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PSY355 / PSY 355 / Week 1 DQs

PSY355 / PSY 355 / Week 1 DQs

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PSY355 / PSY 355 / Week 1 DQs
PSY355 / PSY 355 / Week 1 DQs

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Week 1 DQ 1

Please identify at least four things that bring you pleasure and four things that bring you pain. Please post a response to this message. After reading Chapter 1, please answer why do people disagree on what is pleasurable or painful? When responding to the second part, it would be beneficial if you would use a citation from your text, or some other peer-reviewed source. Opinion is fine, but also uses scholarly sources. Four things which get me enjoyment are getting together with my loved ones, making my son smile, making my husband smile, as well as exercising. Four things which get

2010). the incorporated set of responses is designed to aid survival as individuals deal with environmental demands. or a significant loss (Deckers. please answer the following questions: Do you believe it is possible to motivate a student to obtain an “A” grade if he or she does not value an “A” grade more than a “C” grade? Why or why not? . atmosphere. Week 1 DQ 2 Now that we have discussed the concept of internal and external sources of motivation. like risk. and objectives will all influence what they perceive as enjoyment or discomfort. Second. I would like to pose the following question: Do internal and external sources need to be complementary in order for motivation to occur? Please post a response to this message. Enjoyment and discomfort are feelings and feelings are processed differently by each individual. and although highly exciting and amazing and (I am doing it once again) child birth. “An emotion takes physiological changes that create behavior possible while it also conducts thought processes and allows for the “feel” of the emotion. To further our discussion a bit more. my arthritis. my loved ones being mentally or physically hurt.” I feel that an individual’s life style has a lot regarding what they find enjoyable or painful. an unmarried person who is in to partying and living life for themselves wouldn't find pleasure in spending a hundred dollars for buying toys.me discomfort aren't having the capability to be with my loved ones. I really feel that people don't agree on what is enjoyable and what's unpleasant since each individual is unique both physically and mentally. They would choose to go on a shopping spree for themselves compared to spend all night with their buddies. A person who has four children would be much happier shopping for toys and watching cartoons all evening. For instance. The text describes that. An individual’s history.

I really do feel that a student can be inspired to get an “A” even when they do not value that grade anymore than a “C”. a student can be inspired by their moms and dads who offer money or any other incentives if she or he gets an A. it does not mean she will. To put it differently their inspiration will be to merely finish the job without any specific input or time given. For instance.” In case an individual’s brain is in “the mood” to finish a job but the individual’s body does not like to get off the couch they're not going to be completely inspired to get started. “even though a person may know how to do something. Even though student does not believe an “A” is any better than a “C” they desire that incentive. . I feel that an individual’s character and work ethic affect external and internal sources together with inspiration. A person who has been a procrastinator their complete life and is in the practice of doing the bare minimum and waiting around up to the last second to do it will invariably have a problem with external and internal sources.After reading the content I feel just as if external and internal sources do require to be supporting as a way for inspiration to take place. Inspiration can come in a lot of different shapes. Deckers (2010) says.

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