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Published by: Naveen Kumar Yadav on Mar 17, 2011
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Presented By: Laxman Kumar Sharma Ankit Gupta Naveen Kumar Yadav Narpal Singh Chauhan

COMPANY s Overview  Founded in 1994. MMS. and Internet browsing and GPRS data transmission services.In 2001.  It began commercial operations with GSM 1800 wireless services in 1997 and its far-sighted management has built a high quality. efficient infrastructure that is supported by a strong brand.  Developer and provider of wireless communication and data services in Hong Kong. e-mailing.  3G License holder. including SMS. .  It provides data services. PCCW/SUNDAY obtained the 4th 3G license in Hong Kong.

EXPERIENCE AND AIMS 1. combined with ease of use. SUNDAY 3G aims to deliver fun to customers through a wide variety of entertaining content. The SUNDAY experience is rooted in the belief that "fun is good". 2. . intriguing handsets and innovative service.

PCCW/SUNDAY signed a contract with Huawei. 2003.a football fan. How great! . I can conveniently view the goalsand match summaries during commuting hours thenext morning. FEW REMARKS : ³With this new service. I can enjoy TV programs on my handset during commuting and noon break. declaring Huawei as sole supplier in constructing a UMTS network to cover the whole of Hong Kong. Instead.´ Renea 3G subscriber of PCCW/SUNDAY was elated. jumpingtothe second place out of thefour 3G operators in HongKong. On Dec 18. I don t have to stayup for the World Cup orEnglish Premium Leagueany more.PCCW/SUNDAY Rises Rapidly in the Hong Kong 3G Arena The first step of its 3G strategy was to find a first-class partner. Jim. It has nowrapidly built up a 3Gsubscriber base of 120thousand users. exclaimed with joy.

But I would ask anyone why the client never stop buying this campaigns if the strategy is wrong? Either the client is crazy or it works.SUNDAY: The Brand FEELS LIKE SUNDAY A lot of our colleagues in the advertising industry look at Sunday s ads and say. co-executive creative director BBDO (1998-2001) Strong Branding was leveraged through alliance marketing and joint promotions with companies such as Cirque du Soleil. which had a similar image to Sunday. Mario D Amico. The key to Sunday s branding strategy was a firm grasp of Hong Kong residents leisure time and growing attachment to their mobile phones. It s another impact execution but where s the strategy? They convince themselves that there is no strategy behind it because that reassures them that the over rigid way they work is the right way. besides. The vice president of Cirque du Soleil. they do things differently. . -Paul Chan. said of their collaboration with Sunday: Sunday is a company that matches our personality.

Sunday used the mode of advertisement to make its product magnetic. There were some advertisements against which the viewers filed complaints that the ads were inappropriate for television.The SUNDAY Backlash To break the taboo among it s clients. However advertising executive. Here is one of those ads from the late 2000 s. being able to make noise(in whatever way) is already half way to success. which is quite minimal. Breaking taboos just one of the ways to make huge noise. noted that in the ad of Taxi Driver just under 2000 complaints were filed out of the total population of 6 million. In the kind of environment that Hong Kong possess. . Paul Chan.

159 million. of the total turnover in 2004.FINANCIAL REVIEW Turnover and Gross Profit Total turnover for the year declined 8%. Gross profit in 2004 decreased by 14% to HK$802 million as compared with 2003. Revenues from mobile services and the sales of mobile phones and accessories accounted for 89% and 11%. as compared with 2003 to HK$1. The decrease was mainly attributable to aggressive price promotions by operators during the year. \ Year ended 31st December 2004 Group (HK$ million) 3G business (HK$ million) 2G business (HK$ million) 2003 Group (HK$ million) Operating expenses (excluding depreciation) 544 41 503 619 EBITDA 261 (41) 302 315 Net profit/(loss) 6 (43) 49 27 . respectively. or HK$101 million. mainly due to lower tariff rates and lower mobile services revenue.

Richard Li noted. But we are confident that SUNDAY will become the most profitable company with the best quality and highest average revenue per user in 4-5 years. PCCW made a successful bid for the company. So Sunday s wacky strategy was no longer new and exciting because copycat marketing diluted the effect. . it became increasingly confusing for the customers to differentiate and choose among them.FUTURE OF SUNDAY In 2004. Hence one2free sustained its position as a trendsetter.which highlighted all the services and special offers in a series of short duration television commercials in a consumer relavent way. And in summer 2005. There is a lot of competition among Hong Kong s 6 operators now. Sunday reported 78% drop in net profit to HK$ 6 million owing to decline revenues and substantial investments in 3G. For eg: U Gotta Be Free campaign for CSL s brand One2Free. But with the glut of service plans available in the market. PCCW chairman.

Some forward looking statements made in this report with respect to SUNDAY's corporate plans or strategies are made based on management's assumptions and beliefs in the light of the information currently available to it. The key risks include. 4. . ARPU may not be increased by the introduction of new services. the following: 1. licences and new technologies may not be realised. Expected benefits from investments in the networks. Regulatory decisions and changes could adversely affect the Group's business.KEY RISKS The business performance of the Group is subject to market competition and regulatory changes. 5. Delays in the roll-out of the 3G network and limited choice and availability of 3G handsets may hinder the deployment of new technologies. Increased competition may reduce market share or revenues. 2. without limitation. 3.

Would Sunday s Brand Image Ultimately Fizzle Out Among The New Branding Superstars??? .


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