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-Warren Buffett . I don't think I ever doubted it for a minute.I always knew I was going to be rich.

€ Oracle of Omaha or the Sage of Omaha Legendary Investor Third Wealthiest Person Notable Philanthropist € € € .

No cell phone. Never travels by private jet.      Drives his own car. no computer Advice to young people 2 rules for CEO¶s . Does not socialize with the high society crowd.

 Berkshire Hathway Textile Mill Accumulation of shares of Berkshire Hatway -1962 Chairman of Berkshire Hathway in 1970   .

Portfolio of Insurance Companies . Acquiring companies to generate high returns. € € Investments in stocks and bonds.€ € Milking existing business.

Extremely Passionate Loved Reading Great Memory Emotional Discipline Determination Patience Pleasant Personality Common Sense Generosity .

Laisezz fair Leadership style € No Interference € Reputation of the business € Important rule of the business € Attitude of the companies elsewhere .

LEADERSHIP IS ALL ABOUT VISION  Ability to have vision  Ability to take risk  Extended to all facet of the business  Warren buffet as a visionary .

€ Importance of the communication according to Warren Buffett € Communication .

¨ Treat money as a tool. ¨ Focus on the fundamentals. Practice them with the ruthless discipline of a master. . not a ticket to immortality. But take what you do ± especially for your shareholders ± very seriously. admit your likes and dislikes. ¨ Don¶t take yourself too seriously. Dance to their tune & let them crown you belle of the ball.WARREN BUFFETT·S FIVE SECRETS OF SUCCESS ¨ Know your strengths and weaknesses. ¨ Make friends with the media.

Give back to the Community. Success is more than about your Bank Balance.8 MONEY SECRETS OF WARREN BUFFETT Rich is a State of Mind. You are who you Associate with. Avoid consumer debt. Generosity and Abundance goes Hand in Hand. . Gambling is a Fools Game. Spend less than you Earn.

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