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What do you expect from lectures? Do you expect a class / tutor to – • • • • • teach you all you should know about your subject provide all the necessary information for your assignments supply all the required notes on-line for you fill your head with all the information you need - provided you listen carefully entertain you with presentations, pictures, video clips etc.

If you expect any of the above you will be rather disappointed. You cannot expect your tutor to do all the work for you. You have to take responsibility for your own learning in order to attain a good degree. Lecture preparation will ensure that you are making the most of your time here at Staffordshire University. Why should I prepare for a lecture? Athletes warm up before a performance and effective pre-lecture preparation does the same for your brain. It gets you thinking and prepares you for the information you are about to receive. It will aid your understanding of the subject area, improve your memory of the topic, allow you to connect ideas and develop your own mental map of the information, enable you to choose the best style of notes to take and help you to retrieve the information at a later date. Preparing for classes is time well spent. It will ensure that you learn more when in the session and your note taking will be more effective and meaningful. Preparation pays off as you will learn new terminology and ideas in advance and this will enable you to pick up on keywords more easily and focuses your listening skills. You will be able to make more sense of the information and concepts delivered in the lecture. Skills required in lectures To get the most out of lectures you require seven main skills 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Listening skills Concentration skills Summary skills Note taking skills Organisational skills – on paper and in your thinking Critical thinking skills Multi-tasking skills – to do many of the above at the same time and at speed

Some of these skills you may possess but some you will need to develop over a period of time.

Study Skills

Effective Lecture Pre (JB)

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4.Different types of lectures Type of lecture Keynote Purpose Outcome Is intended to raise Enables questioning of issues or questions information and research Sets the scene and gives Informs about main a broad overview issues Introduces a series of Provides a framework of lectures knowledge and concepts Provides a broad overview Each lecture builds upon Assumes knowledge the previous one from previous lectures Takes a specific aspect of To flesh out a framework a topic and goes into provided in an detail introductory lecture Provides information about specific research Sums up key points from Provides an overview previous lectures which links to the Ties all the lectures introductory lecture together Introductory Sequential Focus Conclusion How do I prepare for lectures? Use course handbooks They – 1. See your subject librarian for help with this. 5. 3. Anticipate the framework or sub-headings you will use in your notes. Get your files and notes organised in advance. which provides you with a framework of information that helps you to make links. Read notes and presentations in advance of lectures to develop a framework. Search your library catalogue for relevant information. Use information from departmental sites. Give you an idea about what you should expect in a lecture. Provide glossaries of new terminology which you can use to improve your listening skills and support your understanding of new concepts. This can focus you in the lecture. 3. 4. Yourself 1. Give reading lists in order to help you to develop your understanding of the subject area and learn new terminology On-line support 1. 2. Create a list of possible questions you would like answering about the subject area. 2. Perform an academic search of the internet and download any background information to help you to gain an understanding of the subject area of the lecture. 3. Provide an overview of the subject. Study Skills Effective Lecture Pre (JB) Page 2 of 3 . 2. Check the information provided by your tutor. Inform you about the proposed lectures.

uk/studyskills Visit: B17 Thompson Library. Stafford Please note that any information provided by the Study Skills staff is advisory OR www. concepts and ideas help you to retrieve and use the information later support you in thinking more deeply about the subject Develop your skills Make sure you adopt an active listening approach.Be wary about missing lectures If you miss a lecture you are missing • the asides and emphasis the lecturer places on different aspects of the subject • the tone of voice and body language all of which will strengthen your understanding of the topic • any questions which are raised 2D downloads can never replace face to face delivery Preparation can – • • • • • • increase your understanding of the subject improve your memory of the topic enable you to take more effective notes create connections between information. selecting and summarising spoken information you will be actively involved in the lecture. You will have a higher level of concentration as you will be adopting a critical approach towards the subject. its employees or agents for any loss or detriment suffered by a student relying on the advice given. Good practice in lectures It you take down this information you will be able to refer to your lectures in assignments In each lecture note down • • • • The The The The date lecturer’s name lecture title or topic aims of the lecture as outlined at the beginning Call: 01785 353500 Click: Stoke OR LT. Why has this information been included? How does this link with the rest of the topic/subject? Is this essential or exemplar information? How does this fit with the information I already know/have read? What point is the lecturer trying to make? This type of preparation will save you time in the long run because you will have a greater understanding of the subject. No liability will be attached to the University. Study Skills Effective Lecture Pre (JB) Page 3 of 3 . Make • • • • • connections with previous learning. This will help you to deal with new and challenging information more effectively. Nelson Library.staffs. If you are questioning.

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