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Deeply Reaching

Deeply reaching,
Ever loving,
Fingers touching life.

Ever hanging,
Ever holding,
Life has all but passed…

Reaching in,
Keeping all,
Holding with fiery might.

Bits go swirling,
Dance about,
Tossed by wind’s delight…

Words then come
From places of strangeness –
Power, might, and strength.

They’re not empty,
But full of life
Brought to purposed light,

Bring to place,
Excitement, reason –
Drive us with their depth.

At times,
It seems
That joys have dulled
And love’s been beaten down.

But bludgeon anger;
Be at peace;
Resist the walking death.

Soon you’ll see
That love’s alive,
And life has all but passed.

Marty J. Reep, 2011

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