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The survey was conducted in Jia bagga. The result of survey showed that only 3% people
were found to have tuberculosis

Most of them (59%) will receive treatment from Govt. facility and very few from
T.B clinic, private doctors and hakeems.

The most common reason for non compliance was expensive treatment due to
limited resources. Few of them complained about the non availability of medicine.

From survey it was concluded that knowledge among people regarding treatment of
tuberculosis was very poor.

Most of the families (48%) consisted of 5-8 people.

Out of total population of 504, 275 (54.5%) are male and 229 (45.4%) are female.

57% of the women interviewed had given birth to a child in last two years.

A total of 243 children were less than 14 years of age out of which 93 (38.2%) were in the
range of 1-4 years.

Out of 243 children 134 are male and 109 are female. Out of these 138 go to school and
105 don’t go to school.

Out of the 93 children under 5 years of age 91 are vaccinated for BCG, 90 for
DPT/Hepatitis B, 85 against Measles and all are vaccinated against Polio.
As for as the living standard of the people is concerned 40% are using the supply of pipe
water and an equal number of people are using facilities like well and handpump. 73% of
houses are using flush system latrine and 21% go to the open field. Out of hundred houses
77 are pakka and 17 are semi pakka.