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Professor Alekh Chandra Sarangi,

Former Vice Chancellor,
S.J.SanskritUniversity, Puri, Odisha, India

The poets achieve the brilliant celebrity through their creations. Rightly, told
Bharthari - ‘jaranti te sukrtayah rasasiddhaah kaviisvaraah,
Naasti yeshaam yashah kaaye jaraa-maranajam bhayam.’
Vanikavi Dr. Manomohan Acharya is a gifted poet among the contemporary
Sanskrit poets, who really justifies his name. Professionally, He teaches in Banki
Autonomous College in Cuttack district in Odisha. His lyrical Sanskrit poetry ‘Gita-
bharatam’ is very much amazing. This literary document is meant to express the glory of
the great India. This kavya contains 10 numbers of sweet patriotic songs. Somewhere the
literary style of Jayadeva is traced and somewhere the Raagas and Taalas of Odiya
heritage have become the tune of this kavya. Above all the literary style of Manmohan is
unique. He posed Sanskrit language as a world glory through his literature. In his
melodious song, Madhura-bhaaratam, Sweet India the poet comprehend each particle of
India a sweet one. The same sense of patriotism is found expressed in a different literary
style in the poem, ‘Bhaarata-maataa sarasa-rasaa’.
Gayanti devaah kila gitakaani, dhanyaastu te bharata-bhumi-bhaage.,-
The Visnu Puraanam declared. Vanikavi writes in his song ‘devasya martye ratih’ , in
lucid saardula-vikridita meter writes that-
The Gods don’t hesitate to become even the small children again, to cry like tin-
aged and to ingest the milk from mothers in Indian soil. So they took birth on this fertile
soil. Manmohan, a literary patriot composed a parade-song ‘navam padam
vivarddhayan’ which really appeals the readers and audiences. The poet warns the
Indians to safeguard the integrity of great India. Each part of this poetry is enchanting.
The poetry, Gitabharatam, no doubt bears a great patriotic value in contemporary Indian
literature. ( Vanamala, A.V.Kaviraja Banamali Das Commemoration Volume,2009)