Basic Control of the male submissive

Part 1 of a Series Initially it was my intent to provide a basis or basic strategy if you will for the new Female Dominant in controlling her male submissive. As I wrote the first draft I found inherent problems with this method of writing for this topic. Particularly because I sometimes forget that the lesser “male submissive” is also reading this article. First, I should say “Bad Boy!” On the other hand I am a believer that it does not hurt the submissive to understand how he is controlled. In fact, this document is inconsequential to the male submissive, each Female Dominant finds her own way as I have. We each find unique control mechanisms and employ some, all or various forms and technique to control our male submissive. In short much like our daily lives we are all very unique and very different in how we wield the environment or male submissive. So, to both the Female Dominant and male submissive I say that it is my sincerest desire and hope that this document in some small way assists you in whichever path you are to embark. I have read various articles on the topic and speaking from experience I can say there is a certain truth to the notion ‘if he already wears panties or does not object to the idea then your control over him will be much simplified.’ While I do not find this sentiment 100% true, I do believe it is true 85 to 90% of the time. This can be helpful and as a favorite of mine I require a male slave to wear panties at all times, discarding any male threads. This is particularly helpful in the aspect of constant reminder of what his place is and who controls him. While there are a few males already wearing panties I assure you it is much different when his Female Dominant commands him to. This is particularly true if you expect him to wear certain pairs or styles on any given day. Depending on the circumstances you might require him to wear stockings and garters under his clothes. The combined feeling on his flesh and the rubbing of the two fabrics on

but I have found this a great place to start in the Domination of the male submissive. The previous two examples of undergarments are but a basic building block in the control of your male submissive. he will undoubtedly never show his bare feet in vanilla. To that end. not just in your presence but all day and all night long. While on the topic of body modification such as it is with nail polish another thing I like to require of my slaves is to wax ether at a parlor or in private with a do it yourself kit. First. While it does give me great pleasure it also diminishes what he is able to contribute on the monetary side. the chest. tribute is another mechanism but a topic for later discussion. This is good for some and bad for others – how you deal with it depends on your circumstances. They are easy to employ and have full effect when in the vanilla role thereby demanding awareness for the male slave. Another favorite is to require that he paint his toenails. I myself like my male submissive shaved clean except for the normally expected hair on his head. Right now what you are wanting is attention. Yes. I know it might not seem like much.Basic Control of the male submissive his privates truly antagonize many of slaves and effectively keeps his mind on his Female Dominant. etc they will be a flashy accent to his status. etc as you deem appropriate. Again this is nonintrusive to the vanilla world but very intrusive to his male ego. In my case I have found it particularly detrimental to my male slaves career if I go overboard particularly with anything that overly projects his lifestyle for all to see. You might want to require your boy to shave under his arms. I like my male submissive is to feel the pain and pleasure of waxing and cleaning himself so that the sheer stockings I require him to wear have the utmost effect. Page 2 of 3 . and in private or in parties. Regardless. perhaps private parts. To nearly all those in public there will be nothing about your male submissive that gives away that he is just that – submissive.

Why do this? Simply to bring focus to his mind and subconsciousness without which your control over him might be loose at best. I feel this provides a basic building block to controlling your male submissive. he is there to please and amuse you – he might as well look as ridiculous as you already know him to be.goddesslink. Happy Dominating! Goddess Celest http://www. Other ritualistic behavior is encouraged and often favored however. At bedtime. After all.Basic Control of the male submissive it might be a good idea to require your male submissive to change into more appropriate attire when he arrives home. I require my male submissive to change into a chemise or nightgown. strip naked down to his panties and give him a sexy camisole to wear around the house. Page 3 of 3 . I am able to affect my male submissive consciousness with the constant awareness of my Dominance and his submissiveness to Copyright 2005 by Goddesslink. With this daily routine.

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