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Submitted by:
Ma. Brigida Arsenia D. Moran
BSE- EngIish
Effective Communication for Teachers
Ma'am VioIeta Sarmiento
M/Th 3-4PM

Acceptance 5peech
?our Ma[esLvţ ?our 8oval Plahnessţ MrŦ ÞresldenLţ Lxcellenclesţ Ladles and CenLlemenť

l accepL Lhe nobel Þrlze for Þeace aL a momenL when 22 mllllon nearoes of Lhe unlLed SLaLes of Amerlca
are enaaaed ln a creaLlve baLLle Lo end Lhe lona nlahL of raclal ln[usLlceŦ l accepL Lhls award on behalf of
a clvll rlahLs movemenL whlch ls movlna wlLh deLermlnaLlon and a ma[esLlc scorn for rlsk and danaer Lo
esLabllsh a relan of freedom and a rule of [usLlceŦ l am mlndful LhaL onlv vesLerdav ln 8lrmlnahamţ
Alabamaţ our chlldrenţ crvlna ouL for broLherhoodţ were answered wlLh flre hosesţ snarllna doas and
even deaLhŦ l am mlndful LhaL onlv vesLerdav ln Þhlladelphlaţ Mlsslsslpplţ vouna people seeklna Lo
secure Lhe rlahL Lo voLe were bruLallzed and murderedŦ And onlv vesLerdav more Lhan 40 houses of
worshlp ln Lhe SLaLe of Mlsslsslppl alone were bombed or burned because Lhev offered a sancLuarv Lo
Lhose who would noL accepL seareaaLlonŦ l am mlndful LhaL deblllLaLlna and arlndlna poverLv affllcLs mv
people and chalns Lhem Lo Lhe lowesL runa of Lhe economlc ladderŦ
1hereforeţ l musL ask whv Lhls prlze ls awarded Lo a movemenL whlch ls beleaauered and commlLLed Lo
unrelenLlna sLruaaleŤ Lo a movemenL whlch has noL won Lhe verv peace and broLherhood whlch ls Lhe
essence of Lhe nobel ÞrlzeŦ
AfLer conLemplaLlonţ l conclude LhaL Lhls award whlch l recelve on behalf of LhaL movemenL ls a
profound recoanlLlon LhaL nonvlolence ls Lhe answer Lo Lhe cruclal pollLlcal and moral quesLlon of our
Llme Ŵ Lhe need for man Lo overcome oppresslon and vlolence wlLhouL resorLlna Lo vlolence and
oppresslonŦ ClvlllzaLlon and vlolence are anLlLheLlcal concepLsŦ nearoes of Lhe unlLed SLaLesţ followlna
Lhe people of lndlaţ have demonsLraLed LhaL nonvlolence ls noL sLerlle passlvlLvţ buL a powerful moral
force whlch makes for soclal LransformaLlonŦ Sooner or laLer all Lhe people of Lhe world wlll have Lo
dlscover a wav Lo llve LoaeLher ln peaceţ and Lherebv Lransform Lhls pendlna cosmlc eleav lnLo a creaLlve
psalm of broLherhoodŦ lf Lhls ls Lo be achlevedţ man musL evolve for all human confllcL a meLhod whlch
re[ecLs revenaeţ aaaresslon and reLallaLlonŦ 1he foundaLlon of such a meLhod ls loveŦ
1he LorLuous road whlch has led from MonLaomervţ Alabama Lo Cslo bears wlLness Lo Lhls LruLhŦ 1hls ls
a road over whlch mllllons of nearoes are Lravelllna Lo flnd a new sense of dlanlLvŦ 1hls same road has
opened for all Amerlcans a new era of proaress and hopeŦ lL has led Lo a new Clvll 8lahLs 8lllţ and lL wlllţ l
am convlncedţ be wldened and lenaLhened lnLo a super hlahwav of [usLlce as nearo and whlLe men ln
lncreaslna numbers creaLe alllances Lo overcome Lhelr common problemsŦ
l accepL Lhls award Lodav wlLh an abldlna falLh ln Amerlca and an audaclous falLh ln Lhe fuLure of
manklndŦ l refuse Lo accepL despalr as Lhe flnal response Lo Lhe amblaulLles of hlsLorvŦ l refuse Lo accepL
Lhe ldea LhaL Lhe ƍlsnessƍ of manƌs presenL naLure makes hlm morallv lncapable of reachlna up for Lhe
eLernal ƍouahLnessƍ LhaL forever confronLs hlmŦ l refuse Lo accepL Lhe ldea LhaL man ls mere floLsom and
[eLsom ln Lhe rlver of llfeţ unable Lo lnfluence Lhe unfoldlna evenLs whlch surround hlmŦ l refuse Lo
accepL Lhe vlew LhaL manklnd ls so Lraalcallv bound Lo Lhe sLarless mldnlahL of raclsm and war LhaL Lhe
brlahL davbreak of peace and broLherhood can never become a reallLvŦ
l refuse Lo accepL Lhe cvnlcal noLlon LhaL naLlon afLer naLlon musL splral down a mlllLarlsLlc sLalrwav lnLo
Lhe hell of Lhermonuclear desLrucLlonŦ l belleve LhaL unarmed LruLh and uncondlLlonal love wlll have Lhe
flnal word ln reallLvŦ 1hls ls whv rlahL Lemporarllv defeaLed ls sLronaer Lhan evll LrlumphanLŦ l belleve
LhaL even amld Lodavƌs morLar bursLs and whlnlna bulleLsţ Lhere ls sLlll hope for a brlahLer LomorrowŦ l
belleve LhaL wounded [usLlceţ lvlna prosLraLe on Lhe bloodŴflowlna sLreeLs of our naLlonsţ can be llfLed
from Lhls dusL of shame Lo relan supreme amona Lhe chlldren of menŦ l have Lhe audaclLv Lo belleve LhaL
peoples evervwhere can have Lhree meals a dav for Lhelr bodlesţ educaLlon and culLure for Lhelr mlndsţ
and dlanlLvţ equallLv and freedom for Lhelr splrlLsŦ l belleve LhaL whaL selfŴcenLered men have Lorn down
men oLherŴcenLered can bulld upŦ l sLlll belleve LhaL one dav manklnd wlll bow before Lhe alLars of Cod
and be crowned LrlumphanL over war and bloodshedţ and nonvlolenL redempLlve aood wlll proclalm Lhe
rule of Lhe landŦ ƍAnd Lhe llon and Lhe lamb shall lle down LoaeLher and everv man shall slL under hls
own vlne and fla Lree and none shall be afraldŦƍ l sLlll belleve LhaL Wef overcome!
1hls falLh can alve us couraae Lo face Lhe uncerLalnLles of Lhe fuLureŦ lL wlll alve our Llred feeL new
sLrenaLh as we conLlnue our forward sLrlde Loward Lhe clLv of freedomŦ When our davs become drearv
wlLh lowŴhoverlna clouds and our nlahLs become darker Lhan a Lhousand mldnlahLsţ we wlll know LhaL
we are llvlna ln Lhe creaLlve Lurmoll of a aenulne clvlllzaLlon sLruaallna Lo be bornŦ
1odav l come Lo Cslo as a LrusLeeţ lnsplred and wlLh renewed dedlcaLlon Lo humanlLvŦ l accepL Lhls prlze
on behalf of all men who love peace and broLherhoodŦ l sav l come as a LrusLeeţ for ln Lhe depLhs of mv
hearL l am aware LhaL Lhls prlze ls much more Lhan an honor Lo me personallvŦ
Lverv Llme l Lake a fllahLţ l am alwavs mlndful of Lhe manv people who make a successful [ournev
posslble Ŵ Lhe known plloLs and Lhe unknown around crewŦ
So vou honor Lhe dedlcaLed plloLs of our sLruaale who have saL aL Lhe conLrols as Lhe freedom
movemenL soared lnLo orblLŦ ?ou honorţ once aaalnţ Chlef LuLull of SouLh Afrlcaţ whose sLruaales wlLh
and for hls peopleţ are sLlll meL wlLh Lhe mosL bruLal expresslon of manƌs lnhumanlLv Lo manŦ ?ou honor
Lhe around crew wlLhouL whose labor and sacrlflces Lhe [eL fllahLs Lo freedom could never have lefL Lhe
earLhŦ MosL of Lhese people wlll never make Lhe headllne and Lhelr names wlll noL appear ln Jƌ¾
JŦ ?eL when vears have rolled pasL and when Lhe blazlna llahL of LruLh ls focused on Lhls marvellous
aae ln whlch we llve Ŵ men and women wlll know and chlldren wlll be LauahL LhaL we have a flner landţ a
beLLer peopleţ a more noble clvlllzaLlon Ŵ because Lhese humble chlldren of Cod were wllllna Lo suffer
for rlahLeousnessƌ sakeŦ
l Lhlnk Alfred nobel would know whaL l mean when l sav LhaL l accepL Lhls award ln Lhe splrlL of a curaLor
of some preclous helrloom whlch he holds ln LrusL for lLs Lrue owners Ŵ all Lhose Lo whom beauLv ls LruLh
and LruLh beauLv Ŵ and ln whose eves Lhe beauLv of aenulne broLherhood and peace ls more preclous
Lhan dlamonds or sllver or aoldŦ (MarLln LuLher klnaƌs AccepLance Speechţ on Lhe occaslon of Lhe award
of Lhe nobel Þeace Þrlze ln Csloţ uecember 10ţ 1964)

Commencement 5peech
lL ls mv honor and prlvlleae Lo be lnvlLed as vour auesL speaker ln Lodavƌs commencemenL exerclsesŦ
Allow me flrsL Lo conaraLulaLe Lhls vearƌs araduaLlna classŦ AfLer vears of Loll and manv sacrlflcesţ now ls
vour dav of recoanlLlonŦ 1odav ls essenLlallv a dav of acknowledalna and savorlna Lhe frulLs of manv
vears of Llreless and dlsclpllned efforLs of honlna vour LalenLs and lmprovlna vourselvesŦ l LrusL LhaL vour
labor wlll be for Lhe aood noL onlv of vour own lndlvldual llves buL of socleLv as a wholeŦ

1o Lhe lnsLlLuLe of CreaLlve CompuLer 1echnoloav Colleaes loundaLlon (lCC1)ţ vour drlve and
commlLmenL Lo naLlonŴbulldlna Lhrouah knowledae and skllls developmenLţ speclflcallv ln Lhe flelds of
lnformaLlon and CommunlcaLlon 1echnoloav and PealLh Sclencesţ are verv commendableŦ ?our pursulL
for academlc excellence ln Lhe Þrovlnce of 8lzal LhaL ls responslve Lo Lhe needs of Lhe Llmes eplLomlzes
Lhe ƍlndusLrvŴacademe llnkaaeƍ LhaL ls aL Lhe forefronL of ÞCClƌs advocacvŦ
l flrmlv belleve LhaL educaLlon ls a verv lmporLanL lnaredlenL ln shaplna oneƌs fuLureŦ Poweverţ
educaLlon does noL end afLer araduaLlonŦ 1he search for knowledae ls a neverŴendlna quesL and
conLlnues LhrouahouL our llfeLlmeŦ
AL Lhls polnLţ manv of vou wlll probablv feel vou know all Lhe answersŦ l know l dld when l araduaLedŦ
8uL leL me remlnd vouţ llfe has Lhe hablL of chanalna Lhe quesLlonsŦ ?ou musL reallze LhaL educaLlon
alone ls noL a sure auaranLee for successŦ ln schoolţ one acqulres baslc knowledae abouL manv Lhlnas
and vou learned exacLlv whaL vou need Lo do Lo succeedŦ ln Lhe real worldţ howeverţ Lhere ls no core
currlculum vou have Lo passŦ LvervLhlna ls an elecLlve and lL ls up Lo vou Lo make Lhe cholceŦ 1he cholces
are lnflnlLe and Lhe resulLsţ uncerLalnŦ WhaLever vou wanL Lo do wlLh Lhe knowledae vou have acqulred
and Lhe cholces vou make afLerwardsţ Lrv Lo make a dlfferenceŦ Search for Lhe chanae we need Ŵ a
plaLform LhaL caLapulLed ƍLhaL oneƍ Lo Lhe presldencv of Lhe unlLed SLaLes of AmerlcaŦ Pave an open
mlnd and do noL become Loo wedded Lo Lhe sLaLus quoŦ 8e a aame chanaerŦ
?our araduaLlon Lodav ls [usL one amona manv mllesLones and l assure vouţ Lhere wlll be manv more
mllesLones Lo hurdle as vou [ournev Lhrouah llfeŦ
l have been a buslnessman for over four decades now and ln all Lhese vears l have come across
numerous people wlLh varled levels of experlence from manv flelds of endeavorsţ dlfferenL persuaslonsţ
bellefsţ culLural backarounds and rellalous lncllnaLlonsŦ Some of Lhem have been verv successful ln Lhelr
respecLlve flelds of lnLeresLţ whlle oLhers fell shorL of Lhelr dreamsţ and sLlll some [usL coasLed alona
because Lhev seek Lhe comforLable and accepLedŦ ln Lhe pursulL for lndlvldual successţ manv become so
enarossed and focused on speclflc deslres llke arowLhţ promoLlonsţ lncomeţ shareholder valueţ markeL
shareţ or on a more personal levelţ wealLh accumulaLlonŦ 1o Lhe maLerlallsLlcţ lL ls Lhelr bellef LhaL Lhe
more vou haveţ Lhe more successful vou become and vou Lrv Lo aaln a hlaher sLaLus Lhlnklna lL confers
noblllLvŦ Cn Lhe conLrarvţ Lhls ls Loo self referenLlalŦ
8v nowţ all of vou are probablv famlllar wlLh Lhe flnanclal crlsls LhaL sLarLed ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes buL has
affecLed manv economles aloballvŦ numerous arLlcles have alreadv been wrlLLen abouL lL and l wlll noL
bore vou wlLh anoLher analvsls of Lhe deLalls leadlna Lo Lhe crlslsŦ Slmplv puLţ Lhe crlsls was a
caLasLrophe walLlna Lo happenŦ AfLer vears of a LoLallv unreaulaLed flnanclal markeLţ lL became reckless
as lL was drlven bv lnvesLorsƌ excesslve deslre for hlah vleldlna lnsLrumenLsŦ 8uL Lhls flnanclal dlsasLerţ Lo
meţ ls a clear example of manƌs obsesslon for wealLh accumulaLlon aL all cosLŦ lL ls besL exempllfled ln
Lhe movleţ ƍWall SLreeLƍţ where Mlchael uoualas as Cordon Cekkoţ referrlna Lo corporaLe proflLţ sald
LhaL areed ls aoodŦ ?esţ lL ls obsceneţ veL noL enLlrelv wrona!
WealLh accumulaLlon ls aood for lL brlnas prosperlLv Lo manvŦ 8uL Lhe bllnd pursulL for wealLhţ drlven bv
lnsaLlable areed and ln full dlsreaard of Lhe consequencesţ can brlna havoc and sufferlnas Lo manvŦ And
we are now wlLness Lo lLs effecLsŦ 1he crlsls ls Lurnlna Lrouble Lo Lrauma ln Lhe caplLal markeLs on a
alobal scaleŦ
Allow me aL Lhls polnL Lo quoLe nabl Salehţ Lhe founder and Chalrman of Clorla !eans Coffees
lnLernaLlonalŦ Pe saldţ quoLlna from Þroverbs 11ť28ţ ƍA llfe devoLed Lo Lhlnas ls a dead llfeţ a sLumpţ
whlle a CodŴshape llfe ls llke a flourlshlna LreeŦƍ
1aklna rellalon ouL of Lhe equaLlonţ Lhe [usLŴquoLed Þroverbs llne polnLs us Lo ao ƍback Lo baslcsƍţ of
human values of decencv and carlna for oLhersţ of lnLearlLv and honesLv Ŵ Lhese values we all learned ln
arade schoolţ a lona lona Llme aao buL whlch we need Lo remember durlna Lheseţ as Lhe Chlnese would
savţ ƍlnLeresLlna LlmesƍŦ lndeedţ Lodavţ we llve ln a world of Lurbulence where doamas of Lhe quleL pasL
are lnadequaLe Lo Lhe sLormv presenLŦ
1o Lhe vouna araduaLes Lodavţ vou have Lhe power Lo acLlvelv and dlrecLlv shape vour fuLure and LhaL of
socleLvŦ 1he cholces open Lo vou are manv and Lhe permuLaLlons Lo aLLalnlna vour aoals are equallv
numerousŦ 8uL Lhere ls onlv one Lrue paLhţ ofLenLlmes Lhe harder paLhţ Lo Lhe real meanlna of successŦ
And Laklna Lhls roadţ vou wlll reach llfeƌs reward when vou have made a poslLlve lmpacL on Lhe llves of
vour fellowmenŦ
1o Lhls end and ln mv lona vears ln buslnessţ permlL me Lo share wlLh vou some of Lhe Lhlnas LhaL have
helped me ln mv own parLlcular [ournevţ a [ournev whlch ls sLlll unfoldlna as l speak before vou Lodav
because llfe ls noL sLaLlcŦ
llrsLţ Lrv Lo seL a clear vlslon of whaL vou wanL Lo be and work Lowards LhaL aoal consLanLlvţ raLher Lhan
llve a llfe almlesslv wanderlna from dav Lo davţ noL knowlna where vou are headedŦ Pelen keller was
once askedţ ƍls Lhere anvLhlna worse Lhan bllndness?ƍ 1o whlch she replledţ ƍ?esţ an eveslahL wlLh no
ln seeklna vour own dreamţ do noL be afrald Lo seL a arand vlslon for vourself because vou become whaL
vou belleveŦ 8uL be reallsLlcŦ 8ememberţ Lhe problem ls noL almlna Loo hlah and mlsslna lLŦ 1he real
problem ls almlna Loo low and arabblna lLŦ
ln vour [ournevţ vou wlll encounLer seLbacks and vou wlll make mlsLakesţ as l have several LlmesŦ Some
call Lhese seLbacks and mlsLakesţ falluresŦ l call Lhem learnlna polnLs whlch collecLlvelv form Lhe seeds of
whaL ls called experlenceţ and evenLuallv wlsdomŦ
Secondţ conLlnue Lo learnŦ When vou are [usL sLarLlnaţ and even ln vour laLer vearsţ vou wlll noL have all
Lhe answersŦ know vour llmlLaLlonsŦ lf vou do noL have Lhe answerţ sav so and flnd ouLŦ uo noL auess nor
fake lLŦ MosL ofLen Lhan noLţ people wlll respecL vou for vour honesLv and self assuranceŦ Aaalnţ as Lhe
Chlnese savţ ƍAsk and be embarrassed for a momenL or keep vour sllence and be lanoranL for a
1hlrdţ persevereŦ uo noL alve up so easllv or vou wlll never accompllsh anvLhlnaŦ Cn Lhe oLher handţ be
pracLlcal and chanae aear when Lhe wrlLlna on Lhe wall ls verv clearŦ 1rv Lo ad[usL Lo chanalna Llmes buL
sLlll hold Lo unchanalna prlnclplesŦ
lourLhţ seek a balanced llfeŦ 1hls ls Lhe essence of Lhe savlnaţ ƍWork hardţ plav well and llve llfe fullvŦƍ
uo noL be Loo focused on vour careerŦ 8ulld frlendshlps alona Lhe wav for Lhevţ aparL from vour famllvţ
wlll flll vour llfeŦ MosL lmporLanLlvţ flnd Llme Lo en[ov vour famllvţ vour frlends and colleaaues before lL ls
Loo laLe Lo do soŦ
llnallvţ help people alona Lhe wavŦ 8e aenerous for aeneroslLv ls lLs own rewardŦ CeneroslLv ls noL
slmplv alvlna monevŦ 1he vlrLue of aeneroslLv applles prlmarllv Lo Lhe alfL of ourselvesţ our Llme and
servlce for oLhersŦ 1rue aeneroslLv ls noL selfŴ sacrlflce where we look aL Lhe aaln of Lhe oLher as our
expenseŦ 8aLherţ lL ls Lhe exLenslon of ourselves and dellahLlna ln Lhe flourlshlna of oLhersŦ
Cnce moreţ Lhere ls a Chlnese proverb LhaL savsţ rouahlv LranslaLedţ ƍlf vou wanL happlness for an hourţ
Lake a napŤ buL lf vou wanL happlness for a llfeLlmeţ help somebodvŦƍ
1odavţ as vou end a perlod ln vour llfe of unlnLerrupLed LranqulllLv and bllss ln Lhe lCC1 campusţ vou wlll
be enLerlna a new phase and a new arena wlLh manv challenaes buL equallv manv opporLunlLlesŦ 1here
wlll be manv cholces Lo make buL equallvţ Lhere wlll be manv hands Lo help vou make Lhose cholcesŦ
8ecoanlzlna and overcomlna headŴon Lhe challenaes LhaL come vour wav wlll make vou arow and enrlch
vour llves furLherŦ
As vou make vour [ournevţ alwavs remember Lo be araLeful for Lhe alfLs LhaL have been alven Lo vou
from Above and refraln from focuslna on whaL vou do noL have for vou wlll never have enouahŦ
LeL me leave vou Lodav wlLh a quoLe from Marv Parder McArLhurţ moLher of Ceneral uoualas McArLhurţ
as she was Lalklna Lo her son on Lhe eve of hls enLrance exam aL WesLpolnLţ ƍ?ou musL belleve ln
vourselfţ or no one else wlll belleve ln vouŦ 8e self confldenLţ self rellanL and even lf vou do noL make lLţ
vou wlll know vou have done vour besLŦƍ
Mv hearLlesL conaraLulaLlons Lo all Lhe araduaLesţ Lo vour famllles and Lo Lhe faculLvţ LrusLees and
founders of lCC1Ŧ
1hank vouŦ (CommencemenL Speech dellvered bv MrŦ Ldaardo CŦ Lacson for lCC1)

Mark was a man nobodv can replaceŧ aL leasL noL ln mv hearLŦ We've been marrled for 20 vearsŦ ?esţ
Lhose 12 vears were noL all LhaL happvŦ WhaL we had was noL a perfecL marrlaae buL as people savŧ
Mark and l were perfecL for each oLher and we were! WlLh our unlonţ we aave llfe Lo flve beauLlful
chlldrenŦ Mark was a dlsclpllnarlanŦ Pe was sLrlcL buL noL sLlff and he loved our klds so muchŦ Cur klds
loved hlm Lremendouslv because Mark never feared showlna hls emoLlons Lowards Lhemţ Lowards me
or Lo [usL abouL anvone he lovedŦ Pe was lndeed affecLlonaLe and was noL a man of few words aL all!
Mark had loLs Lo sav for [usL abouL anvLhlnaŦ Anvone who ever had Lhe chance Lo Lalk Lo hlm would savţ
he lndeed had loLs of Lhlnas ln hls mlndŦ l auess vou can sav Mark was ºoplnlonaLed"Ŧ

l sLlll remember one conversaLlon l had wlLh hlmŦ We were Lalklna abouL our kldsŦ AbouL how we
wanLed Lo see all of Lhem arow upŦ Pe had loLs of dreams for LhemŦ 8ack Lhenţ we onlv had Lwo
chlldrenţ Sarah and ÞaulŦ Mark was a proud faLherŦ Pe was Lhe Lvpe of faLher who would flaunL hls klds
Lo hls frlends and hls frlends loved our klds Loo of courseŦ Mark dreamL blaŦ Pe wanLed our klds Lo arow
up wlseţ Cod fearlnaţ respecLful and successful peopleŦ l am proud Lo savţ Mark achleved LhaLŦ We
brouahL up flve wonderful chlldrenŦ We now have docLorsţ enalneers and a lawver ln Lhe famllvŦ Pow
luckv are we? l know Mark wlll flaunL abouL our chlldren wlLh evervone ln heavenŦ ln facLţ l am sure of

Mark llved hls llfe Lhe besL wav he couldŦ Pe never had enemles nor dld he sLep on anvoneŦ Mark was
well loved and l auess seelna evervone here rlahL nowţ havlna Lhls bla a crowd on hls funeral onlv proves
LhaL lndeed Mark was and ls well lovedŦ Pow could he noL be? Pe was such a klnd soulŦ 1he Lvpe of
person vou can'L aeL enouah ofŦ Wellţ aL leasL l Lhlnk of hlm LhaL wavŦ l marrled hlmţ dldn'L l? lf l could
llve all over aaaln and would ao back Lo Lhe Llme when Mark asked me Lo marrv hlmţ even for a mllllon
Llmes all over l would sLlll sav ves! Marrvlna hlm was Lhe besL declslon l ever made ln mv llfe and l would
noL chanae LhaL even lf l have Lhe chance Lo do soŧ noL even for a handsome prlnce charmlnaŦ 1haL's
how much l love mv husbandŧ 1haL's how much l wlll keep on lovlna hlmŦ

Mark ls ln heaven nowŦ Pe's wlLh hls parenLsţ broLhers and oLher frlends nowŦ l'm sure he ls happv Lhere
because ln heaven Lhere ls peaceŦ Mark had no unflnlshed buslness here and he was readv when Cod
Look hlm Lo be wlLh Plm ln Pls klnadomŦ We were all prepared when LhaL dav cameŦ We all were able Lo
sav our aoodbves and somehowţ leLLlna hlm ao was noL so palnful knowlna LhaL he was aL peace and he
was happv on Lhe dav he dledŦ

Markţ l know we wlll see each oLher aaalnŦ l would feel vour warm embrace aaaln and our souls wlll
unlLe for an eLernlLv LoaeLher ln heavenŦ ln Lhe meanLlmeţ please do aulde us as we llve our llfe here on
earLhŦ uo waLch over our klds and do proLecL Lhem from harmŦ Markţ vou wlll alwavs be remembered
and vou wlll alwavs llve ln our hearLs for as lona as we llveŦ l love vou so muchŦ

oodw| 5peech
lƌm ofLen Lold bv Amerlcans how much Lhev love mv accenLţ Lo whlch mv honesL response ls ƍwhaL
accenL? l donƌL have an accenL Ŵ vou doŦƍ
As lL ls hard for us Lo see ourselves as lndlvldualsţ so lL ls hard for us Lo see our naLlonal ldlosvncraslesŦ
WhaL ls culLural Lo a forelaner ls compleLelv normal Lo usŦ
Cne newspaper ln Lhe uk ran a compeLlLlon Lo ask Lhe publlc whaL lL meanL Lo be 8rlLlshŦ l loved Lhe
8elna 8rlLlsh ls abouL drlvlna a Cerman car Lo an lrlsh Þub Lo have a 8elalan 8eerţ Lhen Lravellna homeţ
arabblna an lndlan currv or 1urklsh kebab on Lhe wavţ Lo slL on Swedlsh furnlLure and waLch Amerlcan
shows on a !apanese 1vŦ And Lhe mosL 8rlLlsh Lhlna of all? Susplclon of anvLhlna forelanŦ
?eL Lhere ls someLhlna slnlsLer aolna on ln Lhe world when we are noL onlv unable Lo see our culLural
sLrenaLhsŤ Lhlnas LhaL have forLlfled our communlLlesţ buL equallv unable Lo see our culLural weaknessesŦ
And Lhe Lwo are ofLen llnked Lo Lrafflcklna and slavervŦ
ln Chanaţ for exampleţ whaL has supporLed Lhe culLure ls a LlmeŴhonoured LradlLlon of apprenLlceshlp
for Lhelr vouLhť poor klds belna senL awav and alven skllls Lralnlna bv famllv or people llvlna ln Lhe clLvŦ
1haL ls now someLlmes abused bv opporLunlsLlc Lrafflckers who Lake advanLaae of abandoned moLhers
who never see Lhelr chlldren aaalnŦ
1hls has enormous lmpacL on our perspecLlve of slaverv or even our denlal of slavervŦ uenlal noL
because lL ls pollLlcallv expedlenLţ noL because we donƌL wanL Lo end up poorlv poslLloned on a llsLţ buL
because we are unable Lo see lL Ŵ lL ls parL of our culLure lŦeŦ normal and so ouLslde crlLlque of lL makes
us defenslveŦ We have Lo accepL LhaL we are all parL of Lhls problemţ and LhaL Lhls ls evervwhereŦ
Þeople ofLen ask meť Where ls lL worsL ln Lhe world? Well vou can Lalk abouL Lhe masslve numbers of
women fleelna Lhe LasLern 8lockţ duped lnLo forced prosLlLuLlonţ buL where are Lhev aolna Lo? 1hevƌre
comlna Lo usţ weƌre creaLlna demandŦ So where ls Lhe problem worsL? ls lL here or Lhere? We have Lo
flnd a wav Lo be rlaorouslv selfŴreflecLlve and compasslonaLe Lo each oLherƌs weaknessesŦ 1hls ls
LransnaLlonal crlme and we can onlv flx lL worklna LransnaLlonallvŦ
1hls ls clearlv Lhe dark slde of aloballzaLlonŤ Lhe movemenL of people ln modern Llmes has Lhrown us all
a new problem bv exacerbaLlna one of Lhe oldesL ln Lhe worldŦ
1rafflcklna ls Lhe means bv whlch somebodv ls puL lnLo slavervŦ When we Lalk abouL druas we Lalk abouL
Lhe drua problem Ŵ Lhe problem ls noL ln Lhe movemenLŦ So lL ls wlLh Lhe Lrafflcklna ln human belnasŤ
and Lhe lssue of slavervŦ l deflne LhaL as Lhe vlolenL conLrol of one person over anoLher LhaL keeps Lhem
ln an explolLaLlve clrcumsLance aaalnsL Lhelr wlll whlle alven a baslc subslsLenceŦ l flrmlv belleve LhaL
one of Lhe soluLlons lles ln us updaLlna Lhe proLocol Lo alve slaverv Lhe leaal LeeLh LhaL Lhe unCuC
worked so hard Lo brlna Lo Lrafflcklna vlcLlmsŦ 1here are 17 mllllon vlcLlms of slaverv who need Lhe unƌs
recoanlLlonţ and some academlcs belleve LhaL flaure Lo be 27 mllllonŦ
lƌd llke Lo Lalk of some examples of slavervŦ And l wanL Lo sLarL close Lo homeţ acLuallv Lhe counLrv
where l llveŦ
ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes l spoke Lo Lrnle Allen from Lhe CenLre of Mlsslna and LxplolLed ChlldrenŦ Pe Lold
me LhaL l beLween 100ţ000 Lo 300ţ000 chlldren are poLenLlallv Lrafflcked lnLernallv ln Lhe uS everv vearŤ
a larae percenLaae ŴŴ he belleves ŴŴ lnLo chlld prosLlLuLlonŦ
Also ln Lhe uS a couple was arresLed ln 1exas for runnlna a chlld lnLerneL porn slLe LhaL was maklna 2
mllllon dollars a monLhţ $20Ŧ93 pald bv credlL card bv 70ţ000 alobal cusLomers Ŵ lsolaLed lncldenL? noL
reallvţ one of 100ţ000 alobal slLesŦ And whaL are Lhese cusLomers looklna aL? AmonasL oLher Lhlnas
Lhevƌre looklna aL chlldren belna rapedţ l know LhaL lLƌs hard Lo hear buL weƌre Lalklna penlle peneLraLlon
of chlldrenţ 3 vear oldsţ 4 vear oldsţ 8 vear oldsŧ auns and flnaers donƌL quallfv as rape ln Lhls conLexLŦ
So should Lhe lnLerneL be banned? ls Lhe lnLerneL Lo blame?
ls Lhe un Lhe besL vehlcle Lo address lL? Can Lhe unCuC Lake Lhls on on lLs own?
l have dellberaLelv seL ouL Lo aauae Lhe level of vlolence ln Lhe conLexL of slavervŦ lƌve come Lo Lhe
concluslon LhaL vlolence or LhreaL of vlolence ls a deflnlna facLor ln SlavervŦ l fear LhaL one of Lhe Lhlnas
LhaL dlluLe our zeal Lo Lake on Lhls lssue ls LhaL bv necesslLv Lhe leaal Lermlnoloav of Lhe deflnlLlon ls Lhe
lowesL common denomlnaLorţ Lhe leasL requlremenLŦ So we refer Lo lL ln Lhe un deflnlLlon of Lrafflcklna
as forceţ noL vlolence buL forceŦ Pere are some examples of forceŦ
?ou are forced when vou are a camel [ockev who ls beaLen and sLarved ln order Lo keep vour welahL
downţ knowlna LhaL Lhe older and blaaer vou aeL Lhe more llkelv vou are Lo be dlsposed ofŦ
?ou are forced lf vouƌre Lrapped ln a broLhel Lo be raped someLlmes 40 Llmes a nlahL havlna waLched
someone be Lhrown from a fourLh floor wlndowţ or beaLen Lo deaLhţ
?ou are forced lf vouƌre a moLher puL Lo work on a coca ploL ln Columbla supporLlna Lhe 30 bllllon dollar
cocalne lndusLrv for LerrorlsLs who shooL one of vour klds ln fronL of vou and Lake Lhe resL as chlld
?ou are forced lf vou are a vouna bov ln Lhe carpeL lndusLrv whose ln[ured flnaers are plunaed lnLo
bolllna waLer Lo sLerlllze and dlsLracL vou from Lhe palnţ or vou are Lled and whlpped when vou Lrv Lo
?ou are forced lf vouƌre a 4 vear old made Lo dlve ln Lhe dark ln Lake volLa ln Chanaţ baLLered over Lhe
head wlLh an oar when vou surface for breaLh and made Lo dlve so deep LhaL vour nose bleeds
consLanLlvŦ 1here are vouna chlldren who ln some cases raLher Lhan be Laken Lo a hosplLal when Lhev
become lllţ have a welahL Lled Lo Lhem and are Lossed lnLo Lhe neLs Lo be used as llve balLŦ
And so ofLen l hear of Lhe aunsţ people held aL aunpolnLţ shoL aLţ have seen someone else shoL aL or
kllled Ŵ doesnƌL maLLer lf lLƌs lndla and vouƌre 9 monLhs preananL and quarrvlna ln 113 dearee heaLţ or a
clLrus plcker ln llorldaţ uSAţ vou are held bv a level of vlolence LhaL Lo me lf l hadnƌL heard lL dlrecLlv and
conslsLenLlv l donƌL know LhaL lƌd belleveŦ
1hreaL of vlolence ls also kevŦ Chlldren and adulLs are Lold LhaL even lf Lhelr Lrafflcker/slave owner aoes
Lo prlson Lhev wlll have vou and vour famllv kllled from Lhelr [all cellŦ 1hese are usuallv wellŴconnecLed
peopleţ ofLen Lo Lhe maflaŦ And how manv of us ln our hearL of hearLs would advlse our own chlldren Lo
Lake Lhem on?
l wanL Lo come back Lo culLural speclflclLvŦ l wenL Lo Cambodla and Lhere l found vlolence LhaL was
unlmaalnable Lo meŦ CulLurallvţ Lhevƌre sLruaallna awav from a verv recenL vlolenL pasLŦ And we need Lo
alve Lhem credlL for LhaL sLruaaleť 40 vears of bomblnaţ Lhe obllLeraLlon of 600ţ000 people bv Lhe uS ŴŴ
LhaLƌs never even been acknowledaed ŴŴţ a desplcable dlcLaLor puL ln place ln Þol ÞoL who enacLed
aLroclLles and aenoclde on hls peopleŦ
We know LhaL an abuse vlcLlm ls aL rlsk of becomlna Lhe abuserţ abuse becomes Lhelr coplna mechanlsm
for wanL of oLher meansŦ lƌm noL savlna evervone ln Cambodla ls an abuserţ lƌm savlna LhaL Lhe face of
slaverv Lhere ls dlsLlnaulshed bv Lhe level of LorLureţ especlallv obvlous when compared Lo nelahborlna
1hallandŦ We shouldnƌL be shamlna Cambodlať we need Lo embrace her as an abuse vlcLlmŦ
So ln LhaL conLexL Lhere ls a currenL phenomenon ln Cambodla of Lhe rape of ever vounaer alrlsţ
Plv/AluSŴfree vlralnsţ ln Lhe sex slave LradeŦ 1hev used Lo be 16Ŧ Some sLlll areţ buL now 16 lsnƌL
assurance enouahţ so Lhe alrls ln Lhe shelLers have been aeLLlna proaresslvelv vounaerţ and now Lhere
are more and moreţ as vouna as 4 or 3 vears oldŦ 1hev are sold for beLween 300 and a Lhousand dollarsţ
Lhev are raped over Lhe course of a weekţ Lhen reLurned Lo Lhe plmpţ who Lhen Lakes Lhem Lo a cllnlc
who reŴsews Lhelr hvmen and sells Lhem aaaln whlle Lhe wound ls sLlll freshŦ 1hls cvcle ls repeaLed Llme
and Llme aaalnŦ
Cne alrl Lalked of belna chalnedţ a baLon forced down her LhroaLŦ Manv are elecLrocuLedţ oLhers caaed
naked wlLh lnsecLs LhaL are puL ln Lhelr mouLhs and prlvaLe parLsŦ 1hev donƌL all survlveŦ Manv vlcLlms
donƌL survlveŦ 1hev donƌL survlve because as Lhe populaLlon has exploded ln dlrecL correlaLlon so Lhe
prlce of a human llfe has plummeLedŦ
ln Lhe davs of Lhe LransaLlanLlc slave Lrade a vouna adulL male aarlculLural worker would have cosL vou
an equlvalenL of $40ţ000Ŧ ?ou can buv LhaL vouna adulL male Lodav ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes of Amerlca for
$300Ŧ 1hese peopleţ Lhese slavesţ are prlmarllv lnvlslble because of Lhe llleaal naLure of Lhelr
clrcumsLanceţ and lncredlblv dlsposable should Lhev aeL lll or become dlfflculLŦ Cr evenţ Lo be honesLţ
[usL noL verv producLlveŦ
So as depresslna and awful as all of LhaL soundsţ are Lhere soluLlons?
l am reallv happv Lo be able Lo sav vesŦ
8emember Lhe camel [ockevs? 1here ls now a roboL LhaL has replaced LhemŦ
1hose klds flshlna ln Chana? Close Lo 600 have been rescued and relnLearaLed Lo susLalnable freedomŦ
lndlan vlllaaers maklna handŴmade sand were approached bv a llLLle nCC called Sankalp who released
one vlllaaer who wenL Lo lealLlmaLe workţ used her pav Lo buv ouL anoLher vlllaaerť Lhe Lwo wenL Lo
work and saved Lo buv ouL a LhlrdŦ 1hen Lhe whole vlllaae walked ouLŦ 1hese are people whose enLlre
vlllaaes have been enslaved for aeneraLlons wlLhouL even reallzlna lLŦ 1haL vlllaae ls shown Lo anoLher
vlllaae and Lhev Loo walk ouLţ and so on and so forLh unLll Lhev have releasedţ ln less Lhan 3 vearsţ
10ţ000 vlllaaersţ 90 of whom have run for local elecLlon and 70 of whom have aoLLen ln!
1he lnLerneL porn Ŵ MlcrosofLţ ACLţ and oLher lnLerneL companles have come LoaeLher and are plLchlna
Lhelr experLlse and lnslder knowledae aL one of Lhe LrlcklesL forms of Lrafflcklna knownť chlld lnLerneL
pornŦ 1hev have pledaed Lo eradlcaLe lL bv 2008 and Lhev are on LaraeLŦ
So back Lo mv quesLlonť Should Lhe lnLerneL be banned? noŦ ls Lhe un Lhe besL vehlcle Lo Lhe soluLlon?
noL necessarllvŦ All of us have Lo aeL lnvolved and look Lo our own area of experLlse and Lrv and see lf
we can meeL Lhls helnous abuse of humanlLv wlLh our sLrenaLh Ŵ whaL we know wellŦ
AnoLher example l loveť 1he lnLernaLlonal Cocoa lnlLlaLlveŦ
ln Lhe cocoa lndusLrvţ MrŦ Pershev had no chlldrenţ so he lefL Lhe enLlre Pershevƌs companv Lo an
orphanaaeŦ lL was onlv recenLlv LhaL Lhev were approached bv kevln 8alesţ from lree Lhe Slaves who
Lold Lhem LhaL Lhe proflL LhaL supporLed Lhe orphans was comlna from chlld slaverv ln Chana and Lhe
lvorv CoasL on Lhe cocoa planLaLlonsŦ 1he cocoa lndusLrvţ wanLlna noLhlna Lo do wlLh Lhlsţ has unlLed
aaalnsL Lhls svsLem and commlLLed Lo eradlcaLe lL Lhrouah educaLlonal proarams on Lhe around and
local culLurallv senslLlve lnlLlaLlvesŦ We should Lhank Lhem because wlLhouL Lhem our unLarnlshedŴbvŴ
chlldŴslaverv chocolaLe allowance for Lhe vear would be one Pershevƌs klssŦ
And lasL buL noL leasL Lhe unlLed naLlons Cfflce on uruas and Crlmeţ MrŦ CosLaţ and all Lhe Member
SLaLes have done phenomenal work wlLh Lhe ConvenLlon aaalnsL 1ransnaLlonal Craanlsed Crlmeţ and
comlna up wlLh a deflnlLlon of 1rafflcklna ln persons LhaL has provlded Lhe lnLernaLlonal communlLv wlLh
a phenomenal framework and referenceŦ ?ou are advocaLlna for Lhe hollsLlc approach of Lhe ƍLhree Þsƍť
prevenLlonţ prosecuLlonţ and proLecLlonŧ and have allowed me Lo add mv own ƍÞƍť prlorlLlzeŦ l
commend vou ln vour workţ lL ls such an honour Lo have been chosen Lo work wlLh vou and l am deeplv
proud Lo be vour Coodwlll AmbassadorŦ (l hope vou wlll puL up wlLh me a llLLle lonaerŦ)
(We all have a role Lo plav ln Lhlsţ we all have Lo work on puLLlna ln place checks and balances wlLhln
alobal lndusLrvŦ We have Lo Lake responslblllLv all Lhe wav down Lhe supplv chalnŦ We have Lo Lhlnk of
free people everv Llme we Lhlnk of free LradeŦ And we all have Lo brlna Lo Lhls a sense of uraencvŦ)
l am alwavs lnsplred and moved bv Lhe exLraordlnarv reslllence of vlcLlmsţ and Lhelr ablllLv Lo Lranscend
Lhelr clrcumsLanceŦ l waLch Lhese vouna alrls ln Lhe safeLv of Lhe shelLers slna and danceţ lƌm on a
learnlna curveţ buL l know LhaL manv of vou whoƌve worked on Lhls for vears have had Lhls experlence
and lLƌs hearLŴbreaklnaţ because lL ls sLlll unlmaalnable LhaL afLer whaL Lhevƌve been Lhrouah Lhev can
flnd Lhe resource Lo do lL so plavfullvţ llahLlv and [ovfullvŦ
l promlse Lhose vouna alrls from Lhose broLhels LhaL we donƌL [usL arm Lhem wlLh sewlna skllls and send
Lhem on home Lo Lhe parenLs who sold Lhem ln Lhe flrsL place or beaL Lhemţ caaed Lhemţ chalned Lhem
and rammed baLons down Lhelr LhroaLsŦ l promlse Lhem LhaL Lhere are people around Lhe world Laklna
Lhls verv serlouslv and worklna verv hard on sLopplna lLŦ
l Lell Lhem LhaL as Lhev slna of danclna lnLo Lhe llahLţ we dance wlLh LhemŦ And LhaL as Lhev slna of and
celebraLe Lhe flowerlna of womanhoodţ we slna wlLh Lhem and Lake solace from Lhelr sonaŦ
Þlease help me keep LhaL promlseŦ (Clobal ÞarLnershlp lorum ƍSharlna responslblllLv Lo make Lhe world
saferƍ SLaLemenL bv unCuC Coodwlll Ambassador and acLress !ulla Crmond vlennaţ 4 CcLober 2006)

Iarewe 5peech
l can'L Lell vou how dlfflculL lL ls Lo descrlbe how sad l am Lo be leavlnaŦ When l aoL here so manv vears
aao l would never have reallzed how connecLed l would be Lo such a warm communlLv of peopleŦ
Manv Llmes l have been humbled bv Lhe klndness of vour hearLsŦ When l look aL Lhls alfL/ mv phoLos/
Lhls scar/żoLher personal lLemŽţ l wlll rememberŧżmemorlesŽŦ
1omorrow l wlll wake up ln mv new llfeţ full of veLŴ LoŴ be reallzed opporLunlLlesţ and empLv of vour
companvŧ l wlll be ln a sLranae llmboŦ
?ou've helped me Lhrouah some dlfflculL Llmesţ and shared Lhe [ovous Llmes ln voursŦ Some people
[udae Lhelr llves on whaL Lhev doţ oLhers on who Lhev areŦ l wanL mv llfe [udaed on Lhe frlendsţ l keep
and how enrlched l am from [usL knowlna vouŦ
1o quoLe Shakespeareţ who ls a beLLer wordŴsmlLh Lhan l amť ºAnd wheLher we shall meeL aaaln l know
noLŦ 1herefore our everlasLlna farewell LakeŤ loreverţ and foreverţ farewell frlends! lf we do noL meeL
aaalnţ whvţ we shall smlleŤ lf noLţ whvţ Lhen Lhls parLlna was well madeŦ"
1o see vou here ln fronL of meţ Lhe lasL Llme all LoaeLherţ ls a plcLure l wlll Lreasure for a verv lona LlmeŦ
Soŧ unLll Lhe nexL Llme we aaLherţ mv verv dear frlends farewell for nowŦ (hLLpť//wwwŦfondŴ

Informat|ve 5peech
Lver See A Llaer?
An eplsode of Lhe edavţ humorousţ and ofLen llneŴcrosslna show SouLh Þark had Lhe four vouna maln
anlmaLed characLers slnalna Lhe sona ƍÞla and elephanL unA [usL wonƌL spllceƍ afLer a vlslL Lo Lhe SouLh
Þark CeneLlc Lnalneerlna 8anchŦ unforLunaLelvţ Lhls ls how much of Lhe counLrv Lhlnks abouL hvbrld
When mosL people hear Lhe Lerm ƍhvbrld anlmalţƍ Lhev ofLen Lhlnk of oddţ muLanL creaLures Ŵ
hlppopoLamuses mlxed wlLh llonsţ doas mlxed wlLh caLsţ or squlrrels mlxed wlLh porcuplnesŦ lndeedţ Lhe
word hvbrld lnvokes Lhe lmaalnaLlon and encouraaes one Lo enLerLaln Lhese lmprobable comblnaLlons
as mlracles of sclenceŦ
Poweverţ Lhe phrase ƍhvbrld anlmalƍ merelv means a crossbreedlna of Lwo anlmals Ŵ a process whlch
has occurred for cenLurlesţ boLh arLlflclallv and naLurallvŦ
1he ldea of hvbrlds daLes back Lo Lhe mvLholoav of anclenL LlmesŦ lolk Lales were full of anlmalŴhuman
hvbrld sLorles llke mermalds and mlnoLaursŦ 1he word hvbrld comes from Lhe AnclenL Creekţ meanlna
ƍson of ouLraaeous conducLŦƍ 8uL undersLandlna hvbrld anlmals lles boLh ln naLure and sclenceŦ
PvbrldlzaLlon has been occurrlna ln naLure for Lhousands of vearsŦ ularles of earlv hunLers ln Lhe
norLhwesLern LerrlLorles Lell of shooLlna bears LhaL were larae and offŴwhlLe wlLh halrv pawsţ suaaesLlna
hvbrlds of kodlak and polar bearsŦ 8ecenL unA sLudles conflrmed Lhls ls posslbleŦ
1he mlxlna of anlmals LhaL are closelv relaLed happens naLurallv more Lhan vou mlahL LhlnkŦ ln facLţ
sclenLlsLs have recenLlv ldenLlfled a number of hvbrld zonesţ or places where anlmal hvbrldlzaLlon ls
mosL llkelv Lo occur based on a number of dlfferenL facLorsŦ 1hese hvbrld anlmals are far more
lmporLanL Lo naLure Lhan vou mlahL LhlnkŦ LvoluLlonarv bloloav sLudles show LhaL Lhe flLLesL anlmals
survlveţ no maLLer wheLher Lhev are hvbrlds or noLţ and whlle some are slmplv noL aeneLlcallv
compaLlble ln Lerms of survlvalţ manv oLhers areŦ
A few examples of naLurallv occurrlna hvbrld anlmals lnclude Lhe whlLe Lall/mule deerţ some Calapaaos
llnchesţ and Lhe Luropean 8ed ueer and Chlnese Slka ueerŦ noLed evoluLlonarv experL Charles uarwln
even commenLed on anlmal hvbrldlzaLlonŦ ƍManv specles have bred ln varlous menaaerles Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ SLranae
as Lhe facL mav appearţ manv anlmals Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ unlLe wlLh dlsLlncL specles and produce hvbrlds qulLe as freelv
asţ or even more freelv Lhanţ wlLh Lhelr own speclesŦƍ
Sclenceţ as well as naLure Lhouahţ has creaLed some of lLs own hvbrlds for varlous purposesŦ 1akeţ for
lnsLanceţ Lhe mule Ŵ a cross beLween a female horse and a male donkevţ whlch has exlsLed slnce AnclenL
8oman LlmesŦ lor cenLurlesţ mules have been used as a means of LransporLaLlon and laborŦ Lven Lodavţ
Lhelr sureŴfooLedness makes Lhem one of Lhe besL anlmals Lo have ln rouah Lerraln or narrow passaaesŦ
ln counLrles such as Chlle and Chlnaţ mules are valued for Lhelr navlaablllLvŦ ln facLţ mules are sLlll used
Lo Lour Lhe Crand Canvonƌs sLeep and narrow Lralls!
Pvbrld anlmals are closer Lo home Lhan even Lhe muleţ LhouahŦ Common peLs llke caLs and doas are
ofLen hvbrld anlmalsţ havlna been crossbred wlLh anoLher breedŦ 1horouahbred caLs and doas are
valued for Lhe purlLv of Lhelr bloodţ buL because of Lhe cosL lnvolved wlLh Lhorouahbredsţ mosL people
flnd Lhemselves wlLh crossbred doas or caLs for peLsŦ
1he value of hvbrld doas and caLs ls chanalnaţ LhouahŦ Crossbred doas and caLs were once consldered
muLLs or monarelsţ buL Lodavţ wlLh Lhe everŴlncreaslna crossbreedlna and Lechnoloavţ some flnd LhaL
hvbrld doas and caLs are ƍmore valuableƍ because of Lhelr LemperaLe personallLvţ Lhe shlnlness of Lhelr
halrţ or oLher deslrable characLerlsLlcsŦ Þerhaps vou wanL Lhe securlLv a uoberman Þlnscher can provldeţ
buL vou do noL wanL lLs aaaresslvenessŦ 8reedlna wlLh a more amlable doa could provlde vou wlLh Lhe
besL comblnaLlon of characLerlsLlcsŦ
Crossbreedlna ls a process LhaL has occurred for cenLurlesŦ 1here are manv hvbrld anlmals ln Lhe worldţ
wheLher produced arLlflclallvţ bv sclenLlsLs or naLurallv ln a common hablLaL or because of famlllar
1houah manv belleve Lhe unllkellesL hvbrld anlmalsţ such as Lhe llaerţ can occur onlv ln a laboraLorvţ Lhe
hvbrld polar/arlzzlv bear found ln Lhe wlld repudlaLes Lhls bellefŦ ln Lhls wavţ hvbrld anlmals provlde us
wlLh fasclnaLlna quesLlons on ferLlllLv as well as Lhe llmlLsţ or raLher nonŴllmlLsţ of naLureţ whlle
challenalna our lmaalnaLlonsţ and our anlmaLed Lelevlslon shows llke SouLh Þark Lo envlslon Lhe

ed|cat|on 5peech
MrŦ Clemens wore hls aown as uocLor of Lawsţ Cxford unlverslLvŦ Ambassador 8rvce and MrŦ ChoaLe
had made Lhe formal addressesŦ
Pow dlfflculLţ lndeedţ ls Lhe hlaher educaLlonŦ MrŦ ChoaLe needs a llLLle of lLŦ Pe ls noL onlv shorL as a
sLaLlsLlclan of new ?orkţ buL he ls offţ far offţ ln hls maLhemaLlcsŦ 1he four Lhousand clLlzens of CreaLer
new ?orkţ lndeed!
8uL l donƌL Lhlnk lL was wlse or [udlclous on Lhe parL of MrŦ ChoaLe Lo show Lhls hlaher educaLlon he has
obLalnedŦ Pe saL ln Lhe lap of LhaL areaL educaLlon (l was Lhere aL Lhe Llme)ţ and see Lhe resulLŴŴLhe
lamenLable resulLŦ Mavbe lf he had had a sandwlch here Lo susLaln hlm Lhe resulL would noL have been
so serlousŦ
lor sevenLvŴLwo vears l have been sLrlvlna Lo acqulre LhaL hlaher educaLlon whlch sLands for modesLv
and dlffldenceţ and lL doesnƌL workŦ
And Lhen look aL Ambassador 8rvceţ who referred Lo hls alma maLerţ CxfordŦ Pe mlahL [usL as well have
lncluded meŦ Wellţ l am a laLer producLlonŦ
lf l am Lhe laLesL araduaLeţ l reallv and slncerelv hope l am noL Lhe flnal flower of lLs seven cenLurlesŤ l
hope lL mav ao on for seven aaes lonaerŦ ((AL Lhe uedlcaLlon of Lhe Colleae of Lhe ClLv of new ?orkţ Mav
16ţ 1908 bv Mark 1waln)

1oast (5peech of nonor)
Cood LvenlnaŦ
l am boLh honored and flaLLered Lo have been asked Lo speak for Lhls wonderful occaslonŦ
l conaraLulaLe each of vou and vour parenLsŦ
?our achlevemenLs ln Lhe realms of Scholarshlpţ Leadershlpţ CommunlLv Servlceţ and CharacLer are
belna honored here LonlahL bv vour lnducLlon lnLo Lhls presLlalous socleLvŦ
An honor such as Lhls ls a wonderful wav for Lhe school and communlLv Lo recoanlze and celebraLe Lhe
cholcesţ and someLlmes Lhe sacrlflcesţ vou have madeŦ
8uL l belleve LhaL whaL should make vou and vour parenLs Lhe mosL proud ls noL Lhe acLual honor lLselfţ
buL whaL vou had Lo do Lo aeL lLŦ As 8alph Waldo Lmerson saldţ ƍ1he reward of a Lhlna well done ls Lo
have done lLŦƍ Anv recoanlLlon ls [usL Lhe lclna on Lhe cakeţ noL Lo be expecLed buL deflnlLelv Lo be
Poweverţ l challenae vou noL Lo resL on vour laurels buL Lo conLlnue Lo sLrlve Lowards even lofLler aoalsŦ
1he four requlremenLs for membershlp ln whlch vou have excelledť scholarshlpţ leadershlpţ communlLv
servlceţ and characLer were noL chosen aL randomŦ 1hev are Lhe core of a fulfllled and fulfllllna llfeŦ
1he mosL lmporLanL Lhlna Lo remember ls LhaL each of Lhese characLerlsLlcs are Lhe sum of manv
lndlvldual declslonsŦ 1hev embodv a poslLlve aLLlLude backed bv purposeŦ 1he onlv wav Lo achleve vour
purpose ls Lo Lake small acLlons evervdavŦ ln Lhe endţ Lhev all add upŦ Mv hope for vou ls LhaL vou wlll
culLlvaLe Lhls aLLlLude backed bv purpose ln vour own llfeŦ
Scholarshlp ls much more Lhan [usL aeLLlna sLralahL AƌsŦ lL ls a llfeŴlona love of learnlnaŦ ln Lhe end lL ls a
sum of small cholcesŦ Lach Llme vou declde vou WAn1 Lo learn someLhlnaţ Lhe experlence wlll be so
rewardlna LhaL Lhe nexL Llme becomes easlerŦ
Soon learnlna becomes a hablLŦ AL LhaL polnLţ vour deslre Lo learn makes aeLLlna Aƌs easler whlle Laklna
Lhe focus off of aradesŦ 1he knowledae can sLlll be hard Lo aalnţ buL knowlna vouƌve masLered a dlfflculL
sub[ecL ls an awesome rewardŦ Suddenlv Lhe world around vou becomes rlcherţ full of learnlna
Leadershlp ls noL abouL belna elecLed or appolnLed Lo an offlceŦ 1he offlce does noL Leach someone how
Lo be a leaderŦ Leadershlp ls an aLLlLude culLlvaLed over LlmeŦ
Are vou one Lo sLand up for whaL vou belleve ln and ƌface Lhe muslcƌ even when LhaL muslc happens Lo
be unpleasanL? uo vou have a purpose and follow LhaL purpose Lo aeL Lhe ends vou deslre? uo vou have
a vlslon? 1hese are all quesLlons LhaL Lrue leaders answer ln Lhe afflrmaLlveŦ
8uL how do vou become a leader?
Lach small declslon vou make Lakes vou one sLep closerŦ 8emember Lhe aoal ls noL Lo aeL powerţ buL Lo
aeL vour vlslon and vour purpose acrossŦ Leaders wlLhouL vlslons can be llkened Lo drlvlna ln a sLranae
Lown wlLhouL a road mapť vou are aolna Lo wlnd up somewhereţ lL [usL mlahL noL be ln Lhe besL parL of
Manv see communlLv servlce as a means Lo an endŦ Some mlahL see lL as a wav Lo aeL servlce polnLs
whlle soclallzlnaţ whlle oLhers mav vlew lL as an unforLunaLe (and ofLen lnconvenlenL) necesslLv of hlah
school llfeŦ 8uL ls LhaL Lrue communlLv servlce?
Cnce aaaln Lrue communlLv servlce ls an aLLlLudeŦ Are vou dolna lL for Lhe rlahL reasons? lƌm noL savlna
Lhere wonƌL be SaLurdav mornlnas when vou would raLher sleep vour hearL ouL Lhan palnL vour hearL
WhaL lƌm Lalklna abouL ls LhaL ln Lhe endţ when lL ls all doneţ and vou are once aaaln wellŴresLedţ vou
can look back and reallze LhaL vou dld someLhlna worLhwhlleŦ 1haL vou helped vour fellow man ln some
wavŦ 8emember as !ohn uonne saldţ ƍno man ls an lsland enLlre of hlmselfŦƍ
llnallvţ characLerŦ
lf Lhere ls anv one Lhlna LhaL ls evldenced bv vour dallv cholces lL ls vour characLerŦ
l Lrulv belleve whaL 1homas Macaulav saldţ ƍ1he measure of a manƌs real characLer ls whaL he would do
lf he knew he would never be found ouLŦƍ
WhaL do vou do when no oneƌs around? 1he Leacher sLeps ouL of Lhe room for a momenL whlle vou are
Laklna a LesL afLer schoolŦ ?ou know exacLlv where ln vour noLes Lhe answer Lo quesLlon 23 lsŦ uo vou
look? Mlnlmal chance of belna cauahL!
1he answer Lo Lhls quesLlon ls Lhe kev Lo vour Lrue characLerŦ
lor whlle belna honesL and honorable when oLhers are waLchlna ls lmporLanLţ belna Lrue Lo vourself ls
And ln Lhe endţ Lhese prlvaLe davŴLoŴdav declslons wlll evenLuallv reveal vour Lrue characLer Lo Lhe
All ln allţ are maklna Lhe Louah cholces worLh lL?
Whlle lL would be easler Lo sllde Lhrouah llfe wlLhouL a purposeţ wlLhouL a codeţ lL would noL be
fulfllllnaŦ Cnlv bv seLLlna dlfflculL aoals and achlevlna Lhem can we flnd Lrue selfŴworLhŦ
Cne flnal Lhlnaţ each personƌs aoals are dlfferenLţ and whaL comes easv Lo one mav be dlfflculL for
anoLherŦ 1hereforeţ do noL squash oLhersƌ dreamsŦ 1hls ls a sureflre wav Lo know LhaL vou arenƌL worklna
Lowards fulfllllna vour ownŦ
ln concluslonţ l conaraLulaLe vou for Lhls honorŦ ?ou are Lrulv Lhe besL of Lhe besLŦ Ln[ov vourselfţ and
remember as MoLher 1eresa saldţ ƍLlfe ls a promlseŤ fulflll lLŦƍ
9resentat|on 5peech
1he words of Lhe anclenL Þsalmţ rlse from our hearLsť ƍl have become llke a broken vesselŦ l hear Lhe
whlsperlna of manv Ŵ Lerror on everv slde Ŵ as Lhev scheme LoaeLher aaalnsL meţ as Lhev ploL Lo Lake mv
llfeŦ 8uL l LrusL ln vouţ C LordŤ l savţ 'vou are mv CodŦ"
ln Lhls place of memorlesţ Lhe mlnd and hearL and soul feel an exLreme need for sllenceŦ Sllence ln whlch
Lo rememberŦ Sllence ln whlch Lo Lrv Lo make some sense of Lhe memorles whlch come floodlna backŦ
Sllence because Lhere are no words sLrona enouah Lo deplore Lhe Lerrlble Lraaedv of Lhe ShoahŦ

Mv own personal memorles are of all LhaL happened when Lhe nazls occupled Þoland durlna Lhe warŦ l
remember mv !ewlsh frlends and nelahboursţ some of whom perlshedţ whlle oLhers survlvedŦ l have
come Lo ?ad vashem Lo pav homaae Lo Lhe mllllons of !ewlsh people whoţ sLrlpped of evervLhlnaţ
especlallv of human dlanlLvţ were murdered ln Lhe PolocausLŦ More Lhan half a cenLurv has passedţ buL
Lhe memorles remalnŦ
Pereţ as aL AuschwlLz and manv oLher places ln Luropeţ we are overcome bv Lhe echo of Lhe hearLŴ
rendlna lamenLs of so manvŦ Menţ women and chlldrenţ crv ouL Lo us from Lhe depLhs of Lhe horror LhaL
Lhev knewŦ Pow can we fall Lo heed Lhelr crv? no one can foraeL or lanore whaL happenedŦ no one can
dlmlnlsh lLs scaleŦ
We wlsh Lo rememberŦ 8uL we wlsh Lo remember for a purposeţ namelv Lo ensure LhaL never aaaln wlll
evll prevallţ as lL dld for Lhe mllllons of lnnocenL vlcLlms of nazlsmŦ

Pow could man have such uLLer conLempL for man? 8ecause he had reached Lhe polnL of conLempL for
CodŦ Cnlv a aodless ldeoloav could plan and carrv ouL Lhe exLermlnaLlon of a whole peopleŦ

1he honour alven Lo Lhe ƌ!usL CenLllesƌ bv Lhe sLaLe of lsrael aL ?ad vashem for havlna acLed herolcallv Lo
save !ewsţ someLlmes Lo Lhe polnL of alvlna Lhelr own llvesţ ls a recoanlLlon LhaL noL even ln Lhe darkesL
hour ls everv llahL exLlnaulshedŦ 1haL ls whv Lhe Þsalms and Lhe enLlre 8lbleţ Lhouah well aware of Lhe
human capaclLv for evllţ also proclalms LhaL evll wlll noL have Lhe lasL wordŦ

CuL of Lhe depLhs of paln and sorrowţ Lhe belleverƌs hearL crles ouLť ƍl LrusL ln vouţ C Lordť ƌl savţ vou are
mv CodŦƍƌ

!ews and ChrlsLlans share an lmmense splrlLual paLrlmonvţ flowlna from Codƌs selfŴrevelaLlonŦ Cur
rellalous Leachlnas and our splrlLual experlence demand LhaL we overcome evll wlLh aoodŦ We
rememberţ buL noL wlLh anv deslre for venaeance or as an lncenLlve Lo haLredŦ lor usţ Lo remember ls Lo
prav for peace and [usLlceţ and Lo commlL ourselves Lo Lhelr causeŦ Cnlv a world aL peaceţ wlLh [usLlce
for allţ can avold repeaLlna Lhe mlsLakes and Lerrlble crlmes of Lhe pasLŦ

As blshop of 8ome and successor of Lhe AposLle ÞeLerţ l assure Lhe !ewlsh people LhaL Lhe CaLhollc
Churchţ moLlvaLed bv Lhe Cospel law of LruLh and loveţ and bv no pollLlcal conslderaLlonsţ ls deeplv
saddened bv Lhe haLredţ acLs of persecuLlon and dlsplavs of anLlŴSemlLlsm dlrecLed aaalnsL Lhe !ews bv
ChrlsLlans aL anv Llme and ln anv placeŦ

1he church re[ecLs raclsm ln anv form as a denlal of Lhe lmaae of Lhe CreaLor lnherenL ln everv human

ln Lhls place of solemn remembranceţ l fervenLlv prav LhaL our sorrow for Lhe Lraaedv whlch Lhe !ewlsh
people suffered ln Lhe 20Lh cenLurv wlll lead Lo a new relaLlonshlp beLween ChrlsLlans and !ewsŦ LeL us
bulld a new fuLure ln whlch Lhere wlll be no more anLlŴ!ewlsh feellna amona ChrlsLlans or anLlŴChrlsLlan
feellna amona !ewsţ buL raLher Lhe muLual respecL requlred of Lhose who adore Lhe one CreaLor and
Lordţ and look Lo Abraham as our common faLher ln falLhŦ

1he world musL heed Lhe warnlna LhaL comes Lo us from Lhe vlcLlms of Lhe PolocausLţ and from Lhe
LesLlmonv of Lhe survlvorsŦ Pere aL ?ad vashem Lhe memorv llves onţ and burns lLself onLo our soulsŦ lL
makes us crv ouLť ƍl hear Lhe whlsperlna of manv Ŵ Lerror on everv slde Ŵ buL l LrusL ln vouţ C Lordť l savţ
ƌ?ou are mv CodŦƍ (1he PolocausL speech bv Þope !ohn Þaul ll)

temporaneos 5peech
Ladles and CenLlemen Ŵ lL ls a small help LhaL l can affordţ buL lL ls [usL such help LhaL one can alve as
comlna from Lhe hearL Lhrouah Lhe mouLhŦ 1he reporL of MrŦ Mever was admlrableţ and l was as
lnLeresLed ln lL as vou have beenŦ Whvţ lƌm Lwlce as old as heţ and lƌve had so much experlence LhaL l
would sav Lo hlmţ when he makes hls appeal for helpť ƍuonƌL make lL for Lodav or Lomorrowţ buL collecL
Lhe monev on Lhe spoLŦƍ

We are all creaLures of sudden lmpulseŦ We musL be worked up bv sLeamţ as lL wereŦ CeL Lhem Lo wrlLe
Lhelr wllls nowţ or lL mav be Loo laLe bvŴandŴbvŦ llfLeen or LwenLv vears aao l had an experlence l shall
never foraeLŦ l aoL lnLo a church whlch was crowded bv a swelLerlna and panLlna mulLlLudeŦ 1he clLv
mlsslonarv of our Lown Ŵ ParLford Ŵ made a Lelllna appeal for helpŦ Pe Lold of personal experlences
amona Lhe poor ln cellars and Lop lofLs requlrlna lnsLances of devoLlon and helpŦ 1he poor are alwavs
aood Lo Lhe poorŦ When a person wlLh hls mllllons alves a hundred Lhousand dollars lL makes a areaL
nolse ln Lhe worldţ buL he does noL mlss lLŤ lLƌs Lhe wldowƌs mlLe LhaL makes no nolse buL does Lhe besL

l remember on LhaL occaslon ln Lhe ParLford church Lhe collecLlon was belna Laken upŦ 1he appeal had
so sLlrred me LhaL l could hardlv walL for Lhe haL or plaLe Lo come mv wavŦ l had four hundred dollars ln
mv pockeLţ and l was anxlous Lo drop lL ln Lhe plaLe and wanLed Lo borrow moreŦ 8uL Lhe plaLe was so
lona ln comlna mv wav LhaL Lhe feverŴheaL of beneflcence was aolna down lower and lower Ŵ aolna
down aL Lhe raLe of a hundred dollars a mlnuLeŦ 1he plaLe was passed Loo laLeŦ When lL flnallv came Lo
meţ mv enLhuslasm had aone down so much LhaL l kepL mv four hundred dollars Ŵ and sLole a dlme from
Lhe plaLeŦ Soţ vou seeţ Llme someLlmes leads Lo crlmeŦ Chţ manv a Llme have l LhouahL of LhaL and
reareLLed lLţ and l ad[ure vou all Lo alve whlle Lhe fever ls on vouŦ

8eferrlna Lo womanƌs sphere ln llfeţ lƌll sav LhaL woman ls alwavs rlahLŦ lor LwenLvŴflve vears lƌve been a
womanƌs rlahLs manŦ l have alwavs bellevedţ lona before mv moLher dledţ LhaLţ wlLh her arav halrs and
admlrable lnLellecLţ perhaps she knew as much as l dldŦ Þerhaps she knew as much abouL voLlna as lŦ

l should llke Lo see Lhe Llme come when women shall help Lo make Lhe lawsŦ l should llke Lo see LhaL
whlplashţ Lhe balloLţ ln Lhe hands of womenŦ As for Lhls clLvƌs aovernmenLţ l donƌL wanL Lo sav muchţ
excepL LhaL lL ls a shame Ŵ a shameŤ buL lf l should llve LwenLvŴflve vears lonaer Ŵ and Lhere ls no reason
whv l shouldnƌL Ŵ l Lhlnk lƌll see women handle Lhe balloLŦ lf women had Lhe balloL LoŴdavţ Lhe sLaLe of
Lhlnas ln Lhls Lown would noL exlsLŦ

lf all Lhe women ln Lhls Lown had a voLe Lodav Lhev would elecL a mavor aL Lhe nexL elecLlonţ and Lhev
would rlse ln Lhelr mlahL and chanae Lhe awful sLaLe of Lhlnas now exlsLlna hereŦ (voLes for Women
Speech bv Mark 1waln)

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