ETHICS Ethics is the science of morals. ´ They lay down the boundaries between right & wrong. ´ It is a code of conduct to be followed.true or false.fair or unfair. ´ .

.BUSINESS ETHICS ´ Business ethics are concerned with the moralities that a businessman should follow while conducting business.

composed & full of compassion then. It leads to ethical conduct. It is undoubtedlyIf before I perform the action.thoughts.sorrow &regret after it is performed or expressed? Unethical If ans. YesWhen any of my actions.thoughts.thoughts or spoken words result in joy.ETHICAL CONDUCT One does not have to go any school to learn Ethics(In order to know what is ethical) If any one of my actions.or spoken words generate confusion. YesFurther does my actions.spoken words create guilt. .I feel calm.or express my thoughts or speak.happiness &satisfaction to me & others.anxiety & indecisiveness before I perform it or express it If ans.


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