Target Audience: A Profile

Name: Roam Hamilton Gender: Male Age: 17 Location: Ilkley, West Yorkshire Occupation: Student Background/Class: Middle Class Interests/Hobbies: Cricket, Football and watching films. Taste in Films: Roam loves a good comedy, but his biggest pet peeve is comedies that aren’t funny! He also loves horror films because he loves to be scared. Favourite Films: Roam has three favourite films all from different genres: 127 hours (Boyle, 2010), Psycho (Hitchcock, 1960) and The Hangover (Phillips, 2009)


Roam is just a typical member of our Core Target Audience. Our Core Target Audience is: • Aged 15-24 • Males and Females • Working Class/Middle Class • White British We also have a Secondary Target Audience which extends to: • Ages 25-35 • Upper Middle Class • People from ethnic minorities Because we are very low budget/no budget, both of our Target Audiences are towards people in England.