McHistory McHistory

In 1940, a restaurant was opened by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino,
In 1965, Kroc bought out the McDonald brothers Ior $2.7 million.
McFacts McFacts
McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest chain oI hamburger Iast Iood restaurants,
serving more than 58 million customers daily.
Today, the Company operates in more than 31,000 Restaurants in 119 Countries employing
more then 1.5 million people.
They entered India in October 1996. Today, there are 56 McDonald`s Restaurants in India
Employing around 2,000 Indians.
Approximately 85° oI McDonald`s Restaurant Business World-wide are Owned and Operated
by Franchisees.
Motto Motto
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IinanciaIs IinanciaIs
Iiguios in USD MiIIions Yoai
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Tnta! Rcvcnuc 19,117 2O,895 22,787 23,522 22,745
Grnss PrnfIt 6,177 6,932 7,9O5 8,639 8,792
Nct PrnfIt 2,578 2,866 2,335 4,313 4,551
Innovalivo Managononl Slialogios adoplod Innovalivo Managononl Slialogios adoplod
McDonald`s started with the strategy oI hiring younger/ teenage employees as well as halI nannies,
where nannies would organize & manage the younger employees, and run the stores by themselves
without management intervention. It also helped in creating employment opportunities Ior nannies.
McDonald's Japan, introduced innovative method oI training their younger employees who usually
work on part time basis by using Nintendo`s DS gaming units rather then usual classroom training
as it would result in dull and silly session. This type oI training was easy to understand and
interesting to learn which helped employees to deal with customers proIessionally.

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