last 4 years in this field. and it isn’t bad as I have good hourly wages. Like to be on the analyst couch. Reply Sergio February 10. See above. I fear if I fail everybody will laugh at me. People will laugh at me. something like showing a better product (or a harder to find solution) than it is in reality (same mechanism which makes me think marketing is “hell”). moving. and change my life into something new and exciting.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I am afraid to put myself out on the market (or the internet for that matter). a sale involves a kind of “fraud” against the prospect. 2011 at 9:28 am 1. I am a student and I cannot do anything now. 2. I now believe that I can find the hours a few days a week. well paid job. but the quality is not evenly distributed amongst them. Even in moments when I think that I actually have skills that people might pay for. Recognizing this in myself has broken this cycle.. 2. why use my time seeking additional income. this has been a problem for a while. I am afraid I will be underbid. who are my competitors. etc. and more freedom and control over my schedule and my life. good co-workers. which keeps me from completing a project. I tend to be vague about my goals. But I WANT more. as it’s so simple for me to do things/think advices. I am a student of biological sciences and I do not know what is it that i can provide as a service in order to make multiple streams of income. Facts say yes. I am trading security for the freedom to pursue my dreams. I think this assumption yields inaction and allows me to dream of success missing the actual achievement. 95% of my so-called competitors are taking jobs I don’t even want. All related. Actually I look for the easy money instead of levering off my best skills and knowledge. I am not smart enough and don’t have any skills people would pay for. There is too much competition in my field of interest…This is actually true as far as the amount of people attempting to work in my field. and the long days(13-15 hours) 5 times a week that I work. 2. health care. 2. Routine and security are powerful drugs. Looking like an idiot. I think. a behavior I’m not able to cope with Then my #3 is “Are my advices really helpful?”. I get creative with another idea and then the cycle repeats itself. but less expensive! Reply Daja February 10. Setting specific goals with deadlines allows me to stay focused and interested.. but the inner-me has some doubts. and provide a higher quality service. I fear I will not finish what i started. I fear I will not complete what I started 3. I do not have the time to make an idea work.S. I’m not good enough to charge people or even look for paid freelance work. and lose jobs to others who work practically for Solved one solved all. 2011 at 9:41 am 1. cutting back on this mind clutter will give me plenty of time to succeed with at least one idea. Reply Steve February 10.

2) I’m affraid to contact people who I don’t speak often. 2.. There’s way too much stuff I’m currently affraid of (and know I shouldn’t be). now I’ve done 3 internships. 2011 at 10:11 am 1) I’m afraid that no-one will be interested. work as a freelance (unpaid) editor and know I’ve learnt a lot. I always feel I need more and more experience before I can put myself out there. But success means change. We (me and a co-founder) built a remote-systems-administration product. have experience and can’t get those jobs. 2) I’m afraid of taking on too much and becoming horribly stressed and overworked. The top three: 1) I’m affraid to ‘sell’ people a product. social stuff. I’m scared to charge people for services. house stuff) and I’ll end up disappointing the people around me. Reply Huppie February 10. write 15 more samples… If I’m honest. I find selling myself really difficult. 2011 at 10:44 am Man. I’m afraid that I will end up spending a huge amount of time on this and get nothing out of it. I tend to be a yes person and find it very difficult to say no to people or try to convince someone i’m good at what I do even though I know I am. So many things I need to do before I get started I make lists and lists of things to tackle before even sending one prospective email. my cofounder’s been one for years. Reply Marco February 10. I’m not good enough. I can’t follow through with ideas because I switch to another idea before I finish. Quite frankly. I won’t do all the other things in my life well enough (work. How many websites have I looked at and said – I could do better? How many logos have I offered to improve for a ‘professional’ look? How many clients have I helped explain and expand on their brand to help improve their profits? I have to change my free advice to a consultation service. I’m scared of change even though I know it will be the best thing for me. In order to suceed in business I have to be bold as well as diplomatic. and sometimes I start on them. and follow on that one. I know with every fiber of my being that I will succeed at whatever I I really don’t see how I could fit in 10 more minutes of time in my life. my point is missed whenever I’m tactful and it drains me. this one was spot-on.. (I could immediately feel the “Selling is sleazy” remark) Even though I’m pretty sure I have a good product. Please tell me I’m not the only one. I’m told that I’m honest and as blunt as a sledge hammer. Reply Elena February 10. I have no time. who know the value of my word and my service. I’m not tactful enough to deal with clients. Why bother looking for work if I know I won’t get anything? 2. I know I’m good at what I do. I’ve also been dreaming of doing freelance writing and subediting for years but deep down I have that tiny fear that if I actually make a bigger step towards it it’ll happen. and thus I have a hard time judging what their needs would be. I more or less have no life besides doing these things. Next up: Time to figure out how to test all these assumptions. Yet so many people around me are more confident. and come up with an idea that would really be helpful to them. I’ve ended up in this situation often enough before. It feels good writing these things down. Deep inside I know I can get some leads just by e-mailing a few ‘somewhat known’ relatives / friends-of-friends / ex-colleagues. I have lots of ideas. 2011 at 10:57 am 1) What if I’m not an entrepreneur? 70 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . 2. but I’m affraid they’ll get offended or something. exercise. 2011 at 10:52 am 1. Well. Reply Jon February 10. Changing those key words to – challenging opportunities for personal and professional growth seems to have helped to curb that fear. Reply Amber Dalcourt February 10. I’m affraid that if I talk to potential customers. I active try to do new things to shake the fear of change and expand my comfort zone. Change is exciting but apparently scary. and end up never doing anything. read all the papers to feel more confident.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 2011 at 10:32 am 1. Reply Martin Georgiev February 10. 3. 4. By being honest up front about what I offer and how I operate. I believe my deep technical skills (I’m a PhD in electronic engineering) make me very geeky. work faster and have more experience. they’ll think I’m not good enough (but deep inside I know they’ll probably still think I’m a whiz). but I’ve only been a systems administrator for a year or so. I got 2 day jobs (quitting one of them). but then at some point get super excited on some other idea. 3. Learn how to use another programme. I have a little boy and I’m scared if I leave my permanent job to do what I want I might let him down and not be able to provide for him. I need more experience 3 years ago I had no experience. Lies and I know it. or I’m scared people will laugh at me (the thought of it actually makes me cringe) 3. I suspect I don’t view the world like most people. but keep thinking there are so many people out there who are better than me. 3. change means exploring and experiencing new and challenging situations which yeilds to frustration and long sleepless nights. I get back to work till late at night. 3) I’m afraid that if I make my side projects a priority. I can’t get myself to pitch anyone except my friends (who are not my clients). I’m afraid of failing. 2011 at 10:17 am 1. 2. I have developed some profitable long term clients. study. Switching between working and attending my children. I’m afraid of succeeding. 3) I’m I don’t have enough expertise on my own product. I feel I’m not good enough to charge higher rates and usually end up working my butt off and getting paid peanuts. After all kids are in bad. A family with 2 kids.

like taking control of my finances and thinking up other ways to make money Reply Dan February 10. since I mostly do it for my friends and family (Hey. I totally have the time to build a sapeceship if I I’m a details person who gets caught up in day to day minutae – not so good at seeing the bigger picture. I’m afraid I’ll wind up with two full time jobs and no time to spend with my wife and kids. creative. Reply Raneeta February 10. have no time. I should be working overtime on my job because I’m so far behind. 2011 at 11:01 am Of appearing ungrateful for my current really great job Of appearing careless with my fragile marriage (in terms of spending time on earning more vs. I’m in a business development role and that skill won’t transfer to making money on the side since I don’t produce or provide a service. specialised skills to be able to market myself. I’m blocked creatively. get stressed. I should be spending it with my family. 2) Fear of failure. they seem really silly. but there you have it! Reply Diogo Andrade February 10. In other words. risky tech people do.or I say to myself I cant something because I have no money and in to much debt. I really found out that I love spending money. I start things and get frustrated almost instantly because whatever I do isn’t good enough for me 2) Not smart enough to be strategic about my goals. * I didn’t grow up thinking I’d be an entrepreneur. I don’t have enough of the right contacts: in order to sell my services i need to speak to the right people and am unable to get these contacts. 2011 at 11:13 am #1 I actually try to find this “fulfilling carrer”. 3. If I launch something that is successful but doesn’t make as much money as I do at my full time job.. Im not educated enough or I have no skills and no knowledge to do so. get sick and DIE! #2 My ideas / proposals will be laughed at when I think they are great #3 Earning extra money / multiple income streams won’t be understood by family and friends Now that I have spent the day thinking about these. fix my computer plz?) Reply Sarah February 10. 2. over-commit which I am prone in certain situations with long-term objectives combined with little/insufficient externally imposed motivation /oversight . so why bother? If it fails. 2# The fear or not having enough money.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. It scares me to be productive and I don’t know why #3 I feel bad about charging people. not earning it #2 Everytime I start taking action I don’t feel good as I’m supposed to be. Reply Calebc February 10. since I play videogames about 4 hours every day. that the money just won’t be worth it. 3. 2011 at 11:15 am These are mine… 1) I’m not talented enough to freelance doing what I want to do. * This idea probably won’t work.and being embarrassed of starting but not finishing Of becoming distracted by freelancing and not fulfilling my current obligations at both work and in my marriage Of coming up with a ”lame” idea that may meet all of the Earn1K criteria and be profitable but does not meet my expectations that I would come up with something really novel and that is great as what some of my friends do Reply Michael Fitzgibbon February 10. innovative. 2. 3# The fear of what other thing and I have fear that I am not good enough to be earn extra on the side or to make more money. so what makes me think I can become one now? Do I have what it takes? How would I even know? Entrepreneurship is something that smart. 2011 at 11:12 am #1 I will be really successful. and get soemtimes pissed-of for being charged. I’m already moving forward by taking action over things I’ve been afraid of. but all I really want is entertainment. 3) I lack sellable skills. having insights and positioning myself for tactical advantages 3) I don’t have enough deep. I don’t know what to say: Meaning I am intimidated when it comes to selling my services to people in higher management. turning my marriage around) Of not finishing . If I have extra time in the evening. I am not a recognized expert: I have not yet developed a reputation an therefore maybe undervalue my abilities to sell my services.. I’ve been a generalist for the past 7 years and now don’t have the experience to differentiate myself in the market place But. If I have extra time on the weekend and my kids are sleeping. * I don’t have any skills or talents that someone would pay me for. I’ll look like a loser and everyone will know I failed. 71 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . lose my train of thought and bite my tongue. But the thing is that I really don’t care about being rich. I feel better doing small services for free. at least I’m starting to recognise this stuff and work on it. Diogo. and either making my parents and family not so proud of me but also embarrassed of me. It isn’t set in stone and I’ve figured out I can change myself and my beliefs if I really want to. Reply Michelle February 10. I feel anxious and fall back to distractions real quick. 2011 at 11:00 am 1# I have the fear of failing again. 2011 at 11:10 am 1. 2011 at 11:28 am 1.

I mean . Reply Scott February 10. Everyone around me will not accept and criticize what i do. The answer always is “no. 2011 at 11:35 am 1. So what will happen if I charge 20. This is a trend that I’ve have yet to break. Reply Dorie February 10. how will we live? Giving up the little time I have with them to get something started on the side seems like a big sacrifice even though a success means more time with them in the end.. #3 – Not wanting to start another project and not finish it. 72 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . 2011 at 12:00 pm #1 I don‘t know how to speak to people on networking events and in the end sell to them. or I have to have good skill in writing report before writing a report. It‘s about putting myself out there with all my beliefs and values and leave a dent in this world.I fear to do more than I gain. even if I knew any of those things. I need a win. I always get very good feedback from anyone who sees them. #2 – I am pessimistic by nature. some are due to losing interest. when I want to do something such as reading self-developement book. 2011 at 11:49 am #1 – Not an aggressive person. I am afraid I will never know what to sell. other because things weren’t progressing as I had expected. 2011 at 12:08 pm 3 things that hold me back from earning more money 1. Now I see that not taking action is a failure to ever achieve any goal that I’ve set. I‘m tackling this right now by just going forward with my idea(s) and in the end what can I possibly loose. Reply Helena Penteado February 10. 2. #2 How can I charge people professional prices (1000€/day) and higher. I am afraid I will be seen as little more than a pretty sorority girl instead of a component business woman. So it gives me less confident to do anything because I fear to get criticizing and gossip. I have an idea but to implement it I have to learn something that I don’t like. Regardless. people around me always criticise anything on me about what i’m doing. why would they work with me? What do I bring to the table that they haven’t seen before? 3. As part of a student consultancy (students do business consulting) and leading that student consultancy. Might there still be a problem with understanding customer needs? I‘m tackling this right now with making the best product/service I possibly can and talking to other freelancing consultants that charge these prices or even higher. I want to spend more time with them but if I’m not making the money I make now. I am a very reserved individual and these items do not come easily for me. I don’t know how to promote the final product. For me all the freelancing/entrepreneurship was never about the money but always about the fact that I want to design my own lifestyle. I have always been an over achiever at any job I have ever had. and often bail out. 3. I have to speak well before do a presentation. still normal. If I‘m introduced or get into a conversation „by accident“ there is no problem to continue the conversation and actually get to know someone on a business level. 2011 at 11:41 am My top 3 invisible scripts: 1. I always think I have to be good in something before doing those things. I am do nothing because i’m not good enough to do it. Reply Tim February 10. fortunately I have a very understanding wife. I don’t know the right people to get started. Perhaps it‘s the fear of still being too inexperienced as a student (although I did lead my student consultancy. I make kids birthday cakes for my kids and friends. it is not worth enough to do that” and end up with do nothing (just think of it).com/privatelist/invisible-scripts/?awt_l=MKZRB&awt_m=. been in lots of client and partnership meetings and did 3 big project myself as projectleader). I don’t even know how to find the right people. then I fear that this may be as good as it gets. but I’m scared of adding another loss to the resume. I have a wife and child with another on the way.000€/20days or even more (target pricing right now is 1500€. I overcame this problem with people in social situations and went from being quite introverted to being pretty outgoing. So this fear gets smaller and smaller as I get more comfortable with the prices. yet I can come up with 10 reasons why I would never make money at it. When I want to do anything I always ask myself that weather it is worth or what i will get from doing and what i have to lose. So the normal corporate world doesn‘t seem like I could do all that. want to challenge the beliefs how business is done and what a product should look like. As a result. or even low for a good consultant). This is what kind of words I always get. For instance. 2.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I don’t know how to network. My house is littered with unfinished projects. I have had a huge fear of failure in general.. so I don’t have enough motivation. ask for assistance when necessary. although they know that we cost 350€/day. I view a freelancer as needing a certain type of aggressiveness to pursue clients. and to pursue ideas. 2. 2. 4. 2011 at 11:36 am 1. The idea that I could do something is always out there as a way to make my life better. and that has stopped me from taking action. but looking back on the culmination of the 10 years I’ve been working I can’t identify any particular skill that would be marketable. 3. Reply Louis February 10. 3. I am afraid I have to choose between earning money and having a family. So I do realize this is a very irrational fear but one I still don‘t understand good enough to know where to tackle it. But there is still something holding me back in business situations. I tend to see the down side of any idea that might want to pursue before I even try and therefore it’s easier to not deal with the possible frustration of failing. Just do other things that is more useful”. Everything has to be perfect before i start to do something. I’m afraid I’m wasting my time and nobody will pay me in the end. like in this case they said ‘ why do you read this kind of books? you gain nothing from reading the books.for example. perhaps about 5000€ but if I never try I‘ll never find out Reply Sasi-On February 10. although I‘m still a student and it‘s already hard to charge them 350€/day? This one comes from the fact that the clients I met with always love what we do and how we do it and are often very impressed with our professionalism but as soon as the numbers for a whole project come in they are shocked when it‘s 7000€/20days. I was on a lot of networking events and I‘m always struggling to start up a conversation. #3 Will I be able to execute my business how I want to or will I fail after a year struggling and have to go into a corporate job? Since it‘s my first business I‘m launching there is always the fear that I might not succeed and eventually have to abandon it for a safe paying job in a corporation. I have no confidence that what I’m good at is important or valuable to anyone else. However. I don’t know how to meet the right people. if I try and fail at doing that something better.

and it takes too long to ever earn me more than minimum wage. When? One story illustrates both of these. If I’m successful. There’s no point. and it’s hard to believe that I could. the work here feels like remembering what I’ve always known.) SCRIPT THE THIRD This one is old and hairy. privileged. I might do something stupid (clients will lose money/people & reputations will get hurt. and will attack my work & my behavior. overachiever. rather than treading new ground. office jobs. he withdrew the interview offer. family full of authors and artists. Reply allyson February 10. It made me laugh. if I do. Bed made.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k.. but it’s just tough to carve out that free time. It’s tough going. The employer invited me to interview. I don’t have time – two jobs and animals to keep up with makes me want to collapse and do nothing at the end of the day and on the few days off 4. Everyone will blame and hate me. 2. but that didn’t happen. Reply Yehoshua Kahan February 10. I took on the credit card debt in 2009 when our home extension costs overran (so far. 2011 at 12:46 pm 1. because I’d only use it to pay off my credit card debt. Reply Léan Ní Chuilleanáin February 10. maybe I could knit stuff on the side”. and doubt I have the time to start a business. I’ve already squandered my potential. I’m on a mission to meld these two categories. Reply 73 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . It’s embarrassing. I tend to procrastinate and talk myself out of just about everything 3. perfectionist. 2011 at 1:28 pm My fears are completely irrational — like a 5-year-old: 1. I’d been carrying a balance for more than a year when I finally worked out why I wasn’t prioritizing it. I’ve now reduced the debt by almost a quarter and – thanks to your negotiation exercise last month – cut my interest rate for the next six months to help me clear it. 2011 at 1:22 pm Number one–I’ve never earned money in any form. and yet I believed it thoroughly without ever having articulated it: I don’t deserve to earn money. which it was IRRESPONSIBLE to incur in the first place. #2 – I’m so embedded in my industry that anything I do would be a conflict of interest with my “100% salary” day job #3 – I will charge for my services only to fail at meeting the client’s needs (because I’m not “good” enough yet) Reply Michelle February 10. Despite having almost no income (still working on breaking into that elusive five-figure territory!). So much easier to fantasize. so predictable). or b) having to drop out. blah blah blah blah yawn. I’m too shy and don’t like interacting with people 2.) 3. I assumed I’d focus on repaying it quickly (in >10 years I’d never paid less than 100% of my bill). in fact. published writer and an accomplished needleworker. At thirty-six. and an online accountability group. Just recently. You So I need to sideline the projects that make me melt and shiver. Now lie in it. relationship. I’m not good enough. It’s too complicated. I fear missing those deadlines and either a) staying here longer than I want to (I dislike grad school. I don’t think I have any other “cloaked fears. I applied for some copywriting work on oDesk. 3. I’ll let myself down. I’m still figuring it out: It’s futile to try to sell the art I want to make. Now that I’ve noticed. 2. my journal. self-education in business and marketing. or “Hey. SCRIPT THE SECOND I’ve just met this one. (Well.. At sixteen I was a prizewinning. do it. I’m wondering where the past twenty years have gone. two children … plus intermittent depression and the “I must sideline my work” script above. So there. 2011 at 12:31 pm #1 – That I will waste time trying to learn how to do *something* better before I can charge for it. Reply Jim February 10. I’m working on replacing this script with a more useful one – I can make the art that moves me and find people who will be delighted to pay for it. I had an unspoken distinction between “my work” and “the work I can make money from”. That I won’t be able to sustain something because no one will care. What if I end up hating my side job more than i hate my day job? Reply Allie February 10.) In some ways. I was one of those precocious children – eldest child of two academics. (Tools include your analysis techniques from last month. never had to work hard at school. more people will know who I am. my experience in X – while a very small niche – is still something that no one has ever written about”. 2011 at 1:07 pm 1. I keep thinking that “Hey. That I don’t have time. or at least to find the overlap. and instead find things I can churn out quickly and flog. I recently realized that in all my art/craft/writing/business planning. they’re cloaked well enough that I’m not aware of them. gifted. I could see my shining future ahead of me. 2011 at 1:39 pm SCRIPT THE FIRST Here’s one I discovered last year. don’t you think? Number two–I’ve got a very full schedule. when I could have started with something I already know. Not to mention that I feel like their are a hundred knitters/photographers/whatevers – what do I have to add? Perhaps the biggest obstacle is that I’ve set for myself an aggressive schedule for grad school that has a lot of time sensitive deadlines.” or. That it will cause me to be in grad school longer or drop out. and my response was to write him a letter giving such a dark picture of my time constraints that he would’ve been nuts not to withdraw the interview offer. because it’s so deliciously illogical. Anything I do in the future will be pathetic compared to what I SHOULD have achieved by now. but I like what it will get me – teaching). He wasn’t nuts. Two university degrees. but I’ll get there.

yet never broken through. the things I love doing most do not have well-funded customers. Reply Cindy February 10. but I can possibly turn profit away to have more time. I also can hustle to get to where I am now. #1 feeds into a fear of rejection. Then when there is a lull I don’t know how to avoid the awkward silence and make small talk. and this time I could identify the major fear that acts to drive every other fear (more than 3!) And that number one fear is (as far as freelancing): #1. Let me clean my desk first. Thiago February 10. The perception that I have no time. etc. If I make too much I would lose my Social Security benefits. I’ve experienced it many times over the years. 2011 at 2:32 pm This is the second time I’ve done this exercise in following Ramit’s emails. Reply Jonathan February 10. I am a perfectionist when it comes to many things. Fear of looking foolish to potential clients.) 3. friends and family because I “am not an authority”. 4. 2011 at 2:16 pm #1 Not being able to sustain myself if something goes bad. this is going to be difficult and painful to complete. They can pay the price or not. Yet I’ve never broken this script… Reply Pat F. I am compensated for my time and there are really no issues of rejection. get introduced to new people.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I wind up endlessly fussing about details instead of just publishing rapidly and then fixing it later. Good business ideas (those with serious income potential) tend to be not very exciting. Or perhaps my forehead. #2. The biggest one is not having a plan to talk to possible clients and fear of rejection. Embarrassment “If I do this and it isn’t the best everyone will think me daft” From a very young age I was always the best at everything I did – sports. I also don’t need to worry about “not delivering” with that mindset because I am not making an empty promise…if it ends up that the person didn’t find my information valuable. 2011 at 2:59 pm 1. know the solution. #2 My ideas are worthless. 2011 at 3:00 pm The fear is being ill-prepared to deal with the I can cut through the BS to the heart of the issue. I choose to do other things. school. I can’t make small talk to build client relationships. I know this is complete BS. 3. But in reality. February 10. But the truth is I was never perfect. I’m really busy. I’ll just organise my archives first and then do it… *ad nauseum* ” When faced with a tough project. and I know that all I need to do is change my mindset to “I am simply sharing the information I know with others and setting a price on that information that reflects the way I value my time and experience”. #3. (I liked your comment in the hustle video about just getting to 85%) Reply Boykie February 10. but I never tested to see if they have any value. 1. then I’ll do it. 2011 at 3:29 pm “I am simply sharing the information I know with others and setting a price on that information that reflects the way I value my time and experience” I think perhaps I should get this tattooed on the inside of my wrist. but the upside of creating a successful side business is bigger than the downside. #3 The money I spend to create a side business will be missed in the times of need. Don’t want to start until everything is perfect. but I think it is a matter of priorities. Over time I’ve realised I like to have all the boxes ticked and to be able to understand an issue from every possible angle. Reply Chris P February 10. and 2 minutes later can’t remember anyone’s names.” I walk into a meeting or a party. 2011 at 2:57 pm Within all of these I see the script. I tell myself I am too busy. I know that but I don’t live it… 2. this is going to be difficult and painful. I try everything to avoid it – telling myself I’m accomplishing something so its ok to put it off. this can be true. work to find the solution and deliver it. The parlyzing notion that I might spend weeks or months developing something only to not make a decent return. Reply Bryan February 10. 2. and that I can hustle a bit to get to where I am now. But once I got to a level where I was competing among true peers I become frightened by the fact that people might realize I’m not perfect. Awkwardness “I’m not good with people. #1 feeds into a fear of not getting the job done right I look at those fears. Well. I don’t know how to put everyone at ease before diving into the details of the work. 74 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . converserly. Perfectionist tendencies. 3. *two hours later* “Oh man. (I know I need to just bite the bullet and ignore this one. But my strength is that I do have that razor sharp focus on work. 2011 at 2:29 pm Here are some obstacles I’m wrestling with right now: 1. I feel better and do better if I just dive in and finish it first. 2. #4 I’ll need more time than I can afford right now. This also may be true. Procrastination “Oh man..

Being able to sleep in. Yet. I’d have to give up the crutch of naturally being good. I’ve always like being the chap who knows everything about the item on focus and my confidence comes from being able to answer every question. So far so good because it’s pretty easy but if you told me to do something hard on second day I could fail 3 No one’s going to pay for it Portfolio photography for beautiful women? Come on. when it comes to business. If I commit to one idea. writing. I have varied interests (fashion. And I am afraid of failing. I would enjoy a cup of coffee. one of those sit on my ass take no action sorts. learning something. I believe most are just like me hence it will be difficult to get them to buy what I’m selling. The prospect of *actually* working is scary. Léan Ní Chuilleanáin’s script the first but with student loans. It hit a note.. or take a leisurely evening to slack off. Fashion sessions for magazines? Magazines already have their photographers and new people are not welcome Okay. but because I wouldn’t really but the products myself I figured no one else would hence opted out. I didn’t even need your nudge to see that. That is a huge difference I have to balance -> “Doing perfect by starting now” Reply Joe February 10. Because of the new focus on trying to combat procrastination I fear I’ll not be fully prepared for any entrepreneural ventures. I admire Ramit. emerging markets) and the fear of having to stick to just one fro the rest of my life really terrifies me. and really work to be great. and shoved them out of my head. I know these fears can be overcome and by this stage I really shouldn’t be having them. but they’re with me and I have to continuosly keep making a conscious effort to overcome them. and yet I sat. I have procrastination problem. 2011 at 3:21 pm 1 I don’t have ONE freelancing idea I have about 10 of them and I don’t know which one should I choose. I will be bottle necked in to the niche I choose now and never be able to advance far in another field. read what you wrote. because he is a perfectionist too who is able to produce perfect content daily. Reply Ozzy February 10. 2011 at 3:15 pm Ramit. I know now these are lies though and that I need to use the financial pressure to my advantage to innovate my way out. really need it or it is of exceptional value. Despite that. technology. It’s why I don’t put forth the extra effort. Our resources are already very limited and I don’t want them to suffer because I am trying to “live my dreams”. 2011 at 3:08 pm I have niche ideas applicable in my country market and I believe if I apply them smoothly they will make good money by time. I briefly noted the hypocrisy of my words. and I don’t have to face the fear that I’m really not happy with where I am. It’s easier to lie to myself that my life today is ok.without studying was perfectly so I never had to try very hard. It’s why I don’t try to change my life. knowing I was being lazy and failing to go after what I wanted. Psychologically attempting something and failing feels worse than not having tried at all. I feel as though I am in indentured servitude to my undergrad. Results without extra effort were acceptable results. The third one is the age old fear of failure. I failed with 1 millioin 2-months 1-month or 2-weeks programs (earning money. so here are my 3 top invisible scripts holding me back. however. I subconciously feel it’s on a bigger scale and the low of failing will be deeper and longer! The irony is that after reading all Ramits excellent material. Even if I’m not happy with it. things which make me comfortable. You’re damn right I’m afraid. 2011 at 3:21 pm 1) I am most afraid because I have no ideas. It’s very hard to get me to buy a product/service unless I feel I really. What I have now was built on small successes… the promise of greater success and a greater *something* would also require risking failure. When you called me out for being one of those people I chuckled. because I am a perfectionist and I would not do anything unless I believe it will be nearly perfect. however. It’s scary to give up everything I’ve built up to this point. because I don’t also want to say what I have now isn’t enough. Rejection/Failure is not as bad as it seems when it happens and I’m actually learning alot more than I would on the perfectionist track. A raise for the effort I do 9-5 is enough. But this one made me cry. And it’s been easier to lie about that fear than to face it. Personal portraits? Who’s willing to pay for them?! 30yo woman? Her son could do it for her. Reply Katy February 10. I don’t want to give up a lot of the things I have now. Losing the time. This repeated daily. What if I choose the wrong one? What if I fail and loose interest? What if I waste time on worthless idea? 2 I can’t commit to do something for two months I failed with 30-day Hustle challenge. I’m working through synergizing some of these. I’ve always been smart. but what should I do about it? Greets 75 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . no need to apply myself for the A or A+. Reply Wojtek February 10. exercising). 2) I am scared that of taking the time to invest in something that I think that I MIGHT enjoy it will be a waste of time and money if it doesn’t work out in the end. and money I put into the attempt. I haven’t wanted to admit I want “more”.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I told her I was just proud of her trying. I’m not even sure if I handle this 7-days course. I recently was presented with an opportunity to start a business in which I’d have to sell health products. Although I understand it’s better to have tried and failed and do actually prefer trying than not trying at all. 3) I am scared that of looking stupid for trying the outlandish things that I daydream of (and believe me I have some far out dreams) because where I come from “black folks don’t do that!” (side note: I am a black woman in case anyone was wondering) 4) I am most afraid of messing up my children’s lives by not being successful. nod my head and agree. but that is what really scares me). then smile and vow to do something with that information later. Because of this I’m a big procrastinator. Double standards. 20 photography sessions? They’re set for next 6 months. I’m afraid of investing in myself and failing! This one gets less and less everyday as I have opened myself up to rejection in 2011. You finally made my inaction impossible. This is probably the script holding me back the most. I’ve been working on this and if I have an idea usually try to launch ASAP. Sitting at my desk every other day this year. unable to live where I’d like etc etc. The second fear is not getting any buyers/clients/customers. As such. film. Reply Addy February 10. no need to go the push for a promotion by coming in early. I recently criticized my 6 year old for not evening trying to spell her bonus words. An A. they get 20 offers daily to get free photos from more experienced photographers than me.. 2. There is really nothing that I am good at and trying to freelance at something will put a big spotlight on the fact that I have no real talent to offer the world (sounds sad I know. reading your post actually made me cry. and she should be proud of the effort she was putting forth. energy. Giving up my friends who enable those behaviors. 3. because it’s still mine. 2011 at 3:03 pm 1. social entrepreneurship. Unable to travel.

I make time to read and complete one or two books a week. Since reading your emails. and the pressure is wigging me out something fierce. I learned this one from my parents who are both academics. Reply sambista77 February 10. the skills. and I can’t come up with a profitable idea. I am in this by myself. and choose my customers carefully to make sure that I find freelancing engaging and fun. and I’m worried about my social skills. I have no skills that anyone will like to pay me for. 2011 at 3:52 pm Through your emails and your hustling course. unless this Craigslist thing takes off. Clearly I am good at making time to do stuff that most people don’t do. I am now more aware than ever that it’s really easy to make money outside of working a job. and I push as hard as I can. 1. -Reality: I make time to go to the gym. because my current skills no longer match my interests. and I make time to cook 60% of my meals. My fears: 1. and I feel like I do not know how to make myself that breakout star that you are or that person who lands that fantastic internship. this is remarkably easy for me. acquire new skills.. They basically just collected a university paycheck for 30 years. But I feel like I don’t know how. I can learn a lot from freelancing and build my start-up capital at the same time. knowing this will ultimately lead me to the “promos land” Of course doing all the homework. Reply michael February 10. meanwhile. I have only about a year to get this in order. I don’t know how. “Why would anyone pay me” 2) Every idea I have has already been done. 2) I don’t have time to work on freelancing. -Reality: I can tweak my idea. 3) I’m going to get stuck doing something boring that I don’t really want to do. at the desk after yoga by 6:45 to write for 75 min and everyday before bed I write my 2 critical tasks for the next day. I have done small things–I posted a CraigsList ad this morning for my writing and editorial services. or a secure full time job. I just don’t move. I’m scared to meet high up people because I’m worried they’ll cut me out of the industry I’ve studied so long for if I screw up. got it. who am I kidding. I’ve never had a high income. I do plan to enroll in your Earn1K course this year. Because of this I’m worried that I might not deserve either. 2011 at 3:52 pm 1) I’m giving up on my dreams of starting a tech start-up with huge (but unlikely) upside by freelancing.. I’ve never been to school. 2. but I still felt like it was an encouraging step forward). knowing I will crack the code somehow. I feel like my network is not strong enough. Reply Bryoney February 10. But I don’t know how to communicate that to people who have money–I don’t even know how to meet those people. -Reality: I haven’t started it yet. Reply Don February 10. and my level of commitment to face my fears is making me not letting go. Reply Chris P February 10. the course occupies my mind 24 hours a day and I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster. Had a “nerves breakdown” the other day when I just couldn’t come up with the skills. 2011 at 5:26 pm Ugh. surveys and anything else I can do. (Ramit – I loved the example of competition means someone out there is making money off of it!) 3) Despite having a team of people (mainly VAs and Elance contractors). and I’m alone. I honestly feel like I am one of the best. but it might not be until August/September-ish. so I can’t come up with a need to feel just yet. I have managed to be in hell and back a few different times. come on. I’m an introvert. but I shied away from I have nothing to offer. this is actually the first time in my life when something is so difficult to me and as opposed to running away as fast as I can. and I have reached out to my professors and department chairs for advice. etc to earn money. 2011 at 3:27 pm 1. services. basically (she didn’t reply. I guess I said all of that to say that my three internal scripts are 1) Selling is sleazy 2) Nobody would pay me and 3) I don’t know what to say. I’ve only had casual jobs. and telling myself I’ll do it one day is a crutch that is keeping me from doing other things. I have zero formal education. deal with them and move forward – however they continue to to re-appear?! So despite the fact that I can rationally deal with them – the fear comes back. so I can figure this out.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I’m not qualified. I also had business cards printed and attended a networking event for young professionals. And I have the GRE score to prove it: 94th percentile in the Analytical Writing section. 76 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . Reply John February 10. Bonus Points: I have to rely on freelancing to support myself and soon a family. but I trust Ramit enormously. I feel like I have an amazing talent in writing and editing. and I don’t really have a hobby that I can translate in to dollars 3. I’m working on some habits like Susan Su suggested. So I wake up at 6 am. I am the only one who really cares about the success of it! As a note – I realize all of these are really BS and I often am able to identify them. period. Selling is sleezy. 3. and I even contacted an editor at the local paper to offer to do free work in exchange for…just being able to put it in my portfolio. 2. 2011 at 4:09 pm Wow this course is mind blowing. 2011 at 4:44 pm Fears – 1) Despite past success as a business owner and CEO – I think I have no idea how to provide content.

Up till now I’ve learnt most of the things I do from my parents. I already see a lot of patterns of people who started their careers the same time as me. I’m too introverted to sell. As people who read Ramit’s site know. which I think also holds me back a little to actually make the step. I’m a firefighter. 2) Falling behind others. My fear is that people don’t want to meet in evenings and on weekend days. Reply Mark February 10. but the idea still irks me. Obviously. 2. I’m competitive and being in my mid-20′s.” I have two really good ideas and just need to take action to get them Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. 2011 at 6:11 pm 1. The fact is that I’ll never truly know until I try or seek out and meet others who have done the same thing. 3. I am afraid of never trying to earn more by freelancing or starting a side business. I’ve already acknowledged I do have enough time. I have never tested this assumption and I know I do have the option to shift around my time at the office. only to go back and look in the journal to discover it’s been sitting around in my head for years. And the story behind all that? I’d like to submit my mother as Exhibit A. I know that the people I care about would support me and ultimately be very proud once I had some success. so do I. so this is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. but I worry about how I’ll find clients to pay me for related work when I’ve never actually done it. Fogg an e-mail after listening to Ramit’s interview with him and he sent me the best reply that could happen to my confidence level). trying to find a niche that I can service! Reply 77 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . Some people have settled into standard paths. People will hate your product. when we are presented with a huge list of things to do we often freeze and do nothing. It’s what they do during the 24 hours that makes the difference. I recognize that effective networking will help me meet and socialize with people that do similar work to what I dream about and will greatly help increase the feeling of normalcy in my ideas. 2. so I can make time during office hours. as his passion consumed him and he tunnel visioned to make it work and get it done. Doing freelance work or starting a company is not ordinary and even though I fear being ordinary. I listen to people who tell me that it can’t be done. 4. Selling to people. but getting through the initial worry and skepticism is tough. I’ve already overwon this fear for sending an e-mails to strangers (I’ve sent B. So I must conclude this is just an excuse I made up. 2. headaches and whatnot. By the way. I wonder how much television Bill watched while he was working on starting up Microsoft? (My answer is probably very little. Reply Erik February 10.. I am young enough that I have plenty of time to recover from anything like that. it’s not in the career path I would truly like to pursue. which I all know personally. as they have not only focused me on what to do to begin. In my mind that leads lots of tough customer conversations. I shouldn’t even bother because there is no way I’ll make any money doing something I find interesting. Reply Ethan February 10. 2. I am afraid that there’s a very good reason the majority of people do the 9-5 and no more. If I don’t send out any letters or advertise and let people know what I do. 6. Ramit’s Idea Generators and Tuner Strategy help with this a lot. 2011 at 6:15 pm 1.J. Again. I am afraid of ending up like most people who accept the daily grind and assume that they are not capable or worthy of doing something more. My ideas aren’t good enough.) Actions speak louder than words. but to ACTUALLY BEGIN AND TAKE ACTION! Reply Ryan February 10. I am afraid I’ll waste money doing the wrong thing. 2.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 2011 at 5:34 pm 1. I greatly fear waking up 5-10 years from now and being a middle manager at a corporation doing menial work and having to get creative to be able to make what I do sound at all interesting/challenging. but those ideas never result in execution. I do have a great job right now and it would be baffling to others that it’s not enough for me. On the other hand. I keep forgetting that extra income starts with the first dollar not the first thousand dollars. I have a fear that people won’t like whatever I’m building or selling. Luckily I’ve been aware of these invisible scripts for a while and when these fears start to niggle my brain I can dismiss them right away. Ability to provide a product that lives up to client standards. 3. I am too lazy to be responsible for my own income. but it’s all in the weekends and after office hours. Bill Gates only has 24 as does Warren Buffett. 2011 at 5:31 pm 1) Being average. 3. This is probably the biggest lie ever told. I over think this stuff and have a hard time sitting down and coming up with solid action plans to make them happen. trying to explain my outside the box thoughts to others and knowing they will be skeptical is a barrier sometimes. As much as I dream of entrepreneurial ventures and the like. This is patently false. I am afraid of working away the best parts of my life doing 40-80 hour weeks only to find I can’t do the things I want when I retire or not living that long. What if I can’t find any clients? I don’t have any now. 3. Ramit – Thank you for these exercises. 4) What others will think. I’m scared when I need to contact people. 2011 at 6:05 pm 1. teachers and friends. This fear drives me to come up with all sorts of grand ideas and potential career paths in my head. This one to a lesser extend. Thus. 3. but I fear to become lost when I make the first steps. Reply Michelle February 10. I keep a journal of ideas. action is necessary. I still perceive some people to be ahead of me and it bothers me. 5. then I won’t ever find/have any clients. Reply Angus Tucker February 10. There are definitely certain topics that I find myself reading about all the time and enjoying. What I’ve been learning from the private list are things that people I know don’t agree with. I do worry about them not working out and setting me back even further. but I still hesitate and postpone contacting people by phone or in person. lawsuits. 2011 at 5:42 pm 1. I feel that although I do have some skills already that could translate into freelance work. 3) I don’t have any experience in the things that interest me to charge for them. Time and time again I end up seeing one of my ideas executed by someone else. I am afraid of trying and failing and letting that stop me from trying again. 2. While I have a pretty high paying consulting job that I have done some great work for. some are below that and some are clearly ahead of the curve. “You shouldn’t do that because somebody could steal your idea!” or “I had a business once and it is tough to get people to pay you for your work. 3.. as they force me to sit and evaluate things knowing that the initial idea does not have to be the final one. I don’t have the time.

but I always feel inferior to people who grew up with the language and have more perfect grammar than I do. in the language and have experience doing the job. I am a competent interpreter. but spending the time and/or money to do the patent search to make sure I’m not duplicating someone else’s effort. 2011 at 6:38 pm Like most others. Very clear… Nice. 3. I often do my best to remove myself from accountability. What I have seen is that top performers are so because they believe they are. then paying for the paperwork. and I am afraid of the impact on my social life. recoup the money very quickly. If I get more clients. I too fear losing my free time but didn’t notice until you posted here. I fear that this would lead companies to become frustrated and stop calling me.. 3. but often hold myself back in mediocrity so I don’t stand out from the crowd. There’s something scary about being “different”. My lack of self confidence is being confounded by the artificial feeling that the stakes are very high. 1. THey are not born that way. 2. Reply Keet February 10. Without being accountable. that I am not a top performer. I tend to think my 3 fears are pretty common: 1) I have a few ideas. I will not be available enough to keep them. I can’t fail. There is a slight insanity with the repetitive nature of the lives of so many of my friends and family…) Thanks. and take the trip abroad or fail at Earn 1k. 3. Ed February 10. Someone will find out that I’m not good enough to pay for this. 2. Doing my business will make me vunerable. I will learn a lot at least. I realise that people are free to make their own decisions. I can always go to gradschool after I start a business. then having to sell the idea…all for potentially nothing. Reply David February 10. but I’m not perfect. thank you. and as for promises I just need to be honest as to how I can deliver. I can come through for them. that money is also earmarked for a vacation in June… it’s succeed at Earn 1k. only to have it fail. 2011 at 8:48 pm These first two are great ways to say what is stopping me as well. That I will waste other peoples time trying to do my business. and they then do the hard work to get there. I’m good. More clear to me thanks. Reply Lauren February 10. I’m afraid that with more clients calling that I’ll get too many demands on my time and be unavailable. and let them down. I’m afraid that I’ll waist a ton of time pursuing an idea. 2. I consider myself a fraud. so I didn’t bother 78 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . Having to articulate out these scripts has been helpful. I want to fit in. While I have enough to pay for it. but I think it sums up the root of all my fears: http://www. I fear that I won’t be able to recoup the investment quickly.html Ramit. 2011 at 6:19 pm I don’t know if you have seen this Ted talk. I am afraid that I don’t know what to say to people 3. And being a fraud is a straight way to say “Im afraid of what others think of me”. make promises I can’t keep. But there’s always this nagging feeling that mediocrity sucks. This is an overblown anxiety. 2011 at 6:31 pm Thanks for this. I hold that against myself more than I should. 2011 at 6:31 pm 1. I take myself out of the game…yet I often get frustrated that I’m out of the game. 2. so why try to get more clients? – Because I must be physically on-site to provide language interpretation.. I’ll just be wasting money if I pay for Earn 1k – though I recognize that this is an excellent course. But without being accountable. Reply Chris February 10. 2011 at 6:25 pm 1. and be miserable for missing the trip.A.” and that I’ll settle for the bare minimum.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I am afraid that my ideas are only “good enough. 4 I’m afraid that I don’t know enough/don’t have enough experience with what I want to do to charge. but I’m not convinced any of them could be profitable enough to make it worth trying 2) The lack of a professional degree will make people believe I don’t know what I’m talking about or take me less seriously 3) There have been ideas that I felt were good enough to look into getting a provisional patent for. – I work as a language interpreter. I can’t succeed. and that this failure will highlight some flaw I have as to why I am unworthy of success. Reply Adam Gustafson February 10. there is nothing irresponsible about starting a business. and that I’ll have no idea where to go from I will fail.ted. (Ive never really fit in with middle road society/behavior and have mostly been comfortable with this. Opportunity costs – some how by working on a business instead of going to grad school I am irresponsible. be out the money. I am afraid of losing my free time. THere is no reason I can do both if I really want to. I wasn’t comfortable with that risk. I know I have skills and talents. I have a B. I enjoy the free time I have after work.

I’ve been raised to have a mentality to find and stick to something “safe & secure”. 2011 at 6:42 pm 1. 3)I don’t know how to charge people. Reply Sambath San February 10. 2. but I don’t think I’m good enough. 3. I think I just keep picking the wrong things – or spread my bandwidth too wide and trying too many things at once instead of working just one until it’s successful. 2011 at 6:47 pm 1) I am afraid of spending time on an idea and regretting it later 2) I am afraid of walking the same path as everyone else and ending up like everyone else. university. 3. I’ve been afraid to take classes because I’m afraid of letting other 79 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM .” I just don’t want to give up the other freedoms I think I have. 2. “My friends and family won’t back me up. I’m afriad of looking stupid. Reply David February 10. but I’m afraid of my other half telling me about the *last* thing I tried to do to make money on the side – and how it yielded nothing significant. house. 1. Let it suffice for me to say that I’m just afraid that I’m giving up fun stuff for the *possibility* of income on the side – no matter how much I say I want the freedom that more money will give me. get a few weeks in then start thinking about all the things that could go wrong and stop before they can happen. Selling scares me. When I wrote this down on the paper I started looking back at my life and all of the opportunities that I didn’t jump at simply because I didn’t know what to say. I fear of “taking the path less traveled” because I don’t know what it will bring. Reply Peter February 10. I don’t feel confident in my own abilities – I feel like I coasted though school and it’s just a matter of time before someone figures out that I am not as good as they think I am. I’m more worried about giving up tiny freedoms for the big ones that I dream about every day. Reply Eddy Azar February 10. Even if I create a product and try to sell it to western world I’m scared that my English will be bad or that people will be scared to buy from someone who lives so far from them. 2.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. “No time or money. 2) Fear that my local market won’t be as open as American one. I fear of Failing and not being good enough at what I do. I’m really afraid of going broke. or I wouldn’t know what to do so I simply didn’t do it and let someone else do it and reap the rewards. 3. Webster February 10.” Whenever I talk about what I want to do or what I’ve done. Most of it I can brush off. I often get excited about different projects that could earn me more money. 2011 at 7:17 pm 1. but I already got my wrists smacked by Ramit virtually in this post and a couple of others. Reply Kay February 10. I live in Eastern Europe and money you talk about are very big for me. I fear that I will dive into a site project which I believe will generate passive income but finally will collapse leaving me with tons of work for nothing.. 2011 at 6:55 pm Top three scripts that I can think of right now: 1. I’ve got 24 hours in a day. so I have the ability to get *something* off the ground.. Reply Peter February 10. 2011 at 7:03 pm 1) Fear of failure. This is one of the biggest ones for me. Reply M. something consistent. family.” I’d say more on this one. Investing money in western style is way too much money for my income. 3. 2011 at 6:53 pm 1. but looking to be a musician. I have a lot of great ideas but when I start putting them into action I find myself not being able to ask for money. “I need to do more research and get some tips. starting. I’m not sure which idea to pursue. – M. the nay-saying starts. 2011 at 7:19 pm I am currently a post-graduate I need to be the best to get paid. 2011 at 7:12 pm 1) I don’t have enough money. 2) I don’t know what I’m doing. Webster Reply Kamil February 10. death) 3) I’m afraid that I will have loads of information and plans and never take real action. 3) Fear of going to western market. I go out and work on these projects and find myself jumping into a job so that I’m not broke. (aka job. This is THE most troublesome of them all. I am afraid of failure – I tend to start things. 2. I’m not outgoing enough to sell. and I’ve got enough money to host cheap websites (which comes out to about $250 a year at least). I’m afraid I’m not outgoing enough to be able to sell myself or my ideas – I have a strong fear of meeting and interacting with people for the first time.

then maybe that’s what I do: help people start things while avoiding unseen problems. Ph D has heightened my awareness of how much more there is to know and how little I know just now ” . life led me into marrying a wonderful and a brilliant Ph D guy . and distractions before someone gets to them so they can chart the fastest.. 3. Fear of not applying my knowledge and technique well enough to help the clients I really want and then having them never wanting to come back or wanting to pay for their session... I’m afraid that I won’t make money consistently enough to quit my current job. For that matter–there is the sub-script of “I don’t even know what I want to do yet. I won’t take any action. Kind of funny considering that sitting around doing nothing will automatically give me that end result anyway. 3. I don’t know where to look for this type of work or how to market myself when I figure out specifically what I want to do. I felt I would become an authority of sorts in my chosen field . Fear I will waste the time and money I put into starting my own practice by failing to get it profitable enough to support my family and I. I don’t even know who I am. I felt like calling up Sherlock Holmes ! What seems like a problem is not where the real problem lies .com/privatelist/invisible-scripts/?awt_l=MKZRB&awt_m=. I’ve noticed my own sense of aesthetics come into play as well – my music needs to be perfect to sound good to me. Knowing it doesn’t mean shit. double-edged sword: if I don’t take action then I am not exposed as a crook. At the same time. and then just shut down and don’t try. but I’m afraid I’m not good enough to do it. the thing is that I know all of this shit. but I don’t earn any money. barista and unofficial cafe business partner(cafe is owned by my significant other). Even if I was good enough. 2011 at 7:51 pm 1. It’s what I think I’m supposed to do right now. people know that there’s a vast gap between my goals and where I stand. As a result I tend to not see in me the things that others value me for. 2. I’m not good enough. I’m at the point of just accepting that I am never going to do anything. Reply Girija February 10. This is a nice.. All the while I get the same result: nothing. I’ve been avoiding working on my music because I’m afraid that all of my future work will turn out to be crap no matter how much I try. Reply Adam Gustafson February 10. Turn my fears into assets. I’ve been playing out scripts for the last 25 years and don’t know who I am without them. I have been inauthentic for my whole life. Reply Jill February 10. If no one buys my idea I’ll look like an idiot Of course. I start writing up an answer to your goals worksheet first question and I shut down. or make enough to keep living at the same level of comfort I enjoy now. I’m afraid that I’d have to spend all of my time focused in this one area just to scrape by a living. So it is easier for me to sabotage my efforts to sell my ideas because if they buy from me it proves that I’m a crook since I also equate selling with stealing. It’s not what *I* want. 3. 2. opportunities. significant other & newborn. 2011 at 8:38 pm Here are a few that came to me in my straight-jacket moment: 80 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . Being exposed as a fraud/crook This ultimately comes from rebelling against my step-father. I always said to myself that if I mastered this “one thing” it would give me an edge . If I do take action then I appear to have success. My personal value is based on what others think of me because as a kid I was rewarded for “being smart” or “doing a good job” so when I stopped getting the praise I began thinking I just wasn’t worth it and wasn’t doing well. I have been dreaming of using my Spanish language skills to make money for a while. Ramit.” Reply Sean February 10. I’m afraid that if I do focus heavily on this area of my life. I think the majority of these scripts comes from my upbringing. fat. 2011 at 7:44 pm 1. worksheets. which is a common viewpoint I share with my mother – but at the same time I haven’t really acknowledged all the intermittent states as progress. even though that’s what getting additional education is supposed to remedy. As in getting enough of my own new and/or regular clients. I can’t wait to see what else you throw at me this week. but deeper. and I’m usually surprised that people that aren’t as deeply immersed in the process as I am think my mediocre drafts are “amazing. this clashes with fear #1 – that if I don’t drop everything else.. The truth is I don’t know what I want. and I don’t necessarily want to give them up entirely as they could turn into something more down the line.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I subconsciously believe I’m a crook and so I set myself up to let people down and not follow through. Like a scout checking the terrain ahead of the party: identify dangers. What would I do to change this? I have no f-ing clue. I’ve poured dollars and hours into personal growth seminars. and has been refined through a number of failed business ventures. I can’t be successful. And still. By not doing what I say I was going to do I prove myself right. and the first time I heard him say this ” GOSH . I’ve developed a lot of secondary interests over the past few years in avoidance of working on my primary goals. Fear I won’t be able to dedicate enough time to my day jobs. I’ve been beating myself up for years over my inability to make a decision. How can I start without that?” Reply Geoff February 10. failing. failing. I am not deserving of success Tied to the above. My grandfather heavily stressed that I should go into the sciences for a steady income and keep my hobbies as just hobbies. therapy. and to building my own practice. 2011 at 8:01 pm I always had this thing about Ph D . 3. I must be stealing something from them. but I don’t really care about solving it – I move on to finding the next problem. I can over analyze ANY idea until I shoot it down without even testing. failing. 2011 at 7:20 pm I’m currently a newly licensed therapeutic massage therapist & employed at a injury treatment clinic. I’ve noticed recently that I have an underlying desire either to be the best (or to be nothing). most efficient course towards success. LET ALONE trying to get it out there.. if someone buys from me. it’ll turn out to be a massive waste of time and I won’t accomplish any of my goals. Or maybe that’s just a rationalization for why I have no results other than dozens of abandoned ideas and failed ventures. but then sabotage it to not end up being exposed as a crook. Maybe that’s what I can do to change it. new dad. Peace.. I only see the negative in myself. Between my brain chemistry imbalance and my scripts of worthlessness I get only about 40% of the way into something and then quit because it doesn’t feel right and the truth is I never *really* wanted it in the first place – it was an interesting challenge to figure out what the problem really was. Any answer I give is bullshit.. There are a lot of native speakers around me so why would anyone choose me over one of them? 2. 1. If what I’m good at is starting things and finding problems. 2.

1) I have to bring my students up to an A before I can ask for referrals. 3. 2. etc. Ouch. I have a site set up for local parents ready to launch and sell ads through but my fear of talking to local businesses is irrationally based on not knowing how long I’ll live in this area and a fear that if I move I’ll be fake and misrepresenting. Reply Kristin February 10. 3 Another fear that lurks in the background regarding money is that I do not know enough. I should save as much money as possible rather than risking it on a new business venture that might fail. If I want to make extra money. I may lose the ability to be impulsive.. transport to job) in a time when people are losing their homes. Reply Darlene February 10. I guess this would be fear of being seen as a sleazy salesperson who is only out for herself and is trying to scam people out of money? Or fear of being seen as insensitive for selling something that is a want and not a need (needs being defined in my mind as roof over head. I keep telling everyone I meet that I will open a restaurant but then cannot follow up with action. because what if I get fired/get cancer/the house burns down/some other disaster happens and I end up homeless and destitute? I’ll call this “fear of becoming a bag lady. I will need to quit my job before I dedicate time to this business and I cannot do that because I have a family and my wife does not work. food to eat. I need to find another metric to show improvement or find a way to over-deliver (actually get them to an A). 2011 at 9:05 pm 1. 2011 at 8:50 pm 1. The things I am really good at and enjoy doing are not things that other people are willing to pay for.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. Also applying for work I feel guilty because while it would help provide for the family I see it as a negative after having the baby when I want to be with the baby. Thanks for the honesty everyone. than I will be able to go out in the world and make my cut. but I only have a few students. “How DARE you think about charging for something I can do myself?” It’s made me a little gunshy about testing new ideas. 3. and often got the attitude. So guilty conscious? Yeah… Reply Adam Harris February 10.. I want to open a restaurant and it requires an upfront cash that I don’t have. then something bad will happen to take my success away from me. I realize) Fear of success/tempting fate: If I am successful. but time management will allow me to do most of the things I want to. but since I know people who know more I feel like a fraud. 3) Earning money on the side will consume all of my ‘free’ time. So. I already work 60-70 hours a week at my stressful day job and come home every night exhausted. 2 My fear keeping me from making a lot of money is what others will then expect of me and the at I will not know how to react or what to do. that I am still “in training” and once I am a grand master. Reply 81 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . also fear of partner leaving me. so if I took on a profitable side gig I would be ignoring him even more than I am now.) I worry too much about saying the wrig thing. I’m married and have two kids and have a fulltime job. 1 My greatest fear regarding money is that Im too immature/naive to be taken seriously and paid beyond entry level wages. I worry that I will be “uncovered” and made a fool of or worse someone will pay me and want their money back. I can stop tutoring any time it feels burdensome and reschedule sessions if need be. Analysis: This is something that I’ve observed in other people who are earning money/investing in themselves outside their jobs. 2) I need a teaching credential to advertise to parents Analysis: Plenty of parents are simply looking for someone more knowledgeable than themselves to help their kids with a subject they haven’t looked at in 20+ years. The universe will smack me down for thinking I have the right to be successful and happy in my work when so many people are losing their homes. among people I know and on various Internet forums. Reply Dave Lane February 10. I’ll have to do something I hate. fear of doing a half-assed job and failing due to low energy. I’ve floated a few ideas that I’ve had. 2011 at 8:40 pm My three invisible scripts about earning more money: 1. So. All of these have to do with inadequacies yes. 2011 at 9:00 pm I’m currently tutoring on the side. but it’s amazing that they all (and so many others I’ve read) have to do with other peoples opinion of me! When the hell did that happen? I have never really been too invested in what others think of me but somehow when money is involved the rules change. I don’t have the mental energy to do a good job coming up with a side gig and making it work. and most students contact me within a week of an important test. My partner is already neglected due to my day job hours. 2011 at 8:39 pm 1) I don’t need to do this 2) I’ll do it later 3) “nah…” Reply Hilaire February 10. and I already hate my day job. 2. I have no time to devote to a business that requires my full attention. unable to afford food and basic needs.) As a pregnant mom of two I have competing commitments of time/efforts with kids bs time spent makin money. 2. 3. and earning the extra money will be worth” Bonus fear: (this one is irrational. it’s refreshing… Ag. Analysis: Improving to an A on a short time scale is unrealistic.) I know a lot.

colleagues will think I’m all about making money. I want to provide information to the why bother? Reply Wendy February but in the 3-odd years I’ve been out of college. I don’t think that one is good enough to test out. and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. 2) I fear that I’m a lousy salesperson and will lose money on any venture. While I have many ideas. #2 I feel like other people could do the job better and I might get stuck over promising and under delivering #3 I dont feel confident setting a fee for my services so I feel like Ill undercut myself (resulting in me getting $0) Reply Sarah February 10. This is a problem for me. the only 3 limitations I currently have. I’ve been involved in a lot of social justice type of action and making money is seen as like the evils of society. This seems solved easily enough by developing something on the side while I make the shift. I have things that I believe I’d like to make into hobbies. Reply Camille February 10. but I realized that DR isn’t speaking to me as I don’t have a real spending problem. Reply Robert February 10. but in comparison. 2011 at 10:18 pm 82 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . This new-found motivation may mean that those 3 scripts are in fact. 2) It’s too late. I’m not which which of my potentially marketable skills I’d most enjoy trying to market (and therefore do more/extra of) 2. 2. I have a good job that I like but I would like to have the extra flexibility and security of a secondary source of income. I don’t even think I have any real hobbies. Ramit you mentioned somewhere that it’s a good thing if people are already doing what you want to do.. and will be getting my first credit card VERY SOON (I never thought I would get one as I respect Dave Ramsey and his ideals. Scott February 10. 2011 at 9:53 pm 1. or its going to take too much time away from my family. 2011 at 9:49 pm 1) I don’t have enough time. Rest of the factors holding me back can be squished easily. That I am working in this country on a visa and if it has provisions for secondary income and the processes. Reply Mario February 10. and I’m already working 2 jobs and commuting 2 hours/day. 2011 at 9:21 pm 1. What better way to learn something than to put it in practice. per-say. I’m not business-savvy enough to really sell myself (my product and/or service). Oh there’s a market. 2011 at 9:49 pm I feel so much better already just reading through all your comments.. 1. But I want something that we still enable me to have time for my family or more time (ideally!). 3. 2. This is why I dont advertise to friends even though I know there are friends that would love to connect me to the right people. Reply rahul February 10. I don’t have a good enough idea (for product or service) to sell. watching TV. 2011 at 9:42 pm First. aside from online research. BAM. You’re the one speaking to me and it’s FINALLY cause for action). This is the biggest one and the one I struggle with the most. We know we all need it to survive and do the good work we want to do but once a person comes up with a side money business they’re looked at as a sell out. 3. I know if I come up with a good idea that’s right for me that won’t be an issue but getting past that is huge! Reply Eric February 10. There are my 3. but not one particular area that I am passionate about. I’m afraid I don’t know enough to be successful. 3) I fear that my friends. I am not [yet] one of them. I’m afraid that I will get started and not follow through with it to see results. 3. I’m sure there are a few more. to earn significant money on the side. I’m terrified I’ll go hungry and homeless while I try to make something work. I am SO not alone in my fears! 1. BUT maybe not… I have been motivated lately due to your book. 2011 at 9:59 pm 1) I fear that I won’t ever have a good idea. The worst it can do is not work. I’m afraid I’m not original enough. I guess this is probably a lot of peoples fears and its pretty lame but its there. I feel like any “free” time should be spent on my “main” business.but that won’t elicit behavior change and help anyone improve their health. I have yet to actually pursue something (how can you sell something or yourself. if you don’t fully believe in it?!). There are others I know who are 100x better at selling (and can sell ya the shirt off your back). I think I could probably learn as I go. and hanging out with friends. I have a lot of interests. 2011 at 9:35 pm 1.because that means there is a market out there for your product. spouse.but what if it’s already completely saturated? 3) I won’t have an impact anyway. 2. let me say that I really appreciate how you’re coaxing us along through this process. That I don’t have any good ideas. The project I have in mind will take months of preparation to get it launch-ready. I need to remind myself usually on an hourly basis that my approach to existing ideas is the only originality I need. Add in family and friends.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 2011 at 9:46 pm #1 My passive business is secret I’ve left it off my resume and I dont advertise it because Im afraid it might look bad to my employer that I have a side gig. That I’m not going to have enough time. Reply Lindsey February 10.

2. why is someone else not already selling these things. why even try. I don’t want to hate what I do on the side. and the process in itself feels like me ansering them by saying: “Just watch me”. On top of that. and so I’ve been underearning and underachieving. How will I support this business. at least you had fun trying. I am an Engineer. when your relationships aren’t there to help you out. 3.000. I am just not sure the idea is good enough to invest the time and money needed to bring them to market. but it is very expensive to sue for infringement of a patent. I do have some chronic health issues. various crises) I’ve realized that my problem is I’m afraid of what will happen if I put my business first. 1. I sometimes tell myself to think of it as a hobby and if you can make some money. It seems easier to be a failure and feel sorry for myself. That’s my new mantra. 5. “When it came down to it you didn’t follow your dreams last time”. (PS – this was an additional income stream that will be a very large chunk of my income in 2011 – thanks for the webcast!) 3. and on top of that I’m in a field (that I love. are hard-won. I’m afraid to lose them. of putting all my focus into my work – but right now my problem is clearly the opposite.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 2011 at 10:52 pm 1. 2.) “I can’t work more/more effectively because of other factors in my life” (family. 2. but I believed I wasn’t good enough to earn my rate yet. Reply Danny February 10. Why would someone pay for this product that I have created? I have created several prototype products in my basement workshop. I am afraid that I should have started along time ago and that it too late now. “You are just going to mess it up”. I’ve had to keep different hours.) “If I put too much of myself into my business. 2011 at 11:01 pm Okay so for once. I need to increase the effort I put in. So. Again this is a common fear of time requirement or wasting of time. 83 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . It feels easier to just not try ’cause then I won’t be disappointed. Thank you for NOT making us chant “I can do it!” but rather make us look at “Why didn’t I already do it?”. I am going to answer your questions because it’s time to fucking move on. This will help me be fully present for my time off instead of having my mind on the work I know I should be doing instead. True story. i don’t have references for my skills…. great! If not. #1: I have no confidence in myself I already built my case at work several times and asked for a raise/more responsabilites. because it has helped me hold myself back for years. I am not that smart. Once I set a firm launch date for myself and decided to just go for it (social pressures – it was public. This year’s really made this one plain: I AM burning out. I am just a little guy. I think they are great and my Family and I use these products ourselves. I am not sure how I would feel if I fail again miserably. Everyone says I should start a business making these things and selling them. Reply Ploof February 10. so I am always tinkering and creating things. If my idea is good and I patent an idea. even my relationships with my family. I am actually also scared that I might just be successful and if I would deserve it. and what I know about them. I can’t be the first to think of this? It must not be that great of an idea. My Fears (more than 3) 1. I have to make those days up. My fear is that this “hobby” will consume too much time and take me away from my family.000 last year because I believed this script. I’m afraid of overworking myself and ending up in the hospital. of not being someone they can relate to anymore. your money is. 4. sunk cost fallacy – I’d invested into the launch) I realized I’d held myself back out of a lack of self-confidence and believing what my market says rather than looking at what they do. They would run me out of business. To anyone else who’s been struggling with this script. $60. and work more effectively. I have never taken a formal business class. If these are good products. while still working at my “day job”. some other company with more resources will “borrow” the idea and run me out of business. I already hate my job from 9-5.. 2) i don’t know if i am smart enough to succeed – often i feel like i don’t know the right thing to say to people. 3.) “I need to get better at X before I can charge for it” I missed out on $60. How can I run a successful business. I’m an introvert and my friendships and relationships. Patents are great. 2011 at 10:34 pm Hey Ramit. #2: I believe that the skills I might have will only bring me ideas of horrific jobs on the side. Now my job sucks -> I am not motivated anymore -> I suck at my job + I cannot change jobs until I get my greencard. I’ll burn out” This is a little bit different.. I scared of failing. It makes all the difference Reply Sabrina February 10. that I will be judged and rediculed. I’m scared that with no excuses not to be successful I still might not Sometimes. Reply d February 10. Ramit. different priorities – I don’t get paid time off if I get sick. I’m afraid of not being fun anymore. but it’s because I’m not earning what I should be for the amount of time I put into my business. of not being there for my family. that I excel in) with a high burn-out rate. I think that making us list our fears is like listing the evil yells of the inner demons that we all have. I’m scared of what that will mean for my friendships and relationships – no one else in my circle has their own business. This is really great stuff! It hits me how powerful an exercise this is… I have become so used to not allowing myself to follow my dreams that I have this inner voice that condescendingly reminds me of every failure I have ever had. Approved by my direct manager and completely ignored by the decision makers. health issues. I think that maybe they are just being nice to me. 2011 at 10:21 pm 1) i dont have alot of work experience – i am l a student. maybe. 3) i have a shy personality – it’s hard for me to approach people or start a conversation with a stranger. I would do whatever it takes to move past this script. and these problems: Being broke is more stressful than working. I had the information and resources to start.

Other times I realize I tend to undersell myself and downplay my accomplishments. Reply DeAnna February 11. Hah. MT. some I hate. I literally called up my job one day and just refused to come in. I love owning my own business. The idea of working for a small company excites me but the consequences and unknowns block action in that direction. 2. but the culture is very old school and the products.What if I’m not an entrepreneur I keep reading that some people just aren’t meant to be entrepreneurs. I hate working a 9-5 job. yet I feel I lack the skills to be the lead. 2011 at 12:04 am 1 – I’m afraid of networking I’ve never been very good at just talking to people. I have the opportunity to get a free grad degree. while exciting. Reply Chryss February 10. 2) That I’m getting “too old” (which is ridiculous if I said my age) to be chasing a more non-conformist idea of jobs or revenue or the idea of being an entrepreneur. 3. I have many interests but I have no clue what I would be happy DOING and getting paid for. That I think my stuff is just awesome and has to be shared. I’m living in Dillon. I have a habit of either saying things at the wrong time or just not focusing on the conversation at all. I fear I don’t have the skills or credibility to strike it out on my own. My idea of a “product” is still centered on a physical item.I’m afraid to succeed What if I become this great success and can’t keep it up? What if I really don’t have anything valid to add? What if people want something from me that I can’t give? I don’t want to disappoint anyone. If I’m successful with this business. I fear loosing motivation. 2011 at 1:15 am 1. 2011 at 11:51 pm Follow on: 1. to say anything of a 2nd.. it will consume all of my energy and I won’t have anything left to focus on the artistic endeavors that are also very important to me. Ideas I’ve been harboring for years. I feel like I don’t have any concrete ideas to execute. 3. Sometimes I feel like a fraud. Reply Renee February 11.. 2011 at 1:17 am I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. rather than learning about. 2011 at 12:33 am 1) I fear that my ideas aren’t as good as I think they are. 3. I work for a large company with a “stable” job. So I don’t have access to resources. I got fed up and couldn’t take it any more. I’m not a programmer yet it feels everything is centered around “apps”. I am super afraid of not having a steady stream of income and no benefits. Reply Cj February 11.. 1. may actually suck if I put one in full motion and see what happens. or making a bad business decision due to plowing forth with no purpose. * My material is not good enough yet or not the right content – I need to improve or focus my writing to what I think they want to read before I start submitting. I’m serious though. then it will work …”) Reply Nathan February 10. I’m afraid that because of my age people won’t think I have anything valid to say or that connecting with me isn’t worth it. Reply 84 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . 3. I’ve made a lot of mistakes with business and money management. I’ve been wanting to do something “outside the box” for well over a decade but have never really put the full energy toward it that I should have through being lazy and scared of things not working out. connections etc. or volunteering to do for short periods of time. It’s hard to visualize what my first product would be and how to execute. are deadly.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. but maybe nobody will care. I have a degree in engineering. How do I create something that hasn’t been done before in the physical world. people. 2011 at 11:41 pm I have too much fear. 2. In other words. I don’t ever want to be in that situation again but what if I just can’t cut it? Reply James C February 11. 3rd and 4th. #3: Maybe the least important fear: I don’t want to have to end up digging into my savings to pursue a failing idea (“If only I have this . 2. 2011 at 11:46 pm * I don’t have enough material yet – I’ll wait until I’ve written some more stories/articles and then I’ll start submitting them to publications/publishers. * I am un unknown writer – no-one will want to even give me a chance. but then I will be on the hook to the company for at least another 3-4 years. I don’t know if I trust myself to not blow it again. My current job is safe and has decent benefits. Reply Nathan February 10. and sharing bits and pieces of with people to entice them over the years. Aspects I love. But now I am just scared that I’ve waited too long and out grown the comfortable age at which you can pursue these ideas without friends and relatives thinking Im just ridiculous.

2011 at 1:21 am # I am not passionate for this There are times I can work like a crazy person on stuff. 2011 at 2:00 am **I don’t have the social skills for networking**. it’s not really rocking the boat if I am focusing the majority of my time on my current income stream while pursuing additional means of income.” That there’s nothing original about them and they’re not worth other people’s time. Even though I’ve read the Earn1K scripts. I worry that no one has sufficient income ‘in this economy’ (there’s that old chestnut) to spend it on my services 3. Reply Katie February 11. I’ve impressed professors.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I always end up awkwardly walking away or saying something utterly generic. This is especially true when thinking of good ideas to freelance with. bosses. cool. Do I pay off all my debt before trying? Do I pay off 50%? Do I need $X in savings? What about investments? Retirement? If I keep going down this rabbit hole. It’s frustrating. search for jobs in a city 5 hours away. I’ve been to dinners. Reply Lee Thompson February 11. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. friends. I really need to push myself to do stuff. Alex February 11. Well. Even though I am very good at what I do. and I have produced results at every job. # I need to make it perfect It takes me a while to push things out. 2) I fear that I am not skilled/knowledgable enough to charge people money for my expertise. 2.) I fear having to “screw” someone else over in order to make a buck. Reply Cicero Zandona February 11. **I need to focus on my current commitments** I’m the very active head of my student organization (senior in college). I was able to work a 40+ hour full-time job. or treat someone unfairly. 2011 at 1:57 am 1) I need to be more financially secure before I go rocking the boat. the leader of my senior design team. I will just give up before themoney comes. **I need to secure a job using my degree before I can earn on the side** I’m going into a major transition phase in my life (graduating from college in May) and am focused on making sure my short-term future is secure. even though I know this is not true. so I’ll constantly research and dig and dig and dig until I’m blue in the face i finally think I have what it takes 2) I have a fear of embarrassment and making myself look lousy and like an idiot. The “planets” are not aligned 3. I need to kick myself into gear and realize that now is always the best time. 3. I fear my customers will ‘know better’ and see flaws in my work 2.) I fear failure. I will take away my focus on the day job path. 3) I fear that I am not being sufficiently charitable/generous if I charge for “helping out” a friend or coworker in an area of interest (tutoring. etc). I don’t need to risk financial security (whatever that means) in the pursuit of my 1K idea. I’ve had opportunities to make strong impressions and develop connections. push things out 80% and show the world what I can do. editing. most of the time people really like it already without me having to go on till its done for 95%. I am so busy with others that I forget to focus on my own stuff. and get married without losing my sanity (despite my family’s attempts to destroy it no less!). 3) I probably can’t handle the amount of work necessary to have multiple streams of income and a full-time job. History would beg to differ. I need a way to force myself to only do stuff 80%. 2011 at 1:30 am 1. I know that 80% of the work takes 20% of the time. and coworkers.. I really like the kick of the end result. 2011 at 2:21 am 85 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . attend job interviews in that city. and in an active job search. I’ve always had a steady job and had good grades in my math and CS courses. Plus.. that is doing ok. 2011 at 1:32 am 1. # I also want what he/she haves Often I catch myself thinking that I also want what that guys/girl has or is doing. but I usually come out of it with a calm. there’s that little voice that is convinced I’ll fumble when trying to be confident and negotiate an offer. let alone much Ambiguous and fearful. going on for days and there are times when I can’t seem to find the energy. Well I don’t see that happening with me. I know that I can get a lot done if I would just focus on my own stuff. 2) I’m just not that good at what I do. even if it isn’t something that in my field of expertise or I am working for. You are always your worst critic. Reply Taylor February 11. People say if you are really passionate you can do everything and have natural energy. I feel like once I’m out of college and have a more steady schedule–then I can try and earn money on the side. but somehow I always work till its 95% their. there is stuff I do naturally but there is also stuff I really need to kick myself to do. Reply Abdul A February 11. zen-like level head. I don’t even know where I’m going to be 3 months from now–is it wise to try to make progress in earning on the side now? Reply Robyn Perry February 11. I’ve been to conferences. Reply Carter Bailey February 11. I’ll never find the end. That takes so much time that often I don’t get around to do other stuff. 2011 at 1:19 am 1) I fear that my ideas have “already been done. 2011 at 1:58 am 1.

That somehow going through college and law school and not being the best in either means I’m not going to be the best later.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. in the way that someone bigger. –Most of all I fear that I will fail– I really don’t understand why I have this fear. Yet still I fear I will fail. I feel uncomfortable thinking about offending some of my original clients. effort. I’ll actually be helping them. I can take a meeting – I have lots of ideas – but no degree in marketing and little “proof” of my results. On top of that if I feel if it can’t be perfect then I’m more likely to just pull the plug and give up before I even give it a proper chance. 2. I want it (whatever it is. Money or lack of money or a fear of the lack of money to start or maintain a business Reply Nate February 11. (2) That selling is sleazy. the system/background/context/preparation work) to be complete and perfect before it is public. it’s probably wanting it to be perfect before I am able to experiment with anything which ends up holding everything back as I am held back by miniscule details. I’m afraid I won’t be able to balance making cash on the side with my part-time job and school. I’m not a natural man. 86 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I can finish a book – baby steps. There is always time to improve and adapt while in progress. article by article – but will it be a book someone wants to publish? Purchase? Read? Reply Alex F February 11. I had really fallen down on the task of getting new clients. and if I fail I will look like an idiot. I know that failing fast can save lots of time. I need to go take action now and get my hands dirty. though! Reply Brad February 11. 3. But I’m getting over this – the more I think about niching my market down. 2. I am afraid that they ask me to do things for them because my rates are cheap and some money is better than none if they stop hiring me – this is rather silly since I have had a couple of people tell me that I should charge more. that is eating my lunch and creating no return. If my idea sucks. my idea sucks. And I’m only 27. I did just nab one today. but until I started the hustling course. I’m also petrified I won’t be able to find clients. Reply Katie February 11. When I was still in university I destroyed most of my classmates with an outstanding understanding and display of skills throughout class projects. It’s not really the failure itself that I’m afraid of. but I actually do think that’s the biggest thing holding me back. no one will want to hire me. It’s that. 2011 at 3:37 am My biggest 3 fears are: (1) Failure. He still has plenty of work from what I hear but apparently some people think he is full of himself. 3. There is no reason for me to think this way because I’m continually praised for doing a amazing work at company that requires highly skilled people. If I raise my prices people will think that I am getting big headed – I have heard this said about someone who started off in a different field with low prices and raised them as he got better. I would be already. 3. How do I know that? I don’t. I get excited about one idea. I know it sounds dumb. stay up late thinking about it. I just make up a baseless argument and convince myself that I’ll fail. I know that failure is the best way to improve. I’m petrified I’ll run out of money (I am living mostly on student loans. which is a great way to get no where fast. and I get no financial support from my familyand can’t rely on them for emergency backup).– This fear is driving from nothing. 2011 at 2:40 am 1. –I fear I don’t have the drive and determination of a type A person to “go go go!” and get things done. I have too many ‘good’ ideas and i end up starting a few and finishing none. People will know about it. and then wake up the next day with an empty head. 3. Reply Nader February 11. 2. That if I was going to be successful. I think the main reason behind this fear is that I just haven’t tried.. To me a job isn’t finished until it is perfect. they wont feel ripped off at all. 2011 at 3:31 am –I fear I don’t have the right level of skills required to compete in the market. 2. I don’t have the right contacts and the people that I want to have as contacts won’t be interested in talking to me /getting to know me – this is all about my getting over my fear of starting conversations/making contact with people I don’t know yet like many others have commented. the more I realize that if I find my ideal customer. I tutor. with a louder voice would command attention. It was interesting to me to see how quickly these fears became clear in my head as soon as I tried to put words to them – it didn’t take much effort to get them to burst right out of my brain. If I raise my prices. 2011 at 3:01 am 1. 2011 at 3:34 am 1. and that I’ll be ripping people off. -I fear that I’m not stubborn enough to get anything done. I think I need to not only understand but apply the idea that while quality is important it doesn’t need to be perfect the first time around. -I fear that I’m too old.– This goes back to my previous fear. 1. In essence. Reply ila February 11. It’s that people will know it was my idea that is what scares I’m in professional school. 2011 at 2:27 am -I fear that I don’t have presence. I’ll be putting myself out there. This is probably the script which causes me to lose motivation before initiating properly. Is it something much deeper than this? Is it the fact that I haven’t failed in this area yet? I think it’s that initial bar that is the hardest meet. by beginning a freelancing idea.. and money. My kids wind up on food stamps and my partner shakes his head and calls me an idiot while I grind away to build something from the ground up that I am paying into with sweat equity. I have failed countless times in other areas of my life.

Reply La Rae Hayes February 11. including volunteering and helping people. 2011 at 3:39 am 1. I guess I don’t trust myself not to screw it up again. 2. 2011 at 4:21 am 1. beacuse I’m afraid they won’t think I’m able to do the work I want to. QiGong. 2011 at 3:37 am I’d have to say that I have definitely gotten over a lot of fear recently. instead of being too small. I will first have to be financially free. Far. So that is what I am working towards! Reply Aaron February 11. go to school full time. I have been so afraid of being left behind I haven’t moved on. But when I thought more about it. Usually I wouldn’t do anything to challenge/question it. even in a civil manner. My skills and experience are not valuable outside of my current day job. I don’t really want anything to do with the temp company anymore. However-now. That’s what I have to make sure what I put out there is. However. This left my social life lacking. Reply Jill Astley February 11. I can start delivering today if I needed to. Singing. that fear was because I was afraid of letting prospects know that I’m not set up already with a big company and lots of capital. When I got let go from my second Temp job. especially with authority figures. it was probably cause they didn’t like especially if I didn’t want to do it or I wasn’t gungho about it. Especially in college. and when I started working on my social life my status in the program deteriorated because I went full tilt the other way. that could be true. 3. 2011 at 4:42 am 1. for apparently not working overtime (at a factory. in a small tight knit department. where there is lots of talent. not daydreaming about what huge projects I want to do eventually. 2011 at 4:44 am #1.This is possible. and now I have started my own small business. Like finishing my MFA. 2. The ideas I have for freelancing are simple. 3. if I don’t do the work of figuring out what will be successful and just start without planning – useful planning. have experience supervising and running a before and after care program. 3. or will be pirated. A lot of the knowledge I need for them. Improvisational Dance/Theater.. Now I pretty much haven’t done anything with the theatre in about 2 years. Is there anything I could have done differently to change the outcome? What do you think I need to improve on for this position? 4.) I didn’t ask my contact person to ask about it. I am extremely qualified as a babysitter because I am actually going to school for Early Childhood Education. I have started a new small business and have been pouring time into it. I’ve already made a lot of business and money management mistakes. I am too small to be taken seriously by the businesses I want to import from. connection. #3. I should be charging at least $10/ an hour (at least I’ve never been given anything more than this). or when I have questions about our last interaction. I will call the person looking to interview me and schedule an interview for the company. This will most likely make it easier to get that since it will just be on my card and I don’t actually have to ask for it. but most of the time it was lacking from putting it off. I realize that even if I was moving in a wrong direction it would be easier to change direction than being stuck and not moving at all. or will even use your product without any payment – but there is a market out there of people who are willing to pay good money for an awesome product. Fear of selling my soul. Grief. #2. I can ace any phone interaction but my confidence dissolves face to face. Reply Renee February 11. I am going to fight hard and know I put my best foot forward. I am will start asking people for feedback when something doesn’t go how I expect it to. I will do something wrong and waste my savings and in the end nothing will have changed. and use the briefcase technique to try to get $10/hour. I always thought I was inferior and would self sabotage with procrastination. . If a professor gave me a bad grade when I was sure I didn’t deserve it. again. However. This is a major issue because I AM in fact super low on time. I’m afraid of being a life long corporate yes man. What if I get into the middle of the project/process and realize I hate it and then I have commitments and obligations I dread fulfilling? 3. The problem is I need to find a way to reach my ideal customers. I will put a lot of time and money into a software product which won’t sell. 2. so I could grow. This has been there I don’t know how long. one that I would actually like working at. 2. I’ve never proven what I think is actually possible. One I USED to have was that I was against businesses and I wanted nothing to do with businesses. and I recently quit a job I hated to work at a bank. Who the hell do I think I am anyway. and am certified in 1st aid/CPR. Sitting still has got me no wear. that I was afraid of making a big mistake at the first contact and ruining a business relationship. I am going feel free to bail on something if it isn’t working out. Print Advertising. I work full time. contacts. Who do I take out for lunch? Plus. I’m not good in social group settings. how does what I have to offer fit together anyway — Belly dance. Montana. -At first I had. Reply Maurice February 11. This is an issue for my side hustle. which is babysitting. so this script is no longer remotely plausible. but something Ramit talked about in the webinar last night really hit home with me – yes there are lots of whiny freeloaders out there who will only take what you give for free. now I am going to make business cards for myself that have $10/hour as my rate. but also afraid of failing at entrepreneurial pursuits. woo. My scripts: 1. I also am working on my side hustle as a babysitter.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. situation wise or money wise. time wise. I don’t have enough time.. but I’m afraid to ask people for that much. now I have freed up my time a bit by quitting my full time job and am switching back to part time. Plus I’m living in ‘Podunk’ Dillon. 87 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . far away from the real action. (3) Not knowing where to get started. 4. I am afraid to ask people to pay me what I feel I’m worth. Fear of being left behind. Sometimes things turned out okay. even though I could probably get a job through them until I get something I want/enjoy. What if it does turn out wildly successful and then then business pulls all my energy and attention to the artistic projects that cheer my soul and feel like my first love. and especially not the factory I was working at. I see that the only way I can truly spend my time doing what I love. Taking things too personally. -Well. Not being as good as the next person. Having finished all but two classes for an intensive BFA where the majority of the professors thought if you weren’t in school or doing homework you should be in the theatre helping out in some way.

Or. make an investment and fail. And then my friends and family will think that I think that I am better than them. I am waiting for things to be calm and orderly BEFORE I take action. make an investment and SUCCEED. but really focusing on them without distractions and following the reasoning behind them to root causes was really useful. that means someone else failed. but I do enjoy cooperation and I can be very competitive with myself. People won’t believe I’m worth that much. My age is a minus to me. I don’t always remember that taking action PRODUCES the state of orderliness and calm. I know deep down that its more likely that I’m wasting by NOT taking action than taking the wrong action. I don’t know if someone would be willing to pay me for my My little stature makes me vulnerable. My idea won’t pan out and I will have wasted my time. #2.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. When I tell other that I’m to do something else that just working a regular job. I’m affraid I wont have any time left for my wife and myself I already having problem managing my time with my work (that sometime require me to work on week-end) and other thing of my life. This world very heavily favors the extrovert and business is very much based on interpersonal exchanges. take a risk. I will have at least learned something so I can make a better run on the next attempt. Even if the plan does not succeed.. 2011 at 5:37 am #1) I’m afraid to spend too much time on the wrong things #2) I need to get better at what I do before I start to charge people #3) Getting started will be complicated Reply Frank Barragan February 11. and which would lead me to a better financial and life place. I need to remember to play to my own strengths and test out ways to drive business that work for me. and I feel guilty like I somehow hurt that person. Reply Sara M February 11. twitter/FB account. Its a cycle that happen 2-3 time a year. Again! Fail! 3) I don’t know if there are people out there willing to pay me for my services. motivating results 2. 2011 at 4:54 am 1. I don’t deserve it. I am an introvert and not very competitive by nature. but it can be proven in other ways. everything then to stress me even if I tend not to show it. they say dude what for ? And they look at me like I’m a alien… Reply Eric February 11. I know this sounds convoluted. And worst of all. It seems that networking would be where it’s at. 2011 at 5:29 am 1. I don’t have the credentials or experience necessary. Reply Jennifer February 11. I thought I had a good handle on what I feared. 88 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . It’s probably not going to happen. take a risk. and I don’t want to make people feel badly. 2. But honestly thinking about this question made me start to brainstorm some answers. I’m not competitive and I don’t like ‘beating’ other people. 2011 at 4:57 am #1. I start try new tool. It is more a question of getting motivated and getting started in order to get the ball rolling.My job already take a lot of time. 2011 at 5:45 am 1) I’m not sure if I’m good enough to get paid for doing web design/development. If I succeed. But I’m not good at that. It’s not the right time / I’m already too overwhelmed.. my success causes other people to be more aware of their failures. Reply Ian K February 11. 3. I think this goes back to number 1 again. 2011 at 5:23 am 1. Then realize it take more time that I though I get decouraged and drop the whole thing. 2. 3. I don’t know exactly where I would start drumming up clients. I’m waiting for it often as a prerequisite.I’m a very “stressed” in general. However. I will start something. start a blog. I have worked on a few things for friends. I can use these strengths to drive things forward rather than getting down on what I’m not good at. I don’t have the personality to run a business. That requires only the hard work to put into it. but they have been pro-bono. It only takes one strong success to easily convince others and getting that opportunity for success only takes a really good plan for it. the fear is there. I’m afraid that if I start something else I’ll start to stress about it. I have no value to offer to professionals/older people. I’m not sure that they would be satisfied with the end product. And the idea of possibly proving “them” right makes me hesitant. I seem to think there is going to be a better time than right now to get a handle on things and begin constructively steering certain areas of my life. but I am 100% sure this idea is the main one preventing me from doing things that I know HOW to do. but nonetheless. I plan to use the ‘baby steps’ method and do small things regularly until I start to see some nice. I will start something. I WANT to do. Reply CR February 11. 2011 at 4:54 am 1. 3. This to me is the hard part. #3. Bonus : I’m afraid that I will fail and poeple will make fun of me. I fear someone laughing in my face when I propose how much they have to pay me for my services. Reply Christian February 11. They liked my work. 2. just because that is how most business is run does not mean it is the only way or the best way for me. And then everyone who ever told me I wasn’t going to be successful would be right. 2) I don’t know how I would get clients. but I’m still not confident that someone paying thousands of dollars for it would share the same feeling. new framework.I don’t know where to start Each time I got a idea that I try to do something with it I become paralyzed. It is so easy for a potential employeer/customer to look at a degree or certification as proof of expertise.

I find that I am procrastinating more. Yep. That they’ll see behind this persona I put up and realised that I’m not as sound in my domain/technology. have also been more reluctant to do fun things with the children (“gotta work. I may make mistakes and end up being liable for the damages caused. 2011 at 9:07 am 1. 2. I was gone. If I make a call. #2 – I’m afraid of failing at what I do try. and lots of positive feedback about my new business. This is really irrational since a) I won’t accept a contract that I am unable to fulfill. that is what I tell myself : ) Fear #2) I will enjoy my business so much that I will want to leave my family and devote all of my time to it – making money. 2011 at 10:30 am My fears are: Fear #1) I am afraid of earning the money I am capable of earning. but I simply didn’t find enough people to talk to. had a great time. And that holds me back in interviews.S. Ross February 11. Nobody dies from making telephone calls. Thanks Ramit. I just dabble #3 – I don’t want to be constrained by what a “job” represents. testing how well my services are received and how useful my services actually are in real life. Mom. very critical. I get emotional and feel rejected and I was just Mom and Wife (usually very important titles to me) with clingy children (yeah. followed leads. I know that iteration and testing are the fastest ways to get results. I am feeling the fear. losing in both areas! The 80/20 rule has been helpful when it has come to the household chores. Part of the evidence that I have this script is that I have lived at the “poverty level” for my entire adult life. although I am a highly creative. (i’m trying to get back into the work force after a sabattical). Since a young age I have staked a large amount of my self esteem based on being intelligent and successful. even technically. and I’m still scared I’m not good enough. I just want to do what I feel is necessary to be successful. I am afraid of failing. I want to make my own schedule and support myself. Father. that I face no real competition in my business. and then making the calls. I fear rejection. 2011 at 6:56 am I’m afraid people will think I’m not good enough. and a highly successful (seven figure income). My services may not measure up. I have tried it with different services and contacted different prospects. At least. 2011 at 6:50 am Script 1I don’t have the patience to explain to my wife my plans. I realized this fear after I returned home from some out of town for training. especially with follow up. so I don’t. Reply Simon February 11. This prevents me from optimizing my pitch. If I don’t offer my services at the price the prospect asks for. Thank you Ramit for this great exercise!! it’s very eye opening. With my new business. and i’ve consistently delivered.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I don’t want to be rejected by my wife about plans for making making more money to pay off my debts and increase my savings. This is knowing very well. 2011 at 6:29 am #1 – I am afraid I will go broke and into debt if I commit to any one thing too completely. I got more scared to call. I am not good enough to fulfill my client’s needs. People may not enjoy the session and may spread the word that it was a waste of time. but always broke. I have lots of time to make this happen but can’t focus on where to start Reply Andre February 11. anyway. intelligent and skilled person. I was able to generate leads. 2011 at 8:46 am 1. (clean clothes and 89 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . all my co-workers look up to me. This led to a downward spiral of fear – and of income. and no one asks you to organise something again. leaving me more time for work. 2011 at 6:00 am 1. I feel that failing at something will reduce self esteem and cause me to lose stature among my friends and family. Reply Stewart Ward February 11. etc. Logically. or after a meeting with a prospect if they do not respond to me it makes me very sad. So. 3. the attention. These were people who had given me their contact information so that I could call them for an appointment! Talk about self-sabotage! Of course. often absent. “I am useless at organisation” This is a myth that I have perpetuated in my life. 2. 2. I won’t find enough clients who pay for my services. by myself. and yet. or that I dont know how to handle the situation. When I got home. P. Since I returned home.. but was afraid to follow up on them for the appointments. after all”). This exercise has allowed me to put these fears in words for the first time. it may go to somebody else or they may just choose not to do it at that cost. dishes. I am afraid of choosing the wrong idea. This fear manifested itself in a big way when I sold cosmetics for a big name company. as the leads grew colder. probably due to laziness – organise something poorly. Reply Head February 11. and cooking to do. for a week. I think this comes from having divorced parents: a free-spirited.. I may lose out on the business. I think this also comes from my experience with my Father. whether it is going back to school at age 43 or sinking what is left of my savings into a venture. Reply Heather E. they missed me) laundry. Reply Richa February 11. However. Sigh. Reply Bhuvana February 11. acknowledging it. 3. and b) I do have a freelancer liability insurance. fears are not rational. “fun”. and i’ve consistently been rated the top in my team. But I don’t emotionally like the idea of potentially repeated failures before I get to the right one. And this is though I have PG degrees from the Best Indian Institutes. I don’t want to engage in work I love that takes me to locations I enjoy but also takes me away from my son.

The irony is that I love to analyze businesses. But implementation is my issue. 2. I also don’t know if making more money will necessarily make me happier. but they can only do so much. and have set hours. so I’m afraid I’m going to expose too much or not hack-proof the site enough. 2. I was really good at both. 3. 2011 at 2:51 pm 90 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I always had someone else to do the fancy stuff. well. What would you do to change it?: I should probably stop analyzing things so much. my personality. and then my partner and I will sit down and develop sales goals. and bathrooms are the 20% effort. I feel like people are always looking at me thinking “What wasted potential!!” I don’t want people thinking I’m too good at something because when I choose to stop (out of fear of being too good and people having too many expectations of me). explore side businesses. etc). this way. It sounds better when people ask me what I do. I feel like although they were earning more money. dishes. but I don’t necessarily know if I will be able to deal with everything that that entails i. training for a marathon. 2011 at 1:33 pm There’s a project I’m working on at the moment that I am certain will make me ridiculous amounts of money. now. But getting through the execution stage is my main issue. I guess bottom line. although on a much larger scale than I. Fear #3) I will find out that I am a fraud. instead of. Reply Jason February 11. and my schedule. a gym I own on the side.e.. My second fear is that the company will get so big I can’t handle it and then it will crumble and people will sue me. but I’ve always been working FOR someone. for whom I never measured up. People will buy it first because it works better and for less money than the couple competitors I have.. Reply Chai February 11. is stop at “Stopping Time”. which is what he did. I hate the dirty looks I feel like I get.” I am grateful for this assignment! Reply Jay February 11. whether or not I choose to see it. I don’t know everything there is to know about web security and best practices. even if I’m thrown off the deep end. I still waste just as much time on email/nonsense as I used to…and when I really focus. I think this goes back to critical Father. I’ll probably have a lot less free time. 80% result. rather than having to continue to work at it — and *not* make any money (even though I’m well aware of the fact that I’m trading time for dollars. people are always so disappointed in me. What would I do to change this?: I’ve moved a couple times and I’ve studied away from my family. I know this because the woman who contracted me to build her a utility for her business told me after it was done that I could sell it for ridiculous amounts of money to other people in her industry. when I don’t know what it will bring me. and a positive. I will finish the one piece we want to get working quickly. 2011 at 12:44 pm 1. When my parents became significantly wealthier than they were before. “Umm. Hahaha Okay typing this out makes me feel a little crazy for thinking this way. I help my clients to achieve their dreams”. 2011 at 12:26 pm Not enough time/too busy – A poor excuse…I always manage to make time for the things I really care about.. the energy. Funny thing is. I’m a tinkerer by nature. I will always be improving it. Content where I am/doing what I’m doing – blatent lie that I sometimes tell myself to feel better about my job Not enough energy – this is just an excuse… Unsure what direction to take – This is a big one.) (3) Building a team I believe would help me. This fear has kept me from telling my close associates. and apply better practices to them. and are now part of family time. 2011 at 1:06 pm (1) I have 101 ideas — and they’re all brilliant. Earning more and being more successful will mean that people will have higher expectations of me. and stop caring so much about what other people think. I don’t need to make it all shiny and glittery to get people to sell it. and do it anyway”. Also. The “How” is a giant roadblock. and all it’s doing is crippling me. but I never want to stop. this is another example of needing to “feel the fear. I work from home. Reply Matthew February 11. nutritious food. For example. I can’t get the product to a stage that I feel like I can sell it yet. I don’t want to necessarily give up what I have for this new life. and now that I’m not into it anymore. This notion makes me realize that. to say.I’m scared to lose what I have. and decide on the framework we would use to code with. That’s almost a fear of failure disguised as a fear of success. and energetic career coaching. This is a lie that I keep telling myself. I am gaining confidence by practicing my “Me in 30 Seconds” speech. not just “Mom’s job”) The other thing I will do. The set up takes time and for me it’s much easier just to pick up another job. I sabotage myself frequently so I’m not “too” successful. and focus more on what I want. but I don’t think I’m spending my time in the right areas — the areas that yield results. I . a wife with a baby on the way. So it’ not that I’m afraid to try new things. ” I provide creative. other parts of their lives seemed to start falling apart. I feel as though the best course of action is to take a few simple steps in each direction (apply for jobs in SF & London at the same time. 1. I currently have 3 jobs (multiple streams of income *wink-wink*) but I would like to have a product or service that works for me in the background. optimistic attitude — I just can’t seem to figure out the process to fully implement and see it through to the end. If I automate production of the product into my a different country and city where I knew no one. I have been working as a programmer for 10 years. classical dancing and singing.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. I’m scared of making a new change that might screw something up. and I stop doing it. and coach clients to greater focus and success. Whenever I’m good at something. I have the For me. I’m a great at delegation. I can take the path that seems most attractive with more information to back it up. (2) I need to figure out a resolute unyielding process that will fit me. like make sure the site was secure. I want to earn more. I also am worried I might make the wrong choice and fail. make sure the server was redundant. I currently have a virtual assistant. I’ll have to be a lot more organized and responsible (which I’m told I’m not really capable of doing). focused. I will implement strategies #2 ($1000 Break – snow play with children?)and #1 ( Time Diary – Do productivity dense activities) from IWT Susan Su’s Time and Motivation presentation from Earn 1K. What’s the next step? Should I stay in London or move back to SF? Should I stay at my job or go to a new one? Should I start another “side business” and try to generate income that way? At this point. I manage to create time out of thin air! Fear underlies all this at some level. This will be the easiest to solve. People will buy it. the will. I’ll write ideas down. one step back” in my life. and extended family what I am doing for my business. I feel like there’s a lot of “Two steps forward. Too many other things going on – a full time job. So then I guess I need to realize that making more money won’t mean that other things in my life will start going south. and I hate that. With goal setting and accountability. Reply Lucy February 11. it will get done. help people with their job search. and it was a really great experience. Something that keeps coming back to my mind is that I’ve never done the architecture myself.

2011 at 4:01 pm I have idea.. but no one will ever want to read my books. 1.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. It causes other justifications why I can’t do it… Hmm. So. I have been dabbling in this business which is offering a phenomenal product and an amazing income opportunity at a ground-floor level for almost 3 years because I am afraid of becoming “that girl” and irritating and upsetting everyone I know. many of them long-term clients and family of friends. So… this can take care of itself. if I’m paid more.” Because they are my friends and would never outright say “Oh my gawd. 2011 at 7:07 pm I am pretty good with my finances from a traditional 9-5 job point of view. I have some initial steps in mind.I realise it only now after I have the 5-minute brainstorm. 2011 at 6:31 pm #1 I don’t feel I have the time. 3. but I don’t know where the money is going to come from to pay the people to build the product for me (it’s software. I am afraid that other will ridicule me for my failure. I have not worked on my non-fiction book or the 2nd non-fiction project I have in mind. they will stop being my friend. 2. i’m doing it for the exercise of it) Script #1 – If I call all the people on my list. Reply ADoodle February 11. obviously. self-examining. My current job is paid per line and it requires I dedicate myself to it more than 8 hours per day to make a decent living. (I’m in direct sales-think Tupperware).com/privatelist/invisible-scripts/?awt_l=MKZRB&awt_m=. It is harder to do that in a work environment of my own creation. then failing with. Script #2 – I would never be able to maintain $50/hour rates or enough clients to maintain a livable income. and. every single one of them will not only hate me. My current clients. I’m not entirely sure what I need to do to get my other business idea off the ground. Reply Christina February 11. (The internal father figure saying “Quit dreaming and get to work with your ‘real’ job”) 2) Finding the limits of what I am capable of doing. I will have to produce better products – and I don’t think I have the talent for that. Going through the Goals worksheet helped me realize how ridiculous it sounds/feels to me to say “In one year I will be working 5 hours a week at $100/hour. You asked for a story! Reply Andy February 11. I realized I had this because I finally shared that finished novel with a few people and every time I see them I wait for them to say “I finished your book. and discovering that I am not that creative and talented after all.” It has manifested by me not actually doing anything productive towards launching myself to the general public to get this idea off the ground. 2011 at 6:55 pm (I know this is much delayed. I pondered my inability to force myself to get on the phone for months and talked it out with some good friends who let me ramble. I’m good but is it enough? What if I do something to make myself look dumb? Everyone’s always lauding the program I graduated from because it’s top-ranked. I am afraid that I will become broke and homeless.. “I’m not really obsessed with anything ambitious” – is the key script. #3 I don’t like selling to people Reply Sean February 11. and I’m not a programmer) because I’m in debt. or maybe a 9th grader. 2011 at 6:54 pm 1) How do I balance ambition (making money) with simple living? 2) Fear of failure and rejection 3) Fear of the motive of earning money may control important life decisions in my personal life. I started another in January. I can combat this by hiring people who can do the work better for me. Reply Andrey February 11. what others would perceive as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. I am afraid that I will be fired from my current job for moonlightng and conflict of interest. 2011 at 4:24 pm 1. 3) Finding that value I can bring to others is not actually worth very much. 2. I have not returned to my second novel to continue working on it. 3. 2011 at 7:09 pm 1. they will yell at me and make me feel bad. it is easy to excuse performance limits on the job environment. I blog sporadically. I haven’t done much to make up for this self-perceived skill deficiency and 91 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . or family friends. I am a very self-aware.. I have a non-fiction book started in a notebook that has been laying around for over a year. Reply PureMouse February 11. that book SUCKED!” So I have not edited or looked at my book since I finished it. but not only is it better late than never. Script #3 – I write like a 5th grader. but for years I have wanted to break through the constraints of a day job with outside source(s) of income. The scripts that hold be back from pursuing this dream: 1) I fear looking foolish following. inrospective person. will leave me if I raise my rates. but can’t sacrifice the time away from my job. If I start charging more. because I process best out loud.. In a standard 9 – 5 job. they will tell me no. I also feel like I’m not worth raising my rates – even though they’ve been the same for 5 years. I continue to blog only sporadically. Reply Michelle Steinke February 11. It was ok. #2 I haven’t found a product or service that I feel would benefit other people enough to charge them. but I feel I hardly learned anything since many professors don’t excel at teaching and I didn’t put in enough effort. I finished a novel in November. I would love to get something that pays better. BUT I can’t focus on it because I am not motivated enough because I have enough money for basic needs and I’m not really obsessed with anything ambitious above basics.

embrace failure. 2. Recently I met an alum from my school who referred me to a friend of his and gave me his number. a self-confidence issue.” I write workouts every week. i. etc. products that will eventually become landfill. 3. 2011 at 11:00 pm 1. she makes about 10% of what I do. If history is any predictor of the past I know that I will stick with my idea for a week or two. you have to make the time and its time for me to finally do that. I am not marketable — This is a demonstration of the lack of self-confidence. but constantly complains that there’s not enough money for better insurance. The relationship dynamic is very difficult for me. 2011 at 10:39 pm 1) I have no ideas that are worth pursuing. One side of my brain says I should be charging $100/session. because I know I deliver at least that much value. something which generates them more money than they pay me for. I hate failing — It’s hard to embrace failing when the world always root for success. I buy online courses all the time.” I’ve been a personal trainer for 20 years. when you know it’ll get abandoned like the other ideas” 2) I’m afraid that my ideas are too simplistic and not ambitious enough:-they’ll take a fair amount of time to develop and start selling. I’m robbing a lot of valuable lessons from myself. but I don’t know how to get it to market. ‘what do you have to offer that isn’t already out there?’ I enrolled in a business coaching program. 2011 at 9:41 pm 1. for a new calling someone I don’t know paralyzes me. and began taking some small actions. and run the fitness programs for two different exclusive health clubs. I have no list. At least in email I can be more eloquent and in person I can gauge their nonverbal responses and pause to collect my thoughts. There is never enough time. and she asked.” My wife is a dream killer. but will only give me a poor income. but with my current financial situation think that I should spend my time on something else that will make me more money. I worry people will realize I’m a fraud. 2011 at 12:05 am “I’m not good enough. yet they drive BMWs and Hummers. I have wondered if I self-limit my own earnings because it means I can’t afford to make a change in my relationship status.That bothers me on some level. I think this then limits one’s new ideas. I don’t follow things through — Stop overthinking. Hmm.. Clearly. but the other side says I’d lose my clients. By playing it too safe and never allowing myself the opportunity to fail. Unfortunately. no doubt. “Why even spend time thinking about business idea X. Every time I get excited about something and begin to take action.e. someone is already paying me to do something that for them. No real online presence. The relationship only feeds my own self-doubt – because I allow it to. so I quit before I really start trying. she sh*ts on the idea. Yet. 3) I’m afraid that some of my business ideas will just fill the World up with even more information. Instead. I still want to do the project. Start small and see where it goes Reply Andrew Eaton February 12. Reply Jim February 11. I’m fearful I will let my negative self talk get in my way Every single one of these are just an excuse. it’s been good to get these scripts out of my head and onto paper/screen – it’s giving me ideas already about how to overcome them. I was personally selected to run the fitness/exercise component because my partner believes in me… and I’m having 92 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I’ve already spent time and money engineering a way to produce a product for a market I know exists. “I have no support. I continue to suffer a disconnect… I know several idiots in my field who couldn’t train a dog to sit. because I have self-doubt. but then I don’t even go through them! Again. I’ve come up with lots of little great business ideas but didn’t pursue most of them because even though I liked the ideas. or even a fair amount in some cases. (I did raise my rates last year – for some by $10/session. but with a rapidly increasing World population the fact that a lot of the things I would like to make and sell are unsustainable stops me.. technical skills that I can use. I’m afraid of committing to an idea and then losing interest in it. and no-one batted an eye… yet I still cringe at the idea of doing it again a year later) “I don’t know enough. I’m an engineer and like to make stuff. 2. but have never committed to following through to see if they would make money. In a nutshell. Reply Chris Brooks February 11. 1) I’m afraid I’ll spend time developing my business ideas only to either get distracted and start on something else. but I think is too small to ever make much money from. but then loose interest. 2.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. 3. Food for thought. or find that people don’t like my products/ services and I will have wasted that time. I couldn’t work up the courage to cold-call this guy for an informational interview and knew I’d need to get past his secretary too. 3) Afraid that if I start something and it fails that it will kill my budget and leave me broke. but it’s probably time for some action instead! Jim Reply Cindy February 11. I am completely aware that I am better educated and more experienced than 9 of every 10 trainers I know. I just need to translate that skill set into something of value to other people. Reply Rahn Amitai February 11. 2) I have no real marketable. 2011 at 7:29 pm Hello. I’ve passed 6 national certification courses. or worse. I don’t believe I can compete with the mass of information that is already available. I don’t believe that my customers will see more in me than I do. I began writing a book two years ago. I’ll have to be social and talk to people I don’t know and it will be awkward for me. This script means I have a whole list of business ideas that I have worked a little on. I would be out of job if I’m not marketable. Just do it. I have enough material for a book full of follow-along workouts that would take six months to finish. I wasn’t interested enough in them to want to do it long-term. I have for years. I recently entered into a partnership to develop a new venture. she told me that I’ve had the same dreams for 10 years and they’re never going to come true. Interesting exercise Ramit. and contributes none of it to the household/family. I don’t have the cash to start it 3.

I don’t know enough people or the right people. Thanks to everyone who also shared. which would make these my first priority. but I don’t see them being worth the time. I’m not good at talking with people and I’m afraid that this will prevent me from succeeding. and the limited professional experience I have is very specialized and I’m unsure how I would be able to apply it to create a secondary source of income.) I need to have a web-site and some testimonials (which can be had from free clients) before people will actually give me work. I will get over my fear of debt! But I HATE to owe anybody ANYTHING! 2. it just takes more time) 3) I don’t have anything good enough to offer. maintaining personal relationships that are lacking my attention as it is currently. I don’t feel I deserve payment for what I offer…it’s like I’m not good enough to speak-up. and knowledgeable. which at times requires a lot of attention. so I’m doing my best to work through my own self-sabotaging beliefs. It’s not ladylike to make a lot of money Reply Joy February I realize that I am not alone in limiting myself! Reply Joe February 12. articulate. Take for instance the fact that I’m writing a response to this thread three days after Ramit originally sent the email. but how do I get people to pay for that? Who do I market to? Will I give people enough value for what I’m wanting to charge? 2) I don’t have enough time. I’m not good at talking with people and I’m afraid that this will prevent me from succeeding. On a Friday night. 2011 at 12:26 am My fears are not unique — they boil down to time. 2. Since my interests and attention are so varied. Reply Thomas February 12. gender. I really don’t have deep expertise in any one area. but having no problem blurting it out in a more relaxed atmosphere because I’m not shy by any means. To change this: I will use different/tech savvy marketing & promotion methods since it’s been a year and I know A LOT more people who could benefit from what I sell. I’m proficient in writing and editing technical reports. Especially considering most of the assignments for school involve team assignments. Next.) If I focus in free-lancing than my job will suffer which is my bread and butter and I will be neither here nor there. 1) I don’t have enough time to start a/multiple side businesses. I have debts to pay off and am barely making enough to cover expenses right now. despite being run poorly. And I probably would have not gotten to it tonight if I had something better to do at the moment. I could use more general skills I have to create some side income. I fear that people will look at me but won’t take me seriously because of my image. 2011 at 9:42 am 1. and I’m already struggling to keep up. 3) I’m running out of excuses. Lastly. I don’t want to have yet another thing that interferes with my family time — a thing which I already think is too short 2) I can’t spare the money to set up a business if it fails. 2011 at 2:47 am 1) I don’t have an idea that will add value or get people to separate with enough of their money to make it worth my time. desk. then it will fail because I don’t market/promote right. I will go into debt to start & run the business. 2011 at 4:12 am It’s crass to make a lot of money.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. Reply DEB February 12. My ordinary fear is compounded by the fact that I live in a country where I’m 93 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM .) I need to have a blog and some brand value before I start charging people. To change this: I will just speak up – I don’t care what people think any other time. money. I’m afraid to promote the products I sell. Reply Thomas February 12. I stay updated on my products and the latest items/changes in the industry. 2. the hardest time staying driven because everything in my brain is telling me that it will never work. If I invest a bunch of money in a business and it fails. I realized I had this script because it’s haunted me every single time I thought of moving forward with other business ideas. This script came from not being taken seriously – or being ignored even though I was correct – it made me feel inadequate and undeserving. when I think about it. inbox).. I’m terrified to disappoint my partner. I’ve been out of school less than two years. Finally. Any time I take takes time away from my family. because I could dig myself out of a hole. I will show those I know how they can benefit and ask for referrals. It’s happened before which is why I’m in $10K debt now. I can’t charge much) for services Reply Sean February 12. There are things more important than money. it will be problematic (but honestly. even though the model exists elsewhere and is profitable. For instance. and belief that I can add value. It would be difficult to prioritize between commitments I have made to clients and school work. I am afraid of putting a lot of time into developing a product/service and then being unable to make money from it. It’s not that my products were bad – in fact everyone who tried or purchased them loved them – it’s that I didn’t know how to get the word out and I was too scared. so I don’t feel like I can charge (or if I can charge. But I feel stuck…as if I can’t move to the next venture until I know I’ve given the current one another try – at least with improved marketing. I am intelligent. and nationality. I feel disorganized and am afraid of failing to deliver on promises/commitments due to stuff getting lost or forgotten in the general mess (room. 3. 2011 at 10:28 am I reread the instructions and realized I didn’t say enough: 1. 3. 2011 at 3:25 am 1. Reply Ajay February 12. I realized I had this script when someone else asked why I speak so timidly when offering my solution to a problem in a professional setting. I’m also currently working toward getting my MBA. 2011 at 12:08 am 1. this one comes back to time as well.

Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money

not a native speaker of the language. This fear of social interaction has led me to pursue internet-based ideas, even though I know my best opportunities to make money would be in dealing with local people directly. Half of this problem will be gone soon, as I’m moving back to my home country, but I still need to get over my fear of talking to people, especially when its trying to sell something. 2. I feel disorganized and am afraid of failing to deliver on promises/commitments due to stuff getting lost or forgotten in the general mess. Case in point how late I am to do the homework for this day of the course. I didn’t even open the email until today, and I still have day 4 and 5 waiting in the inbox. My room and workspace are messy and when I walk home to the mess I just don’t feel like doing anything. I know from past experience that when my workspace is clean, I feel better and can think more clearly. I just can’t seem to keep everything clean and organized. I have a couple hours to myself everyday after work, and I tell myself that this is the only time I have to relax and I don’t want to waste my precious relax time with cleaning, organizing, or otherwise doing what I should be doing. I know how to fix this. I need to find a way to make cleaning my workspace the default activity I do when I get home from work. 3. I am afraid of putting a lot of time into developing a product/service and then being unable to make money from it. My friend and I built a webapp that is offered as a free service, and we plan to introduce a premium service soon. I’m not confident it will work out and be profitable. If I start a freelance business, I’m worried about similarly putting a lot of effort into developing my service and not make any money from it.. Reply TinaLouise February 12, 2011 at 11:58 am 1. Fear of failure – why do I let this hold me back? there is NO good reason, I guess it’s something we are conditioned to feel 2. Self doubt – I know I have a lot to offer but somehow that little voice creeps in…. 3. Fear of rejection – as I read this I think how dumb am I being?! Reply karen February 12, 2011 at 12:14 pm 1) if I am successful, I will end up alone…usually successful people have more friends than fewer friends… 2) I don’t know where to start–how to find a good idea that doesn’t require that I am involved in every step of the process-such as making things and selling them… 3) I don’t want to get tied down to something…I am tired down now to a job I hate–asting my precious life… Reply Dan February 12, 2011 at 2:01 pm 1. Fear of failure, but not of failing itself but rather of letting somebody else (or myself) down. What if I can’t deliver on a promise? What if I mess up something important that somebody is relying on? This scares me. The thing is, I have successfully done some crazy things which I never thought I’d be able to do (eg, I built a billing system for telcos in my last job, something that if it went wrong could cost people a lot of money) and theres never been any problems I wasn’t prepared for or capable of dealing with. Knowing this still doesn’t make it any easier for me. 2. Fear of doing the wrong thing and then being tied down. I have a lot of inter-related interests that I have trouble living without – if I try, my mind quickly wanders and I find myself spending time tinkering about with one other than what I _should_ be working on. I’m afraid that if I dedicate my time to something to build a business around it, that I’ll be too busy or tied down to spend time with all the many other things I like to tinker with (you know, and still have a normal life besides ). what if I chose the wrong thing? What if working on that other thing would make me happier? 3. A lot of other things scare me too: what if I can’t find anybody else to work with (as I wrote in a comment above, I work much better with others), what if I don’t know enough about business (I’m a techie, not a business guy…) or law or banking or whatever. What if I’m not organized enough or not motivated enough or can’t keep to the deadlines. I am terribly disorganized a lot of the time and spend too much time procrastinating, which in turn only makes things worse because then I really am under time pressure, which is demoralizing and.. makes you procrastinate even more. Life is full of vicious cycles! Reply Raina February 12, 2011 at 3:40 pm 1. Fear of losing all my ‘me/family’ time. I’ve spent a lot of years with extremely weekends/free nights while studying fulltime and working and raising a family single-handed; and now I work fulltime but have managed to have some nights and weekends off. If I grow my freelancing business then I’m scared I won’t have any of that time anymore. 2. Being isolated. I don’t want to give up my dayjob as a) I enjoy it immensely and b) I enjoy the contact with other people, and the nature of freelancing means long hours working alone often. Now I think about this, there are ways around it, such as co-locating with other freelancers, but these options are expensive, and the times don’t always work out well for me. 3. Putting all my ‘eggs’ into the proverbial freelancing basket, and then not having the fulltime job to fall back on. As a sole parent, I’m really aware that I need to not take huge risks that can impact negatively on my family, so I would like to keep my uni job and keep the time I spend on contract work manageable until I know for sure that it is going to work out. Reply Melissa February 12, 2011 at 4:21 pm 1. I might fail miserably. I know it’s better to try, but the thought of putting everything I have into my business and winding up having less than I do now, scares the hell out of me! 2. I’m not good enough. Naysayers in my life mean well by being afraid for me, but I’ll never know if I dont do it 3.I don’t have enough (time/money/space etc.) Trust me, I get sick of hearing myself whine, too… Reply Tina February 12, 2011 at 10:11 pm 1. I’m afraid I’m not cut out to be an entrepreneur. I’ve always tended to go with the flow and I do have a job (albeit a part time one), so I would lose out on income if I were to take a big risk with my own business.

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Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money

2. I’m afraid that I won’t get much business after making a lot of effort to get things going. I’ve set up a website, I’ve done some networking, I’m learning all I can about marketing from a legal perspective, and I’m trying to bolster my knowledge of the new bankruptcy rules and procedures. 3. I’m afraid that clients won’t pay for certain services, like legal marketing assistance, or they think I’m overcharging because there aren’t a lot of others offering these services to people. Reply Nate February 13, 2011 at 12:00 am 1. I’m not a good enough programmer to create any websites or software that’s of value to others I already have, though! Yet this feeling persists… Sometimes I think that it’s positive for driving me forward to further knowledge and skill, but it always undercuts my confidence in my abilities. 2. I’m not social enough to reach out and expand my circle of contacts I don’t make friends easily, and since I moved two years ago I haven’t really met anyone new because I haven’t tried. I plan to move to a different apartment complex where it’ll be easier because it will be populated by people more my age and social group. 3. I’m not good enough to finish anything I start things easily, but have difficulty following through once the initial burst of passion has worn off, especially for projects that require learning a lot of new skills. Setting schedules has helped, but I need to just cut down on the number of things I’m doing and hunker down on one at a time. Reply Michael February 13, 2011 at 12:25 am 1. I don’t have any special skills or time to earn money on the side. 2. My “big idea” requires too much time and money that I don’t have to risk. 3. I have a family and need to focus on the security of my job. Reply Erwan February 13, 2011 at 5:49 am #1 Can’t say no I can’t say no to the business, even if its the one requiring 80% of time for 20% of income. That is ridiculous but since I’m not dedicated at100% on my own business, I cannot refuse work since I need savings before droping my full time job. #2 Two many ideas, I’m not not focused on the best one Since I do not know the one that is the best one, I’m working on several ideas. I need to focus on only one, and probably here is the difficulty. How do you choice between instinct, results, and potential ?? Reply Aubrey February 13, 2011 at 11:22 am 1. Failing, putting myself out there, committing money to inventory, having it flop 2. Damaging my reputation: tied to #1, want to be seen as a success, but isn’t it better to be “the man in the are” as T. Roosevelt said, than a timid soul who’s never tried and failed. I believe this, but the fear of being seen as a failure is powerful stuff 3. Spending too much barking up the wrong tree, money and time, the only answer to this is to try things, talk to people, gather market intelligence before investing lots of either. Reply GJ February 13, 2011 at 2:03 pm #1 I’m very good at the services that I provide to my customers. I suck at all the other things around running a business, all to do with administration. I hate it hate it hate it. And it costs me time and money, because I shove it to the side until it’s a gigantic issue that needs to be addressed NOW. #2 I have been afraid to go out on my own; I’ve hooked up with business partners over the years, and it hasn’t worked out. I SHOULD go it alone. #3 I’m very cautious about spending money, both personally and on the business side. I wouldn’t mind spending money on e.g. a marketing campaign, but I can’t get over the hump where I’d be wasting money. I don’t like dealing with things that cannot be measured and / or steered properly during the project. I know this is possible (to stick with marketing as an example), but I’m a really small fish; how much of a PITA can I be when I would grudgingly allot the equivalent of a car payment to a marketing campaign? I’ve been burned before with a multi-$K expense on marketing that gave me absolutely nothing in return. Never again. #3 ties in with #1, because I don’t understand marketing, so it’s something I don’t like to deal with, and I cannot determine if I’m getting value if someone else does it, until it’s too late. There must be a better way to get the right people involved that I can trust to work with me to a goal of running a successful business. Reply Deeneaux February 13, 2011 at 5:58 pm #1 Success #2 Failure #3 Lack of action- I will clean (my room, house, kitchen,etc.) rather than do what I am supposed to do. Did it as a kid in school when I was supposed to study for test, and I find myself having the same behavior as an adult. Reply TJM February 13, 2011 at 7:44 pm 1. I’m afraid I’m not good enough at Shiatsu to charge people for my services. Answer: This is crazy! When I work at the intern clinic people often give me their phone number and want to pay me to work on them.

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Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money

2. I don’t have enough time to focus on this as a part time job. Answer: The truth is, that I have plenty of time. My problem is that I don’t know where to start, or what to do first in order to set up my life so I can start earning money doing this. 3. I don’t have a place where I can work on someone. Answer: I can work at people’s houses until I find a place. Reply Michael February 13, 2011 at 8:45 pm Short and simple: My three invisible scripts. The three fears that are stopping me from taking action. 1) is what I’m about to do the most important thing I could possibly be doing? 2) what if it doesn’t work out? 3) I don’t want to screw up this big idea BREAK THEM APART!!!! most important? IT’S BETTER TO DO SOMETHING THAN NOTHING – DO ANYTHING WITH ENERGY AND PASSION AND IT WILL BE EXCELLENT. if it doesn’t work? I WILL HAVE FAILED FORWARD AND I CAN THEN GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO MOVE ON TO THE NEXT IDEA screw up the big idea? CORRECT COURSE – THE FIRST VERSION WILL NOT BE WHERE IT ENDS UP, BUT I CAN ONLY ATTAIN EXCELLENCE BY TAKING ACTION. Reply Elisha February 14, 2011 at 1:19 pm My three invisible scripts are: 1. I do not have the time, money and resources to do it. 2. I do not have the skills or expertise to accomplish it. 3. Can I really do it? Reply Matt February 14, 2011 at 4:44 pm 1. I’m not worth that much. I don’t hold my abilities in high enough esteem, or (perhaps more accurately), I don’t think of them in terms of the value they can provide for others, so I feel like I’d be swindling someone if I asked them to pay me a lot. 2. I’m not skilled enough. I’m “good” at a lot of things, but I’m definitely not an “expert” in any of them. I think: “How can I call myself a _______, if I haven’t been working at it for a long time. 3. Selling is corrupt. I intuitively think of selling as convincing someone to buy something they don’t really want or need; therefore, it’s morally repugnant to me. Of course, we know this is not the case — if you create value for others, you’re doing a great thing — yet this is how my unchaperoned mind works. Reply Matt February 14, 2011 at 4:53 pm To change: Instead of thinking about my feelings about my abilities, recast them in terms of the value they can provide for others. As Ramit drills into our heads, you don’t have to be able to solve every problem, you just have to be able to solve someone’s (your client’s) problem. To do the former, you’d have to be an expert; to do the latter, you need only be good. I’m going to write out all the things that I pay for, what value they provide for me, and how the providers use their understanding of my wants/needs to sell me their products/services. I just need to start thinking about value. Value, value, value. Reply Kamila February 15, 2011 at 9:30 am Okay, let’s face the truth! 1. The script: Everything I do has to be PERFECT. / I’m a hopeless perfectionist so I always think – I’m not good enough. This is because I’ve always set up too high standards for myself and wanted to immediately be equally as good as people who’ve been doing their “thing” for many many years. But I’ve been working on this for the last few months and I already see it’s done me good to understand that a “step by step” approach is far superior to the “all or nothing” I used to cling to. 2. The script: I’m not ready yet. I just need to learn about this thing/get better/earn a higher degree and then I’ll be ready … / What more can I say about this one? It’s self-explanatory, I think. This one simply reads: FEAR 3. The script: I’m going to fail no matter what I do. / This is my mother’s (and her family’s ) voice telling me I’m good for nothing. I’ll be very honest here and tell you that, in my case, taking action into my hands meant admitting I have a serious problem and enrolled for therapy. I don’t feel 100% comfortable with that but the truth is it is not the right thinking. I just keep telling myself ever day: This is not the sign of weakness – this is taking action into your own hands Good luck everyone Kamila Reply Nick Goddard February 15, 2011 at 11:23 am 1) I don’t know how to sell myself, This is my biggest fear, I have no idea of how to find people/companies who would like my ideas/services and then if I did find them how I can then persuade them that they should use my services 2) I’m not a good finisher, I have problems with finishing things and worry that I might let clients down

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Reply Jillian Kilpatrick February 17. Cost. Excuse I know… but it’s still a major concern. Reply Benjamin February 16. I used to think of it as a part of a planning process. 2011 at 1:33 pm #1. but I see so many more people who are much better at x than I am. writing blogs.I’ve let people down before. 2. I give in to doing ‘nothing’ with friends and flatmates whenever they want to do something. reading blogs. 2011 at 3:10 pm “There’s so much competition out there. 2011 at 7:49 am 1. Reply mia February 17. Ya. I feel like a charlatan. Now that I am looking at what is behind these words. I’d rather spend my time procrastinating. I’m trying to figure out whether it is more prudent to pay for this course or to use the amount to pay off student loans or to travel abroad (I’ve yet to leave the country and I’m already 25). so right now. How will I stand out?” “I’m not an expert. so why would anyone listen to me?” “A lot of people say how great I am at x. bizcards. I moved flat every year. but I’m not sure how they did it and I am shy to ask them to tell me how they did it. I feel obliged to watch TV with my flatmates in the evening for upwards of 4-5 hours despite the fact that if alone I wouldn’t even go near it. I think these words/actions just serve as procrastination points. Like success is some elusive goal that is only achieved by others.. 3. #3.I’m 26 and I don’t have a college degree. it’s the first and often lasting impression presented to the world. 3. Reply elisabeth February 17. It’s always in the back of my mind. researching this. I put too much time into getting a website. One of my new year resolution is to invest in myself. reading books. I see now: I need 3 clients. I’ve not been comfortable since moving out of my parents house five years ago. Competition. 3. And other fear is that I am 27 years and I feel that people could think that I am young to have experience in marketing and comunication and do not obtain the confidence and the image for a respectable freelance. “I need a bunch of money to start a business. How about getting the client? Just seems like I shot myself in the foot with the last one: NOW I see what I need…to invest in myself. it seems. Especially when my peers with the more sensible jobs are steadily moving up in their career. Or that it’s so fun to design that they do see the need to pay in the first place. I feel obliged to go to the supermarket with them when they ask and spend two hours of my afternoon in there rather than spending ten minutes in the corner shop by myself that evening. I just want to be settled – not physically – in my mind. that & the other.Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. (sorry for my english I am working to improve it) Reply Tsz February 18. I fear if I was to work hard to achieve the business and the life I dream of it would bring change all over again. one will ever take my skills seriously. rather than working on making more money. Redefine success and orient my thoughts thusly. Most people unfortunately believes design is slapping text on a sheet of paper and that they can do it themselves. “I will be successful if I do X” and the X is always never clearly defined. 2011 at 3:51 pm 1. right after walking on water. wanting me to play with it! 2.. I get it! Never again! When I get out from under this CC It only makes sense. 2011 at 6:35 pm 1. At university.” Nope.” Those are my top three. changing target. Reply Anna February 17. It’s a moving. “I’m 40 years old and have never been successful in business. 3. Every important task seems huge. I fear ‘success’ and what success brings. I constantly push away what’s important so to avoid it and fill my time with the unimportant. I must not be trustworthy enough to be that responsible. and in the past year and a half I have lived in three places – including on a sofa for five months – while working three different low-paid retail jobs despite despite my 2:1 in Marketing. Invest in me by getting Earn 1K. it is clear that this is a stall tactic. 2. I will marry in one month and now leave my work and start a project is difficult. In reality. so why should success happen to me now?” –I know successful people. 2011 at 4:40 pm My first fear is that I have an stable job now and in Spain is very difficult to find a new job if me business idea have not good results. sorting email. #2. I’m afraid I’ll fail. I have to be fooling myself. Before I “invested” in the business. Line these things up in a row. several thousand dollars of CC debt later. branding can make or break a company because just like a person’s appearance. Reply Leave a Comment Name * E-mail * 97 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM . I’ve got a plan: 1. Failing. 2. Keep moving forward. no. burning through. then “Boom”! Success is mine. I’m a graphic designer and my biggest hurdle isn’t doing the work but rather getting my clients to understand the value of design.There’s no way I’m as capable as I sometimes convince myself I am.

Identify your 3 “invisible scripts” about earning more money http://earn1k. Website Earn More Money Idea Generator Tool 4 Case Studies Tim Ferriss Webcast Pickup Artist Interview Derek Sivers Master Class BJ Fogg Master Class 30-Day Hustling Course WordPress Admin 98 of 98 2/18/2011 11:25 PM .com/privatelist/invisible-scripts/?awt_l=MKZRB&awt_m=...

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