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Published by: chinkijsr on Mar 17, 2011
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Training Direct Mail Cost per Contact Public Relations /Publicity Media Advertising LOW Narrow Broad Coverage of Target Audience (Reach) .Advertising and Promotion Pyramid HIGH Salesperson Telemarketing Catalog Literature and Manuals Trade Shows. Seminars.

Media Advertising Apple Inc 1984 1990 2000 super b wl c mmercial Think different iP d people .

Catalogs and Manuals: y Key enefits of the pro uct y Co pati ility/interopera ility y Warranties y Apple store ebsite also has the catalogue .

between 10 and the 16th of February.available on the official Campus website . y Apple sponsored Berlinale's Talent Campus 2007. -gathered 350 film makers from all over the world for six days. y The new Garage Flick project sponsored by Apple -produced a short digital film each day -was published online . y Apple. Old Dominion University and the Chesapeke Bay Foundation are teaming up to sponsor an "e-cycling" event.PUBLIC RELATIONS y To develop goodwill among its customers and other stakeholders.

Thousands of technology journalists and bloggers across the World hooked to every word Steve Jobs had to say about his latest offering and a front page headline on most publications across the World. 7000 Apple tweets per minute during iPad announcement. .PUBLICITY y Any coverage the company receives in y y y y the news media. A quick search on Google ± is enough to showcase the media frenzy Apple unleashed with its recent product launch. The buzz that followed the launch every one had something to say about the new Apple product.

Trade shows and seminars y "Apple is participating in fewer tra e shows every year. . because often there are better ways for us to reach our custo ers. y Apple organizes education seminars.

TELEMARKETING Outbound calls : y Very less cold calls but they ma e calls to existing customers for CRM Inbound calls: y Website has a toll free number where people can call and ask their queries. . y Telemarketing personnel help salespeople by providing support services.

Online Advertising Banner Ads (live banners) Superstitial ads Interstitial ads Search Engine Optimization .

Viral Marketing y Making offers so compelling that people voluntarily pass them around to their friends. y BUZZ MARKETING: i-phone and i-pad . Eg: discounts on I-pods and Mac's for the Back to School promotion.

Smaller.Dual-mode Qualcomm Chipset .Faster rocessor .New Product pre announcement y Apple i-pad 2 .Slimmer. Lighter.It will have 2 cameras .Forget the Higher-Resolution Display . .

New roduct re Announcement PROS Pioneering advantage: pre-empt competitors Stimulate demand Encourage customers to delay purchase Help customers plan Gain customer feedback Stimulate development of complementary products Provide access to distribution Pursuit of leadership position Cue competitors Cannibalize current products Delays damage reputation or survival of firm Confuse customers Create internal conflict Generate antitrust concerns CONS .

Tactical Considerations in Preannouncement Decisions Timing Information Communi-cation Vehicles Target Audience .

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