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Appendix B Population and Privatization
In recent years, there has been an increase in prison population, while measures have been created to help lessen the effects of overcrowding. These include front-end solutions, double bunking, and back-end solutions. Privatization has also become an important issue in corrections in the last two decades and is anticipated by many to be a critical issue in the future. Directions: Open a separate Microsoft® Word document and answer the following questions. Each response must be 50 to 100 words in length. Post this assignment as an attachment.

1. Which option (front-end solutions, double bunking, or back-end solutions) do you feel is the
most effective in our correctional system? Explain your rationale. I believe that privatization is a smart idea in order to control the prison system. Double-bunking, back-end solutions, and front-end solutions are with these is that because they spare room. The problem with these are that because there is all the extra room they feel as though they can fit more people in the prisons and jails, leaving little to no privacy. I know it is not supposed to be comfortable but it can get so overcrowded that it is almost a fire hazard. I feel if any, I would have to choose the bunk-beds only because of the fact that it brings the people a little closer and may decrease the amount of killings. What is the role and purpose of privatization? The main object of privatizing was to lower and control the costs. According to ( In 1987, approximately 3,122 inmates out of 3.5 million inmates were confined in private corrections facilities in the United States. By 2001, the total United States inmate population had swelled to a staggering 6.5 million inmates—123,000 of whom were confined in private facilities. This 4,000% increase in the number of prison beds in private hands was fed by the concomitant 90% growth in total inmate populations in the United States as a whole. (BOJS, 2001). Currently, over 32 states and Puerto Rico have formed contacts with corrections corporations. Does privatization have the potential to eradicate the prison population increase? Explain why or why not. I do not believe that privatization will eradicate the prison population. I believe that privatization ensures more people being locked up, compared to people who are set free because of overpopulation in the prisons/ jails. The privatization is more of a housing that can hold more prisoners than the regular prison. What are the population concerns in the correctional system of the foreign country you selected for the final project, if any? Does this correctional system use privatization methods? Explain. The foreign country prison that I am doing for my final project is the North Korean prison systems. The population concerns there are just as any. There may be more people than they know what to do with, yet there is not much that they can do about it. The only difference is, is that they have concentration camps that help reduce the population in the prison systems. Unfortunatly, it may be somewhat difficult to get a great amount of information on the system because of the fact that North Korea is a very closed natured and secretive. The North Korean government makes it difficult for foreigners to enter the country.




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