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Definition of fire safety :Fire safety is a group of equipment and/or behavior designed to both reduce the risk of starting a fire and reduce the risk of injury in the event of a fire. Additional fire safety measures are designed to protect private property and even structural integrity. Conversely, objects that have the opposite effect--i.e., increase the risk of both fire and injury--are known as fire hazards.

FIRE CERTIFICATE Every building which uses fire extinguisher system should have certificate from parties which already named. . In Malaysia. the government used a certificate of completion and compliance (CCC) to give the certification for the fire extinguisher system of the building.

Professional Architect and Building Plan Draftsman to issue CCC and Local Authorities will not issue any more CFO.. It gives full power to Professional Engineer. . ? Completion and Compliance Certification (CCC) was put on effect on 12 April 2007.CERTIFICATE COMPLETION AND COMPLIANCE What is CCC.

testing of all fire protection equipment installed in buildings according to requirements UBBL .LETTERS OF SUPPORT FROM BOMBA Bomba is one of the technical departments involved in the process of application for CCC All matters relating to fire safety have to get permission and approval from Bomba first Bomba is responsible for inspecting.


Design Plan  Make application to the Local Authority for planning approval. 2. Architectural Plans  submitted by the architect / engineer consultants (engineers public)  stating the purpose of the plan submitted .PROCEDURE TO GET LETTERS OF SUPPORT FROM BOMBA 1.

Approval from the Department of the Environment (JAS) . size and so on.Construction materials used.Site plan .Occupancy Load calculation / exit load .Emergency Response Plan .Location plan .Elevation plan . .Total floor area and building volume.Floor plan  Explanations should be equipped with a plan submitted .Section plan .Use of the proposed building . . Each set of plans shall consist of the following plans: .

not less than 1:1000 Location plan «««.not less 1:1000 . Any plan submitted shall be signed by the architect / engineer consultant in charge of the project  Scale for the plan :Site plan «««««..appropriate scale Building Plan«««.

Roller shutter . .  Passive protection .First aid channel system .Internal hydrant .The architect / engineer consultant shall indicate the Fire Protection System:  Site Plan (Facilities for fire fighting) .Hydrants .Wet & Dry riser .Access Road (to be painted) .Party wall .Fire resistant door .Fixed Foam Monitor (if any) and others.Breaching inlet .Fire alarm .Compartment wall .Fire fighting lobby  Fire warning and active protection.

3.Schematic plan . Mechanical & Electrical Plan  submitted by the registered with the IEM Consulting Engineers  The plan shall contain : .Statements and codes of practice standards that are use .Floor plan .All Mechanical and Electrical plans must be drawn by a scale of not less than 1: 200 .Layout plan .The calculation of the fire system .

Architectural Plan and M & E was approved by the Bomba.Construction work and all the conditions have been complied with the Bomba and the system can function fully and properly tested.Have access to electricity supply or generator. . . .4. Project Inspection  Application for inspection only can be made after :.Water supply from main pipe of ¶Jabatan Bekalan Air· has been connected to the hydrants .

 All the parties involve must be attend during the discussion.Main Contractor . power generator and PA system . inspection and testing of the system.Architect .Consultant Engineer .Building owners or their representatives . air conditioning.Fire Contractor -Suppliers / wholesalers elevators. they are : .

check whether the tank hose reel is shared with other systems or domestic .  Water tank .Check pump panel is connected to the main fire alarm panel.PROCEDURE FOR INSPECTION AND TESTING THE FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM HOSE REEL  General .Check the amount of the hose reel is accurate to the approval plan .Capacity of the water tank is occupied to the UBBL 1984 Table 10 .Painted red .

Checked whether the system tap off from any other system Testing water pressure . Approximate distance of 3 hose reel 20 is opened simultaneously .Check the hose reel and nozzle (good condition) . Technical .Test the water pressure.

Testing through the pump panel .Manual method :.Drain pipe will be open slowly .Pressure (Psi) of the duty pump and standby pump will be record when the pump cut-in and cut-off .Testing using manual or auto method .Duty pump and standby pump will be recorded whether there is in good condition or not .Auto method :. Pump .

Testing pump Record pressure .

emergency lamp .flow sign at the pipe .signboard of the room . Pump room .ventilation of the air Pump Starter Panel .

at the staircase and also lift lobby is based on the approval drawing  Drain valve prepared on the breeching inlet at the ground floor  Check Bomba main pipe should not exceeding more than 12m to the riser pipe  Glass fronted cabinet is installed at the inlet valve  Air release valve at the top level also should be installed .DRY RISER  Check position of the breaching inlet > 18m and no obstacle on between  The position of the landing valve on the protected are.

Wet Riser Vavle . Check size of the riser pipe. the high of the building  Check number of the breeching In-let either that was 2 ways breeching inlet or 4 ways breeching inlet.

Fixed Gas System ( CO2 System )  Quantity of the system  The capacity of the CO2  The installation of the manual key switch at the system  Connection between the system to the main fire alarm panel  Warning lamp at the top of the exit door (red and green)  Installation of the curtain wall .

EXTERNAL HYDRANT  Nearest external hydrant should not exceeding 91.5 m or 300 feet from the new building  Type of new external hydrant  position of the ¶false spindle·  hydrant chamber base had been concrete  the flow and pressure of the water come out from the hydrant  colour of the external hydrant Testing Water Flow .

rather that was 80 feet from the nearest Bomba main pipe .condition of the sprinkler head was in the good condition .connection between the flow switch and the main fire alarm panel .type of the sprinkler either that was used the ordinary hazards or extra high hazard .AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER SYSTEM  General Inspection .design density according to M & E plan .location of the breeching inlet.glass fronted cabinet at the inlet of the pipe .

Each pump shall be made in manual and automatic testing .isolation valve for each zone .flow switch had installed at every floor of the building .Cont·d .signage at the pump room and the red colour of the water tank  Pump testing .

Press the starter button one by one according to type of pump .Open the valve slowly. observe and record pressure .Selector switch on automatic position . Selector switch point to user iii..procedure testing automatically : i. .procedure testing manually : i. Tested the pump starter panel ii.Close the valve and make sure the test is the original pressure. Jockey pump . so that the jockey pump field work.

. . watch the fall of pressure. record the pressure when the duty pump works .ii. Duty pump .Open the test valve slowly. .Make sure the pressure readings in the original position.Press the stop button on the pump panel to stop the pump duty.Change the duty pump selector switch on the automatic position and the position of the jockey pump manual.Close the test valve .

iii.Open the test valve slowly. record the pressure when the pump Standby function .Press the stop button on the pump panel to stop the standby pump .Close the test valve . watch the fall of pressure.Make sure the pressure readings in the original position .Change standby pump selector switch on the automatic position and the position of the duty pump manual . Standby pump .

WET RISER  breeching inlet that connected to the Bomba main pipe is not exceeding 80 feet  install the glass fronted cabinet at the inlet valve  volume of the hose and nozel should be 2 x 30m x 37m and it will provided at the landing valve  the capacity of the water tank  sign of wet riser had at the each one of the landing valve  return pipe also should be connected to the water tank .


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