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Pakistan Floods Appeal


Severe Flooding has devastated many
d s h a ve parts of Pakistan. MWF has launched
floo r e t han emergency efforts to help the victims of
t e dm o
a f f e c
o p l e and the disaster.
l i o np e
20 m i l r 1 6 00
e d ov e
c l a i m ar
s s o f
live Jammu
& Kashmir
moderately affected areas
severely affected areas

Pakistan Floods caused

by heavy rains
affected Azad
[There is a real need Kashmir, Baluc
for temporary histan,
shelter, clean drinkin Khyber and Pu
g water and njab
toilets to divert a hea districts
lth disaster.]

W h a t M W F is d o in g
MWF has set up relief camps in Esa
W a y s to D o n a te
Khail, Mianwali district, Tehsil
Bhakar, Daray Khan, Layyah district donation hotline:
providing food, shelter and clothing.
01282 - 723456
Minhaj Ambulance Service is working
in all flood affected areas providing
medical aid.
Education, Health & Social Welfare
Worldwide Humanitarian Development

Minhaj Welfare Foundation

Registered Charity Number: 1084057

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