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Critical inq

Critical inq

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Published by: Rui Shuen on Mar 19, 2011
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Critical Inquiry Reflections What I have learned during this workshop Through this four week course, I have

learnt many useful skills concerning writing argumentative essays. I¶ve learnt how to deal with the importance of difference perspectives through case study analyses. I have also learnt what makes up and effective argumentative structure. The argumentative structure consists of the µtriple deck burger¶ theorem. The first paragraph containing related background information to east the reader into the topic and provide a hint to the stand, coupled with a clear chosen stand to show the direction and the scope to show reasons for the stand and focus of the 3 supporting points. This would be the burger. The next paragraph contains the counterpoint and rebuttal and the rebuttal must always be stronger than the counterpoint. Th is would be the µveggie¶. Following which, the next three paragraphs consist of the different supporting points together with the point, elaboration and reiteration. This would be the meat in the burger. And last but not least, the burger at the bottom, a conclusion of the whole essay. Through the whole burger, there must be one consistent stand throughout. This would be the all important stick holding the burger together. Another point that I¶ve learnt is critical inquiry to understand the importance of di fferent components in the different paragraphs. How I learnt this This is a very straightforward answer. To learn effectively in a lesson, all I had to do was to listen intensively. Sit up, look up and listen up to the teacher, make sure the things got into my brain, all the techniques, skills and examples. Then, simply apply it into the worksheet. After listening in class, I went home and revised these skills, all the elaborations, examples, points, structure of the essay and etc.

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