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101 Ways to Promote your Website

101 Ways to Promote your Website

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Published by Raj Shekar

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Published by: Raj Shekar on Mar 21, 2011
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Search engine submissions need to be handled manually rather than by an auto-
mated application. Google and Yahoo! Search both require you to type in your
Web address as well as a code that is embedded in a graphic on the submission
form page. The text that is embedded on that page is dynamically generated,
meaning it is different for each visitor. Submission software would be unable to
read the text embedded in the graphic and, therefore, would be unable to input
the required code into the submission form.
All of the submission suggestions assume you are interested in being in-
dexed by the major U.S.-based search engines. If you plan to submit your Web
site to international search engines or international editions of the major search
engines, then you need to take into consideration search engine optimization
for specific languages and cultures.

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