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nations. such as reporting news or information on televition. As the first foreign language in Indonesia. the international language is used to have communication with other people in every part of the world. English. in this case English. By improving the quality of teachers and other components that are involved in educational processes. believes. the Indonesian government always makes efforts to improve the quality of English teaching. As a result. that is their local language and foreign language. it is orally written conveyed. English is carried out in education. either in oral or written form. to make communication with other people around the world. internet. nationalities. Indonesian people use their native language. the English teaching in Indonesia improves from time to time. races.1 Backcground of the study Every human being needs language as a medium of communication among individuals or even nations. In over the world. etc. English is one of the compulsory subjects taught in SMP and SMA as a foreign language. geography. .CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1. radio. It is one of the tools that are to try any kinds of differences.

In most universities and other higher education institutions English is also a course offered as required subject. In Indonesia education system. English is international language. but recently must interst has centered on the issue of teaching English at elementary school. As stated in the decree of minister of culture and no. The foreign languages as compulsory subject in junior highs school and senior highschool is English. the tool of spreading the information in all over the world). people must understand English (as international languages. it is not always easy to understand without learning first. 0487/U/1993 about elementary school section IX point B. disseminated and made available in English.books. But English of children on elementary school just begin to be introduced in 1994. elementary school may add a subject in accordance with local condition and its characteristics without digressing from applied national kurikulum and from the national . it seem that English has been considered important in all level education except in the elementary school. in politics. So English has been thought at school all over the country. magazine. so people need to learn English. and other mass media. While. In order to get knowledge or to read the books which are in English. in very branch of thought is discussed. it is thought as a school lesson at elementary school up to senior high school. people need to get use to or familiar with as language habit. According to French (1996:1) say that every advance. silence. That is why English become on subject in our school both junior high school and senior high school program. in trade. as English identifies with language. printed. newspaper.

To support those skills. They are often being confused about what they want to say and . The English teaching learning elementary school prioritizes the four skills are able to be mastered by their students (they are listening. 1994: “Mata pelejaran Bahasa Inggris dapat diajarkan di SD bilamana dianggap perlu oleh masyarakat di daerah yang bersangkutan dan didukung oleh guru yang berkemampuan untuk mengajarkan mata pelajaran tersebut” (the English lesson can be taught at elementary school when it considers by the society in that regions and it is supported by the teacher that has competence to teach it) Therefore. students have to acquire vocabularies as much as possible. It is also stated in the decree of minister of culture and education no. reading and writing) in very simple forms. English can be taught at elementary objective. teaching at elementary school is given as local content subject. when it is considered necessary by the society at that place and supported by the skilled teacher to teach the subject. 25 th. 060/U/1993 dated February. 1702/104/M/194K dated March 30th. Vocabulary is important for them to understand every single word to be written or spoken in their new voreign language. It is stated on Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan of east java no. It is called a local content subject. speaking. 1993 that curriculum of elementary school contains a number of compulsory subject or national content subject. It is given to elementary school students started from the fourth year to the sixth grade.

In presenting vocabulary the teacher should be creative and the material should stimulate the students interest. a teacher of elementary school should apply various techniques in teaching English. in an English class in conducted in interesting and varied ways and students feel that they are studying a meaningful and useful. The teacher must be able to select and used good and interesting material and media in order to increase the students capability English especially in vocabulary. According Kasbullah (1993:4). it is not enough to rely on the text book. sometimes . Almost all they find difficulties learning words in foreign language. they can respective to high motivation to study English.write because of their vocabulary unknowing. In teaching and learning vocabulary the students still get difficulty. It is give good effects for them to the next steps for study English in higher level school. In teaching learning process. Because. With having studied well English in elementary school. The difficulty finding out of the English words and in memorizing new words. The problem of vocabulary acquisition which is faced by the student is complex. study English in elementary school is important as a base to study English to higher level for junior high school. The media that used by teacher must be suitable with the situation and students. According to researchers experiences teaching English at elementary school of Karangan show that student are poorly in vocabulary mastery. Elementary school of Karangan is located in village that there is not good or modern media for teaching English.

The used of flash cards is time saving since the teacher will not write on the board and it will interest the students.wikipedia/flashcards. So that. a phrase or a sentence is written that can be handled easily by the teacher. Because the appropriate media seem need to be performed to support the teaching. the writer would like to formulate the problems as follow : 1. this problem makes them difficult to understand and receive the English lesson. a word.make the students discoursed. And the researcher tries to use new media for them by using flash cards in teaching vocabulary. Flash chards are piece of cardboard or thick paper on which a Flash cards as media can be helpful and easy to make. Based on the background above. How to used flashcard in studying English vocabulary to the fifth grade of SDN Karangan I? 2. Is the used of flash card effective in studying English vocabulary on the fifth grade of SDN Karangan I? . the writer would like to hold a study with the title “ The Effectiveness of Teaching Vocabulary by Using Flashcard to The Fifth Grade of SDN Karangan I Bareng in Academic Year 2009/2010”.”(http://www. especially to vocabulary. their vocabulary is limited.2 Statement of the problem Based on the statements on the background of the study above. 1.

To know how the flashcard used in studying English vocabulary on the fifth grade of SDN Karangan I. The effectiveness of flashcard in teaching vocabulary on the fifth grade at SDN Karangan I.1. . 2. the researcher maintains the purpose of the study as follow : 1.3 Purpose of the study Related to the statement of the problem above.

1. which are as follows : . 1.4 Scope and limitation The study focused on the process of learning English vocabulary and focused on the used of flash chard in teaching English vocabulary on the fifth grade students of SDN Karangan I Bareng in the academic year 2009/2010. For students This study is hoped can help to the teacher of English find out the factor that motivate the students in learning English then find the suitable techniques and strategies to arouse the interest and motivation of the students.6 Definition of key terms To give some perception to some words used in this study. 2.1. they are expected to be able to practice the material and communication much better.5 Significance of the study It is hoped that this study will help both students and teacher find new knowledge and method so the students more enjoy and happy when they learn English. the writer needs to define some key terms. For : 1. In study English arouse their motivation and interest in learning the material. For teacher It is hoped that study will be useful for them to develop their competence.

wikipedia. Flashcard A flashcard or flash chard is a card that is used as a learning aid. In improving vocabulary listing vocabulary writs vocabulary and speaking 4. 1999: 600). 2.1. (http://id. Vocabulary Vocabularies it totals number of word which (with rule for combining them). for example adjective. verb. (1989:171) it is know that vocabulary is a list of words from the explanation above. formulas or any subject matter that can be learned via a question and answer format. noun. especially the desired or intended result. Hornby. One writes a question an a chard and an answer overleaf. Having a striking result successful. 3. Make up a language or list of words in book. “teaching is about transmission of knowledge from teacher to student”. Teaching Teaching is process of transformation or giving knowledge from a teacher to the learners. especially in producing a strong or favorable impression on people (Bloomsbury. b. etc. As. According to Harmer (2003:107). historical dates. Flashcard can bear vocabulary. The effectiveness a. Producing a result causing a result. . vocabulary can be identified in part of speech.

c. (Hornby 1989:277) . Effectiveness is having an effect: able to bring about the result intended.

or the 2007:285) Vocabulary is a list or collection of words arranged in alphabetical order and explained a dictionary or lexicon. Vocabulary is very important in learning English we can not communicate and write better and if vocabulary our down. According to Hurnby: “Vocabulary is total number of word which (with rules.1 Vocabulary 2. but also the way word collocate (join together) into lexical phrases and chunks (Harmer.html. It does not mean only translating or giving meaning directly words with dictionary but also giving meaning of the words.CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE 2.1. Students who wants to .brainyquute. a workbook (http://www. Other definition of vocabulary includes not only all the world in a language.21 April 2010) Based on the point of vocabulary based on the statement above that vocabulary is the basic component of a language.1 The Definition of Vocabulary. either of a whole language a single work or author. a branch of science. combining them) makes up a language.

Jack c. Easy to communication 2. The role of vocabulary will make : 1. Vocabulary is important to consider.1. led a method of teaching that stressed that value introducing second language for learners exactly as native language had experienced (Jean Atchison 1993:196). Based on the other statement. because vocabulary mastery plays an important role in process of achieving language. listen. Richards and Willy A state that : “Vocabulary is a core component of language proficiency and provides much of the basis for how well learners speak. (2002:255) Based on the statement above that second language is introduce from native speakers especially in teaching English vocabulary with native speaker will be better because the learners her the original speakers in second language. Without an extensive vocabulary and strategies for acquiring new vocabulary learners of ten echieve less than learners potential. Understanding the reading easily . Teaching language better laugh native speaker or sound in original language “approach to language learning where natural is best to speak.2 The Important Role of vocabulary Vocabulary is an important think in teaching learning English language in the world is complex.2. read and write.

1.4 Flash Card 2. Understanding to receiving information.3.5 Teaching vocabulary Some ideas for recording and storing new vocabulary 2.1 2.4 2. as large group/class and preposition.1 2. adverb.1 2.2 2.1. and it includes various parts of speech (noun.2.4.3 Media 2.4.3 2.3 The Characteristic of Young Learners Teaching English to young learners Teaching vocabulary to young learners 2.2. adjective.3 Classification of vocabulary Vocabulary concerns to the words under the topics given in the teaching learning process. 2.2 Definition of media Kinds of media 2. conjunction and article as small group/class).4 2.4. pronoun.2 2. This statement based on William’s (1974:47) 2.4. verb. Young Learners 2.5 Definition of flash card Flash cards as media for teaching The advantages of using flash card Making flash card .1.

3 Sampel At the fifth grade with consist of 26 person male 12 and female 14.4 Instrumentation a. Participant observation 3.6 Data analysis a. Questionare b. 3.1 Research design a. Questionare b.2 Population SDN Karangan I 3.5 Data collection method a. Test  Pre-test  Post-test c. Test c.CHAPTER III : RESEARCH METHOD 3. Participant observation 3. Questionare Where : P F : Percentage of the respondent answer : The frequency of the answer . Experimental and descriptive study 3.

Calculating the mean of pre-test (X1) and post-test (X2) Where : : The sum of pre-test : The sum of pst-test c. Calculating the difference means of pre-test and post-test X = X2 – X1 .N : Number of respondent b.

using : Where : t = The differences between post-test and pre-test score of the subject = The means of different score = The sum of each D square = The sum of different score square = The number of subject .Where : X X1 X2 : The different means of pre-test and post-test : The mean pre-test : The mean post-test d. Calculating t.

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