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  • 5 HIS VIEW
  • 6 MED. VIEW
  • 13 MED. VIEW
  • 26 FULL SHOT - DOCK - P.B.R. - CREW
  • 45 MED. VIEW
  • 46 FULL VIEW
  • 47 NEW VIEW
  • 49 MONTAGE
  • 51 MED. SHOT
  • 102 FULL SHOT - THE P.B.R
  • 110 VIEW ON CHEF
  • 112 NEW VIEW - ON THE P.B.R
  • 123 FULL SHOT - P.B.R. - CREW
  • 133 MED. SHOT - THE P.B.R. CREW
  • 134 EXT. FULL SHOT - P.B.R. - CREW - RAIN
  • 139 VIEW ON CHEF
  • 142 MED. VIEW
  • 145 POV. - BEHIND THEM
  • 149 MED. VIEW
  • 152 MED. VIEW
  • 166 EXT. THE DOCK - P.B.R. - EVENING
  • 173 MED. VIEW
  • 180 VIEW ON THE P.B.R
  • 184 EXT. THE DOCK - P.B.R. - NIGHT
  • 186 MED. VIEW ON THE P.B.R
  • 187 NEW VIEW
  • 190 LONG SHOT - DOCK - P.B.R
  • 192 FULL SHOT - P.B.R. - RIVER , CREW
  • 194 POV. OF THE P.B.R
  • 197 FULL SHOT - P.B.R. - RIVER - DAWN
  • 198 EXT. THE RIVER - FOG - DAY
  • 204 MED. VIEW - THE P.B.R
  • 208 VIEW ON THE P.B.R
  • 209 VIEW ON THE P.B.R
  • 211 MED. VIEW ON THE P.B.R
  • 213 EXT. THE RIVER - P.B.R. DAY
  • 215 VIEW ON THE P.B.R
  • 220 THEIR POV
  • 225 VIEW ON THE P.B.R
  • 234 MED. VIEW
  • 250 EIS VIEW
  • 262 MED. SHOT - MINI-GUN
  • 268 MED. SHOT - LANCE
  • 277 EXT. THE P.B.R. - THE RIVER
  • 280 THE P.B.R
  • 282 EXT. RIVER - MED. VIEW
  • 294 EXT. THE RIVER - P.B.R. - DAY


Original screenplay by John Milius. Inspired by Joseph Conrad's "HEART OF DARKNESS". This draft by Francis Ford Coppola. December 3, 1975. This is an early version of the screenplay. It's quite different from the final version but very interesting anyway. It includes f ex The French plantation scene, which was actually filmed, but later cut from the movie. 1 PRIMEVAL SWAMP - EARLY DAWN It is very early in the dawn - blue light filters through the jungle and across a foul swamp. A mist clings to the trees. This could be the jungle of a million years ago. Our VIEW MOVES CLOSER, through the mist, TILTING DOWN to the tepid water. A small bubble rises to the surface; then another. Suddenly, but quietly, a form begins to emerge; a helmet. Water and mud pour off revealing a set of beady eyes just above the mud. Printed on a helmet, in a psychedelic hand, are the words: "Gook Killer." The head emerges revealing that the tough-looking soldier beneath has exceptionally long hair and beard; he has no shirt on, only bandoliers of ammunition - his body is painted in an odd camouflage pattern. He looks to the right; he looks to the left; he looks INTO CAMERA, and slowly sinks back into the swamp, disapperaring completely. Our VIEW HOLDS, We begin to HEAR natural, though unrecognizable JUNGLE SOUNDS, far off in the distance. We PAN TO REVEAL a clump of logs half submerged in the swamp; and part of what seems to be a Falstaff beer can

in the mud. A hand reaches out, and the beer can disappears. As we TILT UP, we NOTICE that the log is hollow and houses the rear of a M-60 machine gun, hand painted in a paisley design. Now the VIEW MOVES AWAY, ACROSS the ancient growth, PAST the glimmer of what seems to be another soldier hiding in ambush, wearing an exotic hat made from birds and bushes. ACROSS to a dark trail where the legs of those in black pajamas move silently across our ever TIGHTENING VIEW. Their feet, boots and sandals leave no impression; make no sound. A slight flicker of light reveals a pair of eyes in the foliage across the path, waiting and watching. The VIEW PUSHES ALONG WITH the Vietnamese, MOVING FASTER AND FASTER WITH them, until suddenly, directly in front about ten feet away, an enormous AMERICAN clad in rags and bushes and holding a 12 gauge automatic shotgun casually at his side, steps in front of them. He smiles laconically, and BLASTS OUT FIVE SHOTS that rip THROUGH US. By the second shot, the whole jungle blazes out with AUTOMATIC FIRE. Out VIEW TURNS as the men around us are thrown and torn, screaming and scattering into the jungle. More AMERICANS appear; unexplainably, out of the growth. It is now that we fully SEE the bizarre manner in which they are dressed. Some wear helmets, others wear strange hats made from feathers and parts of animals. Some of them have long savage-looking hair; other crew-cut or completely shaved; they wear bandoliers, flak jackets, shorts and little else. They wear Montagnard sandals or no shoes at all, and their bodies and faces are painted in bizarre camouflage patterns. They appear one with the jungle and mist, FIRING INTO US as they move. The soldier we saw earlier emerges from the swamp, dripping mud, his MACHINE GUN BLASTING FIRE. We begin to move quickly with one Vietnamese, breathlessly running for his life; we MOVE INTO the jungle with him, only to be impaled on a large spear of a smiling AMERICAN

painted and wearing feathers like an Indian. OUR VIEW FALLS WITH him to the ground, STARING UPWARDS, as FLAME and EXPLODING MUD scatter above us. Men scream and die around us. The screams amid the GUNFIRE and EXPLOSIONS are piercing and terrible, as though the jungle itself is frightened. An AMERICAN wearing a jungle hat with a large Peace Sign on it, wearing war paint, bends TOWARD US, reaching down TOWARD US with a large knife, preparing to scalp the dead. OUR VIEW MOVES AWAY, along with the running sandals of a Vietnamese soldier, MOVING FASTER AND FASTER, only to be stopped by still another of the savage-looking AMERICANS with primitive ornamentation, wearing only a loin-cloth and green beret. He opens his flame-thrower directly ON US and the NVA soldier and we are incinerated in flame, bright psychedelic orange-red flame. Outrageous, loud, electric ROCK MUSIC OVERWHELMS the SOUNDTRACK : MAIN TITLE : APOCALYPSE NOW 2 TITLE SEQUENCE The CREDIT TITLES proceed as the FLANE CONSUME US, growing more intense, brighter, more vivid, purifying; transforming into an intense white heat that we can barely look at, like the sun itself. Then it EXPLODES, breking apart, and shattering once again. It begins to cool, as the TITLES CONTINUE. It is as though WE ARE MOVING through the white center of cooling flame, forming a spinning web, and becoming more distant. The TITLES CONTINUE. We are MOVING TOWARD planetary nebulae; MOVING through the stars; MOVING closer to the Earth. We can BARELY HEAR the MUSIC now.

beautiful. This man. This is the economy of the United States in two years -He takes a newspaper. finger-like shapes of : 3 EXT. It is large. close enough that we can MAKE OUT the Western Hemisphere. CHARLIE (continuing) This is West Germany. We are MOVING CLOSER to the earth..We MOVE CLOSER to the earth. as though SEEN from a satellite. Others have their faces smeared with white suntan oil that reminds us of war paint. The TITLES CONTINUE. CHARLIE. is sitting. It's crazy -. to America. and snapping pictures. (he draws another. oil --look. then California. CLOSER to North America.. covered in clouds. The boat belongs to the head of a large American Corporation. MARINA DEL REY The VIEW finally SETTLES ON a partically luxury cabin cruiser harbored at a particular dock late in the day. let me show you something.sugar is up to 200 dollars a ton -. They are drinking cocktails. pleasure boat: The people are relaxing in bathing suits and towels and robes. STILL CLOSER to the odd. through the soft clouds. Charlie is going on and on : CHARLIE . . his shirt off to catch some of the late sun. draws a circle. CLOSER.sugar ! LAWYER What about oil ? CHARLIE Food. Los Angeles. and this is his party.

(another . But I'll tell you. In two years ? (a gigantic circle) Do you understand ? ACCOUNTANT What's to prevent it ? CHARLIE Maybe nothing. The VIEW BEGINS TO PULL AWAY from this group. (pause.bigger circle) This is Japan. in a half-whisper.. A nice quiet fella. (a very big circle) And this is Saudi Arabia. CHARLIE (continuing) You know bodyguard. CHARLIE (continuing) Carries a attache case at all times. for a drink) We are still the most powerful nation in the world. Militarily. You talk to him. though. This kind of man can kill you with his pinky. You know what's in it ? (another sip) . he was a captain in Viet Nam. He leans to his associates. We can protect our interests. except he won't talk. I didn't build a two-billion-dollar company in the last twenty years by doing nothing. bigger) This is Italy. (a dot) This is Iran..

O. WILLARD (V. but you of the world. The truth is he wouldn't understand. you protect our interests. your pinky. some reading. You can kill neither should this country.O.) (continuing) He likes to hear stories about Nam. It is the good life. Gradually.. with the ridge of your If we're strong. we should hand to the throat.An Ingram Machine pistol. WILLARD (V. they're not cleared. and a NEW VOICE. and can crush a skull with we should have the respect your knee.O. . but it makes him safe to think there's a machine pistol in it. The VIEW MOVE ALONG the guests of this small party : Pictures being taken. drinking. I saw a friend of mine get ripped open because he flicked his M-16 to automatic. and it jammed. Charlie's voice softens as we MOVE AWAY. COMES IN OVER it : CHARLIE WILLARD (V. flirting. some people are swimming. They jam. even if it can't kill anybody with takes another war. I tell him I can't. Now WILLARD'S VOICE TRACK DOMINATES. the voice of someone thinking. How much money did the contractors make on the M-16 ? Our VIEW IS MOVING through the people on the boat.. I don't like automatic weapons. and Bullshit.) The attache case has been empty for three years.) I don't tahe chances.

in Saigon. Occasionally. anyway. There are bars and shops for servicemen. followed by four or five Vietnamese kids trying to shine his shoes and sell him things.) (continuing) There's no way I can tell them. WILLARD (V. We MOVE CLOSER.) (continuing) There was only one part that mattered -. I wouldn't've believed it if someone'd told me. he sips from a beer.. exactly -. but I thought this .) But I know how it started for me -. I don't even know if I remember all of it. We are now RESTING on his back.O.O. but we cannot see his face. the rickshaws. DISSOLVE TO : 4 EXT.We can now SEE A MAN with his BACK TO US. I can't remember how it ended. the motorbikes. WILLARD (V.DAY A Saigon boom street in late 1968. I wasn't sure. A STREET IN SAIGON . in uniform. a Captain of the Airborne. An attache case resting near to him.for me. my first time south of the DMZ in three months. WILLARD .because when it ended I was insane. B.L. what really happened over there. Our VIEW MOVES TOWARD one particular officer.I was on R. WILLARD (V.. looking the opposite way. and R.O.

buys a couple of drinks and approaches Willard's table. VIEW Willard ducks into a bar. He sits down at the table with the drinks. CAPTAIN Winning the war by yourself. 7 INT.guy was following me. THE SAIGON BAR . thanks. WILLARD (he calls for the waiter) Part. CAPTAIN How about a drink ? WILLARD Sure. An INFANTRY CAPTAIN enters the bar.a bar. Willard takes off his cap and walks quietly past the soldiers at the bar. 5 HIS VIEW an American CIVILIAN. Some of them. 6 MED.DAY Not much in this place -. Willard looks back. and a juke box. stop talking as he moves by. CAPTAIN . The lounge is fairly crowded. catching sight of his ribbons. linoleum flooring. a few tables and chairs.

CAPTAIN Rangers. The JUKE BOX starts BLARING. with ice and water. (TO THE WAITER) Beer. CAPTAIN Delta ? WILLARD No. but I had hepatitis.Which part is that ? WILLARD My part. CAPTAIN . Willard looks over his shoulder. Annoyed . WILLARD I'm sure it is. CAPTAIN That's good gin. CAPTAIN North ? WILLARD Yeah. CAPTAIN What unit were you with ? WILLARD None. eh? WILLARD Sort of. Way north.

CAPTAIN That's quite an array of ribbons. then enters and sits down at a table by the doorway.. CAPTAIN Sometimes. CAPTAIN I was an FO for the 25th. Willard notices the CIVILIAN on the street has glanced in the bar.Were you Longe Range Recon -WILLARD No -. He reaches into his shirt pocket for a cigarette. WILLARD Fat. WILLARD Let's talk about you. WILLARD At least you always have enough water.. How many gallons does each one of those damn things carry ? CAPTAIN Thirty -. and the Captain leans over the table to light it for him.I worked too far north for LRRP. WILLARD . WILLARD Tracks ? CAPTAIN Yeah. That's real fat.sometimes fifty.

.You know. We'd been chewing bamboo shoots for almost a week. stuff right out of the paddies. Listen Captain. CAPTAIN A year ? Waiter another beer. river shit. we'd been drinking anything -rain water. (solemnly) I swear to God I would have. for two weeks. And there were these guys standing by their trucks spilling water all over. I just couldn't believe how much water they had. I can remember once. CAPTAIN How long were you up there ? WILLARD A long time. WILLARD We do. WILLARD I go up on missions..and the first Americans we ran into were a track squadron. too. buy me all the beer you want. . but you better tell that asshole over there you're not going to find out anymore about me. I could've killed them. and before that. CAPTAIN I didn't know we had units up there in North Vietnam. if . getting back below the DMZ -.

and then walks roght out toward the jeep without saying another word. The Civilian follows. Willard looks at the Civilian a moment.A Battalion -. concealed compound. HELICOPTER . 4th Recon Group. The Civilian is given a sign by the Captain. WILLARD Whose orders ? CAPTAIN Headquarters 11 Corps -.S.DUSK A darkly painted "HUEY" ROARS over low paddies and jungle before emerging onto an open plain. It crosses a barbed wire and sand-bagged perimeter and lands in a heavily fortified.Willard glances over his shoulder and indicates the Civilian. WILLARD (continuing) What do you want ? CIVILIAN (indicating the Army jeep) If you're B.O. we'd like you to come with us. He rises and comes over to the bar.Intelligence -Nha Trang. 8 EXT.405th A. WILLARD Who are you ? CIVILIAN The agency.) .L.S-2 -Com-Sec -. WILLARD (V. Willard.

Intelligence Headquarters for all operations in South East Asia.) Okay. The room is covered with plastic maps and filled with smoke.UNDERGROUND PLOTTING ROOM A door swings wide -.they enter. sir. Willard sits in a chair that is set in a center of a bare concrete floor. sit down.L. a COLONEL puts his cigar out on the bottom of his shoe -. COLONEL Have you ever seen this officer before.. A large camouflaged cover is moved.Willard steps through and comes to attention. Captain Willard ? He points to the Major. reporting as ordered. revealing an underground corridor -. The whole place has been hewn out of the ground itself and there is a sense of the cut-back jungle growth slowly reclaiming it. Across from him. blocking the view of the room. around steel desks and tables sit several men. The nearest one. G-4 Headquarters.among them Willard. 9 FULL SHOT .behind him sits a MAJOR and a seedy-looking CIVILIAN. I'd worked for Intelligence before -Armed men jump from the Huey -. sir.They took me to some place outside Nha Trang. Willard. A strange reddish light pervades. COLONEL (O. WILLARD No. WILLARD Captain B. Willard..S. .

He turns to the Colonel and nods his approval. COLONEL You know much about about Special Forces.COLONEL This gentleman or myself ? WILLARD No. sir. COLONEL Then you can appreciate Command's concern over their -. MAJOR Very good. The officer smiles at this.shall we say 'erratic' methods of operation. sir. is that right ? WILLARD I am not presently disposed to discuss that. Just because a man jumps out of an airplane or wears a silly hat doesn't give him any . including your paratroopers or whatever. COLONEL I believe on your last job you executed a tax collector in Kontum. Captain. The Colonel gets up and goes to a large plastic map. sir. (pause) I have never favored elite units. Captain ? WILLARD I've worked with them on occasions and I saw the movie . Green Berets.

If they need something.ON THE MAP COLONEL The A detachment at Nu Mung Ba. COLONEL We have Special Forces A detachments all along the Cambodian border. MAJOR We didn't need 'em in Korea -no sir. CIVILIAN (stopping him) Major.twelve or fourteen Americans -.not in this man's army. Two here and another one here -. none of this fancy crap -.pretty much on their own. It was originally a larger base. they call for it.priviliges in my book -. give me an Ohio farm boy and an M-1 Garand. 10 CLOSE VIEW . The area has been relatively quiet for the past two years -but -11 MED VIEW . and get it within reason. What we're concerned with is here. they train and motivate Montagnard natives. built up along the river in an old Cambodian fortress. pick their own operations.no sir.

They've put up with war for twenty years -..large numbers of Montagnards of the M'Nong descent began leaving the area -.COLONEL . expected .but something is driving them out.. Captain.in the same sampans as the M'Nongs.Major -The Major looks at some papers in front of him. immediate -always at night. activity. but six months ago communication virtually stopped.this in itself is not unusual since these people have fought with the Rhade Tribe that lived in the area for centuries.C. What they call for are air strikes. this is routine. no one has really gone . WILLARD Who ? MAJOR You see. MAJOR Communications naturally dwindled with the lack of V.C. MAJOR We communicate with the base infrequently... These people aren't afraid of V. And we don't know what or who the air strikes are called on. COLONEL About the same time -. we know something's going on up there -. But what is unusual is that we began to find Rhade refugees too -.

WILLARD Yeah.0 -.affirmative damn -Immediate receive -. .Big Rhino -Blue God -. He puts Kurtz' dossier in Willard's hand. We understand you knew him.goddamn. COLONEL He's commanding the detachment at Nu Mung Ba.give it to me quick -Mark flare -.three Need that ordinance immediately Goddamn give it to me immediate Christ -. The Colonel gets up and walks over to a tape recorder. flicks it on.into this area and come back alive. SECOND VOICE Blue Delta five This Big Rhine -.it all sounds very routine. VOICE (ON TAPE) Up 2 -..Delta damn -.the AIR CONTROLLER then asks for more information on target coordinates -. talking slurred. slower VOICE in background.hearing automatic weapons fire man . military. Special Forces.. The recording is first STATIC -. except very fast. like someone dumb. Then a frantic VOICE comes on. GUNFIRE is HEARD and a lower. Lieutenant Colonel. WILLARD Why me ? MAJOR Walter Kurtz.

KURTZ (V. almost tasting the words.spread it among the branches.O.the Major turns the machine off.Blue Delta. . very faintly we HEAR HARD ROCK MUSIC -. CIVILIAN Would he remember you ? WILLARD Maybe. THIRD VOICE This is Big Rhino six -. COLONEL What was your impression of him ? Willard shrugs. and faintly.INSANE LAUGH TER -. STATIC interrupts -.more STATIC -. We'll give you a flare -. clear VOICE peaceful and serene. CIVILIAN You didn't like him. MAJOR That's Colonel Kurtz.suddenly a low. (STATIC) We'd also like some white phosporous. Blue Delta. WILLARD I only met Kurtz once.bright orange. give it to me.A heavy BURST of AUTOMATIC WEAPONS FIRE -.an orange one -.STATIC.) I want that napalm dropped in the trees -. White phosporous.

We had an argument. CIVILIAN What does that mean ? . COLONEL A lame ? WILLARD This is years ago. thinks. he's killing now. I guess. about why we kill. COLONEL Well. that's all. WILLARD (continuing) I thought he was a lame. COLONEL About what ? WILLARD I don't know. they wait as he lights up. The Major offers him one. WILLARD Maybe. before he joined Special Forces. He was a lame.WILLARD Anyone got a cigarette. COLONEL But why ? WILLARD He couldn't get through a sentence without all these big words.

the implications. I just don't believe it. of course. WILLARD You want me to clean it up -simple and quiet. I don't believe he's capable of that. Last week a Recon helicopter was lost in the area -another took heavy damage -direct fire from their base camp. CIVILIAN You can see. re-establish your acquintance with Colonel Kurtz. if any of this -even rumours leaked out. -appear at Nu Mung Ba as if by accident.R. COLONEL It's got to be Kurtz. CIVILIAN The point is that Kurtz or somebody attacked a South Vietnamese Ranger Platoon three days ago.WILLARD Maybe it's not Kurtz. WILLARD Touchy. CIVILIAN Exactly -.you'll go up the Nung River in a Navy P.B. WILLARD Our Recon flight ? CIVILIAN Ours. .

Clean.R.Why we're goin' and what's gonna be the big surprise.B. VIEW We hear the introductions faintly.O. and heavily armed. they called him Mr. islands. . try to keep out of where we're going -.R. M-16. light craft. Gunner's Mate Third Class J.The Chef -Radio Operator Second Class T. WILLARD (V. Its men stand at attention in a small and simple military ceremony. crew. This is small. Willard approaches them in battledress: Tiger suit.find out what's happened -. very fast. Johnson -Lance Johnson. forty-five. full field pack.it is broken and divided into hundreds of channels.B. except for Phillips.) is waiting by a dock area. they were pretty much all kids. WILLARD Chief. WILLARD Terminate ? CIVILIAN Terminate with extreme prejudice.Gunner's Mate Third Class L. 12 FULL VIEW . Hicks -. The boat commander salutes Willard.) I met the P. the Chief -. 13 MED. water farms. UNDER Willard's VOICE.ON THE DELTA A waterway leading out to the ocean -. helmet.and why. Then terminate his command. A Navy patrol boat (P. Miller.

CHIEF All right with me. Lance mans the forward twin fifty-caliber machine guns -.BOAT DUSK The dusk is spectacular through the broken storm clouds -the sea is calm again. Lance climbs back from his position.he looks very pale. WILLARD Let's go.BOAT COCKPIT . The twin diesels kick up -. DISSOLVE TO : 14 FULL VIEW . DISSOLVE TO : 16 LONG SHOT . The Chief mans the wheel and the ENGINES WHINE. swallowing. hurtling off the top of a wave and crashing full into the trough of another. I used to drive a taxi. The Chief nods. The Chef jumps aboard. Water crashes over the bow and drenches everyone. They all break formation and jump aboard and otherwise go about their work.they wave to the guards on the dock and move away into the complexity that leads to the ocean. .and t he boat moves away from the dock.WILLARD AND CHIEF Willard holds on to whatever he can -.STORMY SEA The boat slams through the heavy sea . He looks at Willard. 15 MED. SHOT . who just stares ahead into space.

I brought his body back down.DISSOLVE TO : 17 VIEW ON THE BOAT .the sun was too much for him. He was regular Army too. 18 CLOSE SHOT . Shot himself in the head. WILLARD Shot himself.PROCEEDING UP THE COAST The Chief is at the helm -. Who knows ? Pause. We'll be able to pick up some supplies -bit I think there are only two points we can draw enough water to get into the Nung River. WILLARD We're gonna have some help to get in the river. or the mud. CHIEF The Delta closes off to us about ten miles out of Hau Fat. It's all Charlie's turf from there on out. What for ? CHIEF Beats me -.Willard approaches him. looking at Willard.ON WILLARD . You know these waters. Chief ? CHIEF 'Bout six months ago I took a man up to Lo Mung Bridge.

CLEAN Charlie don't ever hear 'em. concussion'll do it for a quarter mile or better. .past any clouds and barely discernible. Burst your ears -. WILLARD Arch light. their vapor trails streaming white against the dark blue sky. his attention is diverted -. CHIEF Anybody see some smoke ? CLEAN Too far inland.they all stand silently -.Suddenly.suck the air outta your lungs.Every time I hear that noise something terrible happens. 19 FULL SHOT .suddenly it stops. All the men have stopped whatever they're doing -.don't have to hit you neither. LANCE There they are.stand up and look out toward the shore and the green jungle hills beyond. The boat shakes slightly.there is a slow buffeting. Not till it's too late -. as if the air around them is being sucked out and replaced quickly. There is a distant ROLLING NOISE like interrupted thunder. The buffeting and NOISE CONTINUES -. He points up to the sky. CHEF I hate that -.ON THE SKY Way up -. we SEE the black silhouttes of four B-52 bombers.

Another picture of Kurtz in Germany. He is a fine officer.CREW They are looking up. Willard sits down. He flips through the letters and other documents. the Arts and Sciences .O. as Willard reads : WILLARD (V. understanding the necessery silence due to the nature of their work -. in the b.O. we FEEL the terrifying buffeting of the distant B-52 BOMBING.) Lieutenant Kurtz has shown a dedicated and well-disciplined spirit. unconcerned.BOAT .g.) The dossier on A detachment had letters from Kurtz' wife and the wives and families of his men. 21 CLOSE . WILLARD (V. Occasionally..ON WILLARD studying.. All asking where to send future mail.PICTURES OF KURTZ Kurtz' face evolves through the various stages of his career as represented in the pictures in the dossier. He takes out the dossier given him by ComSec. examining a report. combining military efficiency -with a broad background in the Humanities.20 FULL SHOT ..None of the men had written home in half a year. standing next to the . 22 MONTAGE .

DISSOLVE TO : 23 EXT. We feel Major Kurtz' need to bring a sense of Western culture to the backward peoples of these areas will be of use in accordance with our 'Vietnamization' programs ... MOVE IN TO Kurtz' empty eyes until the photograph is just a BLURRED MASS OF DOTS.) (continuing) .. A SHOT of Kurtz at jump school.) (continuing) .AN ADVANCE STAGING AREA .O. HAU FAT . though I can see no reason to deny it..O. I feel Captain Kurtz' request for Special Forces training is highly unusual in regard to his past humanitarian concerns.. WILLARD (V.. less fortunate areas in the world... He views his military career as the dedication of his talents to bringing our values and way of life to those darker. A CLOSE SHOT of Kurtz with Green Beret on in the Vietnam jungle. WILLARD (V. and his somewhat liberal politics. WILLARD (V.) (continuing) .O. His face is blank and vacant.161st Petroleum Supply Group sign.

the men scan the busy surroundings.sandbagged bunkers -helicopters -. CHIEF Lance -. They look as a Chris-craft speeds by pulling a fancy waterskier who waves as he slaloms by. pulls in -. The VIEW OF THE COASTLINE leading up along the long loading docks at Hau Fat. an advance staging area for operations "Brute Force" and "Mailed Fist.guns -. Lance notices something.oil drums -.men." Everywhere are tents -. The men just look at one another. LANCE Yeah -. approaches the docking area.) One day later we came to an advanced staging area along the coast. This was our last chance to pick up supplies before approaching the mouth of the Nung River.look at those uniforms.R.TROOPS . 24 VIEW ON THE DOCK The P. LANCE Hey. As the P. Nobody builds advanced staging areas like the Americans.O.PARADE GROUNDS .I want you to go with the Captain an' get three extra drums of fuel and maybe scrounge some more 50 caliber.R.B.WILLARD (V. 25 FULL SHOT .B.tanks -.

Who's your commanding officer ? WILLARD Right now -.B. sir.P. sir. lazy sun.a young SERGEANT is filling cut papers concerning them and talking with Willard. CHIEF Poor bastards.A platoon drills in the hot.just check with ComSecIntel like I said. SERGEANT I don't know anything about these papers. just off the airplane. they are clean and pale. in contrast to Lance and the others.it's perfectly clean -. WILLARD They're in order -. SERGEANT Well. .R. It says here not to contact Com-SecInt. have a long year to go. The troops turn and march TOWARD US with six weeks of Advanced Infantry Training to back them up. 26 FULL SHOT . you know I don't have the priority to do that. .I am.CREW They are tying up at the dock -.DOCK . SERGEANT Well who the hell verifies that ? WILLARD I do.

this'll be a little bit different -CHIEF Where's it gonna be ? He points -27 FULL SHOT .PARADE GROUNDS .Bob Hope or the like -SERGEANT No sir.PARADE GROUNDS . well-built pedestal has been erected -.some boss stuff -WILLARD This -. leaving the Sergeant totally confused. It is empty -DISSOLVE TO : 28 FULL SHOT .what's all the activity for around here ? SERGEANT The show -WILLARD What show ? SERGEANT Big show in the parade grounds this noon -. CHIEF No shit -.He signs it quickly.PEDESTAL A large.TROOPS The entire area around the pedestal and right up to the . I think -.this is surrounded by a deep moat filled with punji stakes and garnished with concertina wire.

Their need far surpasses that of the run-of-the-mill rapist. To counter their need of course are the moat.he really dug his Playboy mag. CHIEF I never heard about that. Some of these boys have just gotten here -.but implementing this are seven "riot control positions" equipped with the lastest in teargas launchers. pervert. 29 FORWARD AREA jammed in the crowd CHEF It's really too much -.he was an Army Sergeant. punji stakes and barbed wire -. CLEAN Yeah -. or child-molester. Even so armed. CHIEF What cat ? CLEAN One that went up for murder -. All have one thing in common.you can really get hung up on them like the cat in the Delta. the great mass of wild men are right up to the wire. to see and if possible grab an American girl. attack-trained German shepherds and assorted psychological warfare aides.others have been in the jungle for months.I mean like he was there when it arrived -. CLEAN Yeah -.wire is mobbed with seething American fighting men.I mean I've collected every picture of her since she was Miss December. man -. .He just knew.

Poking pins in her an' all that. All heads turn skywards while one descends onto the .anyhow.Sergeant says. Man. CHEF Yeah -.B. just the magazine was floatin' there all full of holes. sat on the end of the dock.typical A. Sergeant says. Then he stood up.. we begin to HEAR a SWELL of TWO THOUSAND MALE VOICES. Gook Lieutenant says Fuck you in Vietnamese -. the Lieutenant took his new Playboy one day. and wouldn't give it back.N. You leave your shitty little hands off that girl. the ENGINES of four helicopters approaching.g. don't do that again.J. -.R. don't do her like that.he sat there and starts mutilating the centerfold. flicked his iron to rock and roll and gave the little zero a long burst through the Playboy mag.N. CHIEF They nail him for it bad ? CLEAN He's in the L. CLEAN Then went too far -. patrols and had one a them little cocky gook asshole Lieutenants -.didn't give him no medals or nothing -In the b. You'll wish you hadn't. it blew him clean off the dock -Hell.V.V.R.CHEF So what happened ? CLEAN He was working A.

When this abates a young.Medics -. Finally the blades are trimmed and a strange silence descends over the men. Hair is combed impeccably and free of dandruff -. To prove it -." 30 MONTAGE ON THE GIRLS AND MEN VARIOUS SHOTS as the girls dance in an incredibly erotic manner -.we've brought some entertainment we think you're gonna like: The Playmate of the Year and her two runners up ! He pulls open the door and three unbelieveably beautiful sex playmates in fringed go-go outfits leap out and start dancing to the Creedence Clearwater Revival singing "Suzy Q.Mr.I. AGENT I'd like to say hello from all of us up here.shoes are shined -.two young Green Berets step out with M-16's to varied catcalls.their jaws drop -.smiling.Infantry -. All of you who've worked so hard during Operation Brute Force -Paratroopers -. On the nose amd doors of the black Huey are painted large Playboy rabbits. He is the epitome of a Hollywood AGENT. The door of the copter slides partially open -.Quite some dude -.Airmen -. to all of you out there.'s pass -. The faces of the G.Marines -.clothes are formal but hip -.some look almost horrified. He walks over to the microphone. Clean . extremelly well-dressed man emerges. Chef is hypnotized -. And I want you to know that we feel proud of you and know how hard your job is.pedestal kicking up a lot of dust and general resentment.and Sailors.his presence causes some stirring but seems to strangely quiet the man.

They grab frantically for the wheels. CUT TO: 32 EXT.the black Playboy Huey lifts off just as the first crazed men reach it. the girls retreat into the copter -. Such are the ways of war.the attack dogs are trampled. The Huey wheels up into the blue sky. With each movement their need increases by the square. no villages.) Two days out of Hau Fat. no boats -. WILLARD (V.he follows.MEN They crush forward starting to scream -. then the two Green Berets. leaving them all below.B. FULL VIEW . I felt like I had set off for the center of the earth.. Chief mouths unspoken obscenities with sentimental tenderness.the guards in the "riot control positions" forget -. There are few signs of civilization. Suddenly. The ROTARS WHINE -. CHIEF Smoke ! . He casually pulls the pin of a smoke grenade. Chief looks out.cries. ahead.just the overwhelming presence of the jungle.GIRLS .PEDESTAL . The Agent sees this all as he has seen it before. but miss. 31 FULL SHOT .R.men fall on the wire -. there was nothing but us and the coastline. which is filling up fast.DAY The P. Men scream and fall into the moat.O.. Others grab the air in front of them. The mob as one surges forward onto the wire. moving further up the primitive coastline.

Overhead jets swoop by FIRING ROCKETS. WILLARD First Air Cavalry.shattered sampans and bodies washing around in the surf.deep.WILLARD Where ? They all turn.gutted and burning huts -.fishing village -helicopters over there. They're the ones gonna get us into the River. 33 FULL SHOT . . The Chief grabs field glasses.THE BEACH AND VILLAGE A vast field of devastation -. 34 FULL SHOT . the NOISE drowning out Willard's attempt at conversation with some of the men. 35 MED. CHIEF Yeah -.. WILLARD Black smoke .THE COASTLINE A thick train of black smoke rises from the green jungle. SHOT . secondary burning..WILLARD AND CREW They wade through the water to the beach where they are met by a heavily armed group of men.smashed and smoking palm trees -.BEACH . Chief points up the coast. ragged craters -. Hueys. lots of 'em.

The two outside copters hover. It is COLONEL WILLIAM KILGORE -. with a black mustache.HELICOPTERS Three Hueys swoop in low -. KILGORE (bellowing) Lieutenant: Bomb that tree line back about a hundred yards -. A Lieutenant and radio man nod and rush off. He crouches over.rockets and loudspeakers. Dodgers baseball hat. It is no ordinary hat but a L. Then a tall.give me some room to breathe.We can't hear any of the talk. 36 FULL SHOT . 37 CLOSE VIEW ON WILLARD He was not quite prepared for this. 38 VIEW ON KILGORE turning to his GUARDS KILGORE Bring me some cards. Two armed soldiers jump from the doors and stand with guns ready. and then stards to his full immense height and with his hands on his hips he surveys the field of battle. raising a lot of dust. His eyes are obscured by mirror-fronted sunglasses. holding his hat in the rotor wash. while the center copter lands. and points to it. It cuts its rotors and the other copters pull up and off to the side. . He walks out. but we notice that the Sergeant turns up to a particular Huey.tough looking.they are heavily laden with machine guns -. He wears a well-cut and neatly-stretched tiger suit. well-tanned. strong looking man emerges.A.

Na Trang told me to expect you -.GUARD Sir ? KILGORE Body cards. Just stay out of my way till this is done. The Sergeant walks up. Soldiers gather around smiling. as Kilgore comes to each V. you damn fool -cards ! The soldier rushes over and hands him two brand new packages of playing cards wrapped in plastic. sir -. The Colonel strides right past Willard with no further acknowledgement. Two other soldiers get out of the copter and walk over.I carry priority papers from Com-Sec Intelligence 11 Corp -. He cracks the plastic wrapping sharply -. the Chief and Lance. The others follow. Captain. They are well-tanned and carry no weapons. corpse he drops a playing card on it -. KILGORE (not looking up) Yeah -.I believe you understand the nature of my mission.carefully picking out which card he uses.C. 39 TRACKING VIEW The Colonel walks through the shell-pocked field of devastation.we'll see what we can do. leading Willard.takes out the deck of new cards and fans them. WILLARD (formally) Captain B-L.4th Recon Group -. Willard. They seem more casual about the Colonel than anyone else. .

On of the two tanned soldiers rushes up and whispers something to him. Third Class -L. The Colonel goes on about this business. You sure? The soldier points to Lance. KILGORE . Johnson. who almost instinctively moves closer t Willard. Kilgore smiles -. Kilgore strides over to the young man. sailor ? LANCE Gunner's Mate. dropping the cards.sticks out his hand. who immediately puts down the card he was holding. sir.eight a hearts -Isn't one worth a Jack in this whole place. KILGORE Lance Johnson? The surfer? LANCE That's right. KILGORE What ? Here. KILGORE (continuing) What's your name.KILGORE (to himself) Six a spades -. He stops. sir. 40 TRACKING ON KILGORE moving through the corpses.

It's an honor to meet you Lance. Willard eats it. top priority mission has been put in the background. KILGORE (O.B. LANCE Thank you. Kilgore puts his hand on Lance's shoulder. KILGORE . I think you have the best cutback there is.none of us are anywhere near your class.I like your cutback.L. sir. I've admired your nose-riding for years -.they're good solid surfers -. KILGORE You can cut out the sir.) This is Mike from San Diego and Johnny from Malibu -. for now. too.S. and continues flipping the cards indiscriminately on the bodies as they talk.I'm a goofy foot. 41 VIEW ON WILLARD His entire. WILLARD My orders are from Com-Sec Intel -. Willard. Lance blushes. Captain -I'll get to you soon enough -We've got things to do here. Lance -I'm Bill kilgore -. though. sort of mumbling thanks. 4th Recon -KILGORE Just hold up a second.

and above it the motto: DEATH FROM ABOVE. You never can tell when you're gonna run into something good.. Like to finish up operations early and fly down to Vung Tau for the evening glass. He puts the card in the gaping mouth. KILGORE (continuing..staring wild-eyed in horror at the sky. We try to work it in. 42 CLOSE VIEW OVER THE VIET CONG We SEE the Colonel and the others walk off -. we do a lot of surfing around here.sprinkles cards all over them. I got a guy in Cam Rau Bay that can predict a swell two days in advance.g. Kilgore pauses. KILGORE (continuing) . He passes a twisted gun emplacement with about five bodies -..the dead Viet Cong and card are in the immediate f.. He stops at a particularly wild-looking Viet Cong who has died with his mouth agape -. KILGORE .good lefts. Have you ever surfed the point at Vung Tau? I liked the beach breaks around Na Trang a lot -.(continuing) . that's an Ace if I ever saw one. to himself) Hell. The card has the shield of the CAV printed bautifully. we keep three boards in my Command Huey at all times.

DISSOLVE TO : 43 EXT. . Lance? LANCE I haven't surfed since I got here. KILGORE What's the furthest you been in? WILLARD Haiphong. KILGORE That's terrible -. SHOT Willard is sitting with Kilgore on acouple of chairs by a table set up in front of the command copter. ARTILLERY BOOMS in the far distance. got a hell of a left turn. too.we'll change that -. THE HELICOPTER .Where've you been riding. sandbags. Walked. Everywhere we SEE armed men.MED. Hueys are constantly ROARING over. you jump in ? WILLARD No. oil drums etc. barbed wire. KILGORE Haiphong? Shit. Kilgore looks at the map. KILGORE Why the hell you wanna go up to Nu Mung Ba for? WILLARD I got bored in Saigon.I'd like to see you work -I've always liked your cutback.

They put out two or three for every one I needed. When you get to the one you'll use. you just pass it up. I had to pass up three and ended up living on rats and chocolate bars.KILGORE What'd you do for supplies? WILLARD (he shrugs) Mercenaries -. KILGORE Can you trust them? WILLARD No. . KILGORE Seems to me he got himself fragged. WILLARD When did you hear? KILGORE 'Bout a year ago? Is Kurtz still alive? WILLARD Who knows. KILGORE Nu Mung Ba. traitors -they put out caches. If something feels wrong. i heard some grunt rolled a grenade in his tent. On one mission. you just stake it out. Walter Kurtz commanded a Green Beret detachment at Nu Mung Ba. Last I heard.agents.

KILGORE That village you're pointing at is kinda hairy. boy -I've lost a few recon ships in there now and again. KILGORE And I don't intend to get some of them chewed up just to get your tub put in the mouth of the goddman Nung River.they got some pretty heavy ordnance. General of the Army. Did you knew Kurtz? WILLARD I met him. here or here. WILLARD So? I heard you had a good bunch of killers here. You say you don't know Kurtz? . Shit. KILGORE Don't you agree? WILLARD He musta changed ! (pointing to the map) I got to get into the Nung River. Walter Kurtz woulda been a General some day.Maybe a rumor. Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. WILLARD Hairy ? KILGORE I mean it's hairy -. Helluva man -remarkable officer.

He motions to one of his surfers. KILGORE (continuing) What's the name of that goddamn village -. . but I like to keep my ratio ten to one in this unit -. KILGORE What about this point here? He puts his finger on the map. KILGORE What do you mean? MIKE It's really long left slide.Vin Drin Dop or Lop.WILLARD I met him. you know anything about the point at Vin Drip Drop? MIKE Boss left. breaks on the short side of the point -. I don't mind taking casualties. KILGORE (continuing) Mike. WILLARD You'll find enough Cong up there.catches a south swell. damn gook names all sound the same. KILGORE You talk like him. Captain.ten Cong to one.

MIKE It's hairy . WILLARD We could go in tomorrow at dawn . That's where we lost McDonnel -. What's the wind like. KILGORE (to himself) A six-foot left.they shot the hell out of us. KILGORE How big it is? MIKE Six to eight feet.who gets the idea. KILGORE Why the hell didn't you tell me about that place -.though.LANCE Nice. Willard looks at Lance -. Willard nudges Lance -. It's all goddamn beach break. shitty country. (to Willard) There aren't any good left slides in this whole.a good left. LANCE Boss.really hollow. MIKE Light off shore -.then at Kilgore. Kilgore gazes out across the parked helicopters. It's Charlie's point.

it's -. take Lance with you -. TOM I don't know.HELICOPTERS . 44 FULL SHOT . Captain.airmobile.it's Charlie's point. right where you want it.it's -KILGORE (hard) What is it? TOM Well.DAWN .there's always off-shore wind in the morning.the eight six.-. exasperated. KILGORE Hell. Hell. This is the Cav boy -.and you can get anywhere you want up that river that suits you. WILLARD Charlie don't surf.let him pick out a board. I can take that point and hold it as long as I like -. we'll pick your boat up and lay it down like a baby. (he turns to an advisor) You take a gunship back to division -. a six foot left. I mean it's hairy in there -. and bring me my Yater Spoon -. sir -.Mike. Kilgore turns and looks to Willard. CHIEF The draft of that river might be too shallow on the point.

46 FULL VIEW Helicopter rotors build up speed -. sir. 48 INT. He turns to his R. man. VIEW Kilgore strides up to the side door. boy? GUNNER Like a mean motherfucker. around.T. KILGORE Let's go. dressed for battle.dust flying as fifty helicopters rise.gas turbines belching fire from their jet pipes -.Inside. Kilgore's helicopter is being loaded with ammunition and has surfboards strapped underneath.What seems like hundreds of Hueys standing. He looks out.MED. SHOT . WILLARD. the men of the 1st Cavalry Airmobile -. OTHERS . 47 NEW VIEW Helicopters moving THROUGH the FRAME: almost a dance of dragonflies.KILGORE. 45 MED. He turns to his door GUNNER.toughest unit in Vietnam. COMMAND COPTER . their rotors churning a great wind -. ROAR OVER CAMERA and deploy into attack formation. KILGORE How do you feel.

they fondle their rifles. mortars and bayonets.We'll put on the music about a mile out. M-60 machine guns. grenade launchers. COMMAND COPTER Kilgore cranes his neck and almost leans out to watch the waves -. And finally.nervous.scares the hell out of the slopes -.mini-guns in bizarre looking mounts.Willard looks ahead -. expandable rocket launchers. low and fast. 49 MONTAGE CLOSE SHOTS of rocket pods -. Below they see the jungle whisk by and they are suddenly over the ocean. flame-throwers. anti-personnel grenades. Classical stuff -.the boys love it. WILLARD Music? KILGORE Yeah. KILGORE (to Willard) We'll come in low out of the rising sun -. excited very few of them really scared -. 51 MED. SHOT . CLOSE SHOTS of the three surfboards strapped below the command helicopter.then he sits back relaxed. next to the fearsome weaponry. 50 INT.Kilgore sits near the door. plastic explosives cord. claymore mines. CLOSE SHOTS of the men -.

The helicopter banks into a tight turn and bears toward the coast.O.500 -Commence firing. RADIO (V.600 yards -. PILOT Big Duke six to Eagle Thrust -turn on coordinates 1-0 -.ROAR over low in battle formation BLARING out "Ride of the Valkyries.medevac and recon -.) Eagle Thrust formation target 2800 yards -. SHOT -CREW POV behind pilot -PILOT 700 -. The whole copter shakes. .the ocean rushes below.begin psch-war operations. HELICOPTER .HELICOPTERS From the water we SEE the massive grouping of Hueys -." 53 FULL SHOT .troop carriers -. 52 CLOSE SHOT ." 54 INT.LOUDSPEAKERS The ocean rushes below as suddenly the LOUDSPEAKERS BLARE out Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries.MED.gunships -. assume attack formation.POV behind the PILOT and CO-PILOT -.niner.

Sampans are pulled into a cover where they are being unloaded. HELICOPTER . Men scream orders -. 58 INT. People feverishly unlimber weapons of all types and run to tunnels and trenches.Everyone stops. Suddenly we HEAR the distant MUSIC -.Everywhere there is activity to prepare for the defense of the village.women run from huts bearing ammunition and rifles -.AERIAL VIEW coming directly at us.600 -. SHOT . 57 HIGH ANGLE looking down through the helicopters as they approach the village. VIET CONG FISHING VILLAGE . We SEE bunkers with N. WAGNER BLARING. they stare out to see.with rice paddies behind.V. Camouflage is removed from anti-aircraft emplacements. .55 EXT. This village commands a delta where ocean and river merge.A.MED.FULL SHOT A Vietnamese coastal fishing village built along the beach and palm trees -. THE HELICOPTER FORMATION .CREW POV behind pilot PILOT 700 yards -. regulars ambling about. The MUSIC GROWS LOUDER with the FAINT SOUND of ROTORS 56 EXT.500 -commence firing.

GUNFIRE rips around.COPTERS are ROARING over -.38.MONTAGE We SEE rockets ROAR from pods -. 59 EXT. HELICOPTERS . The gunner is blown away.a hut EXPLODES. pods and nose -. Eagle Thrust -. in the head with his . then ducks back in.men run below SHOOTING back. The leads ship banks sharply up over the trees -.The ground is alive with smoke and fire -. CLOSE ON WILLARD as the ship he is in swoops down.ANTI-AIRCRAFT EMPLACEMENT EXPLOSIONS crash around -.and MINI-GUNS pour streams of lead and tracers with the SOUND of a DIESEL HORN. SHOT . 63 MED.Z. its MACHINE GUNS FIRING into the village. SHOT .we're hit.MACHINE GUNS RATTLE -grenade launchers POUND away -.the MUSIC and SOUND of the COPTERS almost drown them out.HELICOPTERS POV behind lead gunship. They ROAR in over the beach streaming FIRE from doors.The whole copter shakes.SWOOPING COPTER The Pilot leans out and SHOOTS a charging V. 62 MED. 61 MED. 60 FULL SHOT . here.C. The gunner FIRES frantically -. CO-PILOT We're down. . We got a hot L.

VIEW ON WILLARD AND KILGORE KILGORE Fucking savages. . Eagle Thrust. KILGORE. COMMAND COPTER .WILLARD. KILGORE Haven't got time.we'll need green smoke -suggest you have the FAC mark it. Hell's Angels -lay it right up the tree line. RADIO (V. OTHERS Kilgore has R. 65 FULL SHOT . COMMAND COPTER .) Hell's Angels Four to Big Duke Six -. 66 INT. equipment -.Z. CO-PILOT (continuing) Hell of a hot L.bring it in on along tree line and huts. Need immediate air strike on the tree line.he leans out near the door gunner.T. KILGORE Big Duke Six to Hell's Angels Four -. SHOT .MED.JET SQUADRON Four F-4H Phantoms peel off and streak toward the coast. 64 INT.BULLETS RIP through the plexiglass. The Pilot FIRES back.O.

boy.hold -. KILGORE (continuing) Right along the doors. Receiving heavy automatic weapons fire from huts about thirty yards to our left. 68 INT.WILLARD Who? KILGORE The enemy. RADIO (V.S.O. The gunner FIRES leaning out -- .suggest you follow with cannon fire. COMMAND COPTER .THE JETS The jets streak by below laying in huge gobs of orange napalm along the trees.MED.) (on radio) Very good. KILGORE Big Duke Six to Baker Delta Four -.) This is Baker Delta Four -Captain hit bad -. He turns to door gunner.we're right over you. SHOT They circle the battle.need dust-off. KILGORE (O. Hell's Angels -. Who else? 67 HELICOPTER'S POV .

the copter vibrates and turns sharply. little higher. eh.. claymores or anything? LIEUTENANT You didn't tell me to. sir. BULLETS SMASH through the copter -.probably eleven millimeter guns and AK-47's. KILGORE (continuing) Didn't anybody bring me any bombs.KILGORE (continuing) Fine. yeah.Big Duke . Kilgore is thrown down where he hangs on. KILGORE (continuing) Sonuvabitch -. Suddenly..Plexiglass SHATTERS. Through the roof. KILGORE The trees..T. grenades. He grabs the R. that's good. KILGORE (grumbling) You shoulda known... KILGORE (continuing) Eagle Thrust Four -. He leans back in.. fine.anybody hurt? WILLARD Automatic weapons flashes along those trees -.

69 FULL SHOT . He puts his arms across the sights -.the door gunner swings out and BLASTS two of them into the mud. boy.C.O. Lieutenant.We're even got some rockets left. Other copters join -. Big Duke Six -. break and run through the rice paddies in the f.MED. HELICOPTERS The two helicopters swoop up out of the smoke and blast the trees with ROCKETS. SHOT . They rise above the paddy -. RADIO (V. 70 INT.THE TREES. Lieutenant.g.the gunner swings back inside.) Affirmative.The V. KILGORE (continuing) Take her up to 300 feet. WILLARD Kilgore looks out as three V.the helicopter turns and follows them -. Kilgore motions to the door gunner who . Join me in sparaying some trees. -. He takes a bead on the third.they scream and fall FIRING back.BULLETS EXPLODING around them -.KILGORE. KILGORE Hold it. COMMAND COPTER .Six. break and run through the rice paddies -.the man below runs for all he's worth. MACHINE GUNS and GRENADE LAUNCHER S. KILGORE Take her in low.C.

opens the bolt. but starting to sink into the mud. SHOT .C. pulls the gun in tight -. He gets into the sling and slams the bolt shut.mother of pearl inlays and a variable power scope.MED. COPTER . The Huey DRONES overhead. There is some fumbling and then a hand passes him a 300 Weatherby Magnum with a zebra wood stock -. 73 MOVING POV. Kilgore leans back.takes careful aim and the Cong is BLASTED flat into the paddy. KILGORE (continuing. hard) My rifle.steps aside. 71 VIEW ON WILLARD Amazed at these proceedings. Kilgore takes it and opens the bolt. its huge shadow behind him on the mud. soldier.KILGORE. WILLARD Kilgore leans out. A hand passes him a M-16. Kilgore buckles himself into the gunner's harness. ON THE V. He is running hard. KILGORE (continuing) Rifle. 74 INT. ejecting the spent . He turns and FIRES with a pistol. 72 VIEW ON KILGORE as he loads the rifle with huge cartridges.

ETC. He hands Weatherby back into the copter.T.Uniformed N. Kilgore leans out carefully. 75 VIEW ON WILLARD The gaudy rifle passed by him.THE CAV.KILGORE. regulars burst from a tunnel entrance and charge the Americans. 77 INT. as the V. KILGORE The L. WILLARD. COMMAND COPTER . LANCE.BATTLEFIELD . He leans back. He takes a card and flips it out of the copter. DISSOLVE TO : 76 FULL SHOT .S. Americans run through the hooches FIRING and throwing GRENADES. are cut down. WILLARD Anyone got a card? Somebody hands Willard the deck. deliberately avoiding Willard to speak to Lance. never lifting his gaze from Kilgore. sir. He has the R. SOLDIER (O.A. looking over the battlefield.V.C.automatic.'s cooling off fast -we'll move in another company . The SHOOTING is at point blank range -.) That's 27.C.Z.cartridge out the door.JETS ROAR by -. Helicopters swoop overhead -. V.

Let's get a look at it. regular troops outside a burning hut.they bank sharply and swoop in on the lineup of waves. lined-up green wall as if surfing it. Lance looks at Willard and then agrees.hell of a good swell 'bout six feet. DISSOLVE TO : 79 FULL SHOT . GUNFIRE is DISTANT and sporadic -. (he laughs to himself) Charlie's point. LANCE What.V. SOLDIERS Americans line up blindfolded Viet Cong and N. KILGORE (continuing) Good swell. SURF The pilots are used to this -. coming in low over the point and streaking down a long.an occasional MORTAR round SCREAMS in. fanning the smoke with their wind. 78 FULL SHOT .BEACH HUTS. A soldier yells in Vietnamese in a southern accent and the prisoners are marched away. He looks out toward the ocean.an' then we'll own it. Other soldiers are already setting up heavy weapons emplacements -.50 cal machine guns etc.A.COPTER. sir? KILGORE I said it's a good swell -. Three Hueys ROAR in. . They tip up over and up at the last minute as the wave breaks.

The center one, the command ship, lands. JETS SCREAM over and the two gunships pull up at 200 feet. Another Huey zooms in low and lands behind the Colonel's. The doors open, guards jump out, check the situation, and out steps Kilgore and Lance. From the other copter are more guards, Kilgore's surfers and others of the P.B.R. crew. Willard follows. 80 FULL SHOT - THE POINT They stride out across the debris-strewn beach. Kilgore stands majestically on the point watching the waves. A SHELL SCREAMS overhead. SOLDIER Incoming ! They all dive, except Kilgore. He is watching a big set -- the SHELL EXPLODES in the water about a hundred yards away, sending up a huge geyser of spray. Kilgore is unmoved. KILGORE Look at that. They look. LANCE This L.Z. is still pretty hot, sir, maybe we oughta stand somewhere else. Kilgore pays him no mention. WILLARD I'm waiting for the fucking boat, Colonel. KILGORE (without looking) It'll get here, soldier.

He turns to Mike and Johnny who have their faces in the sand. KILGORE (continuing) Change. MIKE Wh -- what? KILGORE Change -- get out there -- I want'a see if it's ridable -change. MIKE It's still pretty hairy, sir. KILGORE (bellowing) You want'a surf, soldier? He nods yes meakly. KILGORE (continuing) That's good, boy, because it's either surf or fight. They turn and hurry off -- Kilgore grabs an M-1 from one of the guards. They all think he's going to shoot the surfers or someone. They move back uneasy. KILGORE (continuing) I'm gonna cover for 'em -- that's all. He cocks thye weapon. Lance looks around uneasily. The Colonel walks over.

KILGORE (continuing) You think that section on the point is ridable, Lance? LANCE I think we ought to wait for the tide to come in. A SHELL SCREAMS OVER -- they all hit the dirt except for Kilgore. It EXPLODES throwing sand through the air. Kilgore leans down yelling over the NOISE. KILGORE Doesn't happen for six hours. Lance looks up at him terrified, holding onto his helmet. KILGORE (continuing) The tide -- doesn't come in for six hours. DISSOLVE TO : 81 FULL SHOT - SURF - MIKE AND JOHNNY They walk through shallows carrying brightly colored boards. They look very scared. JETS SCREAM overhead, FIRING CANNONS. Helicopters wheel by carrying out wounded. They wear olive drab surfing trunks with the Cav's shield on the left leg. The same shield is emblazoned on the boards along the word "Airmobile". They edge into the water and paddle through the mild shorebreak. 82 FULL SHOT - THE POINT - SURFERS

the beautiful waves breaking beyond them. keeping low -.trims up into a tight section -. A good set is building. MIKE They paddle on their stomachs. 84 MED. . Lance kind of sits below taking cover in a shell hole.fine -Kilgore turns and takes a giant electric megaphone from a waiting lackey.KILGORE AND LANCE Kilgore looks at them with his field glasses.drops to the bottom and turns -. SURFERS They line themselves up on the point. KILGORE (through megaphone) That's far enough -. 86 CLOSE SHOT ON LANCE AND KILGORE Another SHELL SCREAMS over and EXPLODES down the beach.They paddle up the point in the calm channel -. SHOT .everything right except he keeps looking around frantically.takes off -.breathing hard and constantly looking around scared out of their minds.pick one up and come on in -85 FULL SHOT . 83 CLOSE SHOT ON JOHNNY. Mike turns strokes into it -.THE POINT. KILGORE They far enough? LANCE Sure -.

A SERIES of SHELLS ROAR in.LANCE AND KILGORE LANCE (to himself) The tragedy of this war is a dead surfer. SHOT . Kilgore looks through his glasses -. WILLARD What? LANCE Maybe he'll get inside the tube -where -.two EXPLOSIONS in the water are HEARD. 88 MED. LANCE (to himself) Maybe he'll get tubed.puts his hands over his head. WILLARD Incoming ! Lance ducks -. 87 FULL SHOT . . KILGORE Son of a bitch.where they can't see him.Lance looks over at Willard.THE POINT Two surfboards float in the channel bobbing up and down on the waves. The SHELLS SCREAM over Kilgore and out towards the point. Lance looks up and out toward the point in horror.

S. KILGORE They just missed a good set -the chicken shits ! Lance looks up. glowering to his lackeys. 90 BACK TO SCENE He turns to Willard. SURFERS They come up near their boards and climb on -. too.) (megaphone) Try it again. beginning to think Lance is crazy. I'll surf this place. 89 FULL SHOT . KILGORE (continuing) I'm not afraid to surf this place. you little bastards.smoke hangs over the water. 91 CLOSE SHOT ON KILGORE He turns. KILGORE (O.Willard looks over. WILLARD What's that? LANCE Just something I read in the Free Press.THE POINT . KILGORE .

I'll take H.napalm -gimme some napalm -. boy. I want that treeline bombed -.B. KILGORE (continuing. He mumbles a few unintelligible swear words and jams a new clip into his rifle turning to Lance -KILGORE (continuing) We'll have this place cleaned up and ready for us in a jiffy.yeah.just bomb 'em into the Stone Age.T. He grabs it..yeah -. back to a soldier -.T. .Bring that R. KIlgore raises his M-16 and EMPTIES it full automatic in the general direction of the trees.U.'s if you got any of them -. soldier.everyone drops.B. He throws the R.Z.another SALVO WHISTLES over -. hangs below it. or C. 92 FULL SHOT . KILGORE (continuing) Big Duke Six to Hell's Angels -Goddamit. Don't you worry. boy.COPTERS A sky-crane without pod descends slowly toward us -The P. As the SHELLS EXPLODES on the beach behind him. to himself) Son of a bitch.son of a bitch -.RIVER .R. He FIRES another clip as the JETS SCREAM overhead.

A man guides the descending copter till the boat settles carefully in the shallows. ducking for cover every-sooften when an EXPLOSION hits nearby.B.load on ammunition and fuel.B. unshackle the hoists -. . (high explosives) and C. The boat begins to back out of the shallows. The Chief and others leap aboard.R. Clean and Chef stand watching this sight alomg with other soldiers.E.it's too damn hot. 94 FULL SHOT ON THE P.Where's Lance an' the Captain? CHIEF I saw that Colonel's Huey on the point -Two HELICOPTERS SCREAM over FIRING ROCKETS. mr. Clean and Chef work feverishly. the ROAR of the FIRE drowns out almost everything.MONTAGE Phantoms RAKE the trees with 20 mm CANNONS -. CLEAN Clear on starboard -.The Chief.drop H.PHANTOMS .FIRE five inch ROCKETS in salvo -. 93 FULL SHOT . The Chief is at the helm --the engine starts. CHIEF Forget that extra drum -. The battle is still going on around them.U's (Cluster Bomb Units) and finally an immense amount of NAPALM. They all look up as a wadge of PHANTOMS streak over low and peel off one by one to begin their bombing run."Bull Pup" MISSILES -. The EXPLOSIONS of NAPALM are reflected on their faces.

and then strides back without looking at them. Kilgore FIRES another clip at the tree line. but even their noise is drowned out by the fierce SHRIEK of the PHANTOMS and the deafening BLAST of HIGH EXPLOSIVES. Willard silently motions Lance toward the boat.small and vulnerable. SHELLS SCREAM over. Willard stares at the tree line where it comes down to the river. 95 FULL SHOT . There it is.CHIEF (continuing) Let's just get outta here. LANCE.KILGORE. But still there remains the threat of Kilgore. WILLARD . . WILLARD (to Lance) Look. Willard is up looking off in another direction. The JETS are making a hell of the tree line.THE POINT . Lance looks over -. Willard's glance goes further downriver through the black smoke and there merging in the river -. is his boat. LANCE (whispers) He'll kill us. OTHERS Kilgore watches the waves with his field glasses -smoke drifts over. standing stark against the sky. WILLARD He can't kill us. (realizing as he says it) We're on his side. the boat.a tremendous relief on his face. Lance crouches below. a hell of fire and bustling steam thet nothing could live in.

.. One time we had a hill bombed for 12 hours.but the smell -.nothing else in the world smells like that -They reflect the glow from the burning trees. some day this war's gonna end. He looks off nostalgically. (louder) You smell that? LANCE What? KILGORE Napalm. KILGORE (continuing.. we didn't find one of 'em . KILGORE (sadly) Yes.it smelled like .the whole hill -..KILGORE (almost to himself) You smell that.that gasoline smell -. not one stinking gook body.. I know. WILLARD You know. (pause) victory.. nostalgically) I love the smell of napalm in the morning.. I walked up it when it was all over. They slipped out in the night -. boy -..

Mike and Johnny lay low on their boards. Instead of blowing spray back over the waves and hollowing them out. KILGORE (continuing) The wind -LANCE What? Sure enough there is a rushing breeze that increases...Suddenly he senses something -. reducing the swell to slop. WILLARD The kid can't ride sloppy waves. KILGORE (continuing. screaming) It's gonna blow this place out.lifts his hand -. overjoyed. this strange wind is causing white caps and cross chop.SURFERS The wind has changed.It's on shore ! He leans down and practically grabs Lance. . WILLARD (O. 96 FULL SHOT .) The kid can't stand sloppy waves.it's blowing on shore -.then frantically licks his fingers and puts them up in the air.it's the wind -..S. They turn and stare out to sea. KILGORE (rising maniacally) Feel it -. It's gonna ruin it .THE POINT .he stops -.

I can understand how you feel. Slapping Lance on the shoulder. WILLARD WILLARD You don't expect this kid to ride that crap.R.B.R. He turns toward the trees. 98 FULL SHOT ON THE P. I'm an artist.napalm my perfect left -.ruining my perfect left.THE BEACH . LANCE Yeah. do you? He's a goddamn artist..The Chief and . KILGORE (continuing) It's the napalm -.LANCE..my perfect left point break -. along the river shallows -.napalm -Lance motions with his eyes to Willard. SHOT . mumbling) The napalm -. goddamit ! KILGORE (apologetically) Yeah -. The P.ruin -. KILGORE. he needs something to work with.97 MED.it's causing the wind -. He staggers off toward the trees followed by his guards and other lackeys.B. KILGORE (continuing.yeah.

VIEW ON WILLARD AND LANCE WILLARD Are you finished surfing? LANCE Yeah. LANCE No -. They break and run like hell toward the boat in the distance.suddenly.the clear one with the thin stringer.no. OUR VIEW TRACKS with them. Lance continuing. There is still MORTAR FIRE coming in between him and the board. WILLARD Then let's get the hell out of here. They are cheered by the crew -. WILLARD Which one's the Colonel's? LANCE The Yater -. .. thanks..crew waiting and yelling. Willard glances over to it with determination. Willard makes a run for it. WILLARD Want to say goodbye to the Colonel? LANCE Nah. Captain.. Suddenly. 99 MED.Willard looks at them.. Willard sees something and stops. In a pile of equipment that the Hueys have left are two surfboards -.

B. never had a Yater spoon.son of a bitch. and they both scamper abroad.ENGINES RUNNING HARD and ROARS OFF toward the deeper water of the river -. He stands there and doesn't move. Clean stuffs the board in the stern 50 Cal.P. The shells kick up sand. Fragments whistle by. Jesus Christ ! Once again. DISSOLVE TO : 100 FULL SHOT ON THE RIVER .CHIEF (O. Willard takes off fast as hell with the board under his arm. the surfboard under his arm.the board clearly visible on the stern. mount. CLEAN What'd you that for? WILLARD When I was a kid I.B. The ROUNDS bracket the P.S. one rips a chunk of foam and fibreglass from the rain of the board. Willard hands the board up to Mr.) Incoming ! Incoming -. exhausted and relieved. Clean.R. Lance? LANCE Yeah. Mr. Lance follows toward the boat. through the water. and line up the beach toward Willard. WILLARD (calm) This one . Lance has dropped.R . The boat turns -.

their twin fifty Cal. 101 MED. CHIEF Why don't you roll us a big joint? I think the Captain'd . The Chief nods.R.expecting the worst.B. LANCE (yelling) Maybe we better stay in under the trees till dark -.we got his Yater.The P. Chef is behind him at the radio. WILLARD He didn't look like he'd take that sitting down. warily covering the jungled banks. They all look up into the sky -. huddled with his M-16 ready. CHIEF Lance --LANCE Yeah. ROARS BY going down the river at full speed. WILLARD (continuing) Let's put some distance between us and Charlie. SHOT ON THE CREW They all are in full battle positions -. Lance leans back from his forward turret. The Chief is at helm -. guns turning. It is swerving and zig-zagging to avoid potential enemy fire.Willard crouches against some armor plate.

They all smile -.THE TREES. BOAT.I don't think so.B. DISSOLVE TO : 103 FULL SHOT . The men wait tensely listening -LANCE You hear it again? WILLARD No -.like that. DISSOLVE TO : 102 FULL SHOT . Willard smiles: WILLARD Take one a mine -He fishes into his breast pocket -. It'll be back. They all look at Willard uneasily.Willard lights up. It zig-zags away from us down the river at high speed.R.THE P.pulls out a huge cigar-sized joint. After a suspensful pause. CREW . LANCE You think he'd of shot us? WILLARD When? LANCE .NIGHT The boat is hidden under some trees along the river bank. They were circling. But it'll be back.

us -.that was all true about the rats and chocolate and stuff? WILLARD Sure.Americans. WILLARD He's a man who knows what he wants -.he does know what he wants. you can find a track and tell not only how many they are. Lance looks over at Willard. LANCE And you could just tell when the supplies were booby trapped? WILLARD It's a feeling you get in the jungle. When you get good. how far they're . CHEF Can I go get those mangos now? CHIEF I'll go with you in a while -judt hold tight awhile -LANCE Captain -.he'd of shot us if he saw me taking the board -LANCE A Yater spoon is hard to get -especially here.Any time -. WILLARD I don't think he'd of shot us on the beach but -. but their morale.

an' how far they're going? Willard smiles. An RPD burst took out the door a bit above my head.we HEAR the distant SOUND of ROTOR-BLADES and indistinguishable language on a loudspeaker -. A pause. CLEAN How can you tell their weapons. (he shrugs) Things like that. or the joints that may be lying around. I went into three like that and suddenly I realized I'd gone into each hut the same way -.. . It was midnight. their weapons are slung.the ROTORS grow LOUDER until almost overhead. I was going through a village once. the weapons they're carrying.It is pitch dark -. If the branches aren't broken. their morale from the way they drag their feet. and walked into each hut. If they're near a base camp..going. I was looking for a certain party. I took off my boots.so the next one I went in on my belly. But all this is just technique. they'll be throwing it away half-eaten.The talk stops -. that's what's important. WILLARD Mostly from the imprints when they put them down to rest.standing up -. There's a feeling you get after a while. and then suddenly his attention is diverted -They all are silent -. they wouldn't be conserving food. whether they're near their camp.

We better move now while it's dark. CHIEF I wonder if that was the same copter. Chef -. WILLARD .that guy's too damn much.You can understand -It was one of my best -. boy.take Lance with you -WILLARD I'll go with him -They all look at him. WILLARD He's probably got 'em all over the river with that recording.KILGORE (V. I'm not gonna hurt or harm you -Just leave it where I can find it -The HELICOPTER DRONES on into the night -.Finally the noise ceases.You know how hard it is to get a board you like.I just want the board back -. boy -. CLEAN Jesus -.go ahead -. Chef steps forward with a plastic basket. CHIEF Yeah.O.) (over a loudspeaker) I'm not gonna hurt or harm you.the same speech starts again further off -.

I come from New Orleans -. sir -. sir? WILLARD Chef -. sir -. WILLARD . a great sauciere.NIGHT They cautiously walk through the underbrush. It's what we do.CHEF. sir -WILLARD Why they call you that? CHEF Call me what.. We specialize in sauces.THE JUNGLE . 104 MED. I was . SHOT .I was raised to be a sauciere.is that 'cause you like mangoes an' stuff? CHEF No.(continuing) I wanta get my feet on solid land once in awhile -He grabs an M-16 and follows Chef over the side. CHEF Yes.I'm a real chef.I'm a sauciere -WILLARD A sauciere -CHEF That's right. sir -. WILLARD Chef. my whole family. I was supposed to go to Paris and study at the Escoffier School.

Willard gestures that he heard something. They called me for my physical so I figured the Navy had better food. They move into a slight clearing. WILLARD How? CHEF They lined us all up in front of a hundred yards of prime rib -magnificent meat.redies his M-16.. I went into radio school. Then they started throwing it in these big cauldrons. .. SHOT . I couldn't stand it. WILLARD What are you doing out here? CHEF Cook school -. 105 MED.END REVEALING Willard and Chef. beautifully marbled. WILLARD (whispering) -. all of it -. I looked in. he points. an' it was turning gray.boiling..saving the money.DIFFERENT ANGLE PAN SLOWLY over jungle -. WILLARD (silent) There.that did it.quiet -Chef crouches close -.

the grass folds almost to Willard -. They FIRE wildly. CHEF It's a motherfucking tiger -goddamn. methodical. The two men drop low into the elephant grass. Willard is cold.some of the growth rustles.motions Chef to move away -. He and Chef move a distance apart. Then Willard makes the cricket noise. They walk toward a patch of black elephant grass.willard plants his feet and from the hip lets go FULL AUTOMATIC. CHEF (continuing.The grass folds down quickly toward them -.they cover the spot. as scared as a man can be. There is a noise again -. The Chef retreats FIRING short BURSTS into the grass -.ohhhhhhhhh -- . and they move closer.. and join in stalking the probable V. A few yards from them they hear something move. emptying their clips. They move stealthily. and remain motionless. He turns and bolts through the jungle. closing the apex of their triangle on the hunted. SHOT .Jesus Christ tiger -motherfucking tiger -. It is obviously no small jungle creature.then a huge tiger leaps out at them. Willard's left hand edges out along the M-16's far end. and bird and cricket sounds.. doing something he knows well.He points -. so that he only has to point the finger of that hand and he will hit what he wants. Willard directs the Chef with hand gestures.C.THE ELEPHANT GRASS . 106 MED. their guns at the ready. snarling magnificently. screaming) Goddamn -.WILLARD AND CHEF Suddenly there is a RUSHING SOUND -. They look at each other. He makes another command and they rush the trapped enemy.

as he slithers around the boat.The Chef is moaning and stares off into the night.tiger ! Oh goddamn ! It's a tiger ! Jesus Christ ! Goddamn.THE CREW They all are armed -.. scared out of his head as well..no shit? WILLARD Who stopped to measure him -. CHEF (hysterical) Ohhhh -. CLEAN Was a big tiger -. covering the bushes and runs. The Chief tries to grab him. I was running.THE BOAT .Willard jams another clip in his gun and backs out of the clearing.. I think I shot the hell out of him. trying to find safety. . 107 FULL SHOT . willard follows from the jungle -.Lance has the twin 50's pointed into the jungle. LANCE You think? WILLARD I wasn't looking.let's get the hell out of here. Chef comes screaming out of the brush. but is unable to take a hold of the Chef. throws his rifle into the boat and dives headfirst after it. takes his gun away. LANCE What's this tiger shit? WILLARD No shit. a tiger ! Ohhhhhhhh.

I'm never going into that jungle again. pulls away with great speed. . WILLARD (V.B. didn't you? CHEF Mangoes? There as a fucking tiger in the woods -.O. THE BOAT IN MARINA DEL RAY . thinking. the light of his match illuminating his face momentarily. as OUR VIEW BEGINS a MOVE INTO the jungle. a maturity. The ENGINE ROARS to life -. his BACK TO US.NIGHT Willard.I could've been eaten alive. Suddenly. and we SEE his face.) What was in the jungle? What was there. I gotta remember never get out of the boat. a cool inner peace. never get outta the boat. The JUNGLE NOISES remain. the Chef -.never go into the jungle. waiting for me? He lights the cigarette. CHIEF You forgot the mangoes. unless you're ready to go all the way.O.I could've been killed.CHEF A motherfucking tiger -.) He was right. he turns around. swallowed by the darkness. They move off. WILLARD (V. DISSOLVE TO : 108 EXT. There is something different about him.the P.R.

our way of life.DAY We HEAR: RADIO -. Willard looks toward the group of people on the boat -there is still some MUSIC. He is barechested. wearing a hat made of a banana palm.O.. DISSOLVE TO : 109 WATERWAY . .I really started to look forward to meeting Kurtz again.R.B.) (continuing) Our way of life -. he has wiped mud under his eyes to kill the glare. WILLARD (V. -. a voice -.) (continuing) .MOVING FORWARD . it is incredibly hot. They talk and drink and laugh.S.and the role of our culture. I couldn't remember a face. 110 VIEW ON CHEF by himself on the P..must remember that we owe our thanks for these to the wonderful services of the U.. was it Kurtz? He was just a name to me now. all his liberal bullshit about the end of savagery -.he just didn't add up to me. Or was he..this one dedicated.O..O.WILLARD (V.here's another oldie -. Kurtz was in there...

O. reading from his file on Kurtz. 114 VIEW ON WILLARD _Willard opens a letter from the packet.RADIO .his M-16 ready.R.ON THE P. to the fire team at An Khe from their groovy C.. Fred the Head -111 VIEW ON THE GROUP RADIO The Rolling Stones and "Satisfaction. at the rear of the boat -.. Lance waterskiing to "Satisfaction.B." 113 VIEW ON CLEAN alert. We can SEE it is a private correspondence -. We REVEAL Lance in the b.they all dig it..jumping the wake occasionally. 112 NEW VIEW . just in case. waterskiing behind the P.B.g.O..) . slaloming back and forth on his single ski to the MUSIC -. PAN TO Willard.. WILLARD (V. sitting alone in the rear..R.feminine writing on the envelope. The SONG BLARES ON -." CHEF Outa sight.

.The dossier of A Dtachment contained letters from the families and wives of Kurtz' men There were letters from Kurtz' wife as well. Willard looks out at the jungle. Colonel Walter Kurtz -Willard's hand fushes through the packet and comes up with apicture of a very attractive.O.) (continuing) .ON THE LETTER It is addressed to Colonel Walter Kurtz -..dark and primeval forests pass by.I have to confess something.puts it back. Deep imppenetrable jungle -. WILLARD (V.I can't stand it anymore.in the corner is the return addess of Mrs. whether you're alive or dead.I just can't stand it.) Dearest Walt -. I'm sorry I said that. Bob didn't tell me anything -. not knowing where you are. 115 CLOSE SHOT .ON WILLARD looking at the picture -. 116 CLOSE SHOT .O. Walt -.g. WILLARD (V. The Rolling Stones CHANT on in the b. then opens the letter. She is classically American.he said he couldn't -. I'm sorry Walt. straightens it.I just couldn't stand it anymore. I know how you feel about this. but I had to ask Bob to find out what he could -. thirty-five year old American Beauty.

carpools just never work out. I can't take this much longer.WILLARD He looks out at the ominous jungled mountains. files through some others quickly and gets to a peculiar envelope stamped Top Secret with a stenciled date on it. It reads: Sell the house Sell the car Sell the kids Find someone else Forget it I'm never coming back Forget it -He folds up the letter. Jeff keeps asking where you are -. He wouldn't tell me what the fight was about. He opens the letter -. It is addressed to Kurtz' wife. I love you and I just can't stand it. He misses you very much. DISSOLVE TO : . 118 CLOSE SHOT . Jeff came home with a black eye on Tuesday but said he won anyway.I have to take the kids to school every morning now -.it is written in a scrawled savage hand to no one in particular. 117 CLOSE ON WILLARD He folds the letter up. Walt. It is also noted that this was the last correspondence to leave Nu Mung Ba.he has maps of Viet Nam in his room now.

WILLARD .RIVER OUTPOST .B.DIFFERENT ANGLE . SHOT . Various helicopters pads are SEEN.where''s your C. pulls in towards an American outpost that is being used as a forward medical evacuation center.R.P.WILLARD. pulls up. who's in command here? SOLDIER I don't know -. sir -got blown all to hell -WILLARD Well . . He stumbles off after his friend.don't have any idea -. Two soldiers pass.O. Several soldiers in raincoats come out the dock as the P. SHOT .RAIN The P. WILLARD Soldier -.? SOLDIER Stepped on a booby trap. but only one helicopter -.119 FULL SHOT .R.looks around the dreary muddy camp.B. SOLDIERS Willard looks into some empty tents -. 121 MED.R.the H-34 painted with Playboy rabbits that brought the girls to Hau Fat.B. 120 MED. soldier? The soldier he was talking to turns around smiling idiotically and making animal noises.I'm just the night man -He turns and walks off babbling incoherently -WILLARD What about you.

The other two. VOICE (O. The nearest one. Captain -He turns to see the Hollywood Agent under the flap of a large tent so that he won't get wet. didn't you? WILLARD Yeah -AGENT Where are you headed? WILLARD What's it matter? Get to the . 122 INT.MED.He looks around disgustedly VOICE (O. SHOT . On cots around astove sit the three playmates and the pilot. but is much dirtier. play cards with the helicopter pilot. CATHY.WILLARD.) (continuing) Over here.S. picks leeches out of her feet. Willard looks over the situation. AGENT They duck inside -.S. TERRI and LYNDA. He wears the same clothes as before.) (whispering) Captain -Willard turns around looking for where the voice came from. a blonde.it is dark and damp. AGENT You came in on that boat. TENT . He motions Willard into the tent.

AGENT Look -.she was playmate of -WILLARD Yeah. AGENT Oh -. I mean .uh Operation Brute Force -.they rudely took our helicopter for MedEvac work on this -. AGENT Look -.I see -.go ahead. this is Captain -.They just brought it back this morning.the girls could get killed -.we got in a little trouble -.point. girls.Well.We've been here two days.you know the girls -Thta's Terri -. WILLARD Dreadful. I caught your show at Hau Fat.eh -WILLARD Captain Willard -. AGENT Look -.we're not supposed to be this close combat. AGENT Well I mean like they also took our fuel -. They all look over. WILLARD Yeah.

real combat. Captain.if I could -Willard just stares at her -. TERRI Captain -He turns around.just a half drum -.just enough to get us out a here. WILLARD We need all our fuel. He turns and starts to leave.Captain -. think what these girls have done for the boys -think of how they've risked -Willard is almost out of the tent. WILLARD Well -AGENT We could use some fuel -. AGENT But. PILOT That's rich -TERRI Do us a favor -.I'd do one for you -. TERRI (continuing) It's really rough here -.we're just not built for it -The Pilot laughs.even though she's in jeans .

like I said.Terri goes back to the others. take your pick. Captain -.wait -.I can tell -WILLARD I like all of them -AGENT Good -. WILLARD I'm not that fond of blondes -maybe I like brunettes -AGENT Take your pick -. AGENT Look -.you know what she's saying -. buddy -. AGENT Wait -. AGENT Now just a second -.you'll never see stuff that good outside of a magazine for the rest of your life. WILLARD I said I like all of them.don't get up tight -.what I meant was we'd need a whole drum for that -- .and field jacket she is something to see -. WILLARD We need all our fuel anyway.The Agent takes Willard aside -.they all like you -.you know who that is.I'm doing you a favor.what're you trying to pull? Willard turns to leave again.

WILLARD Sit down -.my man -.absolutely not -- .this whole thing disgusts me.I take a good care of my men -The girls are trying to pretend they're not listening -the helicopter Pilot is cackling to himself.what kind of people do you think -WILLARD Esprit de corps -AGENT No -. AGENT What's there to talk about -. WILLARD My men -AGENT What ! WILLARD That's what there is to talk about -.motions the Agent to do likewise. AGENT You're out of your skull -WILLARD We have a lot of pride in our unit -AGENT How far do you think you can push -. Willard sits down on a metal chair -.we'll talk about it.

AGENT (continuing) Two whole drums -WILLARD We can use some fifty caliber and a 16 too -AGENT I don't know what you're talking about -.war has a way of bringing men together. WILLARD You make some of your closest friends in the army -.I assure you that -You got a fifty on that H-34 -- .Get fucked -WILLARD I will -. AGENT Two drums -Willard turns around slowly.WILLARD One for all -.nationalities -He gets up and starts out.all for one -AGENT You can keep your fucking fuel -Willard gets up. AGENT Get out -WILLARD Men of all races -.

Army No. Lance -.P.mark my words.S.you know what I mean -He leaves.R. cleaning an M-16. Captain. CHIEF Careful.put on something -. They are painted jungle brown and green camouflage with grey bottoms -. Clean sits in f.CREW They are all working on patching the boat and cleaning it up in general.get off my back.g. 123 FULL SHOT .I'll get my men to bring the first drum with 'em -He turns to go under the tent flap. CLEAN You keep this thing in this condition an' it's gonna jam. 15239 Willard walks through them down to the boat..B. Water B-1A U. WILLARD (continuing) Have the girls freshen up a bit -comb their hair -.leave the ammo in boxes -. Behins them on the beach stand several water buffaloes eating mud or whatever they do. LANCE Why don't you go pet the water buffaloes -.on their sides the words have been stenciled in black: 1 Each -Buffalo. they've been . . Mr.

WILLARD Chef -.she . WILLARD (continuing) I've arranged with those people we saw at Hau Fat to give us some 50 caliber in trade for a couple a drums of fuel -CHEF No shit. CHEF He has followed her into the tent awe-struck -. Captain -WILLARD You'll see soon enough -. WILLARD All right I got a little surprise for you -They all look up. SHOT . TENT .LYNDA.since you're such a fan of Miss December's I think you should be detailed with Lance and Clean to take the first drum up there.get going.known to charge. sailor -CHIEF No shit -.hot damn -124 INT. CHEF I don't believe you -CHIEF What're you trying to say.MED.

would you? LYNDA Come on -. he just stands there. get undressed and let's get it over with -CHEF I can't believe it -. his arms at his sides. TENT . CHEF I've got every one of your pictures -. even the calender -LYNDA Well.I'd a never even got to see you if it wasn't for this war -She lies down on the cot in only her panties.I just don't believe -CUT TO: 125 INT.LANCE.the Playmate of the Year run-off -.CLOSE SHOT .I've got the centerfold -. CHEF (continuing) You wouldn't mind -.I gotta get back to Saigon -CHEF Just let me look awhile -.uh kinda draping that jacket over you sort of the way you were in the calender.everything.the Playmate's review -. CATHY .casuallu starts unbuttoning her fatigue jacket and taking off her pants.cut this crap -.

starts to leave. Miss. cathy looks very pleased.They have just finished making love.I want you to know that me an' the men appreciate you coming all this way -.I'd like to thank you for what you an' all your friends have done for us -. .MED. CATHY (continuing) Who are you? CLEAN I'm next -She shrugs.living uncomfortably an' doing all you can to entertain us. TENT . SHOT . He gets up -. that for the past few minutes you have made me feel at home.she draws on his back.riskin' your lives -. He leaves -. DISSOLVE TO : 126 INT. I want you to know personally.WILLARD. She looks up at him -WILLARD Ma'am -.uh thanks -.Mr. CATHY Yeah. Clean walks in.she pulls herself up and starts combing her hair -. Lance finishes tying his boots -.pulls on his jacket -his gun belt and picks up his M-16.see you around. LANCE Well -. TERRI He finishes tying on his boots -.

R. Mortars and rockets arc through the night indiscriminately and rip through the nearby jungle. CREW watching.B. edges in under the span of the old bridge.g. he turns. THE P. The SHOE CLANGS off his helmet. The bridge is in a state of siege.She picks up a shoe to throw at him. The P.S. carrying materials for the bridge or tending to the wounded. CUT TO: 127 EXT.R. Everywhere are wrecked boats -. WILLARD (V. exits f. Light automatic WEAPON FIRE is HEARD occasionally.R. There is a bright fire burning uncontrolled in the distance. 128 VIEW ON THE FACES OF THE P.B. Soldiers run up through the water.O.) Two days and nights later. They are obscured in the darkness. the sparks and white light from welding on the bridge momentarily lights up the night. ma'am. soldiers in them.parts of trunks sticking out of the water -. the maimed and the dead. APPROACHING DO LUNG BRIDGE .FULL SHO TNIGHT The boat edges in toward the wrecked bridge in the distance. Soldiers are everywhere -scurrying from trenches. Along the banks are sandbagged fortificvations with U.B. WILLARD (continuing) Just wanted to say that. we approach the Do Lung Bridge.smashed helicopters on the banks. SOLDIER .

I'll pay -. SOLDIER Fuck you. LIEUTENANT Captain Willard? WILLARD That's me. WILLARD Why? LIEUTENANT Now I can get out a here -. maximum security markings..I gotta get out a here -. Willard takes it. LIEUTENANT Captain Willard -. WILLARD Who's your C.O. soldier? The Soldier ducks back and runs away. you'll get what's coming to you. CHIEF Get away from this boat.we got these from Nha Thrang two days ago -they expected you here then -He hands up a plastic bag. Other men approach the boat.I got money. A young LIEUTENANT steps forward.if . LIEUTENANT (continuing) You don't know how happy that makes me. sir.

S. sir.the generals don't like to admit that Bat Shan is surrounded.ha ! Nobody uses that road except Charlie. WILLARD We'll be needing some supplies and fuel -. Charlie will start throwing it in hard -WILLARD What is this bridge? LIEUTENANT It's of strategic importance for keeping the highway into Bat Shan open -.But the generals like to say the road is open -. They're gonna start working on the bridge with torches again. LIEUTENANT (continuing) This is the cesspool of hell. He points to the men getting ready to work.) Incoming.I can find a way out. He turns and splashes off into the darkness. .it and a lot of good men -. LIEUTENANT (continuing) Every night we build it and by 0800 they've blown it up -. SOLDIER (O.do you know anybody who can give me a hand? LIEUTENANT I'd just clear out as soon as I could if I were you.

CHIEF (yelling) All right -. 129 MED. LANCE They dash up the embankment and along the barbed wire on the edge of the road. SHOT .SHELLS WHISTLE OVER and CRASH into the bridge -.MEN SCREAM in the distance -. Willard nods and they scurry off the bank under the bridge. 130 CLOSE SHOT . They dive towards the voice.Lance. go with the Captain an' see what you can scrounge -Willard climbs out with Lance. a SOLDIER is crounched in f. CHIEF (continuing.WILLARD. SOLDIER You came right to it. son of a bitch -- .g.we don't really need much anyway. SHELLS SCREAM overhead.TRENCH They dive in. VOICE Straight ahead. holding his buddy who is crying uncontrollably. sir -. son of a bitch. they don't know where to run.the EXPLOSIONS are thunderous. to Willard) Better make it fast.

Willard and Lance edge up along the trench. One has a sniper rifle -.WILLARD Son of a bitch. VOICE Watch your feet.Beverly Hills -. Willard trips. buddy. They drop and crawl to the slit trench and run up to the emplacement. . WILLARD (continuing) Where's your chief supply officer? SOLDIER Beverly Hills -WILLARD What? SOLDIER Straight up the road -. sir.) Get your asses down. The Soldier doesn't respond. asshole -Willard looks down.a concrete bunker -.where else you think he'd be? WILLARD C'mon -There is an apparent lull and they dash out along the road.another tries to spot for the Gunner. Suddenly to their right an M-60 STARTS OPENING UP from a sandbagged emplacement. Several SOLDIERS man a M-60. SOLDIER (O.S.

VOICE (continuing) You stepped on my face. LANCE We thought you were dead. VOICE The whole world loves a smart ass. They move ahead more carefully. The Gunner BLASTS away into the night, there is a pile of brass cases about three feet high next to him. Finally he stops swearing to himself. WILLARD What're you shooting at, soldier? GUNNER Gooks. He turns and sees it's an officer. GUNNER (continuing) I'm sorry, sir. WILLARD It's all right, sergeant -- what's out there? GUNNER They were tryin' to cut through the wire -- I got 'em all I think. OTHER SOLDIER Oh yeah -- listen. There is a low moaning SCREAM from out in the wire -- it stops for aminute then continues hideously. GUNNER

He's trying to call his friends -send up a flare. The Spotter does, it arcs up, then bathes them in eerie light. The Gunner FIRES a long BURST. SPOTTER Those are all dead, stupid, he's obviously underneath 'em -They think about this as the flare goes out. The SCREAMING gets more intense. GUNNER Wake up the Roach. The Spotter moves down to where a tall lanky SOLDIER is leaned up against the trench. He kicks him hard several times. Roach wakes and just looks up. On his helmet are the words: "GOD BLESS DOW." ROACH Yeah, man. SPOTTER Slope in the wire -- hear him. He listens, he does, he nods. SPOTTER (continuing) Bust him. Roach gets up somewhat annoyed but very cool. He saunters up the machine gun dragging his M-79 which has paisley designs all over it. GUNNER Hear him? ROACH Sure , yeah.

GUNNER You need a flare -ROACH No, it's cool. He opens the breech of his shotgun-like weapon and plunks the big slug into it. He snaps it closed then rests it across his forearm over the trench -- he listens to the SCREAM, calculating. ROACH (continuing) He's close -- real close. He adjusts his sights so that the gun is aimed high into the air. He listens again then FIRES. The GRENADE WHISTLES off into the night. There is a sharp EXPLOSION that cuts off the scream. Then the THUD of bodies or pieces of bodies coming down around them. ROACH (continuing) Muhhh Fuhhh ... He staggers back down the trench to go to sleep. 131 FULL SHOT - P.B.R. - BRIDGE - CLEAN, CHEF They stand in the shallows waiting for Willard and Lance. Clean is nervous, he constantly checks his M-16. SHELLS WHISTLE by and CRASH in the distance. CHEF Geez, I wish they'd hurry. A SOLDIER comes up on his way with some others to start building the bridge. SOLDIER

SOLDIER Nobody comes in here.I wanted to tell 'em how much I enjoyed knowing 'em -. SOLDIER (continuing) It's to everyone I really knew -the first girl I screwed -.it's been a great twenty years. SOLDIER Send these out when you get back to the world. SOLDIER Do me a favor buddy. please. He points up at the mountain ridges. that boat still runs. buddy.my brother -. it still runs.best friend -. I gotta let 'em know.Hey. SOLDIER (continuing) . He puts them in Clean's hand. eh? CLEAN Yeah. CLEAN What're you askin' me for -.put 'em in the first helicopter comes in tomorrow. CLEAN What is it? He takes out a handful of crumpled envelopes.

snipers in those trees. Clean takes the letters.over there the 307th -. CLEAN We ain't goin' down the river. SOLDIER (continuing) I'm gonna be dead.on that hill we counted fourteen different guns in one minute -. it'd be spooky without the war . The Soldier looks at him as if he is joking. 312th -.The N.we're all gonna die. SOLDIER (continuing) You got a chance in that boat -by morning you could be five miles down the river. CLEAN (continuing) What's up river from here anyhow -The Soldier doesn't answer.they got rockets mortars. there's a million of those shitty little bastards out there -.V. CLEAN Charlie? SOLDIER No. just stares dumbfounded.A. He grabs Clean and looks at him with a maniacal urgency. SOLDIER Spooky.

give 'em back. Clean is in thef. .they all look back in the distance where the bridge was -. through this tropical downpour.R.RAIN The boat moves uneasily upriver.P.. SHOT . eh? WILLARD We found some bodies -.P.CREW . CHIEF Wow. Willard and Lance come back down the beach carrying some belts of ammunition and a couple of extra M-16's. They edge through the shallows as the men light up their welding torches to start work on the pontoon bridge -then pull away and accelerate fast. DISSOLVE TO : 134 EXT.O.. CREW The Chief is at the helm -. somewhat disappointed and disgusted.B.B.let's get out a here. FULL SHOT . He takes the letters and leaves.B.R.the rest of the crew are forward. you must a found the C.there is a fiery glow from the bridge area and the CONCUSSION of heavy EXPLOSIONS. 132 FULL SHOT .-.the hills flash with artillery discharges -. his M-11 and M-79 -.g. . Clean works methodically under an umbrella he was set up by leaning the surfboard against gun mount. Mr. 133 MED.THE P. taking shelter from the rain under the canvas canopy. oiling and cleaning his 50-cal.R.DIFFERENT ANGLE .

R. THE RUSHING RIVER . and looks down. Fucking plastic boat. and bounces off.B. helping. Clean joins him. Willard points his pole in the direction of the mouth . WILLARD (shouting to Chief) What about ducking into one of those tributaries till this river slows down? CHIEF Who knows what's up there? WILLARD Can't be any worse than this.trunk whacks the hull. CHIEF (to Willard) I can't see a fucking thing.R.NEW VIEW . What do you think? CHIEF I think this river wants to take us home fast. Willard climbs forward.RAIN The river is moving fast against them. all manner of debris. I'm practically goin' in reverse.135 EXT. CHIEF (continuing) We hit a big enough one this hull will shatter like a Corvette. sweeping by the P. warding off the big debris moving toward the P. There is a loud CRACKING SOUND.B. as one of the pieces of tree. tree trunks. Willard practically hangs off forward with a long pole.

R. navigates through the rush and into the mouth of the tributary.C. WILLARD Get in there now or I'll bury you in this river. throws the pole at the Chief. WILLARD Well.P. willard really mad.RAIN .R.We don't stand a chance. CHIEF This whole area is lousy with V. THE TRIBUTARY . and I'm the responsible party.B. DISSOLVE TO : 136 EXT. WILLARD Get in there ! CHIEF This is my crew and my fucking boat. Lemme turn around and we'll be in Hau Fat in six minutes. It's clear that Willard will kill the Chief if he doesn't do as he says. get in there. CHIEF (finally relents. turns the helm) You're fucking crazy.of a tributary. There is a really loud WHACK against the hull. who ducks. The P. . -.B. You're going to get us all killed.

is slowed down to a snail's pace by Hyacinths. literally across the waterway. knowing something is wrong.R. 139 VIEW ON CHEF cutting with all he's got. . WILLARD Keep cutting. He looks out -. and is staring into the jungle. cutting through them with machetes. Willard.B. 137 VIEW ON LANCE having climbed to the highest point of the cockpit. Chef and Clean in the water. They work feverishly. who has stopped cutting. 138 VIEW ON WILLARD cutting through. LANCE It breaks through in about twenty feet. but the P.Rain is pouring down. WILLARD What do you see? CHEF I don't know. he looks to Chef.the jungle at this point is very dark and high -.totally impenetrable.

CHEF I know it sounds stupid, but I feel like the goddamn jungle's watching us. WILLARD Probably is. CHEF Whatdoya think it thinks. WILLARD That we're dumber than we look. Chef stops again, looks hard, trying to penetrate the darkness and from the very depth of it -- the darkness of it, comes a stream of tracers, lazily arching out at them. It whips between them -- the SOUND FOLLOWING much later. Other BULLETS SMASH through and ricochet off the deck fittings. GLASS SHATTERS, and a huge hunk of paint is removed from the armor shield by a 20 mm cannon. CHIEF Lance -- 'bout twenty meters starboard. Lance leaps down to his position. Willard, Clean and Chef cut feverishly, as the trapped boat struggles to get free. CHEF There in the trees ! Everything is confusion -- yelling -- GUNFIRE -- the THUD of heavy BULLETS ripping inti the P.B.R.'s fibreglass hull. 140 VIEW ON LANCE Lance's twin guns return the FIRE. The Chief moves to one of the heavy guns and joins Lance in returning the FIRE.

141 VIEW ON THE MEN IN THE WATER pushing, cutting. Bullets SMASH and EXPLODE around. Clean climbs onto the boat, and leaps onto a gun emplacement. 142 MED. VIEW Nobody really knows where the erratic fire is coming from. CHIEF (back at the helm) Elevate Lance, in the tree. No, I saw another. CHEF Thirty meters up, Lance; I saw the fucking flash. Lance grits his teeth, FIRING -143 CLOSE SHOT ON CLEAN 144 POV BEHIND CLEAN He BLASTS short bursts of tracers into the jungle, cutting it to salad. Suddenly more tracers from another direction -- Clean swings around -- BULLETS smash against his shield and rip chunks from the surfboard. He BLASTS a long heavy burst at the jungle -- trees crumble. CLEAN I'm ripping 'em, man, son-of-abitch, it's jammed, oh God, it's jammed. Clean is riddled by MACHINE GUN FIRE.

Chief runs to Mr. Clean -- it is obvious that he is dead. He looks angrily to Willard. Willard and Chef are practically through. Willard leaps up, as Chef finishes the last strokes. He moves toward the cockpit. WILLARD Throw me that ordnance. Chef throws him an M-79 and several shells -- Willard opens it, jams a huge projectile and pulls himself over the edge of the cockpit. WILLARD (continuing) Give me some kind a field a fire -BULLETS rip by. CHEF (exhausted) We're through. He climbs aboard and collapses. CHEF (continuing) Oh, God -LANCE (FIRING) I ain't finished ! I ain't finished ! WILLARD Bring that bow ordnance into those trees. He jams his gun up as he sees a flash and FIRES -- there is a low POP and a WHISTLE as the GRENADE arches into the jungle.

just as the craft speeds up through the thinning growth.the boat surges ahead. Willard FIRES another GRENADE from his M-79. flat area in the river.R.TWILIGHT The boat moves ahead at half speed through a wide. 147 FULL SHOT ON THE P. They look like animals. exhausted. FIRING BACK at unseen enemy in the jungle. Lance smokes a joint and looks at his gun. moving through the river. There is another POP and WHISTLE . but they are relaxed. 149 MED. because they know they're too far from the banks to be shot at.pieces of deck are ripped and ragged around the mount. The boat slams through the hyacinth growth. VIEW The men sit around. A large tree falls. .145 POV. The boat is a floating wreck. Splotches of paint have been blown away from the armor shield -. They smoke pot and eat silently. 146 CLOSE SHOT ON THE CHIEF He jams the throttle forward -.BEHIND THEM He FIRES another burst as the GRENADE EXPLODES brightly. . brutalized. . wounded.B. another BLAST. We HEAR strange SCREAMING from the trees and jungle. hideous MOANS and terror-filled CRIES.R. DISSOLVE TO : 148 FULL VIEW ON THE P.B.

Chief pushes Clean's body into the river.sure is a mess down there. and the cracks -. Chef comes up from below. CHEF There's some bad holes.Clean's body is being prepared in a plastic sack by Chief. WILLARD And the grass? CHEF Still got a lot of that stuff from Nha Trang. Food's shot to hell. WILLARD How much is left? CHEF Less than half -. Chief has been silent by the body of Clean in a plastic sack. All of the men are silent.water's coming through the cracks. man. But we're running low on the other. 150 VIEW ON WILLARD He notices something in the distance. he has been wounded in the shoulder. 151 WILLARD'S POV A light. .

The figures pull back behind some drums.which seems to be on the dock of an overgrown plantation building.152 MED.THE TWILIGHT The P. 155 POV .B. WILLARD Hey. They all look over. 153 FULL SHOT . VIEW Willard stands up. . CHIEF straining to see. 154 VIEW ON WILLARD. it is. .R. CHIEF What the hell is it? WILLARD In the middle of the jungle -a goddamn light. WILLARD (continuing) That's a light down there -CHEF Yeah. approaches the distant light -. pointing up the river.THE P.R.THROUGH THE GLASSES Seems to be some figures standing on the dock.B. he uses field glasses.

guns trained on the dock as the boat still approaches.R. closer. try your French. trying to figure it out. CHEF (continuing) Nous ne voulon pas vous agresser. The crew crouches. WILLARD (continuing) They're not Cong. CHIEF (over the loud-hailer) We're Americans. CHEF Maybe you shouldn't say we're Americans? Willard stares at the dock and building.B.156 BACK TO SCENE WILLARD Watch it ! They duck as SHOTS RING OUT from the dock. Chief hands the loud-hailer to Chef. WILLARD Chef.'s bow. stitching the water across the P. . who shrugs and shouts: CHEF Nous sommes Americains -Silence. Another BURST.

they may not be too friendly.nous sommes des amis -There is silence as the boat drifts closer. 159 BACK TO SCENE We drift closer to the dock. Then: FRENCHMAN (shouting out) Vous parlez Francais comme une vache espanole. CHIEF What'd he say? CHEF Said I speak French like a Spanish cow. The Chef starts enjoying speaking French. though. CHEF Nous sommes Americains -.157 VIEW ON WILLARD He looks through the glasses. WILLARD (O.S. CHEF (to himself) I thought it was pretty good.) French Nationals -. 158 POV THROUGH THE GLASSES Gradually. . myself. a small group appears from behind the drums on the dock.

DOCK The men on the dock move forward. save for a scar down on the side of his face and through his left eye. dark-looking man of 35.stand away from the mounts. CHIEF I can't steer with my goddamn feet. Also of the red beret are HENRY LeFEVRE. GASTON De MARAIS. . FRENCHMAN (O.FRENCHMAN (O. 160 FULL SHOT .) Laisser tomber vos armes -CHEF Put the guns straight up -. about 25. WILLARD Do it. strong and handsome. As the boat pulls up to the dock. another Frenchman joins the group. small and delicate. a bearded. PHILIPPE Hands on the heads. They are a young man.S. and TRAN VAN KAC.S. which is covered by a patch. a middleaged half-breed slave. He is dressed in a tiger suit and the red beret of the French colonial paratroops. They all bear automatic weapons and suspicious in their eyes. They do.) Vous pouvez approcher mais doucement -CHEF Take her in slow. obviously the head man. with a strength about him. about fifty. PHILIPPE.DIFFERENT ANGLE . cautiously.

GASTON Entirely unnecessary.we can pay you in gold. we can pay you in gold. GASTON Fifty calibers.Kac grabs the rope from the deck and ties it to the dock. LANCE I'll help you with -PHILIPPE Do not move -Gaston looks at the skyward pointed twin fifties admiringly. Captain.I'm Captain B. This is Chief Warrant Officer Phillips -. Captain -WILLARD As I said. . We were shot up bad downriver and need repairs and food -. GASTON Who is the commanding officer? CHIEF I -WILLARD I am -.L.CHEF Hey. eh. Willard. they speak American. GASTON Philippe -Philippe moves to another position -.it's his boat.

the others do likewise -GASTON We share a common enemy -.He puts down his gun -. GASTON (continuing) My youngest son -. but severe -. And Henry LeFevre -. . A young man in a tiger suit and three women come forward from different positions -all wear bush clothing and bear weapons. GASTON Christian's wife -. (he steps back) I am Gaston de marais -. This is my son. It has been such for 121 years.Ann-Marie -A tall girl. My personal servant. It will be such after I die. Tran Van Kac --Then he motions to the trees.a sergeant.you are our guests.he has fought in Algeria and held the rank of Captain. goodlooking.she carries an M-16.Christian -161 CLOSE SHOT .this is my family's plantation.a belt of ammunition trailing off behind him.CHRISTIAN He carries an M-60 machine gun in his hand -. GASTON (continuing) And my youngest daughter -Claudine. Philippe -. he was at Dien Bien Phu.

exhausted and amazed. reaches back and picks up his M-16 by the stock. Willard steps off -. She carries an M-79 grenade launcher and plenty of ammunition. GASTON. to shower.R. . WILLARD We don't want to bother you any.then stops. we -GASTON A man of war is never bothered to aid an ally -. CHEF Shower.162 CLOSE ON CLAUDINE an attractive girl about eighteen. Philippe yells in Vietnamese -. OTHERS They stand there. Captain.B. We'll attend to your repairs after dinner. Willard's men look at one another.I assume you want to rest. (smiles) Now -. She wears a red paratrooper beret and a well-fitted bush suit. WILLARD American weapons? GASTON We took them from the dead. .about a dozen native men in tiger suits.CREW.you will follow me. heavily armed.P. 163 FULL VIEW . dazed. walk out of the trees from all around them. They look the Americans over warily and assemble at Philippe's command.

WILLARD. WILLARD Chief. points to a guest house off the main structure which is a typical jungle plantation house. (pause) Come with us. Captain -. of course. 164 FULL SHOT . be quartered with us -- . GASTON A suitable accomodation for your men.you will. captain -. sir -you understand. save the many sandbagged gun emplacements and barbed wire.PLANTATION . GASTON Of course. GASTON.WILLARD A habit of men of war.an unfortunate necessity. They look at each other a moment.well. CHIEF What about the boat? PHILIPPE My men will keep it for you -CHIEF Yeah -. OTHERS Gaston stops. The men are relieved. The Chief shrugs and follows. I'll stay with the boat. They pick up their weapons and follow.

eh.they walk over past the house and toward the jungle. Willard follows -. I've seen those in Normandy. Captain? Willard looks. The Chief is hesitant.He indicates that the men should follow Philippe. GASTON (continuing) It is very good -. muttering. this way. GASTON No. The bottom is filled with water and young French and Vietnamese children swim in it. Gaston strides up and looks down at the crater with pride.It is very good. I have never seen one like it in all Indochina. GASTON Captain. sit two men and a woman with machine guns. (pause) . This is much better. Yeah. 100 feet across and about thirty feet deep. GASTON (continuing) Magnificent. approaching a huge crater. I was in Paris when it arrived -. WILLARD Go ahead -Philippe leads them on. a two thousand pound bomb.there is no current -.do you know what might have caused -WILLARD Looks like a two thousand pound to me. On the opposite rim.

My country -- my country could never originate this. Magnificent. Gaston stands in serious admiration for this feat; Willard looks between him and this big hole in the ground in amezement. 165 INT. WORKMEN'S SHOWER - EVENING A foreman's shower from the old plantation days. The Chief steps out of it, refreshed, though still exhausted. Lance stands there, about to step in, absolutely filthy, caked with blood. His reaction is odd; rather than just stepping into the shower, he seems almost frightened, reluctant to step in. Chef is waiting behind him. CHEF A hot shower, hot damn. He pushes him forward into the water. The dirt and caked mud go swirling off his face and shoulders, and he relaxes as though he suddenly remenbers what a shower is. 166 EXT. THE DOCK - P.B.R. - EVENING battered and torn -- a few of Philippe's Vietnamese guard at the boat. 167 INT. WILLARD'S QUARTERS - EVENING A beautiful European room with tall ceilings. Still elegantly furnished, although old and decaying. Willard sits in a comfortable chair in the corner of the room, looking out over the carpet, the bed with its elegant spread; the wash basin; the bidet. His battle dress is black with muck, with bloodstaines and burns.

He rises from the chair and steps to a dresser above which is a large mirror. There is an album on the marble top of the dresser. He turns to a page at random. 168 VIEW ON WILLARD haggard, looking down at the album. WILLARD (V.O.) I wondered -- how long has this room been like this; how long has the furniture been standing in these places? 169 VIEW ON THE ALBUM Some old photographs of people standing around a car in the 20's in front of the plantation. Another picture shows a child playing by the rubber trees near the plantation. WILLARD (V.O.) Was it like this sixty years ago? Eighty years? But here, even eighty years is nothing. He turns the page, The plantation being built. Pictures of the framing, skeletal against the sky and jungle. 170 VIEW ON WILLARD fascinated WILLARD (V.O.) It was jungle, once; and it will be jungle, again...

171 VIEW ON THE ALBUM Onlu the very beginnings of the house; the first structures. Then another picture of the jungle site where it was to be built. 172 CLOSE VIEW ON WILLARD He looks up and sees his own face, reflected in the garish mirror. He barely recognizes himself. 173 MED. VIEW Willard looks at himself in the mirror, in this odd, outof-time room. 174 INT. DINING ROOM GROUP - TRACKING SHOT TRACK DOWN the long table, covered with delicious food. The P.B.R. crew sits with others of the De Marais group. The table is headed by St. LeFevre. Chef's face lights up as he regards the wonderful European-style food. CHEF This food is wonderful ! I can't believe the chef is a slope. (turning to Clean) Some more? Opposite the table, sitting next to the Chief, Lance reaches hungrily for bread and other food with his hands. CHEF (continuing) Hey -- Lance. LANCE

I hope you are feeling better. please.Huh? Oh. GASTON Roxanne. The men rise as a very attractive woman enters the room. and drawn to look at Roxanne. wouldya pass me the Rice-a-roni.. wouldya . and the ongoing conversation on the other. GASTON May I present Captain Willard? He is of a paratroop regiment. more elaborate table. WILLARD . and she moves to the chair next to him. You know the difference between a paratrooper and a regular soldier. He is forced to face toward Gaston. Our VIEW MOVES through the curtain and settles in a MEDIUM VIEW of the group. my dear? ROXANNE (smiling and taking Willard's hand) Yes. Um. And then he looks to his friends for approval.there's an uneasy silence. they come from the sky. Willard finally does as well. where the De Marais family is dining with Willard. Our VIEW REVEALS that behind a transparent silk curtain there is another. She sits -. ROXANNE Je vais bien maintenant. Willard is caught with this exotic woman on one side of him. don't you .

GASTON We will never 'evacuate'. as I was saying. WILLARD Of course. North Vietnamese regular forces -. points to an elaborately scripted wooden plaque with various tallies on it. too. .I guess the Americans do. Captain.15.I would like to know more about the . it has been so for a hundred and twenty-one years. we could have you evacuated from here. perhaps.. Of course.. Viet Cong -. I -. WILLARD The Vietnamese think it's theirs -. South Vietnamese -. uh. plaque.this is our home. Philippe turns around. mistakes.regular forces and otherwise.. (hard) This is only for this war. GASTON Attacks repulsed. Captain. GASTON Captain? WILLARD You'll get blown outta here some day.Once we make our repairs.54. they were. we could send word. there is something to say for that.28 -. Indochina is ours.6. Captain -. (pause) Americain -.

WILLARD What about an American named Kurtz? There is a pause. WILLARD I always thought the French came here to get the rubber. ROXANNE May I ask where the Captain is going in his little boat? WILLARD We were going upriver when we got caught in a storm. WILLARD Do you know that jungle? GASTON When I was a boy.followed by his wife. A place belongs to those who bring light to it. and leaves abruptely -. . GASTON Upriver? Why upriver? There is nothing there. PHILIPPE Excuse me. don't you agree.GASTON But we civilized it. to hunt. There are a few savages. I must attend to my men. but no man can live there. ma'am. He gets up. my father would take me there. no white man. only jungle.

WILLARD I'm sorry to hear that.we have lost much here -.I. Gaston -. . and takes Roxanne's hand. Willard turns. Gaston leaves.his wife and son. She walks out of the room. Gaston rises.GASTON We have never heard of him.bon nuit. Captain -. Willard and Roxanne are left alone. my husband. ROXANNE You must realize. WILLARD Good night. Roxanne -. Captain. ROXANNE The war will still be here tomorrow. ROXANNE (rising) Cognac? WILLARD I should be checking on the boat. The servants clear the table. GASTON (continuing) Bon nuit.

ROXANNE Do you miss your home. She reaches out to him. SITTING ROOM . pouring a brandy. ROXANNE . ROXANNE (continuing) What will you do after the war? WILLARD I just follow my footsteps. I went home. No. wasted some time. Captain? Have you someone there? WILLARD No. while Willard stands. trying to answer the little questions and staying away from the big ones. Not really.FULL SHOT .WILLARD AND ROXANNE Roxanne sits. ROXANNE Then you are like us. indicating that he sit. He follows. 175 INT. one at a time. everything I love is here. drove it a week. Then I re-upped for another tour. bought a Mustang Mach 1. I was discharged from the army four years ago.WILLARD (thinking) I guess so.

ROXANNE Did you know -.there are savages? WILLARD I know. .cannibals. A long pause. WILLARD What did you hear? ROXANNE That strange things. WILLARD What things? ROXANNE Gaston would never tell me. I mean -. WILLARD Yes. upriver -. terrible things have occured around this American. Captain. Kurtz. ROXANNE But Captain.. It was asubject not to be spoken of. Then she looks at the cognac she poured for him. ROXANNE Yes. (pause) I know you've heard of him.deeper in the jungle.What's a big question? WILLARD Kurtz.

Since my husband died. is under guard by a couple of Gaston's Vietnamese.B. which have been left partly open to let a breeze in. The P. thinking it romantic to talk about the river. you don't drink. VIEW . Captain? WILLARD The river is beautiful. we REALIZE that he is checking the boat. from the river. Willard moves to the French doors.WILLARD . 176 MED. there are so many things I must do alone.R.MED. ROXANNE (from the sitting room) Are you warm. 177 WILLARD'S POV. In fact. ROXANNE She. THE TERRACE .ROXANNE (continuing) What a pity. ROXANNE . He steps onto a terrace overlooking the river. She takes a sip. 176 EXT. VIEW ON WILLARD. comes up behind him.NIGHT A machine gun emplacement is situated on the terrace covering the front of house.

ROXANNE I have been lonely here. . ROXANNE . In the center of the room is a large canopied bed with mosquito netting hanging down over it. and turns down the sheets. He look around. 180 VIEW ON THE P. ROXANNE One eye steals another look at the P. and leads him back into the sitting room.B. and. It fascinates me.ON THE TERRACE His hands wander over her body as she clings to him. 182 INT. The windows also have netting and barbed wire -there is a . ROXANNE'S ROOM . Then she takes his hand. She moves her body close to his.two remain. She lays down on the bed and watches him. He stands there. in a moment. he is kissing her. getting ready for the long night.B. and up the stairs. 179 CLOSE ON WILLARD. She leads him into her room and closes the door.I spend hours watching that river from my bedroom window. Captain. He puts down his gun and strips off his shirt.30 calibre machine gun mount in the far one.R. 181 VIEW ON WILLARD. Two of the guards leave -.FULL VIEW It is dark.R. Then she slips out of her dress and stands there facing him. she goes over to the bed.

suddenly. THE DOCK .P. VIEW ON THE P. Silently. the first disappears into the thicket.R. 183 EXT.NIGHT We can VIEW into the room. with a grace that indicates he is a man who has done his . 187 NEW VIEW He lifts out several cases of supplies.B. 184 EXT.B. as Willard has silently slipped out of her bed. 185 CLOSE VIEW ON WILLARD in the thicket. . 186 MED.NIGHT Two Vietnamese guard the P. M-16 is leaning against the wall in his reach.R. The dark figure boards the boat silently. Without a sound. FADE OUT. and scales down the wall of the old building.B. he comes out to the terrace. we realize he has just killed the man with a knife. He disappears into the hold. working quickly. ROXANNE'S TERRACE . Willard stalks the second guard and makes quick work of him with his knife. he drags the body out of sight. -. and is a dark sinister figure kneeling in final preparations for going out in the night.He moves to her. feet first. slipping into the bed. He even enjoys it.R. disappearing into the darkness.

He starts to get up.seemingly stunned. ROXANNE I will fix you breakfast. He wakes suddenly -. . CUT TO.we HEAR SOMEONE moving around in the room. WILLARD I'm afraid I won't have time -I gotta -ROXANNE Whe you reach the boat you will find that half your fifty calibre stores -. ROXANNE You may think what you wish.WILLARD . but I like you very much. She notices he is awake and smiles. ROXANNE'S ROOM .PULL BACK TO REVEAL Roxanne combing her hair and buttoning up her blouse.CLOSE SHOT . He stops -.a case of grenades. She turns to go. WILLARD So that's it. a mortar and two M-16's and a case of clips are being transfered to us by your order. 188 INT.best work alone.MORNIN G He sleeps soundly alone in the bed . Captain. and at night.

DOCK . WILLARD That's right -. WILLARD Your daughter. She leaves.eh? . The Chief spits in the water disgustedly and starts the engines.WILLARD What if I say no. Captain -. WILLARD I guess this is whAt men of war do -.I did. CHIEF They taking half our ammo. OTHERS He walks down onto the dock. It happens from time to time. who are covering the Chief and crew with M-16's. Gaston's men are transferring ammunition boxes. I assume my daughter told you of our conditions. He pauses for a second.FULL SHOT .said it was your orders.WILLARD. Willard looks hard at Gaston. GASTON Two of my men deserted last night. Gaston is standing with Philippe. 189 EXT. ROXANNE Then Philippe will have to kill all of you.

captain -. CHIEF Next time we get in a good fire fight -. CHEF Holy shit.50 calibre. . . Willard climbs on board and it pulls away. 191 EXT. They stare at each other for a moment.B. CLEAN What did you put in all those ammo boxes? . The Chief looks over at Willard.clean the blood off our bayonets. all the while.B. P. it contains the contents of all those ammo boxes. SHOT . clips. Captain.you can blow up the house and we will live in the cellar -.R.MED.P.destroy that and we'll dig a hole in the jungle and sleep on it. we do but one thing -. (pause) Au revoir. Willard just smiles at the Chief.R.DOCK . he leans over and pulls up a floorboard -. 190 LONG SHOT . grenades.I'd like to know how she was. Burn the forest and we'll hide in the swamp.GASTON We endure. CHIEF The BOAT ROARS out across the river.WILLARD.the men stare in amezement. Captain.

. Willard looks out ahead and points. WILLARD (V.RIVER . They move ahead at half speed. just the tall trees and ferms. ready for anything. .P.R. The trees are higher in this area and much of the river is shaded on one side. He lets the board drop.DIFFERENT ANGLE . We PAN TO REVEAL a small village of huts along the bank. It was like wandering on a prehistoric planet. where the men thought they crawled to.B.the water dark and deep.O.those two men who deserted. 193 FULL SHOT . 192 FULL SHOT . Willard moves to the back of the boat. we crawled toward Kurtz -exclusively.VILLAGE . It was very quiet there. They all turn their guns in that direction.) We moved deeper and deeper into the jungle. an unknown world .. There is no undergrowth. alert. CREW The river has narrowed and runs swifter -. For me. I don't know. sand -. CHIEF When'd you do it? WILLARD While you were sleeping.WILLARD Rocks.

But . WILLARD (O. 196 FULL SHOT .) No -.the jungle is claiming it.R.S.might've been disease.BOAT .most of 'em are still standing -. The forest itself has grown darker and more twisted with ferns and creepers. Strange birds fly out of the trees as the boat passes -.it's just like the one this morning.194 POV.B. OF THE P.) Flood. The depth of the jungle is dark.yet cool and strangely inviting.S.a huge snake slips along an overheading limb. They pass in front of the village which is rundown and completely deserted. Creepers have already started to grow up around its heights -. CHIEF (O.there'd still be some sign -.JUNGLE The canopy of trees grows taller and stretches out across the river filtering the sun. oxidizing in the sun.S.JUNGLE Suddenly the river widens. CHEF (O. DISSOLVE TO : 195 POV BOAT . Pieces of aluminum hang loosely from it. ominous -.they are just skeletons of what they once were. the trees give way to marsh and as they emerge into the light a strange shadow falls upon the boat.) I don't know -. The huts are on stilts to avoid the flooding of the river -.FULL SHOT . It is the shadow cast by an enormous vertical tail section of a B-52 bomber thrusting out from the mud.

The boat drifts on its own toward a hole at the end of the clearing.RIVER . It is strangely quiet. .B. is pulled back about seventy yards -. The river widens and the trees at its edge are soft and seductive. A hole into the jungle from which a darkness permeats.the P. they have passed a gateway. A gateway to paradise. The smoke clears. . Each man in his heart feels a need to stay -.R. The boat follows the river into this hole. DISSOLVE TO : 197 FULL SHOT .All right. we SEE another post and skulls on the opposite bank. -.his soul cries to stop -. But no hand moves. Lance -Lance's TWIN FIFTIES split the silence as they POUR into the skulls on the opposite bank -. It is indeed the most peaceful valley in all the world and each man looks upon it and has never known such a sense of peace and wellbeing.DAWN The skull looms in the f. Here is all that can be had of earth.once under its shadow.P. The sun is warm and the breeze gentle and laced with wild gardenians. Strange orange colored water-fowl swim lazily out of their way.B. The hills beyond are purple and lush.R. The water itself is glass smooth and black as if there were no bottom.Early morning mist still hangs on the water -.stop their madness -.this spiral into hell.g.Suddenly there is a tremendous EXPLOSION and SECONDARY ONES from the jungle as shrapnel rips into the jungle and water from CLAYMORE MINES obviously set to cover the mound of skulls. CHIEF -.as it clears.

FOG .the Chief accelerates -.B.leave it -CHIEF Why -. 198 EXT. the trees. we judged ourselves about eight miles from Kurtz' base. as the boat moves into an obscure fog. WILLARD Whoever put'em there didn't do it to kill people -. and they coast. Mist swells in and around the river. pushed deeper into this mysterious area. WILLARD (V. The Chief cuts the engine.They put 'em up as signs -CHIEF Signs? WILLARD Yeah -.LANCE The other one -WILLARD No -.O. . THE RIVER .Charlie put it there to kill -WILLARD Thta's not Charlie's work -There is silence.) Toward the night of the fifth day out of Do Lung Bridge.like keep out -Willard motions -.they move ahead past the smoking mound.R. Everything was still.DAY The P.

The GROANING. even though we are close. CLOSE ON WILLARD We catch glimpses of him. It was unnatural. CHIEF What is it? WILLARD Listen. WILLARD Listen. of HUNDREDS OF MEN. 199 MED. The boat disappears in the thick fog. CHIEF They're on the banks of the river. I began to think I was deaf -.. OR WAILING . he swings the twin fifties around.the creepers. We can HEAR the most ominous SOUND COMING FROM THE BANKS.then the fog came suddenly. and I was blind too. Not a sound could be heard. They are silent. even the brush seemed like it had been changed into some kind of stone. like a trance. LANCE Jesus ! . 200 VIEW ON LANCE Frantically.

We can't move either -we'll end up on the shore. WILLARD (continuing) It doesn't sound hostile -it sounds like they've seen us coming and it sounds like -I don't know. The SOUND IS TERRIBLE. Not while you can't see. Lance. CHIEF No.. LANCE Sounds like hundreds of them.. 202 VIEW ON WILLARD listening. The CHORUS OF GROANS in unbearable. WILLARD Shhhhhh... CHIEF Will they attack? WILLARD If they have boats . or a war chant. but rather the SOUND OF HUMAN ANGUISH. But it is not ahostile cahnt..201 VIEW ON CHIEF We can barely SEE him -. CHEF God. HORRIFYING. they'd get lost in the fog.. I don't understand. .in and out of the fog. a funeral. or canoes.

CHIEF Looks pretty shallow. CHIEF Which way? Right or left? WILLARD Who knows? Right.B. DISSOLVE TO : 204 MED.R.B.) Two hours after the fog lifted. almost in tears. Chief keeps his fingers on an M-16. 205 VIEW ON WILLARD The men are really tense now -. The Navy craft proceeds cautiously. We approached a long sand-bank stretching down the middle of the river.R.R. The P. MOVING THROUGH the thinning mist.O.THE P. Chef takes a long pole and begins sounding depth. fog moving. moves toard the right-most channel. We then SEE glimpses. of all the men on the P.Lances swivels his gun from bank to bank. we moved slowly to a spot we thought was roughly a mile and a half below Kurtz's camp. Willard takes out the TOP SECRET packet he received at Do Lung.203 VIEW ON LANCE A glimpse of him. . WILLARD (V.B. VIEW .

B.Tears it open. Target key personnel and commence operation. Should difficulty arise from which extraction is impossible. break radio silence Com-Sec Command code Strong Arm -indicate purgative air strike -code -. (pause) Purgative air strike ! Purgative ! They'd kill me too ! Suddenly Chef lays out flat on the bow.B. CHIEF Shit ! Fucking arrows ! They're shooting fucking arrows at us. We MOVE IN ON him. Hundreds and hundreds of slender sticks fly onto the P. glaring eyes entangled in the dense jungle gloom. arms. 208 VIEW ON THE P.R. WILLARD (reading) Upon reaching objective.naked limbs. .R. crazily zig-zagging up the river in the midst of the childish assault. rattling against the boat. 207 WILLARD'S POV Frags of men -. 206 CLOSE ON WILLARD looking toward the banks. And hundreds of pathetic wooden arrows flying out toward them. breasts.Street Gang.

stay at the helm. The men open up everything they've got. 210 VIEW ON CHIEF laying at Willard's feet -. 209 VIEW ON THE P. and falls to Willard's feet. a primitive spear having caught him right through the ribs. But Chief seems out of control -. Willard looks down in horror. CHIEF A spear? He dies.he lets the clip of his M-16 go. Stop it ! Slowly he pulls his boots from under Chief.B. They're just fucking sticks ! Chief.. 211 MED.R. Lance is FIRING the two fifties wildly. about to say something. They are . Then slowly lets the rifle fall out of his hands. WILLARD Keep going. He looks up at Willard. VIEW ON THE P.the long spear through him.R.WILLARD Steer her right. The men are still crazily FIRING into the empty jungle long after those who attacked beat their retreat. WILLARD Stop it. bleeding onto Willard's boots. keep going. arrows hitting the deck.B.

WILLARD (V. Somehow. OUR VIEW MOVES SLOWLY TOWARD Willard. by a grenade rolled into his tent -.. WILLARD (V.a gifted officer. a great man. He is stunned -. 212 EXT. disappeared. LANCE Chief's dead. Willard unlaces the other boot.. he was the only light in this hopeless.NIGHT The people at Charlie's cocktail party on the boat.. hopeless darkness.) (continuing) Somehow.O. Some flashbulbs are going off. in the middle of this . carnival. and all I could think of was whether Kurtz was dead too. Some people are dancing to the MUSIC. THE BOAT AT MARINA DEL REY . That's all I wanted: to see Kurtz. Christ. He starts to wipe the blood off the boot.absolutely soaked in blood. Kurtz had grown into something -..O. on .or by some spear on the head. Two of my men dead. I felt like howling like those animals in the fog.) It was the strangest thing -I don't know that I can explain it. and holds the bloody boot in his hand. And now I was too late -he was probably gone. to hear Kurtz.sits down and begins to unlace the bloody boots. and take them off.

parts of birds and animals. the police station around the other. moving up the river.O. The men are practically in a trance now. They don't even make an effort to touch their weapons. 215 VIEW ON THE P.) Here they are in Los Angeles. DAY The P. DISSOLVE TO : 213 EXT.R. . cod-pieces -. looking at the banks of the river. Kurtz was alive and he was waiting for me.B. men and boys. white and blue. standing passively watching the small Navy craft flying the strange flag of red. THE RIVER .R. 214 WHAT THEY SEE Hundreds and hundreds of Montagnard natives -.B. The men of the crew are not the same men who began this voyage. Their manner is lifeless as though in a trance.all in body and face paint of the most savage nature. There's a supermarket around the corner. It would seem ridiculous to them that I was shot to hell because I had lost the privilege of listening to the mysterious Colonel Kurtz.dressed in the most ornate and primitive manner: feathers. WILLARD (V. He was waiting for me. But there is a purity about them.B.R.P.the edge of the party. (pause) Of course I was wrong. Everything is safe.

The natives standing across the river make no hostile gestures as they approach. some animal teeth. The men on the crew stand in a group. absolutely silently. 218 FULL VIEW ON THE RIVER Hundreds of Montagnards who had been lining the river now run. keeping pace with the P. He senses that they would be allowed to pass. the palms of some jungle vegetation protecting his head. His intuition was right. They accept the small boat moving toward them with a sort of inevitability. They start to move to their gun positions. WILLARD Just stand here with me where they can see us. standing on canoes across the river. in almost a ritual of birth. MOVING SLOWLY TOWARD the fantastic human wall of feathers and war paint.R. trinkets.B.which slowly and automatically gives away. 217 VIEW ON WILLARD Mus on his face (to protect it from the sun). he looks something like atribal chieftan himself. Lance's face has been painted with mud under the eyes to block the glare of the sun. allowing the little boat to penetrate. Their uniforms have been torn and patched throughout the difficult journey. There is no hostility in these . approaches the wall of feathers -.B.R. The boat moves closer. He wears certain animal skins. their hands visibly without weapons. Do nothing.The various decorations and paraphenelia that they have picked up along the way seem oddly relevant to the savages that stand before them. undulating. along the banks. The Chef has made a hat of birdfeathers. 216 VIEW FROM BEHIND THE P.

and an Australian bush hat. 221 VIEW ON WILLARD He picks up his field glasses and looks through. He looks something like a multi-colored harlequin waving frantically to the P. cracked pyramids and rows and rows of Escher-like sandbags arranged in an endless maze around the fortress. The POV OF THE GLASSES MOVE OFF of him.its lettering strict and military: FOURTH SPECIAL FORCES MISSION F-82 NU MUNG BA The GLASSES POV MOVES REVEALING another sign written in a wild psychedelic hand.R. THE CREW They look up toward the bank. barbed wire. only curiosity and a sort of grief. built around the ruins of a former Cambodian civilization. feathers. 219 VIEW ON WILLARD. Stone walls. a fortified encampment.faces. 220 THEIR POV The temple at NU MUNG BA. 222 WILLARD'S POV . a black man dressed in a tatter of colored fabrics. OUR MOTTO: APOCALYPSE NOW ! The POV OF THE GLASSES MOVE once again and come upon an astonished sight. .THROUGH GLASSES A sign entangled in the barbed wire -.B.

He shrugs and they do as this man says. I know. The odd Australian stands waving his hat. Other piles of bodies lie about. This way. Fire literally burns from out of the ground. Willard look at Chef who is at the helm. it's all right.R. moves towards the water's edge where there is a dock covered with concertina wire. AUSTRALIAN (shouting back) I know. Near the dock there is a tangled clump of corpses -.half submerged in the water. WILLARD We've been attacked. The P. A thick greasy smoke hangs from fires that burn near the fort. 225 VIEW ON THE P.R. 224 THE GLASSES POV Once again the young black man is now waving his Australian hat. guiding them safely in.223 VIEW ON WILLARD not believing what he's just seen. It's mined over there. fresh shell craters indicate a recent battle. It's all right.B. Willard shouts out to the starnge greeter. CHEF Charlie? . Come in this way. Chef nods at the bodies. some of them on fire.B.

they're simple enough people. Got any Winstons? WILLARD Moonby what? AUSTRALIAN Moonby. Task Force. baby. deserted. Royal Australian Regiment. WILLARD (continuing) Who the hell are you? AUSTRALIAN Moonby. . The boat pulls up. indicating the hundreds of natives) What is this? MOONBY Oh.WILLARD Looks that way. The Australian harlequin hops on board. WILLARD (incredulously. CHEF (looking at the Australian) Who's he? WILLARD God knows. Ex-Corporal Moonby. Nobody has any Winstons? Chef automatically offers Moonby a Winston. the crew regards him with their dark faces splattered with mud and blood. 4th battalion. It's good to see you.

I tell you. then smiles) You listen to him. MOONBY Oh. WILLARD Where's Kurtz? I want to talk to him.MOONBY This boat's a mess. MOONBY Kurtz. (he puffs. you don't talk to Colonel Kurtz. God. WILLARD (almost to himself) So Kurtz is alive. that man has enlarged my mind. actually. you know. He opens his arms wide. They don't want him to go. to indicate the breadth of his mind's expansion. WILLARD Why did they attack us? MOONBY Simple. . these are good. I'm California dreamin'. It wasn't easy. WILLARD You're Australian? MOONBY Pre-Australian. But I'd dig goin' to California. I kept these people off you.

'I'm going to shoot you just the same. Everything.. I forgot there's such a thing as sleep. no.I make Koolaid that makes purple Owsley come on like piss. He wanted to shoot me. I deserted from my army. too. About everything ! Everything..Opium -. He said. I hid it in the jungle.MOONBY (continuing) But lemme tell you.uncut Heroin. The first thing he said is. the Gold of the Golden Triangle. I said to myself. he is the most dangerous thing in every way that I've come on so far. Cosmic love.I listen he talks. why didn't he shoot me? He didn't shoot me. Of love.cocaine -. CHEF Love? MOONBY Oh. 'I'm going to shoot you because you are a deserter. not what you think.' WILLARD Why didn't he shoot you? MOONBY I've asked myself that question. He made me see . and Acid -. Now I'm Kurtz' own Disciple -.' I said I didn't desert from your army. because I had a stash like you wouldn't believe.Hashish -. the wealth of the Orient: Marijuana -.

. yes. 226 WILLARD'S POV . Colonel Kurtz couldn't be crazy -. The whole time Moonby is chattering on. you'd never think he was crazy. WILLARD (to his men) We're going ashore. Willard has picked up his field glasses and scans the fortress. 227 BACK TO SCENE WILLARD Sounds like he's gone crazy. Well. LANCE What? WILLARD .. Tie her up -. Now he settles on the entrance in the temple.THROUGH THE FIELD GLASSES Men in small groups. the rebels.and leave your guns up. There are stakes in front. you know. MOONBY No. huddled over food. WILLARD Is that where he is? By the shrunken heads. MOONBY Those heads. just last week. and on top of them are horrible shrunken heads. Lance.if you heard him talk.things.things -.

with the remnants of Army insignia on them. Moonby nods and shrugs. He carries an AK-47 . matted with mud and grease. strange camouflage patterns. but far more savage looking than any we've seen before. MOONBY Right on -. The paint on their bodies is. Willard and his men look up at people more primitive and more savage than any since the time of Captain Cook. wears a flak jacket.B.R. They encounter. His face is darkened from dirt. (looking at Moonby) Take us to him. His hair and beard are long. Russian AK-47's and a wide variety of knives and clubs. he is tall. save a loincloth.he's been waiting for -WILLARD And shut up. Women emerge from the brush as well.WILLARD. willard and the men follow. Interspersed among them are a few taller men with paler skins. They carry Army M-16's. We CONTINUE TO MOVE ACROSS the entire group up to the stone gates of the fort. battle smoke. gaunt. 228 MOVING VIEW . what once appears to have been an American. that's all. and hops off the P. men appear where a moment before there was only jungle.Bring your rifles. where thirty or so more are seen silhouetted against the sky. MOONBY AND THE CREW As they proceed closer to the fortress-temple. if anything more bizarre. They wear only loinclothes and bandoliers of ammunition. in the center of the group. they are armed and equally primitive looking. but is otherwise naked. their bodies are painted in strange patterns. They are mostly Montagnards.

decorated with scalps and human ears. He is dumbstrucked at seeing them.. The MAN tries to speak. Willard is the man in the middle -. MAN Colby. officer. Tet -. WILLARD What happened here? COLBY What -. . WILLARD I'm not ever goin' to tell you to shut up again.assault. who seems shy and retiring... Willard approaches this beast. A-Team. but nothing comes out. F-82 -.he doesn't know what to say to this man. but he understands the forces that pounded him.Col.. They're coming again tonight. Exec. commanding. WILLARD Who are you? MOONBY (breaking in) His name is. Walter Kurtz.their big -. Moonby shuts up.happened here. WILLARD Charlie? COLBY NVA regulars. Special Forces. as they are to see him. He takes his arm.

It was all Colonel Kurtz -. WILLARD Take me to him. frightened. agitated. and he and Colby would be identical. He should be made a General. he turns. He turns. Major. COLBY Take us back. no. WILLARD I'm taking you back. Moonby slaps himself in the head with his hand. 230 REVERSE ON WILLARD Six months later. Take us back ! But.the team. to Willard: COLBY I had nothing to do with these operations -. Without looking Willard knows that Kurtz is standing behind him. Suddenly. don't say that. not understanding.none of us did..I did not do the planning -. he stops.. MOONBY Oh. Colby starts. You'll see -the genius of our Colonel.the team. seeing the shrunken heads on poles.he was the genius. don't you think? A General? It's. and then.229 REVERSE ON COLBY looks at Willard. . the operation -. Colonel Kurtz has such plans for -.

His midsection is bandaged from what seems to be a serious wound. WILLARD (he salutes) Captain B. He is feverish. (pause. and simply: KURTZ At ease. no chair or anything like a chair.S. Then he returns the salute. as well as his U. His eyes almost hypnotize. He slowly attempts to pull the remnants of his uniform together. Willard reporting his presence. WILLARD Colonel Kurtz. with long blonde hair and beautiful features. though obviously very ill. He is quiet.A. . I guess. and now combined with primitive ornaments designating him a tribal chief.. 233 VIEW ON KURTZ looking at him a long time. 232 VIEW ON WILLARD This is not what he expected. he comes to an attention..Kurtz has stepped out from his headquarters: He is a powerful man. of course. and then. sir.L. as he regards him) Sit down. automatically. 234 MED. VIEW There is. though it is ripped and bloodied. Colonel's insignia. KURTZ I'm Kurtz.

my province. the joint is passed from man to man. KURTZ You were not coming here. ritualistically. Then Kurtz does. Willard sits as well.. So simple.no. Finally. Colonel? KURTZ (gently) . (pause) You are the final justice. and passes it respectfully to Kurtz -. I always thought the final justice would come from the sky. KURTZ You came up my river -. to see me? WILLARD (finding it more and more difficult to go on with this lie) No -. KURTZ (slowly) Why did you come to . WILLARD We were attacked -. We need supplies and medical help. cross-legged. Moonby lights a joint. Kurtz's men begin to sit on the ground. like we did. sir..throughout the scene. aren't you? WILLARD What do you mean.in that small boat.But behind and around him.down river.

I can tell from the way the laces on your boots are tied. Paratrooper. Exciting work. Graduate of the Recondo School. A year's pay for one life. Simple. Am I right about these things? WILLARD You know you're right. I understand you. . We understand each other. Ranger. Then Willard reaches to his holstered . incredible intelligence about this man. There is a clear. as an act assuring Kurtz that he is not an assasin. or a tax collector. KURTZ Then the Agency approached you.withdraws it. Nobody's orders but your own. 236 CLOSE ON KURTZ He smiles. KURTZ You've spent tome at the Royal Tracking School of Malaysia. Perhaps a village elder.45 -. 235 CLOSE ON WILLARD He remains silent. and places it on the dirt before Kurtz. Maybe in a bar in Quinon or Pleiku. as the two men regard each other.What other reason could you have come? A Captain. Captain. There is a long pause.

Montagnard families -.FULL VIEW . a little distance away. Moonby scampers off after him.45 back on the dirt. crouches down. CHEF Captain -. There's gonna be a big offense any time. CHEF Holy shit.his M-16 leans by a wall next to him. He is exhausted. shoots and kills a man. a respectful distance behind.it is like a primitive civilization. Rises.TWILIGHT Dotted with campfires. 237 EXT. Chef approaches. KURTZ'S OUTPOST . 238 VIEW BY THE TEMPLE WALL Willard is alone by a campfire -.45 -. Kurtz reaches down. Lance sleeps by the fire.Cong and NVA regulars. and walks back into the cavernous headquarters behind the shrunken heads.they've been probed all this week -. takes the . .WILLARD Do you know me? KURTZ Yes. KURTZ (continuing) Do you know me ? He throws the .and without another word or gesture. Even Willard is stunned.

WILLARD Sure. confused and frightened.WILLARD I know. LANCE . KURTZ Yeah.WILLARD. 239 FULL SHOT . I'm supposed to kill him.. CHEF . He's fuckin nuts -WILLARD Yeah.. I feel the recoil of my rifle. Lance stirs. don't you feel something. just like he said. I can see that. CHEF When you kill Cong.WALL . Willard rises. starts to wake up. CHEF He killed that guy without feeling anything. CHEF What are we doing here? WILLARD Kurtz. Chef looks at him. (thinking) Recoil. WILLARD Not a thing.

. A child is chewing on a big piece of almost raw meat.. and then runs off to her bunker. Several Montagnard children giggle at their feet and play with bayonets.62 mini-gun that was mounted there sticks up above the sandbags.triple overlapping fields of fire -.adorn every sandbagged bunker -. It has been altered and fortified with sandbags and concertina wire. barely recognizible because of their beards and savage manner. men. WILLARD This is good -.that I never told anyone about.dried scalps hang from barbed wire. huddled by their fires. Skulls. bowing. The wreck lays on its side so that a 7. They continue past amount where the shattered wreck of half a helicopter is laying. A woman tentatively moves to Willard.. sit near the gun.walls so thick ordinary artillery just cleans the moss off their surfaces. and seem to bow to Willard as he passes. Wild looking savages man these guns. women and children.sandbagged and dug out every so often for an M-60 or a mortar emplacement. WE ARE TRACKING with them as they move past the groups of people. shrunken and otherwise hang from every hut -. when I was alone in the jungle -. Some Americans. The emplacement is built on amound so the gun commands a clear field of fire into the jungle beyond. WILLARD (continuing) I've done things.Willard walks along the top of a thick wall -.

I mean. this don't look good for America ! WILLARD (lost in his thoughts) . CHEF I don't get it -.. CHEF You got to kill this sonuvabitch -.. waiting. he's an amazing officer.. Chef and Lance with him.CHEF This is evil -.evil.Jesus. an' get our asses outta here.You said your mission was to kill him.Willard approaches the stakes with the shrunken heads. 240 INT. He thinks. sucking a joint. WILLARD Yeah. . we don''t understand none of this -. Captain -. This Kurtz is ruining the war.Lance and the Chef crouch outside. WILLARD Yeah. Captain. Lance just stands there. I know.I don't wanna die here -. We're all gonna die here. Let's do it. KURTZ HEADQUARTERS .Do it quick.Lance and me. his eyes vacant. Willard steps in -. I know.NIGHT VIEW FROM INSIDE -. He sort of nods.

things ranging fromm "Viet Nam. We SEE what is left of the maps and other military charts -. moves to Willard. and graffiti on the stone walls. KURTZ (continuing) You. suddenly) I said get the fuck out ! (to himself) I'm going to kill the little weirdo myself tomorrow. Kurtz looks to Moonby. There is a large wooden planning table next to him. Now all those things are no longer important. Willard steps in closer. Get out. slumped back in a wicker chair. with maps. Moonby hesitates -. love it or leave it" to quotes of Nietzsche "Nothing is true -. MOONBY He's asleep -.everything is permitted. but have now fallen into decayed disuse.not wanting to leave him alone with Willard. There are other indications of the modern headquarters this had been.241 WILLARD'S VIEW An austere stone savern in the temple: Kurtz's headquarters. There are native decorations to ward off evil spirits. KURTZ I'm awake. Electric lights hanging in odd contrast to the ancient stone." Moonby.don't bother him. lamps and apile of debris that is practically garbage. . KURTZ (continuing.they had been tacked up on big boards. Kurtz sits alone. who had been crouching in a corner.

I like it. and for nothing. WILLARD You're gonna get hit tonight.. grinning. KURTZ (continuing) Do you? WILLARD Yeah.a whole regiment of NVA regulars. noble.. Because they fight with their guts. He knows how to use a hypodermic. But they are noble little gook-pricks.. We'll have ourselves a helluva airstrike tonight.(he shows some pain when moving his midsection) He's only stayed alive this long because he's a good orderly and medic.. a lightshow. We fight with ingenious machines and fire. He rests back. But I'll call in a major blotto airstrike tonight. KURTZ I love it. . bad -. like animals. KURTZ That's right. How do you like The Doors': 'C'mon Baby Light My Fire. like Gods. And for an idea ! That's rich.' Willard shrugs. the little gookpricks.

. CHEF (muttering) Kill him -. morphine. THE HEADQUARTERS . Christ. He literally falls from his chair onto the dirt floor. Suddenly Kurtz is seized with a terrible pain from his stomach wound.NIGHT Lance is crouching by the stone entrance -. KURTZ (in pain) Oh shit -.KURTZ AND WILLA RD NIGHT Willard examining the wound.MED.on the table. (calmly) But my soul has gone mad. why don't you kill him 243 INT. THE HEADQUARTERS .come on. KURTZ (continuing) My gut -. 242 EXT. KURTZ (angrily) No. clutching at it. checking the seriousness of the wound.Oh. My thinking is clear. my gut ! Willard leans over him. VIEW .Chef leans in.WILLARD You've gone crazy. He groans horribly. witnessing the proceedings inside.

holds up his hand. He takes out a morphine capsule. WILLARD You can't have water after morphine. truly frightened. I want to think. WILLARD (still holding the second morphine) How's the pain? KURTZ How's yours? WILLARD I can handle it. . opens the medical packet.Willard moves to the table. Willard quickly prepares another shot. leans over the writhing Kurtz and injects him with the drug.I don't want to sleep. looking up in pain) You see how stupid it would have been to blow out my brains? I'm dying from the gut anyway. KURTZ Still playing by the rules. KURTZ (continuing) No -. Water. Kurtz. KURTZ (continuing. Give me water. (almost affectionately) You're a damn good kiler.

Asshole ! Schmuck ! How long does it take you to figure out that nobody knows what they're doing here. The drug is beginning to take effect. . (he looks) Your mission makes about as much sense as those idiots who sent you on it. the nobility of a man is judged by how much Truth he can handle. WILLARD No water. And do you know why? (looks at him) Yes.but nobility. you know why. KURTZ (continuing) Gimme water. KURTZ You know what you're doing? You are interfering with my plans ! He crawls in pain toward the canteen Willard watches him impassively. He rests back. ans so far you haven't done it. WILLARD What Truth? KURTZ The truth that you were sent here to murder me.KURTZ Pain is easy to handle -. (coldly) Except me..

NIGHT We can SEE into the headquarters: Kurtz offers the canteen to Willard. KURTZ (continuing) Drink it -. water spilling all over. Lance stands up holding his M-16. Total war -.war like you've never known it. CHEF Lance -.MED. Chef is terrified -. 245 INT.You've gotta dig napalm on Speed. holding the morphine needle in his hand. Think of it. It's beautiful -.KURTZ (continuing) This water's got Moonby's acid in it -He drinks sloppily from the canteen. HEADQUARTERS .the fucker's not gonna do it. KURTZ Goddamn -. Trust me.drink it for tonight. VIEW .NIGHT Willard stands there. looks into the cavern with Chef. A whole regiment of those shitty little Cong -War. .Lance is stoned out. THE HEADQUARTERS . you'll see. 244 EXT.LANCE AND CHEF .you'll love it. too. Then he throws the canteen to Willard. It's spectacular.

WILLARD Stinks. WILLARD How did we get here? KURTZ Because of all the things we do. WILLARD I think think a lie stinks. . that is so true.KURTZ Look into the jungle. the thing we do best -. Willard shoots himself in the arm with the morphine.and not let them write the word 'fuck' on their airplanes. KURTZ Oh Captain.you have to be a cannibal.is lie. KURTZ (angrily) You could never figure it because it doesn't make sense. You can't -it's too terrible. You have to smear yourself with warpaint to look at it -. Willard drinks more of the LSD water. (whispered) That's why warpaint was invented. Then it becomes your jungle. I could never figure -(he drinks from the canteen) I could never figure how they can teach boys how to bomb villages with napalm -.

WILLARD We'll exterminate the fuckers ! Chef steps into the Headquarters -.WILLARD Fuck no. CHEF Captain -. we made it happen. LANCE .for years. Willard GUNS him -. KURTZ I'll tell you what makes sense ! Air strikes ! White Phosphorus ! Napalm ! We'll bomb the shit out of them if they don't do what we want. programmed killer.then there is additional automatic FIRE.kill him. 246 VIEW ON LANCE He has let loose with his M-16 at Chef. like some sort of mindless. Chef is being riddled by bullets. He draws his bayonet.he is terrified. And goddamn. savages with pathetic painted faces were scared shitless that fire would rain down from the sky.instinctively. millions of years. KURTZ Think of it -. God bless Dow ! CHEF Kill him ! Chef rushes at Kurtz with his bayonet -.

there is an instant of silence. injecting speed. . as illuminating flares light up the blackness. as in a psychedelic hallucination. then: 247 EXT.. One looks up to the sky. Another behind him is chanting the word NAPALM softly t himself.NIGHT The DOORS begin LIGHT MY FIRE . loud and overwhelming. poised to attack. OF THE TEMPLE AT NU MUNG BA ..Chef falls to the dirt -. Bayonets are fixed. smoking hashish in water pipes. sniffing cocaine. 248 MED. 250 EIS VIEW A rocket illuminates the sky. eating grass. LIGHT MY FIRE is blasted out to the enemy. 249 ANOTHER LOUDSPEAKER Cannibal-painted men in savage decorations wait. Men are stoned to acid.(FIRING) Hot damn ! Then hes tops -. CLOSE VIEW of enormous loudspeakers protected behind spirals of razor-sharp concertina wire. 251 VIEW ON THE SOLDIER SOLDIER Wow. strobing.

red and green. 254 CLOSE SHOT . EXPLOSIONS around the fort. 253 FULL VIEW . . 257 SHOT ON LOUDSPEAKERS blasting out music. He looks like a magnificent warrior -Genghis. radiating outward with ice-blue energy. salute or kneel before Willard. crew either bow. his face painted.MONTAGE Enemy ARTILLERY BLASTING away at the fortress.252 MED. into the positions around the gate.R.garlands of teeth around his neck.ROCKET LAUNCHER It FIRES. 256 CLOSE SHOT . We SEE Lance.B. waiting. mauve and purple. All the men: Montagnards. even the savage men of the P.A FLAME-THROWER (ON TANK) Shoots out a stream of burning napalm that looks like a death ray gun. fierce Americans. They hit and grow. with his weapons -. The color pulsates around the edge of the image. VIEW ON THE GATE Willard strides out of the darkness.A MORTAR A hand drops a shell and it FIRES. outward like some sort of cosmic flower. 255 CLOSE SHOT . red and orange and blue and green.

The pass of the lead reaches out in beautiful patterns as the Sergeant sweeps the area. Thousands of them.MINI-GUN A SERGEANT in feathered head-piece and wildly painted operates the mini-gun with several native helpers. 259 SHOT ON THE COMMAND BUNKER . A solid stream of molten lead seems to pour into the darkness as 7000 rounds a minute rip into the enemy.INFRA-RED POV Strange. 261 FULL SHOT ON KURTZ KURTZ Mini-gun. 260 WILLARD . CLOSE VIEW ON YOUNG SOLDIERS With the MUSIC. SHELLS BURST around them. Colby. The men behind them are setting up rocket launcher (missile) . luminescent images of North Vietnamese approaching the outer perimeters.WILLARD . . Mini-gun. KURTZ . The sergeant laughs maniacally as the GUN resumes FIRING. SHOT . OT HERS (In SLOW MOTION) Shells WHISTLE in and EXPLODE on the walls in the compound. Sergeant. right up to the moment he is blown to eternity by an all-engulfing 105mm shell. Everywhere metal and rock and flame fly and it is beautiful to see. Willard looks through the infra-red sniper scope.258 MED. When they FIRE the SOUND is incredibly loud and steady like a high-pitched foghorn. 262 MED. like those people you see listening to radios in their cars.

NVA have reached the walls and throw down scaling ladders and start up.NVA CHARGE through wires and claymore glass. claymores. each wilder and more extreme. 265 FULL SHOT . phosphorescent napalm EXPLODES beautiful. SHELL BURSTS overhead. as though the whole history mankind is evolving in front of us. WILLARD Napalm. Kurtz's face is illuminated by each of these. His face seems to change from one grotesgue primitive face to another. The SCREAMS of maimed and dismembered men almost penetrates the INCREDIBLY LOUD MUSIC and we HEAR Kurtz's men LAUGHING and SCREAMING in delight. Kurtz looks out over the field of slaughter. Colby pushes a row of plungers: Advancing NVAs illuminated by napalm drums. Suddenly the sky is bright with flares which produce weird psychedelic light. The SOUND DISTORTED of tremendous HOWLING EXPLOSIONS penetrate the track of LIGHT MY FIRE one after another. They chant to themselves as they advance. like a magnificent firework. They burn in the pools of luminescent napalm but press relentlessly on. Blared out at tremendous vol- . and moving with the MUSIC.263 VIEW ON WILLARD Exhilarated. 264 VIEW ON KURTZ KURTZ Claymores.

they charge up. Lance is caught in a CROSSFIRE and hit several times. shouting into the radio . VIEW . blasting. removes it with a foot and stabs another. 266 FULL SHOT . biting necks. bodies tumbling over. From him he takes his AK47 and BLASTS more as they come. Willard and Lance move down to the nest wall. More fill in. he thrusts his bayonet into one attacker. FIRING .EVERYBODY The Americans and Montagnards stand up screaming. He pulls himself up -.WILLARD AT THE R. 267 MED. Willard trips a claymore that BLASTS most of them to shreads.FIRES a final BURST and then falls under the enemy's feet.ume over and above the DIN OF BATTLE is LIGHT MY FIRE.T. 269 VIEW ON MOONBY sees this and scampers off into the jungle. Spurred by MUSIC. splittin throats. muttering madly to himself. SHOT . M-16's in both hands.WILLARD standing on the wall BLASTING as bodies fall around him. gouging.WALL . 270 MED. both sides collide in the utter and most horrible savagery. bayoneting. 268 MED. Lance opens up FULL AUTOMATIC . kicking.LANCE The VC rush his position. SHOT .

Viets break over the walls and charge. SHELLS are EXPLODING everywhere. Kurtz looks at him.WILLARD Code -.Street Gang -. They crouch and rip into them FULL AUTOMATIC. crushing men below. The light patterns are fantastic. save one who's merely lost his weapon. The gates are uprooted. Street Gang ! He turns and runs back through the compound with the receding Montagnards. They don't see him. Women and children rush upon him now. 273 MED. They break the charge and continue cutting their way through the NVA masses like torches through metal. 271 FULL SHOT . Men fall.COMMAND POST . 272 VIEW ON WILLARD watching this spectacle. SHOT . his .KURTZ He rounds the shadow wall. shattered and bleeding.Street Gang ! Purgative air strike.KURTZ Kurtz watches as invaders swarm through his domain. Kurtz sees a group of Viets and rushes up and prepares a machine gun mount. He braces the gun at his side and steps out. Kurtz flicks some switches and the whole north wall EXPLODES in overwhelming FIRE. Kurtz cocks an M-16 and walks off the bunker. The stone lions tumble.DIFFERENT ANGLE . KURTZ (yelling) Charles ! They stagger and fall.

274 MED. He moves over to pick up the NVA light machine gun.THE FORTRESS The air strike hits with all its force. WILLARD . the enemy. His native men see him and rush for the chance to die beside him. They are quickly encircled by onrushing Viets and are being overrun.hide yourself. everything.gun empty. He has crawled on all fours back into the jungle to die. The Viet soldier goes for his pistol. 276 TRACKING SHOT ON WILLARD following Kurtz's trail in the mud. SHOT . and he falls with it.LOW ANGLE . When it's empty and the bayonet is off he wields it as a club. The wall Kurtz was standing on. he stands atop one of the ruined walls and FIRES into the masses. All around us is a spectacle of MUSIC and light and fire and overwhelming color. The machine gun jams and Kurtz grabs a rifle.KURTZ taking swings with his rifle. Holding it at his hip. He drops it and flips open the flap of his holster. 275 FULL VIEW . It is the biggest firework show in history. moving around and cutting off the crawling Kurtz KURTZ Go away -. He stalks Kurtz into the jungle . Willard sees this and makes his way toward him as the air strike continues. Balls and rain of fire sweeps down on the temple. standing atop the wall and battering the oncoming enemy like Davy Crockett at the Alamo. Kurtz beats him to the draw and bloes him into the night.

KURTZ I had immense plans. holding his hand.THE RIVER This wreck of a boat is still afloat. . Willard slings Kurtz's bleeding body around his neck. FADE IN. Willard crawls out of the jungle. . THE P. WILLARD I'm gonna get you out of here. 278 EXTREME FULL SHOT The spectacle of total psychedelic war: the fortress of Nu Mung Ba.g. dragging hom through the jungle. KURTZ I was on threshold of great things.What are you doing? KURTZ Going back .B. FADE OUT. You can still live.R. The spectacle continues in the b. carrying the dying Kurtz and manages to get him onto the boat. WILLARD I'm taking you back.to the jungle to die. 277 EXT.

their jaws hang slack and they tumble occasionally. . Colby takes an automatic weapon and FIRES it into the air. Some of the natives move in terror. Colby stumbles over. Everywhere is smoke and heaps of bodies. frightened of him. kicks several bodies away and in the f. come and pay their respects by the riverbanks. The battle is not over.the tragedy of this war.g. KURTZ Don't. There are a few survivors. battered. Willard sits by him. Don't frighten them away. 281 TIGHTER VIEW Colby is at helm. Kurtz lies feverish. THE TEMPLE . dead. Moves over to it. CUT TO: 280 THE P. below is Lance.B. moving slowly down the river. Willard looks down and sees something.279 EXT. Willard holds Lance up by his hair. a Sergeant. COLBY Who is he? WILLARD He was the tragedy -. delirious. Vultures by the hundreds circle overhead. and some Montagnards sit near them. As the boat moves.MORNING The entire temple is devastation. Montagnards. Their eyes are red and glazed.R. They stagger away from the field of slaughter. Colby. those left alive.

longing in his eyes. A whisper at some image. KURTZ Do I not? 282 EXT.... my jungle..Willard looks down at him. WILLARD You had immense plans. then an expression of overwhelming intense and hopeless terror... (he looks at Willard) .MED. The SOUND of ROTORS in the distance. the horror.. hopeless despair. my country.... WILLARD So you understand this? Kurtz looks up at him. They look up. Kurtz looks up to him. There is a slight smile... KURTZ The horror... RIVER . . KURTZ My river. immense plans. my people. past him with fury... a cry that is no more than a breath. WILLARD I'm taking you back.. my wife. KURTZ Yes.. at some vision. VIEW The boat moves as though naturally carried by the river. my ideas.. We HEAR the distant SOUND of HELICOPTERS approaching.. he cries out twice. my death.

COLBY (continuing) How did they know? WILLARD They must have seen the fire. COLBY There. WILLARD (continuing) Yeah. WILLARD (to himself) They're coming to take us back. COLBY Colonel Kurtz.craning their eyes at the sky. WILLARD Yeah. Copters directly overhead. They're Medevac. . Colby points. he's dead. spiraling in TOWARD US. COLBY They're coming to rescue us. 283 CLOSE SHOT ON WILLARD He stares up at the sky. Two of them breaking off. Over the jungle mountains the small formation of MEDEVAC helicopters hooping toward them. The helicopters are closer now but high up.

) ..WILLARD. Willard is very silent. 287 EXT. MARINA DEL RAY .ON THE BOAT The men in the boat FIRING AT US as we fly further into the air.I gave them a few of his unimportant papers -. Colby takes his rifle and joins Willard in FIRING at the retreating American helicopters. 286 HELICOPTER'S POV .O..He raises his M-16 and FIRES the entire clip at the approaching rescue helicopter.but for the .THE COPTER It frantically pours on the power and wheels up to the sky. WILLARD (V.EXTREME HIGH ANGLE . WILLARD I never answered questions about Kurtz -... Pause. but I was sent back to the world before the fall of Saigon.NIGHT MOVING DOWN back to the pleasure boat at the Marina. COLBY WILLARD Yeah.. 284 FULL SHOT .. the boat getting smaller and smaller. 285 FULL SHOT . Don't remember a lot about my rehabilitation.

I brought them to het. dressed as a civilian.most part I saved everything. KURTZ'S WIFE Come in. Then the door opens. carrying a packet under his arm. KURTZ'S WIFE Can I get anything for you? . years later. There is a sense of purity about her. She is still beautiful. 289 INT. There were other letters.DAY Everything good and secure and desirable about America. He passes a lanky. a little nervous. Captain Willard. and KURTZ'S WIFE is standing at the door.DAY A bright clear day in a scrubbed-clean California neighborhood. KURTZ'S HOME . personal ones written earlier to his wife. 289 EXT. Willard looks at him. WILLARD Hi. proceeds past the lawn to the attractive home. Some kids are playing in the street. The boy looks back.. Willard. though she is not young. I watched the fall of Saigon on television in a bar in Alameda. She stands in the center of the room.. CALIFORNIA NEIGHBORHOOD . and dressed in mourning even though she doesn't wear black. He enters. young teen-aged boy working on a motor-scooter. blonde.

. Then she sits suddenly... I know. KURTZ'S WIFE You were his friend. He was the best this country had -he was -WILLARD Yes. I knew him better than anyone . if he had given you this..There are pictures of Kurtz. not too many. and Willard sits by her.. It was impossible not to -KURTZ'S WIFE Love him.... but he is there in the various stages of his career.. KURTZ'S WIFE (continuing) Did you know him very well? WILLARD You get to know each other pretty well out there. KURTZ'S WIFE And you admired him? WILLARD He was a remarkable man.. Yes. That's the hard part for me... WILLARD You knew him best.. KURTZ'S WIFE . it is true.. I knew him best. (the packet) If he sent you to his home. You must have been.

KURTZ'S WIFE Men looked up to him...... KURTZ'S WIFE Were you with him... CLOSE SHOT ON WILLARD A little of the madness is still with him. when. CLOSE SHOT ON KURTZ'S WIFE KURTZ'S WIFE Tell me. he died as he lived. He knows what she will ask. 292 MED.. 290 MED. WILLARD Both of us.. He said his last words to me. WILLARD His death was -. KURTZ'S WIFE What were they? 291 MED..But I'll always remember him.. CLOSE ON WILLARD . (she loses herself in a thought) He died as he lived. WILLARD Yes I was. Pause..I'll never get over it -.yes.

FADE OUT. We HEAR THE DOORS' "THE END" as we present the END TITLES.) The horror ! The horror ! WILLARD He spoke of you.O.B. . an exhausted. Moving back through the departing guests. Willard is one of the few guests left. TIGHT HIGH ANGLE ON THE MARINA DEL REY BOAT The cocktail party is breaking up. THE RIVER . Our VIEW LOOSENS KURTZ'S WIFE Tell me what he said.P. Kurtz's body. And HOLDING Kurtz. DISSOLVE TO: 294 EXT. THE END . half-dead Colby. We MOVE CLOSER to Willard.R. 293 EXT.remembering that incredible day moving down the river. KURTZ (V.DAY the boat floating down the river. ma'am. We MOVE FROM Willard standing alone on the deck of the boat. He sits there looking at her. Willard. Charlie is getting ready to leave himself.

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