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Home | Usage | Bounces | Autoresponders | Sender Callouts | Test/Remove IP | License | Contact Testresult for This IP IS CURRENTLY LISTED in our Database. Please note that this listing does not mean you are a spammer, it means your mailsystem is either poorly configured or it is using abusive techniques. This kind of abuse is known as BACKSCATTER (Misdirected Bounces or Misdirected Autoresponders or Sender Callouts). Click the links above to get clue how and why to stop that kind of abuse.

To track down what happened investigate your smtplogs near 13.01.2011 17:43 CET +/-1 minute. You will either find that your system tried to send misdirected bounces or misdirected autoresponders to claimed but in reality faked senders, or your system tried sender verify callouts against our members near that time. So you should look for outgoing emails that have a NULL SENDER or POSTMASTER in MAIL FROM. Reading your logs carefully it shouldn't be a big deal to figure out what caused or renewed your listing.

History: 13.01.2011 17:43 CET listed A total of 1 Impacts were detected during this listing. Last was 13.01.2011 17:43 CET +/- 1 minute. Earliest date this IP can expire is 10.02.2011 17:43 CET.

This IP is temporary listed. The listing will expire automatically and free of charge 4 weeks after the last abuse is seen from that IP. Expedited manual expressdelisting is available as an option, in case you do not want to wait for the automatic and free expiration. You will be charged 104 USD using one of the following payment services. WARNING: Before requesting expressdelisting make sure the problem which caused the listing is fixed, otherwise you are at risk to get listed again if new abuse becomes known.

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1/24/2011 11:45 AM

org powered by UCEPROTECT All time informations displayed are rounded to full minutes! 2 of 2 1/24/2011 11:45 AM .backscatterer.

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