Data Analysis

I-Pang Fu March 19, 2011

Retrieve Data from Qualtrics

Go to View Results

Download Data

Open the file with Excel/Spreadsheet

Copy to Notepad/TextEdit

Import into SocNetV

Open the text file

We will get the Network!

Other way 

We may need to learn how to make the code for UCINet, which is a powerful and popular SNA software.  Remember the Node and Edge?  Two formats: 
Nodelist  Edgelist

Dl n= 4, format = nodelist1 Labels: Sanders, Peter, Joe, Mike Data: 123 2134 312 42

Practice Nodelist 

Three people in one group  Go to to download the data set called Test_Day1  Create a nodelist code for this data set  Save as a *.dl  Upload to SocNetV

Dl n= 4 format =edgelist1 Labels: Sanders, Jack, Peter, Joe Data: 121 132 211 231 24 311 3 2 na 4 2 10

Practice Again 


Three people in one group Use the data set of Test_Day1 Create an edgelist code for this data set Save as a *.dl Upload to SocNetV.

Statistics in SNA 

Density  Centrality 
Degree  Closeness  Betweeness 




Higher in-degree = Prominent actor  High out-degree = influential actor  Closeness: How quick the actor could access other actors 
Visibility in the network  Quicker access or shorter edges

Centrality (cont.) 

Betweeness: Identifies an entity's position within a network in terms of its ability to make connections to other pairs or groups in a network. 
Hold important position- broker or a point of failure  Location, location, location  Have greater amount of influence to the network


Show the sub-groups that are very closely tied to each others.  Three members= Three lines; Four members = Six lines.  Reciprocated or absence of a relation  Strong cliques vs. Weak cliques  Maximum and complete


Three people in one group.  Use the data set of Practice 2 
Group A: Explain Degree  Group B: Explain Closeness  Group C: Explain Betweeness

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