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Security In Mobile Database Systems

Security In Mobile Database Systems

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Published by: yashvyas29 on Mar 17, 2011
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PHS is a standard developed by the
Research and Development Center for Radio
Systems (RCR), a private standardization
organization in Japan. PHS is a low-tier
digital PCS system that offers
telecommunication services for homes,
offices, and outdoor environment, using
radio access to the public telephone network
or other digital networks. PHS uses TDMA.
Sleep mode enables PHS to support five
hours of talk time, or 150 hours of standby
time. PHS operates in the 1895-1918.1 MHz
band. The bandwidth is partitioned into 77
channels, each with 300 KHz bandwidth.
The band 1906.1-1918.1 MHz (40 channels)
is designed for public systems, and the band
1895-1906.1 MHz (37 channels) is used for
home/office applications.

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