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Introduction to Moodle

Introduction to Moodle


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Published by: tgelston on Aug 26, 2008
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Introduction to Moodle

Why we use Moodle?
Virtually every educational institution has by now adopted a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or CMS (Course Management System) for use either as an adjunct to its traditional courses or as a tool for its distance education program. The 'big players" are WebCT and Blackboard, both of which are expensive to license and which are rather rigid in the ways that they can be used. "Moodle"—an open-source system—is not only free but also highly adaptable. Schools are quickly discovering that they can save thousands of dollars by implementing Moodle, and then spending a small portion of the money saved to program it to work precisely the way they and their instructors want it to. Moodle, however, even used "as is" provides a rich selection of features that often surpasses those of other systems.

How Moodle works?
First you have to login to moodle by clicking on the login icon located on the upper right hand side.

This will then take you to this page, which will ask you for your login id and password at the prompt.

Once Moodle is opened, you will see a page that looks similar to:

On the left hand side, you will see the GEMS icon, click on this to access the GEMS Moodle.

You will then see this:

Once here, you have several options: News Forum: Click here to view the latest updates and news you should be aware of. These will be posted daily for the month of April. Gems Website: This link will take you back to the Gems website. Question Forum: Click here if you have a question or would like to respond to someone else’s question. Several “Question” topics will be posted and you can click on any of this and post/answer to questions. General Discussion Forum: Click here to post or answer to any of the topics posted, in addition to starting your own topics for discussion. So far, you have several discussion topics posted for variety. Electrical and Computer Engineering Topics: This forum was created so that you can discuss electrical and computer engineering topics that might interest you or might have questions on.

Reflections on Squeak Forum: This forum was created so that you can provide a more extensive reflection of your likes/dislikes about Squeak, what you want to see done with Squeak, suggestions on teaching Squeak so that you attain a better grasp, etc. For example, if you click on the General Discussion Forum, you would see the following options:

You get to choose from three topics posted already which include: “Do all of our topics have to be GEMS-related?” “How do you like Moodle?” and “Your Future Aspirations” Feel free to click on any of these to provide your opinions/suggestions/conversations.. NOTE: To return back to the GEMS Moodle homepage, click on the GEMS blue icon located on the upper left-hand corner of your screen. It looks like this:

On your right hand side of the screen you will see a calendar. If a particular date is colorcoded, that means there is a “special” event planned for that day. You would click on this date to view the event.

In an effort to make GEMS a memorable learning experience, we would like you to keep a journal of either your daily, weekly, or monthly topics discussed at school. We want to hear your reflections on what topic(s) confused you or still have you confused. Primarily, we want you to continue doing this until school finishes. We are not only going to reply to your concerns via moodle but also try to match up the upcoming summer workshops as close as possible to the topics that you studied while in school. This will be done to emphasize or re-emphasize what you have learned so that a deeper understanding can be attained. To get to your journal: On the right hand side of your screen, you should see:

Once you click on “My Journal,” you will then see a screen similar to:

Click on “Add an entry” to post your journal entry for the day, week, or monthwhichever you prefer. Remember that only the GEMS leaders will be able to view your journal entry, so that it is confidential.

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