Future Tenses

How to express future events

the adverbs probab/y.FUTURE SIMPLE:  We use the Future Simple (will + verb) in predictions about the future usually with the verbs think.»    . etc. be afraid. etc. «I'm «I'm afraid we won't save the planet on time. perhaps. expect. the expressions: be sure. etc. believe. certain/y.

«This afternoon the temperature will reaeh 40 degrees.the .spot decisions.»  . for on . «I will buy this jumper.» for actions or events which will definitely happen in future and which we cannot control.

intentions or ambitions we have for the future. «I'm «I'm going to become a famous writer one day.FUTURE BE GOING TO:  We use Be Going to (be + going to + verb): for plans.»  .

» rain.» . for actions we have already decided to do in the near future. «They are going to get married next month»  in predictions when there is evidence that something will happen in the near future. «Look at the clouds! It is going to rain.

Present Simple  We can use the Present Simple with a future meaning when we are referring to: Timetables / schedules (planes.m. trains.´  . ³The plane from London arrives at 10 p. etc ) and programmes.

³They are moving to the city next week.´ (The time has been decided.)  . especially when the time and place is already decided.Present Continuous  We can use the Present Continuous with a future meaning when we are referring to: to actions that we have already arranged to do in the near future.

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