State of Wisconsin Jeffrey P. Erbs Petitioner vs.

Circuit Court Chippewa County Branch 1

CASE NO. 10 FA 11 Mary Ann Erbs Respondent Motion to Show Cause Re: Vexatious Litigation

Comes now, Jeffrey P. Erbs upon motion to Show Cause re: Vexatious Litigation, whereby Pamela Veith has asked a vexed question, Constituting Vexatious Litigation Vexed Question (Black's Law Dictionary 7th. Ed.) - 1. A question often argued about but seemingly never settled. 2. A question or point that has been decided differently by different tribunals and has therefore been left in doubt. On April 22, 2010 Pamela Veith, under the action of Fraud upon This Court, Constituting Criminal Contempt and Vexatious Litigation, asks a question without jurisdiction within Parens Patraie ability, whereby leading the appearance to this Court of limited Jurisdiction that there is question of Jeffrey P. Erbs Condition, AFTER petition for dissolution of a marriage, whereby Compelling, via Criminal Coercion Jeffrey P. Erbs to prove that he is to BE disabled, rather than he already was during the marriage of substance matter, but-for cause. (Black's Law Dictionary 7th. Ed.) The cause without which the event could not have occurred. (Page 2, Line 19 of Transcript of Proceedings)

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