‡ Most plants in India are coal based units .‡ Sponge iron is iron ore reduced directly in solid state using coal gas known as DRI Plant. .

‡Improved ‡Recover valuable material. .‡Use tall stacks furnace design .

The main ideas to control dust pollution is based on 3R principles Reduce Reuse Recycle .

o The seperated fuel can be used in a FBB replacing bought out fresh coal o .Carbon bearing char has a fixed carbon content of 40-50%. o Can be used as a form of a fuel in fluidised bed boiler.

.2-3% of ash is mixed in manufacturing cement .  Used as a fuel for providing for maintaining the requisite temperature inside the kiln .  Acts as a fuel reluctant . Coal plays a dual role in sponge iron plant.

.Dust generated in production contains a large percentage of valuable product. Dust separation system is designed. So reuse of dust is necessary .

. The product can be used as a manure .Conversion of organic waste to manure by earth worm in vermi compost plant.

In brick manufacturing Road construction As a biochar As a land filling .

The final idea that we reached we should use the ash or dust for the production of cement . In this way the pollution becomes less ultimately and various health diseases related to skin can be prevented . .The char remained after the process can also be sold to briquettes and can be used in brick kilns. manure etc.

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