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Published by: Eunice Santana on Mar 19, 2011
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is a Puerto Rican holiday that includes music. . the creole. and in Spanish.BAQUINÉ } The velorio for the black children newborn children. dance and happy songs sung in the Creole Caribbean Frenchman. called baquiné.

El Velorio Francisco Oller .

This festive celebration was assuring symbolically his direct way towards the sky and was administering positive advice to the parents. .INTENTION OF THE BAQUINE } The holiday of baquiné was met partly by a curative or preventive intention in the sense of " spiritual medicine " since the child died without sins and without medicinal priest was able to take advantage of one physics.

WHERE FROM IT COMES? } According to the tradition this practice came to the island with the French immigrants and his slaves. .

What means baquiné? } The Puerto Rican word baquiné is really a corruption of three words of the French creole. ki = who. the words ba. . ne = a song was born) later of baquiné in Spanish. ki and ne. In creole it is said veye ba ki ne and means literally: velorio for the newborn child. (Veye=velorio. ba = for.

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