7he ffot of 1lstraf JU(1ectJ'h!Jh4JhtJ' the lhemes ofinaleo/uaGJ' J'ociafawkwarineJ'J' anlcu/turafcfaJ'heJ', the main aracier is aJirfcaffel;tina, who haJ' heen forcelto move 0; her (JarentJ' from her vihrant ,Spanish hometown to riiain to 'earn her fortune, 'anle~ferienceJ' a comffete cuflure J'hockaJ' she strUJJfeJ' to alaft to the J'tuf& 13ritiJ'h fife.st.Jfe, '9n an aHemft to feef wecome in J'uch an afien environment, ;tina oisils aJ!lfSJ-themel faifJrour;1, where the hr!Jht fi_Jh6'ani foJ'itive vihe fee6 afmoJ't fike home, f)urinJ the visil ;tina J'tumhTeJ'across a {ortune teffer, who warns ;tina that J'omethiYJ_Jof vafue wiff he taken from her ifJ'he loeJ' not embrace new cultures ani accept chaYJ_Jein her fife, 13ut inJ'teal #f acceptiYJ_Jthe truth hehinlthoJ'e wordS, ;tina scorns them ani !JnoreJ' the. advice as J'he storms out of the tent without a J'econlJfance at the offenlel {ortune teffer, 1JuriYJ_J reck!eJ1'rile on the h!JgeJ't roffercoaJ'ter, hal fuckJ'trikeJ' lue to her fack of reJ~ect {or the {ortune teffer J' a advice, ani the sheer {orce of the-rile tears her aJ'traf hoI:; from her (J/,J'icaf {orm lue to the current frtlJife stale of her mini ani heart f)etachel ani afone, hoth ;tina ani her aJ'traf hoI:; feefJ'omethiYJ_Jis miJ'J'iYJ_J cannot f!JI,l1"eout hut what the frohfem is, anlare {orcelto JO their J'efarate wa!}J'into a comffete& afien fifeJ't:;fe, .

7he J'to"3_{offowJ' hoth ;tina ani her aJ'traf hoI:; J' J'trU!J!jfewith tryinJ to unlerJ'tanl ani fit in with the 13ritiJ'h cu/tu~~ :-.

ani af( the ~hife mahYlfj a fi~rof; o( what issUffOSed!zJt~e 'riJht' ~aJ to act amonJst the sfecific socidfc(assesthat
make u~ thlJ' country, ani h'Jhfi_JhbYJ_Jthe ohvlOUJ'ffawJ' In our J'oclefyj, . 9t is on¥..fter ;tina emhraceJ' her new fife, t¥tfieUJ'traf can {inlitJ' wa:; hack to he! at ~J't" ...


-1lna is the main human character in the pfot, anlthe slo"!} tenls to revok» around, her. -She serious§ fackJ·conflence in hersef( ani her own ahiHfies, therefore she s01s awCIJfrom aYlJthiYlJ that isn'i ihe 'norm' in her Hfe . .-With Hmite/~YlJHsh and an anii-socia],nature, 1lna is hopefess with aYIJ form ofsociafsituafions ani human inieraclion, especiaf(zj with her stuf& tfSrifish coffe.!Juesin her workpface. ' -1-fas a sh:J ani fimillemeanor. . -1Cnls to stanlin an awkwarl, protecfiYlJ stance. -1-fas a reserved, ani respectahfe .dress sense. .

M!(M!~M~I~L.........-:Aria is :Ana 'sastral, 6o'J, who's personafif_y is the compfete opposite to her human. -She is a more confcienf, softer version of :Ana. -She has a native, afmost chikf-fike sense of curiouJ'if_y, anlis etlJer to embrace new surrounliYljs anlsituations (unfike her human sicie.) -:Aria is in (act invisi6fe to those around, her, even to :Ana, afthoUJh :Ana can feef her ~resence/fackofit -:Aria is not heY 6ack!q the fiJht restrictions concerniYlj af!fearance, manners, efi1ueffe etc that are so af!farent in the 13ritish cufture, therefore she has a 'wikfer'Tess res appearance ani free s('iritel personafif_y.comparel to':Ana. -1-fer sf_yfeis inspirel!q :A~honse Mucha ~ a~t wor~ with her tum6liYlj curTSani ffowiYlj dress that on(tjjust

rlilmmll !llt.
- 7his characie» on& af~ears {or a short whife, hut it is her that chaYIJes 1lna S future haffines . -1l {iest:;, intense characie«, who foes not iolerat« c!isreJped ani rucfeness, -StroYIJ hefiever in fate . -1fer imtlJe has a 1<.,omanian.!l!J~SJec(ge, with some of (he characteristics of a 6ef(z;.
~n~~ .

-1lna is drawn to her fassionate.anl '. e~fressive nature {remincfj her of home}
,._.,........,......----.-I ..




-(JerafliJ' ;tina 'J' {ou!-temferelhOJ'J' at a IiYlJ!J office in the millfe of the hUJ'tfeanlhuJ'tfe of the cifJ, who takeJ' hiJ' insecurities out on hiJ'workerJ', -(Jerafl makeJ' it hiJ'~riorifzj to make each worhYlJ fa!) a fiviYlJ niJhfmare (or his colleajues 0J heiYlJ Iispfeasecf0J eve1JthiYlJ. ani thinhYlJ uf ahJ'urareaJ'onJ' to fire inJivicfua&, -1-fe is an uffiJhf sn~ff3 man who cares aJreaf aeaf aboui functuafifJ and ~eafneJ'J',in parficufar mahYlJ sure each fen in hiJ'J'hirt focket is elact~ one centimetre afart from the other, . -Overwe!Jht with J'fickelhacyreaS!) hair, (JerafliJ' rlefnetelj not eaS!)on the B!)e,ani unrlerneath t6e hraJ'h anlsfeaZJ ederior fieJ'a mass o(inJ'ecurifies, . -1-(eJetJ' frustratel0J ;tina's fimiteleYlJfiJ'h, ani uses the faYlJutIJe harrier as an eause to "treat her fike an ilio£.

".. :I'11;·\ .: '.' .....-t~:.\: ~ ..





- ..


'1&traf jives the aulience an insiJht into the sociafcfasseJ' i. at maKe 13rlfish cufture, one of the main ones heiYJ_Jhe t



"f1 n e








.1lna fooh' uf at the JiJn above her, then wa(h· sfow& into the tairuruuna.

.1lna wa(h· cautious§ throUJh the sMb' and riles, fahYlj in the noisy, live& and vibrant surrouncliYljs.

.1lna hears a shout, andturns to see a fortune teffer beck..oniYljher over to one of the tents

.1lna wa(h refuctant& over to the tent, and the fortune teffer hofcGthe tent curtain of en for her

.1lna sfow§ fo(fows the fortune teffer into the tent, and the curtains fa((shut behind her as she enters.

Now furry insile the tent, .1lna is beck..onedover to the tahfe where the fortune teffer issat

.1lna wa(h across the room nervous§, andsits clown in the emffJ seat 0Nosite the fortune teffer.

7he fortune teffer reaches for a fack.. of cards on the fabfe, and ~s out four cards face clown in (ront of her.

.1lfter a moment of concentration, the fortune teffer fich' uf one card and shows it to .1lna with a serious elfreJrion.



ioisions in 13rifish Cuftur~-1Jpp-ef'cfass

1UorkiYIJ cfaj'jl

Often seen as stuffy and uptight, 'Very quick to judge just from first impressions. Very proud people. '. Stereotypical obsession with afternoon tea. •~ritish etiquette is of the utmost importance when dining. •Very dignified and elegant manner. Ladies wear frocks, men wear top hats and tailcoats. "·Think the working class is 'scum.' •Prim and proper. --Always polite. •Keen to gossip and spread rumours. •Fear of being shamed in public. •Do not like people who interfere with their delicate social boundaries ·Scared of anything that goes against the 'norm.'




:Are seen as loud, brash and 'in your face.' ·Constant stress on drinking alcohol (idea of lager louts.) -Themes of obesity and gluttony? •Are often inappropriate in social situations. •Uses violence and aggression as a tactic to get their own way. ·Very loyal to their own people. .Part-take in theft and robbery? ·Can often be promiscuous in public. ·No sense of dignity. •Rarely polite to strangers, and are hostile towards people outside their social boundaries. . •Men wear jeans and t shirts, women wear low cut tops and tiny skirts .. •Men letch at woman as they pass by. •N 0 sense of personal space. •Very outgoing, once you have won them over you find true friends.