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Michigan Assembly Plant Timeline

Michigan Assembly Plant has a long and impressive history, beginning with its inception in 1957, when it
became the industry’s first plant constructed exclusively for building station wagon bodies. Today it makes
history yet again, becoming the site for building the all-new global Ford Focus for the North American market
and a full lineup of electrified vehicles. It is Ford Motor Company’s benchmark for flexible manufacturing.

Plant opens Truck production Historic milestones

A 760-percent rise in Mercury station The first truck – a Ford F-100 – Two milestones are reached: The
wagon sales from 1947 to 1956 rolls off the line of the newly renamed 100,000th truck rolls off the line at the
necessitated establishment of the Michigan Truck Plant. plant, and the plant produces its first
Michigan Station Wagon Plant. Ford Bronco.

1957 1964 1965

Bronco boom Plant expansion SUV production

Bronco is the star of the production Michigan Truck Plant gets an The plant begins producing the Ford
lineup. Three years later, two additions 18,000-square-foot expansion as part Expedition and Lincoln Navigator, which
to the plant increase its overall capacity. of Ford’s worldwide record capital continues through November 2008.
Bronco production ends in 1996. expenditure program totaling $1.1 billion. A new flexible body shop is added to the
plant in 2005.

1966 1974 1997

New Focus and Focus Electric

Renamed Michigan Assembly Plant, the
facility undergoes an extensive physical
transformation to prepare for production
of the all-new Focus and companion
Focus Electric. Ford’s electrification
strategy at Michigan Assembly Plant
includes launching two additional
electrified vehicles – a hybrid electric
and plug-in hybrid electric – in 2012.

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