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2820 M 291 Frontage Road

Independence, Mo
(816) 373-3560
General Church Office
(816) 461-7215
A New Ministry
Restoration Homecoming
Conference Center, 6:00 PM, March 20th A new ministry has begun in the Center Place. Every third Sunday
evening will be a service of praising and worshiping the Lord
Themes through music. In order for the needs of all to be met, the types of
music ministry will alternate monthly.
March 20th – Pulling Together
Pulling together will accomplish the goal. Teamwork is the Starting in February and alternating months, the Restoration
key. Chorale led by Leo Gussman will present a choral-style ministry.
Starting in March and every other month, Restoration
Homecoming led by ECHO will present an inspiring, motivational
May 22nd – Dancing in the Rain service of praise and worship incorporating the youth and
Attitude and gratitude makes the difference in winning or musicians throughout the area. From Gaither music to time-
losing in this life. honored hymns and national patriotic anthems, a wide range of
music will be presented incorporating various instruments as
July 17th – The Simple Truths of Service counseled in DC 119 of reed, string, and brass as wisdom and
choice directs.
Everyone can make a difference. From Johnny, the
Down’s Syndrome bagger at the grocery checkout, to the God’s children are like a flower garden–a variety of beauty
soldier on the battlefield of patriotism. expressing God’s creative versatility. As not all have the same likes
in music, and as all ages have a desire to praise the Lord through
September 18th – The 100/0 Principle music, DC 119 counsels saints to cease all strife and contention
about their music services. The middle-aged and old are to
Give 100%, expect 0% in return and change your life and
remember the gladsomeness of their youth, and the youth are to
others’ lives for the better. Cast your bread upon the
develop their gifts of music for service in the church.

All Restoration Homecoming services will be held in the

November 20th – The Dash Conference Center where the video screen will be utilized. Each
All you get in this life is a dash between two dates (Birth— program will follow a motivational theme. The March service will
Death). What are you doing with yours? focus on everyone Pulling Together. Unity in love for Christ and
each other will change lives.