Raising Rock Stars Preschool

For the week starting: _____________

RRSP Unit: ___Vv—John 6:47____ Theme: __Vegetables_____________________

Every day:

* Slide Show

* Verse

* Sight Words Book

Day 1
Color Verse Cut Long Verse Vegetable Counting Letter Matching Vegetable Lacing Drawing Write “me”

Day 2
Get Ready for X Vocab Cards 1 Fruit & Veggie Matching Playdough Mat V Vegetable Craft Piano We Give Books

Day 3
Trace Verse Vocab Cards 2 Count & Circle What Begins with V Veggie Patterns Cutting Growing Vegetable Soup

Day 4
Trace Letters Arrow Craft Vegetable Magnet Page 8 Tomatoes Magnet Page Vegetables Puzzle Piano

Day 5
Catch-up Certificate

Verily, verily, I say to you, he that believeth in me hath eternal life. ~John 6:47

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