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The Manager ,

Subject: Academic Interface and Project Interface Dear Sir, We wish to inform you that below mentioned students are pursuing a two year full time Business Management course with specialization in Marketing and are required to undertake a project assignment entitled ³Profiling of Bank´ in your esteem organization as an integral part of their course curriculum. Such exercise enables the students to develop their conceptual and application skills. We would therefore request you to kindly render all possible assistance to our students. We assure you that the information sought is strictly academic in nature and will also not be used or published at any forum. We give below the names of the students who would be visiting your organization and would look forward to your kind co-operation and support. Thanking you, Yours faithfully For Xavier Institute of Social Service Students: Tausif Latif Mukesh Kashyap Prof. Bhaskar Bhowani Dept. of Marketing and Finance Sanjay Prasad AshishVishwakarma

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