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N-12 and N-12HC Pipe



The high-performance future of engineered drainage.

wall design for successfully larger diameters without compromising the pipe's excellent strength-to-weight ratio. and its quick and easy installation has led to instant acceptance by contractors across the country. Through extensive field and university testing. storm sewers. N-12® ProLink Ultra™ Pipe (12" – 42") Integral Bell Coupler covers two corrugations Rubber Gasket Two reduced diameter corrugations form the spigot N-12 HC® Pipe (42" thru 60") N-12 HC's innovative "honeycomb" wall section draws on the structural strengths of the circle. Soil loading tests at Utah State University indicate that N-12 HC pipe may have the most stable wall profile ever manufactured for large diameter flexible pipe. N-12® Pipe (4" . ADS single wall pipe became the preferred product for agricultural.42") In 1997. Its performance and economy have led to rapid acceptance by contractors and engineers. stiffness. ADS engineers began a major program to develop an alternative wall N-12® Pipe (4" – 42") The first corrugated High Density Polyethylene drainage pipe with a smooth inner wall for superior hydraulics and maximum flow capacity. and the classic arch. ADS incorporated a flush gasketed bell-and-spigot joint into each section of the popular storm sewer sizes of N-12 pipe. The joint is silttight. and a unique "honeycomb" wall section using closely spaced circular ribs that brace the pipe circumferentially for added ring stiffness and structural strength. cross drains.The new standard in drainage pipe Every day for more than 30 years. During the 1970's and 1980's. profile that would provide superior strength. N-12 ProLink Ultra ® Pipe (12" . durability. and production efficiencies. An 8-year development and testing program produced a revolutionary pipe design called N-12 HC. This design eliminates the need for separate couplings and the excavation of bell holes in the trench. highways. 2 . N-12 pipe was designed specifically for storm sewers.012. landfills. Advanced Drainage Systems corrugated high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe has been building its reputation for economy.42") The hydraulic capabilities of the product were significantly improved in 1987 when ADS introduced the first HDPE drainage pipe to combine an annular corrugated exterior for strength with a smooth inner wall for maximum flow capacity. and other public and private construction. turf/recreation. ADS engineers were able to refine the corrugated Applications N-12 and N-12 ProLink Ultra pipe meet the requirements for Type S pipe under AASHTO M 294. and official approval by most state and municipal agencies. and N-12 HC qualifies as Type D pipe. N-12 HC® Pipe (42" thru 60") Soon after the introduction of N-12 pipe. All products can be specified for culverts. the I-beam. The pipe features smooth inner and outer walls. and other engineered construction. and superior performance in gravityflow drainage applications. Named for its excellent Manning's "n" rating of 0. and residential drainage markets. mining. airports.

In typical trench depths of 6 to 10 feet. It is highly resistant to chemical attack and is unaffected by soils or effluents with pH ranges from 1.5 to 14. 75 yrs.5 20 yrs.000 Number of Load Cycles Hydraulic Efficiency (Manning's "n" at Mid-Range Flow Velocity) 14 12 9 Abrasion Resistance (Material Loss Rate in Mils) 14 80 yrs. On-site labor and equipment requirements are reduced. (It should be noted that "n" values tend to increase with slower velocities and larger pipe sizes. making it far easi- How HDPE stacks up against the competition: N-12 / N-12 HC 0. 75 yrs.5 1. and is often specified for harsh mine slurries and as a slip liner for deteriorated culverts.200 feet per day of 15"-24" pipe to 400 feet per day of 48" pipe.0 2.013. Advances in polymer science and structural design have created a product that has actually outperformed and outlasted concrete and metal pipe while maintaining its installed cost advantage. the "n" ratings for corrugated metal pipe are considerably higher. Polyethylene pipe shows less than 20% of the material loss of concrete pipe in abrasive environments. N-12 and N-12 HC pipe will support H-25 live loads with 12" minimum cover** and E-80 loads under 24" cover. 3 . On the other hand.018 0.5 3.010 12"-15" 12"-60" 12"-60" 18"-36" 42"-48" Reinforced Concrete 3. 60 yrs. Light weight HDPE pipe is up to 30 times lighter than concrete pipe.) The chart below indicates that N-12 pipe values are basically the same as those yielded on previous tests of reinforced concrete pipe. Silt or water-tight connections are quick and easy with gasketed bell-and-spigot couplers.014 0.022 0.000 600. The pipe cuts easily and does not need to be beveled for joining.010 to 0.0 0. C ed orc inf Re te cre on N-12 HC ADS N-12 & 200. HDPE's ductility and molecular structure result in excellent resistance to abrasion. By any measure. N-12 pipe has performed well at fill heights of more than 100 feet. er to transport and handle.016 0.000 400. Tests on various sizes of N-12 pipe show Manning's "n" values ranging 1.* 7 6 4 40 yrs. from 0.020 0. HDPE pipe withstands vertical pressure by transferring most of the load to the surrounding soil. Fast installation Long 20-foot lengths mean fewer joints. contractors report installation rates ranging from 1. 40 yrs.0 1. Structural Strength As a flexible conduit. and are predicated on the pipe running full to develop the spiral flow. but can usually be specified up to 60 feet. Maximum cover will vary with design conditions. and N-12 HC pipe has withstood soil pressures equivalent to 180 feet of cover before significant deformation occurred.5 2.012 0. Hydraulic efficiency The smooth interior of N-12 pipe provides superior flow characteristics. with a corresponding reduction in the potential risk of injury. Corrosion Resistance (Recommended pH Range) Anticipated Service Life *CSP requires protective coating **Note: 60" pipe requires minimum 2' cover for H-25 loads. ADS N-12 and N-12 HC pipe compare favorably to conventional materials.5 1. In controlled tests.Technology creates a superior pipe material Gone are the days when plastic pipe was specified only for cost reasons.5 0 Corrugated Steel Durability High density polyethylene is an extremely tough material that can easily withstand the normal impacts involved in shipping and installation.

Bell/bell couplers are offered in 12" through 24" diameters. • 20-foot lengths are easy to handle and require fewer joints. caps and adaptors. the savings start to multiply.24" Pro Link ST: soil tight. Class I. non-cleated. A recent survey of state Departments of Transportation revealed that reductions in installed cost for HDPE pipe were 12 to 38 percent compared to concrete. with O-ring gasket (thru 48") **60" pipe soil-tight only 4 . A choice of joining systems 1. Selection includes couplers. O-ring gasket Integral Bell Couplers: 30" . N-12 and N-12 HC pipe are flexible conduits which transfer live and dead loads to the surrounding soil. The fittings connect not only corrugated HDPE pipe. Pro Link ® molded HDPE couplers are another source of installation savings. integral gasket Pro Link WT: water tight. “Installing N-12® Storm. wyes. and the basic procedures and precautions for corrugated polyethylene are in fact quite similar to those for concrete and metal pipe.8 psi pressure testing requirements of ASTM D 3212. 3. 4. Two levels of joint security are available: • N-12 Pro Link ST ® pipe provides a silt-tight joint for normal storm sewer and culvert applications. tees. Hinged split couplers and fabricated fittings provide cost effective connections for normal drainage installations. or III soils may be used for backfill. • Fewer people are needed for on-site unloading and handling. When installation costs are factored in. • N-12 Pro Link WT ® pipe is a pressure-tested coupler that provides water tight connections. Standard & Fabricated Drainage Fittings Pro Link™ Couplers Series 35 Sanitary Fittings Bell/Bell Couplers: 12" .115. each fitted with an Oring seal. and single bell styles are factory welded to 30" through 60" pipe. Particular care is therefore required in bedding. concrete and other materials. meeting a full 10. AASHTO Section 30 is recommended for highway applications. ADS can fabricate virtually any fitting as long as it meets engineering standards. corrugated steel. 2. and 5 to 28 percent vs. More pipe per truck means fewer delivery loads. In rare instances.8 psi in accordance with ASTM D3212 (thru 48"). • Polyethylene's light weight cuts shipping charges. Series 35 thermo-molded PVC sanitary fittings meet the 10. • Heavy equipment requirements are reduced. backfilling and compaction. cleated. Sanitary Sewer and Culvert Pipe”. lubricate the spigot. N-12 ProLink Ultra™ pipe with a built-in bell joint is the ultimate time saver for installation of long straight storm sewer lines (see page 2). and should be compacted to at least 90% Standard Proctor Density. All molded couplers are designed to permit up to 3° of directional deflection with no loss of joint integrity or flow capacity. Installation recommendations Proper installation is perhaps the major determinent of long-term performance of any drainage pipe.60"** Pro Link WT: water tight. II. elbows. Specific instructions for N-12 and N-12 HC pipe are detailed in ADS Product Note 3. but also PVC.The lowest installed cost of any drainage pipe The material cost of HDPE is extremely competitive with concrete and corrugated metal. and in the selection of backfill material. Just align the pipe sections. Instructions for underground installation of plastic drainage pipe are contained in ASTM D 2321. this allows the pipe to be laid on a curvilinear track when necessary to avoid underground obstacles or to parallel curves in roadways and ramps. and push together.

If a hydro-hammer is used for compaction.6 6.9 15. 5 . 4. 1350 and 1500 mm Diameter (54" and 60") AASHTO Section 30. Construction Standard. Cover heights are measured from the top of the pipe. Calculations based on load factor design per AASHTO procedures.021 Source: Manufacturers' published data * Assumes steel pipe with helical corrugations.014 Pipe Stiffness Pipe Diameter Minimum Pipe Stiffness (psi) 50 50 50 42 40 34 28 22 19 17 14 4". Standard Specification for Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe. Notes: 1.012 . Backfill compacted to minimum 90% density per AASHTO T-99.4 36.4 18.0 60. 3.011 0.4 30. Standard Test Method for Installation Acceptance of Plastic Gravity Sewer Lines Using Low-pressure Air ASTM F 477-95.012 . Thermoplastic Pipe ASTM D 2321.013 Reinforced Concrete .4 11. Elastomeric Seals (Gaskets) for Joining Plastic Pipe ASTM F 667.5 32.010 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 Velocity. Standard Specification for Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe.019 . Velocity 0. 8" 10" 12" 15" 18" 24" 30" 36" 42" 48" 60" 0.8 19.0 80. 12"—15" 18"—36" 42" thru 60" N-12 & N-12 HC . 10" 12" 15" 18" 24" 30" 36" 42" 48" 60" N-12/N-12 HC 2.013 12" N-12 24" N-12 36" N-12 Manning's "n" 0.2 4. flowing full.012 . **60" pipe requires 2' cover for H-25 loads. Standard Specification for Large Diameter Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings Maximum Cover: Typically 50-60 feet but will vary depending on application and engineering design.0 10.0 3./cu.0 57. Standard Practice for Underground Installation of Thermoplastic Pipe for Sewers and Other Gravity Flow Applications ASTM D 3212. ft.0 Concrete 50 79 103 131 217 384 524 650 780 1200 Corrugated Steel 9. 300 to 1200 mm diameter (12"-48") AASHTO MP7.013 .Specifications Manning's "n" vs. Standard Specification for Joints for Drain and Sewer Plastic Pipe Using Flexible Elastomeric Joints ASTM F 1417. Applicable Standards Height of Cover Minimum Cover: H-25 loads: 12"** E-80 loads: 24" AASHTO M 294.012 .013 Corrugated Steel* .5 15. 5.0 65. Assume soil density of 120 lbs.0 Manning's "n" for Design Pipe Dia. at least 48" of cover must be provided. 6".012 0.5 12. fps Source: Tests at Utah State University Weight Comparison Pounds per Foot Pipe Dia. 2.1 26.

ADS cooperated in an internal inspection by an independent pipe cleaning company using a remotely controlled television camera. Researchers from the University of Massachusetts administered the test. results have led PennDOT and other state transportation agencies to conclude that existing maximum fill height requirements for HDPE pipe are conservative and may be increased under certain project design conditions. The research has already led to improvements in coupling design and technical refinements in pipe manufacturing. Missouri test proves value of soil compaction Missouri's first installation of large diameter polyethylene pipe provided a dramatic illustration of the effect of soil compaction on pipe performance.000 ft. of 24" corrugated HDPE pipe (both standard single wall and N-12) were buried at depths exceeding 100 feet in an embankment under Interstate 279 near Pittsburgh. No mechanical compaction was employed in the second installation. Since then. Despite the tremendous soil load. no changes in line and grade. applied for state public improvement funds to install a modern storm drainage system. the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation initiated what is believed to be the most ambitious research project ever attempted by the plastic pipe industry. which sought to determine the performance limits of HDPE pipe under extreme loads. No cracking of any kind was observed in the N-12 pipe at any depth. the total of pipe deflection and circumferential shortening is just 4. flooding complaints have been nonexistent. and has remained constant since the second year of the test. of ADS N-12 pipe (12" to 36") and was accomplished well within the deadline and the limited budget. PennDOT officials view the pipe's performance under these severe soil pressures as very positive. despite a 100-year rain event in 1993. Electronic and hydraulic systems have been monitoring many aspects of pipe performance. soil pressure and soil strain. deflection. and believe that it performs as well or better than the concrete and metal pipe used previously. Two 50-foot cross drains using 42" N-12 HC pipe were installed approximately 1. the residents of the Lakeview subdivision of Madison Township.7 miles apart. While the higher deflection reading was still well within the performance limits of polyethylene pipe.2% maximum deflection in the compacted trench. Three hours of video tape revealed no abnormalities with the 2. only the HDPE system fell within the funding limit. The study In the first installation. Immediately after completion of the work. In both locations. The results to date are impressive.400 feet of sewer line inspected—no damage. A total of 576 ft. Missouri Highway and Transportation Department officials planned to monitor the two sites to determine any longer The installation included 5. vertical pipe deflection was measured.5% in the non-compacted trench. no misaligned joints.3%. Five years later. Madison Township has specified N-12 pipe on several other large drainage projects. The maximum cover in both cases was 12 inches. The numbers were conclusive: 1. Ohio.Solving drainage problems across the nation PennDOT Deep Burial Study In 1987. Officials point to HDPE's ease of handling. term performance variations between the two installation procedures. particularly since a sample of concrete pipe failed rather quickly under 65 feet in the same embankment. a coarse grained gravel was used for embedment and backfill. Since the Lakeview installation. Neighborhood storm sewer project installs easily After 25 years of persistent flooding. including the pavement. 6 . the material around the pipe was mechanically compacted in 6-inch lifts. and 4. Of all the materials bid. including wall strain.

connected with gasketed bell-and spigot joints. All of the new bell-and-spigot style fabricated fittings also have this capability. After repaving and removal of the coffer dams. The installation followed design practice recommended by ADS engineers. The mountainous terrain dictated severe curvature in many sections of the highway and Relining project helps stop dam erosion At legend Lake in Wisconsin. The design engineer for the repair project decided that slip-lining the CMP with 48" N-12 HC pipe presented the best combination of low cost and long term durability. a special fitting fabricated from 54" solid-wall HDPE pipe was welded to the inlet end of the 48" liner to provide a hydraulically smooth transition. and within a few weeks the flooded farmlands were drained of the accumulated sea water. access ramps. The deflection allowed by the bell couplers was sufficient to lay the pipe on the prescribed curvilinear track. while at the same time allowing a fresh water creek to flow westward into the estuary. but the alternate N-12 pipe was chosen for its ease of installation and its ability to follow roadway curves without shortening the 20-foot pipe lengths or installing more costly angled fittings. New coupling design allows curvilinear installation Municipal engineers often find it necessary to route trenches around utility structures or some other buried obstacle. 29 loads if the pipe were concrete. Concrete and coated metal pipe were originally specified for drainage. WV. which means the pipe should be able to parallel bends in the roadway fairly precisely. Wood skids were strapped to each section to help eliminate sliding friction and provide the bottom clearance required for final grouting. built to connect Pittsburgh and Morgantown. the culverts were replaced with 48" N-12 HC pipe. The culverts were bedded in gravel with three foot spacing between them. One example is the Mon-Fayette extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. the primary outlet for Dam No. the 10 loads of polyethylene vs. New aluminum tidal gates were designed and assembled on the west end of the pipes.Lakeview was also the first HDPE sewer installation for the contractor. And highway engineers prefer to maintain a constant distance between the pavement edge and roadside drainage lines. State officials were concerned about the pipe's deterioration over the years. The smooth inner wall permitted the same flow capacity as the larger corrugated pipe. 7 . and the amount of dam material that was entering through the rusted out perforations and being washed downstream. while 24" tall risers fabricated with 42" N-12 HC pipe were installed on the inlet ends of the culverts to handle fresh water spillover during simultaneous high tides and storm flooding. When the last section was installed. who cites several advantages of the lighter weight pipe: use of smaller equipment which made it easier to negotiate the narrow right-of-ways with numerous trees. In late 1995. and the ability to unload and move the N-12 pipe by hand. One-way culverts feature custom fabrications The 1989 earthquake which devastated San Francisco also damaged a set of seven bituminous metal corrugated culverts in Monterey County. and the pipe ends were supported on concrete pads rather than being cantilevered. 3 is a 205 foot span of 60" corrugated metal pipe (CMP). ADS recognized these needs in the design of the new Pro Link® bell couplers for 12" through 48" N-12 pipe. less risk of damaging the streets. The first step was to prevent further seepage by sealing the space between the existing metal pipe and the surrounding soil with chemical grout. Twenty-foot sections of the N12 HC pipe. The entire project was completed in only three days. the road was reopened. These had been fitted with tidal flood gates to prevent salt water on the west from intruding into inland grazing areas. Drainage projects can thus benefit from a number of cost-saving options. Each coupler will permit up to 3° of directional deflection with no loss of joint integrity or flow capacity. were then pushed through the metal pipe.

ADS HDPE pipe has the same widespread availability as traditional pipe materials.S.Tomorrow's drainage system products available everywhere today. NJ D E S. CARO. ADS Sales and Service Locations ALASKA NORTH DAKOTA WASHINGTON MONTANA MINNESOTA SOUTH DAKOTA WISCONSIN VT IOWA MICHIGAN NEW YORK ILLINOIS OHIO PENNSYLVANIA CT NH MA RI MAINE OREGON NEVADA IDAHO UTAH WYOMING NEBRASKA INDIANA MD W. Patent and Trademark Office. WA 1-800-733-8523 s MANUFACTURING FACILITY LOCATIONS q SOUTHERN FRANKLIN. LOUISIANA ALABAMA GEORGIA FL HAWAII ZONE OFFICES q MIDWEST/NORTHEAST LONDON. OH 1-800-733-9554 q WESTERN WASHOUGAL. In addition to its proven performance and economy. TN 1-800-733-9987 ADVANCED DRAINAGE SYSTEMS. MISS. H I L L I A R D.A. INC..VA COLORADO ARIZONA CALIFORNIA NEW MEXICO TEXAS KANSAS MISSOURI OKLAHOMA ARKANSAS KENTUCKY TENNESSEE VIRGINIA N. Printed in U. . © The Green Stripe is registered in U. Inc.com Form # 10244 12/99 © 1999 Advanced Drainage Systems. As time takes its toll on the service life of installed concrete and metal pipe.S. CARO. O H 4 3 0 2 6 800-821-6710 www.ads-pipe. N-12 and N-12 HC pipe are fast becoming the preferred choice for gravity-flow drainage applications. 4 6 4 0 T R U E M A N B L V D.

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