Bio Informatics - An innovative technology to prevent flight hijacking.

ABSTRACT: The most intimidating part in air travel is the fear of hijackers seizing control of the plane. Even in the developed nations, with the most sophisticated techniques, couldn't stop these death including methods. Here, we have proposed a new idea using the functional system of the body. This will certainly put an end to the things that threatens everyone, if it is implemented correctly. This technology deals with the detection and prevention of hijacking automatically by combining the features of embedded systems and medical instrumentation for sensing the parameters. Embedded systems are used because any additions or an alteration in the system does not involve the change of hardware that could be done just by changing the coding written in the IC. This reduces hardware cost, development time and space. These chips are built into a non-computing device, which gives intelligence to the system. Biomedical instrumentation provides necessary equipments for sensing the required parameters from the body. The camera gives the control to the system and for alerting the pilot. Two types of sensors, heart beat and temperature sensors are used in here. These sensors are placed in all the passenger's seats. The heartbeat and temperature of the human body are measured and are constantly checked. There is always a quantum jump in the heartbeat count and the temperature of the human body in times of tension. So incase of any hijack, the human body will experience the same, which is detected by the sensors and suitable preventive measures are taken automatically. Even in the slightest possibility we should not allow mankind to face danger. This is impossible but the effort should not be ceased in any way. Every person should come whole heartedly to ensure security to the civilians against the most vicious persons present. This is one of the ideas, which provides security in an AEROPLANE against hijackers.

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