Performance Evaluation Form

Name of Employee ____________________________________________________________ Designation ____________________________________________________________ Group ____________________________________________________________ Principal Evaluator ____________________________________________________________ Please enter your grade from 0 to 10 (NA – for Not Applicable) Self Evaluator Comments Personal Characteristics Adherence to company practices

Wor k Pl anni ng
Ability to plan, prioritize and effectively manage tasks assigned.

Express ideas and concerns clearly : Proficient and confident in presentation : Flexible and effective writing skills :

Risk Taking
Is willing to take personal risks to advance new ideas; has to courage to commit resources based on a blend of analysis and intuition.

Adapts to rapidly changing conditions; mediates differences; demonstrates high level of initiative, drive and persistence and involvement

Strategic thinking
Can deal with ideas at an abstract level; has ability to conceptualize

Team Work
Co-ordination within a team; sensitive response; develops rapport & trust; solicits interpersonal feedback

Managerial Proficiency
Understands complex operational issues quickly and takes appropriate action; executes well

Professional and personal integrity; Confidentiality of sensitive information Signature of Candidate Date : Signature of Evaluator Date:

NIL ) SELF Dedication Responsibility Initiative Vision Enthusiasm EVAL Technical Skills ( To be filled by principal evaluator. Good. Average.Drive Ratings ( Excellent. Below average. as required for the group) Skill Relative rating among the group Signature of Candidate Date : Recommended steps for improvements : Skills / Characteristics Signature of Evaluator Date: Recommended Action Appraisal History Date of appraisal Last Designation Last Salary (in Rs. Very Good.) Recommended Designation : _____________________________________ Recommended Salary : _____________________________________ Next evaluation date : _____________________________________ Designation Granted : Salary Granted (Rs.) : From Date : Signature of principal evaluator _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Signature of Approving Authority .

Date: Date: .

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