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101 Ways to Promote your Website

101 Ways to Promote your Website

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Published by: Raj Shekar on Mar 21, 2011
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Once you have found potential partners, next you need to look at win-win
ways to partner with these sites. There are all kinds of ways to work together to
do cross-promotion, leverage the exposure on each other’s site, or provide ex-
posure through each other’s database.

• Cross-promotion through banner advertising. You can exchange ban-
ners on each other’s site. If you have pots and pans and you are
partnering with the appliance site, you can have a banner that indi-
cates that any customer of yours can get a 10 percent discount on the
appliance site, with a link to their site in the banner ad. The appliance
site can provide the quid pro quo—your banner on their site can pro-
vide their customers with the same 10 percent discount for purchasing
from your site.

• Co-operative banner advertising. Drop-down ads provide the viewer
with the option to click on different parts of the banner ad and be taken
to different sites. You could partner with four others who are all selling
to the same target market to develop and place this type of drop-down
menu ad. The result is either the same amount of advertising you did
previously at 20 percent of the cost, or spending the same amount and
getting five times the exposure.

338 101 Ways To Promote Your Web Site (promote.maxpress.com)

• Partner with others on contests. Find sites that are selling to the same
target market and offer your products as part of the prize for their con-
test as long as the other site provides some details on your products and
a link to your site. Leverage the link by getting your most important
keywords in the text around the link pointing to your site to increase
your link relevancy score and your search engine placement. You can
also partner with others on your contests. The greater the prize, the
more exposure you’ll see through the contest.

• Partner with others’ e-specials. Look for sites that provide e-specials to
their target market and see if you can provide them with a great e-special.
If you have a health food store, providing a great package at a great price
to a local fitness facility that has a significant database could result in not
only significant new business but also new visitors to your site and, if you
develop the landing page properly, new members to your e-club.

• Partner with directories or meta-indexes that provide links to your type
of site. Look for a mutually beneficial opportunity. At the very least,
look for an opportunity to have your listing appear at the top of the
page and have it stand out in some way, or have your banner ad appear
on the most appropriate page of their directory.

• Partner with your industry associations. If you have a listing, make sure
that your description is as appealing as it can be. Provide a call to action
in your description. Have the link go to the most appropriate page of
your site—it’s not always the home page! Look for areas on their site
where you can gain a little extra exposure. Do they have sections like:

– Top 10

– Featured

– Recommended

– Site of the day/week

– Suggested.

These all provide an opportunity for added exposure. Another example is
that if you have a community event coming up, look for all the local organiza-
tions and popular sites in your geographic area for things like “Upcoming Events”

The Power of Partnering 339

to get your event included—even if you have to write it yourself. There are lots
of these opportunities—the local newspaper Web site and the local chamber of
commerce sites would be a great start.
Partner with industry associations to get your press releases or story ideas
in front of the media. Most industry associations have a media center. If you’ve
got a press release or a story that would be of interest to the media, the industry
association’s media center would be a great place for exposure. Perhaps they’d
be interested in a joint press release to their media list.
Be a contributing journalist to e-zines that have your target market as their
subscribers. Make sure you have your contact information in the resource box,
with a link back to your Web site.
There are all kinds of partnering opportunities available; you just have to do
a little brainstorming. Think about who is selling noncompeting products or ser-
vices to the same target market you are and figure out a win-win opportunity.

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