MAJMUU’AH AHZAB WA AWRAAD WA RASAA-IL Collection of Chapters (Hizb), Prayers (Awraad) & Letters of Sir Ahmad bin Idris Page

2 Contents of the Book 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The Eight praises The Five Chapters (Ahzab) Parts of The Qur’an The Fourteen Prayers The Chapter (Hizb) of Sword (As-Saifi) The Chapter (Hizb) of Richness (Al-Mugani) for Master Uwais Al-Qarni The Unconquerable Castles (Al-Husun Al-Mani’ah) Letter of Basis (Risalah Al-Qawa’id) Letter of Basis (Risalah Al-Assas) The Book of Sunah & Spirit of Tranquiled Souls (Kitab Ar-Ruh As-Sunah Wa Ruh An-Nufus AlMutmainah)

10. Chemistry of Assuredness (Certainty) in the Longing of Allah Fearers (Kimia’ Al-Yaqin Fi Mashuq AlMutaqin) 11. The Letter of Lordly Breathing 12. Beautiful Names of Allah (Asma’Allah Al-Husnah) 13. Hadith of the Beginning of Creation (Hadith Bad’i Al-Qalq) Page 3 In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. “O those who believe, call to mind Allah many times.” 1. THE EIGHT PRAISES (Al-Mahamid Al-Samaniah) O My Lord, I do seek refuge by Your (Wajih Al-Karim) benevolent face, Your great Sultan (power) and Your (hukum Al-Qadim) ever lasting wisdom, from the Satan, the down cast one. Oh my Lord, bestow peace and blessings on our Mawlana Muhammad and his household, in every single moment and breath, as much as Allah knows. Oh my Lord, I present myself in front of You before every single soul and breath that is breathed by the dwellers of the heavens and earths, and everything that is being created in Your knowledge or that which has been created in Your knowledge, I do present myself available for you before them all. 1. Praises are due to Allah with all kinds of praises that I know of and that I do not know. Praises to Allah for all His “nikmah” that I know of and that I do not. All praises to Allah as much as His all creatures numbered

Page 4 those among His creatures that I know and those that I do not know. (3 times). And I present myself to you before all of them. 2. 3. Praises are due to Allah, the Lord of worlds. Praises that could meet His Nikmah, and for which one is paid double. (3 times). And I do submit myself to you before all of them. My Lord, praises are Yours, many praises always as You praised Yourself, and double of those praises as You made a duty You demand from Your creatures. Praises that do not end without Your knowledge. Praises are due to You, much praises the way You praised Yourself, and double of what You demand from all Your creatures; much praises that do not end without You will. Praises are due to You, much praises, as You praised Yourself, and the doubles of what You obligated on Your creatures; praises that the person that say them, seek only to please You. All Al-Hamdu (praises) are due to You, much praises, the way You praised Yourself, and doubles of what You had obligated on all Your creation; much praises, everlasting one with every blinking of an eye and every breathing. (3 times). Page 1 of 59

Page 5 and I do submit myself available to you before all of them. 4. Praises and thanks are due to Allah for all His Nikmah; praises and thanks as suitable to Jalal Allah (Allah Majesty) and Jamal Allah (Allah’s Beauty) and Kamal Allah (Allah’s Perfectness) and Kibriya Allah (Allah’s Magnanimity) and Azamat Allah (Allah’s Greatness) and Qudrat Allah (Allah’s ability) and sultan Allah (Allah’s Power) as permanently as the permanence of Allah, everlasting as Allah, praises are to Allah as much how much Allah’s knowledge surrounds, as accounted for in His Book, as written by the pen of Allah, as many as what has come into being by Qudrat Allah (Allah’s ability and capacity), as specified by Iradat Allah (Allah’s will), and the Middad Kalmat Allah (the ink of Allah’s words), as it faits for the Jalal (Majesty) of Wajih (face) of our Lord and His Jamal (handsomeness), His Kamal (perfectness) and as much as Allah likes and pleases. (3 times). And I do present myself to You before all of them my Lord. Oh my Lord, Yours are praises, many praises, like You praised Yourself, and doubles of what You made as duty on Your creatures, all of them, as it should suit Your Jalal (Majesty) and Your Great Sultan (power) in every single instant and breathing, to the number of what is in your knowledge oh our Mawlana. (3 times). And I do submit myself to You in front of them all. Glory to Allah Al-Azim (the Great one), as much as His creatures number and as much He pleases



Page 6 and as much His ARSH weight, as much as the ink of His words and as much as the end of His knowledge. (3 times). And I submit myself to You in front of all of them. 7. Subhana Allah (Glory to Allah) and Al-Hamdu lilah (Praises are due to Allah) and there is no god but Allah, and Allah is Great, Wala Hawla Wala Quwat Ila Bi Ilah (there is no mean and power except for Allah), Al-Ali (the most High), Al-Azim (the Great one), in every single instant and breathing, the full of the Mizan (the scale), the end of knowledge, the reach of Rida (pleasing), the number of Nikmah and the weight of Al-Arsh (the throne). (3 times). And I submit myself to You in front of all of them. Praises are due to Allah as it should be for the Majesty of Allah and Greatness of Allah in all instances and all breaths which His knowledge encompass which continue with eternity. (3 times).


And praises are to Allah and to our Lord Muhammad and to all his family in all instances and souls that Allah knowledge encompass.

2. THE FIVE CHAPTERS (Ahzab) The 1st Chapter (Hizib) is called The Supreme Light and The Sealed Treasure. The 1st Subu’ (Seventh) for Monday In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful. Oh Lord, pray and greet and bless our head Muhammad and all his families in all instance and all breaths which amounts Your encompass. Oh Lord I submit myself to You in all breaths and instances and glance that the people of the skies and the Earth glance and all creatures in Your knowledge or anything that I wanted to submit to You. In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful praises be to Allah the owner of the world, the Compassionate and the Merciful. The owner of the Resurrection Day.

Page 7 In the name of Allah the compassionate, the Merciful Oh my god enters me into the entrance of truth and let me out from the exit of truth and give me victorious power.

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Page 8 And know that there is no god but Allah, Oh my Lord, I do request from the Greatness of your essence that does not have and end, that no one knows of except You; and I do request from by Your Great name, the Greatest, and by Your Generous, Beautiful Wajih (face); and I request from You by everything that You know for Yourself that nobody knows but You. I do request that You bestow Your peace, blessings on our Mawlana (our ally) Muhammad and his household, in every instant and breath the number of what your knowledge covers; and that You bestow on me Your nikmat. Oh You who Jalal (Majesty) and Ikram (dignity) belong to; in the presences of manifestations of Your essence by eye from which nothing can be hidden in earth nor in the heavens. Do pour on every part of my essence the sweetness of that witness till I become a sweet Lordly essence running down throughout my spirit (nafs) from my nafs (spirit) to my nafs (spirit); as You did bestow Your nikmat on our Lord, our nabi (apostle), our Mawlana Muhammad (May Allah have peace and blessings on him) in that. Substantiate (authenticity) me oh my Lord by my humanity till I become the whole Lordly pupil of eye that does not have any limit, nor can it be estimated by anyone except You; as You did authenticity our nabi, our Lord and our Mawlana Muhammad (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) by that. Make me hear oh You who are hearer. Page 9 the seer, the talker, the highest sweetness of your word and conversation in every situations of mine with the whole of me, till there is no atom of the parts of my essence that is excluded from that Lordly hearing for a second or lower. Continuously everlasting, as You did make Your nabi, our Lord and Mawlana Muhammad (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) hear that way. And make me oh my Lord a devote completely in your service, a devotedness in which there is no a single smell of Rububiah (divinity) for no one but You, among Your creation, till I become in devotedness on the firm foot that does not get shaken by any kind of ambiguity in any way. Make me taste oh my Lord the sweetness of that servitude (devotedness) in all my breathings, from the sea of Lordly pouring sweetness, the sweetness of Lordly manifestations on every Lordly sweet things in the existence by Lordly observation, the most correct words, the tongue of the pins of the eternal sciences, the manifestation of the everlasting realities, Your servant of essence Page 10 Turjiman (translation) of You Lordly devan of grandeur, the most saint, Your nabi (apostle) and our Mawlana (Master) Muhammad (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The manifestation of essence of Lordly grandeur that is the brightest. Give me my due in completely oh my Lord, as You gave him his due, till the whole of me with all of its parts are fused in the sea of true reality, the purity of which cannot be corrupted (stained) by any kind of mud, till the whole essence in every way. Manifest Yourself to me my Lord, by the secret of Your Lordship eternality that is embedded in Your word: Allah! there is no god but He. the Living, the Self-subsisting, supporter of all. No slumber can seize Him nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is there that can intercede in His presence except as He permitted? He knows what (appears to His creatures as) before or after or behind them. Nor shall they compass anything of His knowledge except as He wills. His Throne does extend over the heavens and the earth, and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them. For He is the Most High, the Supreme (in glory). Page 11 The 2nd Subu’ (Seventh) for Tuesday Manifest for me oh my Lord, in the position of Al-Istiwa that compresses all the ranks of true Lordhood till I give every Lordly rank its worth and duty from me without any defecting in the balance of justly strait lordly unit till my handling things become a total lordly handling uniquely by the unified lordly rank from all ways. Manifest yourself for me oh my Lord by grandeur that is collective for the meanings of all Lordly names that are the collective seas of realities of all names, so that I can become true by the truth of realities of the names comprising the reality of every Lordly name by its shariah (jurisdiction), standing by its reality in the heavens of my ruh (spirit) and its shariah (jurisdiction) in the earth of my body; so that my ayah (sign, verse) be from the book of Allah, the dignified, the Almighty from where are the Lordly manifestations. It is Allah in the heavens and on the earth who knows Your secrets and appearance and knows what you do. Till I become the whole of me faces seeing by every face to a name on the sunnah (nature) of shariah (ways) of manifestations (Al-Tajali) in the realities, so that the ayah of my face be from the book of Allah, the Great almighty form where the manifestations of His Lordhood, Al-Wahidiya (the Unified) Al-Rahmaniah (the Gracious Al-Rahimiah (the Mercifulness): Your Lord is one Lord, there is no God but He. He is the Gracious, the Merciful. So that the ayah of my face be from the book of Allah the Great, Almighty, from where the manifestations of the Lordly Kingdom: Oh my Lord, the King of Kings, You offer Kinghood to whom You please. Say: “O Allah! Lord of power (and rule), Thou givest power to whom Thou pleasest, and Thou strippest of power from whom Thou pleasest; Thou enduest with honor whom Thou pleasest, and Thou bringest to whom Thou pleasest; in hands is all things Thou has power. Thou causest the night to gain on the day. And Thou causest the day to gain the night; Thou bringest the living out of Page 3 of 59

Page 12 the dead, and Thou bringest the out the living, and Thou givest substenance to whom Thou pleasest, without measure. And the signs of my face will be of the book of Allah the greatest and majestic in terms of divine greatness and destiny. Allah had never been incapable of doing anything in the heavens and on the earth. He is always with full knowledge and ability of doing thing. And the sighs of my face will be of the book of Allah the greatest and the majestic in terms of the divine greatness and nature. Allah, the creator of the heavens and the earth, the one that knows about the unknown and testimony. You judge among Your servant on their differences. And the signs of my face will be of the book of Allah, the Greatest and the Majestic in terms of the divine natural reverse and willness manifestation.

Page 13 And the signs of my face will be from the book of Allah the Greatest and the Majestic in terms of encompassing divine manifestations and Allah’s knowledge encompasses them, the Qur’an is great on a protected/preserved board. And the signs of my face will be of the book of Allah in terms of divine loyalty manifestations. Allah is the one who put life in the dead and he is capable of doing anything. And the signs of my face will be from the book of Allah the Greatest and the Majestic in terms of manifestations. He is Allah, there is no god but Him, all praises belong to him in the beginning and in the end and he has the judgement and to him everybody returns. And You make me to become the sign of my face (wajih). And make the sign of my face (wajih) from the book of Allah the Great and Sublime in terms of the manifestation of the greatness of the divine face. Every being on it will perish and only the face of your Lord that is the Greatest and the Most Generous will remain.

Page 14 And make the sign of my face from the book of Allah the Greatest and Sublime in terms of the divine manifestation of the Unity and Absoluteness. In the name of Allah, Most Generous, Most Merciful. Say He is Allah The One. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten, and there is none like unto Him, until You bring to me oh my Lord all the divine names all of them to become one name identical toe the road/path of entirety and completeness on the straight path (dhat) consistency of essence and verily you will definitely guide unto the right path. The path of Allah. And the sign of my face will be of the book of Allah the most Powerful and the Majestic in terms of the divine indomitable unitary greatness. In the name of Allah the Grateful, the Majestic. Until the name will become part of the divine names based on entirely of Your path, which are automatically straight. And You will guide people on Your straight road. And it will manifest to me oh my Lord with the sight of the divine Qur’an through You till the divine Qur’an will become my means of hearing and my sights and my soul and all the rest of my strengths and all its secrets will go through all my realities and my taste will be the real divine Qur’anic taste from all the existing creatures. Then I will hear the entire divine Qur’an as an automatic divine speech from the Hadarat Al-Subuhiyat so that I will be His means of hearing that I hear with on the conversational, dragnostic hearing when I recite it with His tongue that He speaks the entirely of the perfect secrets. Then I will have all the power of the languages. And more than that holy substance of letters and reservational language I will find the pleasure of the divine revelational Qur’an in me for eternity without and fatigue in the divine pleasure of the entire pleasure quiet different from the pleasure of the whole universe in such a way that if a little pot of it put on the whole world, everything will be absorbed and even all the other pleasures will be melt and it will remain with me till eternity and till I will become a divine person in myself and morally truthful with what God had sent to you in accordance with those we gave the book who recite it in the right way. And those are the ones who believe in it and till my recitation becomes a guidance that guide the greatness of God’s name as compared to mine. This is sign from Allah to the people in the form of mercy to those who will know. Page 15

The 3rd Subu’ (Seventh) for Wednesday
And make it manifest to me oh my lord with the secret of Your Great Oneness in the sign of equal selfishness. “I am God there id no God but Me and you should worship Me and you should stand prayer in my name till that secret becomes my soul from all creatures. And a caller will call Me to verify from the Great holy Hadarat with the truthful tongue. And you should know that

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Page 16 there is no God but Allah and make it manifest to me oh my Lord with the powerful being that does not remain and does not disappear from all creatures in terms of place and knowledge – only You – who stays completely for eternity ones all creatures covering all signs – And You will support me and take me out . Through you oh my God – and You will receive me – so that my structure will not disappear but I will remain in a powerful way in a complete divine perfection with the laws of Muhammad with my entire soul and my soul will continue to function with it – without me being proud over Your arrogance and Your greatness. And confront my heart and the rest of my powers with Your witnesses oh You Lord who changes the hearts with the real truth and the perfect one that You strengthen the divine eyes and the rest of Your powers that You protected Your prophet with our Lord and head Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him). Page 17 The ship of the divine descriptive reality and the sailing container in the sea of Your Greatness and divinity in where there is no step of any creature – so that what creature will not tremble upon seeing Your Greatness after the veil of Your power is made exposed and that all the lights of his divine face appear and which are flames – as You mentioned through Your speech. And oh my God make the secrets of the divine book – manifest to me – the book of the divine realities. And spread oh my Lord in my heart that book so that I can gather the great realities of Qur’an in its divine form – unveiled – from all creatures from all my directions and I will be described with all the divine perfection of Muhammad in all my ways and advancement. And make it manifest oh my Lord with the name and existence of Allah, the reference of all the descriptions and names of Allah, the true Tawhidia one in all its greatness. Page 19 Oh Lord please provide me with divine (entirely) sufficiency to have all the perfect comprehension of healthy divine characteristics which other creatures will not have, whose hearts have been in different to bear the secrets of the compositions of the earth and it skies. And double that sufficiency oh my Lord in all souls with the amount of atoms in all the parts of all creatures, and that sufficiency will be more sufficient from all the creatures in an endless creatures till the entire universe will be based on one of these double like the mustard from the divine universe which are established. And oh Lord please multiply these multiples with multiples in the soul of every soul and then in all parts of my souls with any shortage of these multiples and which are greater than the strength of word which nobody has knowledge of except you, having comprehensive knowledge of everything. All these oh my Lord are known in the witnesses of the seas to glorify Your wide name which does not have beginning and ending in all things of greatness and in all creatures. Save me oh my Lord from the veil of blind glory behind large tent of greatness and arrogance in the presence of beings and from all jealousy and violations. And if You call upon me with all the tribulations You will not find my guilty because I am saves from all these things. Page 20 And the pride infront all persons and violations to the extent that even if all the disasters approach me they will not reach me because of my fortification by You and no dilemma will be imagined. And please manifest to me my Lord Your divine and knowledgeable name so that I can take the divine knowledge and the truths of my soul will call with my humble existence in the presence of the most powerful and higher person, praise be to You, we have no knowledge except what You teach us, You are the righteous knowledgeable person. And then the divine knowledge will spread in all my soul till nothing will be hidden from Your divine secrets that are known in all the forms in the natures and the meanings and which do not have image or meaning and which are of the hidden divine knowledge preserved in a preserved manner behind the stages of the creature of knowledge which nobody touches it unless the clean ones from the exceptional beings those are clean with the divine cleanness – with Your greatness that nobody can enter the smallest atoms in a glorious perfection. Oh my Lord manifest the knowledge of all the prophets and messengers to me Page 21 till the divine foundation of realities will explore from me. Then I will know the source of all prophets and messengers through the divine revelation. Then will be the heir of all the complete truth of speech from a source of the river of the divine soul of realities and becomes the Iman of the divine person and the river of the divine and biggest praiser from whom all the streams of the divine prophets and messengers came from – Muhammad who is special with all the exceptional perfection from the rest of the creatures. The prayers and blessings be upon him with all the perfect realities and with the complete glory His Majesty and beauty – and with prayer that is not stopped by dawn nor sunset, and to all his disciples and family. And we trust God, the only depender. There is no power and means except Allah, the greatest, and I rest my issues to God. Allah monitors the worshippers. Oh Lord whatever becomes a shortcoming from my strength and that I cannot perform and which I cannot reach to in terms of desire and which I cannot reach to and which my tongue pronounces and which goes to my mind – all there should be given to me that you did not give others from the perfection of Your knowledge and what You make special for Your prophet and our head Muhammad (PBUH) and make me special with these things, Oh Lord the creator of the universe. Dear Lord You hear all prayers. Page 5 of 59

The way of those on whom. My Lord prays upon and greets and blesses our head Muhammad and all his families in each instant and breath. and thin aid we seek. Page 23 The 2nd Chapter (Hizib) is called The Greatest Glory and The Internal Secret. Which is also called: The Holy Glory and The Holy Light and it is also called: The Characteristic of the Greatest Realities and he has a lot of names. My Lord as You gave us the prayers the greatest thing. awake and in sleep and make him my Lord the soul of my existence different from all beings in this world and before the judgement day oh the Great. The Merciful. Please make our tongues to pronounce the prayers You like to give us. You generosity cannot finish and no one can describe Your blessings praises be to You. The 1st Hizib has finished and the 3rd Seventh by the help of Allah. which Your knowledge encompasses. the Merciful. The Gracious. do not deny us the answers. Suppose all people from the believers. Allah will not deny us answers You are the most respected rich person whose treasure does not finish from a lot of gifts. Absolute He begetteth not Nor is He begotten And there is none Like unto him Page 24 Oh Lord I ask you to bestow with the light of the face of the Almighty Allah which covers all the Kingdom of Allah and on which the worlds Allah stood and that You should be pray on our head Muhammad which has the wonderful destiny and on all his great families. the cherishes and the sustainer of the worlds: The Most Gracious. most Merciful Say: He is Allah. the great in all distances and breath which Allah knowledge encompasses – with eternal great prayers for the respect of Muhammad who has better great behavior. The One Allah the Eternal. Praise be to Allah. Oh my Lord I present myself between Your hands in each instant and breath and glittering of eye which You glitter with the skies and earth and of any creature which is in Your knowledge or which I should have presented in front of Your hands. the bad ones. And who go not astray In the name of Allah. in the light of the ability of Allah.Page 22 And Lord accepts my prayers. Show us the straight way. the upper and the lower ones get from Your gifts without question will you deny us answers and You have told us to ask You. Those whose (portion) is not wrath. the disbeliveers. most Gracious. Most Merciful: Master of the day of judgement Thee do we worship. The 4th Subu’ (Seventh) for Thursday In the name of Allah the Graceful. Page 6 of 59 . Thou has bestowed thy Grace. the good ones. Amen. and praise be upon on prophet Muhammad and to all his families in all breath and instant which I counted with in the level of the knowledge of Allah. in hidden. In the name of Allah. There is no God but You and there is no God but You and there is no power and means but with You the most great. and prayers be to him and with all that – and gather and him as You gathered between the soul and the heart clearly.

God forbide whatever happens and reaches its peak to the far divine and it will never approach the existing divine meaning and anything that flies with wings in the sky of the names of Allah to the sky of Jurusalem from You divinity. You are the clear one and there is nothing over You and You are the hidden one and there is nothing beyond You with strength and arrogance and Your greatness the wonderful. If You unveil it. With this the mountain moves as it is in the form of heavy material falling in a powerful way. O what if His divine arrogance is added to that. May the prayers and peace of Allah be upon him when he was asked: “Did you see Page 27 Your God and disappeared and said: Between me and Allah. Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him and all his families) beyond Allah there are seventy thousands barriers of light and darkness and if any creatures hears any sound from these distances will disappear and the prayers of Allah peace will flows into the trustful soul Jabriel. And I ask for Your divine talk which one clear from all the final description of His greatness as You said: “If there was in the earth tree of pens and the sea supplies it with pen after it seven seas the words of God will not dry. glory be to You. there is no Allah but You the only one. And Your barrier is Your light. There is nobody like You – and eyes of their minds cannot see the entire truth of Your existence – and if any atom appears to see Your existence from behind the barrier the entire being with disappear if it was nor because of the support of Your divine strength – You give the eternal life in less than an instance. it will burn the faces of Your creatures. And if You show the greatness of Your talk and make them to hear their brains will fly and their minds Page 7 of 59 . (100 times). Your cloths are Your arrogance. seventy barriers of light when I approached near it I will be burned. And without the mercy by making his divine powerful strength to flow into the closer ones everything would have melt in each another because of the strong taste of Your mercy. In this effect.” Glory to You. Glory be to You. glory to You. who does not become big when hearing Him except the one Allah purifies with your everlasting care from the characteristics of Your Kingdom and no one will feel big when hearing it in terms of anybody from Your creatures. Praises be to Your great face which is the source of all the greatness f all divine beings which fall into imaginations and darkness and nothing remain from the creatures but Your existence and greatness. I ask You through the greatness of Your strength and Page 26 Your powerful being with Your great unique names and descriptions which could have burned the entire universe without Your kindness with Your Merciful light. You are the blessful and the highest oh Allah You are Allah. And as You know the secret of Your existence which encompasses the realities of prophets and messengers and all Your angels became astonished by the door of Your angels and the knowledge of Your followers and You clear ones and the nearer ones became inexistant and everyone became astonished and how oh my Lord no one can stop Your arrogance and divine strength except You (3 times) the great (3 times) the big (3 times) the great (3 times) the arrogance (3 times) the living one that does not sleep (3 times) – You are the first and there is nothing before You and You are the last and there is no one after You. to see any creature who encompasses all Your knowledge about all Your environment or to be described without inability to know everything about Your description. And oh Lord. who addresses with an everlasting speech in the presence of speaking to Your prophet. there is no associate with You. As You taught us that in the divine revelation when you said: “When his Lord appeared over the mountain then Moses bowed in a fearful manner. the praises are great and Your honor is high and Your existence is holy. All imagination became confused and astonished about the wonder of the secrets of Your creature Page 28 about the verification about the entirely of knowledge of the entirely of Your existence and how to verify the knowledge of Your entirely oh Allah. the great. the creator of the angels and the soul Allah. Allah. The world would have explored in the face inexistence from the strength of Your greatness. the head of the revelation tongue of truth said which does not say anything from his own mind. and Moses bowes down as he is the one of the biggest messengers of revelation by showing part of Your light. the holy. Allah. the light that shines the candles of Your divine being in front of the entire creatures and all the eyes missed Your existence.Page 25 And ask You oh Lord to bestow me with the greatness of Your light which does not appear on anybody but You and which makes Your Kingdom great – and which beyond it and in it and makes every creature little and dishonorable which makes all the creatures to be part of Your greatness – and I ask Your name which nobody knows except You and You make beings from beings till all being became part of it. You are Allah with all the divine faces of glories that burn. And You are the great. Your curtains are Your greatness. Allah is the most Righteous great. Your power is great and Your arrogance is great.

” And you said to him if I speak to you with all the entirely of My speech you will be nothing. Allah please bestow me with the divine real eye.Page 29 will be dead and their waist will cut and their bodies will scattered and their parts will melt and all its parts will fly like dust scattered all over and they will become as if they were not less in the instance of Your eyes from the greatness of You speech and why not lord You said in your speech which is everlasting. He has the knowledge about what exists in the sea and on land. the perfect and absolute divine deserved person to worship who granted me the knowledge to know the treasures of secrets of the divine unknown. I ask You my God and my master with all that and all what is known about the greatness of Your name and what people do not know about You and what has influence from the hidden existence of Yourself. in such situation neither the night of My secrets surpasses the day of my soul in witness and mind and everything is in the space of realities. our head Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him and all his families) In this respect. surrounding. All praises belong to God the creator of the sky and the earth and the creator of the whole world. and limit.till I become completely the watcher of the greatness of God far from all created beings. Sent on the everlasting light supplies with the ink of river. Allah has the key of the unknown which nobody knows. He has the greatness and wonder of the earth and sky and He is the righteous and the most generous . and what exists in the darkness (depth) of the earth either wet of dried – everything exists in the divine book. and to pray are greet and bless our head Muhammad and on all his families in all instances and breath which amount encompasses Your knowledge and to make me successful with his witnesses oh the Lord of might and respect in a full verification and entire witnesses which will satisfy my entire existence and descriptions and all my parts and entirely and will make me to come out from all those evidences except You as You have made Your prophet successful in that (Peace and prayers be upon him and upon all his families) and support me in all that as You supported him. You gave the perfection of speech to Your prophet. And it becomes clear to me. and what kinds of leaves that fall from tree. in constant movement till my entire being and existence become divine light far from all created organisms. the existent light that all the substances of all the other light desired from. And make the true eye manifest to me in a divine reality way which is Page 8 of 59 . Thanks to this I will come to know everything in details without being affected by any shortcomings. And it becomes clear to be bestowed with the power to be afraid of especially those with evil minds. my God. Page 31 And bestow upon me oh my Lord the light that is pure from all directions. Allah please give me the power of Your divine words to protect me and to grant me the height of Your talks so that I can hear the enjoyable taste of Your divine speech clear from all whisper till I become Page 33 overwhelmed with the sweet divine speech from all angles and my existence becomes surrounded with the beats and melodies of the recitation if the Qur’an in divine perfection in the presence of Allah and I become His ear that I hear with and his eye that I see with and his tongue that I speak with all secrets – stand up worshipping Allah till my existence and tongue become divine far from all faces. Moses asked (prayers of Allah be upon him and on all his families) when he enlightened and introduced to all aspects of the speech he was about to fall and he was about to be melt from the strength and mighty of the divine speech that was said as he was given knowledge about all the message and was put nearer stage when Moses says: “Is this Your speech?” And I. Till the divine sun becomes from the greatness of the divine light which moves in the heart of human space in a specific orbit in the sky of soul and that is the making of the generous and knowledgeable Allah and the moon of the divine laws that are destined on the adults that are drown in the meaning of the sharia in following the Muhammad laws toll it returns as old as We started in the first creature of divine light and We will bring it back and till the sun will not be able to know the reality of the moon of sharia then an ________ will take place. Page 32 All these exist in the orbit of realities which is an ocean of divine greatness of Tauhid (oneness). and manifest to me the ability to keep all the laws of Muhammad till I become entirely strong in a divine way quiet different from all their beings. I am talking with you with the strength of ten thousands tongues and I have Page 30 the strength of all languages and even stronger that all. In these moods I remain submissive and obedient to only God who I will always thank and worship in his mightiness. color and amount and way. Allah said to him: “Oh Moses. So I ask You oh Allah in the light of Your divine reality which has made the minds of the creatures and their minds and all their senses to astonish to imagine Your strength in any form to the extent that all the creatures became confused because of the strangeness of its wonderful light.

the name of Allah in the name of truth of names and divine holy description in its entirely – and in my greatness of divine perfection of its surrounding – my God is forgiving and merciful – and it will move with them in the wave of realities.Page 34 the entirely of the entirely till my reality will become a complete by program surrounded with the secrets of the book recorded divine book and I will be the river that will flows on everybody from the holy river. I will make his reward and taste in My prayers and when I make his reward and taste in My prayers he will love Me and I will love him and when he loves Me and I love him I will lift off the barriers between us and I will remain as a teacher between his eyes. the source of the river of the substance of the divine everlasting existence of Your prophet our head Muhammad (Prayers be upon him and his entire families) a point of a face of beautiful good reality of the divine witness of eternity till nothing will remain on the sight but on my entire existence of false imaginations of anything till the troops of false will be defeated completely and disappeared. And he will say oh God make me lucky with the eternal taste of seeing Your eye and then he will sing with Your name. then the rain of flood will fall from the high existing sky which is a divine lovely on different from all my existing. The the water will meet my command if it becomes the victorious on My servant who is busy with Me.. body meaning and his heart But there is no mercy of love but you are burnt Page 9 of 59 . and then the river of my behaviour will flow as rivers of love. He is the truth. till my entire being becomes a complete truth different from all other creatures – and manifest to me oh my God at the stage of goodness of all secrets – worship God as if he sees you till I will see the perfect good divine being flowing into all parts of the world and entirely and it will attract my soul and body in fact my entire self and rest of myself to the magnitic of the divine beauty and I Page 35 will melt on it shining and loving different from everything except him till I will become the sea of the divine love infact the sea of goodness and beauty till I become entirely a loving being and a divine beauty far from all faces and manifest to me my God the sea of surround of divine existing full of rivers of love on the rest of the creatures – and the doors of the treasures of the sky of my entire soul will open with everlasting water of love immuned from all falseness as the different stages behind the mind and signs and rounds. and teach me the sword as the truth comes and false vanishes – and the false is a vanishing thing. And they will inform you which is more real? Say it is my God. When the victory of Allah comes and conquest. people will not wake up if the sleep till my existance will be a ship space of lovers of divine Muhammad made of Page 36 the eyes of truth holding for them in the heart of the dictionary of divine friendship. I was drawn in the sea of love and nostalgia worried I imagined in valley of love and the full term returned quickly in Your love And my soul melts and my heart is beating And I came to you to kill you with the soul of love of Allah of existence which destroys Page 37 I became busy with Your fine faces As if I am made of the love of the created beauty My existence in you is of love and my soul is of love And my situation in love and my entire being is in love with you And the death of loves come from all direction And I am not killed and my body is not burnt The hell of love in my mind and my will was established with a stranded election And non-of my body remains to enjoy with any of you As if I am with the great crown If it was not the mercy of your love with your children I would be with it in burning sleep And the said to you. When….

His heart. secret of His divine entirely of hearts. you are followed and leave the sea quickly. Page 40 the greatest divine one as they are the perfect beauty of the face of reality. Oh Lord make Your face the main intention (destination) in everything and make me happy with Your generous face in everything and before everything and after everything where there is nothing. everything is subject to perish except Him. the fire looks like the small atom of the fruit of ‘Kardal’ its testes will remain freerer and will burn the fire of this sincere love which is the burning fire of Allah which burns the hearts with all the heavy winds which speed of arrogance comes from my chains till my entire existence becomes a divine existing being of love which is far from all creatures and the cold wind will blow of existing love of bad nostalgia from my description and it will light and the light of the love of myself will spread in the kingdom of myself in a flaming way and it will rise till it will eat each other and it will complain to Allah. And when the holy call of divine perfection – says where are the lovers – come to me. encompasses. and they will look and the earth of my body will shine with the light of its Lord (creator) and the book will laid. and do not put barrier between me and Your generous face in this world and in the judgement day for anything. Who owns the power today and He will call after circumstances in the face of in existence of the reminents and they will reply to themselves with themselves and they will find nothing but belonging to Allah the most great who nobody can deny (3 times). they are looking but they are not able because of the heavy weight of purest taste of sight of its beauty to wake up. complete divine me Page 39 whose fire of love boils in the stomach like the burning of ‘Hamim’ if it is poured to the entire world from the purify of ‘Rahiq Maktum’. our head and to all his families in every instant and breath. Oh You whose blessings and mercies lover everything. they are drawn soldiers till all that will have control on my entire existing soul from hearing and seeing and hair and body and nerve and bone and brain and meat and all my parts – all are the authority of arrogant love. Page 10 of 59 . He has the final judgement and to Him you will return. Oh your servants those who believe My earth is wide and I am the one you should worship. the strength of divine love – then the caring hand of Allah will direct me to it and it will attract me in a strongly way full with all kinds of kindness and mercies and it will meet me in the middle of the existing sea and it will be drawn without any limit and entirely till all my existing beings will become the divine sight far from all directions and it will flow to all directions of witnesses and will purify all imaginations which are bad and till all evil deeds will bow and infect all the other things to in existence from all circumstances and everybody will scream at once on me without control and then the angel Israfil with his greatness will blow with the soul of Tawhid in my existence then my entire Page 41 realities will wake-up to the face of truth. I will purify them in my face and I will lift for them the barrier so that they can see me and no soul will know what is hidden from the naked eye. there is no god but You. to walk in the heart of divine night with the troops of fearful souls and to leave pharaoh with his troops. It will stand for them as the barrier is lifted and everyone is ready and became astonished with the speech and will light on them till the entire divine earth will became expanded in them. the amount of time that the knowledge of Allah.And I said I came out of your love To you may soul And put the killer of love in a cloth of your description He will see you and everyone is drawn. Oh my God my parts eat each other and Allah will authorize two souls: one soul in the natural summer and one soul in winter of soul and the two opposites will meet in one sea till this divine lovely fire will disappear from something when it comes to it. They were not of the soldiers of the greatness divine love in a victories way till all parts of my parts melt by love in itself because of the strong accumulation of the merciful lights. whose hearts are on the ground of normal composition – establishing his divine laws in perfection in the world of souls caring for the constitution – when My servant approaches me with something that I institutionally on him and My servants remains approaching me with additional prayers till I will like him and when I love him I become his means eyes which he sees with and his tongue which he talks with and his hands which he uses and his foot which he walks with and his heart which he thinks with and all the waves of the sea will include everybody which everybody likes and all of them will be drawn in it by the grace of the name of the divine speaker with his words: “Walk with My servants in the night. glory be to Allah the living and the eternal after the vanishing of His creatures (3 times). prayers be to Muhammad. Page 38 And He will give a command to Moses in His presence. As a reward for what they have done. it will become as a burning sounds then the biggest love will come on the heaven of my entirely and it takes them by a heavy wind. the book on which God created the human beings from His greatness in which no little kind of secrets of reality or big one will be left until they are all counted and He will call in the entire kingdom of my existence as a gigantic caller. the view of truth of His divine kingdom.

and You should manifest to me my Lord in all breaths with the better health of breath more than five hundred thousands. Oh my Lord I ask Your entirely and of all Your names and descriptions which Your creatures know and which they do not know of characteristics of yourself which nobody is informed of except you – I ask you to pray and to greet and to bless our master Muhammad (PBUH) and all his families in all instances and breaths which Your knowledge encompasses and that You should bestow me with the light of the greatness of Yourself in my eye in full greatness to the extent that if that light is divided by five hundred thousands thousands thousands thousands and that Page 43 all that oh my Lord times five hundred thousands thousands thousands thousands thousands without any limit in such a way that if you show it to the entire world everything will be melt and burnt within less than an instant and that You should bestow me oh my Lord with the similar things in the form of light times five hundred thousands thousands thousands thousands in my sights and the similar amounts in my hear and the similar in my tongue and the similar amount in my hand and the similar amount in my legs and the similar amount in my imagination and the similar amount in my bones and the similar amount in my brain and the similar amount in my flesh and the similar amount in my nerve and the similar amount in my blood and the similar amount of all in the form of light times all the five hundred thousands thousands thousands thousands thousands. and oh You who does not look like anything and You who is never incapable of doing anything. In the name of Allah. the generous and follows: The 3rd Chapter (Hizib). the only one and then You should pour over me the flood of the divine and merciful sea till I become entirely a divine mercy in all Your absolute and restricted universe and mercy of my tongue will be from all directions reciting to all the creatures. Page 11 of 59 . thousands. the most Merciful. thousands. Oh my Lord prays and greets and blesses our master Muhammad and all his families in every instant and breath which Your knowledge encompasses. thousands Page 45 and then a manifestation in the soul which is next more than five hundred thousands thousands thousands the double of what has been mentioned in the number and then times the first soul and then in the third soul more than five hundred thousands thousands thousands thousands more than double of what happens in the second and so fourth by doubling in all the souls in a manifestation in such a way that the worldly life with all its types and the next life with its types as an atom on the surface of this earth and all these accompanied with the divine conversation with all souls by making the laws clear and hidden so that I can hear all through the holy God with all the secrets of the seas of the oneness of God and all the secrets of its meanings of the faces of creatures till my movements and my silences and my breaths will be static through the command of absolute holy majestic God and I pray oh Lord that You save me from the trick and fall and to make me obedient with all Your divine laws in its fullest way so that I will not go out of Your divine commands with the company of God in an instant.Page 42 You who nothing can make busy from something else (to distract from something). and then You should bestow me with what is beyond things that cannot be counted and which nobody can reach to only Your knowledge. The 2nd Hizib has finished and with it the Seventh 1/3 by the help of Allah. You are the most powerful to do anything. and as you said: “My mercy covers everything. Amin. oh my Lord all these should be clean and comprehensive including all Your creatures till I possess the unique and exceptional witness beyond the knowledge of the power of human beings. Page 44 They will fail and they will not fulfill with any of their beings and that light will remain among the faces beyond the knowledge which no one knows except You. in the absolute mercy of Allah. the most Graceful. After You have bestowed me and supported with the complete perfect divine care from You which is eternal. and prayers be upon our head Muhammad and to all his families in every instance and breath as many times Your knowledge encompasses. Once in myself and if each atom of all these atoms is estimated as a book or a pen which capacity is like the entire world multiples by five hundred thousands thousands thousands thousands thousands which can be written within the limit of specific number of parts of that light. oh Allah. oh You in whose hand the entire kingdom of everything and oh You nothing can hide from by his servants.

the beauty. And I pray that you put me in sea of melting of completeness which words cannot enter in and no signs of realities can point to the strength and greatness of secrets of description till I can abstract from the big perfect strength which has a comprehensive and perfect absolutes which no one can close its door and that is not great to God. through all my souls without me looking at anybody except You. Page 12 of 59 . You the greatest of all. greatness. the richest. And manifest to me oh my Lord with majesty. oh Lord I would like You to give me each one of these tastes of the divine secrets that You made any of Your closest servants to taste. And that is easy to God and Allah’s knowledge is comprehensive and his generosity is great. the constraints of which will not get me out of the implementation of Your divine laws that were sent to Your prophet Muhammad and manifest to me oh my Lord with the greatest manifestation and comprehensive one in a way Page 49 that I will not ignore in any of the holiest ways and make me to wear oh You the highest the most beautiful. arrogance light and beauty and make me to taste the sweetness of these descriptions in myself till You constrain me with the divine witnesses. with Your name in me in a great manner that can make me comprehend over all other manifestations and make me to get out of ignorance that makes me to loose You in my soul in every instant of instances. make me to taste the tastes of all Your names and descriptions and witnessing You. and talk to me oh my Lord in anything I ask You about. and I pray that You gather in me the biggest gathering with the eye of realities of the mercy of our head Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) who is bestowed with the biggest and strongest light of the existing darkness of the universe which is governed by the strength of Allah. the Gracious. the most generous with the decoration of Your names and the divine descriptions which You decorated Your prophet Muhammad with and our head (Greetings be upon him) in every place of the places of the hidden and the unhidden of the first and the last.Page 46 And I would like You to strengthen me oh my Lord with the power that no system of composition of a body or brain will defy and then You should put me in the highest stages which are beyond the signs and imagination of the minds and no desire will be fully satisfied and no question and then the biggest generosity with the divine assurance from the absolute will of Allah which is from the depth of its witnesses from which all tastes desire. And accompany me in all that with the divine power which I can bear Your greatest manifestation with and all the burdens of the strength of Your burning woods. In the name of Allah. Oh my Lord direct me oh like most majestic and generous with the crown of the divine unique knowledge of Your existence which does not make anybody to see except to You. the Merciful Oh my Lord You are my trust and to You I turn to make me complete except for You. The 4th Hizib has finished and the next is: The 5th Chapter (Hizib). In the name of Allah. the glorious. You are the God of the first and the last and the hidden and unveiled and You are powerful over everything. You are powerful on anything. the Merciful Oh Lord the greatest and the most generous. the Gracious. and accompany me with Your conversation that does not have any limit and without barrier in any soul and less than that I would like You to gather for me all the tastes of all the prophets and closest angels in every instant. Oh my Lord get rides of me of all the shortages and make all my movements in Your will. perfection. with the power that You strengthened You prophet. in Your greatness of Yourself and glory as You made Your prophet Muhammad (Greetings be upon him) in the presence of Your highest holiness. the crown of the messengers and the master of the closest ones. And manifest to me oh my Page 48 Lord with the divine strength of Yourself in order to bear that and give me all that from this my moment to accompany in all Your perfection You are powerful to do anything and with a positive answering You are the generous master and the generous helper. and manifest to me oh Lord with the sweet of faith and the pleasure of piousness till You can put through me the pleasure of Your witnesses. and manifest to me oh my Lord the greatest. the biggest the greatest. It is only with You and by You and through You that You have the divine complete and perfect and beautiful comprehensive taste in a general and detailed manner through Your pure existence. The 3rd Hizib has ended Page 47 The 4th Chapter (Hizib). our head Muhammad(Greetings be upon him).

And manifest to me oh Lord with the knowledge of the dictionary of the divine Qur’an taken from You without any intermediary of the beings. And manifest to me oh my Lord with Your divine authority the power of which that remove away from me all the shortcomings and will take away from all the barriers and unveiling things. the detail of comprehensive and entire greatest sign in greatness and manifestation of all souls and breaths in a complete forms of pictures of the crown of divine crowns. the truth of truth. do not afraid of them. The 1st Prayer (Awrad). the secret of Your speech – do not be afraid of people. Page 51 And manifest to me oh my Lord with the divine entirely of the realities that You made great on your prophet (Greetings and prayers be upon him) with the secret of Your speech: “Verily those who plight their fealty to thee plight their fealty truth to Allah. the greatest. And manifest to me oh Lord with the highest complete shy of every each wealth of the secret of the speech of Your prophet our head Muhammad (PBUH). In the name of Allah. Oh You the saver of the innocents and without who. Allah’s knowledge is comprehensive.” Page 52 You are the highest God.” And manifest to me oh my lord with the secret of the oneness egoistic divine protected in Your speech: “I am Allah there is no God except Me and worship Me and perform prayers to remember Me. Oh who You unveil all the perfect realities and the barriers without any being and You said that we not look except to You. Oh Lord manifest to me in Yourself so that the pleasure of Your divinity can flow into myself and make Yourself loved to me more than myself and my family and from everything. you should pronounce the name of Allah. the sight of existence and the secret of the witness of sight. THE FOURTEEN PRAYERS (Awrad). the central point of all greatnesses. the secret of the divine loneness the night of ‘Isrataj’ the divine kingdom – the sources of the realities of existence. Allah’s knowledge is comprehensive. the eternal.” And manifest to me oh my Lord with the greatness of Your divine entirely of horizon and breath. The 5th Hizib has finished and the next is: 3. he is shy when a servant raises his hand to him without leaving them deceptively zero. the saved board of Your treasured knowledge Page 53 and the secret of Your stored book which cannot be touch except by the clean ones. prayers and greetings be upon you. the forms of merciful perfection. the East and the West belong to Allah and anywhere you turn. Oh You who make flow the sources of lights of Your praises. they were rushing to the wealths of Allah. Oh who has the eye of good life from which many shots come and divided by the law of the divine will of all inventions. the one who has the meaning of the absolute book which all goodnesses surrounded around his presence so as to read the restricted the letters of His kindness. Oh you whose light shines on the description of his prophet greetings and prayers be upon him and all his family on each instant and breath which God’s knowledge comprises. Page 13 of 59 . they call us willingly and piously and they were pious. the Gracious. Allah is alive and generous. All the minds and all the tongues and understandings and knowledges gave up to read the greatness and strength of the kingdom of His divine Muhammad – they all failed to reach the heart of the reality of the eternity of Your knowledge and how why not the messenger of Allah and from the saved board of Your existence from which the closests read all Your realities of Your greatnesses. Oh You who the opener of the existences and oh You the gatherer of highest and eternal realities. And manifest to me oh my Lord with the divine treasure of knowledge which cannot be learned except through Your gloriness and specialty. Oh you the eye of the beauty of inventions and reactions. the most Merciful Oh my Lord pray on the biggest strongest realities. nothing will be reveal from all the hidden of the world. And manifest to me of Lord with the great divinely. It is not sufficient to know that He is the witness of everything. And manifest to me oh my Lord with the greatness of Your mercy the secret of the divine mercy which covers everything. the secret of Your speech: "We shall show them Our signs in the horizons and in themselves till it will be clear to them that He is true. It is true that they will meet their Lords and He is aware of everything. Oh You.” And manifest to me oh my Lord with the strength of Your divinity and bestow to me the soul of the souls based on the greatness of the divine prophet so that no jinn or human being creature come on the way of Your knowledge between us and nothing of that King until You destroy it with the sword of Your secret of Your glorious victory as You said: “Where ever you turn you will find Allah.Page 50 And manifest to me oh my Lord with the divine light and name that left out the darkness of the universe till I become the followers of the divine being. the most generous – there is no God but You and there is no power and strength except You the greatest and the most generous. the biggest. Oh You who all divine goodnesses loved Your perfection. And manifest to me oh my Lord with the divine complete true eye to all the eye of the secret of Your speech: “Allah foresees everything. be afraid of Me. be afraid of Me if you are believers. oh You the magnetic of perfections. And manifest to me light of _______ and the secret of Your speech in Your prophets. the main divine sights of the hidden.

the Gracious. the most Merciful Oh my Lord pray on the seen divine greatness of all eyes of realities that of merciness and the secret of the owner of the skies manifested with greatness before the creation of the earth and sky which consists of the entirely of the point of the perfect divine existence in the unseen and witnesses. the eye of heart. the drinking places of all greatnesses. all in the infinite and of Your knowledge from all possibilities as no numbers of Your faces of the possibilities in Your whole world of Your knowledge without any end. to pray upon the divine light the descriptive scene. Page 56 The 5th Prayer (Awrad). You are capable on everything. the gatherer of perfection of realities. the letter “Lam” of divinity. the dictionary and the point of the ambiguous truth which does not read its Qur’an except in terms of its truth of its unique dictionary. In the name of Allah. blowing the merciful break in the entire careful unveiled would by himself. the main one for all the rest of restrictions. oh You who when looks with his kind eye and forgiveness nothing of arrogance will appear from his generosity greatness of his forgiveness. Oh Lord I ask You of Your lights which are Your eye there is one except You so that You allow me to see Your prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as he is with You. of greatness which is called the soul of the divine existence the council of the divine witness of realities. in an infinite number. the eye of eye. forgive me and erase all my sin You the generous. the protected behind the backs without no backs without and no without who does not look equal to anybody and nothing can be described and to be closed to his crown and the names of the mountain Tor. the keeper and the responsible for his picture. and who is him himself prayers be upon the prophet and on all his families. the eye of the clear truth. oh the heart of the Qur’an Page 14 of 59 . In the name of Allah. the picture of the substance of the Quranic greatness. the names and attribute the seerer in all with all from the whole of the generals and the secondary. the eye of greatness. In the name of Allah. the Kibla of the existence of greatnesses. Kawsar and cold source of floor. tasted with the picture itself in paradise of Firdaus with its ownself. in himself. the strength of obstacles and the sufficience of will and the mercy name of Allah. the treasure of the divine Qurantic knowledge of the divine realities. the Merciful. the Merciful. The 3rd Prayer (Awrad). in its ownself of the language of its creature. the most Gracious Oh my Lord pray upon on the divine heart. oh the giver. the truth of the hidden. the starting of everything the reference of everything and he is everything in everything without any rest and not all. the picture of sample of the divine meaning of creature. heart in the heart. the letter “Nun” of pain. In the name of Allah. Amin. with prayers which is endless of his heart without heart and to all his families as the heart deserves from a heart. the most Gracious Oh my Lord pray on the mother of the book of the heart of divine perfection of the eye of absolute Page 57 existence. the divine witness. In the name of Allah. from himself. the most Merciful Oh my Lord I ask You with the greatness of Your divine face and the perfection of Your knowledge and the beauty of Your names and Your description. the most Merciful Oh my Lord pray on our head Muhammad. The 4th Prayer (Awrad).Page 54 The 2nd Prayer (Awrad). Page 55 The divine soul and secret of praises and the shining divine greatness the barrier between Your creature and the praises of Your face in all the secret of everything and in the secret of all as the all is in the all with the flood of beauty and perfection and greatness from nowhere and to anywhere as you are from nothing of nothing. from it to it in it the sea of all dictionary of greatness and the protector of the coverer of arrogance. the Gracious. The 6th Prayer (Awrad). the Gracious. in every letter of “Ghain”. the straight heart with the heart in the heart. Your shinning light and your unhidden strong secret which You decorated with the beauty of Your words and You beautified with the beauty of Your greatness with which You open the entirely of the universe with the reality of Your light and You close it with the secret of Your prophecy then the picture of decency appeared from its flood in the best of creature and without him the impossible eye of existence would not have existed in and if a hungry and a thirsty person ask for your help they will receive water and frighten person will be save and a needed will be helped and I am the great that will pour rain of mercy on you which covers all the treasures of your generosity please help me oh the merciful. the letter “Ha” of falling. the gatherer of the Quranic realities.

the great you the prophet. complete prayer for all the greatness. and with the perfect uniqueness of itself and description on all the perfection of the entire uniqueness of yourself and your attributes. the most Merciful Oh my Lord pray on our head Muhammad the light of the horizon of the divinity and the meneral of the divine treasure of secrets. the addition of addition. The 8th Prayer (Awrad). the most Merciful Prayer be upon the eye of the sea of divine realities of the absolute existence. the remover of the barrier from the face of greatness of the divine perfection. Page 15 of 59 . Page 60 The 9th Prayer (Awrad). the picture of beauty. prayer and with the tongue of truth from truth with prayer that no one can count and nothing of knowledge can surround it and no existence of the face of short comings. the crown of the divine mercy. the beauty of description the end of all ends. the divine realities and the greatness of the Qur’an and description. praises to be on You. the orbit of the divine world. and Your beauty is great to be known to men. with the real book of which Allah created all the divine truths from something. oh Your Muhammad. the owner of the issues of greatnesses of attributes. the face of the good descriptions. the sea of the kept knowledge of the world of greatness. the pen of the strength of the divine greatness written on the board itself what has happened and what has not happened from the invention of goodness of the world and its changes and the beauty of all divine pictures and the secret of its realities unhidden and witness and the greatness of every perfect meaning. the Gracious. the mountain of the wave of the unique existence. and the perfect greatness of the meaning of Your beauty. oh the most forgiver. the good side of it from the kept book. the Gracious. its attributes. In the name of Allah. the true of truth the point of the extension of cycle of the faces of creature. the eye of the eternal life the meaning of the eternal detail. starting and repeating the divine tongue of absolute knowledge next to the realities of the Qur’an. the manifestation of divinity and secret of the release of uniqueness of crown. the Tor of realities of right soul which Moses talks from the soul that I am Allah. In the name of Allah. the heart of Qur’an realities the strongest in presence. surrounded with all meaning and interpretations and to all his families. the hidden heart . and Your Majestic is higher to be in Your divine mind. The comprehensive descriptive of creatures. the manifesto of all higher divine perfection. the constructed building of greatnesses of hearts of existences. Page 61 The 10th Prayer (Awrad). all the tongue failed to translate the description of beauty of Your description and all the minds became confused and all became embarrassed to know the heart of realities of the prophet peace and blessing be upon him. there is no God but Men in the presence of holiness. the scene of the faces of the divine names and the outside of the seven names of soul. the perfection is great to express with a tongue. the meaning of the letters of creatures. the secret of the crowning of mercy. the face in Kaf mountain the heart of the greatness. In the name of Allah. the most Merciful Oh my Lord prayer be upon the true holiness of Your existence. the lighter of the worlds. the book of traced of all uniqueness of divine truth in the spread sheet of manifestation of the divine affairs called the many of its true picture with the creature of the near. spreading of the _______ of the conversional divinity of Tor in the presence of the holiness of the valley of equality the light of praises. the book of truth. the teller of dream. the divine crowning. Page 59 Oh Your complete being. the trusted one of the secret of the divine lore from us and from behind the end of ends. Oh You Aba Khasim. the big judgement day in the witnesses of Your civility. the picture of truth. the roof of the highest attributive of perfection. and the source of the smooth restricted humbleness. the Gracious. the eternity of eternity. and the rise of greatness.Page 58 of realities. and the basis of the picture of creatures. the most Merciful Oh my Lord pray in the authority of the presence existence. Allah was and there was nothing with him. the holiness. Oh Muhammad. In the name of Allah. the Gracious. extension of the seas of the pictures of wave of the unhidden universe from the floors of souls of realitive. the tongue of translated minutes of reality of realities of completeness and secondaries. the light of truth. Ahmed. the tongue of the complete words of God. the gathering of the seas of realities. The 7th Prayer (Awrad). the keeper of the treasure of the divine knowledge of “sidirat Montaha”. the origin of air in air for the air and from the air for whoever blows in it and from it the secret of Allah there is no God but Him. the divine meaning of soul. the painful one.

the only to be described with eternity. the most Merciful Prayers be on Prophet Muhammad and on all his families and companions with greetings. in hidden. the Kibla of existence of your greatness prayer be upon him. the generous. the counting of the existence of description of uniqueness. the eye of eyes of creature and the real light of greatness pray oh my Lord with you from in him on him and greet. the most Merciful Oh my Lord pray on the keys of hidden. and all problems and shortcomings and all absences. and Your Page 16 of 59 . In the name of Allah. and all necessities and illusions in which You have put all __________ with all kinds of conflicting tribulations and kinds of judgmental trials. The 13th Prayer (Awrad). the most Merciful Oh my Lord pray and greet our head Muhammad and all his families many times that does not have end in Your knowledge and in terms of numbers which Your knowledge comprehends without end. the mercy of existence and the flag of witness. the arriver the destinator. In the name of Allah. You are the thankful and You deserve thanks. on land. and I offended myself and I admitted my sin forgive all my sins because there is no one who forgives sins except You. Page 64 4. I did not find in You but good. so make me Oh Lord Your liberated slave and from all harms and wrong deeds. the beautiful light. no addition and no subtraction and no tongue of the being will pay praises on your prayer of God be on you. the glorious with greatness and arrogance. and Your wealth is comprehensive and Your deed on me is complete. In the name of Allah. In the name of Allah. THE CHAPTER OF SWORD (Hizb As-Saifi) In the name of Allah. Oh my God I will not recall but Your beauty. and when I depend on You in all places. the arm of the divine greatness. And put me in the home of choice and consideration and thought. the sea of comprehensive names and attributes the town of unique egoistic knowledge. the manifestation of the hidden and witness the being of the eye of reality of reality and the creature of Muhammad. and You bestow me with the true intention from You. the clear King of truth. the Gracious. the strongest. and when I ask You and I find You. In the name of Allah. Oh Lord I am presenting myself to You between Your two hands in every soul and glimpse of eye which the people of the skies and earth glitter their eyes and everything in Your knowledge from any organism or as I could have presented myself to You between Your two hands. the comprehensive eye of being. the oldest. the light of names. You are capable on everything. and You gave me success and answered all my prayers as I call You and seeking Your help and when I called You in time of trouble. Page 62 The 11th Prayer (Awrad). the most Merciful Oh my Lord pray on the divine heart and the holy descriptive being. our head and master Muhammad. the alone the eternal. I did bad. the powerful. Oh Allah I thank you. there is no God except You. the hamlet of arrogance. and You made me to achieve it from Your gifts that came from You to me and You have been kind Page 65 to me in all time from the removal of obstacles and calamities. the divine strength. You are my God and I am Your servant.subtraction of subtraction. the divine soul. the Gracious. and forgiveful and protecting all my shortcomings. with the good. The 12th Prayer (Awrad). the Gracious. please be for me and my entire families and brothers and present neighbor. the most Merciful Oh Lord you are Allah. You the praises the humblest. I am Your servant. with everlasting divine prayer oh Lord greet him as usual. and I praise You and You are the most to be praised and You deserve to be praised for what You have assigned to do from gifts of desires. the Gracious. You the most patient the merciful. the point of the middle of the divine sea and the nice descriptive meaning of Page 63 the hidden strength of strength and the sudden witness of suddenness the orbit of the secret authority of Your great name Muhammad. the Gracious. so that You can see what I will present for the home of eternally and the place of stay. the praised by the inhabitants of earth and sky and the soul of life of water. and You make me to have all kinds of benefits of deeds and You authorized me with Your kind self. I will never forget Your help and goodness and wealth and Your greatness and goodness in an instant of the glittering of eye. authority on all affairs. The 14th Prayer (Awrad). You are the forgiver. the Gracious. the most Merciful Oh my Lord pray on the absolute perfect and approved beauty.

and Your benediction on me is everlasting and repeated. You are never in shortage what You want.kindness on me is adoptive. and all Kings became afraid of You. Oh You the helper of the seekers of help. and everyone surrended to You. and the sincerers. all the thoughts of sects became confused in the seas of Your deep beautiful Kingdom. and as the great people made You great. and take me far away from my enemies as You distanced the east from the west and close their eyes with the light of Your holiness and beat their necks with the greatness of Your glory and cut their necks with the force of Your strength and destroy and exterminate them as You defended the prophet against their haters and as You beat their arrogant necks for Your good people and as You turned the eyes of the enemies from Your good people. my praises are to You oh my Lord and my hopes and thanks everlasting from eternity with all the colors of praises and holiness and different kinds of languages of praise. You just order and it be – Surat Iklas – Oh Lord all praises be to You as You praised Yourself and the double as You praised Yourself and as all the other praises praised You. no one sees You when You created the universe. and Your wealth on me is continuos. You are never absent. and when the morning vanishes and in the land and seas. and holifying different race of knowledge and the praises of all destroyed and prayers and the praises and as You are aware of. and Your goodness is too much on me. no opposite and presence when created souls. and in the dawn. You did not fail or become weak in your strength and You did not share Your divinity and You did not ask question of what. Oh Lord all praises belong to You forever in repeated and double manner. help me (3 times) on all my enemies. and as all the callers called Your name and the glorious people glorified You. in a spread and linking way forever. and beyond all languages. and You did not accept except what is in my obedience and from Your servants not beyond my ability and my strength. and You will not be absent from me and nothing hides from You and nothing can lost from You in heart of darkness. oh Lord I thank You as You did not assign me of more that I can afford. Page 68 There have not been anyone except You. and afternoon and at night and in every part of day and night. and how Your strength can be described when You are Allah. You are my fear. not far worry reaches and no trouble reaches You. and You regulated my changing problems and obstacles. all praises belong to You for Your complete generosity which wealth is countless and which cannot finish when the night is gone. You are the true Allah there is no one except You. and the offence of the offenders and the evils of the abstinants and protect me and my families under the protection of Your greatness. and You fulfilled my request and You fulfilled my hopes. the greatness of Your strength. and as the people glorified Your name and as the destroyers destroyed with Your name. and You did not put my enemies against me and jealous people and defended me from enemies and you returned from me the harms of those who harmed me. and keeping You in my mind in Your generosity and Your defense of me. Anyone who thinks of expressing him beautifully and Your higher praises and deeper in it will be the looser and those who deeper in thinking about You will remain confused. there is no one except You. it will double and will not lost in Your kingdoms and no in Your universe and there is no shortage in Your knowledge. You are alone. the holy powerful King for eternity and the one who is not and who is eternal forever in all hidden things. and the beings suffered from being believing Your greatness and everything abide by Your greatness and everything surrended to Your strength. as You want anything. oh Lord all praises belong to You with Your success You have brought me success and made me of You in the care of Your loyalty and I did not believe Your wealth and I did not Page 69 follow Your signs rejecting and refusing. Page 67 And all types of purification sincerely for Your praises and in accordance with Your will with the true praise and glory and the sincere closeness and close relationship and loneness and sticking to glory with long worship and counting. and no eye can reach You in seeing at Your glory of Your greatness all creatures are beyond Your attributes and all praiser are given higher places. and as the seekers of forgiveness ask for Your forgiveness so that I can become alone in every instant of eye like all those thankers and the different people of Tawhid. in the morning in the evening and at night. there is no associate with You. and You are the thanker Page 17 of 59 . the tongues fail to translate Your description and the minds fail to know Your knowledge and attributes. So that You can be similar to different things and You did not fail when having different problems and You did not have imagination and all eyes became unfocused on You. and I believe You in Your glory of Your greatness. Page 66 You did not go far from me. and as You cut the necks of Kings of Rome to afraid of You and as You destroyed the pharos’s and destroyed the Destroyers (Dajal) from Your trust on the closest people and Your good servants. and what You want to increase and what You want to decrease. and You solve my problem. You are the most generous. and You cured my sicknesses. I am asking You my God now to protect me from the deeds of the jealous ones. and as the Tawhid people made You one. and as the holy people made You holy. and You accompany me in my travels and You respected in my presence. and planning’s have failed in describing Your description.

peace be upon him and those who You respected and made them to be on the land and water and gave them of Your wealths and made them better than some of those You created and You created me obedient and with sight. and there is no quarrying in orders. the beginner. praises be to You. the knowledgeable whose order is irreversible. You posses all animals as You like. and You made me comfort. and the highest witness “Surat Iklas”. You Page 73 corporated with arrogance and greatness – Surat Iklas (3 times). on lands. You have the oldest generous and the highest authority and the sincere King and the infinite giver and the perfect ability and the best wisdom and the general greatness and praise be to You for what I made me part of the people of Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and to all his families and he is the best human being of Adam. and no sickness stopped me. the holiest with glory in the light of holiness. and glorifying me. the destinator. and mind to believe Your oneness. (3 times). there is no God but You the control of all human being. the good clean ones. and there is no sharing in Your divinity. and I testify that You are my God and the owner of everything. how easy what You have assigned me of Your right and what You have promised me of Your wealth and may bounty on Your praises. You are became great with greatness and majesty. and You made my wearings of good health. Oh Lord You are the giver of wealth. Oh Lord I ask Your stability in Your order and seriousness on guidance and thanks for Your wealth and I ask You for Your kind worship and I ask You for all praises You know. and whose destiny is unstoppable. with good creativity and secured and protected and no shortage in my body made me obey You. the highest. this month. the owner of the unhidden. and cattles. the powerful. the clearer. You are Allah. the creator of the skies and the earth. and sight to see Your ability and heart to know Your greatness. Oh Lord You I owe You as You save me and cured me with Your mercy from the obstacles and removal of bad luck. by choice and acceptance. Oh my Lord it is through You I ask for protection against my enemies and my closest ones. and You asked me with easy praises. and write me forgiveness. the hearer. and made me a hear to hear You signs and understands Your faith. and made me better than many of Your people. Oh Lord pray on Muhammad and on all his families and forgive me and my family and my brothers whose sins cannot be erased except by Your forgiveness and make this my day and night and hour.Page 70 and the lowers and chessed of all Your creatures from animals. Page 18 of 59 . the returner. and Your kindness and the benefit of Your care on me. there is no crowding in Your creatures. the separator. and offer me generosity and make me thank You for what I have as You the one God there is no God but You alone. and trick from all trickers. and any mental disease and You did not refuse me Your respect. and I am appreciative and thankful and a nuttiness of You kindness and I respect Your rights. and trape of all trappers and implicater from all implicators. and You promised with double wealth. Thanks be to You for what I can count and there is no counting of the remaining of Your wealth and the knowledge of Your lucks/bounties and colors of what You assigned me with of Your generosity and respect. this year truthful and far from the problems of the world and the life after and all its sorrows and make me love You for what You have. and You did not take me to bad obstacles. and the offense of all offenders and the magic of all magicians and trouble maker of all trouble maker and from the jealous of all jealous people and from all betrayals of all betrayers. they do not posses except what You want. authority and Your kingdom. and You gave me many lucks. You are the one spread the wealth on me. the beautiful. oh my Lord I ask You of Your questions and I like You became of Your benediction as what You made talk with Your praises and You made me successful with by Your praises. Your praise is with generosity. there is no opposite in Your rule. and insults of all insulters and gloating of all gloaters and from malice of all malicious. and I ask for protection for all my families and brothers from all the harms of wicked people and the trick of all crook. and it is You I ask for the loyalty of my love ones and loyalties. and ask for forgiveness from all what You know Page 72 You are the knowledgeable of the hidden. and which You made me to worship of Islamic law and as You encouraged me with better higher rewards and as You purified me with the biggest prophets like that of Muhammad prayer and blessings be upon him and all his families and all the messengers and prophets Page 71 and disciples. You started me with Your generous wealth. and I seek protection from all evil deeds You know. and You made me a simple law and You doubled for me the noble wealth.

and no fear can approach You so as to reduce Your generosity You are able to do what You want to do Page 76 and with a good answer. thank be upon You for all what Your knowledge covers and what You writ about and what You order executes in Your creatures and what Your knowledge comprehend and mercy covers on all Your creatures and the amount of that encompasses Your ability and the multiples that You __________ it on all Your creatures. oh You the most generous and the great. Oh Lord lift me up and do not put me down. You are capable of everything. You the great and the most generous You do not disappoint time. and save me from all trouble and sickness and tribulations and earthquake and hardship and disgrace and humiliation and shortage and hunger and thirst and poverty and unconfrontness and trouble and tests and drowning and blackout. that You should have made me busy in thinking about it. Oh Lord I am satisfied with Your wealth on me and do complete Your kinds on me for the rest of my life in an great and complete manner. You have made my destiny and You made in good shape and You made me my lucks when You made my destiny. and do not remain angry with me and to not make me forget Your mercy and make me and my people and my brothers my conversant from all fearness and terrorness and nostalgia and save me from all danger. and do not refuse me and increase things for me. when I think about the wealths You gave me I turn thinking about if I cannot finish thanking You. and weakness and danger and scandal and ugliness in the two worlds as You will not disappoint time. Oh Lord I ask You and I call upon You with Your loneness Tawhid and Your glory and Your praises and calling of Your name and glorifying Your name and remembering Your name and Your perfection. Oh Lord You ordered us with Your Du’a and promised us to answer it and we have called You so answer our caller as You promised us. and do not decrease for me and have mercy on me and do not punish me. Oh lord do not make me forget remembering Your name and do not put someone over me and do not allow me to be trapped. and a lawful luck/earning in abundance and beneficial knowledge and a good sun and an accompanying companion and long life in goodness busy with sincere worship and good behavior and good with busy and an accepted repentance and higher position and believable woman and obedient. and thunder and cold and heat Page 77 and from stealing and offence and astray and astrayers and humiliation and sins and illusions and evil deeds eclipse and implication and sickness and shortage and danger and craziness and paralysis. and in a Page 75 better way as You have been good to me in the past with Your mercy. and Your knowledge and humbleness and highestness and Your protection and Your respect and Your greatness and Your generosity. Oh the merciful of all merciful. Oh Lord bestow me with a fearful and an obedient and humble heart and with a crying eye and good patient body and a true assurance and a correct faith. and solve my worries. and release my tension and destroy my enemies. Oh You the ablest of all and You the fastest controller and pray on our master Muhammad and on all his people.Page 74 And I testify that You are alive before everything is alive and alive after everything is alive and alive after dead and alive and You did not inherited life from any human being and You did stop Your wealth from me at anytime and You did not cut my requests and You did put any better punishment and You did not change the signs of You enjoyment on me and You did refuse me the seconds of fallibility wherever I remember the types of Your kindness and enjoyment on me You forgive me and You give me success and answer my calls as I lift up my voice calling You with Your beautiful calls and Your thanknes and the oneness and glorifying You and calling Your name and magnifying it and making You great. and help me and deceive me and respect me and do not disgrace me and cover me and do not expose me and revenge for me and do not affect me and save me and do not lost me. You are the most victorious and the protector. and give me. and leopossy and shortcoming. and whatever You predestined for Page 19 of 59 . Oh Lord whatever You have predestined for me and decided a success and easiness I ask You to complete it with a better way and the good way as You are capable on what You want and with a better answering. and protect me and do not make me vulnerable. and do not reveal my secret and do not refuse me Your mercy and do not take me far from You. and Your arrogance and Your authority and Your ability and Your kindness and gifts and Your beauty and Your evidence and Your forgiveness and Your prophet and Your representative and all Your clean followers and to pray on our head Muhammad and on all his brothers and prophets and messengers and to not refuse me Your generosity and kindness and Your beauty and greatness and the benefit of Your respects and nothing can be removed from Your gifts because of stronginess and Your generosity cannot be reduced because of shortage in thanking Your wealth and Your treasures cannot finish because of giving a lot and nothing can be reduced from Your excessive beautiful original gifts and You are not afraid of any strong person and to make You to make trick.

(3 times). Your worries are at Your door. the mistaker. You are the generous. peace when Allah will call for His crown and say where are the disobedients and the sinner and the lost. and the forgiver of the sins of people. oh the Lord of the world. oh Lord I seek assurance and peace in the darkness of the grave and its difficulties. oh You the owner of the worlds. the powerful. I do not deserve that. the generous. help me oh my helper during the changes of situation.Page 78 me of evil You warned me of. the clean and greetings be on them always and forever till the day after and we depend on Allah and he is the most to depend on. the arrogant. and on You I depend and cover me. You are the Lord. the good. the strongest. (3 times). and prayer be to the prophet and on all his people and families and on all his prophets and his companions and followers. and the recognized at Your door. Muhammad and on all his companions. You are the merciful. I walk at Your door. the powerful. and do not punish me. oh Lord You are the one who give luck. the Page 20 of 59 . and have mercy on all us. Allah is great. oh Lord I seek peace during the day when the earthquake of the earth takes place. make me far from fire. and only the generous can help the generous. praises be to Allah. how cannot You forgive the sinner my Lord. I am the weak oh my Lord I seek assurance in the darkness of grave and its hardship. staying at Your door. the eternal with assistance and deputy to seek help from. I seek peace during the day the horn will be blown and everyone will be afraid on the skies and earth except whom You desire to be saved. I am the weak and the lowest. There is no Allah but Allah. You are the greatest. and the best to help and victorious. the merciful. oh my Lord. I seek peace during the day which amount is about fifty thousand years. and I am the one to be given. You the helper of the helpers. Oh Lord. the giver. Muhammad and on all his people at all instances and breath as Your knowledge encompasses. offences. in hidden and in outside. the helpless person at Your door. You are the respectful and I am the disrespectful. Oh my Lord. the searcher of seeking forgiveness. and only the strong can help the weak. oh Lord. oh Lord I seek peace. and praise be to Allah the owner of the universe and prayer be on our prophet. I seek peace for the day. oh Lord I seek peace for the day the earth will be replace with something else and the skies. Oh my Lord. the Merciful. the fearful. and my heart is too reliable on desire. the highest. the disgraceful. the sinner at Your door. I am obedient to You. oh You the merciful of this world. Oh Lord. and only You who have mercy on me. praises be to You. Allah is great. You are the highest. and I am the Page 80 lowest. oh You through whom the skies and the earth were established by his command and You have the power to hold the skies from falling over the earth by his command. my heart is being refused. and protect me and save my worries of this world and the life after. oh Lord I seek peace for the day the earth will split with thunder. (3 times). You are the owner and I am the owned and only the owner can have mercy on the owned. and the hereafter. oh Lord. and there is no power and strength except with You the most great and highest (3 times) and praise be to Allah first and last. oh You the forgiver. Allah is great. You eternal. In the name of Allah. I am Your servant of Your door and friend at Your door. the arrogant. the opender at Your door. and You whose command is just to say be and it will be. and pray on our prophet. You the most merciful. I am the pious. the sinner. come to the day of judgement and you know My secrets and what is outside so accept my excuses. Oh Lord. THE CHAPTER OF RICHNESS (Hizb Al-Mugani) FOR MASTER UWAIS AL-QARNI Be Allah forgive him and make us to benefit from him. Oh Lord from You I seek help and help me and from You I seek Satisfaction and give me satisfaction. the Gracious. and the merciful of the two. I am the sinner. and I am the weakest. oh Lord if You help me You are the reliable one. Your stranger at Your door. oh You the most merciful. oh Lord this is a call/prayer and You have the answer and this is effort and You have the realization. and I am the servant. please remove it from me. and only the respectful can have mercy on the disrespectful. Praise be to Allah. and You the forgiver. Oh my Lord. Page 79 5. the frustrated and the fearful at Your door. I am Your servant. You are the forgiver and the forgiveful. the human being will look at what he does and the disbeliever will say he wishes he could be dust. have mercy on me oh my Lord. the most merciful of all. the capable. praises be to You the owner of everything and to him we all return. Amin. I seek peace. having so many sins and disobedience. the ablest. Amin. I depend on Allah along with Your mercy. in the name of Allah the gracious. and every body will appear before the powerful and the only one. Page 81 Oh Lord. oh You who remove the problems of those with problem. oh You living being. oh You the owner of the world. peace when the sky will open up and the opening of the register book. the powerful. Oh Lord.

magnify Him for His greatness and glory! Allah is great. the Lord of worlds. Dignified I who you protect. the most merciful. And I put myself forward before all of them. Tabaraka (Blessed) is Allah. on Him I rely and He is the Lord of the Great throne. the thieves and everything that Allah has created. And I put myself to You before all of them. I do submit myself to you before them all. (3 times). my brothers and their wealth permanently in treasures of your mercy. Praise be to Allah who begets no son and has no partner in (His) dominion nor (needs) He any to protect Him from humiliation. diabetes. that You have graps of its forelock. and in the late afternoon and when the day begins to decline. I do submit myself to you before every breathing and glancing of eyes that is done by the dwellers of heavens and earth and everything that is happening in your knowledge Page 83 or that which has already happened. all of my children. all my brothers and their wealth permanently by the Face of Allah. and the mischief of any moving creature. And I do put myself forward before all of them. (3 times). By the name Allah with whose name nothing can cause harm on earth nor in the heaven. be kind to me and be most good to me and be my conversant. All praises are due to Allah. (3 times). you are my Rab (Lord) there is no God but you. to You I entrust my Din. the most Gracious. from the mischief of jinn. Page 82 6. all my children. And I do submit myself before them all. say (Mohammad): Enough for me is Allah there is no God but He. man. By the name of Allah all praises are due to Allah. Put me at you side (your protection) from every harming and from the harm of Satan. oh You with whom the entrusted belongings will never get lost. (7 times). Satans. the Lord of heavens and the Lord of the great throne and the Lord of the earth and what are between them. Allah is best to take care and He is the most merciful of those who show mercy! And I put myself forward to you before all of them. My (own) affair I commit to Allah for Allah (ever) watches over His Servants. Allah is great. On You I rely and you are the Lord of the great throne. By the name of Allah on my family and my wealth. deafness. my wealth. Page 84 And I do submit myself (put myself forward) before all of them. I seek help oh You the most merciful. To Him be praise in the heavens and on everlasting without help with mercy. their pain. Oh my Lord. abnormal behavior. Bismillah (by the name of Allah) I have opened (commenced) and by the name of Allah I have closed (ended) and on Allah I have Tawakul (relied). dropping of teeth. it is my Lord that is on a straight path. Allah is my weapon in every hardship and prosperity. There is no God but Allah the most tolerant. Page 85 and from all disasters and fitnah. My trust is on the living Allah who does not die. hemiplegia. And from madness. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah. There is no power but for Allah. all my family. the most greatest. leprosy. On Allah we have relied. I seek refuge by the words of Allah that are all complete from the harm of what He has created. and exalted I your praise. the seal (conclusion) of my deed. And I do submit myself before all of them. the greatest. THE UNCONQUERABLE CASTLES (Al Husun Al-Mani’ah) The prophetic invincible protection by Master of guostics the pole of the people of truth Sidi Ahmad bin Idris (May Allah be pleased with him) In the name of Allah. Muhammad is the prophet of Allah. truly. will animals. (3 times). There is no means nor is there any power but come from Allah. Bismillah with whose name no disease can harm. I seek refuge for myself. myself. Glory to Allah when you reach evening and when you rise in the morning. who sent down the book and He is the ally of the good people. My Lord. And I do put myself forward before all of them. (3 times). my family. He is the heaven and the knower. (7 times). none more generous than He. Bismillah (by the name) of Allah on everything that my lord granted me. Verily. the greatest that nothing is greater than full of dignity and irresistibility. from the mischief of any mischievous. (3 times). My Wali (Ally) is Allah. I seek refuge to You from the mischief of my own self. What pleases Allah happen and what does not please Him will not happen. By the name of Allah on my religion and my soul (nafs). Bismillah the best of names. Kings. there is no God but You. (3 times). for myself. my body. And I do put myself to You before all of them. breaking of movement of teeth. I do know that Allah has power over everything and that Allah comprehends everything in knowledge and takes account of every single thing. the creepy. Page 21 of 59 . my wealth. Oh my lord. and who gives life to the earth after it is dead. It is He who brings out the dead from the living. I seek refuge to the face of Allah. Yea. Should you people turn your backs. the most generous. my Amanah. Oh my Lord. piles. Bismillah (by the name of Allah) the Lord of earth and heaven. My Lord. the outcaste. Arab Bedouins. And thus shall you be brought out (from dead). There is no power but by Allah. I hold fast to the Lord of Kingdom of the heavens. the apparent and hidden ones. there is no God but Allah. all my family. elephantiasis. the most High. Allah suffices us and the best to rely on.

And I put myself forward to you before them all. authority. Hamim Sin Qaf is our protection. movement and from every evil and unpleasant thing. their pain. And I do put myself forward to you before all of them. by the prophetic veil by which they veiled themselves from the pharaohs.all my wealth. abnormal behavior. There is no might nor is there any power but for Allah. Page 87 Great convincing proof. Page 88 Michail at you left. leprosy. I seek refuge to You from the suggestions of the Satans and I seek refuge to You oh my Lord! Lest they should come near me. and from the mischief of what comes out from the earth. And by the complete words of Allah which that could not be surpassed by a righteous or a wicked. And I seek refuge to You from the scandal-mongering of Satans and lest they should come near me. By the name of Allah the owner of a big affairs. between you and my brothers. And I seek refuge to Allah from Satan. all my wealth. from the mischief of what my Lord has created. angels and friends. the Eternal. eye. breaking. By the name of Allah. And from night and day visitants excepts those night visitants that bring good on You who is Rahman (most gracious). When you do recite the Qu’ran. who is the best protector. from my right side and left side and from above of me and from under me. My Lord. the apparent one or the hidden ones in this world and hereafter. by the name of Allah. And by All beautiful names of Allah that I know of and Page 86 that I don’t know. I do seek refuge from the mischief of myself. I seek refuge for myself. And I seek refuge by all that You know by Yourself that no one else but You know. from the harm of what descends from the heaven and from the harm of what accends to it. thieves everything that Allah created. nor is He begotten. I put an invisible prophetic veil between you and me. which does not have an end that no one knows but You and I seek refuge by Your Great (Supreme) name Page 89 The greatest. what is for me and what is on me. ability. and I seek refuge by Your all complete words all of which are blessed and which are unsurpassable by righteous or wicked. You are as You praised Yourself. And I put myself forward the front of me from my back. I seek Your protection from everything that You created and I seek You guarding me from them. diabetes. the all-knowing. the dropping of teethes. Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in all of them. 3x And I put myself forward to you before them all. fleeing (from the Truth). most Gracious (come not near) if you do fear Allah. I seek refuge by Your pleasure from Your anger and by Your forgiveness from Your punishment and I seek refuge by You from Yourself exalted is Your face. Allah will suffice us/you as against them. lions. strong manifesting authority what pleases Allah happens. And we put covering over their hearts (and minds) lest they should understand the Qu’ran and deafness into their ears when you do mention your Lord – and Him alone in the Qu’ran. shaped and scattered. the most Merciful Kaf Ha Ya Ain Soid is our suffice. ears. He begetten not. By the name of Allah. Gebrail is at you right. And He is the All-Hearing. all my children. blindness and dumbness. the Supreme. word. Muhammad (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him) in front of you. And I put myself before all of them. the supreme that nothing is more supreme than and by the complete words of Allah which are not surmountable by righteous or a wicked and by the beautiful names of Allah that I know of and that I don’t. the most Merciful. satans. those that I know among them and those that I do not. Oh my Lord. the most Gracious. between you all and my family. tigers. and I seek refuge by Your most generous face and I seek refuge by all Your beautiful names that I know of and that I do not. for any creature beside the capacity of Allah the Creator. what is with me. our Lord and ally. all my brothers and their wealth everlastingly by the face of Allah. elephantiasis. And there is none like unto Him. tigers and lions. all of them sought refuge from. what is above me and what is under me and what surrounds me. the harm of the jinn and men. By the name of Allah the most gracious. my family. the most Gracious. And I do put myself forward to you before them all. and from my inner and outer and my surroundings by witness armies” For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession. power oh you collective jins and men. power. Bedouins. And from madness. and from fitnah. and Allah Subhanuhu wata’ala (most Glorious. all my family. Bedouins. I seek refuge by the supremacy of Your essence. hemiplegia. by the name of the Lord. The One. the Supreme Creator who is the protective wall from everything we fear and keep away from. and surrounding you. most High) above all of you. the strongest the most exalted. Fully guard him by command of Allah. before and behind him. the most merciful. I cannot estimate praising You." I uphold by the supremacy of the essence of Allah. like you guarded your apostle. piles. kings. and from the harm of what He has spread on the earth. the most generous. between you all and my wealth. a veil invisible. kings. I seek refuge by full words of Allah from His anger and punishment and every Satan and wanderers and every reproaching (blaming) eyes. deafness. Say: He is Allah. He will say “ Be you driven into it (with ignominy)! And speak you not to me!” She said: ”I seek refuge from you to Allah. I seek refuge to Allah from Satan. my religion. irresistibility over all of your essences. the outcast 10x. the most Page 22 of 59 . (3 times). thieves and everything that Allah has created. protecting me from you in myself. exaltedness. Ahuunun Qaf Aduma Hama Ha’ Amin. the out last. Allah. all my brothers and their wealth permanently by the face of Allah. satans. I seek refuge from everything that Your apostle and prophets. There is no capacity. and I seek refuge from every single thing from which Your apostle Muhammad (PBUH) sought refuge from. we put between you and those who believe not in the Hereafter. eyes. Absolute. His ear. they turn on their backs. Blessings of Allah and His peace upon them all. the Most High. My Lord.

Third basis that he makes his heart home of mercy for all Muslims. the most exalted has 3 sacred rites. the most Merciful. This is what our Creator. the most exalted. Allah will protect for him the affairs of his din and his worldly affairs. the most exalted also said “And have in their minds no favor for anyone for which a reward is expected in return. he will thus get great portion from the prophetic heritage as Allah. the most exalted. Allah will never keep for him anything: The sacred rite of Islam. and the swiftly cutting sword in the way of Allah. for it has praiseworthy consequence in here and hereafter. be them words or actions. most Merciful May Allah’s blessings be upon our Lord Muhammad and his household in every eye blinking and breathing as much as what Allah’s broad knowledge covers. In this meaning is what the prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) told Abu Bakar As-Sidik (may Allah be pleased with him) “Never ever look down (disgrace) any one among Muslims for the smallest Muslim is a great one with Allah”. “Allah. However. without any defect of any kind. he would have all his affairs built on righteousness inside out. elders among them and the young and he should give the Islamic right of respect and reverence. If he is firm on this basis and on it straightens his heart. Page 92 Meaning none but Allah in all his affairs. This is also the meaning of the word of the prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). His deeds would become all pure and unmixed in any way. Allah will pour on his body the lights of Lordly mercies and make him taste its sweetness. This basis is the base of all actions and words. meant when He told His great prophet and His most respected beloved Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) “And keep yourself content with those who call on their Lord morning and evening. the most exalted before he gets into that thing. If he sees the answer to be right and pleasing to the Truth Lord. And I do seek refuge for myself. whoever keeps and protects them. Man should then prepare the answer for the answer of the Truth Lord. the most high are that. Whoever does not keep them. he would become such a person that he would only talk or act after being sure and unhastingly. then he should get into it. Fourth basis: noble (sublime) morals for which the prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was sent to complete. the One. Page 90 and all my brothers and their wealth permanently from everything that You would protect me from all that I have sought refuge. If the aim is rightly for the face of Allah the most exalted and he washes his heart clean from any ambiguous actions performed not for Allah. nor is He begotten. This is the meaning of the prophetic saying “Account yourself before you are accounted and weigh up your deeds before they are weighed up on you”. my sacred rite and the sacred rite of my womb”. if he sees that answer could not be accepted by the True Lord and is not pleasing to Him. Say: He is Allah. May Allah’s blessings be upon our Lord Muhammad and his household in every eye blinking and breath by the quantity what is covered by broad knowledge of Allah. Should he put his heart firmly on such a basis. LETTER OF BASIS (Risalah Al-Quwa’id) By the name of Allah. and soon will they attain (complete) satisfaction. Whoever verifies this firmly. What is collectively recommended. Allah the Eternal. Second basis is that man should never ever do a deed or say a word except the aim is the Face of Allah (cause). the world the most listened to. the most exalted said “We did not send you but for mercy for the worlds”. Allah. Absolute. That is the prophet saying. then he should avoid that thing no matter whatever that thing must be for the bad consequence would be on him. most High. the sensible man who wants to save himself from every perishable situations and wants that Allah make him enter among the rank of the most nearest people to get into any of his affairs. But only the desire to seek the countenance of their Lord most High. he should know that Allah the most exalted. is definitely going to make him stand before Him to ask about that thing. Page 23 of 59 . should he get into it. the most Gracious.Gracious. He beggetten not. And there is none like unto Him 3x. Page 91 and that Allah would accept it from him. 7. seeking His Face”. all my family and my wealth.

the most High in everything. My so and so servant also requested drink from you. And know that is off forgiving. had you paid him a visit. That is Allah’s saying “And know that Allah know what is in your hearts. Reward is by its kind. for Allah does treat the servant by his own character and behavior by which he treats other creatures. The servant would say “ How could You be hungry when You are the Lord of worlds? How could You be sick when You are the Lord of worlds? How could You request for drink when You are the Lord of world? Allah. Should this be the case with the creature who does not control harm or benefit. you would have found Me there. had you given him food. should not find you where He had forbidden you. he would not definitely commit this act if he has his heart with him during indulging in the action that does not please Allah this is what the prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) mean about Al-Ihsan (kindness) “that it is that you worship Allah as if you are seeing Him. you would’ve found that with Me. shyness from Allah will keep his companion to such extent that he would never say a word or does a deed that does not please Allah and which does suit the exaltedness of Allah. His saying:” I was hungry. He will soon punish them. what you hate that they treat you by such as dirty word. That is Allah. and I was sick but you did not pay Me a visit. without doubt. the reality of which is that a servant of Allah should be easy going and kind to his family. he is actually respecting the master. wherever you are”.Page 93 “I was only sent to complete (accomplish) sublimes morals”. he could not do so while people are looking at him. To sum up. such as nice word. and take need of Him. Allah. slave and every Muslim. for he finds it dirty for him. the most Glorious. friends and kin’s. therefore no doubt. he sees you”. bad talk and detestable work. good talk and good work. and should not miss you where He had commanded you to be around. the most High. My servant got sick. If you do not see him. My so and so servant also got hungry. he is obliged to make perfect this worship and perform it as best of his knowledge that Allah always watches him. most forbearing”. the most glorious and High. Whoever is like a garden of mercy and good shade. sick and asked of you to give me a drink. by meaning “ My servant got hungry. you must do likewise with all creatures of Allah. Dwellers of paradise are all easy going and easy to approach. And our Lord. He would not watch out for anyone but Allah. under which they rest. This basis is the pearl of al-din. For their (false) attribution (of superstitions to Allah). Whoever firms his foot in this situation his treatment would be right with the True Lord. what you would like people to treat you by. Treating the servant for the sake of his master is. as saying to the servant on the day of the resurrection” I was hungry and you did not feed Me. Whoever Page 96 keeps this situation. Allah will also be so for him. and his servants is the saying of the prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) “Respect Allah that He should not see in what He had forbidden you from”. the most exalted. you must keep away from it. A fitting recompense (for them). Page 95 What make the servant feel shy from Allah is that he should know the knowledge of presence that Allah is the watcher over everything and is the witness to all things. if a servant wants to commit adultery or steal. Page 94 It thus comes in Hadith “ about Allah. who is all around with heart “And He is with you. Page 24 of 59 . Whoever respects and dignifies a slave for the sake of the slave master. the most exalted also said “ Say to my servants that they should (only) say those things that are best” Al Ahsan is what comprises all beautiful things are more. the supreme said “ And speak fair to the people” meaning not harshly. and if what prevents him from committing such a crime is fear for being dropped from the eyes of people (disgrace) and the lowering of his self esteem. The prophet (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). would say in interpreting it “ But My so and so servant got sick. The collective sublime morals between Allah. Should the servant busy his heart by watching and keeps on using it till he gets used to it. He could be brave enough to do this while knowing that people are watching him. I asked of you to give Me drink and you did not. treating the master. For example. Allah is with him and is looking at him. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon the prophet Muhammad in every blinking of eye and breathing as much as what the knowledge of Allah covers. whereas the dwellers of Hell Fire are all harsh to their families. the most Glorious. you would found that with Me “ Interpreting Himself. and My servant requested drink from you”. had you given him drink.

do purify me from every Janabah. (3times). And I put forward to you before all of them. veil. (100 times). in every blinking of an eye and breathing. permanently from sins that I know of and that I do not. (70000 times). and all praises are due to you. saying: My Lord. “Glory to you oh my Lord and all praises are due to You. there is no God but He. Amin. friends (wali) and righteous Page 99 and all servants that are believers. Then he should end by the expiation of Al-Majlis (seating). which is: I seek forgiveness from Allah. May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon you oh the messenger of Allah. disobedience of Allah. and upon all angels. the most High. The he should take bath like the watching of Janabah (sleeping with spouse). Page 97 (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The teacher (ustaz) said: Firstly it is obligatory for he who proceeds on the way to submit two bases which are of two duties: daytime and nighttime. the self-subsisting and I do repent to Him. And after that he reads Al-Istigifar Al-Khabir (the great forgiveness prayer) which is: “I seek forgiveness from Allah. Michail. illness.8. inner out. Then after that he should come with the prophetic ransom by which to free himself. Glory to you. the living. there is no God but He. But if he limits it to the first day. oh the Lord of worlds. (1 time). which is. He must then see in his dream a sign or good news depending on the true intention of the doer. And he should read: There is no God but you. and recorded in the book and written by the pen and came to existence by the ability of Allah and specified by the will of Allah and the ink of the words of Allah. He should recite before proceeding to take bath. Should he will to stand before Allah. beauty and perfect Face of our Lord and our Lord pleases and loves. (1000 times). in all my movements or tranquility in my thoughts. the most Gracious. Do forgive me for. I do put forward to you before every instant and blinking of eye that is done by dwellers of heavens and earth and everything that has happened or is happening in your knowledge. breaking ties of kin and from every evil that you did purify your apostle Muhammad. the living. And should present these as presents to the prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and then he should say: oh my Lord. Page 98 as much as what Allah’s knowledge surrounds. Oh my Lord do make peace and blessing upon our Lord Muhammad. and submit the two rakaah as present to the prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and he should read while facing Al-Kiblah saying “ Oh my Lord. Bounty and Honor. LETTER OF BASIS (Risalah Al-Assas) In the name of Allah. in each rakaah he reads Al-Fatihah once and Al-Ikhlas (100 times). He should do those 3 nights. the self-subsisting. he must purify himself first from janabah by water. which is: there is no God but Allah. Full of Majesty. and I do repent to Him from every sin. I beg your forgiveness and repent to you. in every eye blinking and breathing as much as what the knowledge of Allah covers. I bear witness that there is no God but You. I do put myself forward to you before them all. (70000 times). I do put forward before every breathing and blinking of eye etc. Because as long as man is preoccupied with the worldly affairs that keep him busy from contemplating Allah. and after as-salam he reads Al-Istigifar as-sagir (the small prayer of forgiveness) (3 times). the most High. be them words or actions. (1000 times). it will suffice him. bigger or minor that I have committed intentionally or mistakenly. The secret of it that it should be this way: There is no God but Allah. negligence. breathings. the supporters of the throne. in every blinking of an eye and breathing as much as what the knowledge of Allah covers. And he should end by the expiation of Al-Majlis (the prayer of seating) (3 times). He should do this three days and repeat taking bath 3 days as well. and upon Jibrail. as it suits the majesty. dirt. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. (1 time). oppression. He should daily empty his heart from every business and preoccupations. the supreme. the Forgiver of all sins. which are: Glory to you. merciful. inner and outer. this is considered to be judged as Junub (sleeping with spouse). The nightly duty is that he should wash himself as mentioned before and pray two rakaah before going to bed. Angel of death. oh you who is Generous. And I do put forward to you all of them. Then he should pray two rakaah in each of which he read Al Fatihah once and Al-Ikhlas. I have been one of the wrong doers. sickness and from sin. (70 times). no one else could forgive sins but you”. Israfil. I bear witness that there is no God but You I ask for your forgiveness and repent to you etc. like the individual who wants to perform prayer. (100 times). his household and all apostles and messengers. Then he should be made used Page 25 of 59 . the Supreme. I have committed evil and wronged my own self. as much as what your knowledge covers. most Merciful. He should inform his Ustaz (teacher) about what he had seen so that the teacher can build it for him on true basis.

in every blinking of an eye and breathing as much as your broad knowledge covers. that prayer is not complete”. the most High. the reminder of his generosity. light and merciful in the cause (essence) of Allah”. that is my way of my performing ablutions as the way of apostles that come before me. he should surely prepare his dwelling in a house in the Hell Fire”. If a Hadith reaches you that you do not know about. Allah is the helper there is no God but He. and whoever dismisses a Hadith of mine after it had reached him. to fast Ramadhan and pilgrimage”. It’s also reported that he (PBUH) said: “There will be a fitnah”. Whoever exceeds this way of performing ablution. The believer is he who people trust with their blood and wealth. do put peace and blessings upon our Maulanah Mohammad. transgressed and oppressed himself”. Al-Mujahid or the striving man is he who strives and struggles with his soul and its desire in cause of Allah”. that’s the duty of the ablution without which it cannot be sufficient. will. who does not give away anything but would remind about that generosity afterwards and who dispenses off his merchandise (goods) by swearing falsely to Allah”. I am only a man. the most Gracious. he should prepare his dwelling in the Hell Fire. or a passed in Sunah (tradition) or saying: I don’t know”. It also reported about him (PBUH) as saying: “Wear wool cloths. However. it must about that the messenger of my Lord calls and I answer. the last day and destiny. you should say: Allah knows best. His books. However anything lower than that is in the Hell Fire”. His angels. or dismisses something I have commanded. and there is for every man what had intended in his mind. It’s also reported that he (PBUH) said “Knowledge is of 3 kinds: Ayah Muhkamah (a firmly established verse). It is also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Allah will never look at anyone who pulls his Rida’a (headcover) arrogantly. Al-Muhajir or the migrator is he who alienates himself from what Allah has forbidden. Page 100 9. the Lord of worlds. and my household. It is also reported about him (PBUH) as saying: “Purify your hearts by keeping quite. It is also reported about him (PBUH) as saying: “Oh people. Whoever holds fast to it and upholds it. look at or purify on the day of resurrection and for them there is a painful chastisement: He who lowers his Azar (trousers) passed his ankle. Whoever’s migrations is intended in the cause of Allah and His Al-Zikir as best as he can. It’s also reported that he (PBUH) said “ Whoever performs a prayer in which he does not recite the mother of Qur’an (Al-Fatihah). uphold the book of Allah. most Merciful Oh my Lord. then his migration is for what he migrated for”. his household. power of will. And whoever’s migration is for this world to gain or a woman to marry." It’s also reported that he said (PBUH): “There are three persons that Allah will not talk to. Page 26 of 59 . he will surely be on guidance. I am going to leave with you two heavy things: The book of Allah. submission. he will go astray and get lost. in which there is guidance and light. All praises are due the Allah. true intention. And whoever performs ablution twice. to perform the regular prayers. THE BOOK OF SUNAH & SPIRIT OF TRANQUILED SOULS (Kitab Ar-Ruh As-Sunah Wa Ruh An-Nufus Al-Mutmainah) By the name of Allah. He was asking: “Where is the way out of it oh the messenger of Allah?” He said: the book of Allah in which there is the news of those before and news of those coming after you. he has indeed done wrong. So. Page 102 It is also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Allah does not accept the prayer of a man who lowers his Izar (trousers) (than the ankle). and hold fast to it. the most High. then you will become pure. Amin! It’s reported about him (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that he said: “Islam is built on five: To bear witness that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is His messenger. Page 101 then his migration is indeed intended for Allah and His messenger. and whoever performs it thrice. It’s also reported about him (PBUH) as saying: “Uzrat (trousers) of the believer is up to the middle of his leg. he would receive two pairs of reward. to give alms. It’s also reported form him (PBUH) as saying: “Whoever lies about me purposely. It is also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Muslim is he from whose tongue and hands other Muslims are safe. His messengers. It’s also reported that He (PBUH) said: “Whoever performs ablution once only. I’ll be his adversary on the day of resurrection. It’s also reported form him (PBUH) as saying “All deeds depend on intentions. Wa bi Allah Al-Tawfiq. I remind you Allah concerning my household”. It is also reported from him (PBUH) as saying: “whoever lies about me deliberately. be firm and eat to the halves of your stomachs. and whoever misses it. love for it. It’s also reported from Him as saying “Al-Iman (belief) is that you believe Allah. you will then enter in the kingdom of heavens”. the good and evil of it are from Allah”. less eating and drinking. there is no blame on him for what covers between leg and the two ankles. It is distinguished and it is not a plaything.

for none could guide for the best of it but You. are (all) for Allah. oh the messenger of Allah? He answered: “He whose neighbour is not safe from his evils”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “None of you can become a believer till what is in the hands of Allah are more hard-heeled by him than what is in his own hands”. Kul Huwa Allah Hu Ahad. my prayer and my service of sacrifice. It’s a wise zikr (reminder). My Lord. he should fear Allah and should know that he is a guarantor”. Page 104 It’s also reported that he (PBUH) said: “By Allah (I swear to Allah) he does not become a believer. when he say Takirah Al-Ihrahm (the first Allahu Akbar in prayer): My Lord do make distance between me and my faults like you have made distance between east and west. My Lord. he must be truthful in his sayings.Page 103 It’s the strong rope of Allah. It's also reported Page 27 of 59 . (11 times). (3 times). (3 times). and praying over every dead body. your jihad is for you and his evil deeds are for him. the hearer the most knowledgeable. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Pray you behind every righteous and wicked. and whoever seeks guidance in anything else other than the Qur’an. the highest of which is the word there is no God but Allah. therefore. secret trust and discharged (returned) it. firmly and truly. ice and coldness. It’s reported should him (PBUH) as saying: “There will be come upon my ummah a time as it come upon the children of Israel. The children of Israel diverted into 72 sects and my ummah will deviate into 73 sects all of which are going into the Hell Fire except those who are on the path on which I and my companions are”. Wa Subhana Allah Bukratan wa asilan (and Glory to Allah morning and evening). It is also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Whoever leads. my life and my death. while there is among another man better than him. Allah will lead his astray. and a man who recited after every prayer. I have set my face. It’s also reported that he (PBUH) said: “three things are of sunnah: praying behind every Imam. lustrous eyes as he likes: A man who was entrusted with a beautiful. Qur’an what as soon as the Jinn hear. and we have believed therein”. He (PBUH) used to say. he is guiding to the right path”. But if they do evil. Truly. It’s also reported that he (PBUH) said: “You leaders are your intercessors. He (PBUH) used to say sometimes after Takbirah Al-Ihram: “For me. Whoever say according to Qur’an is saying true. wealth and all people”. fear from Allah. the outcast. clean me from faults the way you have cleaned white cloth form dirt. It's also reported from him (PBUH) as saying: “None of you could become a believer until I become most loved by Him than himself. By Allah he does not believe. It's also reported that he (PBUH) used to say. It is also reported from him (PBUH) as saying: “Whoever believes in Allah and the last day he should respect his guest. Page 106 and I am the first of those who submit to His will. (3 times). Qur’an is that cannot be swerved by desires. from the Satan. You are the king. to the extent that if there is among them a man who sleeps with his own mother publicly. And a man who pardoned a killer. My Lord wash me clean from my faults by water. and turn away from me the evil morals. Page 105 It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Whoever becomes an Imam for a people. and whoever work according to it will be rewarded. its wonders do not end. whoever possesses one of them. It’s also reported that he (PBUH)) said: “Whoever would like that Allah and His messenger love him. This I am commanded. if they do good. there will be among ummah a man who will commit likewise. tongues do not get confused by it. and whoever call unto it. it is for you and for them. wa saidaika all good and bad are in Your hands. I seek refuge to Allah. towards Him who created the heavens and the earth. the most High. for none could turn it away from me but You. you should see to it from whom you are going to seek intercession from”. it does not wear off by numerous repetitions. Allah will marry him in the day of resurrection from the maidens with big. of people of Tawhid (monotheism). Oh my Lord I seek refuge to Your generous face that You should turn Your face from me on the day of resurrection. Whoever tyrant abandons it Allah will break him. I beg Your forgiveness and repent to You”. and whoever judge according to it judges fairly. the good reward is for you and wickedness reward is on them”. they could control themselves that they immediately said: “We have really heard a wonderful recital! It gives guidance to the right. (3 times). there is no God but You. the knowledgeable does get satiated from it. like the equality of a pairs of shoes. after saying Takbirah Al-Ihram (the 1st Allahu Akbar) Allahu Akbar Kabiran (Allah is much greatest). be trustworthy with Allah by returning the entrusted and be kind and nice to his neighbour”. he should say good thing and shut up (be quite)”. I have answered Your call (Labaika). are (all) for Allah. and never shall I give partners to Allah. Wa Al-Hamdu Lillah Khathiran (praises are due to Allah as much). the straight path. by Allah he does not believe. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Iman (belief) is of 72 branches. Guide me for the best of morals. then he will always be in the bottom (lowered) up to the day of resurrection”. It is also reported that he (PBUH) said: “There are 3 characters. He was asked: “Who. your making jihad with every Amir (leader). the Cherisher of the worlds: No partner has He. I am for You and to You. and the lowerest of which is wipping out dirt from street”. And whoever believes in Allah and the last day. even if he is a killer”.

It is you who judge between your servants in what they differ among themselves." It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: renew your believe. The prophet (PBUH) was asked: “What Islam is the best?” He answered: “That you feed Page 107 and spread salam (greeting) to those you know and those your do not”. they call one to another and say: come to what you are looking for. He said: Remembrance of Allah. the world preferred. Surely the farthest heart away from Allah is the hardened one”. and no servant has been patient after being wronged and oppressed but Allah will increase him in dignity. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “4 rakaah before Zuhur prayer. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “The best of servant is degree Page 110 with Allah on the day of resurrection are those who remember Allah much. and no servant has been opened for himself a door of begging people but Allah will open for him a door of poverty. the exalted and Page 28 of 59 . The prophet (PBUH) was asked: “even more that the warriors in the cause of Allah? Even if one tricks the infidels and polytheists until one’s sword is broken on colored with blood. It's also reported that he (PBUH) used to say when he says Allah Akbar (Allah is Great) for prayer: “Oh my Lord. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Allah has mobile squads of angels who go about on the roads seeking those who remember Allah. for I am only cutting for him a piece of the Hell Fire”. and everyone having admired his own views only. and as long as they do not delay subuh (dawn prayer) till stars are effaced (erased)”. and myself be more loved by him than himself. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Ad-Din (religion) is giving good counsel (nasihat)”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “It is better for judge to err in forgiving that erring in punishment”. Page 109 It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “He who refuses to pay zakat is in the Fire”. Surely sadaqah (charity) only increases wealth. then you must keep to your own self and get rid of the affairs of the folk”. It's also reported that he (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his household) said: “Moses said: “Oh my Lord. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Purify your wealth by zakat (alms) and heal your sickmen by sadaqah. trade with Allah by sadaqah (charity). Allah. the exalted. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “He who does not enjoins what is right (good) and forbid what is wrong. whoever I give the right of his brother. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Avert prevent (push back punishment laws [penal laws] by subhat [ambiguity]. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “My ummah will ever be better as long as they hasten Futur (breaking fast) and delay (retard) sahur (eating before dawn prayer). he is not a believer in the Qur’an nor does he believe me”. He was asked “To whom. Therefore. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “My ummah will always be better as long as they do not postpone (delay) Magrib (dusk prayer) until stars are interwoven. which are more efficacious than spending gold and silver and better for you than you should encounter your enemies whose necks you smite and smite your necks? They said: Yes. if only could I know whom you love so that I love him!” Allah answered:” If you see my servant doing many zikr to me (mentioning my name). It’s also reported that he (PBUH) said: “May Allah have mercy on him who prays 4 rakaah before Asr prayers”. increase saying: “There is no God but Allah”. the maker of heavens and earth. Israfil and Izrail. the Lord of Jibrail. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Pray before Magrib prayer 2 rakaah. Michael. and I want I can surely swear of the fourth one: no servant has ever protected and covered another servant in this world but Allah would cover him up on the day of resurrection. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “You quarrel (dispute) among yourselves to me and it is likely that one of you is more fluent and eloquent in bringing out (submitting) his argument that the other. and surround them with their wings till the space between them with the sky of the world is fully covered. he should never take it. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Do not talk so much without doing zikr to Allah (mentioning Allah and remembering him) for talking too much without zikr Allah (remembering Allah) hardens the heart. When they find people doing so.from he (PBUH) as saying: “None of you will believe till my essence is much more loved by him than his essence. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: when you wants wealth. do guide me to the truth of what there are differences about by your leave. and when they disperse (after the assembly of remembrance is adjourned) they ascend towards the heaven. which exalt you to the high ranks. in which there is no Tasleem (saying salam after 2 rakaah). the remembrance of Allah is better than him in degree”. the leaders of Muslims and the ordinary ones”. a desired followed. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “shall I not inform you about the best of your actions which are the purest near your Lord. oh the messenger of Allah?” He answered: “To Allah. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “There are 3 things that I swear about: no sadaqah has ever decreased wealth. for he who wants to”. And if you see that my servant does not mention me (doing zikr to me) it is I who had prevented him from doing so and I hate him”. and my family much more loved by him than his family”. Allah will forbid him from the Hell Fire”. for such prayer doors of heaven will be opened “. His messenger. pray before Magrib two rakaah. it is I who had permitted so for him and I love him. pray before Magrib (dusk prayer) two rakaah. Page 108 It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Whoever prays 4 Rakaah before Zuhur prayer and 4 rakaah after it. It's also reported from him (PBUH) as saying: “You must enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong till when you see a (covetous) miser being obeid. for it is You who guide whom You please to the straight path”.

He (Lord) says: Against what do they seek protection of Mine? They (Angels) say: our Lord. even if he is in his own house”. who does not respect our elders.If he (son of Adam) remembers Allah. until he has mercy for the public (ordinary people). It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Whoever regrets about the world that has passed. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Satan puts his bait (for fishing)on the heart of son of Adam. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said:“zina (adultery) inherits poverty. they would have been more earnest in fleeing from it and fearing it. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Beware of Dunia (the world) for it is more magical (more sorcerer) that Harut and Marut"” Page 114 It's also reported that he (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his household) said: “Easy with Allah. chastisement would been poured over you in abundance”. Page 113 Allah will pardon his previous and later sins”. He asks: Page 111 Have they seen Me? When they reply: No. It's also reported that he(PBUH)said:“No action can preceed Lailahaillallah (there is no God but Allah) and it does not leave any sin unwipped out”. do not backbite Muslims and do not reveal their awrah (privacy secrets). indeed. he will become poor”. be merciful (kind) to our youngsters and know for our scholar his right”. It's also reported that he (PBUH)said:“you must say as much:there is no God but Allah and seeking pardon. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Whoever abandons (ascetic) this world. it will swallow his heart”. You must therefore prefer what remains to what finishes”. grazing animals and breast feeding infants. He would say: What do they beg of Me? They say: They beg of You the paradise of Yours. he will become nearer to Hell Fire by one thousands years walking distance. and they still think that they are the guided people”. Allah is remembered”. and the rust mover of hearts is remembrance of Allah. they will drop from the eyes of Allah”. They (Angels) say: They seek Your protection. the exalted. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Jibrail told me that Allah. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said:“Whoever wears a new cloth and says Alhamdulillah (all praises are due to Allah). and put him under His shadow. Whoever enters there is safe from My chastisement”. He came in connection with his own work (for a business) He says: I also grant him pardon because. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “He is not one of us. He asks: How would they act if they had seen Me? Thereupon they reply: If they had seen You they would have engaged more earnestly in worshipping and glorifying You and would have extolled You more. He (Lord) says: Have they seen the fire of Hell? They say: No. Whoever reveals his Muslim brother’s privacy. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: Allah says. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Whoever loves his world (dunia) he will harm his Hereafter. prayer performing old men. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Everything has rust mover. and when is no more enjoining what is just and forbidding what is evil. He says: Had they seen it. even more than striking (enemies) by your sword till it gets broken”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “A servant would Page 29 of 59 . he should not be harsh and should be merciful”. and when My ummah (nation) insults one another. says: La ilaha illallah (there is no God but Allah) is my fortress. how would they act? They (Angels) say: Had they seen it. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Allies (friends/wali) of Allah are those who is looked at. the most exalted: “If you want (love) My mercy. Iblis says:I have destroyed people by sins and they have destroyed me by Lailahaillallah (there is no God but Allah) and begging pardon from Allah. if it were not for God fearing youth. none would enter paradise but the merciful. will guide him without guidance. he will become nearer to the paradise by 1000 years”. they would have been more intensely eager for it." He said: No. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said:“Oh you group of people who believe only by their tongues. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “When My ummah exalts this world. Allah will make him knowledgeable without him seeking knowledge. the reverence of Islam will be taken away from them. be merciful to My creatures”. Allah says: Have they seen My paradise? They reply: Had they seen it. will make him seer and will remove sorrow away from him”. And whoever regrets about the Hereafter (a deed) that has passed. they have not seen You”. When I saw that. uttering Your greatness (Allah Akbar) and uttering Your oneness (La ilaha illallah). He says: I call you to witness that I hereby grant pardon to them and confer upon them what they ask for and grant them protection against what they seek protection. the blessing of the revelation will cease. He will make him ashamed.glorious asks them (although He is best informed about everything): What are my servants saying? They say: They are glorifying You (subhana Allah). Whoever commits zinah. I destroyed them by desire. there is one among them such and such servant who does not belong to the assembly of those who are participating in the remembrance of Allah. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Whoever likes that Allah protect him from the boiling of Hell on the day of resurrection. and whoever’s privacy Allah reveals. Allah will also reveal his privacy. They (the companions) said: we are all merciful. they are people by virtue of whom their associate will not be unfortunate. from the fire of Hell. and whoever loves his Hereafter. but if he forgets Allah. Who gave me this cloth to put on and made it a Rizik (fortune) for me without any mean or power from me. One of the angels says: our Lord. while Iman (belief) has never entered their hearts. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “By Him whose hand my spirit is. and praising You (Alhamdu lillah). easy. it retracts. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “the biggest of Al-Kaba’ir (the most heinous of sins) is love of the world”. Page 112 There is nothing that can be more protecting for the chastisement of Allah than remembrance of Allah. he will harm his world.

for Allah created Adam from the mud and therefore forbid mud to his offsprings”. Allah would not put anything in charge of him. and he who denies destiny (Qadar) of Allah. I have no need that he should abstain from his food and his drink”. the healing (medicine) of my chest. He would be pleased with him”. Ibn Adam (son of Adam) is put in charge to whom he looks up to (has hope for)." It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “What the son of Adam fears is what is instigated to him. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “None of you should bathe in still water while in Janabah (sleeping with spouse)”. And whoever does not fear Allah. He was asked: Even you oh the messenger of Allah? He said: Even me. and that you be kind (merciful) to all Muslims as you are kind (merciful) to yourself. have mercy on me today. It's also reported that he (PBUH) saw Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) eating mud. you have the kind of knowledge with which there is no ignorance. Page 117 and he who makes lawful from my (cases) what Allah had made unlawful. the son of Your female servant. Your judgement on me is fair. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “whoever does not protect the parts of his body from what I have made unlawful. And that you feel uneasy with worldly belongings and its beauty as feel uneasy with fire. This is the asceticism”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Fasting is a shield for you so long you do not pierce it (tear it). and to lower whom Allah has bestowed with honor (dignity). Allah will make him fear everything”. And that you shorten your wishes in this world. I’m (your servant. Allah is so great that no one could reach all His affairs”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Every act of the son of Adam is for him. Allah will make all things fear him. under Your control. you would have walked on sea. or You restricted it to the knowledge of unknown with You. (I beg of You by all these) that You make the Holy Qur’an the spring (or a running river) of my heart.” Page 116 It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “If you knew Allah as best as you should. Allah will throw him on his face head long into the Fire of Hell”. or taught anyone of Your creatures by it. The companions Page 115 of the Prophet (PBUH) and those passed among the early ummah (nation) used to buy birds and set them free”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “If one does not abandon falsehood and indecent actions according to it. Your command runs on me. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “If you knew what I do know. Allah has no need that he should abstain from his food and his drink”. and you feel uneasy with too much eating as you feel uneasy from the dead animal that has gone extremely bad. It's also reported that he Page 30 of 59 . and discipline (waraq) is the master of action. no one has ever reached such a standard. my forelock is in Your hand. Page 118 You called Yourself by or sent down in Your book. you would have laugh a little and weeped a lot! And would have not enjoy food and drink”. and he who is incited (instigated) by arrogance to bestow honor on whom Allah has lower (made law in esteem). It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “there are seven people who are cursed by angels. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Whoever abandons disobeying Allah.stand before Allah and Allah will make him stand for so long that he would experience great distress from that. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Whoever fears Allah. I beg of You by every name that belongs to You. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Whoever dies and there is in his heart the weight of a mustard-see of mud. and you feel uneasy in talking about what does not concern you as you feel uneasy from the unlawful. the eraser of my anxiety and depression. except fasting. and the one who makes boots (gains of war) his own property and he who abandons my sunnah”. If you feared Allah as best as you should. for fear of Allah. It is (exclusively) meant for Me and I (alone) will reward him for it”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Asceticism is that you like (love) what your Creator likes and dislike what your Creator dislikes. He told her (PBUH): Oh Aisha. Was the son of Adam to fear but Allah nothing would be instigated to him. If the son of Adam does not have hope but for Allah. the son of Your male servant. Zaid bin Argam (may Allah be pleased with him) said: A man asked the messenger of Allah (PBUH) By what should protect myself from Hell Fire? He said: By the tears of your eyes. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Oh my Lord. However. do not eat mud. He (Allah) would say: Did you ever have any mercy for any of My creatures that I could have mercy for you? Bring even a bird (that you had mercy on). oh the messenger of Allah? He answered: By lying or backbiting”. by Allah and by every apostles whose prayers are answered: The one who makes the unlawful lawful. for an eye that wept for fear Allah of will not be eaten by Fire. No servant stricken by anxiety and worry and say this but Allah would remove his worry and replace his sadness by happiness: Reported by Al-Hakim and Ahmad. He was asked: Pierce it by what. the light of my eyes. and you feel uneasy with Halal (the lawful) of this world as you do feel uneasy with its Haram (unlawful) for its lawful is be accounted for and its unlawful is chastisement. He would say: My Lord. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “The doing fasting is in the act of worshipping so long he does not backbite or bother a Muslim”. the remover of sorrow.” It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Fearing Allah is the head of any wisdom. and mountains would have moved by your prayers.

martyr and a rich”. Page 119 and came to the apostle (PBUH). and leave them”. an angel from heaven will call him. It's also reported that he (PBUH) saw a man praying while his cloth is trailing behind him. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “whoever intercedes for another and accepts from him a present. no sin can harm him”. the Majestic”. Abdullah. He said: Who is this? I said: Abdullah. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “there will be among My ummah (nation) a group of people permanently on the truth. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Allah is pure and loves purity”. the Exalted. oh enemy of Allah”. how beautiful Safiah is if only she were not such and such! And she pointed to her neck by her hand. for him is Hell Fire”. The man repeated the ablution and performed prayer in the same way. night and day. It's also reported that he (PBUH) forbid painting the grave.(PBUH) said: “Whoever builds over 12 cubits. for Allah does not like lower garment trailers”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said when he saw Al-Ka’bah. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “any woman uses perfumes and goes out." It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “if a man backbites you in the presence of a group. Page 31 of 59 . It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “breaking the bone of the dead believer is like breaking it while he is alive”. you must be the supporter for the man and admonishes the group. Page 120 It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “whoever backbites a Muslim. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “”whoever takes an arm length of land by force. Abdullah bin Umar used to make sujud (prostrate) of reading (reciting Al-Qur'an) without any ablution. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Allah curses the female visitors to the graves and those who build on them mosques and those who light on them candles”. Allah will put around his neck to the seven earth (on the day of judgement)”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “hold your tongue. It is reported by Ali (may Allah lightens his face) as saying: “my friend prohibited me from praying at cemeteries and inside the fences of camels”. who ordered him again to repeat the ablution and the prayer. “How great are you! And great is your hurmah (sacredness) but hurmah of Al-Mu’min (sanctity of the believer) is greater with Allah Page 122 in sanctity (hurmah) than you are. and whoever disobeys Allah and His messenger. I see you ordering him to repeat both ablution and prayer twice!” The prophet (PBUH) told him: He performed prayer while trailing his garment. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “whoever trails his trousers till they go them below his ankles. and those who weep for fear of Allah. He said: If you are Abdullah (the servant of Allah) then hold up your garment. until the promise of Allah comes”. The messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “you have indeed uttered a word which will pollute the sea if it is mixed in it. Page 121 It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “clean your yards (houses). It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “there are three who are protected from satan and his army. son of Umar said: “The apostle (PBUH) saw me while I was trailing my lower garment. he is disobeying Allah and His messenger. Therefore. Allah made you sacred. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “keep away from conjecture. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “the first of those to be flamed by Fire are three: A scholar. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Hold up your lower garments as angels do in the presence of the Lord of worlds”. let your house be spacious for you (enough for you) and weep about your sins”. the prophet ordered him to repeat the ablution and prayer. It's also in the Hadith that a man came and said: “on the messenger of Allah. They asked him: How do angels hold up their lower garments in the presence of the Lord of the world? He said: Up to the half way of their knees. he will come on the day of resurrection with his tongue tied to the back of his head which can be only loosen by the pardon of Allah and pardon from whom he had backbite”. is there any way out? Your father did not fear Allah that He should do things easy for him? His wife is been put away by 3 divorces and the 997 he used to take Ayat (signs) of Allah as mockery”." It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: ”Backbiting is more worse than 36 adultery in Islam”. and those seek forgiveness at the end of night (dawn). It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Oh Sa’d bin Zurarah! do not trail your lower garment. where to. meaning that Safiah’s neck was short”. for conjecture is the worst of conversation”. my grad father has divorced his wife 1000 times. he has indeed entered one of the greatest doors of Riba (interest taking)”. Those who remember Allah. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “the dead man hears Al-Azan (call for prayer) and Al-iqamah and salam (greetings) of who greets it so long the grave is not covered by baked soil (cement). Aisha said: “oh messenger of Allah. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “may Allah curse the Jews for they took the graves of their apostles as mosques”. or build on it or stand on it. but forbid the blood of the believer. for the Jews do not clean their house yards”. A man said: Oh messenger of Allah. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “he who Allah loves. is a prostitute”. the exalted. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “pray to din (religion) is like head to body”. and Allah does not accept prayer from anyone who trails his garments. the majestic. do not dress your graves by mud (baked mud or cement). his money and honor and evil thought about him”. not caring about those who deviate (disgrace) with them.

he has to let him know (about it)”. Allah will bless it for you. He said: worst than that has already drunk with you: The Satan!” It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “oh Aisha. She said: Do I have a satan with me oh the messenger of Allah? He said: Yes. He said: “Oh the messenger of Allah. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “woe who does not know. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “whoever sees me. It is also in the Hadith: night eating is Amanah (trust). It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “whoever revives my sunnah when my ummah are ruined (become mischievous and bad). Page 126 is something He has excluded (forgiven). they beautified them (or melt them) and ate their pieces. He will indeed forbid its price money”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “may Allah curse the Jews.Page 123 The messenger of Allah (PBUH) forbids naming oneself by the names of angels. He forbid for them (animal) fats. She said to him: Even you? He said: Yes. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “he who lengthens standing in prayer. for you do not have a witness on that”. for I appear in every kind of image (picture)”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “it is of no profit to me that you pray for me. by dividing in the two rakaah. praying”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “whoever dies in one of the two of Al-Haramain (2 sacred places: Makkah & Madinah). for every one there is a satan. Page 124 It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “whoever drinks standing and becomes crazy. The prophet told him: “leave. It's also in the Hadith that: Allah would not have created Iblis (the devil) if He did not want to be disobeyed. it will bless you. He does not believe in Qur’an he who makes lawful its unlawful”. Vagina). It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Al-Halal (the Lawful) is what Allah has made lawful in His Book. He would have taught him once time a woe. so you should accept from Allah His exclusion (forgiveness)”. he will have the rewards of 100 martyrs”. he will be resurrected on the day Resurrection as a safe man Page 125 for whom there is no account nor is there punishment for him”. may repent." The prophet (PBUH) told him: “you have taken the Qur’an as a mockery. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “what mostly makes people enter the paradise is fear of Allah and good morality. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “apostles are alive in their graves. Prayer used to begin during the era of the messenger of Allah (PBUH) and one would go to Al-Baqi’ (Muslim cemetery) to answer nature’s call. But Allah commanded so for His generousity for you”. And the prophet (PBUH) interpreted Al-Kanud (ungrateful) that it is he who eats alone. A man spoke in the presence of the prophet (PBUH) in a way Allah has forbidded. And woe to him who know and did not act accordingly. but Allah gave an upper hand on him and he become a Muslim. and the prophet (PBUH) recited surah Al-A’raf in the Magrib (dusk) prayer. I won’t repeat that again. The messenger of Allah (PBUH) saw a man drinking while standing. it will written for him two pious (noble) pilgrimage”. Abu Bakar also recited surah Al-Baqarah in the Subuh (dawn) prayer. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “he would performs pilgrimage and set out in determination to visit me. and the prophet (PBUH) used to raise up their hands during every ups and downs in prayer as if their hands were fans”. and Umar recited in Subuh prayer surah Al-Imran. he will never get cured at all”. until the sun rises in the west”. 7 times of woes”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Allah stretches out His hand in the night time that those who have done evil during the day. It is in the Hadith: bake bread in small shapes and bake many of it. your satan has come to you. may repent. If Allah pleased. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “should one love another. and on what Allah is silent. and what mostly makes people enter Fire are the two openings: mouth and farj (Penis. disunity is chastisement. prohibits gift and whips his slave. When Allah forbids anything. The prophet (PBUH) told him: “would be pleased that cat drink with you? He said: No. The prophet (PBUH) prohibited letting hands down in prayer. It is also in the Hadith that: congregation is mercy. Should He likes. Page 32 of 59 . It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “He who revives my sunnah (tradition). he has revived me and he who revives me will be with me in the Paradise”. He would do such and such. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “he who drinks standing should vomit it”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “He will never get into Paradise he who walks about with calumnies”. And He stretches His hand in the daytime that those who have done evil during the night. and would come back while the prophet was still in the first rakaah”. eat your food in group. and Al-Haram (the unlawful) is what Allah has made unlawful (forbidden) in His Book. he has actually seen me. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “the worst of apology is when death is present. Allah will alleviate his standing when people will stand before the Lord of Worlds. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: about war that Allah’s hand is between the warring factions. and the worst of regret is that of the day of resurrection”. He does not therefore order me to do but good”.

It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “shortly after injustice will appear. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “He who witnesses (attends) a Muslims child’s birth ceremony. Page 130 Then say: oh my Lord. and has power over everything” 10 times. Your complete and most blessed words which are unsurmountable by a righteous nor by a wicked. praise Allah and make salat on the apostle (PBUH). and from snake. there is no partner for Him. I request from You by the tying place the dignity (power) at Your throne. Then the prophet (PBUH) said: “your Lord has finished”. or what you wore and torn (worn) or what you made charity (sadaqah) from and thus made permanent (in reward) for yourself”. Kul A’uz bi Rabi Al-Falaq and Kul A’iz bi Rabi An-Nas seven times each. who does not accept anything for his Azan (calling for prayer)”. scorpion. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “take a Mu’azin (a caller for prayer). and that you offer me such and such. till there will be born justice in people who know nothing else”. a day counted as 700 days. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “there are 3 people who Allah cannot save: he who dwells in the ruined house. for it is your flesh and blood. Then said to what is in his left hand: Page 129 this is a book from your Lord in which there the names of the dwellers of Fire. the tongue of snake. by saying: Page 33 of 59 . Nothing will be added or reduced from it”. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “whoever recites during going to bed. It is in the Hadith: whoever seeks Duniah (this world) by the work of hereafter. the end of Surah Al-Hashri and Al-Mu’awizatain (Kul A’uz bi Rub Al-Falaq & Kul A’uz Bi Rab AnNas)”. it is as if he has fasted one day in the cause of Allah. ayah Al-Kursi 7 times. and spending during poverty (hardship)”. Do take it from those who are straight and do not take it from those who only say. Ibn Zubair used to do likewise”. tribes and kindred. and he who frees his animal and says: oh Lord! chain it. No amount of justice will appears but an equal amount of injustice is gone. he will not have any share hereafter. The companions of the people (PBUH) said: “the messenger of Allah (PBUH) came out to us. nothing will harm him till he leaves that area (place): oh you earth my Lord. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “he who says this prayer and sits anywhere on the earth. and “There is no God but Allah”. Then Allah will bring justice. He alone. and the names of their fathers. Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) used to walk hastingly in cirumbulation (of Ka’ba) and make jama’ (add prayers) for weeks and pray 2 rakaah for every week. I seek refuge with Allah from your evil and the evil of what creeps on you. He causes life and death. to Him Kingship belongs and all praises. Your most highest esteem. then recite while you are still prostrating. and he who dwells at the current of river. He said that there was in his right hand a book from the Lord of the worlds including names of the dwellers of paradise with the names of their fathers. tribes and kindred. I seek refuge with Allah from Lion and blok. he would be put under the care of two angels who will protect him from every evil till dawn break and if he dies. (I do request by all these) that you bestow your blessing and peace and salat upon our master Muhammad and upon his household. Your majestic name. being fair even if it concerns yourself. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “he who seeks forgiveness of Allah from a sin while he is still insisting on (committing) the very sin. from the evil of the inhabitants of the city and the begetter and what he begot. He is living who does not die. Your beautiful names. your Lord is Allah. ayat Al-Kursi (verse of the throne). Nothing would be added or deducted from it. is as if he has fasted a day in the cause of Allah. Then it is signed under the name of the last of them. No amount of injustice appears but an equal amount of just is gone. And he who attends the circumcision of a fellow Muslim. see to it whom you should take it”. holding his right and left hands unfolded (fist). It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: the son of Adam says: “my wealth (money)! my money! What you actually have as your wealth except what you ate and finished.Page 127 The prophet (PBUH) was advising Abdullah bin Umar. chain it!” Page 128 It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “he who does 3 things. he will be forgiven”. When you sit in your last prayer. the mother of Al-Our’an (Al-Fatihah). the boundary of mercy from Your book. the hand of thief and man and evil of every evil doers away from me and away from all my family. I have tied up the tail of scorpion. then say “Allah Akbar” and prostrate. Your most generous Face. is like the person who mocks (the mockerer) of his Lord”. Kul Huwa Allah Ahad 7 times. signed under the name of the last of them. Al-Fatihah seven times. oh Lord. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “pray 12 rakaah during the night of day and read Tashahud in every 2 rakaahs”. a day which is estimated as 700 days. He told him: “It should deceive you what happened to your parents from me. he has accomplish Iman (belief): giving salam (greeting) to the scholar. Take care about your Din (religion). take good care about your religion. till a people will born in injustice who will not know anything else (but doing injustice). It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “woe to him who gets angry and forgets the anger of the Lord”.

We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an in order that you may learn wisdom …. do remember what you were in this world which is: There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. and whose blood is too much. no letter of it will be left in paper or heart but is gone. oh the messenger of Allah? He said: Because the one performing prayer is indeed having munajat with Allah. Jesus (PBUH) saw a man stealing. and is thus taken up to heaven at night. It Is also come to pass that the prophet (PBUH) said in putting words in the mouths of dying men: “oh you so and so. He (Umar) said: is it from the Book of Allah? He said: No. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “put in the mouth of your dying men: there is no God but Allah. and has no partner in (His) dominion. for you will not meet Allah tomorrow with anything He likes more that increment in remembering Him (mentioning His name)." It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “when anyone of you goes to toilet. enjoin me (advise)”. Allah’s treaty with them is dissolved”. In Allah I put trust. and if he is not performing prayer he is having munajat with the son of Adam. but He has grasp of its fore-lock. up to …. They (the companions) said: How is that. and who drinks too much. I swear by Him there is no God but Him. and who sleeps too much. there is nothing to rely on without Allah. it is my Lord that is on a straight path. Allah suffices us and that is enough. Maimun bin Mahran narrated that a man came to Umar bin Al-Khatab and said: oh Amir Al-Mu’minin. he should respect the Qiblah of Allah (where we face during prayer). Praise be to Allah who begets no son. deserves Fire (the Fire is what he deserves)”. I brought it along with me. nor (needs) He any to protect Him from humiliation. Then he (Umar) said: verily people before perished for they busied themselves with the books of their scholars and abandoned the Thora and the Page 34 of 59 . sleeps too much. She said: “oh the messenger of Allah. and that you have chosen Allah as Lord. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: he who says. you will not go astray: the Book of Allah and the Tradition (Sunnah) of His apostle”. and extended it. “there is no God but Allah. He asked him: “Did you steal? He answered: No. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “the most trustful discourse is the Book of Allah." It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “he is not a believer with complete belief (Iman). It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “among any people if a man spents the night hungry. I have left among you two things. he who does not consider trial as a favor and prosperity a disaster. He told her: “Desert disobedience and increase remembering Allah. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “who eats too much. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “obey me as long as I am among you. while his neighbour is hungry besides him and he knows it”. 4000 of his greatest sins will be forgiven”. for it greatly demolishes sins. nor should turn his back to it. and he recited: Alif Lam Ra. drinks too much. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “oh you people. or three sticks or three handfuls of earth. and whose heart is hardened. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “what are these books the news of which reach me that you write them? Another book with the Book of Allah? It is that Allah gets angry for His Book. his heart becomes hardened. when we conquered (opened) the city of Khaibar. There is not a moving creature. more demolishing till the companions counted (his repetation) 20 times”. I found a book there in which there is a wonderful speech. they (companions) said: How is for the living? He said: It is much more demolishing. Page 132 A woman came to the messenger of Allah (PBUH).Page 131 I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. He should not face it. the High. and it will be abrogated from hearts and papers”. his blood becomes too much. There is no support but from Allah. verily. the most high. When I am gone. if you uphold them. It was among his prayers (PBUH): All praises are due to Allah who is self-sufficient. Umar called for Dirah (whip) and began whipping him.” It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “he does not believe me who has throughout the night satiated (stomach full of food). whoever Allah wants good for. Jesus said: I believe in Allah and Jesus’s eyes have lied (been deceived). you have the Book of Allah. and the best example is the example of Muhammad (PBUH). these are verses of the perspicuous Book. the worst practice is the invention of new elements in the faith Page 134 and every innovation is misguidance and every misguidance leads astray and every misleading is in the Fire”. oh the messenger of Allah? He said: Because trials (tests) are followed by prosperity and but it is prosperity which is not followed by trial. then he should say: praise Allah who has removed from me what harms me and retained in me what benefits me”. there will come a time when Qur’an will be ascended to the heaven at night. make its halal (lawful) and make its haram (unlawful). magnify Him for His greatness and glory. They said: How is that. Verily. Page 133 And is not a believer (Mu’min) with complete belief he who is not worried when not praying. Allah judges as He pleases and hears him who calls Him. my Lord and your Lord. more demolishing. Then he should clean himself with there stones. the son of so and so. you too were among those who knew it not. Islam as religion and Muhammad as apostle and messenger. He will let remain in his heart: there is no God but Allah”. Glory to Allah.

Rather Allah is pleased with them and they are too pleased with Allah. who beats his parents till they cry for help.Gospel till there were effaced and the knowledge they contained was gone." It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “When you are taking ablution. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Jibrail came to me and said: oh Muhammad. He was told: It is only a pig! He said: I do not want to habituate my tongue but good. my intercession is not allowed for tongue truster (insulting people). you will not find but the best in their clothes. for they have trusted their Lord and left to Him to plan for them during their life time (existence) as well as when they do not exist. Allah is commanding you to wash Al-Fataika. Allah accepts his repentance: He who marries his hand (does masturbation). and the people when they stand in ranks for fighting (Jihad)”. and peace and blessings be upon his family and those who did not accuse the True Lord in the matter of Riziq (provision) or else. Page 137 10. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “He who keeps away food from My ummah (nation) for 40 days. Page 135 It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “Whoever looks at the private parts (genital) of his brother deliberately (intentionally) Allah will not accept any prayer from him for 40 days. He saved them all troubles. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “3 things are of stupidity: that man wipes his front head before finish praying. his family and companions. who do the act of the people of Lott (homosexuals). Then what about Him who has power over everything? And who is the most trustful of all talkers. you do not like to be labeled as not fulfilling promises. and He will enter them as the first (group) into the Fire. Verily. arrogance and view. most Merciful. unless they repent." Praise to Allah for the completion and may peace and blessings of Allah be upon our master Muhammad and family and companions. Allah will strike him with elephantiasis and bankruptcy”. unless they repent. and whoever repents." And you be the firm believer in His true promise that He had promised you by. who drinks continuously. nor purify on the day of resurrection. It is in Hadith that: May Allah have mercy on him who holds up his tongue from getting into honors of Muslims. nor will He look at. unless they repent. As the messenger (PBUH) said: Seek knowledge of firm belief (AlPage 35 of 59 . and hearing Azan (call for prayer) without repeating what Mu’azin (the caller for prayer) says”. although they are not. Worrying about riziq (provision) is taking Allah. the people when they stand in ranks for prayer. the exalted and majestic. And peace and blessing are upon our master. and urinating while standing. When they relied on Him. Page 138 As the messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “The treasure of a believer is his Lord. nor is it allowed for a curser (who continuously curses others). You will not find them but jubilant (happy) with Him. For there could be circumstances that could come between you and your fulfillment of what your promise and despite that. They (the companions) asked: what is view? He answered: they leave the Book of Allah. Oh you servant. A story: A pig passed Jesus (Isa) son of Mariam (Mary). Who can be most trustful than Allah in what He say? Hadith and Qur’anic verses about provision (riziq) and means that make trust firmed in hearts are beyond counting however. complying with His destiny and are wrapped up inside the book of His wisdom. Praise to Allah who made the hearts of His friends a place for firmed belief and gave them for this firm belief a paradise in advance where they enjoy great peace and rest in this world before the other world. although it is probable and possible for not to fulfill the promise by your own choice or not. Page 136 It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “There are 3 people that your Lord will laugh with on the day of resurrection: A man when he gets up to pray at night. the most Gracious. the doer and done to. You surely do like who accuses you and takes you as a liar in your promise. hearts become darken because of the increased impatientce and his man eye became blind to see so. He told it: Go away in peace. the master of those who put faith (trust) in Allah. It's also reported that he (PBUH) said: “There are seven that Allah will never talk to. wash your beard and between the fingers of your hands and feet”. nor are they witnesses on the day of resurrection. This blindness can never be removed unless the sun of firm belief shines on it by companionship of the knowledgeable who is an expert in it. Curserers are not intercessors. The prophet (PBUH) took ablution. be trustful to your Lord in His provision for you (riziq) and make Him the treasure of yours. he took handful of water by which he wash his beard and said: This is how my Lord ordered me. CHEMISTRY OF ASSUREDNESS (CERTAINTY) IN THE LONGING OF ALLAH FEARERS (Kimia’ Al-Yaqin Fi Mashuq Al-Mutaqin) It the name of Allah. and for them is painful chastisement: Allah will not assemble them with other (good) workers. as a liar. It's also reported that Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “there are three things for which Allah will not accept any deed: polytheism. food and vehicles as if they were kings. the High and the sunnah of His messenger and act according to their views (ideas). and his supplications will not be answered for 40 mornings”. who troubles his neighbours till they curse him and who commit fornication with his neighbour’s wife”. May Allah bestow peace on our master Muhammad. I said: What is AlFataika? He said: the beard.

says in His Holy Book: “If any do wish for the transitory things as We will. majestic says: There is no moving creature on earth but its sustenance depends on Allah: He knows its resting place and its temporary deposit: All is in a clear Record. it is already extended to all things. It is also by the mercy of Allah that He kept all provisions (sustenance) with Him. “As We will. said in what He narrates about Luqman in his advise to his son: “Oh my son! If there be (but) the weight of a mustard-seed and it were (hidden) in a rock. Allah’s saying: “Everything is perspicuously recorded in a book”. the most Exalted. I will feed you by what is in the hand of someone else or should I desire I will feed someone else from what is in your hand. No doubt it has been well clarified. It is therefore clear that some servants of Allah would be granted readily from his want what the true Lord knows that he desires in hurry. all bounties are in the hand of Allah. Therefore. as Allah. he would need to carry along with him all of them. It is therefore of worldly and religiously beneficial for us that Allah made our riziq (provision) hidden from us if we could understand it this way about Him.Yaqin) by sitting around people of Al-Yaqin (firm belief). may Allah guide you and me to the right. give yourself a break or you will make yourself tired and at end of the day you will have nothing. Rather He says: “Oh. on his bed. the most Glorious. Say. And could he be able to do so? Page 140 Especially in the farthest lands like form Morocco to Mecca for example. I would put in a severely depressive mode and make his life unbearable. By this act Allah is telling the servant: All that is in your hand as well as in others’ hands are all in My hands. but you dispute wiyh Me in what I want. the most Exalted. The temporary deposit is also what the true Lord has deposited in the earth of each kind of plant. most Majestic. such as food. He did expressed it by (Lam) which cannot choice so that it is probable that He. A wish of this nature could not benefit man. For example. Allah. If he offered every one of us all our Riziq (sustenance) from our birth to our death at once. depends on Him that means absolutely obligated to provide sustenance. Nothing would be readily granted to him hastingly if he does not want it in hurry. I have therefore made these few pages to be good benefit for him who takes it as a companion and seeks through it tranquil guidance to Allah in a period of time. the High. you do not have anything forself if you understand. most High. vehicle and others. While another man does not any means to get something. I’ll only make you tired afterwards and nothing will happen in the end but if what I desired. etc. therefore what is the importance of mentioning them that: I will ordain (or make written)? Allah’s saying: Mubin in Perspicuous. to such persons as We will”. we would have been so worn out and extremely tired in many ways. If you peacefully assign to Me what I want. but Allah would give him a riziq (provision) that he would enjoy it with right good cheer. dwelling place. The resting place means those creatures whose provisions come to them directly in their resting place and easily. drink. When the door is open. Al-Kitab or Book in the Arabic language means confirmation and obligation. it will be easy to enter for those whom Allah has already guided. you must understand about your Lord what He says. And when He wants it out. this riziq would mount lightening to chase him. Allah. should I desire I will feed you by what is Page 141 in your hand and if I desire. Oh My servant. That (mercy) I shall ordain for those who do right”. for he absolutely knows that when that riziq (provision) finishes. It is in the Hadith that: Even if man mounts the wind to run away from his riziq (provision). He expressed by (Ala) which denotes in the Arabic language obligation and confirmation (stability). it will mean the end of his life. As He said in another verse “It is obligatory for us (a duty incumbent upon us) to aid those who believe”. It means I’ll oblige it otherwise. Allah. Allah. said: “… and measured therein its sustenance” etc. And the True Lord does not neglect an obligation upon Him. or (anywhere) in the heavens Page 36 of 59 . He can water it by rain or else and order it to come out. I’ll offer you what you want. Glory to Him may or may not provide for it. He does not do so for He says. is that clarifies what it contains till it is well understood. you want and I want. those who are the people of mind. it could rather harm him. and you must take to your intelligent minds. should one of us wants to move from one place to another. Page 139 You should understand my brothers. the exalted. to such persons as We will”. said: “… My mercy extends to all things. the Majestic. the High. reach him till it enters his mouth. How many times that the true Lord has shown us that in ourselves and others? One of us would make great efforts in collecting and saving and the true Lord would give that wealth to someone else. cloth. It is the Holy Hadith (Hadith Qudusi). Whereas some others the True does not want to readily grant them what they want. He would therefore become permanently sad and become stingy and reggardly because he would realize that he was spending from his own age (life). most Majestic.

Meaning that if there the weight of a mustard-seed from your riziq (provision) Allah will reach it to you wherever you and wherever it is. they just proceed to eat. perform regular prayer and enjoin what is good” etc. Page 143 Allah placed animals before men in this verse in mentioning them first because their good trust in their Lord: Oh you who claim that you believe Me and trust My promises. by the Lord of heaven and earth. nor underneath was there air. because above and under (Fawiq. sustenance is the same way. “We ask you not to provide sustenance”. Page 144 Whenever the Hereafter and paradise are mentioned. They trust Me and do not stop their hunger and do not store anything. nothing else. they leave them and go. not only will he takes it. Page 145 It is also read. But because of our bad morality toward our Lord. As He said in another verse. Taht) are collectively belonging to His creatures. they mean to the people of Allah being in neighbourhood with Allah and seeing Him. Area (Lieu) and time distinguish man and also distinguished by him. If only could we (men) have patience and tranquility after that! Allah’s saying: “As much as the fact that you can speak intelligently to each other”. “Your sustenances are in the heaven” in a plural form. Does anyone doubt about himself as talking or not? No. not for what He had guaranteed you from riziq (provision). look! These are other creatures created for you. And He is now as was before. Then Luqman said after that. as much as the fact that you can speak intelligently to each other. It is also read that: Your sustener (provision provider) is in Heaven. Heaven means what is above indefinitely. It is the Hadith that your Lord was in “Ama’a” above Him there was no air. This is how eagles do too as well as birds which when they see seed. Allah will assemble his mind and focus it. which is a fact of his essence. Allah will take care the affairs of his Din (religion) and his this world. which need Him and He does not need anything. a question comes to mind which could be like: Oh my Lord. this includes clouds that is sustained (suspended) between the heaven and earth. They said: “Woe to sons of Adams! They have angered their Lord by so much impatience that He swore to them about (providing) sustenance”. Meaning that your main worry should be for what your Lord created you and commanded you to do. and were made to obey you. but he whose worry is this world. placed before them. it cannot be separated from human as talking cannot. It is in Hadith: “He whose worry is Hereafter. High is according the position not by place or lieu. shall see it”. be them prey or dead animals or others. This is what the Qur’an verse Page 37 of 59 . This is what the High means for He was when there was nothing with Him. Allah will shatter his mind and put his poverty between his eyes and nothing will come to him but what Allah had written for him”. not from the heaven which is the place of the moon and the stars. Then. He will be with you and will make you pleased. “Oh my son. It is in the Hadith that angels complained to their Lord. and from which the rain comes down. There is no where for him too hide it from the true Allah so that can make any of his deeds disappear. he is not one of the people of Allah. but he will as well dig in the ground to search till he takes it all! How much does such evil act remains with you? Don’t you return to your Lord and satisfy yourselves with His best planning for you? And not to dispute with Him. no heaven or else. Therefore say. But the (fruit of) Hereafter is for Righteousness”. we will get lost. When Allah (Glory to Him) commands prayer and being constant in performing it. otherwise what would be the benefit of bringing it forth? And enough are We to call (men) for account. and annoy Him and His messenger with doubts in His promise in provision of sustenance or other things. They will find all that they did. Therefore. We ask you not to provide sustenance. will make him rich in his heart and this world will come to him willingly or not. Verily He did appear to Moses in the form of fire on earth. Allah will bring it forth”. Whereas anyone of you who finds something thrown on the ground. “Who has done an atom’s weight of evil. this is the very truth. the most Majestic: “How many there are the creatures that carry not their own sustenance? It is Allah who feeds (both) them and you”.Page 142 or the earth. not in heaven. and earth means what is under indefinitely (without end). Allah the most Exalted. We provide it for you). What bird or animal over there who has bag on its neck to store in its sustenance? You can surely dogs that when they see their riziq. Meaning that the true Lord is in High Heaven by His Highness of Essence. It is also in the Hadith that whoever the dawn comes upon worrying about a thing but not Allah. Allah labeled us as Dawab (animals) which were created for us. and when they are satiated. fight Him. and in heaven is your sustenance. if we busy ourselves by this while we need what to sustain ourselves by like sustenance. It is also in the Hadith that whoever makes all worries into only one worry. Allah will not care in which valley he will perish. If you are pleased with Him. Allah was and there was nothing with Him. they will eat from it what make her satiated and then fly away. Wherever Allah appears. He is still in the heaven of His Highness. The true Allah is the One who created Lieus. “Enjoin prayer on your people and be constant therein. the wild ones among them as well as the domesticated. The words: “That which you are promised” means what pertains to the affairs of sustenance and others. as (also) that which you are promised. We provide it for you (meaning We do not oblige on you to provide for your own sustenance. and whoever is driven by so many caves of worries.

Master. perished is the slave Ad-Dirham (silver). “He is the First and the Last. and the house of spider does not protect from heat nor from cold. he will be considered as a thief. This forgiveness is of great importance. For those who believe and work righteousness. said: “Nor can Goodness and Evil be equal. All other things beside these are but illusions by which they get tranquility and peace of mind and pleasure from. he had seven Dinar (gold) that he had confided to a member of his family. Whoever relies on anything other than Allah is only relying on the house of spider. The fact that they busy themselves by seeking gold and silver and thus forgetting their Lord is what makes them making their Lords beside Allah. When at last they brought them to him. whether it is already in his possession (hand) or something which one cannot rely on like the house of spider. dishonestly stealing the booty of war (dishonest act)”. and then he went to worship the lowest slaves which were created solely for him. The last thing the prophet (PBUH) ordered to be followed was his sunnah that he left among his ummah. The is that his war gown was in the custody of a Jew for 20 basketful of wheat. the Evident and the Hidden”.mean: “He is Allah in Heavens and on earth”. and seek forgiveness for them concerning Our right for they do not have right estimate of Us. meaning repent on behalf of them. “Where so ever you turn. Page 148 he said: “Bring me the gold”. Among this is his being rahmah (mercy) to the creatures all. and those who heed not Our signs. He had tranquility and peace of mind by leaving them to God. And He said about who get tranquility with their Lord. When he came to. Repel (Evil) with what is better. Page 149 Thus conferring on him special favor above the believers to whom Allah described him as kind and merciful: “He is kind and merciful for the believers”. or houses that protect them from heat or cold. and a beautiful place of (final) return. his slave does not worry about his sustenance. if they but knew”. he took them in his left hand (PBUH) and was shaking by his right pointing finger and said: “What does Muhammad think of his Lord if he meets Him tomorrow while still possessing these gold – meaning relying on them or leave them for his family to rely on". which is this world! Perished is the slave of this world. He who possesses a piece of land. rich that have become penniless! Therefore. He was also ever forgiving as Allah commanded him to by saying: “Do forgive and seek forgiveness for them”. silver etc.) or call them: My Lord. and keeps treasures or estates fear for disasters to come. even if other people are dying of hunger. great morals that Allah praised him for by saying: “You are verily of the greatest morals” is what is recommended. as Allah. Whoever relies on anything from this world. clever man is he who follows the prophet (PBUH) in this and similar matters. because of the (evil) they earned”. the most High. That is the reason why Allah. how could he be worried about his sustenance to whose master belongs the kingdom of everything and in whose hand are the treasures of heavens and earth. is (every) blessedness. for the prophet repents on behalf of all the believers for them as their representative. Those who believe. He ordered them to be put as sadaqah (charity). The prophet called slaves for these things although it is known that none of them worship or prostrate for them (gold. He would face anyone by he hates (the latter dislikes). He did so and trusted Allah in paying back his debt. who builds (to itself) a house. It is also that his being remembering Allah all his times. But truly the flimsiest of houses is the Spider’s house. Meaning there is no else except Him. The wise. Merely following in bowing and prostrating in prayer only. if only he did not cut out a piece from this kingdom and claim that It is Lord and master. The messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Whoever assembles for himself many camels at the end of time. When the prophet (PBUH) got that sickness that took him from this world. He whose Lord is High and Great. perished is the slave of clothes. although it is well known that they not actually have from them but what they consume to halt hunger or what they wear to cover their awrah (private parts) or what they mount to remove fatigue by driving them or riding on them. it takes away without trace. See to where this will return and to where that will return. Meaning. and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction. Repentance would there enter for him by force even if he did not seek repentance. and thus left his family for Allah. Therefore whoever follows him (PBUH) is included. Then he would fall unconscious again before they bring them to him. men and beasts and others. He did trust them to anything else and did not leave anything for them. there is Allah’s Face”. Their abode is the Fire. Then will he Page 38 of 59 . Majestic says: “The parable of those who take protectors other than Allah is that of Spider. forgive them about your right for they did not fulfill it. That is not of grent merit at all. How many kings there that have been exorcised. May he be perished and reduces to the lowest. anybody can do that. the most High. Only following him in his complete. Page 147 Allah says: “Those who rest not hope on their meeting with us but are pleased and satisfied with the life of the present. and the slightest wind blows. But getting peace and tranquility are but tranquility from what that does not exist and by such a pleasure and tranquility only brings disaster and clear trials for them. jinns. the Majestic. Page 146 Even though there is possibility that his master may become poor or die. how could then worry about His sustenance.

worthy of all praise. This is a clear dispute and quarreling with the prophet. For their (false) attribution. and let him enter the paradise without any account”. we see that Allah mentioned the condition of equal evil which cannot be obtained. Or should I desire. no scale would be set for them (to weigh their deeds) and no lists (of their actions) would be opened (unfolded). I could answer your prayer for you as well as the other prayer for him (to punish you). Therefore. he can narrow. you do pray for punishment for he who wronged (oppressed) you.” The messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “For every apostle there is an occupation. Whoever forgives. When he sees this who does not forgive at all. Then there would stand 70. I could postpone My punishment for both of you so that My mercy is wider for you both to enjoy. your recompensing him by goodness. Whoever wrongs. One of the morals of him (PBUH) is reliance on Allah alone and putting trust in Him. and whoever takes back his right. and my Page 39 of 59 . Allah is saying: “If you cannot take back your right without addition. Should you chose that your prayer to punish is also answered. as he said: “I am the master of all sons of Adam and I’m not boasting. it will go up with out any light with it and will say: “May Allah spoils you as you did spoil me. The word “equal” means the same evil without any addition. The first oppressed (wronged) thing is performance of prayer. while this individual is pushing to an opposite direction. but Allah is Free of all wants. like his being the master. in order to make understand that we should abandon this condition of equality which is paying back evil by evil. Should I desire. he is forgiven. Page 153 The prophet (peace upon him) intercedes for his ummah and loves for them to advance to the paradise. and another person that you had wronged (oppressed) also prays for you to be punished too. which is of the lowest thing in the eyes of those who do not have mind." Similar to this is the animal. whereas this individual holds up his oppressor and pulls him backward. for they would be forgiven. This is another thing if Allah guides one to. others’ rights will also be taken from him. you should not therefore add in revenge for which you would punished for (in the Hereafter). it is likely that you won’t get enough Page 152 for you (as the benefit of your prayer). and continuing to be in the status of poor as Allah described him by saying: “Oh! You men! It is you who have need of Allah. made it hungry and thirsty (he has certainly oppressed and wronged it). To forgive wrong done to you in this world and Hereafter is of the highest degree which is one of the morals of the prophet (PBUH) and that of the great prophets and those who are nearer to Allah. if he loads it more than its capacity. This. See what he is doing to the prophet (peace be upon him). the forgiving man” for if he did not do you any wrong. In another verse Allah says: “Repel by what is good the evil. is indeed guided to the highest goal of complete Iman (belief). Meaning that goodness and devil cannot be equal in recompense. he would greatly regret and bite his fingers and emensely regret which would not be of any benefit to him. Goodness is called as good reward coming from who wrongs you because Page 150 he has actually done you good by making title as “the patient man. He will soon punish them (reward them). If the servant performs it badly. or he chooses to completely forgive and expect his reward from Allah and he thus becomes one of the inheriters of the prophet (PBUH) because it is of harmful source of him to seek his right from the oppressor if only could he understand! This is so because Allah treats the servant according to his behavior and attribution by which he on his part treats other creatures”. And it is reported in the Holy Hadith: Oh My servant. But equality in revenging back evil is hard. and this man is pulling backward. you would not have received such a position. Avenging wrong by wrong is called evil for it will harm its owner when the caller calls on day of resurrection: “Let him stand. for the matter is in his hands.000 (seventy thousands) people and enter the paradise without any account. One of the greatest harm for him who asks for his right is that he becomes an opponent (disputing) with the apostle (PBUH) because he is pushing to one direction. without choosing but what his Lord has chosen for him and standing in the position of servant without disputing with the true Lord in His name “The King” and His name “The Rich”. We know best the truth of what they assert”. he can broaden (expand) or if he desires. The creatures would ask: “Who is that whose reward is on Allah?” They would be answered: “Those who forgive people”. one should not blame but oneself. It is better that you meet Allah as a wronged (oppressed person than Page 151 you meet Him as an oppressor. his pride. who is pushing forward. Allah also said: “Here He made reward of evil the equal evil”. How could one have scale during the time of anger to balance the amount of harm he received with the same quantity of anger he gives equally! Since we know that it is very difficult to get equal revenge for harm between whom and you were hatred become as it was your friend and intimate! And no one will be granted such goodness except those who exercise patience and self-restraint. One has only one choice among two: He either chooses not to revenge the wrong done to him and chooses to claim his right in the Hereafter. he whose reward is on Allah. if he desires.” The prophet (PBUH) used to say: “ Poverty is my pride of which I am proud. despite the fact that the prophet used to mention higher merits. None but persons of the greatest good fortune”. leaving everything in the hands of Allah as He likes. Therefore it is obligatory not to revenge wrong by wrong.” He made poverty.

those who plight their fealty to you. and returning back what His messenger brought from Allah. The prophet coined poverty to disbelief and sought refuge of Allah from such kind of poverty by saying: “And I seek refuge to You from kufr (disbelief) and poverty. Look! How bizarre such a statement could be! Page 156 What a shame and how bad it is! It is therefore clear that poverty is better. meaning that He gave you guidance till you knew that the reality of it is the True Allah. when it is true that he is the one who said: “None of you would be a true believer till he trusts what is in Allah’s hands more than what is in his own hands. Majestic. for things will demand their rights from him which he holds back. The word “That you may be guided” means you may be guided to what he was guided to. all of them. the most Majestic. says: “Verily. even the cases of the Apostles and Prophets. and who is in such condition cannot have special right. therefore. is the one who is to give them their rights back based on what he possesses and controls.” And then you do see his situation (condition) (PBUH) who is the judge for all affairs. if what is missing from heart is Allah that is something reproachful (blameful).” Therefore. plight their fealty to Allah. which is: “And He found you wandering. because Allah. because he did not believe Allah in His promise for him and considered Allah as a Liar. he who says that afflience with giving thanks to Allah is better.” Now we refer it to Allah. for poverty is not having something (missing something). if the whole world were in his hands. he will immediately argue with you about verbal Tawhid (saying monotheism by tongue only). does not actually consider what he says. Meaning the poverty that is the need of Allah. says: “and follow him. and he sent her back From the desired thing which is lowful Ah for the condition of poor which is a status but which no man wants! not everyone can nail down his tent in poverty and chooses this poverty and he did (PBUH). How could the messenger of Allah trust what he receives from this worldly materials that do not last? How could he not have tranquility for what is in Allah’s hands. the most High. so that you may be guided. then this is the need (poverty) which was the occupation of the messenger of Allah (PBUH) and which is the absolute richness. Such as scholar actually is not smart enough Page 40 of 59 . he would have dispensed it all in what pleases Allah and His messenger absolutely. he has a say who has right.” But if what is missing from heart is something else other than Allah. for nothing had right on him that he could demanded to give things their rights back to them. has indeed oppose the shariah verses. There is no other meaning for Kufr (disbelieve) than considering Allah and His messenger as Liars. He is the master of all sons of Adam Page 155 Some people have disputed about the poor and the rich And they continued arguing about the two conditions It was alleged that this has chastily and patience And it was said that the other has compassion and charity The two condition of the messenger of Allah is the best witness And I’ve seen what is in the condition could not said Which did manifest itself with him at his right with hardship and left She complained to him the hardship she faces. he will find that he is ridiculing the act of the messenger of Allah (PBUH).” Whoever claims that affluence (richness) with acknowledgement (giving thanks to Allah) is better than poverty with patience. the most High.occupation is poverty and Jihad ((striving in the cause of Allah). and will tell you that there are causes that could not be recognized etc. which Page 154 the prophet (PBUH) ridiculed by saying: “Poverty is about to lead to kufr (disbelief). Who is rich with things. for he knew how privileged it is. the most Majestic. refer it to Allah and His messenger. which no one else could add to. He is literally saying that the prophet left the best and chooses the lowest. for no one can give thanks to Allah for being rich than the messenger of Allah (PBUH). The Hadith denies such an individual as a believer. Majestic. Now if you say such a word to a man who claims knowledge without knowing facts. the most Exalted. if you do believe in Allah and the last day. says: “If you differ in anything among yourselves. Allah. the most Exalted. which is the real richness in Allah. This is not at all a word of a man of integrated mind. otherwise.” In this Hadith there’s threatening for him who does not trust his Lord in providing sustenance for him. The prophet (PBUH) did indeed say: “Leave him alone. he did go for poverty. and Allah. and He gave you guidance”. However. which is so. for if he contemplates the meaning of his word.

We gave only 6 Dirham as sadaqah (charity) and we received 60 Dirham. Then sent for the first owner of the camel who was a good man.” The prophet said: “Jibrail. See how nice putting trust in Allah. or a basket full of date. and all creatures may depends (on me).” He said: “That is impossible. sell. and Michail came with Dirham (money) from an unknown place. there is no a basket full of food. shaking them. rather for merely the notion that the ummah should imitate him. There is no here and Allah who is Generous. though the prophet choose poverty. Fatimah asked him: “What is this?” Ali answered: “This is what Allah had promised on the tongue of His prophet that one good equals ten. He sent him back: “Tell her to give you all the six Dirham. Ali called him: “You camel owner.” Page 160 STORIES 1) A man came to a wali (ally to Allah) and said to him: “I want to perform pilgrimage (Haji). See the moral and behavior of the believers who are the true believers! A beggar come to our master Ali Bin Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) and begged him.” He said: “Michail.She told him: “Tell him that he had already allocated each of the Dirham for an affair. all of them to him. do you Page 159 know who was the seller?” He said: “No.” Indeed..” He told him: “Make the camel lie down. Moreover.” Page 41 of 59 . Another ally (friend of Allah) heard this saying and he said: “Were heaven transformed into copper and earth into mercury. as the prophet (PBUH) said. sell?” He said: “Yes. Ali told him the story. The prophet (PBUH) said: “Ali. rather that the causes which he does not know whether in the knowledge of Allah.” He told him: “Leave your shadow that it should not go with you. They were in such conversation when the prophet (PBUH) came. She gave the money.” He said: “How much would you sell it?’ He said: “So and so. and he gave him the money agreed upon. A little while later a man passing. I would not have a worry for provision. leading a camel which he was pulling behind him. I would not care about worrying about sustenance. like his coming in the form of Dihyah as a disguise.……… somewhere else. One of the wali (friend) of Allah was told in Egypt “The prices have elevated (gone up)!” He said: “Even if the heaven turns into copper. The man said: “I have accepted.” The wali told him: “He is the one who provides sustenance. and all people of Egypt were my family (dependent).Page 157 to know that he is forbidden to trust what is in his hands and rely on it. Another man came and went around the camel and then asked: “Is the camel for sell?” Ali answered: “Yes..” He asked: “How much?” Ali said: “So and so. ”The messenger come to deliver the message. Muhammad did not say that out of any or frustration for the sustenance of his Lord. and another Allah who is stingy and . Jibrail came with a camel from the unknown place as a pure Halal (lawful).” The messenger came to Fatimah. there would be any cause from it for him or not. The one who provides over there. When Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) trusted Allah. Were Muhammad to choose kingship or richness.” He said: “Welcome and got up and walked away. when he said: “Today..though the prophet was sent as mercy for mankind. or a basket full of what is in the family of Muhammad. Ali permitted him to enter. Now.” And he counted the money cash and gave it to Ali.Ali sent someone to Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with her)a messenger: “Tell her to give you one Dirham from the six Dirham that she has.” It is well known that Jibrail comes in the form of man sometimes.” Ali actually increased the price by 60 Dirham adding to the original price by which he bought the camel. ”The messenger came to tell Ali so.” He said: “How can I do to cut it off from me?” He said: “Try harder. but I do not have any means (transport).” He said: “Do you know who was the buyer?” He said: “No. The messenger brought the said Dirham to Ali and gave them to the beggar as sadaqah (charity). We will pay you back later.“ Then the wali (friend of Allah) told him: “Get up and walk like this under the sun. He is one. how is it that people are competing highly and strongly for this world and pushing one another aside for power.” Meaning that the heaven does no longer rain a drop of water and the earth does no longer grows a plant (a grass).” He said: “And so is your sustenance which is a must for you and cannot be separate from you as a man’s shadow cannot be separated from him if he is in light. the prophet (PBUH) choose poverty in order that one can imitate him. He let the camel kneel down and left. He made His angels serve him in providing sustenance for him. When the prophet rested for a while. the earth into mercury. Then Ali took the 60 Dirham with him to his house. Page 158 for I heard the messenger of Allah (PBUH) saying: “None of you will believe till he trusts more what is in Allah’s hand than what is in his hand. each and every one of us would have sought kingship and justify that by saying that he was imitating the prophet.. all these.

When she bought it.” He answered: “Wa alaika salam.” Then the man said: “None of them but his sustenance is on Allah.” 4) There was a righteous man in a mosque similar to the above story. We surely see that fish in the sea and that animals in the bush.” He asked him: “Does He (Allah) lower to you a skin bag?” He answered: “The whole world is His bag which He lowers for whom He likes. He told him: “Go back to your house to remove from the house anyone whose sustenance is not on Allah. She hid the news from him.” He asked him: “Was the skin bag lowered to you (by Allah)?” He answered: “Yes. not bad. When we put it infront of us to eat. We therefore tied it to a rope and lowered it into the well. Ah! Ah! How could a load be heavy on your back. he does not have any light. took it and began eating the food till he was satiated. he came to the well and called out his colleague and greeted him: “As-salam Alaikum. I would like you to come with me to get it out of the well.” He did as was told and loosened the rope (unfolded it). He told him: “Now you sit down there (at the bottom of the well).” The man went to the well. which we covered with fat oil and honey. he called him and told him: “You have a weak belief.” When he turned his back. The man lowered him into a well in his house by rope till when he reached the bottom of the well.” The man went to the maid and asked her. he who Allah does not make light for. He found the bag above his head. till a bag is lowered to you. but hippocrates do not understand. and let stay in the house anyone whose provision is on Allah. When the husband came back from his shop at evening. I must repray every prayer that I had performed behind you.” There was a righteous man like the above mentioned 2 stories – who would not go out of the mosque.” Then the man went to the market and stayed in his shop for a long time.” 5) Page 162 6) There was another righteousman in Morocco – like the above stories who did not leave the mosque. one piece as dinner and another as lunch. Some people asked him: “From where do you eat?” He answered: “From Allah’s. Page 163 Then he put the plate in the bag. which is one of the most delicious food in Morocco. We tried to hide it from you and did not find any other suitable place but the well. But verily. he told him: “Lose the rope. although they do not have farm no trade Page 42 of 59 . The Imam of that mosque came to him one day and asked him: “From where do you eat?” He answered: “There is a Jew here who has guaranteed me 2 pieces of bread every day. The Imam of that masjid came to him one day and 3) Page 161 asked him: “From where do you eat?” He answered: “Do you have doubt in the promise of Allah? It’s not correct to pray behind you.” He said: “Welcome”. the maid pulled the bag out of the well.” She narrated the story: “The madam sent me to buy Sitinjah (food). She therefore told the maid to put the food in a basket (or a skin bag). They did not know where to put away the food. A skin bag was lowered to me. The Lord to whom belong treasures of Heavens and earth. we suddenly heard a knocking on the door.2) A man came to one of the righteous and complained to him about having many dependents and less property.” He said: “This is how it is. tie it to a rope and lower it into the well. The maid did so. and went with him. During his absence. you have agreed with the promise of a Jew and not with the promise of Allah who is the most Merciful than those who have mercy. When the visitor left. brought up the righteousman from it and apologized to him. I will only stay to pray back all the prayers that I had performed behind you. He told her: “I will beat you up severely till you inform me. The man was sitting down with the bottom of the well.” The Imam said: “Then. they (the wife and maid) added fat and honey to it and were about to eat it when suddenly there was a knock on the door. Getting sustenance without prior planning for it is in many stories that are innumerable and are so clear that they do not need any explanation. A man asked him: “From where do you eat?” He recited: “And to Allah belong all treasures of heavens and earth. his wife sent a maid to the market to buy a food called “Fatinjah”. ”The man came to him one day and said: “I have dropped something into the well. a load which you do not carry at all?” There was a righteous man who permanted the Mosque which he did leave to work out for his rizik or something else.

then they would become disbeliveers and ungrateful to the nikmah they are in.” Meaning you should eat with dignified personality (self). What Sulaiman marveled and laughed about the ant is that the ant absolved him from oppression and wrongdoing. whose stems are made from God. to the amount that Allah had written for them. by saying “while they did not feel it”. not subquiously relying for it on anyone. branches from pearls. hanging and depending only on the most Exalted. They would thus be perished! Then an ant brought a seed which she wheeled till she erected it in front of Sulaiman (peace be upon him). never ever do humble yourself to him by way of speaking to him (in word) nor in situation.” She told him: “Add to my ajal (my time to die) more times. Even if all the wali (friends of Allah).” Sulaiman marveled at her conduct and good behavior and her good wisdom. So. He could not increase in his own sustenance nor could he in his ajal. meaning more to what Allah had written for me. Israfil and the supporters of the Throne. Michail. and said: “This is a Hadiyah (a present). the most Exalted. working for what your Lord created you. Because if they realize how small in body and weak they are and see how giant his throne is with all those artificially made trees like date-tree and others. no matter whether that fellow a prophet or a king.” She said: “You are unable and asking something from the uncapable is not allowed. then you would be the master of men. An ant said: “Oh you ants.” She said: “Increase in my sustenance (rizik) more. I do not control any benefit nor harm for myself. collectively try. who is Muhammad (PBUH) and to whom Allah said: “Say.” He smiled laughingly by its word. if they see what you all in (nikmat). even if Allah runs sustenance (provision) on you through his (the lowly man) hand. while they don’t feel it. In fact. enter you your dwellings in order that you will not be destroyed by Sulaiman and his army. Meaning that they “Sulaiman and his army” do not intentionally mean destroying you. do it (I pity you) with dignity and do not eat with humiliation.” She asked: “It is a must?” He said: “A must.” Upon which she said: “Did I not say that you are unable?” He (peace be upon him) could not control this for himself. he and his army. nor are they associating with man or neighboring them so that they could get from what men have like mice. They would not be able to increase in the sustenance for themselves anything. He told her: “Ask me anything from my kingship and I’ll give it to you. you would never marry but the woman who was written for you.” How could he have control over them then for others? And when a man told him: “Pray to Allah for that He make marry. all of them. all angels. It is in the hands of Allah.” He said: “This is not mine. postpone the death from me till tomorrow. Page 164 The most strangest story is what the ant told Sulaiman (peace be upon him). the most Wise and do not humble yourself for the disgraced. Man who eats it with humiliation is he who subquiously look up to his fellow creature for provision. meaning if I am in Allah’s knowledge and His Book that I would die today for instance. when he came upon the valley of ants. This is their master. Never ever beg but your Lord. oh the apostle of Allah! and Hadiyah is presented by the merit of its presents. the most Majestic.and no inherited wealth from father or grand father. who controls nothing Page 167 who could never but what He given (Allah) has already made reachable to you through his (the disgraced) hands. When Sulaiman asked the ants: “What did you mean by saying “so that Sulaiman and his army would not destroy you (trodden you by their feet)?” The answered: “I told them so that they should not disregard the nikmat (bounty) of Allah on them and would not therefore be thankful to Allah and consequently be destroyed. Do humble yourself for the most Exalted. not the merit of the presented to. simply because this is not in their hands. then how could he have control on this for the ant? Page 166 Riziq (sustenance) is already been divided. the highly Majestic. and seek an abundant Page 165 nikmah (bounty). me or Jibrail. the ants would surely see themselves as not enjoying nothing as nikmah. you and him are all one in that his sustenance runs for him from Allah’s as it does run for you without any deference.” He answered: “Even if I pray for you. rather than increasing in it for others than themselves.” He said: “This is not in my hand. fruits from diamonds and all types of colors with wonderful shapes which do not have any similarity in the world.” The affairs of sustenance is already dealt and done with. all apostles and the messenger. they must certainly chew it.” She said: “Did not I say that you are unable?” He said: “Ask me other than this. because he Page 43 of 59 . busying your mind with Allah and putting trust in Him. and if they see those birds spreading their wings in umbrella-like fashion to keep Sulaiman in shadow and protect him from the sun! Those bird whose wings fill the whole horizon! And men and jinns are around him with those beautiful decorated horses whose number is only accountable by Allah alone. The prophet (PBUH) told a man among his companion: “What is destined for two chewers (upper & lower jaws) to masticate (chew). Etc.” He said: “You must ask me something.

The meaning of “you have gone far enough in praising” is by doing so – saying that may Allah reward you for your kindness to me – you deferred the good doer to Allah to reward him. otherwise the sun rises and sets but only the blind cannot see it. He would be told: Nothing could ever be correct in mind. they themselves and what are in their hands are all in Allah’s hands.” Creatures are only instruments sometimes because the true Allah sometimes creates something and does something else through it. “When you threw (a handful of dust). because if you did.” Now the difference is very clear for him whom Allah has already guided to the straight path. Allah is the Giver”. awrah (disgrace) and incapacity. Allah says (in the Holy Qur'an): “And you have no good thing (nikmah) but is from Allah. But what is done by Allah without an intermediator is well known even to the disbeliveers. If he says: “Show me it. Page 170 Now the matter has been clear for you if only could you see. The emergence of the effect by the True Allah’s saying to the causes: Be.” Meaning not from anyone else. Allah did not bring to you.” Meaning by your hands.” He would be told: “Bring for yourself an eye and we will. He made us for Himself. not on the pretext that he is the one who gave it to you even if he were an apostle or a king. because Page 169 riziq (provision) is nikmah (bounty). meaning by your hands. It does harm the sun in shining. It is the true Allah who rewards to the limit of His Generosity and capacity. and never ever praise anyone (never give thanks to anyone) for the sustenance of Allah. the most High. However if any creature does you any good. It is Allah who can best recompense him. and you did not put yourself in the position of rewarding him for his goodness to you. you should thank him for being the means that Allah has extended to you. this is strongly prohibited. Allah says: “Fear Allah and Allah will make you knowledgeable. and Allah will punish them by your hands. you will then be entrusting me to weakness. never ever humiliate anyone for Allah. (poem) If daylight must need to proof. which does not deny the fact that it exists. Now is it clear to you that all causes and effects are all created by Allah. But if you see that it (nikmah) is from someone else other than me. This was the explanation about what action is done by Allah through a mean (an intermediator).” However. Allah attributes punishment to Himself in this verse in which He says: “Fight them. This is the messenger of Allah (PBUH) used to say: “If you entrust me to myself (ya Allah). Being thankful to such a fellow is by praying for him. meaning by my hand. The prophet (PBUH) said: “I am only distributing (sustenance).does not possess anything from it. say. who created the heavens and earth? They will say: Allah. shining for the whole world. and He does things sometimes by just saying: “Be without through any instrument.” Show you but there is no eye except by piety. The prophet (PBUH) says whoever does any good for you Page 168 and you said: “May Allah recompense you for you good to me. but Allah’s”.” He made clear in this verse the meaning of attributing the action to the cause by its being the instrument by which Allah is the Actor. and all nikmah are from Him. The messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Never ever make anyone pleased by angering Allah. (poem) that its light cannot be seen by a blind man. If he does not see it.” If he say (the blind man): bring me proof of its existence (the sun). When it becomes clear for you to see that all riziq (provision) are in the hands of Allah. this is done by the word “Be” as all scholars unanimously agree on that. it was Allah. and what He discourses of the hands of creatures are all in His hands in the sense of it (riziq) being in their hands. Therefore all actions that one sees are all one action. then you have been ungrateful to me to the best. you would have only recompense to your limit which is weak and incapable (of better rewarding him). Allah has clarified this in His Holy Book “It is not you who slew them. it was not your act. There is dependence but on Him. Page 44 of 59 . That man is made an instrument. in such a way that the sword for instant is an instrument for that man in that killing. the defect is in him and not in the existence of sun. praising him (the good doer) exceedingly to the extent of seeing him that he is the one who gives sustenance. that Allah is the doer for it. The prophet (PBUH) said in narrating from his Lord: “Moses” if you see that nikmah is from me then you have already thanked and praised me to the best. for instant. Qur’an says: “When you ask them. like the way we make instruments for ourselves. no matter whether they were performed through an instrument. Allah creates a man for example and kills another man by his man. and Allah knows everything.” Then you have gone far enough in praising – meaning that is enough – This is the meaning thanking the intermediator. the most Glorious.

It is just a tiny. All creatures. happy and think that the latter is really capable of doing so. Page 172 An ant cutting all home from the favors of Sulaiman who was granted a kingdom which will not belong to another after him.” The fortunate man is the one who is satisfied by what Allah. who accuses his Lord (of not providing sustenance) after Allah had already swore by saying: “Then by the Lord of heaven and earth this is the very truth. as Allah said: “We sent down plain signs and Allah guides whom He likes. although such a leader or prince could be actually possessing a small piece of land. Meaning that I do not require of them that they should themselves. not by clarification. And Zu Al-Quwah. Could the ant be more relying on and trusting her Lord in providing sustenance for her than a Mu’min (Believer)? Woe to him the ant is more trusting her Lord.” Page 171 and if He wants the action of cause without the emergence of the effect. the true Allah’s beating the killed man by the hand of the killer with the intention of killing. do not have by themselves any motion. He will put all his trust and confidence in him and depend on him and think that is been greatly favored by him. the most Glorious. See how Allah affirmed sustenance in verse by many affirmative articles. so that we will not depend on anyone but in sustenance provision or anything else. stillness or reaction. is the true Lord’s saying to the dying man (the killed man): be dead. the most Glorious.” Meaning At-Tablig (delivering message) and nothing else. excepting from it benefit or harm? But all creatures are all stones. do return to us our minds from its wandering through the sky of forgetfulness so that we could be able to distinguish by them (our minds) what pleases you and we will do that. as He said (in Al-Hadith Al-Qudusi): “I became hungry and you did not Page 173 feed Me”. No better clarification could be more than this.. had guaranteed for him.” He would become to relieved. Steadfast (forever). small ant and he (Sulaiman) is an apostle of Allah. Where is Iman? Oh my Lord.” “It is not for you to guide them to the right path …………” “ ……… We have not sent to watch over them. All action and reactions are done by Allah alone by will. What then about a man to whom when one of the leaders (princes) told him: “Ask me anything and I’ll granted it to you. the word Zu means the owner which means the Lord whose power could degenerate. He and stone are the same in mindlessness and lack of distinction. “He is only responsible for the duty placed on him ………. for provision not the act of the cause: For instance. Lord of Power. be them sons of Adam or others. Then Allah concludes the verse by saying about an individual who does not has tranquility and peace of mind about the promise of Allah. All these (in one single verse) are to make us a peace of mind from movement of anxiety about the sustenance. You should see (may Allah have mercy on you) this ant how far has she reached in yaqin (surity & belief) in her Lord that she has indeed made ashamed of themselves all these people who so claim themselves to scholars and knowledgeable! Especially those who ignorants.” They have been ungrateful to all nikmah (bounties) that Allah has bestowed on them. Then let them not ask me to hasten (that portion)!” And who is more wrong that wronging the day of standing before his Lord. Whoever puts his hope in anyone else and humbly looks up to him like the man who subquiously looks up to a stone. And Al-Matin in the verse means the supreme. delight (the hearts of) the fillers (Kufar): “and Kufar are those who cover seed with earth (like farmers). a wall or a tree. Prophets are meant to be sent to deliver the message and argument. Allah says: “I only created jinns and men so that they may serve (worship) me. their portion is like unto the portion of their fellows (of earlier generations).” He does guide by will. The word Ar-Rajaq is a strong affirmative word of sustenance provider. nothing on you but to deliver the message. who does not fulfill the right of trusting his Lord. :Allah guides whom He likes to the straight path. as much as the fact that you can speak intelligently to each other. disbelieve) can be defined as covering as Qur’an says: “How rain and the growth which it brings forth. Allah says about him: “For the wrong-doers. nor do I require that they should feed me. Could anyone doubt about the empty mindedness of him who looks up to a stone. The most guided. the Glorious. weak.” ………. Allah says: “No sustenance do I require of them. such a worry which prevents from performing what he created for.” Allah called such people as the unbelievers because He says: “Those who reject Faith – they are the wrong-doers. fortunate man is he who busies himself by doing what his Lord created him for. who is worried about what had been guaranteed for him. Because Al-Kufr (being ungrateful. He made their feeding themselves as feeding Him. but guidance is in the hand of Allah. it will be so. For Allah is He who gives (all) sustenance.” And Allah said: “Even We hand sent down Angels to them ……… ” to “But unless Allah wills it”. And these ungratefuls have buried all nikmah of Allah that Allah bestowed Page 45 of 59 .

ranging from ear. eye. man is to his Lord. when He produced prophets among you. but still one does not give thanks to Allah. most Majestic.” We seek refuge of Allah! Oh my Lord. There is no mean and power but from You. sickness etc. because should he do that (sell his mind out). about him. man is most ungrateful creature!” Most of us are quarreling with their Lord why Allah did not grant him what will make so busy to obeying Him. and by which he knows all shariah (laws – rules and regulations) to deal with his Lord and get His great pleasure. how great is the possession of each and everyone of us.” Everything that Page 46 of 59 . Page 175 How great is the ungratefulness of man! What kind of kings does have such a kingdom the like of which Allah praise the children of Israel on the tongue of Moses (peace upon him). one hundred times or more. are in oblivion (forgetful) of all these “Truly. ranging from the pain of poverty. he would readily done that to push out Allah’s hand from such planning that He had planned for him. “Oh my people! Call in remembrance the favor of Allah unto you. all these properties would become so bitter than any kind of patience. rather. which is themselves are all good actually. Amen. ungrateful. They would say (in answer): “Good.” The fruit behind Allah’s narrating this story in our Book although the children of Israel have been outdated (obsolete) and their shariah being abolished. all these senses that Allah has given him as Nikmah (favor).Page 174 on them and they have contrarily manifested the opposite of it. But he does not have such capacity (to fight Allah) and this is the reason why is silent despite himself. aid us on remembering You. tongue. between his daughter and wife and would never know right from wrong. How true is the word of Allah. if he possesses the whole world from the mountain Qaf to another mountain Qaf of food. He would then differentiate between his mother and his sister. clothes and vehicles and loses health. he and beast are one. the fruit behind it is that we should carry out the duty of thanks giving for what we have if only have we got aqal (sense)! But if we are stupid who do not any least understanding or aqal by which we could distinguish things. and made you kings.” Kanud is this verse has been interpreted as the one who counts tragedies which is the forgetfulness of nikmah (bounties) although tragedies and disaster could be the sources of his being fortunate with regards to his Lord. oh You who is the most Merciful of those who show mercy. he would sell it. thanking You and worshiping You as best as we could. the most Exalted. sex. if he is requested to sell one of them by the full of the world of property. and behold this same (man) becomes an open disputer. the true Mu’min (believer) does not see anything but good from Allah in everything. and still one sees oneself as the poorest of the poor! Needless to ask about Nikmah of Iman and one’s being from the ummah of the master of early generations of the later ones.” And what punishment could be there greater than one’s busying oneself with other than Allah? We seek refuge of Allah from His plot. In addition. In reality Allah’s wish is to punish them with these things in this life. drinks. He said: “And those who fear Allah would be asked: What did your Lord send down?” Meaning as universal and shariah laws. See. There is need to talk about the Nikmah of Aqal (mind) by which all Nikmah are distinguished and by which he knows his Lord. Allah said: “ ……… the evil of his conduct seems pleasing to him.” Allah says: “But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you. we beg You for repentance that could get us back to You so that we could encounter You with pleasure as our Lord. them to whom the true Lord is talking to? With inanimates? Oh my Lord. He does not see the true to come to it nor does he see (perceive) the falsehood to avoid it. Such a man who is not pleased with the plans Page 176 of his Master (Allah) had he had capacity to fight his Lord. he would to eat grass with animals in the wild. with enjoying good health and sound body.” Man is not aware of this for his sight is blinded by his numerous disputing with Allah. Allah also said: “Truly. and what will actually make him so busy to forget about Allah and thus will become of those about whom Allah says: “Let not their wealth nor their children dazzle you. He would never ever sell this aqal by the full of what is between heaven and earth from mountain Qaf to mountain Qaf. They only see Nikmah in possession of many merchandises (properties) or material things and of being nicely impressure among people (in dressing).” Therefore. “Does not man see that We have created him from a sperm-drop. Such type of man has surely forgotten the Nikmah of health which is the mother of all Nikmah for. We have immersed deeply in Nikmah more than whale’s immersion in the sea. hand and foot etc. Allah has described those who fear Him and who are His friends as such.

as Allah says: “Then We change their suffering into prosperity. and he is the one who truly understand the meaning of the word of Allah. is the only one who does not get harmed by the Fitnah. He will at the bearers of Qur’an and send his mercy and pleasure on them. Calling Allah with humility benefits servant during the befall of adversity on him. would never be stopped by such or such thing. and when trials befall the servants. and will only welcome evils to his heart instead of welcoming remembrance of Allah. the most Exalted. He will take (punish) him when there is no longer any hope in his returning to Allah. or it would have been his grave. And if there is a man who says: Such a person possesses so and so. And We afflicted the nations with suffering and adversity that they call (Allah) in humility. thirst and not being thirsty.” But if he does not understand and neither this or that turn him back to Allah.” He said: “I know what you know not. But whoever comes to Allah. magnify his sin beside (in the face of) the generosity of Allah and will be perished. It also includes all good and bad that will consequently produce reward or punishment. and he will never benefit anyone. He will. for he does not hope for the good of himself nor does get despaired by any evil deed he commits.” Allah will also try the servant by evil to see whether he will run to his Lord with terror.” The bearers of the Qur’an are those who stop at the limits set by it. the most Majestic. never Page 47 of 59 .” But when he sees that this nikmah is by his own effort. meaning what makes them happy and what makes them sad.” The word of Allah: “We have tried them with both prosperity and adversity: In order than they might turn (to Us). he would not have hope for them. as Allah says: “Behold! We took to account of a sudden.” Meaning that had not he been before been swallowed by the fish. glorifying Allah. the most Exalted.Page 177 befalls man. Page 180 It is in the Hadith Al Qudusi (Qudusi is the direct revelation from Allah to the prophet without any intervention of Jibrail) that Allah said: “If I were to hasten any punishment of if hastination was of my affairs. then he has greatly lied with regards to Allah and thus become one of those who like to be praised for what they did not do. done such and such and left such and such. he would have remained inside the fish. he will only lose himself and his life.” Therefore. He said: “The angels said (to Allah). Woe to those for what they memorized from the Qur’an and woe to them for what they have neglected from it! Page 178 Allah has threaten them with two woes! He who comes to Allah during easy life time and during the hardship. whoever fills up his heart by worries and depressions for people are in doing.” Includes all prosperities and adversities. that will never make despair of the mercy of his Lord. are all sent down from Allah. Allah will recognize him during adversity and hardship. for his all hopes are his Lord. One of the righteous was told that the leaders have oppressed. When the suffering reached them from us. And even if he does good deeds as big as mountains. like health and sickness. satiation and hunger. Allah says: “And you have no good thing but is from Allah. One of them would commit a sin and magnify it so enormously parallely to My forgiveness. and are all good in the eyes of those who fear Allah. the most Majestic. The true Lord is so kind to the servant by many types of goodness and badness too. he would certainly have remained inside the fish till the day of Resurrection.” But he who is the pure servant of Allah. Allah says: “It is Allah who created you and what you do. security and fear and all that which occur in the existence. he will surely benefit himself as well as them too because he thus become one those by whom Allah pushes away disaster and tragedies from people. Will You peace therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood. I have surely hasten punishment for those who despair of My mercy. Even if he kills the whole mankind including prophets. hoping Allah’s forgiveness for that evil deed or whether he will despair of the mercy of his Lord and think that he will not be forgiven. Allah actually tries the servant by goodness to see whether he does see that this goodness is from Allah which is the greatest nikmah. does he have any sense in behaving this way? This is similar to the person who is praised for doing good which he did not actually do. Allah said in the case of Yunus (Jonah) (peace on him): “Had it not been that he (repented and) glorified Allah. by so doing. most Majestic. why then did they not call (Allah) in humility? Meaning that would have been of benefit to them. and is proud of him. which would not stop anything. which are sufferings and tragedies that befall the servant in order to make him turn to the servitude and running back to his Master only. He will thus harm himself and spoils his chances of filling up his heart by the greatness of his Lord. the most Exalted. until they grew and multiplied. Nothing would stop in his way to his Lord. while Page 179 they realised not (their peril). He who recognizes Allah during prosperity. The doer of God is Allah alone and should therefore be praised for it. The messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Allah will surely become angry with the servants that when nothing else is left but befalling them & tragedies. drown himself in Him and makes himself absent from what people are in. be it what suite him or what does not.

for the pleasures derives from knowing the true Allah encompasses all other worldly pleasures and those of the Hereafter. The female with her youngs is more ferocious (aggressive) than her male lion. nor bring their youngs. He asked: “What is making you cry?” He said: “A Hadith I heard from the messenger of Allah (PBUH) in which he said: the least of showing off is of polytheism and whoever becomes an enemy of friends of Allah. its High buildings.” Nothing is greater in his heart but Allah alone and nothing is bigger in his eyes but Him.” Nothing had ever been heard from him but the word “good”. the Most Exalted. he should have to imitate Allah who knows about it. they would have not look back to anything else. neither would he be engaged by the fear of Saqara (HellFire) or Jahim (Hell-Fire) from his Lord. such the maidens of Paradises. The night fell. If you see Allah the doer of all things. which would make running for a cause. rivers etc. he will observe it and begin to work for it.” Page 183 May Allah make us among those who have good expectations and should not make us among those who nurture evil expectations of Him in all that have now be fallen His servants like such adversities (Fitnah) of our this worldly period and religious. He is blind and deaf to anyone else but the one he loves. whenever is informed about something. he will certainly be safe from any evil in this world and other world. all the camels have returned except yours. Then the said uncle was told: “Hey man. they did as were told. Allah did not show him but good. You must only the other camels to their fance. fleeing from a Qaswarah (lioness). and who is on such description. See. is indeed a friend of Allah. But what the servant does. he will kiss that hand inside out.” May Allah make you and us taste the pleasure of looking at His generous face! Amen! Amen! If the true Lord is who he loves. as the prophet (PBUH) said: “The love for You (Allah) makes man blind and deaf. All of these are meant in order to run to Allah and they part of sufferings and adversaries that are telling us: “Run to Allah. They told them: “When you return this evening. the elders of his kins assembled in a meeting one day and agree unanimously to order the shepherds. He never gets short of His promises. for what could make him observe creatures and work for the sake for them but because they have become greater in his heart than Allah? This includes for Paradise and Hell-Fire because they are among the creatures of Allah. Allah says: “(such is) the artistry of Allah who disposes of all things in perfect order. would say: “Good. He who knows that the hand that is beating him is the hand of his beloved. it will catch him.” A nice story: There was a beduin man who. If men knew the truth.would he hang his heart but on his Lord. Let him expect of Me as he wishes. Therefore. says: “Who created all things in the best way. the most Glorious. whoever flees from other things to Allah in such a manner. So. Page 184 The runner (the one fighting) from something. The Prophet (PBUH) said: “They would not be offered anything that is more pleasant to them than looking at their Lord. not the real good thing about. you must work for the sake of His Face. he has surely declared war on Allah! Allah loves the Page 48 of 59 .” And Allah.” Qaswarah is the female of lion.” He said as usual. There is not doubt that if he is like this. trees. the male is Qaswaru.” And the prophet (PBUH): “Everything that Allah created is good.” The shepherds went in the morning with the camels for grazing and when they were returning at evening. Like what the messenger of Allah (PBUH) said in what was reported by Ibn Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) that Umar (Peace on him and his household) went to the mosque and found Muaz crying beside the grave of the messenger of Allah (PBUH). Page 181 But if he makes other his Lord bigger and greater in his heart.” This bears witness that everything is in perfect order. And it coincided that the enemies suddenly attacked them at dawn and took away all the camels except those of him (the uncle) that they themselves had tied up behind the mountain. “good”. He goes out it with his Din (religion) safely. exhausts all his energy in fleeing from it otherwise. Allah has already said in the Hadith Qudusi: “I am at the expectation of my servant. The tall is in his best order and the short is also in his best order Page 182 etc. We saved Hud and those who believed with him” etc. He is the lord who said: “So when Our decree issued. not only for the sake of safety only. Allah has described such kind of fleeing by saying: “As if they were affrighted asses (will donkeys). to the end of what was told about messengers and those who were with them. So. he will consequently love everything in the existence for they are from the one he loves. So. nor the maidens and castles of the paradise would draw him into trial as well as any type of nikmah away from his Lord. for His being worthy of running to from everything. Allah is surely taking you to safety without any doubt. whoever thinks that any creation of Allah is ugly or dirty. tie all the camels of your uncle behind the mountain and do not bring along any single camel. All these are because of his love for his Lord. he has greatly perceived Allah as liar in His saying: “Who disposes of all things in perfect order. because he did not see anything from Allah but good. he will be certainly saved and will be troubled by Fitnah (calamities) that people are in. You will see beauty in all creations.

and Page 186 its going bad is also the wickedness of its people. Up to this point. One of the knowledgeable in Morocco was told: “Time has gone bad. The one who keeps himself busy with Allah. Amen. They are words and actions. to the right path. He was sent as mercy for mankind. and did never forbid anything but he was the most farer from it. amen. and the friends of Allah are also anytime. they won’t be missed and when they are present. than been concerned by the affairs of servants and their fitnah. Most of people in anytime. THE LETTER OF LORDLY BREATHING In the name of Allah. And they are two groups all the times. This is how time has been from the time immorial to the recent date (our era).” Meanings “Your Lord is Doer of all that He intends. Words are many kinds that are more than 20 types of prayers which contain daily and nightly actions. They are away from dusty dark night”. Ended the Chemistry of Certainty (Belief) Page 187 11. means that the friends of Allah. bil Awrad Al-Ahmadiyah wa nasamat Al-Muhamadiya. I put myself forward before all of them. I do submit myself to you before every breathing and blinking of eye that are done by the dwellers of heavens and earth and everything that is to occur in your knowledge or that has already occurred. who fears Allah. it is enough for whom Allah has guided. All of these should be recited at the beginning of every day. He was most forgiving them for what came from them. It should be recited this way in every kind of prayers that follow and it must be recited at beginning. has actually forgotten Allah. returning to Allah in all cases. and make pleased with Lordhood in all His laws. their hearts are the lights of guidance.” He said: “When did time ever been better?” When the friend of Allah (Abraham) was thrown into fire? Or when Zakariah was torne apart and halves by saw? Or when the teeth of the messenger of Allah (PBUH) were broken by the Kufar (unbelievers)? Or when the head of Al-Husain was taken in tour throughout states? Meaning that the betterment of time is done by its people. which is the highest level of all goodness. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad. They are those who. The True Lord will not tell him: “Why did not you stop keeping yourself busy with Me? And the one who keeps himself busy by the welfare of people and their secrets affairs. whoever nurtures emnimity against them. Most Glorious. and that He cleans us from unclean opposition to Him and picking up fight with Him so that we would appreciate nothing else but what He had decreed. Fatinatull Awrad (special prayer). Who never ordered to do something but he was himself the first person to do it. Some friends of Allah asked one among themselves “What is that Allah wants from His creatures?” He answered: “What they are indulged in. The dusty dark night means Fitnah. 1. The more perfect of men is who follows the messenger (Peace be upon him) in all his sayings and doings. the Most Exalted. (Lordly breathing by the Ahmadil prayers and the blowing of Muhammadan’s gentle wind with Apostolic flooding (flowing) river). amen. They are: Oh my Lord. when are absent. his household and companions. The goodman in his goodness and evil man in his evilness (wickedness) from the era of the first messenger of Allah the end of the world.” We have already mentioned that Allah did indeed send it done for trial and so that man will flee to Him. is indeed fighting Allah. his household in every eye blinking as much as the coverage of Allah’s knowledge. the Most Glorious. for he does not possess two hearts to keep one heart busy with Allah and another heart with the creatures. Page 49 of 59 . In the name of Allah. May peace of Allah and His blessings be upon our master Muhammad. He sees what man does. An-Nafhat Al-Ilahiya. They (friends of Allah) actually know that what people are into is what the True Lord want them to do during that time.” What answer will he have for his Lord? He is certainly perishable unless Allah has mercy for him.” Allah says: “Allah has not made for any man two hearts in his breast. are not recognized. We pray that Allah perfects our behavior towards Him. the Most Glorious. Most Merciful.” And Allah is certainty going to ask him and tell him: “And be not you of those who are undeedful. Page 185 The sentence ‘Allah loves the righteous etc’. Most Merciful.righteous. are busy with Allah. bifaidi Al-Imdad An-Nabawiyah. are indulged in evils deeds as ever.

be it a word of deed. Page 188 3. which is Your eye. and the amount of the ink of Allah’s words. tranquility. the Most Supreme. its beauty and perfectness. 7. And after that he should say: “Oh my Lord. The Forgiver of Sins. the number of what is accounted in the book. and as it should please and is liked by our Lord. the Most Supreme. Allah. Wird As-Sahar (Tasbih of dawn). To the amount of the supremacy of the Essence of Allah. The Most Majestic and Dignity. Page 191 9. The Living. (70 times) at dawn and twice after all prayers. in this world before Hereafter. There is no god but He. which is 12 rakah followed by Al Mahamid As-saman (the 8 praises) and Al Hizib as-saiji (swore chapter?) and to concluded by Al Istigifar (seeking forgiveness). and on the household of the great apostle of Allah.2. do bestow peace and blessing upon Mawlana Muhammad and his household. Keeping reciting till falling asleep will consequently result in seeing him (PBUH) the same way as bringing him in mind as previously described. during all my movements. It is better that is recited. Page 190 6. Michail. If he could imagine his (the prophets) nobilities in his mind. and its time is after dawn prayer. he should then bring in mind the essence of his teacher through heritage. in public or in secret. inside out in wakefulness and sleep. Allah. from every sin that I had committed intentionally or deliberately. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah in every eye blinking and breathing as much as what Allah’s knowledge covers. that you bestows blessings upon our Master and Mawlana Muhammad. the Greatest. the number what is inscribed by the pen. A blessing that is as permanent as the permanency of Allah. My Lord. The Sustainer. which are the Firsthood and the Lasthood as roundly connected as it suits the Majesty and Perfectness of Allah. the angel of death. that You show me the face of Your apostle Muhammad (PBUH) the way he is with You. As-Salat Al-Azimah (The Great Prayer). Oh my Lord. it could be observed with every breathing the meaning of the bipolar continuum. The Last. (40 times). This is connected to bringing in mind the essence of the messenger of Allah. When the tongue becomes tired (in recitation). I repent to Him from all disobediences and sins. Allah. do make blessing for us in death and in what is after death. oh You who is the Greatest! (100 times) between night and day by whoever is looking for a mean. and make attachment (oh my Lord) between him and me as you made attachment between Ar Ruh (spirit) and nafs. It not possible. This is read during going to bed until he sleeps. 4. as respect for your right on our Mawlana Muhammad. I do repent as much to number of what Allah’s knowledge surrounds. may peace be upon him and his household as much. the number of what came into existence by the ability and specified by the will. it could be paid at the next dawn prayer. the bearers of the Throne Page 50 of 59 . pushing away what may accumulate during imagination as different picture that opposes his true picture. and (2000 times) by he who does not have any aim or mean. and by which the worlds of Allah is erected. (3000 times). The motive in all this is the capability. have peace and blessing on Mawlana (our Master) Muhammad and his household and all apostles and messengers and on Jibrail. it could be completed after Subuh prayer in what time Allah pleases. I do request from you by the light of your Supreme face that has filled the areas of Great throne of Allah. whose name has been mentioned. in my mind and my breathing. as it should fit for the Majesty of the Face of our Lord. losing one’s wholeness in this recitation so that it is connected to the deep sleep. imagining the complete picture of his true nobilities. There is no God but Allah. Page 189 5. in every eye twinkling and breathing to the number of what is in Allah’s knowledge. He could begin by the later if he likes if that is easier for him. Israfil. with paying more attention to the four letters (that comprise Allah’s name) and which gives the meaning of Allah’s being The First. Oh my Lord. It should also recited at places where calling Allah with humility and supplication to Allah are required. (100 times or more). I beg You by the light of lights. oh you who has the greatest morals. otherwise. This is recited between Al-Fajar (dawn) and Subuh prayer during lying in bed between them. not the eye of anyone else but You. to whom the great esteem belongs. I repent to Allah permanently from the sin that I know and the sin that I do not know. The Manifested and The Hidden. 8. Al-Istigifar Al Kabir: (The Great Pardon Seeking). Oh my Lord. This must be recited with one’s having removed everything from one’s heart and mind to lose oneself in the greatness of Allah. Amen. the golden light for us to enjoy his light in every eye blinking and breathing to the amount of what Allah’s knowledge covers (100 times if possible). the Most Glorious and Most High.

Oh You I seek refuge of during every hardship. on your friends and all your servants who are believers. Oh You whose grace is hidden. Bismillah on everything that He granted me. there is no power but for Allah 3 x. who is there for the poor but You? Oh You who is Noble. Bismillah the best of names. My master Abdul Aziz used to recite it every day 700o x for five years since it was put in his mouth by Al-Khadr (peace on him) (in dream). (7 times). You are the Most Gracious. plus Al-Ajimiyah (Greatness prayer) 100 x and the pray that drives away forgetfulness by his light (the prophet). our body. have grace on us in what has been sent down and what is not yet sent down. who is always gracious. The Knower 3 x. the Lord of the earths and what are among them. and there is no god but You.and all angels. with Al-Ikhlas 100x as mentioned before. Oh You who is The Most Merciful of those who have mercy. say: “Allah suffices me. There is no god but Allah. Oh You who is the self-subsisting and supporter of all. Oh You whose grace is permanent. who is there for the incapable but You! Oh You who is Supreme. You had grace in the creation of heavens and earth. who is always. the Lord of the seven Heavens. who is there for the wicked but You! Oh You who is Forgiver. Oh You whose grace is hidden. Bismillah the Lord of earth and Heaven. There is no god but Allah. from the mischief of what He created 3 x. our this world and Hereafter. All praises are due to Allah. Page 193 16. Oh my Lord. ardently anxious is he over you: to the Believers is he most kind and merciful”. who is there for the down trodden but You? Oh You who is Exalted in Might. Oh You who is full of Grace. 7 x. 10. Oh You who is the Most Majestic. Allah is enough for us. say: Oh my Lord. Oh You who rescues me during every disaster! Oh You who answer me during every call. “For my protection is Allah who revealed the Book. the Most Generous. 15. and the best to trust. Amen! (100 times). do make better for me all my affairs and do not make depend on myself or on anyone else among Your creatures even at a blinking of an eye or less than that. 12. we put our trust in Allah. oh You who are my hope when all means are severed! (50 times).” “Now has come unto you a messenger from among yourselves. it grieves him that you should suffer. and He will befriend the righteous. He is the Hearer. and I seek forgiveness of Allah who accepts repentance. Oh the Gracious Lord. Oh You who is Living! 100 x. and make us pleased with our religion. But if they turn away. Bismillah on my family and my wealth. who is there for the evil doer but You! (100 times) all at once separately. a grace that is suitable for You Majesty and Generosity. Allah is my weapon in every hardship and prosperity. the Most High. Bismillah (by the name of Allah) and Al Hamudu Lillah (praises to Allah). Glory to Allah and his praise. the cast one. 70 x between the Subuh prayer and the rising of the sun. I seek refuge by the complete words of Allah. Oh my Lord. Oh You whose grace is great! Oh You whose grace is complete. in every eye blinking and breathing as much as your knowledge covers. who is there for the lawman but You! Oh You who is Strong. there is no power but for Allah. Page 194 Page 51 of 59 . dignified is Your neighbore and Majestic is Your praises. Bismillah (by the name of Allah) by whose name nothing could harm on earth nor in heaven. by the merit of our master Muhammad bin Abdullah (PBUH). Allahu akhbar (Allah is Great) 3 x. who is there for the broken bit You! Oh You who is Generous. and the Lord of the great Throne. Bismillah on my din (religion) and myself. Blessed in Allah. Oh The Gracious one. Oh The Gracious Lord. Most Dignity. do reach us with your hidden and manifested grace which is enough for whoever You bestow Your Grace on. There is no god but on Him is my trust. He the Lord of throne Supreme” Quran. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. and You are Gracious to the embryo in the womb of its mother. make me beside You (in Your protection) from every evil doer and from the evil of the Satan. Al-Hafizah An-Nabawiyah (The prophetic protection). Bismillah (by the name of Allah) I begin (open) and by Allah I conclude (close) and in Allah I put my trust. Bismillah with whose name no infection could harm. 14. 17. do reach me with Your hidden grace and the manifested grace which is sufficient for whoever You have Your Grace on. Oh You who is Living. unite me with our master Muhammad bin Abdullah (PBUH) in this world before The Hereafter etc. to be recited after Subuh and Magrib (down and dusk) prayers. do have grace on us in our all affairs the way You love and please. and at the end of every 100th time: Oh You who is Living. To Your Mercy I am seeking rescue. the Most Forbearing. who is there for the weak but You! Oh You who is Capable. Oh You who is Gracious! 100 x and the end of every 100 th time. the Most Supreme. Oh The Lord of worlds! Oh The Gracious one. Oh You who is Rich. Oh You who is the supporter of all Give Life to my heart by the light of Your knowledge and Your love in this world before the Hereafter. do be Gracious to us in Your judgement and destiny. 11. Page 192 13.

wanting to glorify Allah in the presences of Muhammad. I beg of You oh my Lord. all of it. punishment. Oh You in whose hand are the kingdom of everything. Oh You who is not occupied by anything from doing anything. oh the Gracious Allah etc. for You have power over all things. Master. so that nothing could prevent me from Your Noble Face in this world and the Hereafter. and moving out all kinds of hesitations for the prophet’s coming (PBUH) in the 3 places. our master and Mawlana Muhammad (PBUH). make me happy by Your Generous Face in everything. 19. Oh You who is incapable of nothing. for Your knowledge. The second way to recite it is that it is read on seven seven. There are many ways to recite this. It is better for the reciter to be such a state of losing himself deeply in Greatness of the mentioned (Allah). and no one could be such and such but Him. that You bestow peace and blessing on our master. and from the fitnah of night and day. to be followed by recitation of the special Du’au (prayer): Oh my Lord who is so. Page 197 22. repeating it this way by either 7 times or 10 times. make Your Face my aim in everything. and capable of answering (the prayer). from the beginning to the end. for these protectives are sharply cutting swores for every satan obstinate in rebellion. It’s recited during going to bed and during every fearful event. and will always be so. Recitation of the beautiful names of Allah after the prayers or in Subuh and Magrib prayers. To be read during bedtime to. It is better for the reciter to read after finishing reading every 2 first Hizib (chapter) and the last Hizib. before everything and after everything. longing to meeting You. But the perfect way is that is recited as a whole. as a complete prayer: which is: Oh You who is complete in His Essence. from the evil of what He has scattered in the earth and the evil of what comes out from it. and I seek refuge of Allah by the beautiful names of Allah. is that it is to be recited like the way. the Best Protector and the Best Helper. looking at him by the eye of his heart. and Your Highest Esteem and by Your complete words all which are blessed. give me nikmah by Your Generous Face in everything. putting Page 52 of 59 . Oh You to whom nothing is similar. These 3 protectives are to be continuously. This third way of reciting it is especially for those who frequent empty places. Recitation of Al-Ahzab al-Khams (the 5 chapters) beginning by Al-Mahamid As-Samani (the 8 praises) and concluded by As-Salawaht As-Samani (the 8 prayers) or As-Sitah Asrah (the 16 prayers). Your health and taking care of me. the Most Generous. as is arranged in the right books. Page 196 21. To be recited after Subuh prayer: Oh my Lord. and the complete words of Allah that cannot be overcome (pass through) by a righteous or wicked. My Trust and Hope. Al-Hafizah An-Nabawiyah (Apostolic Protection). Apostle and Mawlana Muhammad. feeling his greatness and charisma. Page 195 20. in every eye blinking and breathing as much as what Your knowledge covers. where his spirit (prophet’s spirit) would not leave him (the reciter) as the prophet (PBUH) inform this someone who had contact with him. talking to You. or adding the last 2 sevens as we would explain this in. I see refuge of Allah. requesting from him in that position the flooding of expansion. and his household. form the mischief of what ascends into the heaven and what descends from it. The third way. And that You give strength for that as You had given him strength. Your Generous Face and Your Most Supreme Name. that I know of them and that which I do not. addressing it to the Ruh (spirit) of the Apostle (PBUH) with certainty from the reader. Oh You from whom no one hides among His servants. protecting the reciter from every fearful things during sleep or wakefulness. the end of mercy from Your Book. and that You grant me the opportunity to look at Your Face.18. that You support as You supported him. or as much as the reciter can. and which are not trepassed by the righteous or wicked. driving away all doubts. your lights and Your secrets that You granted Your Apostle. by the areas of attachment of dignity from Your Throne. I seek refuge with Allah from the suggestions of the Satans. Oh You whose mercy covers everything. and I seek refuge with You oh my Lord! Lest they should come near me”. Oh You who has beautiful attributes etc. which is the most perfect way. without harmful effects on me or fitnah that leads astray. especially by those frequent wild places. except a night visitant that brings good. and from the mischief of night and day visitants. Second seven seventh. as it is explained in those books by either stopping at the 2 first sevens. Al-Hafizah An-Nabawiyah (Apostolic Protection): “I seek refuge by the complete words of Allah from His anger.

and should read in every Rakah Al-Fatiha once and Al-Ikhlas (100 times).00 (twelve hundred thousands) years. forbearance. all the apostles and messengers. Michail. pity. no ear has heard and never even been intuited in any souls heart. Beauty and perfectness.000 years and made it into four portions. He created the Throne from one part. He created the mind from a portion. (1 time).000 years which He later divided into 4 parts: He created the pen from a part. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. When that light of mine emerged from the veils. friends and all your servants. Allah created from every drop a Ruh (spirit) of an apostle or a prophet. thus it would open for him doors of name and he would plunge deeply into seas of name’s manifestations. The secret of it is that it should recited this way: There is no god but Allah. according to his capacity. They are: The veils (walls) of respect (nobility). Israfil. (1000 times). in every eye blinking and breathing to the number of what Allah’s knowledge covers.000 veils (Hijab or walls) and erected my light which is the fourth portion in every veil for 1000 years. the paradise and what therein as nikmah (bounty) are from My light. And then He erected the fourth portion in the position of modesty (shyness) for 120. And I do put myself forward before all of them to You oh the Generous and Most Merciful one. the knowledge are forbearance and luck are from My light. He created angels from a portion. the moon and stars are from My light. 124000 drops of sweat dropping light of sweat from it.000 time) (seventy thousands). determination. the Tablet (Lawh) from a part & the paradise from a part. which: La illaha ila Allah (There is no god but Allah) (70. calmness. other angels called Ar-Rihaniyun (spirituals) are from My light.000 times). where he would surround by generous gifts and rains of the clouds of hospitality and welcome. When Allah created it. in every eye twinkling and breathing.000 years and looked at it. the sun. happiness. then he should say. the Kursi (the seat) from another part. true love and true obedience.” He said: “That was the light of your Apostle oh Jabr that Allah created and created in it everything that’s good. Then Allah created Adam from the earth and Page 53 of 59 . the spirits of Apostles and prophets are from My light. He should inform his sheik (teacher) about what he had seen in his dreams. Then He erected the fourth part at the position of fear for 120. and offer them to the Apostle as gift. Zikr (remembrance and mentioning Allah’s name) is put in his mouth. Then He created 120. He should conclude it by Khafarah Al-Majlis (the prayer of end of conference). between his two eyes. mercy. (700. the Martyrs and obedient believers to the day of Resurrection. ascending through the heavenly ways. the angel of death. the angels of the seven heavens are from My light. He erected it infront of Him in the position of nearness for 1200. charasma. knowledge. the fortunates. certainty and true. Oh my Lord. while facing Al-Qiblah: “Oh my Lord. Allah purified it on earth and it light what is between the East and West like candle in dark night. tranquility. the bearers of the Throne. patience. Page 198 SECOND PART: DEEDS It is better for the goer on the way to submit its basic thing first by praying two Rakah after he has taken bath as above mentioned. After that. the knowledge and tolerance from a portion.000 years and divided it into 4 portion. Then after that He created everything. Jibrail. and abundant presents of what no eye has seen. effacing the thought of Allah’s shrinkinness by shrinking his own eyes. And I put myself to you before all of them.” Amen. being lost from everything else. The Throne and Kursi (the seat) are from My light. May Allah’s peace and blessing be upon You oh the messenger of Allah. He should do this for 3 nights after which he should come with Al-Fidiyah An-Nabawiyah (Apsoltic Ransom) to ransom himself with. and the light sweated. I do put myself forward etc. so that could be on a right basis. WA ALLAH AL-MUWAFIQ (It is Allah who guides to the right thing). in every eye blinking and breathing as much as what Allah’s knowledge covers. Page 199 13. based on the true intention of the doer. HADITH OF THE BEGINNING OF CREATION It was reported by Jabr bin Abdullah (May Allah be pleased with him) said: “I asked the Apostle (PBUH) about the first Allah created. all angels. the Bearers and Supporters of the Throne from another part and the Treasures of the Seat from another part. cutting off all thought movements. He would surely see in his dreams a sign of good news. Then He erected the fourth portion at the position of hope for 120. and success (luck) from a portion. do bestow peace and blessing upon our Mawlana Muhammad and his household. mind temptations or intuitions. (1000 times). Page 200 Then the spirits of Apostles breathed and Allah created from their breaths the friends (Awliyah).the charasma of His Majesty. Then He erected the fourth part in the position of love for 120. his true intention. the sun from a portion and the moons and stars from a portion. which worshipped Allah by the that light in every veil 1000 years. the martyrs and the righteous are the results of My light. Then He divided into four parts. till this becomes an habit for him effortlessly. his power. Then he should conclude by Khafarah Al-Majlis (the prayer of end of meeting). to the amount of number of what Your knowledge covers.

none of the 3. from his Sheik the knowledgeable about Allah. Among those who frequented his teaching (lessons) sometimes. The sheik of Islam. The Mufti of Zubaid in Yemen (May Allah have mercy on him) He is our master. had no one else to depend on or refer to. our back and our treasure. And this is one of the highest asanid (the sources). His occupation since the beginning of his age for many years was seeking the manifested knowledge till become excellent in it in the city of Fas. our refuge. from our master and Mawlana Abi Al-Abas Al-Khadr (Peace upon him). and was permitted by his excellent teachers to teach. from the prophet (PBUH). oh Jibrail. And then he informed him that it was the prophet (PBUH) who put it in his mouth. for the Sheik. and put in his mouth: There is no god but Allah. considering the meeting of Al-Khadr (Peace upon him) with the Apostle (PBUH) during his life time. His birthplace is the town of Araish on the cost of the sea of Magrib (Morocco). was his Sheik Abdul Wahab At-Tazi (May Allah be pleased with him) before Ahmad become his student. to the extent that my master Abdul Wahab used to say to my master Ahmad – after the later became his student and his complete good behavior and humbleness before him -: “Where is that Hudrah (noble) occupation Ahmad ? Pointing out to the noble occupation of teaching. and became teaching to the period of what Allah pleased. It is also said that our Sheik Abu Al Abass Al-Ara’ishi. Furthermore. Then He brought me to the world and made me the master of all the prophets and the seal of Apostles as a mercy for the creatures. therefore he was of he four intermediators between the prophet (PBUH) and us. Muhammad Rasulullah (There is no god but Allah.” His method (May Allah be pleased with him) is what master Muhammad Sanusi called in his book “Al-Manhal Ar-Ray Ar-Ra’iq Fi Asanid Al-Ulum Wa Usul At-Tara’iq” (The sweat drink in the source of knowledge and Bassis of the ways) “At-Tariqat Al-Muhamadiah” (Muhammadan Way). and the reporting of master Abdul Aziz the Hadith is like the reporting all At-Tab’in (the third generation after the compations of the prophet) from the truly firmed companions who associated the Apostle (Peace upon him) etc. Page 54 of 59 . He was of a noble Hasanian from the offspring’s of our master and Mawlana Al-Hassan bin Ali bin Abi Talib (May Allah enlighten his face and be pleased with him). in taking final decision. rather. Abdul Wahab At-Tazi.” Page 201 The short biography Of my master Ahmad Bin Idris (May Allah be pleased with him) As briefly made by the pen of The Mufti of creatures. would depend on anyone else but him (PBUH) and refer to him (PBUH). which is put in word as: “And I am narrating the Muhammadan way from various ways. the scarce ones to find. Master Ahmad bin Idris. that is. master Abdul Aziz bin Mas’ud Ad-Dabagi Al-Fasi. saying: “There is nothing that is more beneficial to the servant than saying: La ilaha ila Allah. This light would move from one pure (father) to another and one clean to another till Allah. from his Sheik. after which the light was transferred to Shith (the great great grandfather of the prophet). the polar of the knowledgeable. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah).composed him with light in His front. Page 202 and Imam (leader) of the verifiers our Mawlana. This is how was the beginning of the creation of your apostle. just like the way his companions (PBUH) were taking Hadith from him. and from there to the womb of my mother Aminah. Ad-Dabaq. received knowledge at the beginning from his Sheik Abu Al-Mawahib At-Tazi. our pride. the Most High transported it to the waist (loin) of Abdullah bin Abdul Mutalib. during his earlier days as well. One of the renowned scholared leaders in the land of Magrib (Morocco). Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. It is also in it that our Sheik Abu Al-Abas Al-Ara’ishi has a firm standing in meeting with the prophet (PBUH) like his Sheik Abu Al-Mawahib At-Tazi and the Sheik of his Sheik. but him (PBUH) and may Allah honor him etc. said Ahmad bin Idris (May Allah be pleased with him). the most knowledgeable about Allah. in his later days. on the provence of the city of Fas. all of which could be mentioned here completely. Reporting from the prophet (PBUH) and union with him in dream and wakefulness after the prophet’s death did happen for all the 3 sheiks of Hadith sources. in explaining matters concerning him with him (PBUH). the highest of which is what we took from our Sheik. who was his student master Abdul Rahman bin Sulaiman Al-Ahdal.

to him. and he has accepted the reference. if only you could allow me to travel with you so that I could complete for you those books. do take down any problem that you face. I am his ally and guarantor. he is my master Abdul Wahab AtTazi (May Allah be pleased with him). I thought were Hadith and religion books that were not available over there. Page 203 Our Sheik used to call it Ahmadiah. chapters and areas one could really drink from with wide varieties and tastes. my Master Ahmad followed Al-Mujaidri to my Master Abdul Wahab and became his student. He was famous by the name of Al-Mujaidri. He told him: “Master.” In addition.” He also said: “Poverty is not completed in following the messenger of Allah (PBUH) till the prophet witnesses any lawful deed one does. when they are still alive. stayed with his whole being. he told him: “I guess that your Sheik Al-Mujaidri has passed away to the mercy of Allah. and till ask for the prophet’s permission in all of one’s affairs. such as eating. and there is every Wali (friend of Allah) a request that is accepted by the apostle of Allah (PBUH). He (May Allah purify his secrets) would build on this prophetic statement. He rather told me to bring you to him so that he could unite you with the messenger of Allah (PBUH). And my master.” My master became more perplexed by that. Then after some times passed. and at the same place that I am familiar in seeing him. he is them sharing with the companions of the prophet the meaning of companionship. I will never entrust him to anyone else but me. according to their behavior and obedience. Whoever does this. What have they put for him?” He also (May Peace be upon him) used to say: “There is for every apostle a pray that is answered. sometimes farer. Rather.” This saying is similar to that of As-Shazli (May Allah be pleased with him): “The true following of the prophet is that you make the followed a witness in all of your saying and action. till men close his eye (become dead).” What is more solaceable here is what the Sheik As-Sha’rani reported from his Sheik specifically as saying: “All the doors of friends of Allah have moved to closing. seeking forgiveness. and because of its collective zikr (remembrance of Allah). He sometimes meets them as light and sometimes as dark. Once he wanted to return to Shinguit while some of those books that he had begun editing and explaining were not yet finished. he does not meet them the same way. And the way of our master Ahmad bin Idris is likes that. and nothing is actually open but the doors of the messenger of Allah (PBUH). as the prophet (PBUH) said: “Ad-Du’a (making du’a of prayer) is the brain of worshipping.And about the title.” He asked him: “So you have a master (Sheik)?” He said: “Yes. is the way of as-Shaziliyah (May Allah be pleased with them) because their way was AtTahlil (saying La Ilaha Ila Allah). and making salat on the prophet (PBUH). I requested from the prophet (PBUH) to take care of my companions (friends) by special essence in providing welfare. He would say: "We have referred to you to whom is better than us. attributing it to his essence (May Allah holify his secret) for what the prophet had privilege him by. But it been some days have passed but I’m still meeting him the same as I had left him.” He also used to say: “What is in my method (way) is one foot’s being here and another at Allah’s place. whose status was not known by many people. sleeping with spouse. needs. He frequented the city of Fas from the time to time.” He asked him: “How did you know that?” He answered: “The Sheik has specific times that he dedicates to face the spirits of those who wants him. and calls in humility to Allah. till he said (May Allah holify his secret): “As we heard from our Sheik many times saying: None of you could know the degree of my way. therefore. Ad-Du’a is the worship. There is no god but Allah.” This most knowledgeable AlMujaidri is the one from whom my master Ahmad bin Idris (May Allah be pleased with him) took the knowledge of Al-Hizib As-Saifi (the sword chapter) as it narrated from Al-Qufai Qutub Az-Jan from our Master Page 55 of 59 . go to him and put your questions and demands on him. So. telling the followers about it when they ask him. nor to his guarantee. which. the most knowledgeable. the Most High. the story of his union with his Sheik (May Allah be pleased with both of them) and his reporting knowledge (taking it) from him is that my Master Ahmad had … Page 204 a verifying Sheik from the scholars of Shinguit. Then AlMujaidri returned after a while and said: “Al-Shiek did not give me permission for that (your following me). prayers and Al-Ahzab (chapters) that contain various types of dependence. He (the prophet) answered: “Whoever is affiliated to you. during his stay in Fas.” My master found it strange that Abdul Wahab should be his (Mujaidri’s) master because was of feeble memory. and when the time of it came. entering and going out. dressing.” He said: “Be patient till I seek permission for you from my master. used to write for him some large books.

He then dwelled in Sibyah. investigating and verifying. and then he reached Makkah Al-Musharafah and stayed there about 30 years. my master Ahmad Zaruq to As-Shazali (May Allah be pleased with him).Ali (May Allah lighten his face). from Sheik As-Shuyuq (the master of masters) my master Abi Al Al-Qassim Al-Gazi. and his Sheik was my master (sidi) Muhamad bin Zayan Al-Qundussi. by its famous sanad (chain of narration) to (Sheik Al-Masheik) or master of masters. a famous town at Abi Arish. nobles and dignitaries. he had both knowledge of Az-Zahir and Al-Batin (manifested and hidden knowledge). and they allow it for scholars only. passing Mukhah and other cities of Al-Yaman. who died 991. And when caravan arrived from Shinguit at that time. Then he headed (May Allah be pleased with him) towards countries of the East. in which he had broad coverage. Page 56 of 59 . from his sheik my Master Mubarak Page 205 bin Adiyi Al-Gailani. He was then ordered (May Allah be pleased with him) to head to AlYaman at year 1244 and remained in Zubaidah for sometimes. from my master Muhammad bin Nasr Ad-Diri. He died there to the mercy of Allah. and remained there for about 9 years. from my Master Ahmad bin Ali Al-Haji AdDiri. and he has there up to now good offsprings. To sum up. He also had knowledge and total fame in science of Qu’ran and Hadith in Riwayah and Dirayah (reporting and chain of Hadith). May Allah broad mercy for him and expand his method so long night and day interchange! Amen! The end. and His pleasure be on him in the year 1250 of the 13th century. His merit was recognized and acknowledged by the public and special people. The method (way) of my Master Abdul Wahab was firstly Shazaliah Nassiriah. and among his students were many scholars. He stayed with my Master Abdul Wahab for few years till he died in early twelfth century. then he went to Al-Madinah AlMunawarah and At-Taif many times. Then he went to the soil of Egypt once or twice reminding Al-Ikhwan (the brothers) there during that time. and it was as my Master Abdul Wahab had said. the brought the news about the death of Al-Mujaidri (May Allah have mercy on him). aiming Makkah Al-Musharafah. He reached Egypt at the year 13 of the 13 th Century. He has many books (thesis) in many ways (methods) from the masters of his time. and the method of our Masters Bani An-Nasr (Sons of An-Nasr) is the best methods of As-Shazaliah in Al-Magrib (Morocco).

The Unconquerable Castles (Al-Husun Al-Mani’ah) 90.The Rich Hizib (chapter) for Master Uwais Al-Qarni 82. Prayers (Awrad) & Letters of Sir Ahmad bin Idris Page. The 1st Seventh for Monday 10.The 7th Prayer 59.The 13th Prayer The 14th Prayer 64.The 3rd Chapter 47.Letter of Basis (Risalah Al-Assas) 100.The 2nd Subu’ (7th) for Tuesday 15.The 5th Subu’ (7th) for Friday 32.The 9th Prayer Page 207 61.Contence 3 . Printing House of Mustapha Al-Babi Al-Halbi & Sons.The 3rd Subu’ (7th) for Wednesday 23.The 6th Subu’ (7th) for Saturday 36.Stories for firming the heart on not worrying about providence (Riziq) 185.The 5th Chapter 52.The 4th Chapter 48.The Hizb (chapter) of sword 79. Egypt 1359 H.The 4th Prayer 56.The Lordly fragrance (Aroma) by Ahmadic (prophetic) prayers (Awrad) 197.The 8th Prayer 60.The eight praises 6 .The 2nd Chapter (Al-Hizb) called The Great Manifestation & The Big Secret The 4th Subu’ (7th) for Thursday 28.The 11th Prayer The 12th Prayer 63.The 14 Prayers The 1st Prayer 54. 2 .Chemistry of Assuredness (certainty) in the Longing of Allah Fearers (Kimia’ Al-Yaqin Fi Mashuq AlMutaqin) 159.The 6th Prayer 58.The 7th Subu’ (7th) for Sunday 42. Prayers & Letters Edited and collected by Sir Ahmad bin Idris Al-Hasani Al-Magribi one of the great Wali and scholars of the 13th century of Hijirah.The five Chapters (Ahzab).The 10th Prayer 62.The Book of Sunah & Spirit of Tranquiled Souls (Kitab Ar-Ruh As-Sunah Wa Ruh An-Nufus AlMutmainah) 137. 1940 Index Collection of Chapters.Page 206 Collection of Chapters.Beautiful Names of Allah (Asma’Allah Al-Husnah) Page 57 of 59 .Letter of Basis (Risalah Al-Qawa’id) 96.The 5th Prayer 57.The 2nd Prayer The 3rd Prayer 55. The 1st Hizib (Chapter) called The Supreme Light and The Sealed Treasure.

our Lord and Mawlana Muhammad.Hadith of the Beginning of Creation (Hadith Bad’i Al-Qalq) 201. Truth is a sword that does not bend. the straight path. Thursday 16 Rabi’ As-Sani / May 23. Prayers are to follow suit etc. they are to be repeated. The first: Fatihah of the first seven for Monday Page 4 12Second: Fatihah of the second seven for Tuesday Third: Fatihah of the third seven for Wednesday Page 5 12Fourth: Fatihah of the 4th seven for Thursday Fifth: This 6th and 7th are the two Fatihah for Saturday Page 6 12The 7th: Fatihah of the 7th seven for Sunday And by the hand writing of my master (May Allah be pleased with him) as stated: it must be read and followed by reading the 2 chapters called: Ahmadic rose. May Allah also be pleased with our Master Ahmad bin Idris the guide to reach the stairs of the noble salaf (early generation) which are based on the clear Book and noble As-Sunnah (Tradition).He dignifies whoever. the head of correction by the said Printing House. which are also called: the supreme secret and honored treasure. Edition was completed at : The Company & Printing House of Mustapha Al-Babi Al-Halbi & Sons. make Al-Firdaus (paradise) his dwelling place) on his chapters as: it was found by the hand writing of the author (May Allah be pleased with him). we toke the task of editing it on such a novel order after reviewing the original based on many printed copies and hand written ones. If it becomes firm in his possession. and in order to serve those noble people. the Most Gracious. However. the fountain of wisdom and perfectness. 1940 Footnotes: Page 3 12He also said (May peace of Allah be upon him): “Praises are not to be repeated if they are read as one sentence. Because the collective letters of Ibn Idris are very important for brothers. Egypt. The Most Merciful. corrected by committee of Azhar scholars. By the pen of Master Abdul Rahman Hafiz. headed by As-Sheik Ahmad Sa’d Ali.A brief story about Biography of Ahmad bin Idris Page 208 A Word for Publishers In the name of Allah. refuges to Him and humiliated whoever abandons Him. and is a horse that does not go slippering.198. his household and companions and those guided to his true path. who grants inotinct of correstedness to whom He pleases among his servants. To fulfill that request. All praises are due to Allah. despite the fact there was no copy that fulfilled the need with good typing and correction. It is the great Sultan in the world. followed by the manifestations of Lordly allegiance during the running of the Lordly Pleasure in the Reality of Lordservant letter and vicegerance. according to the writing of who copied from his hand writing (May Allah be pleased with him). which remains today to the spirit of Jesus (Isa) (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) Page 58 of 59 . That is why it is to begin with. Amen) It was found in the hand writhng of our master and teacher Muhamad bin Ali As-Suwaisi (May Allah be pleased with him. Cairo. Peace and blessings of Allah are upon the root of the tree of light. nothing else can stand in the way of its possessor. Page 7 12In another copy (printing: The knowledge of Allah. if they are read 7 times around. or vilegerance without letter. and the everlasting secret. some brothers therefore requested from us to edit it on a new arrangement.

Then our teacher Al-Mahdi (May Allah be pleased with him) has confirmed the Du’a (prayer) of closing after AlMugani (enriching). then the verification of humanity which is the reality of AlLahutiah (Lordship) and the reality of An-Nassutiah with the same eye (or a single eye) etc. This is witness seeing with an eye of sence. Page 10 Witnessing the majesty in the Lord . Our sheik said: “You shouldknow that it is important. Amen). and tasting it is Muhamadic extension that extends to a pure servants of Allah etc. It was thus found by the author in the hand writing of my master and reliance Muhamad bin Ali As-Sanusi (May Allah be pleased with him) Page 9 1Manifestations of the word. which is above of what can be said. : The author. Page 15 123In another printing: a hair over all of the worlds In another printing: by verification of those In another printing: Musuwiah or Musaic Page 28 1End of the 4th seven. etc. Some of those good deeds doers scholars (May Allah be pleased with them all) say that perseverence on Du’a (prayer) of As-Saifi is effective for richness without which poverty and backwardness is unpreventable. Types of talks are limitless. Pointing to it is enough.Page 8 1Witnesses of Lordhood after alligiance is the flowing of Lordly pleasure in it holistically without how.Muhamadic reality s the lordly Supreme Spirit which was blown into Adam (Blessings of Allah upon him) and which is the river (kakthar) of Lordly manifestations and Kindom which flows in every being to everything from Lordship eye. I’ve therefore seen that it could be subtituted by the Du’a attributed to our Master Uwais Al-Qarni (May Allah make him of benefit to us. followed by the 5th seven for Friday Page 32 1End of 5th seven. But it can be absent. Then the verification by the pure servitude (of servant to Allah) which is the observation of Lordly reality in the reality of creation. Page 59 of 59 . The author. and not for another purpose. Etc. and its being essential for all directions is correct. followed by the 6th seven for Saturday Page 36 1.End of the 6th seven. then the first word makes the speaker as if he is the word (speech) itself during the time of the word (speech or talking). followed by the 7th seven for Sunday Page 71 1End of the half of the Hizib (Chapter) Page 78 1From his writing (May Allah be pleased with him) in the reading of Al-Mugani (Richness) after As-Saifi (swordic). But must brothers do not read it with As-Saifi (swordic) so that the reading could be purely for the cause of Allah. But cannot be but lengthy procedure. he said (May Allah be pleased with him): It is mentioned in Al-Jawahr (The diamonds) that he should read the chapter of the 2 Amirs (leaders) before closing.

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