Length of the examination: Examination Fee: 20 minutes Please consult our website for the schedule of fees. www.conservatorycanada.ca None. There is no written examination co-requisite for the awarding of the Level 1 Practical Certificate.


REQUIREMENTS & MARKING Requirement Total Marks


12 12 12 12


10 8 16

3 7 8 100 2

* Two bonus marks will be awarded to a candidate who performs at least one of the required pieces with CD accompaniment, either commercially prepared or an original creation by the student.

1 © Conservatory Canada 2008

Level ONE LIST PIECES Candidates must be prepared to play four pieces from the following three categories: Jazz/Blues. but which holds special interest for the candidate. Marks will be given for originality.Contemporary Idioms Guitar Syllabus . key. and compositional/structural unity. 2 © Conservatory Canada 2006 . poor suitability of the choice may be reflected in the mark. 30 MEL BAY'S GUITAR JOURNALS – ROCK Bending The Blues pg. ROCK ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS FOR GUITAR BOOK 1 (HAL LEONARD) Every Breath You Take p. and may be chosen entirely at the discretion of the teacher and student. Special approval is not required for the supplementary piece. It may represent a period or style of piece not already included in the examination program.30 (MEL BAY) OTHER BLUEGRASS GUITAR CLASSICS (HAL LEONARD) Man of Constant Sorrow Pg. Power Chord Shuffle Pg 77 (HAL LEONARD) 21ST CENTURY GUITAR METHOD Singing Strings Pg 22 Spy to Spy Pg 22 (ALFRED) JAZZ/BLUES SOLO BLUES GUITAR Solos 1. In this case. The choice must be within the following guidelines: (a) The equivalent level of difficulty of the piece may be at a higher level. (b) Candidates with exceptional talent for improvisation may wish to improvise upon a theme of their choice. However. Rock and Other Genres. Choices should contrast in style.8. MEL BAY'S GUITAR JOURNALS JAZZ (MEL BAY) Blues in G pg.36 (MEL BAY) STUDIES ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS FOR GUITAR BOOK 1 (HAL LEONARD) 123. items (a) and (b) (above) will apply.22 Under the Double Eagle Pg. providing it is within the technical and musical grasp of the candidate.74 Dust in the Wind p. musical inventiveness. This piece need not be from the Syllabus lists.75 EASY POP MELODIES Walk Don't Run pg. Your choices must include two different composers or arrangers.30 (First 12 Bars) SUPPLEMENTARY PIECE Candidates must be prepared to play one supplementary piece. 47 (HAL LEONARD) MEL BAY'S GUITAR JOURNALS-BLUES The Pull-Off pg. and tempo.

even 8ths all legato. (Aeolian) Harmonic Minor. Metronome markings should be regarded as minimum speeds. even 8ths all legato. even 8ths all legato. even 8ths Any logical fingering is acceptable. 3 © Conservatory Canada 2006 .M. Keys Required in Level One. even 8ths all legato. Keys Major (Ionian) Natural Minor. even 8ths all legato. New Keys Major Minor C Am Review Keys None None SCALES To be played from memory. They may be played alternating down and up with a pick or performed by alternating the right hand index and middle fingers. ascending AND descending. Jazz Melodic Minor Pentatonic Chromatic C Am Am Am C. with good tone. 70 70 70 70 70 70 Ú Articulation all legato. and logical left hand fingering including right hand finger alternation or down and up picking. Am Beginning on D Octaves 2 2 2 2 2 1 M. in the keys stated.Level ONE TECHNICAL TESTS All technical tests must be played from memory.Contemporary Idioms Guitar Syllabus . Open strings are allowed. evenly.

Contemporary Idioms Guitar Syllabus .Level ONE 4 © Conservatory Canada 2006 .

IVm.Contemporary Idioms Guitar Syllabus . Imaj (b) Minor Key: Im.M. IVmaj. V7. Im 5 © Conservatory Canada 2006 . Keys Major Minor C Am M.Level ONE ARPEGGIOS To be played ascending and descending in the keys stated. 70 70 Ú Note Values in quarter notes in quarter notes CHORDS Play the following chord progressions in sequence: (a) Major Key: Imaj. V7.

clap. Attempts to correct errors during the performance should be avoided.Contemporary Idioms Guitar Syllabus .Level ONE SIGHT READING Candidates are required to perform at sight: (a) (b) (c) A rhythmic exercise (one example given) A melodic passage (one example given) A chord chart The candidate will be given a brief period to scan the score and must perform each section without counting aloud. Length 4 bars Example: a) Rhythm 6 © Conservatory Canada 2006 . or play on one note (at the candidate’s choice) a simple rhythm. Rhythmic Exercise Tap.

Contemporary Idioms Guitar Syllabus . 4 bars Example: b) Sight Reading Chord Charts The candidate is free to interpret the rhythm and chord voicings freely while maintaining stylistic integrity. am. Major Keys Length C 8 – 24 bars 7 © Conservatory Canada 2006 . Keys Length C.Level ONE Melodic Passage Sight read a short melody equal in difficulty to pieces of Level 1.

dynamic and tempo markings and other musical terms. latin.) and illustrate how they apply to each particular piece. The questions will include the following elements: (a) Musical signs – Find and explain all articulation markings. BACKGROUND INFORMATION Candidates must be prepared to answer questions on the three pieces selected for the examination. blues. etc. 5.conservatorycanada. 8].Level ONE AURAL TESTS The candidate will be required: (a) to identify major or minor chords played once by the examiner in broken form and in root position: (b) the examiner will play the four note tonic chord of any key in root position slowly ascending and descending.Contemporary Idioms Guitar Syllabus .ca 8 © Conservatory Canada 2006 . 3. The examiner will then randomly play one note from the chord asking the student to identify the note by interval: interval number [1. RESOURCE MATERIAL Further examples and supplementary exercises may be found on the E-Sharp Club at: www. (b) Style – Describe any important musical concepts in each of the genres performed on the examination (jazz.

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