Hi Ppl, We have to submit an assignment to Archana Mam for internal assessment 10 marks. It is an individual assignment.

She has given a case study based on which there are a couple of questions to be solved and submitted to her by 25th March. The case study is in soft copy format and she has prohibited me from mailing it. I have loaded the same on the college desktop and it is advisable if everyone collects it from there in the next couple of days. Please do not mail the case study because the college has not officially purchased it and Ghai Sir was adamant not to circulate it via email. The questions to be solved are 1. Discuss the specific schemes and programs introduced by Walmat as a part of the sustainability strategy. 2. Identify the drivers of Walmart's sustainability strategy. Do you think that the sustainability initiatives have offered Walmart a competitive edge?Justify your answer. 3. Do you think that Walmart's sustainability initiatives have managemed to achieve the environmental objectives? Justify your answer.

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