You are cordially invited.

Researchers at University College London are working in collaboration with Arup Foresight and the Pervasive Interaction Lab at the Open University on the future of smart technologies for retail environments. Combining wireless micro processors embedded in furniture with artificial intelligence, the scientists have created a Smart Po-Up Wine Shop. A shop that learns from its customers’ behaviour and recommends wines based on their popularity. The aim of the research is to understand how we can design services using these technologies and how they may change people’s buying behaviour. After a successful 5 week trial with over 100 participants conducted in February and March 2011 at the Pervasive Interaction Labs at The Open University, the Smart Pop-Up Wine Shop will be installed at Arup for a demonstration.
For more information please contact: Gonzalo Garcia-Perate +44 (0)7971 405 333

— 22/23 March 2011 Arup Phase2 Gallery 8 Fitzroy Street London W1T 4BJ